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Subtitles for Good Earth The - Victor Fleming 1937 CD2.

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Good Earth The - Victor Fleming 1937 CD2

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[INFORMATION] [TITLE] [AUTHOR] [SOURCE]Subtitles captured by SubRip 1.14 [PRG] [FILEPATH] [DELAY]0 [CD TRACK]0 [COMMENT] [END INFORMATION] [SUBTITLE] [COLF]&HFFFFFF,[STYLE]bd,[SIZE]18,[FONT]Arial 00:00:00.00,00:00:00.10 00:00:11.48,00:00:13.47 Where are these soldiers going? 00:00:13.68,00:00:15.94 They say there's a revolution coming! 00:00:16.15,00:00:20.24 Revolution? What is a revolution? 00:00:20.45,00:00:24.91 I don't know,[br]but it has something to do with food! 00:00:45.31,00:00:48.74 Things are growing again 00:00:48.95,00:00:51.21 You were a farmer? 00:00:51.42,00:00:54.08 I own land in the north! 00:00:54.28,00:00:57.65 So did I! 10 years ago! 00:00:57.85,00:00:59.52 Why don't you go back? 00:00:59.72,00:01:02.95 You gotta have an ox![br]You gotta buy seeds! 00:01:03.16,00:01:05.92 You gotta live, till you make the crop 00:01:06.13,00:01:08.39 I tried saving up for 10 years, 00:01:08.60,00:01:11.66 I'll never get back,[br]and neither will you! 00:01:11.87,00:01:13.96 I'll get back! 00:01:14.17,00:01:17.14 If I can pull that thing[br]I can pull a plough; 00:01:17.34,00:01:19.40 ox or no ox! 00:01:19.61,00:01:22.64 Listen my brothers![br]Before the peasants close my mouth! 00:01:22.85,00:01:26.68 In a few days[br]China will be a free country; 00:01:26.88,00:01:29.82 the day of tyranny is over! 00:01:29.95,00:01:31.82 The revolutionary army is on its way; 00:01:32.02,00:01:34.12 they've been marching 30 miles a day! 00:01:34.32,00:01:36.35 Fighting in the rain in the north 00:01:36.56,00:01:37.86 Hey! 00:01:38.06,00:01:40.15 You hear him?[br]Yes! 00:01:40.36,00:01:42.56 But what does it all mean? 00:01:42.77,00:01:44.79 It's raining in the north! 00:01:45.00,00:01:49.03 Everyday in the south[br]as come to revolution! 00:01:49.24,00:01:52.57 All of China will soon be free! 00:01:52.78,00:01:54.80 Don't let them drag you from your homes; 00:01:55.01,00:01:57.31 that famine has driven you off course! 00:01:57.51,00:02:01.45 Soldiers! Soldiers! 00:02:13.63,00:02:16.60 Run! Soldiers! 00:03:21.67,00:03:22.79 What is it? What is it?[br]Why you shouting? 00:03:23.00,00:03:26.06 It's free! The revolution's here! 00:03:26.27,00:03:27.53 China's a republic! 00:03:27.77,00:03:33.68 Republic? What is a "republic"? 00:03:52.66,00:03:53.72 Hey what do they want? 00:03:53.93,00:03:54.56 Where are they going? 00:03:54.80,00:03:55.82 Into the great house of Lang! 00:03:56.03,00:03:57.50 It's all over the city, 00:03:57.70,00:04:03.66 a man can do what he like! 00:08:36.68,00:08:39.65 Aim! Fire! 00:09:24.56,00:09:30.47 No! No! I was hungry! Mercy! 00:09:32.37,00:09:38.33 No! I was hungry! Mercy! Mercy! Mercy! 00:09:40.91,00:09:43.90 Aim! Fire! 00:10:05.70,00:10:09.10 Captain! Prepare to march! 00:10:09.31,00:10:12.27 Follow in! 00:10:14.84,00:10:16.40 Let them be a warning to you! 00:10:16.61,00:10:18.60 Free publicans are not bandits! 00:10:18.82,00:10:20.94 Order must be maintained[br]throughout the city! 00:10:21.15,00:10:27.61 You may go, but remember[br]anyone caught looting wiil be shot! 00:10:53.28,00:10:57.91 What haven't I seen?[br]What have I not seen! 00:10:58.12,00:11:00.49 I could never tell you! 00:11:00.69,00:11:05.79 Such things! Crowds! Oh I got through! 00:11:06.00,00:11:08.52 The city is mad![br]They're robbing the rich! 00:11:08.73,00:11:10.56 Killing'em and burning'em! 00:11:10.77,00:11:13.33 The soldiers have[br]come down from the north! 00:11:13.54,00:11:21.00 Huh! It's well you were here,[br]it's well you were here! 00:11:43.43,00:11:48.89 Look! We can go back,[br]we can go back to the land! 00:12:12.60,00:12:18.56 Home, home! We are home! Home! Home! 00:12:23.87,00:12:28.78 Come! Hey! Down with you! 00:12:28.98,00:12:32.21 Run to uncles home,[br]tell'em Wong is home! 00:12:32.42,00:12:35.98 Tell all our friends,[br]tell'em I have great hungs! 00:12:36.19,00:12:42.15 Away with you! Ha ha ha ha! 00:12:50.47,00:12:53.09 This is yours! Thank you![br]Take what you need! 00:12:53.34,00:12:59.10 Please! Take it all! The sack! AII![br]Thank you! 00:12:59.31,00:13:02.28 AII! There's food for all[br]until the harvest! 00:13:02.48,00:13:03.64 We'll have more crops! 00:13:03.85,00:13:06.91 Thank you! Bye! 00:13:07.12,00:13:11.78 If you need more, come back![br]We have plenty! 00:13:11.99,00:13:16.45 Ching[br]Wong Loong! 00:13:19.13,00:13:22.62 I see no face[br]in the city like yours, my friend! 00:13:22.83,00:13:26.89 These belong to you;[br]I kept'em in our house 00:13:27.10,00:13:31.84 Kept them? But it was starving! 00:13:32.04,00:13:33.77 Why don't you sell them? 00:13:33.98,00:13:35.41 i have no ploughs to... 00:13:35.61,00:13:38.58 But keep it! 00:13:39.52,00:13:41.61 Tomorrow I'll bring my ox and'em, 00:13:41.82,00:13:43.91 to help plough your fiield! 00:13:44.12,00:13:48.78 I have no fiield, I had to sell it! 00:13:48.99,00:13:53.45 Sell them?[br]Well you can come and work for me! 00:13:56.67,00:14:01.43 I've had luck in itself,[br]I have the mind to buy more land! 00:14:01.64,00:14:03.87 Will you come? 00:14:04.07,00:14:08.03 I'll come gladly 00:14:12.72,00:14:17.68 Nephew! Brother! My loved ones! 00:14:17.89,00:14:19.91 I predicted it! I predicted it! 00:14:20.12,00:14:22.89 I always said[br]if those southeners had anything, 00:14:23.09,00:14:25.96 my nephew would bring it home with him 00:14:26.16,00:14:28.36 But it's too late to help me, 00:14:28.56,00:14:31.09 I've had to sell my daughters 00:14:31.30,00:14:35.07 Well uncle,[br]anything you want and I have... 00:14:35.27,00:14:38.57 Nothing, nothing,[br]still if you could let me have a few 00:14:38.77,00:14:42.47 pieces of silver, 2 or 3, or 4? 00:14:42.68,00:14:46.51 4? Why? Take 10! 00:14:46.72,00:14:51.09 15! 20![br]Why not? 00:14:51.29,00:14:54.52 I have this and more! I have jewels! 00:14:54.72,00:14:56.72 Jewels![br]A handful! All colours! 00:14:56.93,00:15:00.86 Red ones white ones, come! 00:15:01.06,00:15:03.00 I want to feel my toes[br]in the earth again! 00:15:03.20,00:15:06.03 But there's something... 00:15:06.24,00:15:09.17 Well? Are you going to sell the jewels? 00:15:09.37,00:15:10.53 To buy the land? 00:15:10.74,00:15:15.20 Sell them? Why of course! 00:15:15.41,00:15:19.78 And what else would I do with them? 00:15:19.98,00:15:24.61 If I could have 2, only 2 small ones, 00:15:24.82,00:15:26.15 2 white ones... 00:15:26.36,00:15:28.92 The pearls? You? 00:15:29.13,00:15:33.39 No I wouldn't wear them,[br]I'm much too plain-Iooking 00:15:33.60,00:15:37.03 Oh I've never noticed it 00:15:37.23,00:15:42.69 But I could hold them[br]in my hands, sometimes 00:16:07.06,00:16:10.06 Thank you![br]It's nothing! Nothing! 00:16:10.27,00:16:13.67 After all you, helped to fiind them 00:16:13.87,00:16:15.84 And you must wear them, yes 00:16:16.04,00:16:17.97 and you must be dressed[br]in ways becoming to them, 00:16:18.17,00:16:19.73 not as a poor farmer's wife! 00:16:19.94,00:16:21.38 We'll see to that! 00:16:21.58,00:16:22.84 We'll look after you! 00:16:23.05,00:16:25.17 We'll come and live with you! 00:16:25.38,00:16:26.87 We'll rebuild the house! 00:16:27.08,00:16:28.85 No this house is enough! 00:16:29.05,00:16:30.48 But no we must make it bigger! 00:16:30.69,00:16:32.52 We must have rooms for a household! 00:16:32.72,00:16:34.42 No no we were happy here! 00:16:34.62,00:16:35.65 We'll be happier! 00:16:35.86,00:16:38.88 We'll have men in the fiields,[br]slave in the house 00:16:39.10,00:16:41.43 No slaves! Nothing! 00:16:41.63,00:16:44.19 But you must have a slave[br]until you're well again 00:16:44.40,00:16:48.34 I'm well now, see! 00:16:52.17,00:16:55.20 It's cured me; coming home 00:16:55.41,00:16:58.01 But you shall rest and have everything! 00:16:58.21,00:17:00.34 We'll live well and in comfort, 00:17:00.55,00:17:02.45 We'll be safe from hunger[br]as long as we live 00:17:02.65,00:17:04.52 Longer! Longer! 00:17:04.72,00:17:06.75 My nephew you're rich! 00:17:06.96,00:17:09.08 You can live like a great lord! 00:17:09.29,00:17:15.25 Why you can even pick a second wife! 00:17:18.43,00:17:21.67 Listen to him! Listen to him! 00:17:21.87,00:17:25.43 But why not? You have 2 oxens? 00:17:25.64,00:17:29.34 No! No but come along! 00:17:29.55,00:17:32.51 Second wife. 00:18:09.12,00:18:11.71 It is further agreed[br]that the above named seller, 00:18:11.92,00:18:14.82 Wong Lung, shall deliver[br]to the respected merchant, 00:18:15.02,00:18:19.43 Liu Fong Kee, the set wheat[br]as and when same harvested 00:18:19.66,00:18:24.29 Cost of transportation[br]to be born by the seller 00:18:24.50,00:18:27.03 It is agreed between[br]the above mentioned parties, 00:18:27.24,00:18:30.43 that the price[br]of this wheat is to be as follows: 00:18:30.67,00:18:33.90 "For each bushel of wheat,[br]4 pieces of silver 00:18:34.11,00:18:35.94 In the event of damage to the crop, 00:18:36.15,00:18:38.44 from storm, pest or other cause, 00:18:38.65,00:18:40.98 the worthy purchaser, Liu Fong Kee, 00:18:41.18,00:18:44.81 shall be held free[br]of any liabilities to accept this wheat" 00:18:45.02,00:18:46.54 Read that last paragraph 00:18:46.76,00:18:49.59 Um Mr Wong, I'm delighted to pay you 00:18:49.79,00:18:51.56 such a high price for your wheat, 00:18:51.76,00:18:54.59 even though my profiit might be slight 00:18:54.80,00:18:59.46 Very kind of you to buy my rigid grain 00:18:59.67,00:19:02.83 The contract's ready father 00:19:03.04,00:19:05.34 Well it is time 00:19:05.54,00:19:07.01 But this contract is wrong! 00:19:07.21,00:19:08.54 This is the radical for wood, 00:19:08.74,00:19:10.23 it should be the radical for water 00:19:10.45,00:19:11.67 Change it then 00:19:11.88,00:19:14.48 We'll not put our names[br]to anything wrongly written! 00:19:14.68,00:19:17.81 Um Mr Wong, 2 clever sons like these, 00:19:18.02,00:19:19.95 are the better half of your wealth! 00:19:20.16,00:19:22.15 They're stupid worthless preachers, 00:19:22.36,00:19:24.69 If anything was driven[br]to their big bright skulls 00:19:24.89,00:19:26.38 it was by beating them! 00:19:26.60,00:19:27.43 Hee hee hee! 00:19:27.63,00:19:29.26 I told that teacher to beat them! 00:19:29.47,00:19:32.96 He beat them so well,[br]that this one's going to the universit 00:19:33.17,00:19:35.23 Indeed! If I'm not too unworthy 00:19:35.44,00:19:37.46 I hope to win a degree in agriculture! 00:19:37.67,00:19:39.57 A degree!? Agriculture!? 00:19:39.78,00:19:40.87 That's somekind of paper 00:19:41.08,00:19:42.91 that will make it rain just enough 00:19:43.11,00:19:45.10 But not too much! Hey hey hey! 00:19:45.31,00:19:47.71 And you? You going too? 00:19:47.92,00:19:50.22 No sir! I'll stay on my father's land, 00:19:50.42,00:19:51.51 when my brother returns 00:19:51.75,00:19:53.12 he'll show me[br]what more can be done with it 00:19:53.32,00:19:54.35 than we have done! 00:19:54.52,00:19:56.22 Now then that's talk enough, 00:19:56.43,00:20:00.38 take the money home 00:20:17.81,00:20:19.71 My ignorant daughter! 00:20:19.92,00:20:20.97 A beautiful girl! 00:20:21.18,00:20:23.12 Oh she has a wretched appearance! 00:20:23.32,00:20:26.52 Now you 2[br]might mix your blood in one bowl! 00:20:26.72,00:20:29.78 Oh but your daughter[br]is much too good for my son 00:20:29.99,00:20:33.93 Oh no! But you would never[br]come decend to such a marriage! 00:20:34.13,00:20:36.65 Oh but I couldn't presume[br]to look so high! 00:20:36.87,00:20:39.83 It's impossible! Quite impossible! 00:20:40.04,00:20:42.40 But, it might done 00:20:42.57,00:20:45.63 Yes indeed,[br]if you'll be good enough to consider it 00:20:45.84,00:20:47.71 in due time 00:20:47.91,00:20:51.90 I should think of it[br]night and day, good bye! 00:20:52.11,00:20:53.71 It would be modest of me to say 00:20:53.92,00:20:58.18 that this idea was mine, Good bye! 00:20:58.39,00:21:00.91 Ah! What a beautiful day! 00:21:01.12,00:21:04.22 That music! It seems to draw me 00:21:04.43,00:21:08.39 inspite of myself! 00:22:06.19,00:22:09.65 I'm not used to these places 00:22:09.86,00:22:12.35 Eh? I have no clothes! 00:22:12.56,00:22:14.03 I'm only a farmer! 00:22:14.23,00:22:15.79 I have work to do... 00:22:16.00,00:22:18.97 Work? Work! 00:22:20.07,00:22:23.00 You must learn to enjoy yourself! 00:22:23.21,00:22:26.87 There's more in the world[br]than earth and crops, 00:22:27.08,00:22:29.64 there're songs and dancing! 00:22:29.85,00:22:34.61 And girls who do these things elegantly! 00:22:34.82,00:22:37.79 Watch! 00:23:07.28,00:23:10.68 That must be the stairway! 00:23:10.89,00:23:12.55 Yes, shall we see what it feels like? 00:23:12.72,00:23:15.71 No no no! 00:23:16.02,00:23:22.49 No! I've never been off[br]the ground all my life! 00:24:52.62,00:24:58.58 She's like a dream person! 00:25:09.44,00:25:13.64 Stop it! Stop it! Stop it! 00:25:13.84,00:25:16.81 Quiet! 00:25:20.82,00:25:23.58 I told the thing[br]not to wake me till this time 00:25:23.79,00:25:24.95 Another feast? 00:25:25.15,00:25:28.32 The dragon feast, woman! 00:25:28.52,00:25:31.19 It's my duty to observe the old customs 00:25:31.39,00:25:33.19 My nephew insisted on it 00:25:33.40,00:25:34.76 Old customs indeed! 00:25:34.96,00:25:36.66 There's more than that with your nephew! 00:25:36.87,00:25:38.73 When the farmer buys silk, robes 00:25:38.93,00:25:40.77 and washes his whole body everyday, 00:25:40.97,00:25:42.10 there's a woman that should work! 00:25:42.30,00:25:44.24 But the rich man may have 2 wives! 00:25:44.44,00:25:46.77 But the wife must cling to her husband, 00:25:46.98,00:25:48.50 that is as it should be 00:25:48.71,00:25:51.08 That's right![br]A woman of love and one is mistake! 00:25:51.28,00:25:53.94 Of course! Now then, it is said 00:25:54.15,00:25:56.21 you may see a tea pot with 4 tea cups, 00:25:56.42,00:25:58.75 but did you ever[br]see a tea cup with 4 tea pots!? 00:25:58.95,00:26:00.75 It is also said,[br]do you ever see 2 spoons 00:26:00.96,00:26:06.42 in the same bowl[br]that do not nod against each other!? 00:26:12.03,00:26:14.30 Well What is it? What is it? 00:26:14.50,00:26:20.07 Excuse me father, but you look like[br]the lord of the Great House. 00:26:20.28,00:26:25.58 Well! And that is not[br]as strange as you think! 00:26:25.78,00:26:30.34 I just... tell your mother[br]I wish to see her 00:26:30.55,00:26:34.01 Yes father, can you spare me a moment? 00:26:34.22,00:26:36.55 I must know what seed[br]to prepare for the Summer planting 00:26:36.76,00:26:43.22 Why trouble me about it?[br]Prepare the seed my son gives you! 00:26:48.40,00:26:50.37 These flowers are dead, Little One! 00:26:50.57,00:26:53.70 Your sister knows only happiness 00:26:53.91,00:26:58.37 Mother![br]Is it a letter from your brother? 00:26:58.81,00:27:04.78 No mother! Father wishes to see you. 00:27:05.82,00:27:10.28 Oh! Forgot how chilly it was! 00:27:10.49,00:27:16.45 Are you well? Your pain, is it bad? 00:27:16.93,00:27:20.89 No it's nothing! 00:27:33.98,00:27:35.54 You sent for me? 00:27:36.12,00:27:39.35 Well, there's a thing I've done, 00:27:39.55,00:27:41.58 I bought the Great House! 00:27:41.79,00:27:43.76 The house of Loo! 00:27:43.96,00:27:46.45 Courts and land! 00:27:46.66,00:27:50.62 I'm the new lord there 00:27:51.60,00:27:55.90 Well? Have you no thanks? 00:27:56.10,00:27:57.00 I thought it would please you 00:27:57.24,00:27:58.80 to be mistress in that house, 00:27:59.01,00:28:04.74 where you lived as a slave 00:28:04.95,00:28:07.38 Our sons were born here... 00:28:07.58,00:28:09.21 They must have wives! 00:28:09.42,00:28:11.44 We'll have grandchildren, 00:28:11.65,00:28:13.81 there's room in that house to all! 00:28:14.02,00:28:18.72 You'll have a high place[br]with money to spend for slaves. 00:28:18.93,00:28:20.39 You must make yourself becoming to it! 00:28:20.60,00:28:23.96 Look at your hair! Your clothes! 00:28:24.17,00:28:25.79 You disgrace me! 00:28:26.00,00:28:26.52 One would think you're still the wife 00:28:26.74,00:28:30.64 of a common labourer! 00:28:31.01,00:28:34.10 Wear the pearl you have 00:28:34.31,00:28:39.27 The pearls? I have them! 00:28:39.61,00:28:43.05 You would never wear them 00:28:43.29,00:28:47.69 Why I look at them sometimes 00:28:47.89,00:28:53.85 I need them, give them to me 00:29:18.02,00:29:23.48 I know that I'm ugly,[br]and not to be loved 00:29:28.60,00:29:31.09 All that we have now came from you 00:29:31.30,00:29:35.00 That is the truth and I say it 00:29:35.20,00:29:37.17 But, but now... 00:29:37.37,00:29:40.10 But now? 00:29:40.31,00:29:45.84 There's a woman, not such a one as you; 00:29:46.05,00:29:50.71 not as good as you,[br]it's like a sickness! 00:29:50.92,00:29:55.36 When I'm with her, it's not enough! 00:29:55.56,00:29:58.65 When I'm not with her, there's nothing! 00:29:58.86,00:30:02.13 Even the land is nothing! 00:30:02.33,00:30:07.79 Then it will be better[br]when she's in your house 00:30:08.37,00:30:10.24 You'll say that? 00:30:10.44,00:30:14.40 Is it your wish? 00:30:14.94,00:30:17.41 Yes 00:30:17.61,00:30:21.34 Let it be then! 00:30:21.55,00:30:27.51 Ou lang, what is there more to say? 00:30:30.69,00:30:33.66 Nothing 00:31:14.37,00:31:18.83 Who is it?[br]Nothing 00:31:24.48,00:31:28.44 Who is that man going out the gate? 00:31:28.65,00:31:34.56 He look something like my son, Lung! 00:32:08.02,00:32:09.49 Now then what? 00:32:09.69,00:32:11.25 I'm Ching the farmer 00:32:11.46,00:32:13.26 Well Ching the farmer what? 00:32:13.46,00:32:15.79 I have business with Wong the farmer 00:32:16.00,00:32:17.56 Wong the farmer? 00:32:17.77,00:32:19.46 This is the great house of Wong! 00:32:19.67,00:32:23.63 He's the lord here! 00:32:56.07,00:32:59.27 There's a bad woman in the house! 00:32:59.47,00:33:02.31 There's a bad woman in the house! 00:33:02.54,00:33:05.48 Bad woman! 00:33:05.68,00:33:08.01 Father hush! 00:33:08.22,00:33:10.08 It's his second wife 00:33:10.29,00:33:12.52 I say it's a bad woman! 00:33:12.72,00:33:16.92 I had but 1 woman...[br]and my father had but 1 woman, 00:33:17.13,00:33:18.46 and we farm the land! 00:33:18.66,00:33:24.62 Come father,[br]it's he and his second wife! 00:33:28.60,00:33:33.51 I'm tired, I want my tea 00:33:37.98,00:33:40.28 The old man is childish, 00:33:40.48,00:33:42.51 nobody listens to him, 00:33:42.72,00:33:46.15 but he shall be kept away! 00:33:46.35,00:33:48.69 I'm hated in this house, 00:33:48.89,00:33:51.69 how can I be happy here? 00:33:51.89,00:33:54.19 But, what can I do? 00:33:54.36,00:33:56.83 I have to sit here, shut in all day, 00:33:57.03,00:33:58.36 if I stood out there they whisper 00:33:58.60,00:34:01.26 and look at me hatefully! 00:34:01.47,00:34:06.34 Where can I walk in the evening? 00:34:06.54,00:34:11.50 If I had the garden,[br]if I had the garden all mine; 00:34:11.71,00:34:18.64 with singing birds in the pavillion,[br]the fountain with fiish. 00:34:18.85,00:34:22.15 But the money... 00:34:22.36,00:34:23.85 Then it's money that you love 00:34:24.06,00:34:26.36 No no! Little Flower! 00:34:26.56,00:34:30.69 But it will not be[br]easy until the harvest 00:34:30.90,00:34:33.87 I must see, I must see, 00:34:34.07,00:34:37.04 my younger son keeps the accounts 00:34:37.24,00:34:40.64 But these're few little things 00:34:40.84,00:34:46.80 If you love me, if I please you 00:34:48.62,00:34:54.58 It shall be done! Anything! Anything! 00:34:55.16,00:34:59.12 Becareful! My pearls! 00:35:37.77,00:35:40.73 I may come in? 00:35:49.61,00:35:51.48 Does my music disturb you? 00:35:51.71,00:35:54.24 Oh no! No I like it! 00:35:54.45,00:35:56.42 I listen sometimes 00:35:56.62,00:35:58.71 I play it because I'm Ionely 00:35:58.92,00:36:01.41 I have so much to talk and laugh, 00:36:01.62,00:36:03.82 but there's no one 00:36:04.03,00:36:06.69 I'm sorry, I'm very sorry! 00:36:06.90,00:36:09.30 You must excuse me I have some business 00:36:09.50,00:36:11.59 with the grain merchants 00:36:11.80,00:36:13.82 If you'll please I must go! 00:36:14.04,00:36:15.87 Then you'll pass by the shops 00:36:16.07,00:36:19.04 Yes? 00:36:20.04,00:36:23.03 Would you mind[br]giving him these for a bottle? 00:36:23.24,00:36:24.97 With silver? 00:36:25.18,00:36:28.08 Why um yes! Yes! 00:36:28.28,00:36:29.75 But you won't misunderstand 00:36:29.95,00:36:31.75 Why should I? 00:36:31.95,00:36:35.79 When a woman gives her slipper to a man? 00:36:35.99,00:36:37.65 But I shouldn't tell you 00:36:37.86,00:36:40.12 Oh no please! 00:36:40.33,00:36:46.29 Well then it means he's taking her fancy 00:36:47.94,00:36:51.93 But you ask me to have it guilded? 00:36:52.14,00:36:55.17 But the bottle doesn't need guilding, 00:36:55.38,00:36:59.34 it's pure silver! 00:37:25.07,00:37:26.70 Here's a letter from your brother, 00:37:26.91,00:37:28.93 will you read it to me 00:37:29.14,00:37:33.10 Of course mother! 00:37:34.22,00:37:39.68 Now then, we'll hear[br]what our scholar has to say 00:37:41.09,00:37:44.55 "First, I am ashamed of my ignorance. 00:37:44.76,00:37:49.13 But I am not ashamed[br]to inquire of my teachers. 00:37:49.33,00:37:52.60 Each day I learn[br]new ways of bring about nature's 00:37:52.80,00:37:57.26 facts in case[br]nature herself should fail us." 00:37:58.17,00:38:00.33 What does he say? 00:38:00.54,00:38:04.00 He says[br]he's learning many things to help us. 00:38:04.21,00:38:05.87 But is he happy there? 00:38:06.08,00:38:07.78 Does he say he need anything? 00:38:07.98,00:38:09.68 No mother 00:38:09.88,00:38:12.88 "I miss my beloved[br]father and mother deeply. 00:38:13.09,00:38:18.55 And I'm eager to share[br]the happiness of our new home." 00:38:20.33,00:38:23.59 Mother, I want to go away too! 00:38:23.80,00:38:24.59 Go away? 00:38:24.80,00:38:26.99 To the wars! I'll be a soldier! 00:38:27.20,00:38:30.17 Now then what madness is this? 00:38:30.37,00:38:34.31 Well I've heard stories[br]of war and plunder and battle, 00:38:34.51,00:38:36.00 and I hate this house! 00:38:36.21,00:38:37.77 And I'll go! 00:38:37.98,00:38:43.94 I wish she'll stop that music! 00:39:05.94,00:39:08.67 Now this house is full of silences 00:39:08.91,00:39:11.74 I was reading mother[br]a letter from the older brother 00:39:11.95,00:39:13.54 Would you like to hear it? 00:39:13.75,00:39:16.34 If he's well it can wait! 00:39:16.55,00:39:19.82 But there's more[br]in your face than the letter! 00:39:20.02,00:39:22.18 He'll be a soldier 00:39:22.39,00:39:26.22 A soldier! Now then, 00:39:26.43,00:39:29.23 men don't take good iron to make an ail, 00:39:29.43,00:39:31.90 nor a good man to make a soldier 00:39:32.10,00:39:34.93 It would be a disgrace[br]to me a man of serving land 00:39:35.14,00:39:37.33 to have a son who's a soldier! 00:39:37.54,00:39:39.34 But I'm nothing in this house! 00:39:39.54,00:39:40.34 If you're lost in this house 00:39:40.54,00:39:42.13 go back to the land! 00:39:42.34,00:39:44.24 Help Ching until the harvest 00:39:44.45,00:39:46.31 Put an alert on yourself! 00:39:46.51,00:39:48.14 That's good for any man! 00:39:48.35,00:39:49.84 Well if the land[br]isn't fiit for you anymore 00:39:50.05,00:39:54.01 it isn't fiit for me! 00:39:59.06,00:40:02.62 Now all these stuff I don't know 00:40:02.83,00:40:07.16 He's come to the age of tempers[br]and weeping 00:40:07.37,00:40:10.00 When I was a lad I had no such tempers! 00:40:10.20,00:40:12.17 You worked on the land; 00:40:12.37,00:40:14.34 but he's like a young lord! 00:40:14.54,00:40:16.27 And he's been alone here 00:40:16.48,00:40:18.64 And you worry his age to have a bride 00:40:18.85,00:40:22.30 But I was given a sla... 00:40:22.52,00:40:26.45 My marriage cost my father nothing! 00:40:26.65,00:40:30.22 The boy's our son! 00:40:30.42,00:40:36.09 He would be better dead[br]than here with this woman! 00:40:36.30,00:40:40.26 What? You're dreaming! 00:40:51.95,00:40:57.68 Even she hears it who has nothing else; 00:40:57.89,00:41:01.51 it feels all this house[br]the woman of cause 00:41:01.72,00:41:05.52 she's bored and your son is young... 00:41:05.73,00:41:07.32 Enough! 00:41:07.53,00:41:10.29 Gossip! Kitchen gossip! 00:41:10.50,00:41:11.99 That's where you came from! 00:41:12.20,00:41:14.86 Where you wished to live,[br]live there then! 00:41:15.07,00:41:18.10 Eat 'n sleep we will,[br]but between you and me 00:41:18.31,00:41:23.27 there's nothing! Nothing! 00:41:34.89,00:41:38.83 The man is loon here 00:41:42.06,00:41:44.46 What are you doing in the house? 00:41:44.67,00:41:48.33 There's work to be done in the fiields 00:41:48.54,00:41:52.50 But, what is it? 00:41:54.78,00:42:02.24 You're weeping, and you must do it[br]and man can be sorry 00:42:03.22,00:42:05.12 But why do you weep? 00:42:05.32,00:42:07.98 There's food for everyday 00:42:08.19,00:42:11.16 And fiire! 00:42:26.14,00:42:30.08 Sometimes a man gets[br]a longing for his fiields 00:42:30.28,00:42:32.97 Well, if it pleases you to come up again 00:42:33.18,00:42:36.12 and working them, they're yours! 00:42:36.32,00:42:38.58 No it's better for my son to come; 00:42:38.79,00:42:41.62 in the house he pulls against the yolk 00:42:41.82,00:42:45.49 He has all the freedom here he wants! 00:42:45.69,00:42:46.96 Where is he today? 00:42:47.16,00:42:48.49 He comes and goes! 00:42:48.70,00:42:53.57 Sometimes 1 day, sometimes 2 00:42:53.77,00:42:55.70 I thought you knew 00:42:55.90,00:42:57.20 I knew nothing! 00:42:57.41,00:42:59.31 I spend my time in town! 00:42:59.51,00:43:02.27 Why don't you tell me[br]you slow witted ox! 00:43:02.48,00:43:05.04 Why should I tell you[br]what everyone's been saying? 00:43:05.25,00:43:08.08 For weeks! 00:43:08.28,00:43:09.31 What? 00:43:09.52,00:43:10.68 Well... 00:43:10.89,00:43:12.48 Well speak! 00:43:12.69,00:43:14.42 If you have eyes and ears you'll know 00:43:14.62,00:43:16.92 Know? Know what? 00:43:17.12,00:43:18.49 That the second wife and your son is... 00:43:18.69,00:43:21.66 Liar! 00:43:33.77,00:43:37.73 Get off my land. 00:43:38.18,00:43:40.94 Well, it's been a long time with us 00:43:41.18,00:43:45.31 Take what belongs to you and go 00:43:45.52,00:43:47.58 I came to you with nothing, 00:43:47.79,00:43:51.75 I'll go with nothing 00:44:30.26,00:44:36.23 Good day master! Good day! 00:45:37.03,00:45:40.00 Ah! Father! 00:46:18.01,00:46:22.97 Get out! Out of my sight! 00:47:11.69,00:47:15.65 Good bye mother 00:47:20.10,00:47:21.59 Mother! Mother you're ill, 00:47:21.80,00:47:26.76 you should have a doctor 00:47:28.14,00:47:31.11 It's nothing 00:47:35.15,00:47:41.11 Where you go you ought to tell me 00:47:43.19,00:47:47.46 They say there's a war in the north 00:47:47.66,00:47:52.69 Sometimes in wars[br]there are those who die 00:47:52.90,00:47:58.86 Well if that's best, let it be! 00:48:00.57,00:48:02.97 When I'm gone,[br]you must see to the harvest 00:48:03.18,00:48:04.87 we almost did it already, 00:48:05.08,00:48:06.77 the clerk will tell you how much 00:48:06.98,00:48:10.94 I will see to it 00:48:12.65,00:48:18.11 If you must go,[br]there's a thing to be done 00:48:18.46,00:48:19.72 Speak to your father 00:48:19.93,00:48:20.76 No no I can't! 00:48:20.96,00:48:25.92 You're his youngest son 00:48:37.18,00:48:40.15 Father father! 00:48:42.15,00:48:44.12 I am going away 00:48:44.32,00:48:47.75 I... I only want to tell you that I... 00:48:47.96,00:48:52.26 how I... if you could forgive me 00:48:52.49,00:48:55.46 But go! 00:48:55.73,00:48:59.46 Nephew! We're ruined! Everything's gone! 00:48:59.67,00:49:03.00 And I predicted it! I predicted it! 00:49:03.20,00:49:04.17 What's happened? 00:49:04.37,00:49:07.07 I knew it, I ran miles to tell you 00:49:07.27,00:49:08.00 What is it? 00:49:08.21,00:49:10.11 I forgive everybody 00:49:10.28,00:49:14.01 What is it?[br]This! 00:49:14.21,00:49:15.34 Locusts! 00:49:15.55,00:49:19.51 The flying plague! 00:49:21.49,00:49:23.85 Well! Let them come! 00:49:24.06,00:49:25.08 But the lion, the harvest! 00:49:25.29,00:49:26.99 What can we do against the gods? 00:49:27.19,00:49:28.16 It's not the gods! 00:49:28.36,00:49:30.09 It's a thing of nature! We can fiight it! 00:49:30.30,00:49:32.06 Have you ever seen a plague of locusts? 00:49:32.27,00:49:33.16 No but... 00:49:33.37,00:49:35.93 I have! They came in millions 00:49:36.14,00:49:38.83 The air is black with them and stinky 00:49:39.04,00:49:41.67 And where they come down[br]there's nothing left! 00:49:41.88,00:49:45.07 Not a green of wheat![br]Not a blade of grass! 00:49:45.28,00:49:47.54 Not a leave nor flower! Nothing! 00:49:47.75,00:49:50.01 And can you fiight that with your book? 00:49:50.22,00:49:52.21 Forgive me![br]I mean no disrespect for my elders, 00:49:52.42,00:49:54.08 but I speak for what I heard at school! 00:49:54.29,00:49:55.28 And I heard this: 00:49:55.49,00:49:56.98 "That a man is a slave to the earth, 00:49:57.19,00:49:59.39 or its master[br]and when it turns against him, 00:49:59.59,00:50:00.86 he must fiight it!" 00:50:01.06,00:50:02.49 We can fiight these creeping things! 00:50:02.70,00:50:03.96 If we save but 1 fiield, 00:50:04.16,00:50:06.03 it would a new thing in all this land, 00:50:06.23,00:50:08.43 and the best in a thousand years! 00:50:08.64,00:50:10.54 This thing can be done? 00:50:10.74,00:50:11.67 Show us how to do it! 00:50:11.87,00:50:17.33 If it'd please you,[br]come on to the fiields! 00:50:18.35,00:50:20.81 Now look![br]the locusts will come down here, 00:50:21.01,00:50:22.21 the wind blows between these hills 00:50:22.42,00:50:25.78 There! Like a whirlpool,[br]if it blows the locusts 00:50:25.99,00:50:27.89 they'll come down there[br]and no other place! 00:50:28.09,00:50:30.82 I saw it! As a boy![br]They came down there! 00:50:31.02,00:50:33.25 And they were gone,[br]with a change of wind 00:50:33.46,00:50:36.02 But the crops, were gone with them! 00:50:36.23,00:50:37.22 But that's the thing! 00:50:37.43,00:50:38.92 We can hold them off[br]till the wind changes! 00:50:39.13,00:50:41.43 We must take a fiire break[br]along these hill tops 00:50:41.64,00:50:42.86 Make a wall of fiire! 00:50:43.07,00:50:44.63 But my wheat[br]lights on fiire in a fiire wall! 00:50:44.84,00:50:46.67 And mine! And mine! And mine! 00:50:46.87,00:50:48.87 I'll pay for[br]what is eaten and what is burnt! 00:50:49.08,00:50:50.77 We'll get kerosene,[br]bring it in carts! 00:50:50.98,00:50:53.14 The fiire stuff,[br]it makes a quick, high flame 00:50:53.35,00:50:55.54 We can fiight everything[br]behind this wall! 00:50:55.75,00:50:56.58 If they break through, 00:50:56.78,00:50:58.51 we'll wind the ditch behind the fiire; 00:50:58.72,00:50:59.74 a wall of water! 00:50:59.95,00:51:01.48 It will fail! 00:51:01.69,00:51:03.82 If it fails,[br]we'll fiight them with torches! 00:51:04.02,00:51:05.75 With noise! With our hands! 00:51:05.96,00:51:06.98 If we can hold them off until 00:51:07.19,00:51:08.09 the wind picks them up again, 00:51:08.30,00:51:09.59 we can save at least those fiields! 00:51:09.80,00:51:12.56 It can't be done![br]It must be done! 00:51:12.77,00:51:15.17 All you have[br]and all I have depends on it! 00:51:15.37,00:51:16.39 You think I'm rich? 00:51:16.60,00:51:18.23 But if I lose[br]this harvest there's nothing! 00:51:18.41,00:51:19.84 If I save anything I'll share it! 00:51:20.04,00:51:21.34 Yeah yeah yeah! 00:51:21.54,00:51:22.98 Let the men dig and women, 00:51:23.18,00:51:25.11 let the old men and boys make torches, 00:51:25.31,00:51:26.71 gather all things that'll make a noise! 00:51:26.91,00:51:27.97 Bring the fiire stuff! 00:51:28.18,00:51:30.48 Get the oxens and ploughs,[br]sickels, spades! 00:51:30.68,00:51:34.75 Everyone! Hey hey! Useless! Useless! 00:51:34.96,00:51:40.92 I'll stay where it's safe! 00:51:50.57,00:51:56.53 Faster! Faster! Make that thing wider! 00:52:03.65,00:52:09.11 Up here! Hurry! Hurry![br]Bring the fiire stuff! 00:52:10.26,00:52:14.22 Come on men, hurry! 00:52:18.40,00:52:21.37 Torches. 00:53:12.25,00:53:15.78 Millions! Millions! 00:53:15.99,00:53:18.96 My god! 00:53:29.20,00:53:31.30 See! They land in one place! 00:53:31.51,00:53:35.46 Yes, they fall! 00:54:20.45,00:54:26.42 Hey! Hurry with the fiire stuff! 00:54:50.45,00:54:55.35 Load the fiire stuff from here! 00:54:55.56,00:55:01.52 Get them! Get the torches! 00:55:08.97,00:55:12.93 Get the torches! 00:55:13.81,00:55:17.77 Light the fiires! 00:56:08.53,00:56:12.99 All fiire stop![br]They are smothering the plains! 00:56:41.13,00:56:44.26 It's breaking through,[br]just as I predicted it! 00:56:44.46,00:56:48.87 Just as I predicted it! 00:56:49.07,00:56:56.53 Bring the water! Fill the ditches![br]Fill the ditches! 00:57:02.35,00:57:05.38 They'll be eaten,[br]there's no doubt about it now! 00:57:05.59,00:57:11.05 No doubt about it![br]That ditch will never hold them! 00:57:44.99,00:57:46.42 We must fiight them with our hands! 00:57:46.63,00:57:52.59 Ourselves! Anything! Move! 00:58:27.83,00:58:33.77 Chen! Keep fiighting! Don't give up! 00:58:37.11,00:58:41.07 We must keep fiighting! 00:58:45.85,00:58:49.85 Everyone! We can! 00:58:51.69,00:58:57.63 There's the wheat! Save it! 00:59:04.17,00:59:10.13 The wind! The wind! The wind! The wind! 00:59:51.75,00:59:56.21 We beat them![br]We beat them! We beat them! 00:59:58.22,01:00:03.53 Yeah yeah yeah! We beat them! 01:00:03.73,01:00:09.19 The farm! Victory![br]Victory! We've done it! 01:00:25.82,01:00:28.58 The young master,[br]it's wonderful! He did it! 01:00:28.79,01:00:31.22 The son and his father,[br]the son to be proud of! 01:00:31.42,01:00:32.25 The father to be proud of! 01:00:32.46,01:00:33.72 The wise man in 3 generations! 01:00:33.93,01:00:37.49 But it's nothing![br]Just a matter of oil and fiire, 01:00:37.70,01:00:40.26 something we learn from books! 01:00:40.47,01:00:43.30 But I'm worn out! Worn out! 01:00:43.50,01:00:45.06 But we saved the crops! 01:00:45.27,01:00:46.60 The harvest is saved! 01:00:46.81,01:00:50.14 The gods are good! 01:00:50.34,01:00:53.51 What's the matter? 01:00:53.71,01:00:55.74 I'll call your husband 01:00:55.95,01:00:59.51 No no! Say nothing 01:00:59.72,01:01:02.12 He's on the land again, 01:01:02.32,01:01:08.19 with his sons, and this day's his, 01:01:08.40,01:01:12.13 and it must be! 01:01:12.33,01:01:19.80 You shall bring in the harvest,[br]and lead the workers! 01:01:20.57,01:01:23.54 Both of you! 01:01:29.45,01:01:34.28 And Ching is my steward! 01:01:34.49,01:01:36.48 Well! There's work to be done! 01:01:36.69,01:01:42.15 Yeah yeah yeah![br]The harvest! Food! Food again! 01:01:44.63,01:01:47.96 And another thing must be done,[br]and you must do it, 01:01:48.17,01:01:49.29 quickly! 01:01:49.50,01:01:51.49 I? Work? 01:01:51.70,01:01:54.90 Go to the banker,[br]as a commisioner to be had, 01:01:55.11,01:01:56.67 and if you rob me a little, 01:01:56.88,01:02:00.57 it will be yours! For old time's sake! 01:02:00.78,01:02:03.84 I will sell the Great House! 01:02:04.05,01:02:06.61 Sell? But why? 01:02:06.82,01:02:09.38 The harvest is saved, you'll have money! 01:02:09.59,01:02:11.06 You can live like a lord! 01:02:11.29,01:02:14.69 All that is fiinished! 01:02:14.89,01:02:20.83 I'll sell the Great House! 01:02:34.08,01:02:36.48 It's a wedding again! 01:02:36.68,01:02:37.74 But who? 01:02:37.95,01:02:39.68 It's your grandson's wedding! 01:02:39.89,01:02:44.82 And soon there'll be great grandsons! 01:02:45.06,01:02:46.99 Many of them! Many of them! 01:02:47.19,01:02:49.06 Please! Please! 01:02:49.26,01:02:51.59 Let him be! Let him be! 01:02:51.80,01:02:54.70 His cheek is as red[br]as this excellent wine! 01:02:54.90,01:02:55.80 Excellent indeed! 01:02:56.00,01:02:57.63 My stomach is very pleased! 01:02:57.84,01:02:59.27 Perhaps it's the lost of memory, 01:02:59.47,01:03:01.03 but I've never eaten such rice! 01:03:01.24,01:03:05.08 It's very bad rice.[br]the worst I've ever bought! 01:03:05.28,01:03:11.24 Grandchildren! Great grandchildren! 01:03:25.70,01:03:27.39 Have all the guests had rice? 01:03:27.60,01:03:29.53 Yes yes! 01:03:29.74,01:03:33.37 Is the sweet rice is hot,[br]with lard and sugar? 01:03:33.57,01:03:34.63 And the 8 fruits? 01:03:34.84,01:03:36.43 It's just as you wished 01:03:36.64,01:03:42.60 Mistrss! Your son's bride! 01:03:48.49,01:03:54.02 Well, and she's beautiful! 01:03:54.23,01:04:01.69 My daughter, look to your husband[br]and your husband's father, 01:04:03.67,01:04:09.13 and his granfather,[br]and you'll have no duty to any of them. 01:04:17.52,01:04:20.49 You must rest! 01:04:26.93,01:04:32.33 Everyone be here[br]not smiling because of me 01:05:03.76,01:05:07.06 Let them be, for the bride! 01:05:07.23,01:05:10.50 In good time! In good time! 01:05:10.70,01:05:15.64 For you'll be well again 01:05:18.91,01:05:22.04 Well, this thing is waiting 01:05:22.25,01:05:24.48 You can't speak of that, 01:05:24.68,01:05:27.65 and please me 01:05:28.15,01:05:32.56 I'm content,[br]and what must be done, you've done! 01:05:46.57,01:05:47.87 Bridegroom hasn't heard a word! 01:05:48.07,01:05:49.41 He's wishing we go home! 01:05:49.61,01:05:52.58 No no indeed I should be honoured[br]if you stay the whole even 01:05:52.78,01:05:55.75 Oh! 01:05:57.85,01:06:00.38 Do you remember? 01:06:00.59,01:06:03.56 Yes! 01:06:05.36,01:06:10.16 If a man could speak, there're things... 01:06:10.36,01:06:14.30 Some are forgotten 01:06:14.83,01:06:17.30 But now I know that you're the one; 01:06:17.50,01:06:23.46 that the best a man can have 01:06:32.92,01:06:36.86 Ou Lang! Ou Lang! 01:06:38.73,01:06:41.02 This I cannot bear 01:06:41.23,01:06:46.39 I'd sell all my land[br]if I could heal you! 01:06:46.60,01:06:51.56 No! I would not let you! 01:06:52.91,01:06:57.04 For I must die, sometime 01:06:57.24,01:07:03.18 But the land will be there, after me 01:07:04.65,01:07:10.61 I beg you! Stay here with me! 01:07:15.13,01:07:18.10 I can not! 01:07:21.53,01:07:24.50 Forgive me! 01:08:23.23,01:08:29.17 Ou Lang, you are the earth!
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