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Subtitles for Good Earth The - Victor Fleming 1937 CD1.

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Good Earth The - Victor Fleming 1937 CD1

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[INFORMATION] [TITLE] [AUTHOR] [SOURCE]Subtitles captured by SubRip 1.14 [PRG] [FILEPATH] [DELAY]0 [CD TRACK]0 [COMMENT] [END INFORMATION] [SUBTITLE] [COLF]&HFFFFFF,[STYLE]bd,[SIZE]18,[FONT]Arial 00:00:00.00,00:00:00.10 00:03:34.08,00:03:38.03 This is the day! 00:03:39.88,00:03:43.84 Yes yes Loo! I'm up! 00:03:45.92,00:03:51.88 Quiet! Quiet! You'll wake father! 00:03:55.56,00:03:58.53 Here friend! 00:04:00.94,00:04:06.90 And eat a little bit more for once! 00:04:40.17,00:04:41.40 Morning medley! 00:04:41.61,00:04:44.98 Morning! Morning! 00:04:45.18,00:04:46.67 So today's the day! 00:04:46.88,00:04:49.32 The day! Hay hay! 00:04:49.52,00:04:52.71 Tomorrow's another world's waters 00:04:52.92,00:04:55.01 Another! 00:04:55.22,00:05:01.13 I know! I know! Who does it! Ha! Ha! Ha! 00:05:15.71,00:05:21.44 ShouZheng! Where's my hot water? 00:05:21.65,00:05:25.61 My lungs are cold! 00:05:25.92,00:05:29.88 It's ready father 00:05:30.83,00:05:34.73 I'm too old[br]to wait for my food like this 00:05:34.93,00:05:37.56 Tomorrow a woman[br]will bring food to us both 00:05:37.77,00:05:39.56 Yeah she'll eat food too 00:05:39.77,00:05:41.46 and there's little enough for any of us 00:05:41.67,00:05:43.66 Until the harvest[br]and if the rain don't come 00:05:43.87,00:05:46.36 there won't be a harvest! 00:05:46.57,00:05:49.94 Tea? Have you lost your mind? 00:05:50.14,00:05:51.91 Tea is like eating silver! 00:05:52.11,00:05:55.28 But this is the day father, 00:05:55.48,00:05:57.31 if the woman brings us luck, 00:05:57.52,00:05:59.15 we may never go hungry again 00:05:59.32,00:06:02.26 Tea! Waste! 00:06:03.39,00:06:05.33 You think she'll be an ugly woman? 00:06:05.53,00:06:08.12 Hum! If things go on like this 00:06:08.33,00:06:09.39 Someday the bridegroom would want to see 00:06:09.60,00:06:12.50 the bride before they marry them! 00:06:12.70,00:06:14.79 Well then[br]I won't have a pock mark woman! 00:06:15.00,00:06:17.13 Or the one with split lip! 00:06:17.34,00:06:21.04 Now then are you a farmer's son or not? 00:06:21.24,00:06:23.51 Your woman must work as your mother did 00:06:23.71,00:06:25.44 And bear children like she did, 00:06:25.65,00:06:27.14 6 sons like mine! 00:06:27.35,00:06:28.78 Your tea will be cold. 00:06:28.98,00:06:31.65 True! True! 00:06:31.85,00:06:35.81 5 sons dided[br]in the years of flood and famine 00:06:36.02,00:06:40.26 Your mother worked on[br]with me until she died 00:06:40.46,00:06:43.26 Now I know that she was the one, 00:06:43.46,00:06:48.20 the best a man could have 00:06:48.40,00:06:50.06 But I'll tell you one thing, 00:06:50.27,00:06:53.67 your woman is not deformed 00:06:53.88,00:06:57.83 Thank you father! 00:07:26.97,00:07:29.67 Now there it is![br]Water enough to bring a crop to fruit 00:07:29.88,00:07:31.57 Must you waste it? 00:07:31.78,00:07:34.61 I haven't wash my body[br]all at once since the new year! 00:07:34.82,00:07:37.11 That won't do[br]starting a new woman like this! 00:07:37.32,00:07:40.69 Tea in the morning[br]water in all this wasting! 00:07:40.89,00:07:43.65 Father? Well what is it? What is it? 00:07:43.86,00:07:44.85 I'll be grateful to you 00:07:45.06,00:07:46.36 if it would please you to ask my friends 00:07:46.56,00:07:47.69 for a feast tonight? 00:07:47.90,00:07:50.49 No![br]A very small feast? 00:07:50.70,00:07:51.29 It's only this once? 00:07:51.50,00:07:53.83 No no no no no! 00:07:54.04,00:07:57.33 Spend for a feast, make way for a famine 00:07:57.54,00:07:59.01 Good morning father Wong! 00:07:59.21,00:08:00.00 It's going to rain! 00:08:00.21,00:08:01.64 It is unlucky to mention it! 00:08:01.84,00:08:03.28 I haven't said it would rain! 00:08:03.48,00:08:04.91 I haven't said it! 00:08:05.11,00:08:09.11 Here's some[br]very bad wine for the bridegroom 00:08:09.32,00:08:11.88 This gift is much too good for my son 00:08:12.09,00:08:15.58 Oh is miserable wine! 00:08:15.79,00:08:17.16 Where's the bridegroom? 00:08:17.36,00:08:22.96 He's washing his whole body! 00:08:23.16,00:08:25.26 Is that my friend Wong Loong? 00:08:25.47,00:08:28.20 Shing! That's my son! 00:08:28.40,00:08:31.17 Wasting good water[br]before the rains come! 00:08:31.37,00:08:33.20 Uh but the rains will come! 00:08:33.41,00:08:36.14 And what's on[br]the top of the water to you, 00:08:36.34,00:08:39.64 a man who lives to see his grandson 00:08:39.85,00:08:42.08 Young men and fools are alike, 00:08:42.28,00:08:44.95 until the gods teach them wisdom 00:08:45.15,00:08:49.21 And asking your[br]few friends for a feast tonight 00:08:49.42,00:08:51.89 A very small feast, 00:08:52.09,00:08:55.72 if you'll come my son will be honoured 00:08:55.93,00:08:59.99 You were boys together. Shing! 00:09:00.20,00:09:02.36 Ha ha ha ha! 00:09:02.57,00:09:06.51 This is the day! 00:09:37.41,00:09:40.84 Chickens! Good buy! Eat! 00:09:41.04,00:09:44.77 Good your blood and pure your liver! 00:09:44.98,00:09:49.94 Peaches, 6 for 2 coppers! 00:10:13.04,00:10:16.01 Now then what? 00:10:17.65,00:10:20.48 I'm Wong Loong, the farmer 00:10:20.68,00:10:25.45 Well, and Wong Loong the farmer what? 00:10:25.65,00:10:27.45 I'm coming... I'm coming... 00:10:27.66,00:10:31.15 Are you seeing that? I see you a fool! 00:10:31.36,00:10:36.23 There's a woman to be... 00:10:36.43,00:10:39.06 Ha ha ha! So you're he! 00:10:39.27,00:10:42.90 You're the bridegroom![br]I thought you're the peddler! 00:10:43.10,00:10:44.57 Why do you bring a basket? 00:10:44.77,00:10:50.73 Are you gonna carry that the whole day? 00:10:55.72,00:11:00.62 The bridegroom! He comes! 00:11:01.09,00:11:06.05 The bridegroom! He comes! 00:11:09.10,00:11:13.06 The bridegroom! 00:11:16.94,00:11:19.50 He's here! The bridegroom! 00:11:19.71,00:11:25.65 He's here! The bridegroom! 00:11:31.39,00:11:35.34 You fool, get up! 00:11:39.19,00:11:44.22 Your farmer's come,[br]he smells like a stable! 00:11:44.43,00:11:46.40 Nobody giggles! 00:11:46.60,00:11:48.90 Is all wreck crack yours? 00:11:49.10,00:11:51.13 Open it! Open it! 00:11:51.34,00:11:53.33 To see what's in it 00:11:53.54,00:11:59.50 There's a thief in every kitchen 00:12:04.32,00:12:07.52 When did you steal these? 00:12:07.72,00:12:10.75 My mother gave'em to me 00:12:10.96,00:12:12.79 Save it for your own brats! 00:12:12.99,00:12:17.95 Pick up your eggs! Hurry! 00:12:21.04,00:12:27.00 This dress, the kitchen slave 00:12:34.62,00:12:38.35 This woman came into my house[br]when she was a child 00:12:38.55,00:12:41.65 Her parents were farmers[br]but during the famine 00:12:41.86,00:12:44.92 they sold her to me for food. 00:12:45.13,00:12:48.56 She has a strong body,[br]and will work for you 00:12:48.76,00:12:52.70 in your house and your fiields. 00:12:52.90,00:12:56.80 Take her and use her well! 00:12:57.00,00:13:02.41 Oh Lang! Over him![br]And bring him many sons 00:13:03.51,00:13:07.81 Bring the fiirst son for me to see 00:13:08.02,00:13:11.97 Well? Go go go go! 00:13:50.19,00:13:53.16 Take the box! 00:14:21.36,00:14:26.29 Peaches! Fresh peaches![br]Good peaches are the friend! 00:14:26.49,00:14:28.83 Good your blood and pure your liver! 00:14:29.03,00:14:32.02 Peaches! Fresh peaches! Thank you! 00:14:32.23,00:14:35.17 Peaches! Fresh peaches![br]They're yours! 00:14:35.37,00:14:39.33 Eat for yourself 00:15:22.22,00:15:28.18 A tree will grow from the seeds 00:15:57.82,00:16:00.81 Hey, hey! Let him be! 00:16:01.02,00:16:03.99 For very silent says she's a good cook! 00:16:04.19,00:16:05.49 An excellent cook! 00:16:05.69,00:16:11.06 I am an old man and I have never[br]tasted such food before! 00:16:11.27,00:16:12.93 Oh no it's very poor food! 00:16:13.17,00:16:18.63 Very badly prepared,[br]the woman can't cook at all! 00:16:20.61,00:16:25.07 My friends,[br]my poor farm barely produces enough 00:16:26.08,00:16:28.71 to keep my family alive 00:16:28.92,00:16:32.18 But tonight,[br]I rejoyce that my brother's son 00:16:32.39,00:16:34.75 has been favoured by him 00:16:34.96,00:16:40.33 Are you, you, how beautiful it is, 00:16:40.53,00:16:44.55 and how pretty, nephew? 00:16:44.77,00:16:48.72 Ha ha ha ha ha ha! 00:16:50.37,00:16:53.34 Forgive me! 00:16:57.28,00:17:00.61 Poor zon! He faked and shaved 00:17:00.81,00:17:03.65 and hope we will all go home! 00:17:03.85,00:17:05.44 No no no no! 00:17:05.65,00:17:07.92 Your presence delights him! 00:17:08.12,00:17:14.08 Then we'll all stay till cockcrow! 00:17:20.73,00:17:22.70 May you have many grandsons! 00:17:22.90,00:17:25.20 And she might beg for the fiirst one! 00:17:25.41,00:17:29.37 You want my old bones! 00:17:31.98,00:17:37.28 Brother, your joy is mine! 00:17:37.48,00:17:41.68 Nephew! Now that[br]the woman will work in the house, 00:17:41.89,00:17:46.35 you might help[br]your old uncle in the fiields? 00:17:47.53,00:17:50.16 Alas I... 00:17:50.36,00:17:52.76 Good night![br]Good night! 00:17:52.97,00:17:55.59 Good night![br]Good night! 00:17:55.80,00:18:00.21 Good night![br]Night! Night! 00:18:42.88,00:18:45.65 It will grow! 00:18:45.85,00:18:48.19 This is good land! 00:18:48.39,00:18:52.85 An old one,[br]my ancestors came here long ago! 00:18:54.19,00:18:56.75 And they sleep in it! 00:18:56.96,00:18:59.66 My father ploughed it, 00:18:59.87,00:19:01.84 and it's mine! 00:19:02.04,00:19:05.40 The best the man can have! 00:19:05.61,00:19:11.57 Now it belongs to us both! 00:19:15.22,00:19:18.18 It's raining! 00:19:26.69,00:19:30.39 Why did you put up your hand? 00:19:30.60,00:19:34.56 Were you afraid? 00:19:36.47,00:19:39.44 Afraid of me? 00:19:42.31,00:19:47.77 Were they cruel to you[br]in the Great House? 00:19:52.49,00:19:58.45 No one will be cruel to you here! 00:22:34.85,00:22:38.81 I am with child 00:22:48.66,00:22:52.62 Enough for the day, 00:22:55.17,00:22:59.13 We'll tell old father 00:23:17.72,00:23:20.25 Why have you left the fiield? 00:23:20.46,00:23:24.86 She is with child already! 00:23:25.07,00:23:29.83 Hey hey! She want me to be a grandfather 00:23:30.04,00:23:31.94 I shall go prepare food 00:23:32.14,00:23:36.10 Yes food food food! 00:23:53.29,00:23:55.96 I know nothing of these things, 00:23:56.16,00:24:00.53 when the child is born you need a woman. 00:24:00.73,00:24:03.29 Perhaps[br]here's a woman in the Great House 00:24:03.50,00:24:04.80 Someone you knew in the kitchen! 00:24:05.01,00:24:08.96 Not in that house! 00:24:11.31,00:24:15.94 Well, We're all men here! 00:24:16.15,00:24:17.48 There must be someone[br]in the Great House... 00:24:17.68,00:24:20.59 I'll never go back, in that house 00:24:20.79,00:24:23.95 It will be with my son in the house 00:24:24.16,00:24:26.06 I'll have a red coat on it, 00:24:26.26,00:24:28.49 and a red flower trousers, 00:24:28.70,00:24:33.10 and a hat with a buddha and tiger, 00:24:33.30,00:24:35.63 and I'll go back to the kitchen 00:24:35.84,00:24:37.20 where I spend my days as a slave 00:24:37.40,00:24:38.89 And into the great hall 00:24:39.11,00:24:42.07 where all the mistress[br]sits with their pipe 00:24:42.28,00:24:47.74 and I'll show myself[br]and my son to all of them 00:25:00.36,00:25:04.56 Well, well[br]I haven't heard you speak so many words 00:25:04.76,00:25:10.73 since you came into this house! 00:26:01.92,00:26:05.22 Now then, why are you[br]not in the fiields today? 00:26:05.43,00:26:07.26 The wheat must be cut! 00:26:07.46,00:26:13.42 Today I shall not go into the fiields 00:26:43.80,00:26:47.76 Look! Dark clouds! 00:26:53.94,00:26:59.85 Rain? We'll loose the harvest! 00:27:00.05,00:27:02.57 We'll starve this winter! 00:27:02.82,00:27:06.78 Bring the others! 00:27:49.93,00:27:54.89 Hey hurry with the wheat! 00:28:11.65,00:28:17.61 There's hail in that storm! Let's go! 00:28:22.90,00:28:26.86 Help me load the cart! 00:29:14.18,00:29:20.14 What is it? Is it the child? 00:29:55.69,00:29:57.42 I get a woman 00:29:57.62,00:30:02.58 No! Go back to the wheat! 00:31:50.67,00:31:53.40 I play my king correctly! 00:31:53.61,00:31:54.97 No you didn't! 00:31:55.17,00:31:57.97 You lost every game correctly! 00:31:58.18,00:32:03.11 Of course! How did I know what he had? 00:32:03.32,00:32:04.87 You might have looked over his shoulders 00:32:05.08,00:32:07.11 But I didn't! 00:32:07.32,00:32:13.28 You gave me the wrong sign! 00:32:15.73,00:32:18.72 Hey! What did I tell you? 00:32:18.90,00:32:20.49 And you made me play another game 00:32:20.70,00:32:26.66 while this was happenning! 00:32:47.63,00:32:50.06 Is it a man? Is it a man? 00:32:50.26,00:32:53.36 A man! A man-child has been born! 00:32:53.57,00:32:56.63 Behold we have a son! 00:32:56.84,00:33:00.36 A man-child! A man-child! 00:33:00.57,00:33:03.54 I'm a father! 00:33:04.78,00:33:06.84 And you're a grandfather! 00:33:07.05,00:33:08.95 Hey Hey! 00:33:09.15,00:33:11.67 I never could get my wife[br]to work the way 00:33:11.88,00:33:15.79 that woman did,[br]with a child about to be born 00:33:15.96,00:33:17.86 If it weren't indignifiied, 00:33:18.06,00:33:19.96 I'd tell her that she's a good wife! 00:33:20.19,00:33:23.96 Nephew! I rejoyce with you! 00:33:24.20,00:33:26.43 It's nothing that I lost my own wheat 00:33:26.63,00:33:32.59 helping with the child, nothing! 00:33:36.51,00:33:40.47 Hear him! Huh huh! 00:34:34.93,00:34:38.70 I'll get eggs, and dye them red 00:34:38.91,00:34:41.14 for the whole village 00:34:41.34,00:34:44.78 Everyone must know I have a son! 00:34:44.98,00:34:48.94 Ha ha ha ha ha! 00:36:08.73,00:36:10.79 Oh my son is very pleased! 00:36:11.00,00:36:12.62 Oh it was a dismal noise! 00:36:12.83,00:36:17.79 No no! Very good noise! 00:36:43.46,00:36:47.92 Now then![br]Those cakes are not to be eaten! 00:36:59.08,00:37:04.48 Well! And I am poor[br]but at least I can be honest! 00:37:10.16,00:37:13.56 My dear nephew, please add this fowl 00:37:13.76,00:37:15.85 to the little coloured eggs 00:37:16.06,00:37:22.02 which you hadn't offered me! 00:37:22.30,00:37:25.43 But they are gift for the Great House! 00:37:25.64,00:37:27.90 Very bad for the stomach, 00:37:28.11,00:37:31.30 only fiit for rich people, 00:37:31.51,00:37:33.48 if they are not too rich to accept them 00:37:33.68,00:37:37.12 Those people[br]are not as rich as you think! 00:37:37.32,00:37:40.11 They are feeling pinch this year 00:37:40.32,00:37:43.52 I've heard that they are selling land 00:37:43.72,00:37:45.92 Land? Selling land? 00:37:46.13,00:37:48.62 I heard it yesterday from their agent, 00:37:48.83,00:37:51.85 At the gambling tea house 00:37:52.06,00:37:54.56 Well, am I asked to fiill my cup 00:37:54.77,00:37:57.43 in this house of properity? 00:37:57.64,00:38:01.54 Huh... please please! 00:38:07.18,00:38:11.14 Ha ha ha ha ha! 00:38:12.45,00:38:18.41 What have I not thought of... 00:38:23.13,00:38:25.89 A good new year, a triumphant new year! 00:38:26.10,00:38:30.56 Good night![br]Good bye! 00:38:35.98,00:38:40.14 We could buy land, from the Great House! 00:38:40.35,00:38:43.28 Rice land! 00:38:45.05,00:38:46.95 Now then, if we lost our wheat 00:38:47.15,00:38:49.52 we'll have no money 00:38:49.72,00:38:51.05 But we haven't! 00:38:51.26,00:38:52.82 But how close it was! 00:38:53.03,00:38:55.05 Between this money and nothing 00:38:55.26,00:38:56.96 Not even food! 00:38:57.16,00:39:01.73 When a man has 2 fiields, or 3 fiields 00:39:01.93,00:39:06.74 he can loose his wheat[br]and still have food 00:39:06.94,00:39:10.31 That rice land is sure! 00:39:10.54,00:39:12.88 Had to be sure again[br]I'd even go to the Great House 00:39:13.08,00:39:16.05 and buy it! 00:39:16.98,00:39:21.21 Do you think They'd kill me? 00:39:21.42,00:39:24.75 Well, well! I'm not afraid! 00:39:24.96,00:39:26.98 I go to the Great House to say, 00:39:27.19,00:39:29.42 to tell'em[br]I've got an important business 00:39:29.63,00:39:31.49 Money is concerned 00:39:31.70,00:39:37.16 What is a fair price,[br]I have it in my hand! 00:39:42.01,00:39:46.00 Well it was a good thought 00:39:46.21,00:39:48.58 But what use is a good thought then? 00:39:48.78,00:39:53.74 if no one agrees with it? 00:41:08.93,00:41:11.59 And the child! A beautiful child! 00:41:11.80,00:41:15.89 A beautiful boy! Boo boo boo boo! 00:41:16.10,00:41:20.06 Ha ha ha ha ha! 00:41:25.08,00:41:30.28 Here's the son of Wong Loong! 00:41:30.45,00:41:35.44 Here's the son of Wong Loong the farmer! 00:41:35.65,00:41:39.15 He's a man-child! 00:41:39.36,00:41:40.26 He's a man-child! 00:42:00.35,00:42:04.04 Miss Oh Lang,[br]Wife Wong the farmer and her son 00:42:04.25,00:42:08.74 you will announce them to ancient one 00:42:08.95,00:42:11.58 And you say her child would be a female 00:42:11.79,00:42:13.88 ha ha ha ha! A female! 00:42:14.09,00:42:20.05 Quiet! I'll cut off your own hands! 00:42:21.77,00:42:24.74 Um! He has a sickly look 00:42:24.94,00:42:27.41 Very pale and green 00:42:27.61,00:42:29.51 Let's hope he won't die before Spring! 00:42:29.74,00:42:31.68 Ha ha ha ha ha! 00:42:31.88,00:42:34.21 Stop that cackles! 00:42:34.41,00:42:40.37 Hurry woman! Must I waste the whole day? 00:42:47.23,00:42:48.89 Hey hey hey! 00:42:49.09,00:42:53.19 He's a beautiful child! 00:42:53.40,00:42:56.16 He's a beautiful child! 00:42:56.37,00:42:59.34 Hey hey hey! 00:42:59.74,00:43:01.04 You won't believe she laughed! 00:43:01.24,00:43:03.54 And say he's a beautiful child! 00:43:03.78,00:43:06.94 She said those words[br]"a beautiful child"! 00:43:07.15,00:43:11.45 Well she said no more than the truths! 00:43:11.65,00:43:14.12 And I saw not[br]one slave in all that house 00:43:14.32,00:43:16.75 with a new coat like mine! 00:43:16.96,00:43:17.95 And why should you go about 00:43:18.16,00:43:19.95 like a wife of a common fellow? 00:43:20.16,00:43:26.12 I can afford a piece of cloth I think! 00:43:35.31,00:43:38.71 Now I have 2 fiields! 00:43:38.91,00:43:41.85 I bought it today from the Great House! 00:43:42.05,00:43:45.85 The land?[br]They said it was less than an inch 00:43:46.05,00:43:48.95 And took all that silver[br]as if it were nothing! 00:43:49.15,00:43:51.82 And the foolish clerks[br]who don't own a foot land 00:43:52.02,00:43:53.92 laughed the goose clack at me 00:43:54.13,00:43:56.22 'cause I couldn't write my name! 00:43:56.43,00:43:58.29 But I'll buy again and again! 00:43:58.50,00:44:00.52 Until my land is more than an inch! 00:44:00.73,00:44:06.00 Even in a house of a prince! 00:44:06.21,00:44:11.34 Look here farmer![br]Someday all this will belong to you! 00:44:11.54,00:44:13.24 And you'll be a prince too! 00:44:13.45,00:44:18.08 And I'll buy more land[br]and more land and... 00:44:18.28,00:44:21.15 What a pity! We're so poor! 00:44:21.35,00:44:24.62 We have nothing![br]And the child is nothing! 00:44:24.86,00:44:27.79 Yes yes! Is less than nothing! 00:44:27.99,00:44:29.98 And it's only a female, 00:44:30.20,00:44:32.53 and it's covered with small pox as well! 00:44:32.73,00:44:37.36 Yes yes! Only a female,[br]and covered with small pox, 00:44:37.57,00:44:40.54 as well! 00:44:51.35,00:44:55.98 You mighty gods! You wise gods! 00:44:56.19,00:44:59.02 You've been good to me, for many years 00:44:59.22,00:45:01.59 you've been good to this humble person; 00:45:01.79,00:45:05.73 I had only 1 fiield, now I have 5! 00:45:05.93,00:45:10.27 I had only 1 child, now I have 3! 00:45:10.47,00:45:14.10 My eldest son[br]planted his fiirst rice today! 00:45:14.31,00:45:19.30 My youngest son[br]is big enough to lead the ox! 00:45:19.51,00:45:23.68 My third child is only a female, 00:45:23.92,00:45:29.88 but I won't reproach you for that! 00:45:36.46,00:45:38.56 Excuse me! 00:45:38.76,00:45:40.70 Now we haven't forgotten you! 00:45:40.93,00:45:44.20 We brought you[br]fiine new rogues of red paper 00:45:44.40,00:45:46.77 so you won't forget me! 00:45:46.97,00:45:50.57 you send me rich harvest this year also 00:45:50.78,00:45:54.87 and you persuade my uncle,[br]to work a little now and then. 00:45:55.08,00:45:56.88 And not ask for money so often 00:45:57.08,00:46:00.21 And if he does,[br]please allow my husband to refuse him! 00:46:00.42,00:46:02.68 I'll do that anyway! 00:46:02.89,00:46:04.72 Very gracefully! 00:46:04.92,00:46:06.65 Wong Loong! Come up! 00:46:06.86,00:46:08.19 Wong Loong come up here! 00:46:08.39,00:46:11.36 Wong Loong! 00:46:12.00,00:46:14.33 Wong Loong will know,[br]he'll know what it is! 00:46:14.53,00:46:17.06 Wong Loong! How would he know? 00:46:17.27,00:46:20.00 He is as slow witted as my woman! 00:46:20.21,00:46:24.01 Hey hey! Well! And what now? 00:46:24.21,00:46:27.18 Look! Look! 00:46:31.58,00:46:34.55 An army! 00:46:36.22,00:46:39.62 No! Virgins perhaps?[br]So many? 00:46:39.83,00:46:42.49 People from the North! But why? 00:46:42.69,00:46:44.92 There must be famine in the North! 00:46:45.13,00:46:47.22 They're going south where there's food! 00:46:47.43,00:46:48.76 Famine!? Ha ha ha! 00:46:49.00,00:46:50.47 What ideas you have! 00:46:50.67,00:46:51.93 The woman is right! 00:46:52.14,00:46:53.83 I have seen it before! 00:46:54.04,00:46:56.94 That's what happens[br]when a man has only 1 fiield! 00:46:57.14,00:46:58.77 But I have 5! 00:46:58.98,00:47:01.67 We must thank the gods[br]for giving me so much foresight! 00:47:01.88,00:47:03.18 What talk is this!? 00:47:03.38,00:47:06.15 Forgive him![br]My son he's young and stupid 00:47:06.35,00:47:07.94 and talks too much! 00:47:08.15,00:47:14.11 It was famine that made me a slave! 00:48:22.96,00:48:25.86 It dries even if we carry it! 00:48:26.06,00:48:32.53 Well if the vines starve,[br]we'll all starve! 00:48:33.07,00:48:36.87 The wheats' gone! And the rice! 00:48:37.11,00:48:40.55 The more my fiields[br]I have only this handful of beans! 00:48:40.75,00:48:44.71 Mother! Mother! 00:48:54.89,00:48:57.16 You know we're not thieves! 00:48:57.36,00:48:58.62 But the ox is mine! 00:48:58.83,00:49:01.16 We're hungry! Our children are hungry! 00:49:01.37,00:49:02.53 You should help us! 00:49:02.73,00:49:04.76 If I have money I would help you! 00:49:04.97,00:49:10.91 My nephew! You can sell your land! 00:49:11.74,00:49:16.20 Sell my land?[br]Yes! 00:49:22.12,00:49:25.18 But then the money is gone,[br]and the land! 00:49:25.39,00:49:28.62 At least we could[br]live well through the famine! 00:49:28.83,00:49:31.19 What good is this land now? 00:49:31.40,00:49:35.36 You're young,[br]you don't know what a famine is like! 00:49:35.57,00:49:39.80 My father knew years of famine,[br]but he kept the land 00:49:40.01,00:49:42.30 I must keep it for my sons! 00:49:42.51,00:49:45.64 The earth is good,[br]if we work it would feed us 00:49:45.84,00:49:47.14 But how am I to live? 00:49:47.35,00:49:48.31 How am I to live? 00:49:48.51,00:49:50.61 Work! As I do! 00:49:50.82,00:49:52.84 I'll not rob my sons to feed you! 00:49:53.05,00:49:59.89 You you! Must we go hungry[br]while you have land? 00:50:00.09,00:50:02.36 This land that you won't sell! 00:50:02.56,00:50:04.76 I'm not selling my land 00:50:04.96,00:50:07.73 It's my life, it's mine! 00:50:07.93,00:50:10.87 I'll never sell it,[br]I'll dig up the earth 00:50:11.07,00:50:13.16 fiirst and feed it to my children 00:50:13.37,00:50:19.33 Yes! And you'll bury them in it! 00:51:24.91,00:51:29.87 He's my friend, my friend 00:51:40.59,00:51:44.55 We're not hungry! 00:53:28.90,00:53:31.77 Mercy on me you powerful ones! 00:53:31.97,00:53:35.30 I starve and my woman starve, 00:53:35.51,00:53:40.10 and there's no one[br]to give me a handful of rice! 00:53:40.31,00:53:45.41 There's one who has plenty,[br]but he's a rich man! 00:53:45.62,00:53:49.71 And rich's hardened the heart,[br]soften his heart 00:53:49.92,00:53:53.38 o powerful ones,[br]that he may give me a little 00:53:53.59,00:53:56.32 out of his abundance! 00:53:56.53,00:53:58.59 Would not a man sell his lands 00:53:58.80,00:54:01.82 unless he has foods[br]to give his children? 00:54:02.03,00:54:04.90 He has food! And I starve! 00:54:05.10,00:54:11.06 He has food! And these good men starve! 00:54:18.42,00:54:21.39 Well, what? 00:54:22.45,00:54:25.51 You have food! We're starving! 00:54:25.72,00:54:29.06 You have food! Food! 00:54:29.23,00:54:34.72 I have nothing![br]I dig for roots, for my children 00:54:35.93,00:54:39.37 You have food hidden! Food and silver! 00:54:39.57,00:54:42.54 Food? Find it! 00:54:45.64,00:54:47.24 He's got it he's got it! 00:54:47.48,00:54:48.71 Wong Loong has food! 00:54:48.91,00:54:53.87 I told you, he has food! 00:55:16.27,00:55:20.23 But... it's earth! 00:55:20.61,00:55:26.57 It takes hunger, and it's warm 00:55:42.73,00:55:48.70 Ching! Hunger makes man mad! 00:55:57.75,00:56:03.45 Come come! You're little man now! 00:56:03.66,00:56:08.12 You won't cry![br]Look! Your sister doesn't cry! 00:56:19.94,00:56:25.84 Little one she never cries now 00:56:26.04,00:56:30.00 What is it? Why? 00:57:03.12,00:57:05.74 If you could have a little food 00:57:05.95,00:57:11.45 you'd have the strength[br]to bring the child 00:57:11.66,00:57:13.42 I'll fiind it. 00:57:13.63,00:57:14.65 Tomorrow I... 00:57:14.86,00:57:19.82 When have you had food? 00:57:22.37,00:57:26.07 There's a thing in me that hurts, 00:57:26.27,00:57:32.18 and not hunger, that a man has no words 00:57:34.48,00:57:38.44 No words, but I know! 00:57:41.45,00:57:47.42 Oh Lang, the earth has forgotten us! 00:57:49.66,00:57:55.62 The earth... I hate it! I'll sell it! 00:57:59.37,00:58:03.37 No! For a constant length! No! 00:58:03.58,00:58:09.54 No not the land! Not the land! 00:58:13.75,00:58:17.71 We're ready nephew 00:58:18.96,00:58:23.92 Are you safe? Yes, safe 00:58:27.43,00:58:31.43 Huh! Another mouth to feed. 00:58:31.64,00:58:36.10 My poor man![br]For the sake of your children, 00:58:36.48,00:58:38.91 we'll give you[br]a better price for your land 00:58:39.11,00:58:43.38 than you can get[br]anywhere else in these times 00:58:43.58,00:58:49.11 We'll give you 12 pieces of silver 00:58:49.32,00:58:53.19 What? 12 pieces? 00:58:53.39,00:58:57.33 For all my land? 00:58:59.33,00:59:05.29 Huh! I paid a 100 times that much! 00:59:05.74,00:59:10.40 But who was starving then? 00:59:10.61,00:59:14.57 Please! Please! 00:59:26.63,00:59:32.53 And well you know I must sell 00:59:34.73,00:59:38.69 No! Not the land! 00:59:41.14,00:59:44.04 We'll not sell the land 00:59:44.24,00:59:49.38 We'll keep it, we'll go south 00:59:49.58,00:59:52.52 And when we return[br]we'll still have the land 00:59:52.72,00:59:54.19 But I've arranged it! 00:59:54.39,00:59:57.15 I brought these men here,[br]you must sell! 00:59:57.36,01:00:02.82 Is it your land?[br]Did you buy it bit by bit? 01:00:05.73,01:00:11.19 The land is our life[br]and it's better to go south, 01:00:13.81,01:00:19.18 or die walking, than to give it to you, 01:00:19.38,01:00:22.35 for nothing! 01:00:31.02,01:00:35.93 What a pity! What a pity! 01:00:48.88,01:00:54.75 How can you walk anywhere?[br]With the child? 01:00:54.95,01:00:59.91 The child is dead! Dead? 01:01:02.22,01:01:04.66 But I heard it cry? 01:01:04.86,01:01:08.82 The child is dead! 01:02:16.23,01:02:17.36 What do you say father? 01:02:17.56,01:02:19.79 Shall we ride in this fiire wagon? 01:02:20.00,01:02:22.47 It ain't safe for your old back 01:02:22.67,01:02:25.23 He said it crawls on these iron poles! 01:02:25.44,01:02:27.96 Grandpa says it's a god of fiire! 01:02:28.17,01:02:30.17 These wagons chained together 01:02:30.38,01:02:32.37 Do it again fiind a thing? 01:02:32.58,01:02:38.54 We sit in it while it walks off! 01:03:59.17,01:04:00.86 With these mats we can build a home 01:04:01.07,01:04:02.73 Well then get to work! 01:04:02.94,01:04:07.07 Get to work all of you! 01:04:07.27,01:04:09.76 You'll look at me and listen! 01:04:09.98,01:04:11.50 Take the bowel in your right hand so 01:04:11.71,01:04:15.77 and hold it out to everybody that passes 01:04:15.98,01:04:18.85 and cry out to them:" 01:04:19.05,01:04:22.25 A heart good sir! A heart good lady! 01:04:22.46,01:04:25.55 A good deed and you shall prosper! 01:04:25.76,01:04:29.66 The small cash, a coin you throw away! 01:04:29.86,01:04:32.92 Feed us starving child!" 01:04:33.13,01:04:37.80 Have a kind heart![br]A good deed that bring you fortune! 01:04:38.00,01:04:40.84 The small cash the coin you throw away 01:04:41.04,01:04:43.10 give for the child died! 01:04:43.31,01:04:46.07 Have a kind heard![br]A good deed to bring you fortune! 01:04:46.28,01:04:48.27 The small cash feed the starving child! 01:04:48.48,01:04:50.85 Feed the good fortune![br]Bring you a good heart! 01:04:51.05,01:04:53.61 Small cash for starving![br]Poor little child! 01:04:53.82,01:04:56.05 Feed the good fortune![br]Bring you a good heart! 01:04:56.26,01:05:01.22 Small cash for starving! 01:05:17.04,01:05:19.53 Hey hey! Have a kind heart good sir! 01:05:19.75,01:05:22.72 A good... 01:05:44.67,01:05:49.47 Well? And today? Nothing! 01:05:49.68,01:05:52.67 No work of any kind! 01:05:52.88,01:05:55.14 For things a beast should do, 01:05:55.35,01:05:59.81 there were a 100 men, fiighting! 01:06:00.02,01:06:01.61 It would have been better to starve, 01:06:01.82,01:06:05.76 in our own land,[br]than to come to this great city, 01:06:05.96,01:06:08.05 where there's no work for a man's hands! 01:06:08.26,01:06:09.25 It will come! 01:06:09.46,01:06:12.76 Now then must I wait[br]for my meat any longer? 01:06:12.97,01:06:16.23 Meat? Hey hey hey! 01:06:16.44,01:06:20.74 It's the only meat[br]we have since we killed the ox! 01:06:20.94,01:06:23.50 You must have begged[br]from a prince today! 01:06:23.71,01:06:25.68 It's mine! 01:06:25.88,01:06:26.97 Where did you get meat? 01:06:27.18,01:06:30.41 I took it from an old woman! 01:06:30.62,01:06:35.58 You stole it? You thief! 01:06:36.32,01:06:39.29 Thief! Thief! 01:06:51.47,01:06:53.44 Meat is meat 01:06:53.64,01:06:57.54 Do we have to steal[br]or beg for it to live? 01:06:57.74,01:07:00.94 A man can't stand it here! 01:07:01.15,01:07:06.21 Our land is all in the north! 01:07:06.42,01:07:11.88 In times like this,[br]my parents found a way to go back; 01:07:13.46,01:07:17.92 they sold me[br]to the old mistress in the big house 01:07:21.43,01:07:27.30 You could sell little one? 01:07:27.51,01:07:32.91 I would sell her,[br]to take you back to the land 01:07:34.95,01:07:37.85 If it wasn't for me, 01:07:38.08,01:07:42.92 you would die before you'll sell her! 01:07:43.12,01:07:50.59 We won't sell her, not if I spend[br]my life in this wilderness 01:08:16.82,01:08:22.78 What is it? What happened? 01:08:26.57,01:08:32.47 He was pulling timber, he fell and died! 01:08:37.78,01:08:43.74 Where did he work? Where did he work? 01:08:44.92,01:08:48.88 At the great market!
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