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Good Cop The

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Want more? - I already have one, Mom.
Come on, cream puffs aren't fattening.
More coffee? - Yes, thanks.
Any news about... your father?
No. I haven't been looking for him for a long time.
Why is it suddenly so important?
It isn't. - Yes, it is.
It's important to know your roots. What you're doing is great.
It's an important part of growing up.
I've always felt you were my dad. - You've been like a son, too.
He was never interested in us. You, either.
Might be fun. I could try that TV show where they find folks.
If he'd wanted it, you would have found him.
I don't think you'll find him.
Anything exciting happening in Copenhagen?
No... Things are pretty quiet.
We need a truck.
We need diving equipment, and we need a crow bar.
Jonas will get the diving equipment. Mulle?
You find a crow bar. - A crow bar?
Listen. This is all pretty simple, okay?
This is a 7-meter high reinforced concrete wall.
Out here there's water. This is where we are -
- And this is the container we're looking for.
This crane runs on these tracks.
At the end, the track rises so the crane can't run off.
We want the track to stay down.
There's a gear wheel underneath that raises the track.
We can block it with a crow bar.
Then the crane will run off the track, through the wall, and out to us.
We drive in and fetch this.
They're in here somewhere...
Don't you have your own computer? - Why? Do you need it?
What are you doing? - I'm trying to find my real father.
Exciting. Just like that TV show. Have you heard about my aunt?
My aunt's new husband sent her to a genealogist.
This genealogist really began studying her family tree.
Here's the good part:
It turns out that both she and her grandmother were adopted.
Isn't that strange? - It sure is.
What's most amazing is that she's distantly related to the genealogist.
Didn't you want to use it? - Yes...
Someone called you from Waterloo. - From Waterloo?
The strip bar. - I know what Waterloo is.
"Katchuska"...? - I don't know anyone there.
She's called five or six... - I said I don't know anyone there!
It all sounds fine. - The gear wheel's the only problem.
It's underwater. - Can any of you dive?
I've held my head under for 90 seconds.
Are you going diving? - No, we're not.
What about you, Mulle?
I don't think so. I'm supposed to find a crow bar.
Okay... a crow bar.
What's that? - Something Anders is showing us.
Don't put a plastic bag over your head, okay?
But you're not going diving, right?
This shit's heavy... What's going on here?
Hi. - Come here, Mulle.
Hi, boys. Hi, Jens.
Hi, Jens. - Mulle, come here.
It's done. The file's deleted.
Thank you. - No more bullshit from you.
- Okay, but... - But what?
What is it?
I owe someone $4,000. - You can't be serious.
Wasn't me. - What's that?
It's Anders'.
Anders' salt?
Hi, Jens. - Hi, Louise.
Are you staying to eat? - No, thanks.
You're sure they haven't smelled a rat down on Langeland?
That's good, my boy.
You're sure you don't need anything?
I need $4,000.
You've got to be joking. - It's true.
You cost me too much.
We have to do it my way. $4,000 is nothing to them.
It's going to cost a lot more when I'm finished with them.
What can I say? - What you like.
You can assign me to another case.
I'll need receipts. - Of course.
When will they be arrested? - I don't know. When I'm ready.
Do you need back-up? - No, thanks.
Someone called for you from Waterloo.
What? - A girl. What's that about?
I sure don't know. - She wanted to speak with you.
That's a drag, because I don't know anyone at Waterloo.
It must have been a mistake.
12-1. - 14-1.
We play to twenty points. Twenty, I said.
Come on, Thomas.
Just relax. - Jesus, Jens.
I can't drive a truck. - I can't either.
I can't drive a truck. - I can't either.
It's like a car. You just sit higher up. - No. There's 24 gears.
You drive and I do the diving. - You can't dive.
I want to dive. - No, you don't.
I want to dive, too. - Okay, I'll drive.
I'll dive and you drive the truck.
Me? - Yeah, you drive.
Thomas? What are you guys up to?
What do you mean?
Going diving? - I wouldn't mind trying.
Come on. What's going on?
What do you mean? Just relax.
What about Louise?
Would you like to be in prison when she gives birth?
You want to be a dad who's in prison? - Take it easy.
Like all those idiots in prison while their kid are being born?
Of course not. - Then don't get involved in that shit.
What's your problem?
What're you guys doing this evening? - We're going to a birthday party.
In a truck? - No. It's Thomas' mother's birthday.
Is it her birthday? - Want to chip in?
An oriental carpet. $80. - $80?
Oriental. It's huge. - It must be, if you need a truck.
Thomas, come here.
Buy her something nice. No more of that carpet bullshit.
Don't go making trouble this evening.
Here. Turn! - There's no street there...
Hold on!
That's the way.
Is it here? - Behind the wall.
We could drive the truck right through. - I'm getting out.
You can't. It's reinforced concrete. - Just use more speed.
You couldn't get a bulldozer through. - How about Anders' plan?
What about me? - Start by being quiet.
If the crane drives off the track, it'll break through the wall right there.
Come on, let's do it.
Shouldn't we move the truck?
Welcome, Jens. And welcome to your foster parents, Bitten and Hans.
It was you, Hans, who took the initiative.
Before we start: Jens was adopted when he was three months old -
- And his mother died many years ago.
You've never met your real father. - No.
But you'd like to find him. - Yes.
Take a look at this...
We're in Buenos Aires, on the trail of Frederico Casarroz, Jens' father.
It's very warm here...
We had to go to Buenos Aires to find clues about your father.
It may look like it was easy, but Jette ran into some problems.
It's no wonder we couldn't find Jens' father, Frederico Casarroz -
- Because he doesn't exist.
But there's a Frederico Casatores who lives up in the mountains.
We're headed up there now.
We're finally here. It's been really hard to find, but...
Put it in your mouth and breathe. Is any air coming in?
It tastes awful. Put out that cigarette. - No. Why?
I'm supposed to breathe your cigarette smoke down there?
You get air from the oxygen flask.
Hop in. Do you have the crow bar? - Nope.
You don't? Why not? - It's not hard enough. Look at this.
Here. - What the hell is that?
Where's the crow bar? - It's not strong enough.
This is much better.
Know what a crow bar's for? - This is an arm.
A crow bar's really strong. - No, it bends.
This is cast iron. - It's bronze.
Oh...? Then it's even stronger. - Shouldn't we get going?
Fine. Just jump in. - It's high quality metal.
It's some old junk. - You should jump in.
No way. - Just go ahead.
Give Thomas the arm.
Just jump.
Don't go down with flippers on. Have you ever seen Jacques Cousteau?
I said he should jump.
How much are we getting for this?
Why, Mulle? - No special reason.
Do you know? - Need money?
No, no, no.
No. I was just wondering...
How did you figure out that it won't fall over?
Was that the plan?
Drive. - Christ, Anders.
I think we better get going.
There's your hole. - It blocked on the wheel.
We didn't know there was a container behind the wall.
What now? - Which container, Thomas?
That one over there! - A crow bar wouldn't have worked.
There's just a number. No packing list.
Put those numbers on again! Don't switch them!
Which one do we want? - Put them back!
I can't remember where they were. - Put them on!
My god, is it big!
Jesus Christ.
Is he dead? - I don't know.
Check his pulse. - Which container is it?
We've got to go now! - We need an ambulance.
Just get him in the car.
Which color? - Take the green one. Let's go.
Hi, Kate. It's Louise. I'm just taking it easy.
Hi, Kate. It's Louise. I'm just taking it easy.
I don't know where he is. I haven't heard a thing.
I don't know what to do. I don't know where he is.
No, I haven't heard from him...
He says this can't happen. He'll make the police pay.
Why will he send us a bill?
The contents were very expensive. - What was in it?
Material. Very expensive. - What's the problem?
Container theft. They mentioned "material", so we called you.
How'd they get in?
With a car through the wall. - A battering ram?
No, the wall's too thick. They used a frogman.
A frogman? - Yes, brilliant plan.
You think it's brilliant? - Well...
You think it's really smart?
No... - I'll take over. You can go.
We... - I'll take over.
We... - Are you deaf?
No... - Then go.
Give me that. Thanks. Bye-bye.
You can go. I'll call when something happens.
But... - You can leave, I said.
Thomas? - Hello?
Thomas? - Hi, Louise, it's me.
Hi, Jens.
Is Thomas home? Do you know where he is?
No, I don't.
The chief...
It's so mean of him. He'll just leave when the baby comes.
You'll just have to take it easy. - Yes...
The chief wants to talk to you.
Can't you see I'm on the phone?
Listen. I'll take care of it. - Okay.
No matter what happens, I'll find him for you.
I promise. Bye.
Jens? Got a moment? - No, not right now.
Come in here a moment, I said. - I'll come later.
It's Jens... I've got to find where the hell Thomas is.
He's disappeared. I'll give you his social security number.
Hi, Thomas... Jens. - Hi.
You're awake. How's it going? - Fine.
That skull took quite a wallop.
How does it look? Can he come out a little today?
Listen. He mustn't drink anything.
He doesn't know where he is. He doesn't even know his name.
He doesn't know your name. - Of course he does.
What do you mean...?
Who's that?
What's his name?
Stop it now. - Come on, who is he?
Look at him. What's his name?
Come on. Say his name. Come on!
This makes my head hurt like hell.
Stop it, Thomas. It's me, "Grandpa".
That's Jens. Jens the cop.
"Jens the cop"? - He can't remember a thing.
He has no idea who he is.
What happened out there?
Come here.
Has anyone spoken to his girlfriend?
Louise doesn't know he's here? - No.
Won't he get well? - Maybe.
No one can say. He won't get well if you don't take care of him.
Tell me. - What do you mean?
If I'm going to save your ass -
- Tell me where the container is and who you're dealing with.
Where is it?
It's in the fridge. Don't drink all of it.
Only Thomas knows where the container is.
What about you, Anders? - Only Thomas knows.
Mulle? - Pardon me?
I had nothing to do with it. I just had to find an arm.
An arm? - No, a crow bar.
Yes, but... - It doesn't matter.
The container belongs to the Chinese.
That was really dumb. Really dumb, Grandpa.
Fuck, man.
Speak. - It was a load of ghetto blasters.
We took the wrong container. It was full of cloth.
Cloth. You mean silk? - Could be.
Who were the ghetto blasters for? - For Earth.
But he didn't care it was the wrong container. He loved the cloth.
So that means the blacks have the container now?
So that means the blacks have the container now?
What the hell are you doing? - Do you need it?
Is your computer down again? - Yeah.
Trying to find your mother again? - Yeah.
Last time you were looking for your father.
Okay... Now I'm done.
What the hell is happening with you, Jens?
What do you mean?
There's something really wrong. - What?
I can see right through you and you don't know it.
I should tell Manfred we need to talk about you.
Shit happens to all of us. And you're in it now.
It can fuck you up. Totally.
Never let your private life get in the way of your job.
You're chasing some gunman, thinking of your mom -
- And bang, you're finished.
Shift, F-6. That's the other server. Then you can find your father, and...
It doesn't matter. - It's really complicated.
Came here a second, Jens. - I don't have time.
Come on, for Christ's sake.
You've rented a Mercedes. Do you know what that costs?
This is from my mother.
Beets? - They've been in my car for 3 days.
They're still okay. My hair's turning red from all her beets.
Want some lamb paté? - I've just eaten.
Karina made it herself. - Okay, I'll have some.
How's it going with that dope case? - Fine.
Do you need anything?
What's that? - A photo of a black guy.
Nothing important.
Jesus, that shit's strong.
Are you crazy?
I need $40,000. - $40,000?
Yes. It's a long story.
$40,000? Who are they? - Those guys down on Funen.
I thought it was Langeland. - That's what I meant.
You must know the difference. - I do.
I need the forty grand. - I can't get it.
You'll get it back when we catch them.
I know, but $40,000 is... - I need a truck, too.
Can it be counterfeit? - No, that would be unhealthy.
Can't we borrow? - Where?
I don't know. Don't we have some kind of account?
You'll have to use Manfred's money.
What? - If it's so important.
You can't mean that. - I can't get you a truck.
Where can I find one? - Listen.
You get your money, and no more favors.
Nazi pig. - I heard that.
I was 5 years old during the war. Get your shit together.
Out of my way!
Long time, no see...
It's the police! Oleg, you owe me. I need a truck. Now!
Of course.
You look stressed. Do you have problems?
Say hello to my cousin. - No vodka.
She's here on a visit.
Fuck off.
Where's the material?
Where's our container? - In the fridge. But it's too old.
Stop that. - Five o'clock at the latest.
Stop it, man.
Jesus! Stop, now. That's enough.
Where's the material? - We don't have any material.
The silk. Our silk. What did you do with it?
We don't have any silk.
The container? Where is it?
Don't know anything about it.
Where's our container? - Don't know. I just had to find an arm.
It's true. We don't know anything.
It's in the bottom drawer, Jens. - Jens who?
Jens... cop. Wasn't Jens the cop... in here?
Jens... The bottom drawer.
"Jens the cop". Does he have it?
Thanks. - Thanks.
Wasn't it copper Jens?
Hey, Jens...
There you are. Don't fucking call me all the time!
You have unpaid bills. - Like hell.
What's this?
Give me a receipt for $4,000.
You only owe 1,500.
Can't you write "take-away food"?
Hello? Hi, Manfred.
No... I'm just home to change clothes.
Yes, I was working all night. Over on Funen.
Yes, I'll come in. Yes, thanks. Bye.
What's this?
My uncle expects his silk before Wednesday.
Didn't I say I'd call when something happened?
My uncle needs 300 meters of silk by Wednesday.
Otherwise Thomas dies.
What's that? - Two hot dogs.
I don't want them. - Aren't you hungry?
It doesn't cost anything.
I still don't want them.
Hey, Mulle. What are you doing here?
Nothing. I'd like a hot dog on a bun.
What are you up to? - Things could be better.
Thomas has disappeared. - What do you mean?
He's just gone.
"Gone". What do you mean, gone? - He's not in his bed.
I want to know where you are. I'm sick and tired of waiting for you.
I'm really worried. Call me. I'm not leaving any more messages...
Thomas will stop when the baby comes. It's the only right thing.
Louise is good for him. She really is.
I have to earn some money, too. A lot, actually.
I owe these rockers...
...$30,000. It wasn't me. Someone talked too much down in Holland -
- And now they've come up here and I've got to pay these rockers.
It's been a nightmare. They dragged me into a forest -
- Just like Robert De Niro in Las Vegas. Okay, that was a desert.
They threatened me with a gun and said they'd beat me up.
I was lucky to get a last chance, but I can't raise the 30,000.
Who gave you that last chance? - It was...
If it's the dope Mulle was talking about, I'll give you the money.
I don't know what you're talking about.
Are you talking about the silk container?
I think it's been sold.
Police! I want to talk with this one.
Jens! Relax!
Where... is... Thomas?! - I don't know.
What the hell are you guys doing?!
Fuck you! - Fuck me?!
Grandpa! Grandpa! - What?!
Have you all completely lost your minds?!
Why haven't I been told Thomas has disappeared?
Where is he?! - I don't know.
When did you start dealing dope? - What the hell are you talking about?
Stop that shit, man! - They've just whacked Mulle.
What? - Those Latvians are insane.
Mulle? What do you mean by "whacked"?
Where... is... Thomas?! - I don't know.
What happened to Mulle? - You don't fuck with the Latvians.
Yes! It's their dope.
We're not dope dealers. - But the Latvians are!
Jesus, man... There were supposed to be ghetto blasters in the container.
Was it a specific container? - I don't know.
Thomas had its number. Then he was knocked out.
We took a green one. There was silk in it. Cloth.
No dope. - Only silk?
Are you sure? - I don't know.
It was full. - You idiot.
What happens now? - They're getting it back.
What the hell...?
What are you doing in my truck?
Bring the container over here!
I don't give a fuck.
What...? Get back in!
Take it easy. I'll take care of this. Get in!
Come on. Get in. Come on.
What now?
I don't know anything and I don't want to know anything.
Yes, my foster mother.
It's my foster mother.
If you take the bridge, yes.
What would you like?
What would you like?
Nothing. - Then don't eat those potatoes.
Do you live here?
No. - I don't, either.
Can you be out here... alone? - I don't know.
Doesn't anyone miss you?
Where are you going?
Get back in.
There's nothing to see here.
Get on in. It's my flat, so don't touch anything.
Out of my fridge. Don't you understand?
I'll be back...
Fucking hell, man! - Where's the silk?
Fuck, man! Don't hit me.
Where's the silk? - Where's Thomas?
Answer, please. - You don't hit me.
Where's the silk?
Where's Thomas?
That's a dumb idea. - Yes, very dumb.
I'm sorry.
It's down on the street.
You have the silk? - Of course.
What have you done with Thomas? - Thomas who? The crazy one?
Where is he? - I have no idea.
Start it with this, and get rid of it when your done.
It's the truck with Polish license plates.
Having a party?
Hi, Manfred. I don't have time right now.
Of course you'll get your money.
I'm in the middle of an important meeting. Down on Langeland. Bye.
So it's not your truck? Who's the owner?
I don't know. - Those are Polish license plates.
You don't know the owner of the truck?
I can bring it this afternoon.
What's happening?
They've whacked Nitmic. - They what?
They had him in a stolen truck. - Jesus!
The Poles are furious. Those refugees owe them $45,000.
45,000? - Yes, 45,000.
Hello? You again, Manfred? No, I don't.
I'm waiting for the deal to go down. Yes, I have your money.
No, I'm way out in the countryside. Okay, bye.
What the hell are you doing?
It's a deal with the Norwegian authorities.
I have to see your papers. - Yes, of course.
I think I left them at the precinct.
Just bring them tomorrow. We don't want any problems.
Ten o'clock? Thank you.
Stay in your own lane, you idiot!
I promise there will be no police.
There's your money, Manfred. Thanks for the loan.
There's your money, Manfred. Thanks for the loan.
Are you ready? - Yes. This is the biggest case ever.
Who is it?
The Russians? - The mafia needs a good network.
Eastern Europe doesn't have one here yet.
Yes, they do... - No.
Who has the biggest network right now? - The Yugos.
It's been the Yugos since the 60's. - No.
Who, then? - The Germans.
The Germans? You're kidding.
There aren't so many. - You're talking about drugs?
Isn't that our department? - Yes, yes.
What do you think?
Ninety million people live there. - Eighty.
There are 80 million in Germany. - Finished interrupting?
Which land borders Germany? - Holland.
Or Belgium. - France.
Cut the crap. It's Denmark! And what else?
We've just said. - All of Eastern Europe.
Who wants to get into the Scandinavian dope market?
Eastern Europe. Russia.
The Germans would never ignore a market like that.
Right now, Germans control the market. - Is that right?
Over 200,000 Germans live in Denmark.
26% of Danish summer houses are German-owned.
They're situated along the coast. A perfect distribution network.
You're right, Manfred. We've got to bust the Russians.
But we get to them through the Germans.
Good work, Jens. - Thanks.
Listen. The deal's going down at this summer house on Funen.
Funen? Are we back on Funen again?
Yes. We've got to get on the road.
I need $300,000 in large bills, and a bag that can be locked.
300,000? - Yes.
They're going to sell me 2.5 kilos of heroin.
It costs $300,000. I need the money now.
Are you sure? - Completely.
This is the biggest sting we've ever made.
We've got to get busy. The deal goes down at 1:30 pm.
That means... I've got to be on the train in thirty minutes.
Good, Jens. What do we do now? - How many men can we mobilize?
Maybe forty. - About forty.
40? With none left in Copenhagen? - Just at the airport.
Fine. Do it. - When do you need the money?
Now. I'll go down first on the train. Can you get it in time?
I'll have to go to the brass. - Can you get it?
Get yourself a microphone. - That's a lousy idea.
Do as I say. I don't want anything happening to you.
Close the door.
I want you to keep an eye on him.
If something happens, call HS immediately.
I'll take a sight-scanner with me.
It's okay. We'll take good care of him.
Give me a street name in Jutland. - Why?
I've coded in all the maps. Then I can find locations on this one.
Aarhusgade. - Aarhusgade?
That's in Copenhagen. - Randersgade.
Copenhagen as well. In Jutland! - Why?
I don't care about the streets in Jutland.
You don't have to show me.
Did you know it's 18 kilometers to... - Just a second...
What's that?
Let it ring. - No. If it's Thomas...
He'll leave a message. - Thomas?
Hi, it's Jens.
Hi, Louise, it's Jens. - No, it's Kate.
Fuck that. Let me talk to her. - No.
Has she heard from Thomas?
Oww! It hurts! - Listen...
Say it's important. I want to talk to Louise.
She's standing here screaming. I don't have time to talk.
Then tell her... - We can't get an ambulance like this!
Shut up and let me talk to her. What...? Fuck you.
What a cunt.
You said you hadn't taken any of that silk.
Right. Come on.
There's something wrong. Come on, Sune.
The car's not locked. - No one breaks into a police car.
But it's an undercover car. I'll track his mike with this one.
Manfred here. Everything okay? Hello? Do you read me?
Per and Sune: Where the hell are you?
We're really in trouble with Manfred. - No we're not.
We'll find him ourselves. We'll track his cell phone.
We'll have to call Manfred. There he is.
It can't be...! He's still in Copenhagen.
Have you used the silk on that Bob Marley shit?
Get out. - I want to make a deal.
I said you're not invited. - I still want to make a deal.
Give me the bag.
Hello? Want some tea?
What's he doing? - I can't see anything...
Those guys aren't Germans. - Okay. There he is.
What the hell... He's drinking tea.
Take a look. - How do I use this?
Am I right? Isn't it tea? - Yes. He's drinking tea.
How do you zoom in? - We'll take a picture.
He doesn't drink tea.
What's happening? - Who the hell is that?
There's really something wrong. - He better be careful...
Hey, you. Come in here.
HS, this is 227.
This is Per...
Hi, Per. I hear you fine. - We're still in Copenhagen.
Something's really wrong. - Here, too.
Plenty of Germans, but no dope. - You better get up here.
What do you want? - To buy your dope.
My dope? The dope you just brought?
Yes. - You want to buy it back?
Why? - I need it.
That's really stupid. - I want to buy it.
Why didn't you do a deal with him?
I want to buy that dope. How much do you want for it?
I don't understand a thing. - Can I buy that dope?
And I don't pay him, either? - It was a gift.
Forget about the ghetto blasters. What's your price?
I'll have to think...
The street price is $575,000 per kilo. You get 150,000. That's a good offer.
The street price is $575,000 per kilo. You get 150,000. That's a good offer.
That's okay.
My god. - Now they're shooting.
If you're involved in this... - It's the Latvians' dope.
I'm just here to buy it back for them.
Who are the Latvians? - Those guys. It's their dope.
Why don't you buy it from them? - Because it's here.
I've had enough of your fucking dope! I don't believe you.
We have to go in. - You stay here!
Jens is in trouble. We go in now.
Hello...? It's getting really bad...
Who are you? - Police! Drop your weapons!
Police! Drop your weapons!
I thought so. You're a cop. - Police! Drop your weapons!
Shut the fuck up.
HS, this is 227...
Get ahold of Manfred!
What kind of kid's walkie-talkie is that?
Hello...? Hello?
HS, this is 227...
Police! Drop your weapons!
Drop your weapons!
It'll be hard to catch him. - We've got to help him.
Hi, Jens. There's your father. Did you think he'd look like that?
It's a very strange feeling. I've dreamt of this moment all my life.
It's important to have a father, so you know what you're made of.
It's something inside. Emotions. Something important.
Look at those little fingers.
Do they always have little fingers like this?
You can't smoke in here. - I know.
You can't smoke out there, either.
Jesus, is he small!
It's a girl.
Isn't it strange...? I've just become a father.
You can sit here. I'll go downstairs.
You can't smoke here.
Just put that mask on. - It's out there somewhere.
$300,000 and a blue thermos. It's all in a black bag.
Where? Be more precise. I can't just splash around out there.
Shut up. It's out there somewhere. Just jump in.
Don't climb down. Jump in. - No way.
Haven't you seen Jacques Cousteau? You can't use the ladder with flippers.
He should have jumped.
No matter how much you prepare yourself, you can't foresee this.
They all go crazy, you know, shooting from over there, and there.
And the two of us are on our own. My buddy and me.
We are all alone, and they're on their way, so what do you do?
Most people would hide, but we know that Jens is on his own.
He's our partner, we gotta save him.
So I get out of the car, roll around and... I'm ready!
And I return the fire right away.
Per gets a bit scared, and I say, "Listen, it's Jens out there."
"We gotta do something. We can't just sit around. I know it's tough, but..."
Listen, guys...
Sorry, I can't...
Bo had broken his arm. - It was just a sprained finger.
Wasn't that when Hanne and Gry were in the summer house?
Isn't that a mirror image? - When did you break that arm?
Before you took up judo, right? - Boxing.
You broke it while boxing? - I took up boxing, not judo!
You took up boxing? - No... Yes!
But not then! It was much later. I think I was 14.
They hit hard, boxers do. It's a dangerous sport.
What the fuck was that? - Ouch...!
It was only your hand, man! I don't know how it happened.
Goddamn! Stop it!
Subtitles: Steve Schein Dansk Video Tekst
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