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Good Advice

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Ah, my God. Leave this.
And should I leave also this? Yes.
Leave this another little more. As you want.
But then, you also must tell it to me. O.K..
it only knows I that he/it is in Washington in order to buy any company.
Continue. No. I stop.
which company?
Ryan, in order to lead such conversations, can go into the bed I with my husband.
which company?
, FROM, Hi, Donald and Veronica are not at home. Veronica, I am.
Ah, my God, that is Donald! Go ran.
hello, my treasure. Hi, baby. What do you make straight?
Ugh, I let the nails varnished. I lands in approximately one hour.
Do I play golf then and do we go to eat in the evening, O.K.? Well, O.K..
sweethearts, I must hang up. My manicure looks already anxiously at me.
Until today evening. lst well, we later talk.
Yes, I also must loosely. Why? Donald goes afterall gulves.
I knows. I plays with him/it. What?
(title music)
After Long lsland.
more wonderful buffs! Marked!
200 m, directly at the flag. If I should remain Your customer,
makes you me of further compliments and beat Youre balls into the Rough.
I must do not much, Sir, for it. O.K..
Good hit. Where does one learn him/it? At her/it business School.
Therefore, further. How did it run in Washington then?
After our meeting and the half million more additional stock, said us
JASCO PHARMACEUTICALS support to. But with so many shares, you lie
however over the limit. One simply buys her/it/them under foreign name.
Runs with SIMPSON PUBLISHING there a small amalgamation?
switchings you CNBC one, immediately tomorrow morning.
Do we therefore, Cindy, unite evening something today drinks?
forgets it. Well, we can also postpone it.
Ryan gymnasts on management 1. Hi, sweetness.
Hey, treasure, where do you drive yourself rum? On you. ln approximately 8 hours.
Oh, Ryan...
you are so romantic. I knows.
our appointment to the meal stands? Yes, we meet there by 8.
Look forward to the dessert already once.
He/it becomes definitely exquisite. Until then. However, this hopes I.
Even if you are at risk with every word to break off itself/themselves a nail:
Your press time exactly now is. lst good. Lord!
Why does everyone want something of me constantly?
Because you write the adviser column? Do I have also problems, O.K., unfortunately?
Yes. Already clear. Be able to tell by the sound this letter of itself.
devotions Cindy, I would like again on the university, but my husband is on the other hand.
What should I do now? "I my, however, the woman must be stupid.
What did you recommend to her/it/them? Quite simply!
To what do you want again on the university? However, you/they have had a man long ago.
If you want to increase Your self-esteem, they do something beneficent.
combs you homeless in or grants you to itself a new hairdo.
The woman has give sorrow and you of beauty tips for her/it/them? Here, something is not correct.
is correct, I still have given none them. This is a respectable newspaper
and no lubricate leaf. Page! I wants to be honestly too them,
because we are not friendly. My grandma's varicose veins achieve
buys nobody.
Then, I dissolve Youren contract with a settlement. Yes, gladly!
But how do you pay this? However, you/they are completely broke. Therefore, you become me
simply so must have continued. Therefore unchanged, with style, femininity,
and before all things charm.
Now doesn't run so fast, however. However, you do also small steps.
It makes me sharp if you sing. Really? Where want you to go to shop?
Ah! Are you blind? Ahem?
She/it is exactly like my therapist. She/it turns for a very long time it until one thinks,
I would have a problem. Then resigns, however.
I can simply not resign, for a very long time I no man, who looks after me, has.
, Mrs. Sherman, we are there. This of Sherman!
Hey! Ah, I like this belt. A simple Gucci-Fake.
You would not have expected this from the wife of a doctor? real Guccis mixes I
and forgeries. Hi, how does it go? Property.
Only with official occasions all of Gucci and a forgery.
You look as if you are happy. Well yes, it is so...
Well yes. would like to give somewhat known I.
Guess once what Barry gives to me to the wedding anniversary. A new rear end.
No, what for a romantic gift. There is married for her/it/them already 3 years
and still so falls in love. lst this not romantic? Yes, very romantic.
Barry was ready for the marriage, because he/it wanted to be allowed to finish speaking no more.
What shall that is? Therefore, for what is the champagne there then?
Well, I have Information from Donald Simpson over an amalgamation get.
I do with it for my customers and me a fortune.
Is that Simpson tells it to you this prohibited not? Nonsense!
the supervision of the stock exchange. I only has by chance
a conversation of him/it with-belongs. my warehouse favors the game I itself.
And something means this? One buys on credit, all pawns
and get not once credit card. lst the matter certainly? Clear!
Simpson bought even shares. Which shares?
JASCO PHARMACEUTICALS. They develop any means to the age.
If is the auf'm mart, the share can rise up to 1 .000 percent. Buy fast.
No! Forget it! Against this ages favors the old method we.
The surgery. Not true, treasure? Yes. As you want.
Let bumped into us. Already come.
Rear ends new on Cathy.
Practice successful on Barry. And that of Ryan a rich one
partners becomes, so that we can enjoy the life and even more.
And even more. Even more! Even more! Even more!
I must go. Where do you want to then? Return!
Ryan, I dear you! I knows. But I have to still do something.
Yes, but it is in the morning 3 o'clock. Tokyo must call I, before there to is.
Stay quiet here. Fall asleep. Falls asleep? I rather would move in.
, Ryan laughs,
I my it serious. Then, we could more frequently see however much for ourselves. And I wish
me already a life long a porter. Just like all is, I find it very well.
Well, but what do you do, if I threaten, that I therefore leave you?
Then, I would say that you lie. Oh, really?
sees know so well you, Ryan, you me. We belong together. That is unambiguous.
We are together.
Goods mornings, Mr. gymnasts. You/they are porter, Walt.
Therefore, like well, he/it can be well there?
thanks, Sir.
Hey, buddies.
Do you have a dollar? Yes. Millions of it.
I also.
Hi. Ryan gymnast San. Beautifully, to hear again about them. Asahi aka sho San.
has lnsidertipp n I very lucrative. You/they immediately must grab!
Do you also give Bowie approximately this tip? Michael, you are my favorite customer.
Bowie is only my favorite customer if I speak on the phone with him/it.
But he/it clearly puts down more plates than I, or? And therefore I would like,
that you sell one share to me more than him/it, O.K.? Clearly go.
JASCO rises about at least 30 points until at noon. From where do you know this?
I cannot say them of course, from where I this... Remain at it!
Hello, Marlene. Good decision.
I is something them guilty. Do we meet if you are here once?
Already good. I takes 10.000 pieces.
You/they never have disappointed you me. Take care of.
But now, the trade was abandoned, because an urgent press conference
No, I don't know why he/it did this. finds out about the matter I, however.
I concerns me about it, O.K.? Thanks for Youren telephone call.
Good morning, Sir. Coffee?
I would have needed him/it 5 hours ago. Bring me my telephone list.
Ted would like to speak you.
Therefore, you possess the freshness and call Amir? My customer? At 5 o'clock in the morning?
Carl... While you dozed in your little bed, in your mediocre
lovely suburb homes with your mediocre of pretty suburb woman,
if I was here and concerned me, that my future looks different
as your. And it was in Kuwait already in the afternoon incidentally.
Ryan, from Yourem office, impressive numbers came this month. Thank you, Sir.
But the current deal is even better. If you continue so, I see
a partnership before me. Seemingly, we have the same vision.
please excuses you. Ryan? Donald Simpson gives a press conference.
Look at this.
Amy, this day changes my life.
JASCO was inspired by a wave of the speculations. But the press conference
proved as less positive.
The analysis showed that an amalgamation doesn't bring us any fiscal advantages.
Therefore, SIMPSON PUBLISHlNG will concentrate again on his/its nuclear area.
And that is the newspaper business. What?
while the trade is still exposed, JASCO announced that the last
could not be paid interest installments and now gets along the company before the bankruptcy.
The share price falls into the bottomless. You had right, gymnasts.
The JASCO-Aktien really exploded. And... bumm!
Sir! Sir! There, you are not allowed to purely.
There, you don't have any access. Curse what does this shall?
gymnasts, what do you want here? Yesterday, you said that you swallow JASCO!
however, it heard I. Ah, Ryan, Ryan! Ah, my God!
However, you/they didn't use this lnsider-lnformation, or?
Yes, however. Did you lose much?
A giant fortune! Money of my customers, my own one... Ah!
Ryan! Ryan!
Well, you screwed my wife...
and you now paid for it.
Should this be called approximately that you let this amalgamation burst only from revenge?
Are you crazy? There is not any stronger drive
as money or revenge. And money has spare more than enough I.
We lost half of our Top-Kunden. Why did you do this?
it was hoodwinked I.
The supervision of the stock exchange called. She/it doesn't interest it at all,
whether you were hoodwinked. Do you know "obligation to take reasonable care the word "?
We lost 52 million dollars of customer funds and through what? A tip?
I had my lnformation from Donald Simpson myself. Oh, great.
Then, you ask him/it for a new job. No, you wait...
She/it shits, supervision of the stock exchange comes on! If we further-employ you,
if it is called, we press with lnsider - businesses an eye to. Toot sorrow for me.
Please don't do this. I has my whole fortune also put in.
Ah... Well!
2 quite stupid mistakes done.
am flexible.
it can simply persuade me I that it is more badly than for you for me.
Or I simply always must tell myself only again that you are a Ryan gymnast.
Ah... And, treasure, if there is somebody, that comes again quite fast upward,
then, you are this. Not true?
Ryan! Toot sorrow for the waiting for me. Already O.K..
Has itself spoken everywhere. Youre company already admires longer I.
We could now focus our strengths. Unfortunately, we reduce straight places.
You besought year half before me. I now am... Pure poison.
Very sorrow, Ryan, for me I can make nothing for you unfortunately.
Nancy, hi. Ryan!
I tries to reach you for days. Yes, I had very much about the ears.
I has gotten your news. Can you not do anything for me?
Listen, Ryan, I have heard.
They are introducing an examination against you at the moment.
Ryan Edward gymnasts, although the commission didn't find any proof, about one
, To bring charges against you, she/it holds it for necessary on the basis of Youres behavior,
, to withdraw them Youre stockbroker license.
This here is not assumed either.
Well, I probably must keep them/her/it.
But we take also food brands.
the game you.
My future is exactly shit does not matter for me. Therefore, the life insurance disburses me.
You will do a juicy loss. Do it simply!
And another signature for the 13-5, on which we agreed.
Such a shit game! When they probably from her/its/their low again out-comes?
Yes, here.
Very beautiful. Well, O.K.. Until 5, we all carried away.
Mr. gymnasts, it does me sorrow so that you must move out from this dream apartment.
Thank you, Walt.
As I said, I want to live with you, I actually thought in your apartment.
Ryan, you were since one week not outdoors. Let us go out.
We moved in together.
This means that we have them/her/it "Let us go out "- phase behind us.
Beautiful. Then, I go out with Cathy just.
What is free? it will express discreetly I:
You are more loosely a total one and therefore I leave you.
That becomes already again. watches others no more I with it,
as they enjoy what is entitled me. My life passes, I come to nothing.
Are you able to tell jewelry by my finger? Ah, understands.
What is his name? He/it?
You think that it is because of another?
Honey, this has nothing to do with another. Only with you.
His/its name is Francisco. And put you before, a diamond mine belongs to him/it
in Brazil.
When do you have know the bloke learned? Ahem, Thursday, Friday... Tuesday!
But he/it loves me.
And you give up our relationship for it? If God a poor man for me
definitely would have, I would look so.
Into what do your job and the column turn? Oh, I have this so enough all here.
I burns out with Francesco. Cisco.
Yes, with him/it.
That is a Zipkin, or not? of what you speak doesn't know I.
The small thing can be only from Zipkin.
Madison Avenue, ahem? By what do you recognize this?
Call me. this repairs them I.
Him/it manages also again I. Ryan!
The delay does me sorrow. fat had to inject a meagerly addicted I.
She/it wants to go to the circus as fat woman. Cindy left me.
Not however. Never would have thought, that she/it would do this.
Want you to offend my ex? No.
She/it is a dung piece. Exactly.
She/it left me because of m Brazilians. This after the whole work,
this I with her had. We build you a newcomer.
It is not about her/it/them. My whole life is completely ruined.
I würd me kills, but then, I land in the hell and there I already am.
Well, after all wärst you there among friends. Friends. All hate me, Barry.
Oh, already comes, immediately now doesn't exaggerate.
Was I such a stupid asshole? I würd doesn't say "stupidly "...
A gigantic one, a gigantic one, one with unbelievable Ausmaßen!
Already good. I hab's understands. Now, I first want a beer.
Here, a beer for him/it.
lst Cindy there? Who is there?
Who are you? However, you/they called me.
Page Henson, Cindy's publisher, is here. And who are you?
Ryan gymnasts, her/its/their friend. From Syracuse. She/it has something confused raufgesprochen here,
as if she/it wants to move to Brazil. Can tell me,
whether she/it comes to the work or whether I can delete her/it/them from the payroll?
Moment! Salary... Without work no salary!
So, that simply is usual in this country. Progressively, do you not find?
I believes, you misunderstood Cindy's message. She/it wanted to say them,
that she/it doesn't move to Brazil, because she/it can hardly move anyway.
She/it is sick. Brazilian flu virus.
speak I. This doesn't go.
She/it has a strong laryngitis. Your doctor prohibited her/it/them of the speaking.
Your doctor. How is he/it called?
Uhm... Dr. Barry Sherman.
sick longer.
No, Cindy writes the column about the bed further. She/it needs an income,
if she/it is already so sick.
Beautifully, then, nothing remaining is left for me well. I stylishly you the letters across.
No, she/it is contagious! she/it comes to pick up I.
She/it is contagious and he/it comes here?
Ah, man!
page Henson seeks I.
And I look for a man, estimates he/it it and would enjoy,
a 70 year old woman in a bubble bath, to see.
Oh so is this. Could I speak her/it/them?
Serious or fraudulent? However, this is of no concern for you.
Tell her/it/them, Ryan gymnast is here. Cindy's friend.
The friend now is here.
Day. page Henson is I.
Hi. Ryan gymnasts. Coffee?
Gladly. He/it stands over there.
it would like to say them I immediately beforehand that I like not particularly it,
if Cindy works at home. it rather sees I if the things run differently.
And how? Here, in my proximity.
Where has the control I over it.
Could Cindy be controlled from them ever? Well...
Not right. I has right again.
I like this train the most beside my ingenuity at myself.
Only a joke was. If you want, that I laugh about it,
if I push a date between it in 3 months. Cindy knows the date of payment.
Cindy Dead Line is at 15 o'clock. Thanks.
But you can reach me anytime.
lst this here the post place? Clearly, however, you see.
would like to pick up the letters to the editor I, this for Cindy there is.
Then what, equally all? Of course.
O.K.. You didn't want it differently.
I hopes, you can carry her/it/them.
"Dear Cindy, I have a small lady beard. But the distance with wax
a laser treatment is painfully and is too expensive. Does this really disturb men?
man is totally,
those are at a Harley. If a fellow liked rumkauen on hair,
he/it knows where he/it can find which. "
"Dear Cindy, I flat my wedding. But if I the color formation
with my betrothed wants to vote, seems him/it not to interest this.
Is this called that he/it would like to marry not at all? Drawn: The Hochzeitsknaller. "
color formation of the wedding...
think of all the beautiful rear ends he/it, this he/it never again begrapschen can. "
the blackest day of his/its life. "
This sounds so as the answers of a superficial, callous one are
her/it/them again.
Cindy's sense of tact became through the illness increased not.
profundity and wisdom,
she/it in the answers lies. Subordinate me, I master
my job not? How successful is Your measly leaf?
You/they have right. As always.
Without this column, maybe we would have more success. She/it smoothed.
You can simply not do this, however. If I can and have I.
Look at the sign once. Now möcht I them once something says.
Mr. gymnasts, you cancel Youre lectures for itself for another occasion.
Property. Well, very well! Because you earn my brilliant ones...
The creations my brilliant friend not.
Therefore, however, this doesn't believe I! He/it has... He/it probably has, however,...
A rear end! No, nerves!
Moment, I must clarify this as long as I still am sober.
You now write about Cindy... Pscht!
Therefore, you now write column? No one can know this, did you hear?
Not even Cathy. And this buys the newspaper from you?
Well yes, not so completely. The so-called editor has me, Cindy,
as superficial, callously and unsensibel marks.
Then, she/it fired Cindy. Me. Us.
Ah, therefore you sit again on the street? Ah, no, I am not yet ready.
I has read Cindy's contract. So easily, she/it cannot accept a termination.
Sick for she/it is. Craziness.
This Cindy is a hard scrap. Yes, now already.
Ah, you simply had to come back, ahem? This must be because of my radiation,
this so despicable is. A mixture from hormones and filler.
Very appealing. I would like to Ms. Henson. She/it told me that I am allowed to you
it doesn't let go first if you appear. But if you want to get to her/it/them,
if the way leads across me. a description of the shortest route gives them I,
if you want. Following compromise:
I spanks them when running on the fanny. That is sexual annoyance, Sir.
That is the prelude. Ah... Well good.
Ah, no! Wait. Hold! No passageway! This doesn't go.
He/it could not be gotten rid. lris? Out!
And you, gymnasts, after!
another chance would like to give them I. Ah, this sounds great.
Cindy is dejected. Because you want to use her/its/their illness as pretext,
, in order to commit a breach of contract. This my you however not serious?
Now, you vanish! This arrived probably not yet: You/they should vanish!
claim increases.
Sacrifice sorry-full for Cindy.
That is my precinct, I know myself in the publishing from. Cindy entitled
the Rumkauen on hair and the Antatschen of rear end. She/it has against
the contract disowns, not I. Want you to go to court with it?
it lets arrive I on a process. Cindy also?
lris, help. Ah, what sails for one piece of paper there
on the ground, where a private address draufsteht?
I thank you them. She/it likes roses.
And I like kisses of mild lips.
Go away, Mr. gymnasts! I cannot do this.
Act simply so as you come purely, but goes you into the other direction.
Give me 2 minutes. I has guests.
Don't have. the police call I.
You won't do this. That is my private residence and I
rather separate vocational and private. However, you/they have not any private life,
this you could separate. You/they should be careful what you say.
Give me only 2 minutes, then, I will never bother you again.
I came in order to excuse me.
2 minutes.
And this of lead zäuft.
it thought I that you have guests.
Beautiful apartment. You/they would like to definitely tell me something.
I is not able to go back to the poor Cindy and her/it/them says, she/it doesn't have any more column.
is die-sick.
Have a little compassion, however. Did you say compassion?
I was of each cent, that I could together-lend myself, into my leaf.
Cindy's column never has corresponded so completely to my wishes, she/it/they lacks it for it
at heat, understanding... and before all things at sensitivity.
The life of people can change.
With people even, I am not sure. Events can change people.
Give her/it/them another chance, , in order to do me a favor.
Am I something guiltily them then?
When did you put on the lipstick? I carries no one at all.
maybe I still later goes out.
Don't do.
If I already put on make-up in the evening, then, I spare myself 20 minutes in the morning.
The time is about. O.K..
She/it gets a chance. However, you/they have a good heart.
And in the moment, I have the feeling, as if this takes advantage shamelessly of somebody.
Dear Cindy...
And please think at it this time: Listen into you in and oust this cynicism.
Dear Cindy...
Exactly like these hardened layers of ego self overestimation.
You are woman. lst already clear.
it only would like I that you are sensitive. Thanks. "Dear Cindy, my friend and I
separate, but he/it doesn't go for me from the head. Is too much 4 months,
, in order to after-cry a merged love? Drawn: Your morning grouch. "
Ah, good. A neurotic. Therefore, you as sensitive woman answers the best,
that she/it... -4 days already is too much.
In order to get over a man, one lies down the best under a new one.
No, you cannot write this so. If however, you see.
But that is not sensitive. For a woman maybe already.
No, writes: "Your friend left you because Your Ass turned into fat. "yes!
And then, my number writes her/it/them. It is not about you here.
However, this could it. You get a commission from me. Barry, no.
Well, beautiful. Read the next.
"Dear Cindy. My husband was unfaithful... "- can in principle only at her/its/their
his/its lnteresse.
manage this and write my number to it.
Barry, no. Think of the beautiful money with it, however.
It still continues: "My husband deceives me, however, that is not the worst.
The woman is half so attractively as I not once. If I am in the injustice,
if I feel doubly so injured? "
What would a woman say? Well.
Ah God, not Cathy!
All Om...
I goes ran quite shortly.
Hello? Hi, treasure.
Can I ask you a hypothetical question? Yoga makes exactly I!
It goes quite fast. Assumed, a man deceives his/its wife with one,
she/it only half so attractively is as she/it. If the wife should get annoyed about it,
that the other doll is so ugly?
Well, beautifully, you damn dung buck! Who is she/it? What? No!
Are you too cowardly to say therefore me openly? Toot sorrow for me. Power further!
lst it the docto's assistant with the hairy excerpt? Rhonda?
it, you tail thinkers, knew I! I is equally ready. takes me a lawyer I!
Cathy, treasure, calms you down. I doesn't deceive you. What?
swears you I, I never would do this. Ah. Well yes, then...
if it actually earned it that he/it gets the ugly. I must hang up.
I dear you. Then what?
May somebody telephone?
She/it has right.
What did she/it say? Ah, that...
Therefore, if the man goes strangely, it earned it if he/it gets the ugly.
This brings me on what. "One says that dogs are the best friends of the human being.
Your man found a real cur. But keep it in mind:
Whoever sleep for itself with a dog puts, will wake up with fleas.
And whoever sleep for itself with ugly dogs puts, will wake up alone.
Because not even the fleas want to have this human being. "I must admit,
they are... better. Better?
However, that is good, or?
what you told to her/it/them doesn't know I, but it helped.
it has made clear I to her/it/them that she/it is not the single, that goes it badly.
But I think that she/it still has a long way of itself.
But you will print this so and pays for it?
I already estimates. Cindy falls dead if she/it hears this.
discovers I with them humor there?
He/it now and then breaks through with me.
the column pleases Your. I said yes. But, Ryan, my ducky,
do yourself a favor once now and then and write a word incorrectly.
Cindy did the continuously. Then what, you know it?
of course! "Good-looking, therefore must she/it stupidly is. "why I only land
again and again in this drawer? Why did they not tell it page?
such a feeling has I with them.
allows you me another advice. You/they should take this seriously.
There are people, who really read this idiocy. Some have nobody,
at this she/it itself otherwise can turn, therefore if, then, you make it right!
Be no man on that occasion. Be a human being.
However, this cannot do sore so doll.
Oh! Aua!
"Love hair lip, if a man with Your face hair doesn't clear-come,
amd him/it, you tear down him/it his/its Bart stubbles with hot wax
and ask him/it, whether he/it this for a woman 2 marks per week would do. "
What? Spare? I must again into the office.
Did you not say that you now hasten freely? Can be. But I have to go back again.
However, there is not this. Excuse me!
You/they forgot something. Ah, thank you. However, that is dearly from them.
Gladly! You flirted with the fellow.
The men still find me attractively. The women look me also after.
What you think, why still I with you together is?
Be able to tell by the sound this of you once: "Dear Cindy, I live monogamously in a relationship
with a great fellow. Only sometimes, however, the desire bothers me, foreign-closes.
The constancy probably bores me. Oder longs me for exciting sex I
with a newcomer? Help! I is confused. "
What Cindy wrote to it now hears,:
"Love of confused...
Although changing partners exciting can be, you should her/it/them
like a blizzard views.
You never know exactly when he/it comes, like long he/it lasts
and how much centimeter he/it brings. , lris, remain dear with that, what you hasten.
It is much more beautiful to let the roaring storm pass, if one on that occasion
with somebody, that loves one, cuddles. feels me all at once so lonesome I.
The current edition rose by 3 percent! Thanks.
I is completely straight surprised. Seemingly... how should I say it?
The people read this. What is enormously important to a newspaper.
Mr. gymnasts, you come purely.
Are you so excited to see me? Curse! This always happens to me,
if I wear a blouse of rayon and no BRA under it.
It is extraordinarily embarrassing for me.
I is very content with Cindy's work. The illness probably has with her,however,
a fundamental effect caused. Or it were you.
It is the first money that itself Cindy right earned.
This has spare completely I forgotten. Wonderful.
You/they look very good today. Thank you.
But rather think of them/her/it sick woman, whom you must nurse.
No, you have one special radiation.
Therefore, if you don't grab, I take him/it.
lris which babbles you then there? One of us wants both seemingly he/it.
He/it has a friend. To the devil with her/it. She/it is dead soon anyway.
Ages, I am totally frustrated over it into which direction this develops.
Ages! Nimm's not so tragic.
Therefore beautifully, out with it. Where is she/it? Cindy? She/it is not there.
lmmer, if I call here, you say, she/it is not there. And in the office, they say,
she/it works at home. She/it has someone to the talk somewhere, but not me.
And not here. To the devil, what is free? Well, beautiful. You want to hear the truth?
As you want. Cindy wanted to drive away for personal reasons in fact.
Cindy tells me all otherwise. This not.
She/it still writes for the newspaper, however. She/it has e-mail contact.
You lie. And I won't go sooner, until has an answer I.
O.K., want you to hear the real truth?
Cindy is... pregnant. What?
Ah, my God! Your Ass will become so fat.
Why did it not tell it to me? Attendants! This would not have concealed her/it/them me!
But the child is from another man.
Ah, my God!
It was Gunter, her/its/their trainer. has told to her/it/them I, she/it should do end... Ups!
Ah, Ryan, you must completely ready is. And now as well this!
Tell her/it/them, Barry can make nothing for pregnancy strips.
If you need something, calls me. Equally like early.
"Dear Cindy, I pushed on Youre column recently and find her/it/them marvelously.
I doesn't have many people, to which I can talk. Therefore, I thought:
Well yes, simply writes her/it/them. My son has AlDS.
I never was in agreement with it, like he/it lives. And I also always told him/it.
I now am ashamed and tell the people, that he/it has cancer.
I knows that otherwise more you itself with love sorrow deals,
but why don't I clearly simply come with it? no more much time has I,
, in order to find an answer. Please help me. "
"I has no more much time to find an answer. Please help me. "
Here, you can give none of your crafty answers. The matter is serious.
what I should do doesn't know I. I am totally overtaxed with it.
The best, I still now get out. Attendants! Therefore, if you want to resign,
I cannot blame this you. it still knows I as I started at that time.
I stood before a fire victim once. I came in his/its room and the fellow
3 had combustions. Degree, everywhere at the body. He/it had terrible pains.
It was excruciating. this looked I at the fellow and was... I had shit fear,
therefore, I simply ran out again. And I was ashamed of it.
Then, I called a friend and told him/it all. Do you know what he/it said?
He/it said: "You are afraid. What do you think how this fire victim feels? "
Clever friend.
Yes, you were this.
Thank you, Barry.
"It is not about it, like Your son dies but about it, how he/it lived.
He/it always was definitely not with them of an opinion, but he/it certainly loves her/it/them.
Be not angry because of Your shame. But be angry at the people,
they think that you must be ashamed. Let go Youre prejudices and take
You/they Youren son into the arm. If he/it must go, you have enough time for Youre fury. "
"Dear Cindy, I run out of the hair and I lose opposite women
my self-confidence. Am I paranoid maybe? "
"Many women know that the cause of hair outflowing an excess
at male hormones is.
Remember yourself one: The more hair you lose, the more head you get. "
Hello? , Cathy, Chanel 5, calls him/it in!
Already now does, hastens you! Quite quiet! Well, I do. Yes, thank you.
The adviser columnist provides fuss about the regional borders at the time
Cindy Styne, that possesses a very unorthodox view manner, said carefully.
A woman turned to Cindy, for example,... Ma, they talk about Cindy in the television.
Ah yes, he/it swelled horribly. And Cindy said: "The problem is not,
, to find a man, that affectionate and tender is. The problem is,
that already men of this hit almost all solidly is forgiven. "
NEW YORK ONE takes the trouble about an Exclusive Interview with her.
Cindy Styne also wants to have exclusively I. Therefore, you get her/its/their address for me.
We can pay all salaries. What?
Yes. Therefore, you don't need to raise the second mortgage either. Wonderful.
With luck, a salary even remains for you this time. Fantastic!
But still tell no one something of it, otherwise everyone steals office material again.
Hi. Hello.
Did you see this in the television? Yes, like many other women also.
And you wanted to paint the column. I always admits as first lrrtümer.
Start. If they admit it!
The acknowledgment was in my words.
One feels better if one says it. No. But if it helps them:
I has been mistaken me. Content? Well yes, you don't misunderstand me.
Mr. gymnasts, I intended anyway to extend Cindy's contract.
I doesn't know. What do you not know?
The edition rose by 20 percent. Cindy would like to supply a few conditions maybe,
before she/it signs. And which?
You/they know Cindy. I could talk with her, I have a certain influence.
Why we don't speak today evening over her/its/their demands? With a meal.
the culture part an idea looks at.
And do we still precede something drinks? In agreement. lm park Grand by half 7.
I expects you there.
Ah, man... lris! The sexy turquoise with the thin bearers.
No. I needs only the present-day flags. You/they lie exactly before you.
Ah, right. Thanks. Not the dark outfit?
Do you already know what you would like? A Cosmopolitan, please.
Before we negotiate, I wanted to mention again that Cindy's column weeks ago
still stood shortly before the end. You/they look unbelievable.
I listens them and is ready for compromises. But please always consider,
that partially Cindy's success through my softness and above all
through my patience about came. When did you have Your last rendezvous?
I is prepared on a tough fight. I finds you very beautifully.
shops simply is business. A rendezvous, that you didn't forget?
That is a business appointment. I gave up other appointments.
Ah, resigned? Sound as you have been injured.
However so badly, yes?
a relationship had I once. I wanted a man, who means all,
woman satisfies his/its need.
He/it was thrown out also with his/its wife. Therefore, in order to come on the contract,...
What you don't want with a man, you know exactly. But what do you want?
somebody, that can concentrate. Thanks. Serious.
What each woman probably wishes herself,: Somebody, that is affectionate and sensitive.
He/it cries if I slam one for him/it once. What do you want from a man?
I would like a man, this not wrong is.
Now, this contract...
A 5 percent raise is fair. For a temporary worker already.
50 percent of the profit increase and the column comes on side 4.
Well, you prepared.
Say once... What do you put for expectations at a woman then?
Cindy for example?
Well yes, is too much 50 percent maybe.
You/they have seemingly also expectations. A place for the title page
and 10 percent of the profit increase.
With what she/it reached this, that you fight for her/it/them so?
Well yes, Cindy changed my life. And she/it knows it not once.
This has her/it/them?
Therefore, the conditions sound fair.
My lawyer will put on the contract. It was that? Take care of the businesses shortly
and away? seems so cheaply I to me. I must afterall to an idea.
I brings you to the taxi or better still, I accompany you there.
it doesn't believe I, that this would please them, it is very progressive.
Think, I come with the elitist one, Hyperschickimicki-Künstler-ln-Szene,
not clear? I can also be just as progressively as each other.
Well beautiful. If we go.
What then are pastel pro projections? You will immediately see this.
Also quite as progressively as each other maybe not, however.
Now, the artist leads himself the hose behind one
and fill yourself with color. That is a joke.
It is no joke. Next, he/it then presses the color
with mighty gush on the canvas.
Does he/it have heard something of brushes never?
He/it calls it shrinkage art.
She/it symbolizes the waste of the life, solved from the guts of the being.
Do you find this repulsively or something? No. What should be repulsively at it?
This seems rather harmlessly to me.
It does me sorrow so.
Only because I got color from a man's Ass at the head?
But it was one in the meantime very famous Ass.
You/they should have seen Your face. That already was almost cute.
Do you find?
(romantic music)
It is unbelievable, that you dared this!
Lick me!
Cash Youren paycheck once, otherwise order never comes into my books.
And something should take I as mats for my coffee cup, Steven, then?
You/they create me! Only that they know it!
Then, you suffer silently! Ah, ah.
She/it doesn't want to see you in the moment. Did she/it say this?
So it has understood this me, as she/it said, she/it doesn't want to see you in the moment.
Cindy got again much mail. We both knows, my merit is this.
Therefore, I would like to page and doesn't come you for me with a "no ". No!
Page? What then is free?
Since all O.K. one now is with Cindy's column, you simply can answers with lris...
You/they regret to have kissed me, yes? How please? I? That was not so!
That is a lie. But it felt after them.
You/they have yourself vorgelehnt and I, I lost the balance.
And fell on my face?
It was a regrettable accident. Oh so. And you hate it,
if 2 people from mistakes find each other. Page, what does the total shall?
I can say this them: You/they are in a relationship, that is infidelity.
No, straight therefore is I here... I is not yet ready.
Youre longtime companion works for me. That is immoral. She/it now is
my best horse in the stall. If you deceive her/it/them, you would deceive also me.
That is healthy common sense. it would like I that you leave my office.
That is an out throw. No. something must say them I.
But I don't want to hear do it. Not always interrupt me!
Cindy is not the one one, for which you hold her/it/them. I knows.
Oh yes? And from where? Well, from the letters.
You picked out this there? Yes.
I got in the meantime also already letters to the editor. Hear once:
"Dear editor. Cindy asked I for advice because my husband beat me.
She/it gave me clarity, to what family and friends were incapable. All advised me,
, to rescue my marriage. Cindy advised me to rescue me even. I came thanks to her
from the matter out. If I owe already so much to her/it/them, I can only foresee,
how she/it helped very much others. God guards you and Cindy. "
She/it is not the human being, for which I held her/it/them. Completely certainly not.
Cindy helped many people, , to alter her/its/their life.
And she/it should know this.
This does her/it/them.
Page, I bother you no more.
Cindy says I that she/it of now should send at her/its/their answers per e-mail.
Can I help them? Lucy Stone, FOX NEWS.
From the New Yorker office. And you are...?
what you want here astonishes me. It puts only the woman a few questions,
this seemingly on all an answer has. Cindy doesn't have any lnteresse at lnterviews.
She/it would like to remain rather anonymous. the editing would call gladly I.
Could I use Your telephone? Certainly.
No, I need an interception-sure solid network management. I understands.
I could paint Youre toilet uses? She/it is broken. them cup gives I.
O.K., you listen. My card is here.
maybe considers it differently itself she/it, if she/it sees, that Lucy Stone was here.
She/it will call you as first. And you are...?
... with it, to close the door.
You tell him/it I am no busy. I cannot now talk with him/it.
Does if all runs crooked, call back him/it in his/its office I tomorrow morning, O.K.?
Can I do something for you? Therefore, at re-audition.
Ms. Henson... I hopes, we can help mutually ourselves.
That is my desk, Mr. Simpson. And this knows I, although I on her/it
Ah, you forgive me.
You/they therefore know who I am? What wär I for an editor,
if I didn't know my competition? I doesn't know, however,
what do you want here. wanted to make a suggestion them I.
Well, I infer from Yourem uninvited appearance,
that Your suggestion is very small.
You/they are a woman, who one can demonstrate nothing, this impresses me.
I, to do hab's with somebody peer.
Women don't want to have the ambition, men, to be equal in the business.
O.K.. Then, we can get the matter.
Cindy would like to take over I from them. Cindy is not to be sold.
selling her/it/them.
If I would like to have something, Ms. Henson, then, it also gets me.
ln this case must it for itself you procure elsewhere unfortunately.
And now, you excuse me.
Never brawl with a pig, Ms. Henson. Both become dirty on that occasion.
And only the pig likes this. lmmerhin now is clear,
what bothers me for an animal here. Good day, Mr. Simpson.
(TV) the FOX NEWS are here...
Has it already actually told me them that I am also a Frühaufsteherin?
Ah, you wait that I must see this!
Why wants she/it not to step before the camera? Whole New York wonders:
Who is Cindy?
a special meal wanted to have I. At this, however, nothing is particular.
would have to stand I on Your list: Cindy Styne.
The Cindy Styne? Yes. Why?
so gladly Youre column reads I. You/they read what I wrote?
I has sent them also a letter. Yes? Was that also such a stupid letter?
Please? Oh, you believe not at all,
what do I get for ridiculous letters sometimes. That is all Idiots.
Therefore I imagined you differently. No, I am so.
Here, the captain speaks. We land in a short time in New York and thanks them,
that you flew with us. We wish a beautiful stay them
in New York or where you also travel.
We found a few eyewitnesses, who saw Cindy in a restaurant.
You/they already must stop? How harms. Well good. I hopes, we talk again once.
Thanks many times. The telephones ring continuously.
From the many telephone conversations I get spares a biceps slowly.
The biceps grows on the other side. Ah! Matt Lauer has even called.
And the biggest news agency talks about a nationwide publication.
I for you pleases me so.
But I have to go back again at the front. lris?
Or also not.
As you had this flu last year, like long, you lay flat there?
in the club MED,
it was 2 1/2 weeks. But I became sick only there.
my endophasia ignored I.
I now drives to Cindy. Page, is that really clever?
Oder lets it tell me rum different: That is not clever.
Did you conceal me something maybe? Well, thinks more than you.
Who is there?
Page is here.
(Ryan) shit. This has hear I. Open.
I is under the shower. Cindy must speak I. On the place.
lst this clear?
That now is unfavorable. Now, you already open.
She/it is not there. Where is she/it?
The press was there, she/it didn't have any silence. I has brought her/it/them into a hospital.
I has out-sought the doctor for me, the Cindy supposedly treated.
The man is a plastic surgeon. Right.
Tell me the truth.
The truth is, Dr. Sherman really is a Plastic surgeon.
And he/it doesn't have Cindy because of her/its/their flu treated.
And further?
Therefore foolishly Cindy's Breast implant have, she/it has which, well...
postponed in a way that she/it through it extremely, it was disfigured.
An in-breast-hunchback.
It was as one has a Picasso before oneself in Chanel. Ah, my God.
Yes! You/they hold me for a full fools.
No, but if you insist on it.
This stinks 7 miles against the wind and I notice if somebody demonstrates me something.
Therefore where is she/it? Ah, God.
The truth is... Cindy in Brazil.
Ryan... No, you hear!
3 months ago, I was a big liar with great job, that I lost.
Therefore, Cindy left me. I didn't find any job, therefore I took over her/its/their.
How was that? You/they...? Moment once!
You/they pretended to be Cindy? That is illegal.
You/they lie to me after line and thread and maintains the appearance outside?
Just like you this formulates, if it sounds much worse.
Think of the legal consequences! Yes, I am a swindler.
This gives a giant scandal, Ryan. The entire press will kill me.
Oh so, I am even from the press. I should commit immediately suicide.
the truth wanted to say them I. But you should not notice that I
an impostor is. I had a reason through it to see again you always.
You/they are the first, that opened the eyes for something else than me for me even.
Not however, please! Still such a sentence from the long list Your deceptions
and lousy lies. All, which you it said to me that a lie was.
Or something, that you expressed, lied not maybe?
Only that, what was published.
I now has enough. I dear you.
The worst for me was that I it you not simply could say.
Or you could kiss.
However, you/they don't think that I can be kissed? After all, which happened?
However, that glowing passion overpowers us is a corny ideal.
What do you actually believe whoever comes before them here? No notion.
I only knows, I dear you.
I would like to tell to something them once now...
There, she/it comes! Into what does the column turn? Cindy, what does the hide-and-seek shall?
I needs my car.
You never have asked for this from me.
Before the temperature sinks. Don't nag! You always wanted n Quickie once.
Why do you want children so suddenly? Cindy gets also one.
And this did me thoughtfully. Cindy is in Brazil.
Cindy is in Brazil? No! Cindy is into brats and lilies.
Going on, we do babies. O.K..
What does this shall then? The Yoga developed muscles with me,
of those I never something would have suspected. I, I cannot move. Oh!
Completely exactly. Out with it! What is free?
nothing at all knows I. it swears I. O.K....
Speech! Ah!
If the love senses! lst well, I talk! I talks!
(Ryan) and? Do I have my mistake again well-made?
(Page) almost. Continue.
You are a staggering woman.
You obviously also, however.
Whoever still knows about it, besides us both and naturally lris?
My friend Barry. But I trust him/it.
nobody flies up it. How then? Nobody can find out this.
Cindy! Welcomes to house.
Ah! Ryan!
It was a trip into the hell, without sun cream. It was not to be endured.
there is ln Brazil no air-conditionings, gnats as big as premature babies.
And no human being speaks a sensible language there. And then, Ryan...
reporters attacked me just as I am a prominent person.
What then is here free?
However, that cannot be! This doesn't grasp I!
ln abbreviation: You left me, I was in the end. I said, you are sick
and wrote the column. You are famous. The column became a success through you?
You pretended to be I? Therefore...
Did you know that he/it was I? First not. But now already.
Therefore, you were officially I, while you drove it with her.
Earlier, you drove it with me, but now, you are all at once I?
Well possibly. No, moment once! You were the one one, that left me.
Ryan! nothing had I further,
as a small, innocent one Affair in Brazil.
You against it steal not only my job but sleeps also with my boss.
Ah, my God!
God is thanks, you live. Ryan wrote your column. I knows.
He/it said that you lie in dying. I knows.
I knows.
would step I in the Ass for him/it! Apropos Ass!
lst this not again crispy? Mighty.
(Barry) Ryan!
Toot sorrow for me! Cathy squashed in the truest sense of the word of all from me out.
Hey! What? Ah... ah...
Not good.
lst this the friend, whom you trust? Page, Barry. Barry, page.
Page, Cathy. Cathy, page. And Cindy knows all for her.
Ahem, the victim. It is better if all goes for her.
Cindy and I must talk. I remains here! I am sour on you!
And Cindy needs me. Therefore doesn't shop at BERGDORFS?
Call me! She/it is great. She/it is great.
Already come. Curse again!
Oh yes, I believe that I also must loosely.
(Cindy) but the sheet stays here!
I will pick up my matters tomorrow. No. She/it should go! I forgive you.
I dear page. Ah, please!
You are not into women with sense. I became different.
You would like me no more. You will learn to know somebody.
You are young, nicely, emotionally unattainable. All, which itself a man
from a woman, it wishes. Only... not this man.
Therefore beautiful. Then who sagt's? I knew that all
again-have my job!
With 4-fold salary and Yourem office, page!
... or completely simple-minded finishes. Cindy, not. This column is for
luck. I is tired.
the NBC NEWS would like a decision or I kontaktiere I immediately now.
Your has one second of time.
You/they don't get back the column.
Well fine!
your funeral speech.
This ran great.
Ah, you excuse. Ms. Styne? What?
would like to speak you I a moment. I doesn't talk with ugly strangers.
lst the Your Rolls Royce? Yes, I am Donald Simpson.
And 32 other newspapers still belong to me beside the NEW YORK CHRONlCLE.
Youre column would like to publish I. That is a lrrtum. I is not...
offers them a 6-stelliges yearly income I. And expenses additional.
And further? How wär's with a company car?
You/they must sign only the contracts, that is all. Ahem?
She/it only bluffs. No, she/it doesn't bluff.
You have right. She/it doesn't bluff. However, I say. Run for her/it/them after.
And this my you serious? Absolute.
(Ryan) Cindy!
What actually is free with us?
I doesn't know either.
We would have to be in panic.
It could not have gotten worse.
And why am I so overjoyed then? Because you finally made it,
, to get me into the bed. That is a reason.
If this all, so that we meet, only happened, it was this worth.
If the number flies up, if we are at least together settled.
See this positively once. We become same tomorrow morning
the undoubted enjoyment has, Simpson in the television to miterleben,
as he/it announces his/its triumph. And just like I Cindy knows,
if she/it will stand beside him/it and with it gloatingly grins.
However, that is no matter for me.
What is with you?
your help needs I. Well, is clear, however.
O.K.. something of Cathy could pure-splash sucked fat I into him/it.
Then, he/it becomes 5 cm longer. Barry, awake on!
What? What? I immediately needs 200.000 dollars!
No. No?
No, that is,... Ryan!
You are a bad stockbroker. You made enough people poor.
no more stockbroker is I, understands, however. Exactly! You believe that I give my money
a sorrow caste columnist? I is not any woman either.
I can make this for you. lst a small cut. Please help me!
No, that doesn't go. That is too much. Whom should I ask then otherwise?
And furthermore, I don't come ran there. I has positioned all solidly, believes me.
What is with Cathy's money?
To what does one have friends?
Looks good, however, the last edition.
Whom do we have then there? If you always sneak from the bed secretly at night
and does a woman alone leave? Did you call me?
Last night, I had a ldee as we rescue your newspaper. Already say!
We beat Simpson with his/its own arms. 200.000 need I,
I make millions for it. I lent myself 50.000. How much do you have remaining?
She/it has nothing at all. Less than nothing at all.
The interests counted. Damn! Where get 150 giants I?
My checkbook is here. lris, no. your money doesn't want I.
You/they have 150.000? On one of the accounts.
She/it has enough. I for money has a good little hand.
3 divorces and all houses kept. She/it works only to the fun here.
Or until I find the next husband.
lris, you get back it. You don't have to pay back it to me.
You can divide him/it with me. lris!
a partnership would like I at all in any case, which plans for her/it/them.
Or I cash my collected paychecks and then, you are all.
no better partner could have I.
Ah, no. it put painfully solidly I that you only used me,
, in order to get to her/it/them. You/they showed me also the shortest way.
But seemingly the luck is lovely for me. ln the meantime could solace I
find in another man's arms. A young man.
No, he/it has luck in order to be exactly. Yes! You can leave one on it.
Hey, how does it go? Beautifully, to see you. Willy, all in order? Clear.
Hi, Darcy. Hey, Ryan.
but thank you.
Well, looks at once. What do you want here then?
I thought, you can be endured from your famous friend?
I has said once, however, your wife would be mediocre pretty. Yes.
This had lied. how much luck you have didn't know I.
However, you look for a job not? I intends to turn the skewer, Carl.
Ryan. What do you do here then? A new customer comes before you.
would like to buy 50.000 shares I from SlMPSON PUBLlSHlNG. In fact now same.
told to you I, however, no speculation! We are ruined, ruins.
Never again designer clothes. I can only shop in the Canal Street.
End with the beautiful dream of the vacation in Egypt, where we wanted to the gold bazaar.
And something is with our mortgage, ahem? Probably live, condominium with porter.
We finish in an apartment without heater. We carry cardboard boxes as slippers.
We catch, deaf persons, in order to eat meat, beg about rain in order to be able to take a shower.
And if you believe, I sell my jewelry, then, you are wound crooked.
And I would like to still tell you something, my rather best friend,: I hopes,
you have the numbers of good hookers. My legs remain from now closed.
Did you understand this? Meat prohibition.
Yes. And another in the spring role.
Yes, without meat.
Say into the microphone, you are glad to be a part of SIMPSON PUBLISHING.
And then, I take over again, O.K.? Yes, as you want. How do I look?
Right sweet.
Ah, Donnie! Ah...
It is beautiful.
Maybe a popular columnist deserts to another leaf today.
Who? When? Probably in a hour.
And you already get the rest out. However, you/they are Lucy Stone.
Thank you, Jay.
Here, I found out in New York from internal source that a popular columnist
itself with change thoughts carries. lst this the reason of the present-day press conference?
There, he/it comes!
(reporters) Mr. Simpson! Can you confirm the rumors?
Ladies and Gentlemen, Cindy Styne. (Reporter) I please about comment.
No commentary, it is betrayed nothing.
(Cindy) I don't give any commentary to it.
You/they find out all at the conference.
rumors that Cindy Styne possibly changes to the NEW YORK CHRONICLE
if the Simpson-Aktie let rise since this morning by 8 percent. And something now?
Now, we look at our victory.
We completed an exclusive contract successfully over 5 years.
And after longer negotiations, I now can the takeover of the column with pride
she/it appears nationally for the first time.
Amy, just you ready! Ryan, the course is at height flight!
Without speaking much, I now introduce them our new CHRONlCLE-Schatz:
Ms. Cindy Styne! Cindy...
Amy? About how much did they climb? -30 points!
Are 1 ,5 million enough? Ah!
Thanks. Thank you, Donnie!
Beat her/it/them loosely! Sell her/it/them!
You are out.
It is so exciting, now a part , to be the SIMPSON PUBLISHING Family.
Thank you, Cindy! And...
And... from now at, I promise this,
all different one will become. And now, all sells again short!
Certainly? What do you have before? Trust me.
I has a good Riecher. I bets, immediately we experience Simpsons downfall.
so much had to endure I that it was the hell! my column wrote I
not at all even. I was in Brazil.
Therefore, Ladies and ugh... Now, you don't interrupt me.
That was an impostor. My ex friend falsified my advice.
But I am back. End with the pseudo-sentimental Gelaber now is.
I promises them, from today on... Thank you, Cindy. Well, Ms. Stynes humor
one of the reasons is, why of SlMPSON PUBLlSHlNG glad to have won her/it/them.
If we go to triumph. To gladly. The conference is from.
Mr. Simpson, we congratulate. Now, she/it belongs them.
Whoever deceives is deceived even.
Are you hungry? However.
How much did we earn? Not we. Yours is this.
However, that was your money.
No notion.
(secretary) he/it is in a conference! (Cindy) you don't quarrel with me!
Donnie, you now can for me helps maybe once?
(romantic music)
Does my stomach look again good like it?
Like your new rear end. But flat.
And without crevices.
the big love of my life.
But I would like to surprise her/it/them with it somehow. Do you know an advice?
I. "
Hey. Can we go? Yes. As soon as you agreed on this occasion.
Your bag. Attendants, wait, wait!
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G I Joe (A valor vs venom) CD1
G I Joe (A valor vs venom) CD2
Galaxy Quest
Gam Gai (2002)
Game The
Game of Death 1978
Gamera daikaij kuchu kessen
Gandhi CD1
Gandhi CD2
Gang Related
Gangs Of New York (2002)
Gangster Number One
Garage Days
Garage Olimpo (1999)
Garden Of Heaven (2003)
Garden State
Gardens Of Stone
Gardens Of Stone 1987 25fps
Garfield the movie
Gas Food Lodging 1992
Gaslight 1940
Gate Keeper ep1
Gate Keeper ep2
Gathering Storm The
Gattaca (1997) CD1
Gattaca (1997) CD2
Gauyat Sandiu Haplui - Saviour of the Soul
Gaz Bar Blues CD1
Gaz Bar Blues CD2
Geboren In Absurdistan
Geisha A 1953
Geisha House The CD1
Geisha House The CD2
Gendai Yakuza (Kinji Fukasaku 1972)
Gendarme a New York Le
General The
Generals Daughter The
Generation X Cops
Genroku Chushingura 1941 CD1
Genroku Chushingura 1941 CD2
Gentlemans Agreement (Elia Kazan 1947) CD1
Gentlemans Agreement (Elia Kazan 1947) CD2
Gentlemen Prefer Blondes
George Washington
George of the Jungle 2 2003
Gertrud CD1
Gertrud CD2
Get Carter 1971
Get Carter 2000
Get Real
Get Shorty
Getaway The 1972
Getting Any (Takeshi Kitano)
Geung si sin sang (1985) - Mr Vampire 23976fps
Ggot Seom (Flower Island)
Ghost Busters
Ghost Dog - The Way of the Samurai
Ghost In The Shell 2 - Innocence 2004
Ghost Ship
Ghost World
Ghost and the Darkness The
Ghost in the shell
Ghost of Kasane 1957
Ghostbusters 2
Ghosts Of Edendale The 2003
Ghosts Of Mars
Ghoul The
Ghoulies II
Giardino dei Finzi-Contini 1970
Gift The 2000
Gigi 1958
Ginger Snaps 2 Unleashed
Ginger Snaps Back 2004
Ginger and Cinnamon - Dillo con parole mie
Ginger e Fred - Fellini (1986) CD1
Ginger e Fred - Fellini (1986) CD2
Gioconda La
Girl Interrupted UK 25 FPS
Girl Next Door
Girl from Wilko The (Andrzej Wajda 1979) CD1
Girl from Wilko The (Andrzej Wajda 1979) CD2
Girl on the Bridge The
Gladiator 2000
Gleaners and I The
Glengarry Glen Ross CD1
Glengarry Glen Ross CD2
Gloire de mon pere La (1990 aka My Fathers Glory)
Gloomy Sunday
Gloria CD1
Gloria CD2
Go-Con! Japanese Love Culture 2000
Go 2001 Isao Yukisada - Keymaker CD1
Go 2001 Isao Yukisada - Keymaker CD2
Goalkeeper The (2000)
God Of Cookery The
God of gamblers 1989 CD1
God of gamblers 1989 CD2
Godfather 2 The
Godfather 3 The
Godfather The
Godfather The Part 1 CD1
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Godfather part 3
Godfathers Of Mondo The 2003
Gods Must Be Crazy The 1980
Gods and Generals CD1
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Godzilla Mothra and King Ghidorah 2001
Godzilla against mechagodzilla
Gohatto 1999
Going My Way CD1
Going My Way CD2
Gold Rush
Golden Child The CD1
Golden Child The CD2
Golden Voyage Of Sinbad The
Gone in 60 Seconds
Gone with the Wind 1939
Gone with the Wind CD1
Gone with the Wind CD3
Gone with the Wind CD4
Good Advice
Good Boy
Good Boy 2003
Good Cop The
Good Earth The - Victor Fleming 1937 CD1
Good Earth The - Victor Fleming 1937 CD2
Good Morning Vietnam
Good Son The
Good Thief The (2002)
Good Work (1999)
Good bye Lenin 2003
Good the Bad and the Ugly The
Goodbye Girl The
Goodbye Mr Chips (1939)
Gospel of John CD1
Gospel of John CD2
Gothika 2003
Gotter der Pest 1970
Goutes d eau sur pierres brulantes 1999
Goya - Carlos Saura 1999
Goyokin - The gold of the Shogun 1969
Gozu (23976fps)
Graduation Day
Gran Vida La - (Living It Up) 2000
Grand Restaurant Le 1966
Grande Illusion La
Grande Strada Azzurra La) CD1
Grande Strada Azzurra La) CD2
Grapes of Death The
Grapes of Wrath The CD1
Grapes of Wrath The CD2
Grave Of The Fireflies CD1
Grave Of The Fireflies CD2
Graveyard Of Honour
Grease 1978 CD1
Grease 1978 CD2
Grease 2
Great Dictator The CD1
Great Dictator The CD2
Great Escape The (1963) CD1
Great Escape The (1963) CD2
Great Expectations 1998
Great Gatsby The (Jack Clayton 1974)
Great Race The
Great Silence The
Great White Hope The 1970
Great Ziegfeld The CD1
Great Ziegfeld The CD2
Green Card
Green Dragon 2001
Green Fish (1997) CD1
Green Fish (1997) CD2
Green Mile The
Gregorys Girl
Gremlins 2 The New Batch CD1
Gremlins 2 The New Batch CD2
Grey Gardens (1975)
Grey Zone The
Greystoke The Legend of Tanzan CD1
Greystoke The Legend of Tanzan CD2
Grifters The
Grinch The - Jim Carrey
Grind 2003
Gronne Slagtere De 2003
Grosse Pointe Blank (1997) CD1
Grosse Pointe Blank (1997) CD2
Groundhog Day
Grudge The
Grudge The CD1
Grudge The CD2
Guadalcanal Diary
Guarding Tess 1994
Guess Whos Coming To Dinner CD1
Guess Whos Coming To Dinner CD2
Guest House Paradiso
Guilty As Sin 1993 25fps
Guilty By Association 2003
Guilty By Suspicion (2003)
Guinevere 1999
Gullivers Travels 1939
Gun Crazy - A Woman From Nowhere
Gun Crazy Vol 2 Beyond the Law
Gunfight at the O K Corral 1957 CD1
Gunfight at the O K Corral 1957 CD2
Gung Ho
Guns And Talks CD1
Guns And Talks CD2
Guns Of Navarone The
Guru The
Guts Of A Beauty (1986)
Guy Thing A
Guys And Dolls
Guys The
Gypsy (Mervyn LeRoy 1962) CD1
Gypsy (Mervyn LeRoy 1962) CD2