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Gone with the Wind CD3

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My back's near broken.
Look at my hands!
Mother said you could always tell a lady by her hands.
I guess things like hands and ladies don't matter so much anymore.
Rest, Sue. You're not well yet. I can pick cotton for both of us.
Scarlett's hateful! Making us work in the fields...
Too bad about that.
Get back to work. I can't do everything at Tara myself.
What do I care about Tara? I hate Tara!
Don't you ever dare say you hate Tara again!
It's the same as hating Pa and Ma.
There's something I must speak to you about.
What is it?
I don't like the way you're treating Prissy and Mammy.
You must be firm with inferiors, but gentle with them. Especially darkies.
I know. But I'm not asking them to do what I don't do myself.
Nevertheless, I don't like it. I shall speak to Mrs. O'Hara about it.
- What are you doing out of bed? - I must talk to you.
You're all working so hard. I can't just lie in bed.
Go upstairs. You're as weak as a newborn colt.
- Please, let me. - Stop being noble.
I don't need you making yourself sick so you'll never be any use.
I didn't think of it that way.
Who's there? Halt or I'll shoot!
You all alone, little lady?
You ain't very friendly, are you?
You got anything else besides these earbobs?
You Yankees have been here before.
Regular little spitfire, ain't you?
What do you got hidden in your hand?
Scarlett, you killed him.
I'm glad you killed him.
Scarlett, what happened? What is it, Scarlett? What is it?
Don't be scared!
Your sister was cleaning a revolver and it went off and scared her.
- Thank goodness! - Haven't we got enough to frighten us?
Tell Katie Scarlett she must be more careful.
What a cool liar you are, Melly.
We gotta get him out of here and bury him.
If the Yankees find him here...
I didn't see anyone else. I think he must be a deserter.
Even so, we've gotta hide him.
They might hear about it, and then they'd come and get you.
I could bury him in the arbor where the ground is soft...
...but how will I get him out of here?
- We'll both take a leg and drag him. - You couldn't drag a cat.
Would it be dishonest if we went through his haversack?
I'm ashamed I didn't think of that myself.
You take the haversack. I'll search his pockets.
You look. I'm feeling a little weak.
I think it's full of money.
Melly, look. Just look!
10, 20, 30...
Don't stop to count it now. We haven't got time!
Do you realize this means we can eat?
Look in his other pockets.
Hurry, hurry!
We've got to get him out of here.
If he bleeds across the yard, we can't hide it.
Give me your nightgown. I'll wad it round his head.
Don't be silly, I won't look at you. If I had on pantalets, I'd use them.
Thank heavens I'm not that modest.
Go back to bed. You'll be dead if you don't.
I'll clean up my mess when I've buried him.
No, I'll clean it up.
Well, I guess I've done murder.
I won't think about that now. I'll think about that tomorrow.
Katie Scarlett!
It's over! It's over!
It's all over, the war. Lee surrendered!
- It's not possible. - Why did we ever fight?
Ashley will be coming home.
Yes, Ashley will be coming home.
We'll plant more cotton. Cotton ought to go sky-high next year.
The flag that makes you free
So we sing the chorus From Atlanta to the sea
While we were marching through Georgia
Get out of the road, rebel!
Have you room for a dying man?
Not for any Southern scum, alive or dead.
Get out of the way!
I reckon he'd rather try and walk it, at that.
Jump, you gray-backed beggars!
Acts like they won the war.
You come on, give me them pants, Mr. Kennedy.
Come on!
Scrub yourself with that lye soap, 'fore I scrub you myself.
I'm gonna put these britches in the boiling pot.
The whole army's got the same troubles...
...crawling clothes and dysentery.
It's humiliating how you're treating him.
You'd be a sight more humiliated if Mr. Kennedy's lice gets on you.
Oh, come on, Beau!
We must leave this gentleman alone because he's tired and he's hungry.
I don't mind, ma'am. Good to see a youngster again.
Nice little fella.
Another two years, and we could've had him in Cobb's Legion.
- Were you in Cobb's Legion? - Yes, ma'am.
Why, then, you must know my husband, Major Wilkes?
He was captured at Spotsylvania, I think.
Captured? Oh, thank heaven! Then he isn't...
My poor Ashley, in a Yankee prison.
Yes, Scarlett, I'm coming. Come along, Beau.
I'll watch out for him. We're good friends.
Thank you.
I slave day and night just so we can have enough food...
...and you give it away to scarecrows.
- I'd sooner have a plague of locusts. - Don't scold me, Scarlett.
I've just heard that Ashley was taken prisoner.
Ashley a prisoner?
And maybe if he's alive and well, he's on some Northern road right now.
Maybe a Northern woman is giving him some of her dinner...
...and helping my beloved to come back home to me.
I hope so, Melly.
I want to take up something with your Pa, but he doesn't seem to...
Perhaps I can help you. I'm head of the house now.
Miss Scarlett, I was aiming to ask for Suellen.
Are you telling me you haven't asked for her after all these years?
The truth is, I'm so much older than she is...
...and now I haven't a cent to my name.
Who has, nowadays?
If true love carries any weight with you... can be sure your sister will be rich in that.
I'd go and get myself a little business, if we're engaged.
As soon as I'm on my feet again...
I'm sure I can speak for Pa. You go ask her now.
Thank you. Thank you, Miss Scarlett.
Excuse me, Mrs. Wilkes. Excuse me.
What seems to be the trouble with Mr. Kennedy?
More trouble than he guesses. He's finally asked for Suellen.
I'm so glad.
It's a pity he can't marry her now. It'd be one less mouth to feed.
Another one!
- Hope he isn't hungry. - He'll be hungry.
I'll tell Prissy to get an extra plate...
Don't spoil it.
Turn me loose, you fool. Turn me loose! It's Ashley!
He's her husband, ain't he?
- Miss Scarlett? - High time you got back.
- Did you get the horse shod? - Yes'm, he's shod.
Fine thing, horses get shoes and humans can't.
Here, stir this soap.
Miss Scarlett, ma'am?
I gotta know how much money have you got left. In gold.
Ten dollars. Why?
That won't be enough.
What are you talking about?
Well, I see'd that old no-count white-trash Wilkerson...
...that used to be Mr. Gerald's overseer here.
He's a regular Yankee now, and he was making a brag...
...that his Carpetbagger friends run the taxes way up sky-high on Tara.
- How much more we got to pay? - I hear the taxman say $300.
Three hundred...!
It might just as well be 3 million. But we gotta raise it, that's all.
Yes'm. How?
- I'll go ask Mr. Ashley. - He ain't got no $300.
Well, I can ask him if I want to, can't I?
Asking ain't getting.
They say Abe Lincoln got his start splitting rails.
Just think what heights I may climb to, once I get the knack.
The Yankees want $300 more in taxes.
What shall we do?
Ashley, what's to become of us?
What becomes of people when their civilization breaks up?
Those with brains and courage come through all right.
Those that haven't are winnowed out.
For heaven's sake...
...don't talk nonsense when it's us being winnowed out!
You're right, Scarlett. Here I am talking tommyrot about civilization...
...while your Tara is in danger.
You've come to me for help, and I've none to give.
I'm a coward.
You, Ashley? A coward?
What are you afraid of?
Mostly of life becoming too real for me, I suppose.
Not that I mind splitting rails.
But I do mind very much losing the beauty of that life I loved.
If the war hadn't come, I'd have spent my life happily buried at Twelve Oaks.
But the war did come.
I saw my boyhood friends blown to bits.
I saw men crumple up in agony when I shot them.
And now I find myself in a world which for me is worse than death.
A world in which there's no place for me.
I can't make you understand. You don't know the meaning of fear.
You never mind facing realities.
You never want to escape from them as I do.
Ashley, you're wrong. I do want to escape too.
I'm so very tired of it all. I've struggled for food and for money.
I've weeded, hoed and picked cotton till I can't stand it.
I tell you, the South is dead. It's dead!
The Yankees and Carpetbaggers have it and left nothing for us.
Let's run away. We'd go to Mexico.
They want officers in the Mexican army. We'd be happy.
I'd work for you. I'd do anything for you!
You don't love Melanie. You said you loved me at Twelve Oaks.
And anyway, Melanie can't...
Dr. Meade said she can't have more children. I could give you...
Can't we ever forget Twelve Oaks?
You think I could ever forget? Have you?
Can you honestly say you don't love me?
- No, I don't love you. - It's a lie!
Even so, do you think I'd leave Melanie and the baby?
You couldn't leave your father and the girls.
I'm sick of them. I'm tired of them!
Yes, you're sick and tired. That's why you're talking this way.
You've carried the load for all of us.
From now on, I'll be more help to you. I promise.
There's only one way you can help me.
Take me away. There's nothing to keep us here.
Nothing except honor.
Please, Scarlett. Please, dear. You mustn't cry.
You mustn't. Please, my brave dear, you mustn't.
You do love me! You do love me!
- No, don't, don't. - You love me.
I tell you, we won't do it!
It won't happen again. I'll take Melanie and go.
- Say it. You love me. - All right, I'll say it.
I love your courage and stubbornness so much that I could forget...
...the best wife a man ever had. But I'm not going to forget her!
Then there's nothing left for me.
Nothing to fight for.
Nothing to live for.
Yes, there is something.
Something you love better than me...
...though you may not know it.
I still have this.
You needn't go.
I won't have you all starve, simply because I threw myself at your head.
It won't happen again.
It's Emmie Slattery.
- Yes'm, it's me. - Stop!
You haven't forgotten your old overseer, have you?
Emmie's Mrs. Wilkerson now.
Get off those steps, you wench! Get off this land!
You can't speak that way to my wife.
Wife? High time you made her your wife.
Who baptized your brats after you killed my mother?
We came here to pay a call.
A friendly call, and talk business with friends.
Friends? When were we ever friends?
Still high and mighty, ain't you? I know all about you.
Your father's turned idiot.
You can't pay your taxes, and I come to offer to buy the place from you.
To make you a right good offer. Emmie wants to live here.
Get off this place, you dirty Yankee!
You'll find out who's running things when you get sold out for taxes.
I'll buy this place and I'll live in it!
But I'll wait for the sheriff's sale.
That's all of Tara you'll ever get!
You'll be sorry for that.
We'll be back!
I'll show you who the owner of Tara is!
Pa, come back!
Pa, come back!
Yankee coward!
Lordy, Miss Scarlett, that's Mr. Gerald's watch!
You take it. It's for you.
Pa'd want you to have it.
You ain't got no business parting from this watch now.
You needs all your valuables to sell for that tax money.
Do you think I'd sell Pa's watch?
And don't cry.
I can stand everybody's tears but yours.
Oh, Mammy, Mammy!
You've been brave so long. You just gotta go on being brave.
- Think about your Pa like he used to be. - I can't think about Pa.
I can't think of anything but that $300.
Ain't no good thinking about that. Ain't nobody got that much money.
Nobody but Yankees and Scalawags got that much money now.
Who that? A Yankee?
Oh, Mammy, I'm so thin and pale...
...and I haven't any clothes.
Go and get Ma's old box of dress patterns.
- What you up to? - You'll make me a new dress.
Not with Miss Ellen's "portiéres"!
Great balls of fire! They're my "portiéres" now.
I'm going to Atlanta for $300, and I've got to look like a queen.
- Who's going with you? - I'll go alone.
That's what you think! I's going with you and that new dress.
- Mammy, darling. - No use to try to sweet talk me.
I knows you since I put diapers on you.
I said I's going with you, and going I is!
Kings in trade, eh? Too good for me, major.
It's a pity the war wasn't a poker game.
You'd done better than Grant, with far less effort.
What is it?
There's a lady to see Captain Butler. Says she's his sister.
Another sister?
This is a jail not a harem, captain.
No, she ain't one of those. She's got her mammy with her.
She has?
I'd like to see this one, major. Without her mammy.
Let's see, my losses for the afternoon come to what?
Three hundred and forty?
My debts do mount up, don't they, major?
All right, corporal, show Captain Butler's "sister" to his cell.
Thank you, major. Excuse me, gentlemen.
It's hard to be strict with a man who loses money so pleasantly.
- Rhett! - Scarlett!
My dear little sister!
It's all right, corporal. My sister has brought me no files or saws.
Can I really kiss you?
On the forehead, like a brother.
No, thanks. I'll wait and hope for better things.
I was so distressed when I heard you were in jail.
I couldn't sleep for thinking. It's not true they'll hang you?
Would you be sorry?
Well, don't worry yet.
They trumped up a charge, but they really want my money.
They think I made off with the Confederate treasury.
- Well, did you? - What a leading question.
Let's not talk about things like money.
How good of you to come and see me. And how pretty you look!
How you do run on, teasing a country girl like me.
Thank heavens you're not in rags. I'm tired of women in rags. Turn around.
You look good enough to eat, and prosperous.
I've been doing very well. Everyone's well at Tara, only...
...I got so bored, I thought I'd treat myself to a visit to town.
You're heartless, but that's part of your charm.
You've got more charm than the law allows.
I didn't come to talk silliness about me.
I was so miserable at the thought of you in trouble.
I was mad at you when you left me on the road to Tara.
- And I still haven't forgiven you. - Don't say that.
Well, I must admit I might not be alive now, only for you.
When I think of myself with anything I could possibly hope for...
...not a care in the world, and you here in this horrid jail.
And not even a human jail, Rhett, a horse jail!
Listen to me trying to make jokes...
...when I really want to cry.
In a minute I shall cry.
Can it be possible that...
Can what be possible, Rhett?
That you've grown a woman's heart? A real woman's heart.
I have, Rhett. I know I have.
It's worth being in jail just to hear you say that.
It's well worth it.
You can drop the moonlight and magnolia.
Things have been going well at Tara? What've you done with your hands?
- I went riding without my gloves... - You've been working like a field hand!
Why did you lie, and what are you up to?
- I almost believed you cared. - But I do care!
Let's get down to the truth. You want something enough... put on quite a show in your velvets.
What is it? Money?
I want $300 to pay the taxes on Tara.
I lied when I said everything was all right.
Things are as bad as they possibly could be. And you've got millions.
What collateral do you have?
- My earbobs. - Not interested.
- Mortgage on Tara. - What would I do with a farm?
- I'd pay you out of next year's cotton. - Not good enough.
You once said you loved me.
If you still love me...
You haven't forgotten, I'm not a marrying man.
No, I haven't forgotten.
You're not worth $300.
You'll never mean anything but misery to any man.
I don't care what you say, only give me the money.
I won't let Tara go! I can't while there's a breath left in my body.
Won't you please give me the money?
I couldn't if I wanted to.
My funds are in Liverpool, not Atlanta.
If I drew a draft, they'd be on me like a duck on a June bug.
So you see, my dear, you've abased yourself to no purpose.
Here, here. Stop it! You want the Yankees to see you like this?
Take your hands off me, you skunk! You knew what I wanted.
You knew you wouldn't lend me the money, and you let me go on!
I enjoyed hearing what you had to say. Cheer up.
Come to my hanging, I'll put you in my will.
I'll come to your hanging!
I'm just afraid they won't hang you in time to pay the taxes on Tara!
Tell him Belle Watling.
Where you been? I thought you deserted Captain Butler.
I keep myself occupied. Help me out.
Who that? I ain't never see'd hair that color before in my life.
You know a dyed-haired woman?
Wish I knew that one. She'd get my money for me.
Whatever they done to you in there...
...they didn't do no more than you deserve for visiting white trash.
- Fresh and green. - Right off the farm.
- What you doing tonight, Susie? - That's one of those Georgia peaches!
Nothing like that in Ohio.
- You know what we're gonna do? - What?
We're gonna give every one of you 40 acres and a mule.
- And a mule? - 40 acres and a mule!
Because we're your friend.
And you're gonna become voters and vote like your friends do!
- What's your hurry? - What's come over this town?
Yankees have come over it. Same as they've come over all of them.
Out of our way, trash!
Get out of the way here! Get away! Go on.
It can't be Miss Scarlett!
- Frank Kennedy! - And Mammy.
It's good to see home folks.
- I didn't know you were in Atlanta. - I didn't know you were.
Didn't Suellen tell you about my store?
Did she? I don't remember. Have you a store?
- This? - Won't you come in, look around a bit?
I don't suppose it looks like much to a lady...
...but I can't help being proud of it.
- You're not making money? - Well, I can't complain.
In fact, I'm mighty encouraged.
Folks tell me I'm just a born merchant.
Won't be long before Miss Suellen and I can marry.
- Are you doing as well as all that? - Yes, I am.
I'm no millionaire yet...
...but I've cleared $ 1000 already.
And lumber too.
- That's only a sideline. - A sideline, Frank?
With all the good Georgia pine around Atlanta, and all this building?
Well, all that takes money, Miss Scarlett...
...and I gotta think about buying a home.
Why would you want a home?
For Suellen to set up housekeeping.
Here in Atlanta.
You'd want to bring her to Atlanta.
There wouldn't be much help in that for Tara.
I don't know what you mean.
I don't mean a thing.
How'd you like to drive me to my Aunt Pitty's?
Nothing'd give me more pleasure.
You better stay to supper.
Aunt Pitty'd be agreeable, and I'd like a long visit.
You act on me just like a tonic, Miss Scarlett.
And will you tell me all the news...
...of Miss Suellen?
What's the matter? Miss Suellen's not ill, is she?
Oh, no, no. I thought surely she had written you.
I guess she was ashamed to write you. She should be ashamed.
How awful to have such a mean sister.
You must tell me.
Don't leave me on tenterhooks.
Well, she's going to marry one of the county boys next month.
She got tired of waiting, was afraid she'd be an old maid and...
I'm sorry to be the one to tell you.
It's cold, and I left my muff at home.
Would you mind if I put my hand in your pocket?
But, Melanie, you don't realize what she's done!
She's gone and married my Mr. Kennedy!
He's my beau and she's married him!
She did it to save Tara.
I hate Tara!
I hate Scarlett! She's the only thing I hate worse than Tara!
It's all my fault.
I should've committed robbery to get that tax money for you.
I couldn't let you do anything like that.
Anyway, it's done now.
Yes, it's done now.
You won't let me do anything dishonorable...
...yet you'd sell yourself in marriage to a man you didn't love.
You won't have to worry about my helplessness anymore.
What do you mean?
I'm going to New York.
I've arranged for a position in a bank.
But you can't do that.
I counted on you to help me start a lumber business and...
I counted on you.
I don't know anything about the lumber business.
You know as much as you do about banking...
...and I'd give you half the business.
That's generous of you, Scarlett.
But it isn't that.
If I go to Atlanta and take help from you again...
...I'd bury any hope of ever standing alone.
Oh, is that all?
You could gradually buy the business, and then it would be your own and...
No, Scarlett.
Scarlett, what is it?
Ashley's so mean and hateful!
What have you done?
She wanted me to go to Atlanta.
To help me start my lumber business. And he won't help me!
How unchivalrous of you.
Why, think, Ashley, think!
If it hadn't been for Scarlett, I'd have died in Atlanta...
...and maybe we wouldn't have little Beau.
When I think of her picking cotton and plowing...
...just to keep food in our mouths, I could just...
Oh, my darling.
All right, Melanie. I'll go to Atlanta.
I can't fight you both.
Come on, lift them feet!
There's your new mill hands, Mrs. Kennedy.
The pick of all the best jails in Georgia.
- They look thin and weak, Gallegher. - Halt!
They're the best you can lease.
If you'll give Johnnie Gallegher a free hand...'ll get what you want out of them.
All right, you're the foreman.
Just keep the mill running and deliver my lumber when I want it.
Johnnie Gallegher's your man, miss. But remember... questions and no interference.
That's a bargain. Start in the morning.
Come on, get a move on there!
But this isn't right, and you know it. Bad enough to be a businesswoman...
Why do you complain?
You wouldn't own a mill if I didn't take over.
But I didn't want the mill.
We couldn't buy it if you hadn't pressed our friends for their debts.
Isn't that right?
Are you running a charitable institution?
Go back to the store, and go home and take your medicine.
Sugar, don't you think...?
Great balls of fire! Don't bother me. And don't call me "sugar".
All right. All right. Good night, Ashley.
My, my!
She can get mad quicker than any woman I ever saw.
I don't like to interfere...
...but I wish you'd let me hire darkies and not use convicts.
We could do better.
Darkies' pay would break us. Convicts are cheap.
If we give Gallegher a free hand...
A free hand? That means he'll starve and whip them.
Didn't you see them? Some are sick.
How you do run on.
If I let you alone, you'd give them chicken...
...and tuck them in with quilts.
I won't make money out of the enforced labor and misery of others.
You didn't mind owning slaves.
That was different. We didn't treat them that way.
I'd have freed them when father died...
...if the war hadn't already freed them.
I'm sorry, Ashley.
Do you forget what it's like without money?
Money is the most important thing in the world.
I don't intend to be without it again.
I'll make enough the only way I know how so the Yankees can't take Tara.
We're not the only Southerners who've suffered.
Look at all our friends. They're keeping their honor and kindness.
And they're starving. I've no use for fools who won't help themselves.
I know what they say about me. I don't care.
I'll befriend Carpetbaggers and beat them at their own game.
And you'll beat them with me.
That's it. Pull it a little over to that side.
- Afternoon, Mrs. Kennedy. - Good afternoon.
- Business is certainly growing. - It certainly is.
You're doing business with the people...
...who robbed us, tortured us and left us to starve.
All that's past.
I intend to make the best of things, even if they are Yankee things.
And do you know that Dr. Meade actually saw her...
...peddling lumber to Yankees herself?
That isn't all.
It's shocking what she's doing to my brother.
She's even taken to driving her own buggy.
My dear Mrs. Kennedy. My very dear Mrs. Kennedy!
I don't see how you have the gall to face me!
You could've had my millions if you'd just waited a while.
Oh, how fickle is woman!
What is it you want? I have things to do.
Will you satisfy my curiosity on a point which has always bothered me?
Well, what is it?
Tell me, do you never shrink from marrying men you don't love?
How'd you get out of jail? Why didn't they hang you?
Oh, that! There's nothing much that money won't buy.
I observe it's even bought you the honorable Mr. Wilkes.
So you still hate Ashley Wilkes. I believe you're jealous of him.
You still think you're the belle of the county, the cutest trick in shoe leather.
That every man is in love with you.
Let me by.
Don't be angry. Tell me, where are you going?
- I'm going out to the mill. - Through Shantytown alone?
It's dangerous to drive alone through all that riffraff.
Don't worry about me.
I can shoot straight, if I don't have to shoot too far.
What a woman!
Give me a quarter.
Let go of my horse!
Hold this horse.
- Let go! - Give me that gun.
Miss Scarlett, wait!
- It's Sam! - Big Sam?
Miss Scarlett, wait!
Is you hurt, Miss Scarlett? Did they hurt you?
Don't you cry. Big Sam will get you out of this in a jiffy.
Horse, make tracks!
Get to Tara as quick as you can and stay there.
I will. I's had enough of them Carpetbaggers.
Thank you, Mr. Frank. Goodbye, Miss Scarlett.
Goodbye, Sam. Thank you.
Change your dress and go over to Miss Melly's.
I've got to go to a political meeting.
How can you go to a political meeting after what I've been through?
Oh, sugar. You're more scared than hurt.
Nobody cares about me.
You all act as though it were nothing at all.
The men talk about protecting our women...
...and then after what happened to me, Frank went to a political meeting.
And if it won't pain you too much, India Wilkes...
...tell me why you're staring at me. Has my face gone green?
It won't pain me.
What happened today was just what you deserved.
With any justice, you'd have gotten worse.
- India, hush up. - Let her talk. She's always hated me.
Ever since I took Charles away, though she won't admit it.
If she thought anybody'd notice, she'd walk the street naked.
I do hate you!
You've done all you could to lower the prestige of decent people.
Now you've endangered the lives of our men because they've got to...
We'd better not say any more, or one of us will be saying too much.
What's going on that I don't know about?
Somebody's coming up the walk. Somebody that ain't Mr. Ashley.
Will you hand me the pistol, Mrs. Meade?
Whoever it is...
...we know nothing.
Where have they gone? Tell me. It's life or death.
Don't tell him. He's a Yankee spy.
Quickly. There may be time.
How'd you know?
I played poker with Yankees.
They knew there'd be trouble. They sent the cavalry out.
Your men are walking into a trap.
Don't tell him. He's trying to trap you.
Out the Decatur road. The old Sullivan plantation.
They're meeting in the cellar.
I'll do what I can.
What's this about? If you don't tell me, I'll go crazy.
We thought it best not to tell you.
The men have gone to clean out the woods where you were attacked.
It's what many of our Southern men have had to do to protect us.
And if they're captured, they'll be hanged. And it will be your fault.
Another word and you must leave.
Scarlett did what she had to do.
Our men are doing what they think they have to do.
...and Ashley.
Oh, it isn't possible.
There's horses, Miss Melly. Here they come.
We're sewing, we're sewing!
Open the door.
Good evening, Mrs. Kennedy.
Who is Mrs. Wilkes?
I am Mrs. Wilkes.
- I should like to speak to Mr. Wilkes. - He's not here.
- Are you sure? - Don't you doubt Miss Melly's word!
I meant no disrespect, Mrs. Wilkes.
If you give me your word, I won't search the house.
Mr. Wilkes is at a political meeting at Mr. Kennedy's store.
He's not at the store. There's no meeting tonight, no political meeting.
We'll wait outside till he and his friends return.
Surround the house. Put a man on each door and window.
Keep on with your sewing, ladies.
And I'll read aloud.
The Personal History and Experience of David Copperfield.
"Chapter One."
"I am born."
"To begin my life with the beginning of my life, I record that I was born..."
"Chapter Nine. I have a memorable birthday."
"I pass over all that happened at school...
...until the anniversary of my birthday came round in March."
"Except that Steerforth was more to be admired than ever, I remember nothing."
"He was going away at the end of the half-year...
...if not sooner, and was more spirited and independent than before."
"And therefore, more engaging than before...
...but beyond this, I remember nothing."
"The great..."
"I remember nothing."
Melly, they're drunk!
Leave this to me, Scarlett. And, please, say nothing.
You stupid fool!
Will you shut up, for the love of...
Hello, Melly.
So you've got my husband intoxicated again. Well, bring him in.
I'm sorry, your husband's under arrest.
If you arrest all the drunks in Atlanta, you must arrest a good many Yankees.
Bring him in, Captain Butler, if you can walk yourself.
- Wait. - I wanna tell you a story.
Listen, doctor, I...
Put him down in that chair.
Now, captain, please leave my house...
...and try to remember not to come here again.
That's fine thanks I get for bringing him home...
...and not leaving him in this shameful condition.
Now, boys, all together...
Dr. Meade!
I'm astonished at you!
How can you do this to me?
I ain't so very drunk, Melly.
Take him to the bedroom. Lay him out on the bed.
- Don't touch him. He's under arrest. - Now, Tom.
What do you want to arrest him for? I've seen him drunker.
I've seen you drunker. And you've seen me...
He can lie in the gutter for all I care. I'm not a policeman.
He led a raid on that Shantytown where Mrs. Kennedy got into trouble.
A lot of shanties were burned. A couple of men were killed.
It's time you rebels learned you can't take the law into your own hands.
What are you laughing at?
This isn't your night to teach that lesson.
These two have been with me tonight. Yes, sir.
With you, Rhett?
I don't like to say in the presence of ladies.
You'd better say.
Come out on the porch and I'll tell you.
Speak out. I think I have a right to know where my husband's been.
Well, ma'am...
...we dropped in on a friend of mine...
...and the captain's.
Mrs. Belle Watling.
We played cards and drank champagne...
Now you've done it. Did you have to show me up in front of my wife?
I hope you're satisfied.
These ladies won't be speaking with their husbands.
Well, Rhett, I had no idea.
Look here, will you take an oath that they were with you tonight at Belle's?
Ask Belle if you don't believe me. She'll tell you.
Will you give me your word, as a gentleman?
As a gentleman?
Why, certainly, Tom.
Well, if I've made a mistake, I'm sorry.
I hope you'll forgive me, Mrs. Wilkes.
If you'll leave us in peace.
Well, I say I'm sorry.
Well, I am sorry.
Come on, sergeant.
Lock that door. Pull down the shades.
He's all right. It's only in the shoulder.
Get him on the bed where I can dress the wound.
I think I can walk.
It's not worth the effort. Which way?
In here.
Mammy, I want hot water.
And lint for bandages.
What can I use for a probe? If I only had my bag.
Were you really there? What did it look like?
Does she have cut-glass chandeliers, plush curtains and dozens of mirrors?
Good heavens, Mrs. Meade, remember yourself.
Captain Butler, tell me what happened, all that happened.
I was too late.
When I got to the Sullivan place, there had already been a skirmish.
I found Mr. Wilkes wounded, and Dr. Meade was with him.
I had to prove they'd been somewhere, anyplace but where they were.
- So I took them to Belle's. - And she took them in?
She's by way of being an old friend of mine.
I'm sorry...
I'm sorry I couldn't think up a more dignified alibi.
This isn't the first time you've come between me and disaster.
It isn't likely that I'd question any device of yours.
And now I'll go and see what Dr. Meade needs.
Have you no interest in what's become of your own husband?
Did Frank go with you to Belle Watling's?
Where is he?
He's lying out on Decatur Road...
...shot through the head.
He's dead.
Who is it?
It's Mrs. Watling.
Oh, Mrs. Watling. Won't you come in the house?
Oh, no, I couldn't do that, Mrs. Wilkes.
You come in and sit a minute with me.
How can I thank you enough for what you did for us?
I got your note saying you would call on me and thank me.
Why, Mrs. Wilkes, you must have lost your mind.
I came as soon as it was dark to say you mustn't think of any such thing.
Why, I'm...
Well, you're...
It wouldn't be fitting at all.
It wouldn't be fitting for me to thank a woman who saved my husband's life?
Mrs. Wilkes, there ain't never been a lady nice to me like you was.
I mean, about the money for the hospital.
I don't forget a kindness.
I thought about you being widowed with a little boy...
...if Mr. Wilkes got hung.
He's a nice little boy, your boy is, Mrs. Wilkes.
I got a boy myself, so I...
You have? Does he live...?
Oh, no, he ain't here in Atlanta.
He ain't never been here.
He's off at school.
I ain't seen him since he was little.
Anyways, if it had been that Mrs. Kennedy's husband by hisself...
...I wouldn't have lifted a finger, no matter what Rhett said.
She's a mighty cold woman...
...prancing about Atlanta by herself.
She killed her husband same as if she shot him.
You mustn't say unkind things about my sister-in-law.
Please don't freeze me, Mrs. Wilkes.
I forgot how you liked her.
She just ain't in the same class with you, and I can't help it if I think so.
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