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Gone in 60 Seconds

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{y:i}Bring Sally up|{y:i}and bring Sally down
{y:i}Let's done start|{y:i}Gotta till the ground
{y:i}Bring Sally up|{y:i}and bring Sally down
{y:i}Let's done start|{y:i}Gotta till the ground
{y:i}Bring Sally up|{y:i}and bring Sally down
{y:i}Let's done start|{y:i}Gotta till the ground
{y:i}Bring Sally up
{y:i}and bring Sally down
{y:i}Let's done start|{y:i}Gotta till the ground
{y:i}Bring Sally up|{y:i}and bring Sally down
{y:i}Let's done start|{y:i}Gotta till the ground
{y:i}Bring Sally up|{y:i}and bring Sally down
{y:i}Let's done start|{y:i}Gotta till the ground
{y:i}Old Miss Lucy's|{y:i}dead and gone
{y:i}Left me here|{y:i}to weep and moan
{y:i}Bring Sally up|{y:i}and bring Sally down
{y:i}Let's done start|{y:i}Gotta till the ground
{y:i}Bring Sally up|{y:i}and bring Sally down
{y:i}Let's done start|{y:i}Gotta till the ground
{y:i}Bring Sally up|{y:i}and bring Sally down
{y:i}Let's done start|{y:i}Gotta till the ground
{y:i}Old Miss Lucy's|{y:i}dead and gone
{y:i}Left me here|{y:i}to weep and moan
{y:i}Bring Sally up|{y:i}and bring Sally down
{y:i}Let's done start|{y:i}Gotta till the ground
{y:i}Bring Sally up|{y:i}and bring Sally down
{y:i}Let's done start|{y:i}Gotta till the ground
{y:i}Bring Sally up|{y:i}and bring Sally down
{y:i}Let's done start|{y:i}Gotta till the ground
{y:i}Bring Sally up|{y:i}and bring Sally down
{y:i}Let's done start|{y:i}Gotta till the ground
{y:i}Bring Sally up|{y:i}and bring Sally down
{y:i}Let's done start|{y:i}Gotta till the ground
{y:i}Bring Sally up|{y:i}and bring Sally down
{y:i}Let's done start|{y:i}Gotta till the ground
{y:i}Bring Sally up|{y:i}and bring Sally down
{y:i}Let's done start|{y:i}Gotta till the ground
{y:i}Bring Sally up|{y:i}and bring Sally down
{y:i}Let's done start|{y:i}Gotta till the ground
{y:i}Bring Sally up|{y:i}and bring Sally down
{y:i}Let's done start|{y:i}Gotta till the ground
{y:i}Bring Sally up|{y:i}and bring Sally down
{y:i}Let's done start|{y:i}Gotta till the ground
{y:i}Bring Sally up|{y:i}and bring Sally down
{y:i}Let's done start|{y:i}Gotta till the ground
{y:i}Old Miss Lucy's|{y:i}dead and gone
{y:i}Left me here|{y:i}to weep and moan
Corner of Wiltern and Wetherly.
Tumbler messed up.|He said the Porsche would be|at the corner of Wiltern and Wetherly.
- It's right there.|- You're bullshittin' me, right?
- 9024 Wiltern?|- What?
- That?|- I gotta get my tool.
- Kip!|- He ain't bullshittin'.
Kip! Man, that's not a tool.|That's a damn brick.
Kip, man, we gonna use a brick, man,|we might as well call prison|and make reservations.
Aw, come on.
- Oh--|- Get the number.
Hurry up, man.
Man, let's go!
Let's get the hell outta here.
Okay, Billy Bad-ass,|you got us in here.
Now tell me|how the hell we gonna get out.
Oh, no, I know you ain't gonna do|what I think you're gonna do.
- Oh, man!|- Come on!
- This ain't The Dukes of Hazzard!|- Come on!
Yo, so check out my new move.|I call it the stranger.
What I do is, I sit on my hand...
for, like, 15, 20 minutes,|until it goes numb.
No feeling at all.
- And then I rub one out.|- The stranger, huh?
It's like a little boy's nursery school|I've come upon here.
Where are they?
- Yeah.|- You want to? All right.|- Hey!
- Man, leave those people alone, man.|- Oh, my God, sweetie,|you're so talented.
- What-- Hey. Hey.|- What did he say?
- No. Stop. No! No!|- Stolen car. Stolen car.
Hey, I-- I love you.
Man, we going to jail, man!
Come on!
Put your hands behind your back.|You have the right to remain silent.
Hey, watch it!
We have a silver Porsche,|estimated speed 80 miles per hour...
heading west on Wilshire Boulevard.
{y:i}This is Air One.|{y:i}We have a visual of the suspect.
{y:i}Southbound on Vincent Thomas Bridge.
- Something wrong, Tumbler?|- Yeah. I'm missing {y:i}Jerry Springer.
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah!
That's right, that's right,|that's right.
- What's up, old man?|- She'll go zero to 60 in 5.2. seconds.
Believe me, I can vouch for that.
{y:i}Ground units, be advised, suspects last|{y:i}seen entering south side of warehouse.
Thirteen down,|thirty-seven to go.
- What the hell is that?|- What is that, man?
- Now you've gone and done it, Raines.|- What is that?
- Tumbler!|- What's going on?|- Get the board and get the lights!
- All right, I got it, I got it!|- This is bullshit!
- It's not comin' off!|- Keys! Get the keys!
- I got 'em, I got 'em!|- Come on, everybody, let's go!|Hurry up!
- I got it!|- Let's go!
Toby, get it!|Let's go, boys!
Come on, come on, come on!|I got the light! I got the light!
Go, go, go! Let's go!
- Get busy, get busy, get busy|- Shit!|- I guess I didn't know
{y:i}I guess I didn't know|{y:i}Get busy time
{y:i}I guess I didn't|{y:i}I guess I didn't know
We got tape|all over the other side.
- Get the VIN number on that?|- Got it.
- We've got some more lamp shades|by the truck.|- Let's get those tools dusted.
What do we got?
All gone.|We didn't get a single one of them.
And we are talkin' about professionals.
No visible damage to locking mechanisms,|steering columns or ignitions...
and, as you can see,|these are not Honda Civics.
This is one of three|brand new Mercedes...
a car they say is unstealable.
Yeah, unless you get the laser-cut|transponder key...
sent directly to the U.S. dealer|from Hamburg.
They got somebody|working on the inside.
Let's find out which dealership|sold 'em, who serviced 'em,|et cetera, et cetera.
Yeah, I'll get on it.
- Mr Drycoff?|- Yeah?
Let's impound these cars|for one month.
I don't give a damn|if they belong to Tom Cruise.
Control, vision, determination.
These are the three|fundamental components...
of the new generation race car driver.
Speed is a by product.|Going fast.
But remember:|The car is you, you are the car.
Okay? Let's ride!
Billy, you just shaved one second|off your lap time!
Tommy, I don't know what that was,|but it wasn't driving.
Go get 'em.
Well, well, well.
What do you pay your pit crews with,|Oreos and Gummi Bears?
I folded, Atley. You know that.|What are you doing here?
- Is there some place we can talk?|- About what?
About your brother|and the deep shit he's in.
Frank. Would you watch the kids|for a minute?
- Tell me about Kip.|- He took a job and he fumbled it.
Now he's jammed up.|He's jammed up bad.
- What kind of job?|- A boost. A big boost.
A boost.
What's Kip doin' on a boost?
Oh, you're shittin' me, man.
Kip's become quite the little|crew runner since you left.
- You don't talk to your ma?|- She neglected to mention it.
Listen, I need somethin'.|I-I need somethin' cold to drink.
I thought we were goin'|some place to talk.
- Who was the job for?|- A new guy named Raymond Calitri.
They call him "The Carpenter."
He's runnin'|all the dark ponies down there now.
It's a full-on|"Devil Came Down to Long Beach" trip.
He's bad. He's real bad.
And this Calitri|is the one who's after my brother?
Like stains on a mattress.
And you should know,|I work for him.
There weren't a lot of opportunities|for retired car thieves on the gimp.
He put me to work.
But I gotta tell you, Memphis, this guy,|he scares the shit out of even me.
What are you doing, man?
Stop! Stop!
Atley Jackson.
Right. They have Kip.
Take me there.
Raymond Calitri, Memphis Raines.
I try to learn your ways,|understand your obsessions.
But this baseball,|it's so bleeding boring. Isn't it?
Where's my brother?
Memphis Raines.|Your legend proceeds you.
Atley tells me you're the best.
After you left, auto theft in|the South Bay area went down 47 percent.
Where's my brother?
I'm proud of these. Straddle chair|from the Arts and Crafts period.
Mahogany table with cloud-lift pattern.|Black walnut wine table.
Metal's cold, ugly.|Wood's warm, clean.
Provided by nature.
To see a piece of furniture take shape,|it's like watching a child grow.
I asked you a question.
They threw us out England, threw us|out of France, but here we are.
Flourishing, really, except for|the minor inconvenience of despising|everything about your country.
On this list you'll find 50 cars--|five, zero.
I need all 50 delivered|to Long Beach Harbor, pier 14,|by 8:00 a.m. four days from now.
I'm paying $200,000.
I'm not interested.|I'm just here for my brother.
Your Kip came to me.|He had street cred.
The brother|of the notorious Memphis Raines.
So two weeks ago I hired him|and advanced him $10,000.
Atley told me. If it's about the|advance, I can understand your anger.
A debt has to be settled.|Ten grand, from me to you.
- I wish it was that easy.|- I don't see the complication.
I have four days to deliver 50 cars,|and I have no cars.
- Well, that's another problem.|- It is another problem, isn't it?
It's about me delivering 50 top-end cars|because I said I would...
because if I don't my South American|friend goes somewhere else from now on.
And that's not good.|It's a humiliation.
Because I'm the asshole|who said I could deliver.
Am I an asshole?|Do I look like an asshole?
- I need that paper satisfied.|- I'm retired.
Now, where the hell is my brother?
I made this as well.|My first one.
It takes 80,000 pounds of pressure|to crush a car.
- Who's that?|- Memphis.
- Oh, shit.|- You okay?
- Shut it off!|- Turn it off!
- You've got 30 seconds|to consider your options.|- Shut it off!
One: You kill me, they kill you,|your brother dies anyway.
Two: You lie, you accept the job,|you take your brother, you run.
I hunt you down, I kill you,|I kill your brother...
and I kill your mother|for the aggravation you've caused me.
Three: You accept the deal, you steal|some cars, you make some money...
and you be a big brother.
- Memphis!|- 8:00 a.m. Friday morning.
The cars are on the boat,|or your brother's in the coffin.
Get me out of here!|Somebody get me out of here!
Listen, you don't really|have to make me anything.
Oh, hey, you come down here, you|save my ass, it's the least I can do.
Hey, I heard you were pumpin' gas|someplace up north or somethin', right?
- Yeah, I'm workin' with kids.|- Oh, really?
First place.
I remember this.
Oh, yeah, that was a--|that was a long time ago.
- What'd you put in it?|- I don't know.
It's good.
Ow. Ow.
Oh, God.
- Does Mom know about any of this?|- No, no, no, she doesn't.
And, uh, I don't think she should.
You know, she-- she works really hard,|and this, this-- she doesn't need|to know about any of this stuff.
Look, you know,|I got everything under control.
The kitchen's on fire.
Uh, man.
Hey, Memphis.
It's good to see you.
Yeah, haul the cartons over there!
- Hey, Fuzzy.|- Aw, shit. What are you doing here?
- I told you I don't know anything.|- Yeah, but you're a liar.
- You're gonna get me fired, man.|- Fired? That's not good.|You're on parole, right?
Fuzzy. Hey.|Nobody wants to get you fired.
We just need this information|is all.
Two weeks ago a call came in|for a lot of top-end cars.
- And who made that call?|- I don't have a clue.
- Okay, we'll just go talk to your boss.|- Shh!
The delivery date.|I know the delivery date.
- And when is that?|- Thursday, Friday, end of the week.
Well, you get me a name within 48 hours,|or we'll be back.
- Good to see you, buddy.|- Thank you.
- I'm looking for Helen Raines.|- Helen.
- Some guy is here for you.|- What guy? What's he look like?
Like a firecracker. Like your son.
- You look so good.|- Thank you, Mom.
Okay, Spring, uh-- Spring Bouquet.
-What are you doing here?|-Well, uh, Atley Jackson came to see me.
He told me something about Kip.
Can I help you with one of these?
Okay. That's yours.
Tell Castlebeck he's not gonna believe|who just walked into the Quality Café.
I can't say I'm surprised.
All his life he looked up to you,|tried to be you.
I guess now he is.
So why is this happening?|I send you guys money.
He-- He met some people,|and he changed.
He lost that-- that s-sweetness.|You know?
Okay, tell me.
- How deep in is he?|- Deep.
Can you get him out?
It means doing things.
Things I told you|I'd never do again.
Do what it takes, Randall.
- When did you get into town, Raines?|- Last night.
- Last night? What for?|- I thought I'd catch a Lakers game.
Heard we got Shaquille.|Guys wanna go?
- Guess not.|- Randall, Randall, Randall. Come here.
I get this call from this uniform,|you know.
Axton. Very nice man.|Remembers everything.
This man calls me up, says,|"Guess who's back in town?"
I say, "Who?"|He says, "Randall Raines."
I say, "Randall Raines, the car thief? "|He says, "Yeah."
I say, "Impossible."|He says, "No, he's back."
I say, "No, he's not."|He says, "Yes, I will bet you $200|I just saw Randall Raines."
- You guys said a lot. Look, Detective--|- No, w-w-whoa, whoa.
What's really,|really ironic about this--
Two nights ago we snare these 13|fresh stolens waiting for export, right?
And at the time I'm thinking,|"This feels like Randall Raines."
Now, it didn't have your panache,|your, uh, flash...
but it just felt like Randall Raines.
And now here you are.
Look, I don't know what you boys are|looking for, but I just got back. Okay?
It was a family emergency.|Now, that's the truth.
"Family emergency." Yeah, I got|a family emergency too, Randall.
I gotta go tell my woman|that I just lost $200 on a stupid deal.
- Mmm, she's mean.|- What?
She can be mean to m--|It's not so--
Come here. Come here, Randall.
Take those glasses off, man, please.|Do me a favour.
Six years ago you make|a real smart move, you know.
You retire from a life|that's gonna get you busted or killed,|or maybe even both.
And I'm thinkin' that not putting you|away when I had a chance...
is like this big bug up the ass of this|real impressive career that I've had.
Oh, yeah, well, without disappointment,|you can't appreciate victory.
- Eleanor tell you that?|- Well, now, that's hittin'|below the belt.
Yeah, all right, let me tell you|about "below the belt," Randall.
I tell you what-- From here on out,|if you walk across the street|outside ofa cross walk...
if you roll through a stop sign,|if you use an aerosol can in a manner|other than directed--
I mean, I don't care. You make one slip,|and I will put you away for good.
- Okay.|- By the time you get out, asshole,|there won't even be cars.
We'll all be cruisin' around|in, you know, little spaceships.
That's gonna suck.
- Who's Eleanor?|- It's a damn car.
And don't you ever talk about my wife.
Excuse me.|Do you know where Otto is?
He's in the back in the paint shop.
Is that you?|It's about time you came to see me.
- H-Hey!|- I missed you.|- It's good to see you!
- You look great.|- It's good to see you.|- You too.
- Ah. You remember my Junie?|- Hey, Junie. How are you?
- We're doing good, thank you.|- Good. Good.
- You look happy.|- Well, I am happy. I really am.
- So what happened here?|- What do you mean?
Well, it's nice. But the chop shop,|the stripped cars, my education--
What happened? Hey.
Old age happened, that's what happened.|Got tired of killin' 'em.
You know, I woke up|one morning and thought...
"I'm no longer a destroyer.|I am a means of resurrection."
Now we restore, we revive.
- Come here.|Remember when we used to do this?|- What?
You know. Come here. Okay.
The Ferrari 365 GDB4, Daytona.|Le Mans, 1971.
- Five cam--|- No, that's a V-12.
V-12! Right, right, right, right!|Here it peaks at 5,500 r.p.m.!
-What do you know about Raymond Calitri?|-Who?
Raymond Calitri.
Uh, excuse us, sweetness.|I'll be right back.
- Listen, we can talk right here.|- Okay? No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.|It's all right.
Raymond Calitri.
He's a jackal tearing at the soft belly|of our-- of our fair town.
And he's an asshole to boot,|so be careful.
I heard about Kip.
- Are you considering a comeback tour?|- Do you think it can be done?
Don't do this to me, okay?|Pl-- Please.
Please. Not now.
Oh, man.
- How many cars?|- Fifty.
- How many days?|- Three.
- How many in your crew?|- One, but I came here hoping|to negotiate for a second.
No way. It can't be done.|I mean, you need time to prep,|time to shop. You know that.
It has to be.|They're gonna kill him.
Oh, man.
It was a mistake to come here.
You have a great life now.|I don't want to upset that.
Uh, uh, wait a minute.|Whoa. Hold on.
Look around you.
These days|I'm all about second chances.
So, uh, let's make a few phone calls|and we'll go from there, okay?
Don't look at me!|Look at the people next to you!|Next to you! Turn the wheel!
Pull over!|Pull it the hell over!
Asshole!|Learn how to drive!
Don't touch nothin'.Just--
You can't negotiate turns,|you can't signal properly...
you can't maintain speed,|you can't parallel park.
Hell, you can't drive, honey.|Shit, I can't swim. I know I can't.
So you know what I do?|I stay my black ass out the pool!
All right, now, just--
Can you-- Oh! Hello.
Memphis! Hey, how are you?
Sure, sure. When? Okay.
- 323-969-81 1 .|- All right, man. Thanks a lot.
Just take it around the block|a couple of times. Okay? All right.
- I've seen betterdays|- Hello. I'm calling for Frankie Fish.
Frank's dead, man.|Yeah, h-he got scragged.
- I'm sorry.|- Uh, yeah, I'm looking|for Henry Santoro.
- He went down to Florida with that|asshole Frankie Fish. You see him,|you tell him I want my money.|- Okay.
- I didn't mess with your money.|- Yes, ma'am.|I'm looking for Dan and Mikey.
Both of 'em up to Chino.|Doin' a nickel a piece.
Now I'm not so sure I want|to tell you who this is.
- Yeah, try it, asshole.|- You sound, uh, very busy right now.
You sound very, very busy.
- There's only two names left.|- Yeah? Let's see which ones you got.
Sphinx-- Those two? No way.
- There's no one else.|- Are you sure?
- ..going in there.|- You tell him.|- Listen, why should I--
- Come on!|- You were the one|who answered the phone, right?|- Fine. Fine!
Fine. But how's a guy who can't speak|gonna take a phone call?
You've got a call!
{y:i}Sphinx, is that you?
Press a button if it's you.
Sway, you set up this brake job?
Yeah. He warped all four rotors.|He must've been riding those brakes|like an old lady.
- That's nice.|- Sounds like the left bank's|running lean.
The service department's over there.
- Can I talk to you?|- Talk to me? Yeah, sure, talk.
- Well, thing of it is,|I came back because--|- Do you know what time it is?
It's 5:30.|I came back because--
- I gotta go. I'm late for work.|- Here, let me--
- You're at work.|- I got two jobs.
I have discovered that you have to work|twice as hard when it's honest.
- Hey, Sway, can I get another shot?|- Yeah.
You're still looking amazing.
While you look like a bible salesman.
You're healed.
- Can we improvise a little bit?|- Sure. What do you have in mind?
Do you wanna get a little crazy?|There's a Cutlass 442 in the back.
We can strip down and shine the hood.|What do you say?
Uh, that's not what I had in mind.
It's about my brother.
- Kip's in trouble.|- In trouble?
- He took a boost, and he blew it.|- Shit.
- And you got some ltalians?|- Five or six.
- Right.|- It's 50 ladies in 24 hours, $200,000.
Well, I've cleaned up.
I understand. I hate to|even come here and ask you--
-Sway, can I get that drink now, please?|-Yes.
And I had to ask a few of the others|too, and I feel bad about it, but--
- But you had no choice.|You had to come here. Yeah.|- Pretty much.
- I'm sorry.|- It's all right.
I'd love to help Kip,|but I-I'm not into the life any more.
- Well, that's a good thing.|- Yeah.
- I'm glad to see you're doing well.|- Sorry I can't help you.
- I'd like to pay for your drink.|- That's fine.
How about that drink?
Yeah, how about that drink?
- Raines. Memphis Raines, huh?|- Do I know you?
Well, you should know me, considering|all the business you done screwed up|for me in the past, baby.
- Johnny B.|- That's me.
- What can I do for you?|- Well, I'm gonna tell you|what you can do for me, baby.
Get out of Long Beach tonight.
I'll be gone in three days.|I'm just here on some family business.
Word on the street says Raymond Calitri|hired you and your brother|for a top order...
a order shoulda went to me.
That's not the way it went down,Johnny.
Hey! Get away from my car, asshole!
You got somethin' to say|before I kill you, fool?
Otto send you?
{y:i}I'm gonna call the doctor
{y:i}I'm gonnaget better
- I'm gonna run forthepriest|- Oh, Dad.
We'd probably both be working|at the dealership if he hadn't died...
just like normal people.
- What's the matter with you?|- Man, six years does a lot of|different things to people.
You know, I-- I don't know where you|went, but, you know, you're in there,|you're talkin' about bein' normal.
I mean, y-you were always the one who|was goin' after the easy money. Shit.
I didn't do it for the money.
I did it for the cars.
Gleaming in marina blue...
sunfire yellow...
Marlboro red...
begging to be plucked.
And I'd do it.
I'd boost her...
and just blast to Palm Springs...
instantly feeling better about being me.
And then, the next day, it seems like,|I'm getting shot at...
my friends are dying,|people are going to jail.
I didn't like what I'd become.
Yeah, and then you left...
and then I didn't have|a brother any more.
And now you wanna give me advice...
and I don't even know you.
And, you know, I got my own family now.|I got my own friends.
And, you know, you can say what you want|about them, but they're loyal.
Well, when you hit the wall,|the same thing is gonna happen.
You and your family...
are either gonna get shot...
or get a five-year jolt at Corcoran.
Those Mercedes we impounded,|need those new fangled laser-cut keys?
Each one's from Dressner Foreign Motors,|downtown Newport...
where all the employees are clean|except for him.
James Lakewood. Served a nickel|at Folsom for auto insurance fraud.
Well, gosh, I bet he just neglected|to mention that to the people|at Dressner Foreign Motors, huh?
It gets better. Young James there|places orders for lost keys|to the Mercedes home office in Germany.
- The list.|- Ah, the list.
Well, I guess we gotta start|beatin' the bushes and try to|fi nd out where they I-- Whoa.
- 1967 Shelby GT 500.|- I know. I know.|- You got Eleanor here?
Otto, there's somebody here to see you.
Oh! The puppy's a big dog now.
- How you doin'?|- Hey there, Kipper. What is this up--|What's that up under there?
Hey. Hey, Otto. How you doin'?|It's a long time. Good to see you.
- Uh, what are you doin' here, Kip?|- Well, actually, we-- We actually|came to talk about some things.
- About what?|- Well, you know.
It seems like you guys need|a little help, and we thought|that we should participate.
But I just promised Mom|I was getting you out of this.
Listen-- Loo-- No, we're talking|about a lot of money here.
- A-And if you guys think you're|gonna be gettin' into our Kool-Aid...|- Money?
- You gotta be out of your minds.|- Is that why you think I'm doing this?
- You inconsiderate little punk!|- Can you explain to me how think three|washed-up car thieves...|- If you wanna participate...
- Well, then you call Mom|and you explain to her...|- And an old man...
- How you wanna--|- Are gonna steal 50 cars in two days?
Hey. Hey. Hey.
This is why I do not do business|with family.
I think you should consider this.
Oh, come on, Otto, please. No, his|criminal career has come to an end.
Well, his life will come to an end|unless we pull this off.
And how can we do it without him?|It can't be done, and you know it.
- You guys have any skills at all?|- Please.
Yeah, we have skills. We, um-- Mirror|Man here, he's an electronics expert.
You know, h-he's got some gadgets|that-- that you old farts|probably never heard of.
You know, uh, Tumbler over here,|he can pretty much drive|anything with wheels...
and, you know,|some things without wheels.
And, uh, and Toby,|he's a computer genius.
He's-- He's-- He does|fascinating things with computers.
Wh-What exactly can you do|with a computer, Toby?
I can hack into the DMV mainframe,|I can change VIN numbers...
I can change addresses, registrations.
I can do a lot|of really tricky stuff, okay?
All right, all right,|we do this, we do it my way.
I run the show.|You take your orders from me.
- If you have any problems with that,|you can leave now.|- N-No, that's fine.
- Yeah, well, w-who is--|- That's fine.|- Who is Gilligan here,|and, and what does he do?
Uh, Gilligan is actually Freb. Freb|can order pizzas like nobody's business.
- What?|- It's true.
Hey, people gotta eat right?
This is outrageous.|I want my lawyer.
I'm not saying a word|till I get a lawyer.
- All right,James, that's an option.|- And, frankly, a reasonable one.
So you call your lawyer,James.|You tell him you've been arrested|on suspicion of grand theft auto.
- We indict you.|- He'll bail you out.
- And we move on to trial.|- Okay, okay.
Kid came to me,|said he'd pay $500 a key.
So I put the order forms through, and|he picked 'em up a couple days later.
- What's the kid's name?|- We kept it anonymous.
He was a well-built kid.|Uh, uh, looks like a boxer.
- What do you want me to do?|- When he comes back, you call us.
- What says he comes back?|- A hunch.
To make the Friday 8:00 a.m. deadline|you're gonna have to go old school.
A one-night boost.|Put all your nuts in one basket. Okay?
- "One night"? - Yes.|- What, are you crazy? "One night."|- No, I'm not crazy.
- What, do you have, like,|a better plan or something?|- Yeah. You spread it out.
- You play shadow games and shit.|- We're on a truncated timetable.
- Otto, I'm sorry. C-Can you just listen|to me for one second? All right?|- We've heard you, Kip. Shadow games.
But what you have to understand is|that if you play shadow games...
by the second night|the heat is onto you.
With a one-night boost, by the time the|first car is reported stolen, your ship|sets sail; it's a surprise attack.
This is a complicated list, fellas.|It really is. Okay?
There are 25 that aren't a problem,|but these exotics are tough to fi nd.
And the new Mercedes,|they require laser-cut keys. Okay?
- Uh, yeah, I got that covered.|- You have that covered?
- What'd I just say?|Yeah, I got it covered.|- Yeah. Yeah.
All right, all right.|Well, then, let's get to work.
Toby, hack into the insurance database|and find as many cars as you can.
Yes! I got addresses|on Hillary, Natalie and Tracy.
Donny, check the DMV|for the remaining cars on the list.
I'm sorry, miss, but you've missed|five questions. That's failing.
- Oh, no!|- Next.
No! Why?
- You're supposed to go faster|when somebody tailgates you!|- Ah. Hello again.
Mm-hmm. Here's your list|of the 20 car owners' names|and addresses that you requested.
- Thank you.|- That's $100, please.
- A hundred dollars?|- Five dollars a car, 20 cars.
- Would you like a calculator?|- It used to be two dollars a car.|Thanks a lot.
- That's all redesigned, right?|- My name is Roger, sir.|May I be ofsome help?
That's funny. My name's Roger.|Two Rogers don't make a right.
- Roger, I have a problem.|- Yes?
I've been in L.A. three months now.|I have money, I have taste.
But I'm not on anybody's "A" list,|and Saturday night is the loneliest|night of the week for me.
Well, a Ferrari|would certainly change that.
Perhaps, mmm. But you know,|this is the one. Yes, yes, yes.
I saw three of these parked outside|the local Starbucks this morning,|which tells me only one thing--
there's too many self-indulgent wieners|in this city with too much bloody money!
Now, if I was driving|a 1967 275 GTB four-cam--
You would not be|a self-indulgent wiener, sir.
- You would be a connoisseur.|- Precisely.
Champagne would fall from the heavens.
Doors would open.|Velvet ropes would part.
I don't have one here.|However, I do have one in the warehouse.
Superb.|What else do you have in the warehouse?
Mm-hmm. All right. Uh-huh.
That was Mr Lakewood|from the dealership.
He says that boxer-lookin' punk|is gonna pick up the keys|to three new Mercedes today.
Same make and model as the ones|we already got impounded.
Now we talkin'.
The ElSpirito de Graciela|sails Friday...
8:00 a.m. sharp.
We'll target all the cars|within 45 minutes of here.
By the time their alarm|tracking systems are activated...
the cars will already be|in these containers.
Fellas, this is Sway.
No questions. I'm here for Kip.
- All right.|- All right.
- It's me. He's-- He's here.|- In the red Chevy Nova?
- Uh, that's affirmative, sir.|- Pull over.
All right, as soon as he leaves,|you call me with the owners' addresses.
{y:i}-Allright?|- I'll get those forms right over, sir.
Damn boss.|Always on my case.
- I got three here?|- Mm-hmm.|- thank you.
Randall Raines,|Donny Astricky, Otto Halliwell.
- Should I set up some tails?|- Uh-uh.
They're too smart for that.|They'll just dump the cars.
No, we'll get them|with the Mercedes.
Let's set up, uh, three surveillance|teams at those addresses.
Now, you go ahead|and you make your move, man...
and I will be waiting for you.
- Why do you call 'em girls' names?|- That's a good question.
- Why do you call 'em girls' names?|- It's a code.
You say Jane, you say Shirley,|Lucy, Edna...
and nobody listening on the waves|is the wiser.
Got 'em.
All right, we've got the addresses|on all 50 ladies. Let's scout 'em.
- There she is.|- Nice.
Damn, it's cold up here.|They keep these Ferraris refrigerated?
And you know black people|don't like cold weather.|We're a tropical people, man.
When this is over, I'm gonna|smoke a joint, watch two hours of Roots,|and I'm gonna kick your ass.
Hello, and welcome to TV Car Trivia.
First question:|Who was the driver of a '73 Firebird?
- Uh, Otto.|- Uh,Jim Rockford, Rockford Files.
Give me Columbo.
- A Peugeot convertible.|- What colour?
- Grey.|- How you know that?
{y:i}'Cause I love that show.
Well, I got three words for all y'all:|get a life.
Oh, this is some kiddie shit, Sphinx.
What's on Magnum P.I.'s licence plate?
- Robin 1.|- Wait, wasn 't Robin that faggot guy|{y:i}who hung with him?
No, that was Higgins.|That was Higgins.
Hey, ten points|for our fearless leader.
{y:i}Sway, how about giving us the honour|{y:i}of the Bill Bixby trifecta?
{y:i}He drove a Corvette in The Magician,|{y:i}a Ford pickup truck|{y:i}in The Incredible Hulk...
and in The Courtship of Eddie's Father|he walked.
- Bingo.|- My man.
{y:i}We get tired of lookin '|{y:i}at each other
{y:i}Al, tell me somethin'.
Nothin' doin' here, sir.|Nobody's showing.
A minivan approaching.
It seems a little late|for soccer practise.
Heads up. I think we got|some activity right here.
Oh, that is--|Looks like it's Kip Raines.|And we got a Randall Raines.
if they take this,|we will take them down.
He's pulling something out|of his pocket. You see that?
It's a camera. Looks like|he'sjust doing some homework.
All right, let's leave him be. I don't|wanna burn this. They will be back.
You know what? Let's go over|to Otto's in the morning.
Kick over some rocks|and see what's underneath there.
We saved the best for last:|the '67 Shelby Mustang GT-500.
- The GT-500?|- Yeah, yeah.
There she is.
Yep. There's Eleanor.
Eleanor is Memphis' unicorn.
- What's a unicorn?|- A fabled creature?
You know, the horse with the horn?|Impossible to capture?
It's the one car that, no matter|how many times you try to boost...
something always happens.
We're gonna get through this this time,|right? It's gonna be smooth.
- What's he doing?|- It's gonna be easy.
He's talking to her, man,|trying to get reacquainted.
You know, they had a rough history. She|almost got him killed a couple of times.
- I don't want any talking back.|- He flipped one on the Harbor Freeway.
He went off the Long Beach Pier once.
A smooth, easy ride.
We're just gonna glide.
Big night tomorrow, guys.|Let's go home.
- Did you-- Did you get the picture?|- Yeah.
See you tomorrow night, Eleanor,|with your fine ass.
Man, we're almost home.|You wanna get something to eat?
I'd like to get a chocolate malt.
- Hey! Hey!|- Get out of the car!
Go, go, go, go, go, go!
- Why are people shooting at us?|- 'Cause I blew up their car.
Over here!
Okay, okay.
Oh, shit! Oh, shit!
Oh, you-- y-you think it's a game?
Johnny B.|The cops, man.
I ain't got nothin' but time, baby.
Oh, man,|we're gonna be here all night, man.
Look! Cop car! Uh-huh!
Long as I'm in here, you're just gonna|sit out there. Aren't ya? All right?
Hey, listen, this is the plan.|This is what we're gonna do.
There's a big rig over there--
Uh, mister, is that your truck|out there, the Big Rig Wrecker?
- The Big Rig Wrecker's mine, but--|- That's cool.
What do I gotta do? How do I learn?|What do I do? Where do I go?
- Well, you gotta go|to truck driving school.|- Truck dri-- I know, man, I know.
But I mean, like, um--
You boys ready to play|a little Pin the Tail on the Donkey?
- Can I get you|a jelly doughnut or something, man?|- No, I'm just gonna go ahead and go.
- 'Cause I'm gonna have the waffle and--|- I'm gonna-- Maybe next time, though.
I'm gonna smoke you!
- Hey! Damn!|- What the hell's going on?
- Want some of this?|- Yeah.
- You guys got permits for these weapons?|- Oh, man.
So you think I can|only get pizzas, huh?
- Boosted it myself.|- Yeah, yeah, yeah. How'd you get it?
- Actually, the keys were in it.|- Oh, yeah, well, that kind of|defies the point then, don't it?
You stole a car that wasn't on the list.|You stole a car that wasn't on the list!
Why didn't you just go to the police|station in-- in a red clown suit...
and let everybody know|what we're doin' here?
- What have we got?|- I don't know.
- Shit! Fellas.|- What?
- Give me that.|- Check this out.|- Let me see that.
- Check this out.|- Let me see that.
- What?|- Look.|- This looks like heroin.
- Yeah.|- What?|- Exactly.
- Where did you get this car?|- In front ofsome poker parlour|in Chinatown.
You ever consider why a car|in a neighbourhood like that|would have its keys left in it?
- No.|- Maybe because nobody in that|neighbourhood would be stupid enough|to try to rip this car off.
- All right.|Get this shit out of here. Take it back.|- No, no, no, we can't take it back.
- Get it out of here!|- Will everybody relax for a second?
- Shut up.|- No, no, no! Take it back!|- Take it back!
- I want that shit.|Give me that. Give me that.|- Now! Out!
- Look what you--|- Man, I will knock the shit out ofyou.
- Shut up.|- Wait, wait, wait, wait.
- Who is it?|- Detective Castlebeck.
Oh. Christ.
Goddamn it.
- Hey, hello, Otto.|- Detective. Good to see ya.
- Long time.|- Yeah. You're looking good.
Thank you.
So, Randall, what do we got here?|We got a multigenerational|gathering of players?
- Is that what we got here?|- Yeah, right.
Here's Donny. How you been, D?
- I'm just happy to see you, brother.|- Yeah.
I got to tell you, Randall,|seeing you here, Otto, Donny...
makes me feel almost nostalgic.
Kind of like a big reunion.
You should stick around,|'cause a little later we're gonna...
make s'mores and sing "Kumbayah."
- Yeah. What is this?|- What's it--|- This.
They call this a Cadillac. Yeah.
- What's wrong with it, Otto?|- Needs restoration.
- What?|- Brightening.
- Otto. You got a '39 Ford right there.|- Well, that's a pretty car, isn't it?
- Yeah.|- Isn't that a nice car?|- And right here you got|a '53 Fiat Vignale.
Now, these are beautiful cars, Otto.|And here we got a '83 Cadillac Eldorado?
- Yeah.|- I mean, who the hell pays...
to brighten up a Cadillac Eldorado?
I-I think it holds a certain,|uh, sentimental value, you know?
N-Nothing more.
Run me down a tag.
C licence 3-2-9-H-R-O.
That is, uh, Harold, Randall, Otto,|burgundy Cadillac.
No faith in our newfound|goodness, Detective, huh?
Task force runs on statistics|and numbers, Otto. You know that.
- Randall, this Kip?|- That's my brother. He's all grown up.
{y:i}One-Baker-eleven, Pacific Division,|{y:i}three-two-niner, Harold, Randall, Otto.
{y:i}No wants, no warrants at this time.|{y:i}DMVnot on file.
- Copy that. thank you.|- See, I know what you're doin'.
I know. You--|You're thinking there's no want...
but that, uh, I stripped its guts|and crated her up, right?
- Is that what you did, Randall?|- No, I didn't do it.
You know, forget it.|You're trying to hurt my feelings? Fine!
You know what? Go ahead.|Do it. Let her rip.
- Go ahead. Rev it up.|- All right, goddamn it. I will.
Sell it to you cheap.
Yeah, '83, first year they put|the auto-ride control on these boys.
Oh, I don't know. You probably know more|about cars at this point than I do.
- What? You slippin' on me, Randall?|- No, it's just your knowledge|overwhelms me.
- It's got a real nice-sounding engine,|right, Otto?|- 4.1 litre.
- Digital fuel injection?|- You got it.
- All right. Let's see what she got.|- You the man.
Give it some more. Give it some more.
- Yeah, that's it!|- Go! Go!
- Let's go!|- Come on.
Baby, don't be so mean!
- Yeah, that's it!|- Hey, hey.|- Oh, yeah, that was good.
Yeah, you break it,|you buy it, my friend.
Yeah, she got some power goin' on.
All right.
I'll catch you later then.
- It's on for tonight.|- How do you know?
They got the call signs|on all the units working tonight.
What-- What were you|gonna do with this?
- I was gonna bonk him.|- What? Bonk?
For the next 24 hours,|all your decision-making privileges|have been removed!
- You got it?|- Got it.|- Yeah, that's cool, man.
Obviously they're onto us.|He's sniffi n' real close.
If anything tonight appears|out of place, I want you to cut bait,|get out of there and walk away.
And get rid of this goddam car!
- What's up, Kip?|- Toby, what are you doin'?
You think you're comin' with us,|but you're not.
- What are you talkin' about, man?|I'm part of the team. I get to go.|- No.
No, no, wake up. You're gonna end up|in jail or in the morgue or some shit.|Don't be stupid.
What am I supposed to do?
Did you see a box|of rubber gloves here, man?
Gloves? Man, you don't need gloves.|This is the new age. Check this out.
- What is this?|- Let me just see that big claw|you call a hand.
That's not doughnut jelly,|so don't eat it.
Your new fingerprints.|Elvis is back.
- Boy got skills, right?|- Yeah, you do.
Look like a little ghetto Smurf.
I am a bad man.
Thanks. Thanks for doin' this.
Keep it real. Think slow.
We should get through it just fine.
"Low Rider," Donny.|Donny? "Low Rider."
{y:i}All my friends know the lowrider
{y:i}Yeah, the lowrider|{y:i}is a little higher
Okay, let's ride.
Oh! Shit.
Give me the damn torch.
What? I tell you, I'm the man.
Now, where does this go?|Find a way to get in here. Get this--
I tell you, I'm running this shit!|You do that again, I will kick--
Cool, man. You don't have|to take it so damn personal.
Ah! Everything is perfect.
Hello, ladies.|Always was a sucker for a redhead.
Let's go. Come on.|Move. Move. Go, go!
Work your magic, baby. I know you know|Ferraris. Work your magic.
Girl got skills.
You all right?
- You think we're gonna make it?|- I don't know. It's too early to tell.
{y:i}Diana, Tricia, Nadine andRose|{y:i}are on their way.
Good goin', guys.
- Al, tell me something.|- Unit Two. Sorry, sir, nothin' yet.
Son of a bitch. I know you're not|parking right in front of me.
Oh, no, I can't see a damn thing.
All right, we gotta move.
- You ever feel bad about any of this?|- Hell, no.
I'm Robin Hood, man. I rob from|the rich and give to the needy.
- Damn! Donny!|- I got you. I got you.
- You mean, the poor.|- Cutters.
No, like I said, the needy.
'Cause, brother, we need this car.
- What's up, Doc?|- You're new, aren't you?
- Yeah, how can you tell?|- Now, listen, son.
- You take real good care of this car--|- All right.
- And I'll take care ofyou.|- Tell you what. Save it.
- You get another one|of these suits, all right?|- God bless you, son.
All right.|You need a fashion counsellor.
All right, babe. I ain't here|for the door. I'm here for the car.|Get your big ass out.
- Hmm?|- Out! What are you lookin' at?
- Hey, man, that was as easy as pie.|- I'm a veteran, son.
Get out of the car, bitch,|or I'll blow your brains out!
- You gotta be shittin' me.|- I will shoot you! Damn it!
You lazy, half-ass bully!|Any asshole can pull a gun on somebody!
You don't know the first thing|about stealing a car! Boy, I--
You need a role model!
{y:i}Down and dirty, baby|{y:i}Down and dirty, baby
{y:i}Down and dirty, baby
- Shannon.|- Can't stop the rock|{y:i}You can't stop the rock
{y:i}Can't stop the rock, you can't|{y:i}stop the rock, can't stop the rock
{y:i}You can't stop the rock|{y:i}Can't stop the rock
{y:i}You can't stop the rock
Hey. Check this out.
J.J., he's back, but he's smart.|He watches his ass.
{y:i}Just hold our positions.|{y:i}If he rolls, you follow him out.
Copy that.
What's he doin'?|What are you doin'? What are you doing?
We might as well roll down|our windows and wave.
- J.J., you tail him, all right?|- Copy that.
Let's go.
- Good luck.|- Piece of cake.
Unit One, this is Unit Two.|As tricky has landed.
{y:i}If they roll, we take them down.
Last night that van was parked|four houses down. Now it's only two.
- We got company.|- Shit!
He's at the car.
{y:i}Bird, come back.
- Stand by, Unit One.|- What?
- Where are you?|- Where do you think I am?
I'm at the casino, picking up|the pit boss's lady. What do you want?
The ladies are dirty. Walk away.
- The ladies are dirty.|- What?
I want everybody to get back|to the garage now.
Oh, so she's having|the baby right now?
- I guess I better get|to the hospital then, huh?|- He's having a baby.
- Something's got him spooked.|- My wife is having a baby.
That's-- Gotta get-- I'm just nervous.|This ain't even my car.|I'm way over here.
He's heading away|from the vehicle.
I see you.
Pull in over there.
{y:i}Uh, this is Unit Two.|{y:i}I-I lost them.
All right, it's time|to talk to Fuzzy again.
Check this out.|Laser-encoded keys...
that send a message|to a receiver inside the car.
You want to tell me what you're--|you're doin' with these?
Yeah, these are from last week.|These are from the other boost.
- Give me this back.|- Who is it?
- Where did they come from?|- The keys! The keys! The keys!
- Give me them!|- Take it easy!|- Now, look!
- Now, give me this!|- What happened?|- Hey!
- What happened?|- Where'd you get these from?
- What's the problem?|- The Mercedes are dirty!
There's surveillance vans all over them.|Where'd they come from?
Whoa, whoa, whoa. My guy in Southland.|The same guy I used last time.|Same guy I used before.
- Before when?|- When we-- When we took the other cars.
- Other Mercedes.|- Oh, Christ.
He got to one of the guys|at the dealership, and he turned him.|That's what happened.
Eight hours left.
So, what? We're gonna|stand around and have a meeting?|What's-- What's going on?
Memphis, maybe it's time for us|to start thinking about how to get|these young kids out oftown, 'cause--
- Oh, man, you know what? No! That's--|- What are you talking about?|- Hey! Hey!
- They can't go--|- If there's no Mercedes, there's|no point in boosting any other cars.
You hear me? That's it.
47 is not 50, Memphis.|You know that's what he'll say.
Hey, Memphis, you know, we still have|the Mercedes keys from the last boost.
Hey! Those cars are|at the police impound.
Okay? The police impound. You want us|to go there and start stealin' cars?
- Well--|- Yeah.|- What?
- Yeah, let's do it.|- Yeah.|- You're crazy.
- We're gonna get hectic. Let's go.|- No, Memphis, no. Don't do this!|- What?
Hey, Sphinx, I don't|look suspicious, do l, man?
Otto, man, I think that|your dog ate the keys!
Wait. He usually goes|for the licence plates.
- You sure? What?|- Wait a minute. Wait a minute.
- The dog ate the keys?|- Yes.
- How-- How are you gonna get them out?|- Not funny.
- I'm--|- Wait! Wait! Wait!|Don't even think about it, Sphinx.
It's all right.
Say, uh, Toby. Go, uh,|see if you can get some, uh, Alpo...
- and get some Ex-- Ex-Lax.|- Oh, Lord.
- No way, man!|- Bad dog!
Let's get back to work.
- Hey! Open the door!|- Oh,Jesus.
- Hurry up. Hurry up.|- End it, rock star. Get in.
Jesus Christ!
- Now what, man? What else?|- Huh?
Fuzzy, you never called me.|So now we gotta stay down here...
till you tell me|everything you know.
Y-Yeah, I told you everything I know.|I know that because I said,|"This is everything I know."
Detective Drycoff,|does it seem like the suspect|is violating his parole right now?
Why, yes, Detective Castlebeck,|if by violating his parole...
you mean failing to cooperate|with a law enforcement officer.
A little trick I learned|in the car thief retirement home.
Can you hold this?
No, no, no, I'm not failing|to cooperate. It'sjust that--
Well, yeah, yeah, o-o-okay. Okay. Okay.|Uh, uh, uh, word has it that, uh,
Kip Raines took the job,|and he-- he screwed up--|uh, he screwed up pretty bad.
And who put out the order|for the job?
It's Raymond Calitri's order.
Come on, come on,|come on, come on.
{y:i}We have six hours left.|{y:i}Has the dog done its business yet?
Toby and Freb|are walking him right now.
He's not gonna do it.|It's not gonna happen, man.
Come on, dog.|What's wrong, Hemi? Poop, dog.
- It had to be a girl car.|- Girl car?
What kind of a girl|drives a Hemi 'Cuda?
I'll show you.
Matches the car.
What's next? Blush? Mascara?
Next time I'll, uh--|I'll pull out the, uh...
Leather and high heels|and pink underwear for you.
- Leather, high heels and pink underwear.|- Pink underwear.
Pink underwear works.|Pink underwear works.
Raymond Vincent Calitri did five years|in South London for manslaughter.
- He immigrated in '98.|- Look at this.
Loan sharking, extortion, fencing.|Ha. His front's a salvage yard.
Gonna have to wait it out.
- So, you seeing anybody?|- No.
No, I had a girl once.|She was great.
Hmm. So, if she was so great,|why'd you leave her?
I did ask you to come with me.
No, you asked me|to be a different person.
Yeah. I didn't want to see people get|hurt. I just wanted you to slow down.
Well, I couldn't,|'cause I wasn't ready.
- You're straight now.|- Yeah, I am.
'Cause it wasn't|the same without you.
- Excuse me, gentlemen.|- Hey, asshole. I was reading that.
- Watch your mouth, kid.|- What's goin' on?
- This is a homicide file|from a homicide investigation.|- All right.
It took us three months to get a|magistrate to give us a wiretap on 'im.
No other division, including GRAB,|can go near his person, residence|or place of business, all right?
- I just--|- You got it? Let me tell you guys|something, all right?
Raymond Calitri is going down|for murder one, boneheads.
Who gives a shit about|grand theft auto? Really.
- Man, I can't watch this.|- Come on, come on, come on.|Get it on. Get it over with.
{y:i}Burnin 'on my lips
What do you think is more exciting,|having sex or stealing cars?
Having sex or boosting cars?|Um-- Ooh!
Well, um, well, uh--
How about, uh,|having sex while boosting cars?
God, that's a good line.
Oh, doesn't work on|a lot of girls though.
I-- I just blurted it out.|I'm so--
But you haven't|answered the question.
Well, you see, the problem is,|how do you get over the shifter?
- Oh, oh, right, 'cause the, uh--|- 'Cause it gets in the way.
Because you-- you wouldn't want|to disrupt the, uh, synchromesh, right?
Or the throttle linkage.
{y:i}It's your kiss, kiss, kiss
The clutch master cylinder.
{y:i}The touch of your fingertips
- Or the overhead cam shaft.|- I can't do this.
Wait, wait, wait.|Just straight in-line six...
triple lever carburettors bolted|to each other's body structures.
- What?|- Oh, it's time to work.
Good brakes. Good brakes too.
{y:i}I've still got your face
{y:i}Painted on my heart
{y:i}Fastened on my memory
- There's nothin' happenin'.|- Maybe he's got indigestion.
- Well, dude, well,|get him some more Ex-Lax.|- He already ate two.
- Hey, little man.|- Oh, man.
I thought I told you. This is our turf.|What? You want to make a move?
We don't want anything|to do with your turf.
Something wrong with|where we live, dog?
No, no, it's cool for you.|I mean, it's just not for us.
Oh, so now you think you're|better than us or something, huh?
- Maybe we should cut you up, dog?|- Um--
- Dude, the keys.|- Right. Excuse me a second, guys.
Oh, man!
- Oh, I'm gonna throw up, dog!|- Man, that's disgusting.
Man, what kind of pervert gets|their jollies off playing with dog shit?
Look, man, I got 'em!|Look, all three, man!
- You guys are sick!|- I got 'em!
Wake up, man. Check this out.
Every time I drive my Volvo|in Beverly Hills, they tow the shit.
- We ain't got any Volvos here.|- There is a Volvo here. I know it.
- They told me--|- Just wait a minute. Wait. Wait.
What I'm tryin' to tell you is,|there ain't no Volvos here.
Then get in your book, do something.|Find my damn Volvo!
Sphinx. Sway.
It's got to be somewhere in there.|Check it out, man.
Wait, wait. It's not-- Nothing here.|There's nothing here. Look.
- So, man-- No! No! Uh-uh!|- Look, there's another one back here.
Hey, hey, hey, tell you what.|Look at this. Look at her. Look at her.
{y:i}She's a brickhouse
Look, I'm sorry.|I don't even need to be out here.
Hey, uh, I got a midget|pagin' me right now.
-Wait, wait--|-I gotta get out of here. Time is money.
This is the worst damn day of my life!
"Detective Castlebeck,|Glass shards from the warehouse...
from a black light bulb available|at any local hardware store."
All right, what the hell|is a black light bulb...
doin' in a warehouse in Long Beach?
Come with me.
- See this glass right here?|- Let me guess. Black light?
Black light. Take that wall.|I'll take this wall.
- Remember the '70s?|- Too young, thank God.
Black lights were|all the rage back then.
You know, they had this ink,|these magic markers.
Only show up under black light.
So if you got a whole lot of information|that you don't want anybody to have--
- Like a shopping list ofcars?|- There you go. Whoa!
Yes! Yes!
- Here is our list.|- That's a big list.
- We can't handle all these cars.|- Maybe we don't have to.
I tell you what--|Let's concentrate on the rarest ones,|and let's just hope for some luck.
Let's get somebody|on these right here.
You and I will take this one|right here, '67 Shelby Mustang.
- Can't be but a few of these in town.|- Yeah.
But how do you know|he hasn't already stolen it?
Oh, if I know our boy, I believe|he'll leave this one till last.
- Why?|- He's afraid of it.
Yo, guys. It's me. Man.
Oh, man. What--|What are you doing?
- I want to come along|with you guys on a boost.|- Come on. Let's go.|- What are you doing?
Later. Come on.
Go, go, go.
- What's the matter with you? Come on!|- Hey! Call security!
- Someone's stealing the car!|- I'm comin'.
- Go! Go! Go!|- What was you doing?
- Whoa. I ought to leave your ass.|- Hurry up.
You know that?|What's the matter with you?
Hey, Sphinx, check this out. Homeboy|got "Snake" on the licence plate.
Well, Snake will have to|slither his ass all the way|to the bus stop in the morning.
Police officers.|We need to check the lot for a car.
Go ahead.
Check this out, man.|Here's some low-ridin' music.
It's a little bit different than that|cracker shit you used to be playin'.|Check this out.
{y:i}Whoo, y'all gonna make me lose my mind
Ah, you like that. You feelin' it?
- Y'all gonna make me lose my cool|- Are you feelin' it?
- I know you're feelin' it.|- Up in here, up in here, one, two
Oh! Snake!|Get this thing off me!
Snake! Snake! Snake!
Get this thing off me, man!|It's a snake!
It's trying to kill me, man!|Get this thing off me!
Somebody always want to kill|a brother, man! This is wrong!
What the hell are you doin'?|Get the snake!
- Yeah, up in here|- Use the brakes!|- I am!
What the hell!
This snake is crawlin' up my ass, man!|This snake is up my ass!
This snake gonna swallow|my shit whole, man!
Got ya!
{y:i}Y'all gonna make me lose my mind
{y:i}Up in here, up in here
{y:i}Y'all gonna make me go without
God, I love that car.
All right, two ladies home safe.
He's tuckin' in Vanessa, and|Bernadine just took me for a ride.
- What's the count?|- Forty-eight.|- Yes!
Yeah, but Mirror and Sphinx|had some unexpected visitors.
- Castlebeck?|- I think so.
- Everything cool?|- Yeah, yeah, they're fine.
They're on their way back to Otto's.|Donny and Freb are already there.
- What about Kip and Tumbler?|- No word yet.
Lost in suburbia.|Hell, where are we?
- What do you mean,|you don't know where you're goin'?|- Which way is out?
I don't know where I am.|Everything looks the same to me.
- Which way?|- You don't know where you're going?
- That is a cop.|- No, it's not. That's a rent-a-cop.
- Slow down. Slow down.|- He's pulling a U-turn.
Oh, man, we're in big trouble.
{y:i}In pursuit of stolen Cadillac SUV,|{y:i}travelling west on Murray Drive.
- Roadblock, Kip.|- Dude, look out for the roadblock!|- Oh, shit!|- Go, Kip!
- Kip!|- Oh, man!
- Son of a bitch!|- Oh, shit. Oh, shit.
- I need some help, man.|- What's the matter? What?
- He's been shot! Oh, shit!|- Don't touch me!
Shit! Dude,|go to the hospital, man!
- People ask questions in hospitals, Kip.|- Go to the hospital!
- Kip, use your head.|We're in a stolen car!|- Oh, man!
- Oh, man! Don't move, man!|- Now this does not look good.
You're gonna be all right!|You're gonna be all right!
- Oh, man!|- What happened?|- We ran into security patrol, man.
He hid in the van.|We didn't know he was there.
We gotta get you to a doctor.|Private. I know just where to go.
- Let's get him to a car.|- No!
Just lie in the back.|Lie down in the back.
Tumbler, you and Kip|take the last van back to Otto's.
- You all right?|- Yeah. Go.
- What are you doin'?|- I'm goin' with him.
- If something should go wrong, just--|- Let's go!
I-I'll take care of him, man.
Let's finish this.
- What's up?|- What's the story with that Humvee?
- Gone.|- Cadillac?
Same. Where we goin'?
The only '67 Shelby|in the area is registered...
at a place called|the International Towers in Long Beach.
Let's go to Long Beach.
I know we got a history,|Eleanor...
and that that history has not|been great, but I promise...
you take care of me,|I'll take care of you.
The easy way or the hard way, Raines.|Easy way or the hard way?
- Hey!|- I think he's choosin' the hard way.
All right.
One-Baker-eleven.|In pursuit of'67 Ford Mustang, grey.
- That sign said "Do Not Enter."|- Yeah. You noticed, huh?
- Geez!|- Keep your pants on.
Suspect now travelling|east on Fourth Street.
Correction.|Make that north on Main.
- Move! Get the--|- Back up!Just move!
Get outta there!
Oh, you wanna get crazy with me!
Come on, boy!
One-Baker-eleven. Unit Three involved|in a T.A. at St Vincent's and Seventh.
{y:i}All units, pursuit has entered|{y:i}flood control adjacent to 710 Freeway.
- Where's that air unit?|- Requesting air unit. Same location.
{y:i}Air One. We're over the pursuit.
{y:i}Suspect travelling southbound|{y:i}at 90 miles an hour.
- Stay with him, Air One!|- I'm all over him!
- Suspect has increased speed to 120.|- Maintain visual, Air One.
- 140 miles an hour!|- Do not lose him!
{y:i}This is an A-Star, sir,|{y:i}not an Apache.
{y:i}150! 160! He's gone.
- God!|- Man, this guy can drive!
- What? What?|- It's probably mostly the car.
Hey, what time is it?
I think I'm gonna have to get you|out of town or something.
Your brother's the best boost|in the world, but I don't know|if he's gonna make this one.
Uh, I'm not like my brother, you know?|I just don't abandon my friends.
Oh, man, I ought to|smack you silly, boy.
You think your brother ran away?|Is that what you think?|You better get your story straight.
Well, go on then.|Straighten it out.
Your mother told him to go.
She knew if Memphis stayed,|you were gonna walk his line.
You were gonna join his crew,|and she told him to pick up and go.
And he did, thinkin'|it was best for you.
He left all of us, for you.
Guess it wasn't that big a deal|for him though really.
Wasn't that big a sacrifice, leavin'|everything he'd ever known behind.
And six years later, ain't life grand?|You became a car boost anyway.
How about that?
I sedated him. He's sleeping.|He's gonna bejust fine.
It's just a scratch, Eleanor.|It can be fixed.
No, no, no, don't.|Don't-- Don't do this to me.
Don't-- Don't start with me.|Don't-- No, don't do-- No, no, start!
Start, start.|Come on. Come on.
I need you, Eleanor.|I need you now, now. Yes!
{y:i}All units, be advised. Suspect vehicle|{y:i}headed south on Henry Ford Boulevard.
We should hit him at Ocean Avenue|at the end of this bridge.
- There he is. There he is!|- Yeah, yeah, yeah.
I got you, Raines!|I got you, boy!
That's it! Keep it comin'!
Whoa! Shit! Shit!
{y:i}One-Baker-eleven, be advised.|{y:i}Suspect heading westbound.
{y:i}Headeast to intercept.
{y:i}One-Baker-eleven, maintain your course.|{y:i}Suspect heading in your direction.
- Hey, wait!|- Hang on.
Take it up!
{y:i}One-Baker-eleven, he's at the end|{y:i}of the pier turning toward you.
Wait! Hang on! Hang on to it!
Whoa! Shit!
- Whoa!|- Hey!
- Hey!|- Move! Move!
Is he okay?
- How ya doin'? Are you all right?|- Yeah.
Are you okay? Just sit back.|You all right?
- I think so.|- Are you sure?|'Cause you just went through a wall.
{y:i}Long Beach Tower, this is LAPD Air One|{y:i}in pursuit of suspect.
{y:i}Requesting permission|{y:i}to cross airfield.
{y:i}Negative, Air One. Incoming aircraft|{y:i}on approach. Hold your position.
{y:i}I repeat!|{y:i}Do not enter airport airspace!
- Ready to go.|- Yeah. Lieutenant.
We're done. Wait up.
That one's got a broken leg.
There he is. There he is!
Get out of the car, man!
Yeah, bring me two more.
- Where's, uh-- Where's Memphis?|- I don't know, man.
- He's not back yet.|- What do you mean, he's not back yet?
It's 8:00.
- Atley.|- Time's up, Atley.
I've got 49 cars.|That's one less than required.
- Bring the kid, and we'll settle this.|- What kid is that?
Oh, you know, the Cincinnati Kid. Billy|the Kid. Which kid do you think I mean?
Oh, gee, I don't know.|I think that maybe you mean Kip Raines.
{y:i}Well, gee, I think you're right.
Yeah, well,|you know, it's a funny thing.|The little son of a bitch evaded me.
- Find him, Atley.|- Well, what if I can't find him?
Then big brother takes the fall for|the slip-up. Doesn't matter much to me.
One Raines is as good as another.|It never rains, but it pours.
Son of a-- God--Just-- Well, you know,|I think you can thank your big brother.
I think he just took your place|under the guillotine.
Sorry, mate.|We're all done here.
- No, we're not done. This is number 50.|- You're late.
So sod off. You got a problem with that,|take it up with Calitri.
- You're late.|- Wait. Wait.
You're gonna argue with me|over 12 minutes?
I just stole 50 cars for you|in one night. All right?
I'm a little tired, I'm a little wired,|and I think I deserve|a little appreciation.
I said 50 cars, not 49 and a half.
Forty-nine and a half?|She's not so bad, man.
She's got, what, you know, a li--|some paint and, uh--
You know, some fibre glass.|Yes, indeedy, you know.
And the book on her is 60, 70.|Call it 80.
So you take 80-- All right?|You subtract it from 200.
All right? And we make a deal. You|take 80 from 200, and we call it even.
- Done.|- All right. Good.
- And this thing with my brother is over.|- It's over.
It's done. It's finished.
Done. Finished.
Nobody insults me.|Nobody puts a gun to me head.
Kill him. Shred the car.
All right,|where's Raymond Calitri's place?
Exeter Salvage and Steel.|It's on the water. Why? Are we goin'?
Because, you know, Homicide specifically|ordered us not to interfere.
To hell with Homicide.
- Unicorn.|- What?
So, where would you like it, sir?|In the head, or in the chest?
- The chest.|- My pleasure.
Hey, wait a minute, fellas. Hold it.|Big change of plans here.
- That's far enough, Atley.|- Wh-What are you doing?
- No, no, no.|- I said stop there, Atley.
No, no. Calitri just sent me up here|to ask you a question.
- All right? Everything's gonna|be all right. We got it covered.|- Get my brother out of here.
You made a mistake picking a kid|to do your dirty work.
Made an even bigger mistake|picking my kid brother.
And now you just made the biggest|mistake tryin' to kill me.
- No. Be careful with that.|- This?
- Just put it down.|- That's right.|You got a thing about wood.
Just put it down.
- No. No! No!|- I'm-- I'm--
- No!|- Oh, no! No.
- Psst!|- I'm good.
- Who are you?|- I'm a police officer.
- Hey, you don't wanna do that, now.|- Yeah, I do.
Listen to me. You walk out of here|with me, you got some options.
You kill me-- Now you think about this.|I'm a police officer.
- Your life will be over.|- No, you've got that|the wrong way around.
If I kill you, your life's over.
Not all bad, though.|Funeral will be on the telly.
Everybody out there pressed and dressed.|Guard of honour.
Twenty-one gun salute and the Stars|and Stripes draped all over your coffin.
It'll be the greatest day|of your life.
Here I am smack-dab in the middle|of a moral dilemma, Randall.
You've torn this town to shreds|with that little escapade of yours,|you and your Eleanor.
But I understand|what brought you back here.
A brother's love is a brother's love.
You saved my life, didn't you?
- So, what am I gonna do?|- It's your call, Detective.
Get out of here, Randall.|I'll clean this up.
Go, Randall, before|I change my mind. Go.
Oh, um, there's a container ship|at pier 14.
You might wanna check it out.
Oh. Look here.|Can a good-lookin', hard-workin' chef|get a beer around here?
Come on, Tumbler. You ain't doin'|nothin'. Hand me a beer, baby.
All right, Memphis, guys. Food!|thank you, sir.
- Ow. Ow.|- Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait.
Poor Toby, man. Sure looks|like he's in a lot of pain.
Hey, if that's pain,|you can shoot me anytime.
Sexy, sassy.
If his unpleasant wounding has in|some way enlightened the rest of you...
as to the grim finish below|the glossy veneer of criminal life...
and inspired you to change your ways...
then his injuries carry with it an|inherent nobility and a supreme glory.
We should all be so fortunate.
You say, "Poor Toby."|I say, "Poor us."
- He spoke.|- Yeah.
Hey, man, I thought|you were from Long Beach.
Hey, Memphis. Hey.
- I have something for you.|- What is this?
Open it.
Keys. Keys are good.|What do I do with them?
Hey, everybody.|Everybody inside here. Let's go.
Everybody come on.|Let's go!
Ladies and gentlemen...
it's my great pleasure to present--
- Oh, man. Oh, man! What?|- There you go. Eleanor.
- What? It's Eleanor.|- Look at his face.
All yours.
Now it's a heap, but, uh,|give me a couple of weeks and it'll|look like a streamlined butterfly.
- You didn't--|- Oh, no, no, no, no. I--
I, uh, I parted the chopper out|for that.
I'm blown away.
You bought me a car.
Well, yeah, you know,|it's just a token of, of my appreciation|for, uh, for everything, you know.
That's right. That's the way|it should be. That's the way|it should be. That's right.
- Yeah.|- Why don't you get in there|and go for a ride?
I know what you did.
And I thank you.
I'll see you later, man.
All right.
- You wanna go for a ride?|- Hell, yes.
{y:i}Ride on, Josephine|{y:i}Ride on
{y:i}Ride on, Josephine|{y:i}Ride on
{y:i}Ride on, Josephine|{y:i}Child, you got a runnin 'machine
{y:i}Baby, baby, ride on
Oh, don't do this to me.
{y:i}I thought you'd be out of my mind
{y:i}And I'd finally found a way to
{y:i}Learn to live without you
{y:i}I thought it was just a matter of time
{y:i}Till I had a hundred reasons
{y:i}Not to think about you
{y:i}But it's just not so
{y:i}And after all this time
{y:i}I still can't let go
{y:i}I've still got your face
{y:i}Painted on my heart
{y:i}Drawn upon my soul
{y:i}Etched upon my memory, baby
{y:i}And I've got your kiss|{y:i}still burnin' on my lips
{y:i}The touch of your fingertips
{y:i}This love's so deep inside of me, baby
{y:i}I've still got your face
{y:i}Painted on my heart
{y:i}Painted on my heart
{y:i}Painted on my heart
{y:i}Oh, yeah
{y:i}Something in your eyes|{y:i}keeps hauntin' me
{y:i}I'm trying to escape you
{y:i}And I know there ain't no way to
{y:i}To chase you from my mind
{y:i}I've still got your face
{y:i}Painted on my heart
{y:i}Drawn upon my soul
{y:i}Etched upon my memory, baby
{y:i}And I've got your kiss
{y:i}Still burnin 'on my lips
{y:i}The touch of your fingertips
{y:i}This love's so deep inside of me, baby
{y:i}I've still got your face
{y:i}Still got your face
{y:i}Painted on my heart
{y:i}Painted on my heart
{y:i}Come on, come on, come on, come on, baby
{y:i}Come on, come on, my baby
{y:i}Come on, come on, my baby
{y:i}Come on, come on, come on, come on, baby
{y:i}Come on, come on, come on, come on, baby
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