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Subtitles for Godzilla against mechagodzilla.

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Godzilla against mechagodzilla

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{y:i}A big typhoon is brewing...
{y:i}...south of the Ryukyu Islands,|{y:i}heading northeast at 25 mile per hour.
We're ready, sir!
Off you go!
Let's go!
The storm is coming.
Typhoon 13 is heading north|and rapidly gaining strength.
It'll soon hit Boso Peninsula.
Here in Tateyama, it's raining|in torrents and the wind is fierce.
We can hardly stand up.
Weather Central reports...
...the typhoon has|an air pressure of 959 millibars.
The velocity....
The velocity of its wind|is 38 meters.
It's moving fast....
Oh, no!
Bad timing.
My house!
{y:i}All troops, gather around Route 89.
{y:i}Concentrate your firepower|{y:i}and stop the beast.
Lock on target!
{y:i}The U.S. Navy Fifth Squadron|{y:i}is moving toward Misawa.
Third and Fourth Maser Gun Units.
Maser, be ready!
What the--?
Raise turrets!
Link with target system!
Fire maser!
The rain has reduced its power|to 70 percent.
Pull back!
{y:i}Tateyama after a nightmare.
{y:i}The damage is shocking.
{y:i}Residents are totally despondent.
{y:i}Army troops are pursuing|{y:i}their rescue operation.
{y:i}Premier Tsugé identified|{y:i}the giant monster...
{y:i} another Godzilla.|{y:i}The first one raided us in 1954.
{y:i}The new Godzilla inflicted|{y:i}heavy damage on Tateyama...
{y:i}...and disappeared in the Pacific.
{y:i}It might still be hiding near us.
{y:i}Forty-five years after the first one...
{y:i} can we cope with the new one|{y:i}that has raided us?
{y:i}Forty-five years ago, in 1954,|{y:i}the first Godzilla hit Tokyo.
{y:i}It was killed with a device|{y:i}invented by Dr. Serizawa.
{y:i}But it can never be used again.
{y:i}Dr. Serizawa feared its power|{y:i}and sealed its secret...
{y:i}...with his own death.
That Godzilla.
After its appearance...
...giant monsters have often raided us.
{y:i}And then there was Mothra,|{y:i}a giant moth from the South Pacific.
{y:i}We invented a heat-ray gun|{y:i}to use against it.
{y:i}Our battle with Bigfoot Gaira|{y:i}enabled us...
{y:i} organize a troop to combat|{y:i}monsters with maser guns.
Each time, Tokyo was rebuilt|after the devastation...
...thanks to the efforts|of diligent citizens.
But Godzilla....
There's no monster like that.
Now it's back in Japan again.
What can we do?
We're not blaming you.
You will not be held responsible|for unintentional deaths in battle.
We want to know why it happened.
Why did a genius operator like you|miss the 73-type vehicle?
Panicked in terror?
I'm ready for any punishment.
Akané has been transferred|to Data Room.
In fact, let alone other monsters...
...maser guns can't injure Godzilla.
That must be the consensus.
I understand.
But we can't let anyone die in vain.
Too many have fallen victim|to Godzilla.
What's this? It looks like a monster.
You must know.
Trilobite. A species that became|extinct 2 45 million years ago.
A robot?
The exterior is a robot.
I used horseshoe-crab|muscles and nerves.
It's controlled by DNA computers,|so it moves as if it were alive.
I want to conserve species,|even life forms like this...
...especially when human beings|are devastating the planet.
That's my mission.
Nobody's listening.
Mr. Yuhara?
I'm from the government.
Would you please come with us?
They're here.
Here are Japan's greatest scientific|minds from various fields.
They should be called|the brain of our country.
I'd like to show you something.
Godzilla bones.
Bones of the Godzilla|that raided Japan in 1 954.
They were found off Boso Peninsula.
Can you extract|an inter-spinal cell from them?
It won't be easy.
You want a Godzilla clone?
Not exactly.
We're going to make something|called a bio-robot.
lt'll be a powerful weapon|against Godzilla.
A mechanical Godzilla|to beat Godzilla.
We need your cooperation|on this project.
This is a request|from the government.
The special bill on production...
...of an anti-Godzilla super-weapon|has passed through the Diet.
Where will the money come from?
Our pockets?
No more taxes!
We're meeting a crisis. Realize it.
We might use the weapon|on other occasions too.
It's Japan's rearmament.
The world is worried.
I'll convince them.
I'm ready to visit|any country to do so.
{y:i}Japan was raided by Godzilla twice.
{y:i}I'll tell them|{y:i}how the victims suffered.
{y:i}That's my responsibility.
You like this job?
You can relax here.
lt'll suit you.
{y:i}We're trying our best|{y:i}to make the weapon.
{y:i}It'll finish Godzilla, absolutely!
Good morning.
Sara, toast.
{y:i}The number of supporters grew.
{y:i}Seventy-seven percent.
{y:i}Opposition blamed the government|{y:i}for the speedy passage...
{y:i}...of the Anti-Godzilla Weapon Bill.
{y:i}But public opinion is supporting|{y:i}the government more than before.
{y:i}What do you think about it?
{y:i}It means the terror of Godzilla...
{y:i} spreading in the minds|{y:i}of the people.
Dad, won't you take this job?
Why not?
You know...
...the most important thing for me|is to keep you company.
You have many problems.|You need me.
No, I don't.
Don't say I'm in your way.
I've got an idea!
A baseball star...
...sign a contract on the condition|that his child can enter the dugout.
How about that?
Baseball is one thing.|My job is another.
Eat your vegetables.
Mind the nutritional balance.
What about you?
I hate vegetables.
We have a visitor.
Eat quickly. Don't be late.
Would you please reconsider?
Didn't I refuse it?
Yes, you did,|but I have a new proposition.
Like the ballplayer whose child|can enter the dugout.
Can't you accept it?
You live near here?
She's new. Be nice to her.
They're making a robot here.
It's going to beat Godzilla.
What's its name?
A mechanical Godzilla,|so Mechagodzilla.
That's nice!
I live here. Goodbye.
I'm back.
Welcome home.
The Godzilla cells began to divide.
Our project is now on course.
Why Godzilla?
I wish they'd bring Mom back|to life, not a monster.
The nation needs strong leadership.
New prime minister.
How are you?
I'm the leader of Squadron Kiryu.
That is the name of|the anti-Godzilla robot.
We'll have the best pilots and crew.
You're on the list too.
Three and a half years|is a long time.
Squadron Kiryu, halt!
Right turn!
Squadron Kiryu, led by|Colonel Togashi... start operational training.
This must be a mistake.
Why are you here?
Godzilla killed my brother,|but who caused it?
Stop it!
Be careful, men!
Don't let her kill us|like my brother.
Hayama! I'm the leader.
Any complaints?
Even if you're a good pilot...
...if you are going to upset|our teamwork, get out!
Anything else?
Sleeping grass?
It moves when touched.
Here you are.
The same.
Shut up!
May I sit here?
Akané-- I mean, Miss Yashiro.
Would you like to have kids?
Well, maybe I'm too rash.
I hear the leader chose you|to pilot Kiryu.
That means you're the best pilot.
What does he see in you?
This project is doomed.
You seem to have many old fans.
Are you emitting pheromone?
The insult!
Beat it!
Hayama, you're going too far.
I see.
That explains his hostility.
I felt something odd about you.
A wall between you and the others.
You're isolated.
You still keep it?
Like her mother.
I had one before.
I had no friends.
No family. I'm alone in the world.
So I got used to isolation.|It doesn't bother me.
Okay, let's make a bet.
If Mechagodzilla--|I mean, if Kiryu beats Godzilla...
...I'll treat you to dinner|in celebration.
But if Godzilla overcomes Kiryu...
...the maker owes you an apology.
So I'll treat you to dinner.|Is it a deal?
I was little when I had the plant.
Don't keep it forever.
Kiryu, the anti-Godzilla weapon|our country desperately needs... now complete.
I thank the people who rendered|their service in its construction.
It's my greatest pleasure... report it to the world today.
I'll explain its structure|and performance.
As you know, the form|is based on Godzilla.
In terms of robotics, it's superb.
A perfect form for combat,|the best possible form.
DNA computers are used|for its transmit system.
In a usual computer,|only zero and one are used.
DNA has four types of bases.
They make speedy calculation|possible.
It's remote-controlled|from the transport.
What's this?
A whale?
Calling for scramble!
{y:i}A monster in the Pacific!|{y:i}Go get it immediately!
Kiryu can be in action for two hours.
Kiryu can be in action for two hours.
For longer periods, energy is sent|from a nearby Defense Force base... a transport on location.
Kiryu is equipped with a weapon...
...called the Absolute-Zero Gun.|It's very powerful.
We tested it last week. Look.
Absolute zero means|273.15 degrees below zero.
It emits light|of very low temperature.
It smashed the atoms of the target.
{y:i}It consumes 40 percent of the energy.|{y:i}Kiryu, it's the ultimate weapon.
Something is moving on the sea.|It's not a ship.
What? Godzilla?
It's going north,|heading for Tokyo Bay.
Dispatch the Defense Forces|and Kiryu immediately.
Kiryu is under the control|of the AMF chief of staff.
It will leave immediately!
{y:i}White Herons 1, 2 and 3,|{y:i}move to lift-off position!
{y:i}Barriers off!
{y:i}Lift-off okay.
{y:i}A request from the U.S. Army!
Wait here.
{y:i}White Herons ready!
Lift off!
White Heron 2.
Ground crew, pull back to safety!
Body-lock away.
Transport wire arms down!
Kiryu's body is up.
The coast is clear.
Body-balancer normal.
White Herons in level flight.
Godzilla has entered Tokyo Bay,|heading north for Tokyo.
Yokosuka, Yokohama|and Kawasaki are in danger.
Evacuate them.
{y:i}All main roads are blocked.
{y:i}Don't use your cars.
What are you waiting for?|Get moving!
{y:i}Attention! Godzilla is coming!|{y:i}Get out!
Gather round!
No time!
Get out of here!
{y:i}An evacuation order|{y:i}has been issued!
{y:i}Visitors to Hakkejima Sea Paradise...
{y:i}...evacuate the place|{y:i}with the soldiers!
{y:i}Take your children to safety!
Godzilla is here!
Get out!
{y:i}Kiryu has arrived at the location.
{y:i}Troops, be ready to attack.
Can Kiryu stop it?
Target spotted. Go down!
Roger, I'm going down.
{y:i}Hakkejima has been evacuated.
Kiryu landed.
Leave Kiryu's range of action and wait!
{y:i}Wire retracted.
{y:i}White Heron 3 leaving the range.
Rockets away!
Missiles away!
Use the maser guns.
It's retreating!
Akané, finish it!
Absolute-Zero, stand by.
Locks off.
What's happening?
There is no reaction!
Something's wrong with the system.
Not now!
Godzilla's leaving.
Akané, how's Kiryu?
Unable to operate.
Okay. Take it to the dock.
What's that? You want to kill us?
What's going on?
It was Kiryu's idea!
It's running wild!
As if it were Godzilla!
{y:i}Remain where you are...
{y:i}...and wait for an order to attack.
Where's Squadron Kiryu?
I'll attract its attention|and lure it to the sea.
Can you?
Leave it to me.
Damn it! Just follow me!
White Heron 3 shot down!
You okay?
Come on!
Go ahead! Hurry!
Why save me?
It was not an error in the system.
I see! Kiryu recognizes its enemy.
It might use the Absolute-Zero.
Is there any way to stop Kiryu?
Wait until it consumes|all its energy.
How long?
About an hour.
Where's Godzilla?
We're desperately|searching for it, but....
I'll assume responsibility|for this failure.
I pushed the project.
Will you resign?
We're trying hard to fix Kiryu.|Won't we need it?
Squadron Kiryu?
I can't say now.
Kiryu was made from|the bones of Godzilla.
Is that why it calls in Godzilla?
The circuit joint is okay.
Something made it mad.
What, I wonder?
Give me your data.
Godzilla roared at that moment.
Godzilla's roar disturbed|Mechagodzilla's system.
Can Kiryu be fixed?
We used Godzilla's DNA for Kiryu's|DNA computers, so it was adaptable.
If we change the base|to a different type...
...and make different|DNA computers...
...Kiryu won't be bothered by Godzilla.
That's good.
But Mechagodzilla|will have no chance.
Only Kiryu can beat Godzilla.
Anyway, I'll do my best for you, Akané.
I talk too much.
I'm glad the injury wasn't serious.
Who asked you to do it?
Do I owe you my life?
How disgusting!
Why blame her?
She saved our lives.
So you're on her side now?
Who's your enemy,|Akané or Godzilla?
No storm in a teacup.
Where's Sara?
Sara, what are you doing?
Kiryu has a life too.
Why must it fight Godzilla|when they should be friends?
It thinks so.
The H-bomb first brought|Godzilla here.
And now a Godzilla-like robot|brought him.
Who's to blame? Human beings.
I know what you mean, but--
You don't!
Adults say life is important,|but they don't believe it.
No one pities Kiryu,|though it has a life too.
She's eccentric.
Her mother died when Sara was 4.
She fell ill while she was pregnant.
The doctor said he could save|either the mother or the fetus.
I asked the doctor to save my wife.
But she wished her baby to be born.
Sara wanted both her mother|and the baby to be safe.
In the end, both of them|went to heaven.
Since then...
...Sara has been sensitive|about life and death.
Talking with your mother again?
It's none of your concern.
Escaping from reality?
You must go onward,|even if you're afraid.
What's that?|Don't push that on me.
You must fight and fight for your chair.
I've done so.
Fight against whom?
The whole world.
Well, certainly Kiryu is alive.
But it's like me. lts life is worthless.
Is your life worthless?
Nobody was glad to have me.
I shouldn't have been born.
Why not?
To be alive is good enough.
No life can be worthless.
It can't?
Here's a report.
Is this Godzilla?
It's near us.
{y:i}Godzilla is in Tokyo Bay|{y:i}heading for Shinagawa.
{y:i}It will land at 0100.
{y:i}All troops, take positions!
Godzilla is here!
F2 Yellow 5 attacking!
{y:i}Godzilla has landed at Shinagawa.
{y:i}Kiryu's maintenance is done.|{y:i}Report how it is.
{y:i}Do a final check.
{y:i}A big fire broke out in Shinagawa.
{y:i}All troops, pull back!
Kiryu has been repaired.
The scramble order?
Not yet.
No other weapons are useful.
Why hesitate?
There will be more victims.
The chief of staff is waiting|at the Central Command Post.
The AMF chief of staff?
In Kiryu's control room.
Your permission to dispatch Kiryu, sir.
It's fully repaired.|It won't run wild again.
How can you be so sure?
The future of AMF depends on it.
We all want it.
Dispatch Kiryu.
It's the only chance we have left.
It's my responsibility.
I'll be waiting.
{y:i}The prime minister gave the okay!
Yes. I got the report just now.
{y:i}I'll fly too.
Dispatch Kiryu immediately!
Maybe I don't dislike her after all.
Here I come!
{y:i}I'm calling from Shinagawa Hospital.
{y:i}There are many patients to evacuate.
{y:i}Send more cars.
Godzilla's here!
Distance: 350.
{y:i}It's going straight ahead.
{y:i}SSM-1, forward.
{y:i}Godzilla is approaching|{y:i}Shinagawa Hospital.
Too late.
Let go of Kiryu.
You mean it?
Get ready!
SSM-1 , fire!
{y:i}SSM-1 destroyed!
Where are you going?!
Watch out!
That one?
That's Kiryu.
Come on!
Get in!
{y:i}Evacuation completed!
Go ahead, Kiryu!
Commence attack!
What's the damage?
It's okay.
{y:i}Atsugi Base, we're ready to take off.
Now, go!
Back-unit away!
I'll show you what Kiryu can do.
{y:i}The Shinagawa and Minato areas|{y:i}have been evacuated.
She did it!
It can't fight much longer.
Its energy is depleting.
There's only 45 percent|of its supply left.
Finish it quickly.
I understand.|Absolute-Zero stand by.
Absolute-Zero stand by.
Lock off!
Absolute-Zero away!
The buildings are gone!
{y:i}What are you doing? Stand up!
-No! Kiryu won't respond!|-What?!
Godzilla's heat ray damaged|Kiryu's control system.
Fix it!
If the control system is damaged,|Kiryu can be manually operated...
...through one of the several|maintenance booths.
That's it!
It's too dangerous.
Godzilla's heat ray is radioactive.
Let me do it!
-I'm ready.|-No!
-I'll go!|-Wait, Akané!
You have no permission to go! Wait!
Take care.
Don't let him beat you.
Maser Gun Unit,|attract Godzilla's attention.
The energy?
We're short of electrical power.
Can we get it from power companies?
It we do, Tokyo will suffer|a blackout.
Let's try.
Ask the power companies|immediately.
Oh, no!
MB-3 is alive.
Okay, suspend the power supply.
Okay, suspend the power supply.
Areas 15 and 16, off.
Areas 17 and 18, off.
{y:i}Remove radioactivity.
Okay, Dr. Yuhara.
It's on!
But the energy....
We'll send it.
Microwave the target.
Kiryu, you understand what I say.
You and I are buddies.
Shall we go?
Okay, Kiryu is on!
Behind you!
Don't die!
Your power....
Give me power!
{y:i}What's the damage? Report it!
{y:i}Come in! Answer me!
{y:i}Kiryu away!
He is standing!
No! Not again!
Godzilla can't spit fire now.
{y:i}Shoot the Absolute-Zero!
Never mind me! Shoot it!
Let's go!
{y:i}Godzilla has surfaced!
The Absolute-Zero is damaged.
There is no energy left.
Unable to follow Godzilla.
Well done!
Good job, Akané!
Send a unit to restore Kiryu.
We're coming to save you. Wait.
We couldn't kill it.
But we did expel Godzilla.
We have a weapon more powerful|than Godzilla. That means a lot.
We sacrificed plenty for it...
...but it represents a great victory!
Prime minister.
Hishinuma. You did a great job!
It's nothing.
{y:i}Repair crew, go to first deck.
Thank you.
For what?
You gave me strength.
So did the others.
No life is worthless.
I believe you now.
Where's the plant?
Remember our bet?
I owe you a celebration dinner.
I didn't win.
It was a draw.
In that case, I'll treat you to dinner.
I did it!
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