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Subtitles for Godzilla Mothra and King Ghidorah 2001.

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Godzilla Mothra and King Ghidorah 2001

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In the year 1954, half a century ago...
...our country suffered a terrible attack by Godzilla.
Our capital was a battlefield.
Only the courage of the men before us...
...saved this country from total destruction.
That battle was the only real battle...
...that our self-defense forces have had to fight...
...since their foundation in that same year, 1954.
Since then, our country has enjoyed a long period of prosperity.
However, the peril has not disappeared.
A few years ago...
...another giant monster attacked eastern America at New York City.
Since that attack...
...there have been numerous sightings in various countries.
The New York attack was Godzilla, right?
That's what all the American experts claim.
But our guys here have some doubts.
The database is constantly being updated with new information.
What's that?
Division, attention!
Hey, a U.S. Nuclear sub's missing. Prepare for a news flash!
Come on, let's get moving! Hurry up, hurry up.
An American nuclear submarine... missing off Guam in international waters.
This morning, the Navy sent a search and rescue unit... help locate the missing submarine and its crew members.
Because of the potential nuclear risk...
...the Navy is dispatching its rescue submersible Satsuma.
A navy cruiser with the Satsuma onboard...
...will be leaving the port of Yokosuka later today.
Both vessels will be helping the Americans with their rescue efforts.
Satsuma approaching search area.
There seems to have been an explosion.
I can't control it!
Hey, what's going on?
What's happening down there? What's that on the screen?
I don't believe it! It can't be happening!
Traditionally, Mt. Myoko was thought to be...
...the ancient gateway to the lost world.
We're here to solve a mystery as ancient as the mountain itself...
...and that mystery concerns the monster of the mountain.
What was that, the monster?
All right! Cut!
Hey, you! Stop it! Stop shooting! You hear me?
Stop shooting immediately! Do you hear?
What do you mean? Look. We have a permit to film here.
You didn't say it was gonna be a work of fiction.
No, it was supposed to be a documentary!
Look, it's a "docu-drama," if you like.
You call it what you like.
I looked up your BS Digital Q. Listen to this:
"Specialized in low-budget drama series.
Favorite themes are ESP and alien life forms."
We don't want you people ruining the reputation of honest villagers.
Now, get lost!
Oh, please don't be like that, sir.
Think of the kids.
They love stories of ghosts and monsters.
In the States, there are many stories about witches.
They've made some of the villages famous worldwide.
Godzilla could do that too.
If Godzilla did come into your village, think of it.
Everyone in Japan would want to come here.
And do you think he will come?
An earthquake!
Don't worry!
What was that?
It's all right. It's over.
I'm sorry. Wow, that was something!
So may we continue, please, sir?
Sure, you go right ahead.
Yes, I'm sure your film is going to attract thousands of tourists.
Great. Right, okay. Hey, the camera, you got it?
It's here.
Our village will be famous the world over.
I was even interviewed on camera.
And who knows? You may become a movie star.
Let's go.
Did you see what they did? They wrecked it!
What the hell are you doing?
You're gonna kill yourselves.
An earthquake. Hold it!
There was an earthquake last night. Didn't you hear about it?
I just can't understand it, it wasn't recorded!
Maybe it was just too far away.
But the epicenter moved!
What? Hey, what are you talking about?
That's not all. I heard an eerie voice as well.
Let me take a crew and check it out.
I got a hunch about this.
- A hunch? - Yeah.
Our specialty is making cheap sci-fi series...
...not investigative reporting.
This could be a great chance to make something worthwhile.
If we want to survive...
...we're gonna have to concentrate on quality.
Look, our clients expect us to make low-budget stuff...
...not news documentaries.
We're right above the tunnel now, 10 miles south of Mount Myoko.
This is where 20 people were buried alive.
The road has been closed...
...and rescue operations are continuing to find the bodies.
The entrance to the tunnel is blocked by tons of rock...
...and access is, for now, impossible.
All right. Lift it slowly!
Help them!
D3 unit locked on target!
And will it explode once inside?
What if the explosion's too strong?
Don't worry. It's under control.
You said there's a witness?
Oh, sure, sure. Here.
It had a big head and a big mouth.
And you say the thing was alive?
It's Godzilla!
I sometimes wish I'd been born a man.
Why's that? I think you make a great girl.
Because I'm not allowed to make the programs I want to make.
As a woman, you're expected to do as you're told.
- That sucks, don't you think? - Good evening!
- So who's this? - So you got my message?
No one believes the moving-epicenter story, I'm afraid.
"The Guardian Monsters."
It may be a clue to what happened yesterday.
It makes interesting reading, believe me.
Who's he?
Goddamn mutt!
- What's the matter? - I don't like dogs.
Don't worry, I'll get rid of him.
Why don't we get rid of the dog. Just dump it overboard!
Hey, I think they fell overboard.
What the hell's going on?
What's the matter? Can't you...?
Help me!
Hey, what is that?
I just brought Yuri home, sir.
So I see. I'm grateful to you.
It's okay.
Father! What a nice surprise.
Daughter Yuri reporting for duty.
I don't find this funny, okay?
I'm sorry for all the trouble.
No, really, here.
Good night, sir.
- See you tomorrow. - You're drunk again!
No, I'm not drunk.
I'll make some coffee and run you a bath.
How do you feel?
Fine, thanks.
What's up? Something bothering you at work?
No, not at all. The job's fine, the people are great.
It's just a pity the programs you make are such garbage.
Then don't watch them.
Who was the guy last night?
Oh, that's Takeda.
- Is he your boyfriend? - No, he isn't my boyfriend, thanks.
He helps me with my research.
Well, I guess in that case, I should have been nicer to him.
You were fine, Dad.
I'm the one who was out of order last night.
- I'm sorry. - No, I'm sorry.
Eleven people met their deaths yesterday at Lake Ikeda...
...when their boat suddenly overturned.
Their bodies were found this morning wrapped in a cocoon.
The young men and women were on a cycling trip from Tokyo...
...and were camped at Lake Ikeda...
- It's Lake Ikeda. - Southern Kyushu, that's strange.
That's where Takamori Saigo was exiled over 100 years ago.
- I wonder... - Is it coincidence?
So some prediction says hundreds of people will die.
Somewhere near Mount Fuji, right? You think we should publish it?
But it isn't just a prediction.
Mount Myoko, Lake Ikeda, all the places are in the book.
About last night, you still mad?
Look, I'm very sorry. Normally, I don't drink.
Look, there's no need to apologize. Why should I be mad at you?
He's just embarrassed for leaving you behind.
Yeah, it was my responsibility to see you home.
Just count yourself lucky you didn't.
- I got the third degree. - It wasn't so bad!
Your dad sounded like a tough guy to me.
He's tough, but he's okay.
Tell me, lieutenant, did you actually see it?
And can you describe what you saw?
Yes, it was like the fin of a huge creature.
It's believed Godzilla fed off the energy radiated by the submarine.
Yeah, but who can prove that it was Godzilla?
Even if it was Godzilla, it hasn't been seen for 50 years.
Why would it choose to come back here?
It doesn't make any sense.
Why should it choose Japan again?
Nobody can answer that question...
...but we have to be ready for the worst scenario.
Couldn't he have picked on some other country?
Whenever we increase our defense spending...
...we're accused of depleting the government's resources.
Even if it does come back again...
...our forces are now equipped with weapons that are far more advanced...
...than anything we had before.
Oh, yeah, sure.
He's a well-known character around these parts.
He lives in the woods and is always telling anyone who'll listen:
"Godzilla will return one day!" As if anyone gives a damn.
It's him.
You know him?
I saw him at Mount Myoko.
Mount Myoko in Niigata Prefecture?
Must be a mistake.
He was caught destroying some old shrine, so we had to lock him up.
Oh, by the way, have you visited our website yet?
Yes, it's very interesting.
Well, you see, I'm the webmaster.
Godzilla will return.
We don't have much time left.
Go to the sacred place where the great Ghidorah lies sleeping.
You must wake the Thousand-Year-Old Dragon...
...before it's too late.
And maybe together they can stop him.
In the ancient legends, they talk about three guardian monsters:
Baragon, Mothra and Ghidorah.
Ghidorah was known as the eight-headed dragon.
The men responsible for killing them called them the Sacred Monsters.
The people began to worship the beasts' souls...
...that were supposed to sleep for 10,000 years.
Despite having killed the monsters...
...the ancient people still prayed for their souls.
Do you think that Ghidorah is alive?
Only 2000 years have gone by. It's much too early for that.
Ghidorah still has some more growing to do.
Once he is grown, he'll be strong.
Yuri, what do you have there?
I'm sure that old man must have put it here.
What makes you say it was him?
Just a hunch, it's a feeling.
Yeah! When he made the gesture in the cell.
That's right, I'm sure he meant this stone.
But I don't understand it.
Hey, look, it's gone!
You see here? It's disappeared!
The storm has worsened to a typhoon and is heading slowly northwards.
Winds have reached force 10 to 11 in the Bonin Islands.
Conditions are not likely to improve...
...until tomorrow evening or Thursday morning.
You won again!
This damn weather, it's a real drag.
Hey, where's that?
Oh, the old lady here told me about those.
They're pictures of the village where Godzilla came ashore.
It must have been over 50 years ago.
Yeah, but I thought that the army killed Godzilla, right?
Sure, but it wasn't that poor creature's fault, right?
How on earth could they do such a thing?
Godzilla would be great as a pet!
Hey, that's not an earthquake!
Artillery shells can do nothing to stop it.
This animal has survived for eons.
Atomic weapons and energy...
...have given it extraordinary capacities for survival.
But it's still an animal, and it can be defeated.
But I repeat, not with any weapons.
This animal represents the collective will to survive...
...of many thousands of people.
Collective will?
This animal contains the restless souls of the countless people...
...who perished during the terrible battles...
...that took place during the Pacific conflict.
Their souls?
In Godzilla?
Say, Yuri, do you really believe the old fart, huh?
He's not making it up, I know that.
The souls of all those people...
Everything he's told us was written in his book.
You know, one of my wife's relatives says she was trampled by Godzilla.
Really? That's interesting.
They think I'm mad.
If you ask me, Godzilla is old hat...
- Never mind. - But tell me...
- Just carry on with your project. ...why is Godzilla attacking Japan?
Why does it want to destroy us?
Because the Japanese people want to forget what happened.
They have deemed it preferable to forget the pain and agony...
...they inflicted on all those people!
We're above Magonoté village now.
The place has been completely leveled.
It seems to have been due to a landslide.
Can you see any survivors?
We'll make another low pass and check.
- Hey! That hill wasn't there before! - What?
That hill!
Albatross! What's happening?
My God! It's moving! Mayday!
Albatross! Come in, please! Albatross! Hey! Come in!
"The earth remembers, the stones remember.
If the earth and stones could only speak...
...they would tell us many things."
It's from a proverb from American Indians.
Stones can record history like a CD.
Pressurized granite records geological information.
So rocks can yield up history, just like a CD can.
You follow me?
If spirits are another form of electricity...
...maybe there's a way for them to be stored in stone.
Could he have done that?
And then he could have released all the souls...
...and managed to find a way to channel the souls...
...and somehow put them into the Guardian Monsters to wake them.
But why would he want to do it?
To protect Japan against Godzilla!
From information contained in these reports by the Defense Agency...
...we have now come to the conclusion that the monster...
...that attacked the American submarine and a Japanese island... likely to have been Godzilla.
So the government has issued a security bulletin...
...for all areas around the coast of Japan.
Godzilla! Godzilla's coming!
He's going to kill us all! Godzilla!
Come on, Father! The least you could do is tell me!
What could I tell you?
Oh, come on! I mean about Godzilla, of course!
I'm a reporter!
Then you should have other sources. Don't rely on me.
Look, I should tell you...
...I have some important information for you.
Starboard 15. Half ahead.
Clear forward deck!
Report from the Ako, southeast area clear.
It's been three days already.
Still no sign of Godzilla, sir.
To be honest, some of the men don't think Godzilla exists.
So you see, Baragon, Mothra and Ghidorah...
...are there to protect us, the Guardian Monsters.
I don't understand. Why attack us, then?
Well, what they're defending is our homeland.
Yes, that's the difference, our homeland.
Nothing to do with the nation.
The homeland means the mountains and rivers and forests and things.
And you really believe that rubbish?
All I can say, Father, is his story's believable.
Do you have a better story?
But one thing I don't understand... our soldiers died for their country.
So why do they now want to destroy Japan?
But so many other people suffered all over Asia.
Their spirits are overwhelmingly more numerous. Don't you see?
I've just returned from the Bonins.
Glad to see you, captain. My daughter.
The island is a disaster zone.
I'm afraid the government has decided to cancel operations.
- What? - They've canceled everything?
We're to maintain our surveillance.
However, the minister doubts its existence.
These years of peace...
...seem to have dimmed the memories of what happened.
But I haven't forgotten those events, captain.
Oh, no.
I remember perfectly.
Fifty years ago, the sky was red...
...buildings and railroads destroyed by Godzilla.
A nightmare.
Its huge and menacing figure slowly advancing.
I could see its head.
The head of a devil enraged with hate.
I ran. I ran for my life...
...trying to find a refuge, and when the terror ended... parents were gone. Gone forever.
I, for one, shall never forget those events.
The terrible screams of the people being trampled.
Yes, send a report, urgently.
Right, the epicenter. Readings show it's moving underground!
Nagano reports the epicenter moved underground.
Epicenter still moving in a southward direction.
Do you think we should issue another warning?
It won't make any difference, they're not even ready to move yet.
Better tell the commander.
I recorded it, my father's story.
Good idea. I found it very moving, to be honest.
- Welcome! - I don't think we should use it, do you?
I recorded it for my own use. I'm also his daughter, remember?
Then you should be able to convince him...
...about the Guardian Monsters, shouldn't you?
Yeah, well, Dad's also a navy commander.
It now appears that the earthquake in Nagano Prefecture is not over.
The epicenter seems to be moving...
- The epicenter's moving! - I heard.
It was felt first in Niigata and later on this afternoon in Shizuoka.
- The Guardian Monsters! - Lf it's Niigata, it must be Baragon.
Niigata, Ikeda and Fuji.
According to this latest data... I understand it...
...we have another monster, apart from Godzilla, moving underground.
That's impossible!
But we have proof. This is definitely a living being.
Yes, and even more incredible...
...the locations concerned are exactly the locations...
...that are mentioned in the legend.
You mean the Guardian Monsters, sir?
You know about the ancient legend too, sir?
It was a monster!
It was there in that cave, underground!
I tell you, it had a horrible head on it!
It's going to come and get us!
Well, if you're sure about it, why not put it on your website?
But I'm telling you, it's true.
Let me out!
It's Godzilla!
Attention mobile units.
We have a report that the monster causing the tremors has surfaced.
- What is it? - The monster looks like Godzilla!
The monster has come up.
It has what? A Guardian Monster or Godzilla?
The monster is at least 30 meters long.
It walks on all fours and has red skin.
It's moving through Gotenba near Mount Fuji.
A red monster? Not Godzilla?
The information we're receiving is still pretty confused.
But we do know that it's not Godzilla.
I think we should send in the fighter squadron based at the coast.
- The anti-Godzilla plan? - Negative.
The latest reports coming in say the red Godzilla is still on the move.
Well, we'll soon be back in port.
Hey, skip, red Godzilla is at Gotenba.
What do you mean? Godzilla isn't red!
- It's heading this way, skipper. - Go on. Get the lines ready.
What's going on?
Look, there!
It's Godzilla!
Godzilla is at Yaizu!
Then what's that at Gotenba?
All right, now, that's enough! We must wait for confirmation.
We searched everywhere for it, but we just couldn't find it.
Tell all army units to stand by.
Godzilla has been confirmed at Shimizu...
...and is now reported to be heading northwards, sir!
All fighter units are on red alert. Ready to go, sir.
Is there still time?
We have to wait for the cabinet's decision.
There's a huge lizard outside!
Evacuate the shop immediately! Get out of here!
Evacuate? Godzilla is just a legend.
Children, we have to evacuate the school. Now clear your desks.
An atom bomb?
So you're not afraid?
No, I want to see it.
The Guardian Monsters might attack us. Have you thought of that?
- Have you got the stone? - In my bag.
You think it's an amulet?
Godzilla has been heading towards the spa town of Hakone.
A meeting of all cabinet ministers is now taking place... decide what measures should be taken for defense.
- All defense personnel... - Follow the helicopter!
- We'll never catch it in a car! - It'll lead us to Godzilla, go on!
I'm sure it will!
That's it!
What do you mean?
I think I've found where that monster's heading.
I think it's heading towards Godzilla.
Yes, sir, near Hakone.
And at this rate, he'll be here tomorrow.
If we act immediately, we can place artillery at the Sagami River.
But can we be sure he's heading this way?
I'm certain he is. He's heading right for Tokyo.
- Like last time. - But why? Why always here?
Baragon sighted, sir, at Hakone.
Have they managed to evacuate everybody yet?
Hey, look!
Wow! Get a load of that monster!
It's enormous! But quite cute, really.
Hey, quick, take a photo, and then we'll run!
- I think the monsters are gonna fight. - You sure?
Look at that!
It's gonna be some fight!
Look, the whole thing is live on the television.
In fact, Godzilla is much bigger than I thought he'd be.
Idiots! Get out of our airspace!
The red monster has suddenly disappeared underground!
Godzilla's looking around.
He can't understand where his enemy's gone.
There are still hundreds of people in the area.
Hey, where's the helicopter?
They've outsmarted us!
My God, it's Godzilla! It really is enormous!
Look, there's our Guardian Monster.
Our monster hasn't got a chance!
Godzilla's kicking the red monster in the gravel pits!
The red monster is in big trouble!
It's terrible, I don't want to watch it!
Shut up! You're here to film, right? So get filming!
- Quick, hurry up! You're missing it. - Right.
We have a real grandstand view of the rumble here.
Godzilla puts the boot in again, and the red monster seems down and out!
The red monster has climbed out of the gravel pits! It's trying to escape!
Run! He's right behind you!
Go on, get out of there! Hurry!
They're dead.
The two men in the helicopter. They're dead.
Earlier today, Godzilla landed at Yaizu...
...and caused extensive damage in the Shimizu and Fuji areas.
Later, Godzilla moved on to the Hakone area...
...where it battled another unknown creature.
Residents have been asked to leave the area calmly...
What's up? You lost your parents?
Hey, miss, will we die?
No, don't worry.
Everything's gonna work out fine.
And there's the Guardian Monsters. They're here to help us.
Hey, do you work for Digital Q?
Yes, do you watch us?
Tell me, miss...
...are monsters real?
Guardian Monsters are, and they're here to save us.
So don't you worry. Everything's gonna be fine.
Out of the way, please!
- Just scratches. I'll be fine. - Glad to hear it.
- Can I have the car keys? - No, you can't.
- Gee, thanks. - Look, haven't you done enough, Yuri?
Now, a huge cocoon-like structure is floating on the lake.
Many people have gathered at the water's edge to see the sight.
The cocoon is the size of an ocean liner.
Nobody has ever seen anything like it, and its origin remains a total mystery.
Evacuate the area!
Close all doors and windows...
Hello, I need a bicycle.
Oh, well, I don't have any with baskets left.
I sold out of them a couple of hours ago.
Right, this one.
The invoice made out to BS Digital.
BS? Oh, Bridgestone?
Gen. Mikumo, you shall lead the counterattack, understood?
Thank you, sir. I will not fail.
For security's sake, this shall be the command center.
- Dispatch fighter units immediately! - Yes, sir!
That lizard picked the wrong guy here.
Please evacuate in an orderly manner.
Do not use your personal vehicles.
Please proceed to regrouping areas...
...where you will be given transportation to leave the area.
Only take essential belongings.
Therefore, the government has decided... use the army to counter the threat our country is under today...
...and the necessary measures are now in place.
Our counterattack operations are under way tonight.
BS Digital.
Yuri, babe! Hey, where are you?
I've got my camera with me. I'm chasing Godzilla.
Sure, I'll send the pictures back over the Net.
Whatever you've got scheduled tonight, you better cancel it right now.
She's always doing the opposite of what she should be doing!
What has gotten into her? We can't cancel it!
Why can't we cancel?
If the boss asks, I said it's okay.
Right, prepare to go live!
And I'll want an Internet link too!
Yuri, babe! I want it straight from the lizard's mouth, okay?
- Hey, Yuri! Take care! - Okay.
Missiles away!
This report comes to you from BS Digital Q TV...
...bargain basement of the airwaves, and our star reporter...
...on the scene near Godzilla.
- "Bargain basement of the airwaves"? - Take it away, Yuri!
It's no good. The missiles had no effect, sir.
Try attacking it from the side. It must have a weak point.
It's not going to make any difference!
Blue Leader, come in! Contact lost...
Well, sir? We're awaiting your next order.
Hey, look! What's that?
Hurry! Let's get out of here!
Go back! Hurry!
Well, minister? In the '50s, did we really get rid of Godzilla?
At the time, I doubted it...
...but I taught my men to be proud of what they did.
I wonder, was it worth it?
Godzilla is now moving east! He's heading towards Tokyo!
Fifty years ago, the first Godzilla attack was repulsed.
The animal was killed using an unknown chemical compound.
The inventor has since died and his records disappeared.
Existing weapons were totally useless back then.
The defense forces could do nothing to stop Godzilla.
So the government decided to keep what happened a secret.
If people knew the true story...
...then our defense forces would have faced ridicule.
Hence, the need for the utmost secrecy, understand?
So I'm relying on your discretion.
Cmdr. Tachibana, do you have a daughter called Yuri?
Yes, that's right.
Hundreds of people have been killed by Godzilla.
Burned to death or trampled underfoot by the monster.
But there is resistance.
Not only from our defense forces, but also from other monsters.
They're joining forces to stop Godzilla.
Stupid girl!
We'll try to protect her.
- Arrest her! - Report from Lake Ikeda.
- The cocoon has opened, sir! - What's that?
The Thousand-Year-Old Dragon...
He wants to save us.
We've received news.
A new monster has been seen at Mt. Fuji.
What the hell is going on? It's like a monster convention here!
- Do we know where it is now? - It's heading east from Mount Fuji.
- It's flying straight towards Godzilla. - Radar confirms the heading.
What's going to happen, commander?
The Guardian Monsters are gathering.
They're here to protect us from Godzilla.
Whatever happens, we must not attack the Guardian Monsters.
They are not our enemy.
Why not name the monsters so we don't get them mixed up, general?
It would make things easier, sir.
Well, it sounds a bit far-fetched.
I think I have an idea, general.
It seems several monsters are gathering in the area.
The red one will be code-named Baragon.
The flying insect, Mothra...
...and the golden monster code-named Ghidorah.
I repeat, the red one is Baragon.
The flying insect is Mothra. The golden one is Ghidorah.
Capt. Yamaguchi!
Special Intervention Forces reporting for duty, sir!
We'll use the D3 warheads on all the missiles.
All right, captain, everybody to battle stations!
Yes, sir!
Remember to shut off all gas appliances.
Leave your house lights on.
This will aid the military operation.
Please evacuate in an orderly fashion.
Proceed to regrouping areas and await transportation.
And good luck everybody!
Yes, good luck everyone! You're going to die!
It seems so calm.
Yet, soon it will be reduced to a blazing pile of rubble.
The first time I've seen action. I'm not looking forward to it.
But it's a soldier's duty.
We can go into battle without relishing conflict.
Godzilla's here! Get those searchlights over here.
Man, that's one hell of a bug.
- Hey! Look, there it goes! - It's attacking Godzilla!
Look out!
Jesus, my buddies are in there!
- What do we do? - Nothing we can do!
Please, sir. The men are still waiting for your orders!
Hold fire. Patience.
The Guardian Monsters are here.
They're all here.
Proceed into the bay!
We'll press our attack from both land and the sea.
Moving into the bay, sir!
We'd better make sure our timing's right.
We won't get a second chance.
We'll wait until Godzilla has been wounded, then we'll attack!
Hey, where are you going? You're off-limits here!
- Come back here! - Hey, stop!
- Let go! Leave me alone! - You're under arrest!
Stop, let go of me!
Stand by to commence attack!
All units ready to move!
- All units, fire! - All units, fire!
All units, begin firing!
Eighty percent destroyed! No, 90 percent destroyed!
The Aka, it's exploded! And we're damaged too, sir!
- I need a damage report! - Right away, sir!
Main guns destroyed, sir.
Godzilla has seen us!
Thousand-Year-Old Dragon, King Ghidorah.
What the hell's going on out there?
Godzilla and the other monster are fighting underwater.
Godzilla seems to be wounded.
What I want to do is shoot a D3 into Godzilla's wound.
It might just work.
The launchers are damaged. We can't launch missiles!
I'll use the Satsuma. Get one loaded onboard.
Commander! The Satsuma is just a research vessel.
It's not designed for war.
With a D3 loaded on it, it's going to be very unstable.
We'll have to take that chance. We don't have any choice!
You'll need cover, sir!
- Any torpedoes left? - A couple, sir.
Then wish me luck.
Good luck, sir.
The Satsuma is attacking Godzilla.
Use all remaining firepower to cover the attack!
This has to succeed!
Cmdr. Tachibana is going to attack Godzilla... a submersible using a D3.
Use all remaining firepower to cover the attack.
Try to weaken Godzilla as much as possible.
My father?
The captain says you can't stay here, miss.
Can't someone else go? Why the commander?
He's a commander, a senior officer. Why does he have to go himself?
Because I have the most experience.
In these situations, a ship's commander has to lead by example.
Now get to the safety area and stay low.
I've got a job to do!
- Don't you understand? - Sure, I understand.
But you're my daughter.
Is there a soldier there? Pass him to me.
- Commander? - Soldier...
...give the lady carte blanche. - But, sir!
I'll take responsibility.
Sir. You're allowed to stay, miss.
- You be careful. - Yes, I will.
- Promise you'll come back alive. - Of course I will.
Don't worry. I'll be fine.
Stand by to launch submersible!
Here, hold the camera.
- What for? - To film me!
We'll find out if you're our guardian, Ghidorah.
Commander, please come back safely.
The warriors have risen up to fight against Godzilla...
...with every weapon they can muster.
Nobody knows if they'll succeed in their mission.
All I can do with my camera... to record their struggle... protect our freedom, regardless of danger... that our children...
...will have a future.
Pull me up!
With any luck, the wound will still be warm.
Switching to thermal imaging camera.
Fry, you goddamn lizard!
Let me go or we'll both fall!
I won't do it, I won't let go!
Damn you to hell!
Watch out, commander!
Move the ship to safety! Just let me take care of Godzilla!
Do as I say!
Ghidorah has been beaten.
Commander, don't! Give up! Abort the mission!
What's he doing?
Please don't!
Contact lost.
Father? Father?
Don't let him win.
- Takeda! - Thank goodness, you're alive.
My father! Where's my father? My father!
Yuri, thank you.
He succeeded! He fired the missile!
Godzilla, he's vanished! Godzilla's no longer on the radar.
He's gone!
He's disappeared completely! I can't believe it!
And the sub?
He came back.
He came back!
The Satsuma has surfaced.
Cmdr. Tachibana is alive.
Situation is now code green. Repeat, code green.
Aizu here. Do you read, Salvage Sub 2?
I read you. Let's go.
I'm coming, commander.
Yes, that's right. She works for us.
Yuri Tachibana. Yes!
Thank you very much!
It's Yuri. She's okay.
Guys! Wait! Why don't we do a special.
Yeah, with all this material, we'll win all the awards!
What's more, we can include an interview...
...with that Professor "Thingummy."
- That's gonna be difficult. - Why?
Professor Isayama died a long time ago...
...after the first Godzilla attack, in fact.
He was quite an old man. He was 75.
The professor is dead?
Then who the hell was the old man?
Whoever he was, he's gone from the tape.
You can't be serious.
- Are you all right? - Don't come any closer!
I haven't checked the radiation levels yet.
We'd better make sure.
Don't, please. It wasn't just me.
There were others:
My colleagues...
...and the Guardian Monsters.
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