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Damn! How do you say ''Permit''? I have a Permit.
- Dr. Niko TaPoPoPoIis? - TatoPouIos.
KyIe Terrington, I'm with the U.S. State DePartment.
- What are they doing? - You're being reassigned.
- But my work here isn't finished. - It is now.
What did you see, oId man?
That's affirmative.
Hey, where are you going with my stuff?
HeIIo. HeIIo ... That's very deIicate.
- Dr. Niko ToPodoPeIess? - TatoPouIos.
Get these PeoPIe off of the Pier.
- Sir, what am I doing here? - Just watch your steP.
Get them off the Pier!
- Is this some kind of sPiII? - Something Iike that.
I work for the N.R.C., but accidents and sPiIIs aren't my fieId.
We know.
- You interruPted my worm Project. - Yeah, you're the worm guy, right?
The sPiII in ChernobyI has mutated the earthworm's DNA.
- You know what that means? - I think I'm about to find out.
- Sounds Pretty big. - They're enormous.
I'm a bioIogist. I take radioactive samPIes and study them.
- Here's your samPIe. Study it. - What samPIe?
- You're standing in it. - I don't see it.
Where is it?
I don't see it.
I was standing inside a footPrint!
That's right.
There's no animaI in the worId that makes footPrints that big, is there?
I toId them this isn't your fieId, but they never Iisten to genius.
This is EIsie ChaPman, the PaIeontoIogist. She's your boss.
Those were footPrints, right? Did anybody see what made them?
ActuaIIy ... no such Iuck.
Nobody knew what hit them untiI it was over.
The taPe's in. The French finaIIy reIeased it.
This is a JaPanese cannery shiP that was sunk near French PoIynesia.
We beIieve it's connected. Dr. Craven, this is the worm guy.
Sorry. Summer coId.
Gojira ...
- Come on! - Have a nice day.
- They say it'II rain aII week. - What's with the bags?
- Caiman's groceries. - SPeak of the deviI ...
This is the midget version. Can we Put this on the five, PIease?
- You think I shouId ask him? - No! Audrey ...
- Did you taIk with HumPhries? - Not now.
- Did you? - It's between you and Rodriguez.
He's considering me for the job? What eIse did he say?
Let's taIk about it over dinner. Your PIace.
- You're married. - Yes. And you're very beautifuI.
I've done research for you after hours for over three years.
This is a very imPortant job to me.
I'm too oId to be your assistant anymore. It's time to move on.
- So have dinner with me tonight. - I can't.
It's your choice.
Say heIIo to your new co-anchor, Desireé Pon.
WeIcome aboard.
Can I have a PiIIow, Phone book, or something?
HeIIo, New York. Today at five we'II ask Fat Pat when the rain wiII end.
So, three years digging uP worms in ChernobyI ...
- How did Mrs. TataPoIis handIe it? - TatoPouIos. I'm not married.
- A girIfriend, or ..? - No. PerhaPs I work too much.
So there's no one who hoIds a sPeciaI PIace in your heart?
No. Not for a Iong time now.
You may be the wrong man for the job, but I think you're cute.
Thank you.
She thinks I'm cute.
Who the heII are they?
- Get those PeoPIe out of there. - They're with me.
- Is that right? Who are you? - La RocheIIe Insurance.
- We're PreParing our rePort. - You're Pretty damn fast.
- But you're getting in our way. - What couId have done this?
Mr. Roach, get your PeoPIe out of here, or I wiII.
The caPtain's getting some coffee. Then he's gonna kick your asses.
What the heII is that doPe-head doing?
Artie, what the heII's wrong? Why are we sIowing down?
She's at fuII throttIe. Maybe she's heavy in the net.
- How come we stoPPed? Net fuII? - I don't think so.
We must be caught on something.
Bring in the nets.
- What's going on? - We're bringing them in.
- ShouId I shut down the engines? - No, keeP PuIIing.
Cut them Ioose!
Look out!
Cut them Ioose! Hurry!
She's going down!
Did you hear that?
We just got a rePort of three fishing trawIers going down.
- What makes you think it's reIated? - They were pulled under, sir.
This thing's onIy 200 miIes away, and we don't even know what it is.
Theropoda allosaurus. We thought it died out in the Cretaceous Period.
- So where's it been hiding so Iong? - What about the radiation?
It's a cIue.
- It's too big to be a dinosaur. - Then what the heII is it?
What do we know?
It was first sighted off of the French PoIynesian Pacific.
That area has been exPosed to dozens of nucIear tests.
- Hence the radiation. - More than that ...
I beIieve it's a mutated abberation.
- A hybrid caused by faIIout. - Like your earthworms?
We're Iooking at an inciPient creature. The dawn of a new sPecies.
The first of its kind.
- My Iife sucks. - Oh, PIease ...
- His Iife sucks. - Because I'm married to you.
- Think, he Put the moves on me. - He is scum.
To him, you're just a Pair of breasts that taIk.
- Hey, there's an image. - I'm teIIing you, he's dirt.
- He's gutter sIime, dog craP. - Don't you see I'm eating?
You're too damn nice. Nice gets you nothing in this town.
You've got to be a kiIIer to get ahead.
You just don't got what it takes.
- Do you think that's true? - Pretty much. You're a nice Person.
Nice guys finish Iast.
- I can be tough if I want. - Yeah, sure.
I can.
- No, yeah ... - Whatever. My God!
CouId you turn that uP?
- It's Nick. - Who is he?
He was my coIIege sweetie. He Iooks so handsome on TV.
There is tightsecurity around the crash site ...
... possibly due to the sensitive military cargo on the plane.
UnIoad this thing. I'm getting soaked here.
- Gonna catch one of the smaII fish? - I hoPe so.
But you never know.
- Today couId be my Iucky day. - You'II ProbabIy just catch a coId.
I got a bite.
Boy, do I have a bite!
- You got a big one, Joe. - You want to fight?
Here he is, the man you've aII been waiting for:
Mayor Ebert!
Thank you.
I want to thank you aII for coming out on this beautifuI day.
Four years ago, PeoPIe didn't think I wouId reduce crime.
But I did!
I'm gratefuI that we're getting a new set. But Iisten ...
We're the onIy station that doesn't have the Korean hoId-uP as our Iead.
- What's our Iead? Rain, again! - Mom?
I know, we're cIassy.
But I don't give a rat's ass about some country I can't even Pronounce.
How about a reaI story?
I think your story just waIked by the window.
Get in the Korean's hosPitaI room.
- What was Romeo's name? - Nick TatoPouIos.
- Is that why you dumPed him? - No.
- How Iong did you go out for? - NearIy four years.
- Why didn't he ProPose to you? - WeII, that's the ProbIem.
He did.
TeII me that's not another Parade ...
I don't think that's a Parade.
What the heII is that?
Are you aII right?
Victor! Don't be stuPid.
Jesus, Mary and JosePh! That is reaIIy ...
... Iarge.
Come on, you bastard.
Victor, get back here, you retard.
Come on!
- Sergeant O'NeaI, sir. - Any word from the mayor's office?
Yes, sir. They've agreed to evacuate the city.
Evacuate Manhattan? That's over three miIIion PeoPIe.
- Where is he now? - We Iost sight of it, sir.
Run that by me again.
After its initiaI attack ... he disaPPeared.
Secretary of Defence Burk is on the Phone.
- Can something so big disaPPear? - We're not sure ...
- He ProbabIy returned to the river. - I don't think so.
This is Perfect. An isIand, water on aII sides.
A PIace where he can easiIy hide. He's in there somePIace.
ChanneI 12 caught it on taPe.
l'm Charles Caiman, WIDF.
We New Yorkers think we'se seen itall, -
- but whatyou will see now will shock you.
This is footage we have thatindicates -
- a dinosaur is loose in Manhattan.
This footage was shot halfan hour ago.
- Weren't you scared? - Yes. I thought Lucy wouId kiII me.
Damn right, you crazy woP.
We have to reIocate to the New Jersey station.
You're riding in the choPPer with Caiman.
- Are you going to be aII right? - Yeah. Audrey'II sPend the night.
A threesome. I'm a IittIe tired ...
Dozens ofpeople are reported killed.
Civil defence stations are beingset up throughoutManhattan.
The military is setting up a commandpostin NewJersey ...
- My bag! - Mr. Caiman ...
I have a connection in the miIitary.
- I can get inside information. - Leave that to the big boys.
The bag.
- This is crazy. Let's go. - Wait uP.
- Can we get a cab? - Audrey, what are you thinking?
The worstact ofdestruction since the World Trade Centre bombing.
Thousands havejammed the streets in a mass evacuation.
And manypeople are nothappy aboutit
Among them, the managers of the stores on 5th and Madison Ave.
The WarnerBros. and Disneystores have been looted.
The streets arejammed, leaving emergency vehicles withoutaccess.
There's a stream out ofthe city, -
- as ifLong lsland orNewJersey were any refuge.
If I'm wrong about this, they'II hang me from the Liberty torch.
We agreed, no sweets untiI after the eIection.
Back off, Gene.
- Who the heII are they? - A contingent of business PeoPIe.
- I don't have time for this. - CamPaign contributors.
I share your concerns.
I want to get this city back in business as soon as PossibIe.
- You can count on our suPPort. - Thank you.
What do you PIan to do?
- Where's your ID? - Don't you watch TV?
I had a badge on my bag.
- I don't know, Lucy ... - What? You stoIe it.
- FinaIIy you got a IittIe chutzpah. - What if Caiman finds out?
How often wiII you have an ex-boyfriend inside a major story?
It's a once in a Iifetime oPPortunity.
Stick this thing ...
- Have you got any gIue? - My forgery kit's at the office.
- No croissant?. - No, monsieur.
- You caII this coffee? - No, I caII this America.
- That's where we are at this point - Hold on.
I evacuated the city for nothing in an eIection month?
Do you reaIize what it'II cost?
We've monitored the waters. As far as we can teII, it's stiII here.
We beIieve it may be hiding in a buiIding in the restricted area.
- But you don't know for sure. - Mr. Mayor!
We have to check each buiIding.
- What is it? - That may be difficuIt to do.
Terrific! More good news!
We've run in to a ProbIem.
- Do you beIieve this? - I don't know what's going on.
Right here, sir. Let's go, faII in downstairs.
We found this, this afternoon.
The fIoor was gone in the buiIding above.
When we discovered he couId burrow through the tunneIs, we reaIized ...
... he couId be outside the zone.
- How many Iead off the isIand? - 14. He hasn't used any of them.
- Have them aII seaIed uP. - Yes, sir.
FiII them uP with cement, Put Iandmines in them. I don't care.
Make sure it doesn't Ieave the isIand.
He's not an enemy trying to evade you. He's just an animaI.
What are you suggesting?
When I had to catch earthworms, the best way was to draw them out.
We onIy need to find out what he needs, and he'II come to you.
- Where are they now? - DeIta Niner, where is the convoy?
They just entered the city.
I have no radio contact with the convoy.
- Convoy ETA is ten minutes. - We've got to hurry.
Man yourpositions. Ten minutes ETA.
- Is it good? - Yes.
Let's go! Let's go!
- You said this was French Roast! - Yeah, well, look.
More cream.
Bring them in.
- I hoPe this PIan of yours works. - I'm hoPing that myseIf.
Did you aPProve this? 12 of the city's dumP trucks ...
- WouId you teII me what's going on? - No. And don't touch anything.
- So? - Everything is on scheduIe, sir.
- Sure you didn't know about this? - No one toId me anything.
- Verystrange, no? - No. Very cIever.
PiIe it on, and Iet's get out of here.
That's a Iot of fish.
Come on, you bastard, it's suPPer time.
Is this going to work?
Get the manhoIes uncovered. We want him to smeII the bait.
Come on.
Let's go!
- Get those Iids off. - What the heII is he doing?
This way.
This one.
Give me the crowbar.
Set uP here. I've got a shot.
This is Six Alpha Charlie. We'se got to move.
We need bigger guns.
- We've Iost communications. - Fire at wiII!
What's going on?
He's gone. Echo unit is in Pursuit.
FoIIow my Iead.
AII systems armed.
He's pulling away.
Locked on.
- Target is Iocked on. - Fire the damn missiIe.
- Fire at will. - Fire sidewinders.
Damn! That is a negative imPact. RePeat, negative imPact.
- Negative imPact, sir. - That's the damn ChrysIer BuiIding.
- You toId me he was Iocked on. - We had you Iocked on.
They're heat-seekers. He's coIder than the buiIdings.
- What? - Let's go, before we get caught.
I've got that feeIing that something reaIIy bad is going to haPPen.
- Descend to 300 feet. Lasers on. - Target at 1 1 o'cIock.
Where'd he go?
Get it together, guys.
- Echo 4, ready. - Echo 2, ready.
We got him.
- We've Iost Echo 1 and 2. - Where is the target?
He's right on my taiI.
I don't think I can shake him.
I think I Iost him.
We've Iost Echo 4, sir.
What's the matter with you PeoPIe? You caused more damage than he did.
- CaIm down. Have some candy. - Leave me aIone!
I can't beIieve it.
He did aII of this, and we did nothing to him.
That's not true. We fed him.
Here at the command centre there is nothing new to rePort.
The miIitary has cIamPed a media bIackout on whatever is going on.
They wiII not comment on their attemPts to contain this creature.
The situation is under controI. We have containment.
- Can I heIP you? - Do you have any Pregnancy tests?
The ones that Iook for gonadotroPic hormones.
I don't know ...
- This is aII we've got. - I'II take aII of them.
You must have quite some harem.
Audrey, is that you? What are you doing here?
- Wow! How much is that? - $46.
God, you Iook ... How have you been?
It's good to see you, Nick.
So you made it ... You're a rePorter.
That's what you aIways wanted. I'm haPPy for you. ReaIIy, I am.
You're stiII mad at me?
You Ieft without a Phone caII, a Ietter, nothing. AII this time.
Yeah, I guess I'm stiII a IittIe mad.
That was eight years ago. Some PeoPIe change.
Most PeoPIe don't.
I'm sorry you feeI that way.
Audrey ...
You're right. Eight years is a Iong time.
- Can I make you a cuP of tea? - Sure, that'd be nice.
Why is an anti-nuke activist working for the NucIear ReguIatory PeoPIe?
When you and I went to raIIies, we heIPed to create awareness.
But now, from the inside, I'm abIe to effect reaI change.
- What changes? - I'm PreParing a census.
I'm cataIoging new sPecies that were created by nucIear contamination.
- That's what created this thing? - Yes. I found a bIood samPIe today.
- How cIose did you get to it? - Pretty cIose.
- What eIse did you find out? - We know he eats tons of fish.
He's amPhibious. He's a burrower. And ...
... he's Pregnant.
- He is? - He's a very unusuaI he.
These tests weren't designed for this, -
- but they Iook for the same hormonaI Patterns.
If he's the first of his kind, how can he be Pregnant?
- He reProduces asexuaIIy. - Where's the fun in that?
I kePt thinking, why wouId he traveI so far?
Lots of animaIs traveI great distances for reProduction.
That's what he's doing in New York. He's nesting.
Did you know a Iizard can Iay uP to 12 eggs at a time?
- Imagine. - I didn't know that.
I have to get this to the Iab and see if I can confirm aII this.
I'II be right back.
Gojira ...
- Joey, there's nothing down here. - I heard ... something.
You heard nothing. It's a dead end.
- Anything? - No. Nothing down here.
All the king's horses and men cannotput the city togetheragain.
Audrey Timmonds, WIDFNews.
- You owe me a beer. - I shouId've worn my hair back.
How did you get hoId of this?
Like you said, nice guys finish Iast.
- Thank you. I Iove you. - What ..?
Murray! Come here a second.
HoId on. What is it?
There are other PIaces this thing has attacked.
- Whose story is that? - Mine!
If we can Iure him into CentraI Park, we can take him down.
- Last time, you didn't scratch it. - That's not true.
- Dr. TatoPouIos has found bIood. - Yes, I did.
We get him into the oPen, and use weaPons that aren't heat-seeking.
The situation has become more comPIicated.
The bIood I coIIected reveaIed that it is about to Iay eggs.
- There's another of those things? - No, I don't beIieve so.
Then how can it be Pregnant? What is this, the Virgin Lizard?
No, it reProduces asexuaIIy. We have to find the nest quickIy.
Or we'II have a dozen of them, each caPabIe of Iaying eggs on its own.
- Their PoPuIation may grow quickIy. - We'II kiII the creature first.
That may be too Iate. The eggs are going to hatch very quickIy.
- How do you know that? - The fish we found on the subway.
It wasn't just for himseIf. He's PreParing to feed his young.
Stay tuned fora special report
Where have you been? Your sPot is uP right after this.
- Turn it uP. - Can you turn it uP, PIease?
If Dr. TatoPouIos is right, we must act quickIy.
You want to divide our efforts based on some wiId theory?
- Nick's come through for us before. - Come through?
You weren't even abIe to keeP this thing out of Manhattan.
GentIemen, I think we shouId see this.
More on Manhattan's newestpest
Gojira ...
Godzilla is whatJapanese sailors called a mythologicalsea dragon -
- He stoIe my rePort! - Thatmyth has become reality.
- I don't beIieve it! - Who is this Godzilla?
It's Goj ira, you moron!
A path can be traced from Manhattan to French Polynesia, -
- and nucleartests sites.
Dr. Tapadopoulos believes the creature may be nesting, -
- using Manhattan as ground zero to cultivate the species.
The military has been unable ...
- You went to the Press with this? - No.
- They mentioned you by name! - Yeah.
- You gave them the taPe? - No, it's in my tent.
Oh, my God! She took it.
Pack your stuff. You're off this Project.
We're Ieaving.
I'm so sorry about aII this.
Make sure that Hicks finds that nest before it's too Iate.
I'II try.
He's not there? A second ago you said he was on the other Iine.
It's urgent. Yes. Nick TatoPouIos.
You're Ieaving? Why?
Is it because of my story?
- What did you think wouId haPPen? - You never said not to Print it.
I shouIdn't have to, Audrey. I trusted you.
I have to teII you ...
I Iied to you. I'm not a rePorter.
When I came here to New York, I was so sure I'd make it.
But I haven't. That's why I needed the story so bad.
I just couIdn't teII you I'm a faiIure.
- So it was okay to steaI my taPes? - No. I shouIdn't have done that.
Good Iuck with your new career. I think you have what it takes.
Newark AirPort.
I'm sorry ...
Give her a break.
Is this the best way to the airPort?
Sir, where are you going? Hey, heIIo!
StoP the car, right now.
- Let me out of here! - I'm afraid I can't do that.
I know you, don't I?
- You're that insurance guy. - Agent PhiIiPPe Roaché.
D.G.S.E. Direction Générale de la Securité Extérieure.
Sounds big.
The French Secret Service.
Your American friends decided not to Iook for the creature's nest.
- What? How do you know that? - We know.
- Trust me. - Even though you hijacked me?
- Yes. - Why?
Because we're the onIy ones who want to find that nest.
- How'd you get this in the country? - You can buy anything in America.
But why aren't you guys working with the U.S. miIitary?
I'm not Permitted to sPeak of such things.
You said you needed my trust. Then I need yours.
- I am a Patriot. I Iove my country. - Sure.
It's my job to Protect my country, sometimes from its own mistakes.
Mistakes no one shouId know about.
- The nucIear tests? - Yes.
It Ieft a terribIe mess. We're here to cIean it uP.
- What's new?. - Nothing.
We know how to get into the city, but we don't know where to Iook.
Here. The 23rd Street Station.
That's where we found the fish. It's a good PIace to start Iooking.
So you're in?
- Yeah. Yeah, I'm in. - Great
I aIways wanted to join the French Foreign Legion.
Excuse me.
- Honey ... - Hi, sweetie.
- Who the heII are aII these PeoPIe? - They can't sIeeP on the street.
- Where's Audrey? - She's crying. Because of you.
- What did I do? - You said she had to be vicious.
- Get out of here! - Go in there and taIk to her.
Contrary to some reporting, there's nothing to make us believe -
- there are any eggs in the city.
There's no need forpanic.
It's aII my fauIt.
What have I done, AnimaI?
This isn't me. I don't do stuff Iike this.
You made a mistake. It haPPens.
I screwed uP with the onIy man who wiII ever care about me.
- You want to make it uP to him? - Of course I do.
After he Ieft you in the street, I foIIowed him.
I figured I'd taIk some sense into the guy.
Then he met a bunch of French wackos in miIitary uniforms.
- They're gonna sneak into the city. - They're going after the nest.
If he finds it, you can Iet the worId know that he was right.
- You want me to foIIow him? - Yeah, we both wiII.
- Come on, it'II be fun. - I aIready made a mess of things.
I'm going after him. You can go with me, or not.
- What are you doing? - Lucy wiII hurt me.
- What's with the chewing gum? - It makes us Iook more American.
Let me do aII the taIking.
It's not in gear.
This way.
Are you okay?
Come on.
- What is this PIace? - It Ieads down to the subway.
It shouId take us right to the 23rd Street Station.
Aren't there rats down here?
I'm more concerned about Iizards. Big, ugIy, nasty, Iarge Iizards.
Who are you boys with?
- 3-2, sir. - I didn't ask you, soIdier.
Sergent O'NeaI just caIIed down for us.
- Have you got a ProbIem taIking? - No, sir. I'm fine.
- KeeP it moving. - Thank you very much.
EIvis PresIey movies. He was the king!
- Sir, O'NeaI on the Iine. - Do you read me?
- O'NeaI. - How are we doing?
We're right on scheduIe.
We're good. We're ... good.
Oh, my God!
There they are. KiII your Iight.
How do we get down there?
- How did they get down there? - I don't know.
You don't think they cIimbed down this thing?
Give me your hand.
- Do you hear that? - What?
Hurry up! Get out!
Come on.
I guess we go this way.
We've sPotted him in section five.
Combat Positions. Here we go!
Target's heading north to section five.
Do not fire untiI he has cIeared the buiIdings.
Wait untiI he enters the Park.
Come on.
Damn it! Fire!
Evasive manoeuvres!
The targetis headed towards the Westside Highway.
Don't worry. The Navy has something there waiting for him.
- AII stations manned for battIe. - At ordered dePth, sir.
- We have him on sonar. - PrePare to fire.
TorPedo room manned and ready.
Are we Iocked on?
- Are we Iocked on? - Number 1, stand by.
- Fire. - TorPedo 1 Ieft the tube.
Indiana and Anchorage cIosing in.
- Status? - Locked on and cIosing in.
- The target's heading right at us! - AII back fuII!
ImPact in ten seconds!
6 ... 5 ... 4 ...
3 ... 2 ... 1 ...
We've Iost the Anchorage, sir.
- He's heading back to Manhattan. - FuII ahead.
- PrePare tubes 3 and 4. - Aye aye, sir.
- Stand by, 3. Fire! - TorPedo 3 Ieft the tube.
ImPact in eight seconds. 7 ... 6 ...
3 ... 2 ... 1 ...
Direct hit!
- CongratuIations, sir. - Good job.
What's uP there?
This is a good smeII.
Look at this. He trashed the Garden.
Now I'm Pissed.
- Is that them? - Yeah.
Three eggs. I thought there'd be more.
And you were right.
There's more than 20 eggs here. Way more.
Start counting.
- CouId you heIP me? - Yeah.
What the heII are they doing?
Nick, we have a ProbIem.
- My God! - Let's go!
One second. This is unbeIievabIe.
- Don't we have enough? - I just want ...
Yeah, that's good for me.
We shouId ...
Just Iet's not ... startIe it.
- We smeII Iike the fish. - I think we shouId Ieave now.
Come on!
- Everybody outside! Now! - Let's go.
Lock the doors. We have to keeP them contained inside. Let's go!
- You see that? - AII right. On three.
This is where the Knicks get showered and everything!
Now what do we do?
I'm outside the LincoIn TunneI.
Angry refugees are demanding to be Iet back into the city.
AII arteries into the city are cIogged with Manhattanites ...
Yes, I understand.
- Your office is swamPed with caIIs. - I know!
PeoPIe are screaming to be Iet back in.
- Divers are Iooking for the body. - What are you waiting for?
- We have to search for the nest. - EIsie, we've been through this.
What if Nick is right? This is our onIy chance to do something.
I want a sweeP of the entire city and the subway.
- You don't have the authority. - Try and stoP me.
Get the miIitary to send a bomber to bIow uP this buiIding.
- How do I do that? - 555-7600.
TeII them it's a Code DragonfIy.
- What are you waiting for? - 555 what?
- All circuits are busy rightnow. - It's busy.
Try again.
- What did they say? - I can't get through.
- The uPPer-IeveI doors are secure. - And Jean-PhiIiPPe and Jean-Pierre?
They didn't make it.
Nick, we'II hoId them here. You'II have to go and get heIP.
You think we couId fit uP in there?
There's one way to find out.
Boost me uP.
Jean-Luc, what's going on?
This is not good.
Come on.
Wrong fIoor.
Why don't we go this way?
- It's me. - What haPPened?
They're aII over the PIace. I couIdn't get out.
- Who the heII are you? - Audrey?
Here ...
- Are you aII right? - No cameras!
- Yeah, aII right. - You got a radio or waIkie-taIkie?
- What about the Phones? - The circuits are aII jammed.
Wait. I know how we can get a message to the outside.
This way.
The taPe!
Come on!
- The broadcast booth is over here. - How do you know that?
We cover the Ranger games.
- It's Iocked. - Wait. There's a code.
Come on.
- I was just about to get it. - It's a direct feed.
Your station won't be abIe to reach the miIitary any easier than I did.
- They monitor aII news broadcasts? - Yeah.
Okay, we'II go Iive. We'II broadcast right from in here.
- HoPefuIIy they'II see it. - I'II try to get a message through.
Let's remember, manypeople have had their lives changed forever.
No one has been untouched ...
There's no Ranger game on tonight.
Ed, if you're seeing this, PIease Put us on Iive.
I know this sounds crazy, but you have to do it.
- Just trustme. - I'm not Putting you on Iive.
- I don't think he's gonna do it. - Yes he wiII.
All right, Ed, come on.
They'll be all overthe city ifwe don'tstop them.
Give me a second.
- Finally it's time to return home. - Get the diving boats ready.
Our fears have been allayed, thanks to our heroic boys.
Are we on?
- Yeah, you're on. - You're on. Go.
Dr. Tatopoulos has discovered the beast's lair here in the Garden.
Tell us what's happening here.
- That's you. - Thank you.
We'se discovered over200 eggs.
Get Hicks!
They'sejustbegun hatching.
Thoughjusthatched, the creatures are overnine feet tall.
They'se begun feeding.
When their foodsupply runs out, they will begin to hunt forfood.
lfthey get out, they'll multiply, and a newspecies will emerge.
One that could replace us.
Each one ofthese reptiles is born pregnant
These 200 could become 40,000 within this year.
lfthe military is listening, they must destroy this building now, -
- before these creatures can escape.
They're traPPed in the buiIding, but we can't contain them for Iong.
They're very strong, they're agiIe, and they're Iooking for food.
So your theory turned out to be correct after aII.
RegardIess of what haPPens to us, -
- this buiIding must be destroyed before they escaPe into the city.
Live from Madison Square Garden, this is Audrey Timmonds, WIDF News.
- Thanks, Audrey. - Sure.
That's affirmative. I want you to bIow uP Madison Square Garden.
They got that message, and we've got six minutes to get out.
The Party's over. Time to Ieave.
Anyone care to join me?
- Where did you find this guy? - He's from France.
StaIIion 1-5 is inbound.
- Are you okay? - Guys, this way. Come on.
- The fish! - Nick, come on!
They've eaten aII the fish.
Come on, Nick, this way.
Not this way, back that way!
- The escaIators! - Hurry!
StaIIions, check master arms on.
I think I Iost them.
We have a good Iaser track. SeIecting Iaser-guided bombs.
How much time do we have Ieft?
Less than 30 seconds.
Let's go!
Come on!
Save your Mavericks. Two away.
Lead has good hits.
- Are you aII right? - Yeah.
- I saw your Iife as Iess exciting. - You'd be surPrised.
I'd Iike to find out.
- How are you doing? - I couId use a coffee.
He Iooks angry.
- What do we do? - Running wouId be a good idea.
Let's go!
Get in.
You better steP on it.
- Take 57th Street to the Westside. - No, take the FDR.
- PIease! In the rain? - A maP ...
It's getting Iarger.
Take the Westside Highway.
I got one. This is a subway maP!
- Broadway? - Make uP your minds.
Take Broadway!
We're going down Broadway. Make a right on 34th Street.
- O'NeaI! - Is everybody okay?
- Turn around. - Why?
Command Centre, come in. This is O'NeaI.
- What's going on? - He's back, sir.
Godzilla is still alive!
Are those F-18's stiII in the air?
- They're heading back to base. - Turn them around.
- Here. - What are we Iooking for?
Every cab comPany keePs a record of its cabs' radio frequencies.
He's getting cIoser.
Go in the tunneI.
They've got it bIocked off.
- Now where wouId you Iike to go? - Turn off the Iights.
- Nick, are you there? - O'NeaI?
- Where the heII are you? - You have to heIP us ...
Park Avenue TunneI.
- We're traPPed in here. - Lure him out into the oPen.
- Then we'll have a clearshot - ShaII we wash him uP for you too?
- Where's there a susPension bridge? - BrookIyn.
- Let's go. - How?
Does this thing have high beams?
He's headed for the BrookIyn Bridge.
- Target headed to BrookIyn Bridge. - Direct the F-18's there.
- He's not foIIowing us. - ReaIIy?
- Oh, my God! - We're in his mouth!
- You're going the wrong way. - Shut uP!
Gun it!
Move it!
It worked!
- He's caught in the cabIes. Do it! - Roger that.
- TaIIy one on the bridge. - Fire at wiII.
Two away.
- The target is stiII moving, sir. - Fire again!
That's my husband!
I'm going to kiII him.
Oh God ... Oh no!
We can use this.
- The mayor who destroyed GodziIIa. - It couId backfire.
I do the thinking here, you idiot. It's a magnificent idea.
You know what I think about you and your camPaign?
- Gene, I need you. - O'NeaI, do you read me?
- Yes, sir. - One hell ofajob.
One heII of a job.
Roger that, sir.
Sorry, I've Promised my story as an excIusive ...
... to another rePorter.
We did it! We got the excIusive! Audrey, you're beautifuI.
- We did? I don't think so. - Remember, you work for me.
Not anymore. I quit.
- But you ... - She quits.
- But you ... - She quits.
- Did you take the taPe? - No.
- I couIdn't have just Iost it. - Where's PhiIiPPe?
- It's PhiIiPPe. - Where are you?
I'II send your friends the taPe when I've removed a few items from it.
- I understand. - ljust wanted to say au revoir.
Thank you for your heIP, my friend.
Wait ... Au revoir.
- Who was that French guy? - Just some insurance guy.
- Did he mention the taPe? - Yeah, he did.
- Does he have my taPe? - Yeah, he does.
You'II get it back.
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