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Gods and Generals CD2

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- General Armistead. - Afternoon, General Pickett.
See that last charge by Meagher's brigade?
Those fellas deserved a better fate.
Their bravery is worthy of a better cause.
My heart stood still as I watched it.
I would not have believed that mortal men...
...could march into the face of such destruction.
General Longstreet...
...those people committing more fresh divisions at your lines...
...their mounting numbers may overwhelm our defense.
Sir, if they put every man they have on the field to approach me...
...give me plenty of ammunition, I'll kill them all before they reach my line.
Nevertheless, we must be prudent, general.
We must never ignore the unknown or the unpredictable.
Yes, sir. I'll take the necessary measures. Orders!
Send orders to Ransom's Tar Heels to advance his division...
...and to Kershaw to bring up his brigade to support Cobb at the wall.
Yes, sir!
Forward, men!
Load! Five-second fuse!
She burst! The barrel burst!
- Stretcher! - General Lee, you all right, sir?
- Sergeant! Call for the surgeon! Quickly! - Here I go. Help me up, boys.
It's not yet our time, gentlemen.
Not yet our time.
Brigade, halt! Form by battalion!
Pass them forward. Just load and pass them forward!
20th Maine...
It is not difficult to move from line of battle into column of fours.
It is much harder to move from column of fours into line of battle...
...and if we're called to make that move, it will be when we are under fire.
You understand how important it is that these moves are learned so thoroughly...
...that the men can perform them in their sleep.
Seems a terrible long distance up that hill.
It'll be shortened by those in the front.
Begging your pardon, sir.
The only thing that'll be shortened by those in front is their lives.
God help us now.
- Colonel, take care of the right wing. - Yes, sir. I'll watch them, sir.
Hail Caesar.
We who are about to die salute you.
20th Maine!
- Forward! - Forward!
- March! - March!
By the right of companies, to the front! March!
Right of companies to the front! March!
Form a line, boys! Form a line!
Form up a line! Form up a line!
Come on, boys!
Dress to the colors!
Come on, boys.
Dress to the colors!
Keep your line, men. Keep your line. Close that gap!
At the double-quick, men!
Double-quick, boys! Come on, boys!
Keep it tight, boys! Keep it tight!
Turn right, boys! Right!
Turn to the right!
Keep it tight, men! Keep it tight, men!
Come on, boys!
At the double-quick, boys! Come on, boys!
Forward, men. Keep moving!
Battalion, halt!
- Battalion, halt! - Battalion, halt!
Watch your line!
Dress to the colors!
Ready! Fire!
- Reload, boys! Reload quickly! - Ready! Aim! Fire!
Keep firing! Keep firing!
Battalion, fight by fire!
Thattaway, boys, fire away!
Pour it into them!
Close the gap, boys! Pour it into them!
Fill this hole now!
Steady now! Pour it into them! Dress that line down there!
- Sir? - What is it?!
Request permission to return to the rear, sir.
Permission granted. Permission granted.
No, no, Patrick, me boy. Just reload and shoot.
Pour it into them, boys!
Fill that line in!
Fill this hole now!
Dress to the right!
Pour it into them, boys! Pour it into them!
- Fall back, men! - Fall back! Fall back!
Fall back, boys!
- What did you do that for? - You'll thank me in the morning.
Oh, Mother. Oh, Mother, help me...
It's all right, Casey, I got you. Don't worry about a thing. I'll get you home.
Quickly, men. Reload quickly!
It is well that war is so terrible...
...for we should grow too fond of it.
Yes, sir?
We're requisitioning your house for use as a hospital.
Come on inside out the cold.
You there.
You wounded?
Truly sorry, old fella...
- General Hancock, sir. - Surgeon.
This man is Major Sidney Willard of the 35th Massachusetts.
This way, sir.
Prepare to lift. Lift.
He's been shot twice in the chest, general. There's nothing I can do.
- Is there whiskey in this house? - Yes, sir.
Drink this, sir.
"Think not to thyself...
...that thou shall escape in the king's house more than all the Jews.
For if it thou keepest thy peace at this time...
...deliverance shall arise with the Jews from another place.
And who knows whether thou art come to the kingdom...
...for such a time as this."
That's from the book of Esther.
Esther knew she had to do more than save herself.
Esther had to save her people too.
I love them people you done chased from this house.
I's known them most all my life.
The Beales is good people.
Mr. General?
I was born a slave.
And I wants to die free.
Lord knows I wants to die free, and I wants my children to be free.
Heaven help me.
May God bless you all.
Damn it, Tom, you scared me half to death.
You?! Lawrence, I thought you was with the beyond.
I was able to secure the aid of a good spyglass...
...and could ascertain beyond all doubt that our house is still standing.
Oh, I pray to God for Martha and her dear ones.
But, Mother... is a pitiful sight on the fields below Marye's Heights.
I should feel rancor in my heart for those invaders...
...but all I feel for them is sorrow.
Dear Lucy...
...when you were but a child in petticoats...
...I believe the year was 1847...
...there was a great famine in Ireland.
Those fields below the Heights were covered...
...with the finest crop of corn ever raised in this section.
The greater part of it was sent as a donation to the starving Irish.
I cannot help thinking...
...but that it helped to feed the poor victims of the Irish brigade...
...who fell on this very field today.
General Gregg.
General Jackson.
I wish to apologize...
...for the differences we had.
The doctor tells me you have not long to live.
I ask you to dismiss this matter from your mind...
...and turn your thoughts to God...
...and the world to which you go.
General... know that I'm not a believer.
Well, then I will believe for the both of us.
How horrible is war.
Horrible, yes...
...but we have been invaded.
Lord, what can we do?
Kill them, sir.
Kill every last man of them.
Oh, what I wouldn't give for a cup of Rio just now.
20th Maine! Return fire!
- Return fire! - Return fire!
I hope you don't mind.
I know you're in heaven, but you got work yet to do down here... this poor pitiless world.
Colonel Chamberlain.
Your orders are to withdraw. Withdraw to the city.
We are ordered to form a picket line and cover the Army's retreat across the river.
Colonel Chamberlain, did you hear me?
Yes, sir. We are to retreat, sir.
Captain Spear.
- Form the regiment. We're moving out. - Yes, sir.
Where y'all been? Can't find my own house. Gone! Gone!
What y'all done with my house?
Where is it? Can y'all tell me that?
Well, can you? Can you?
"Men of the Army...
...although you were not successful in the recent battle...
...the attempt was not an error, nor the failure other than an accident.
No soldiers in the annals of war fought more bravely.
Condoling with the mourners for the dead...
...and sympathizing with the severely wounded...
...I congratulate the Army that the numbers of casualties...
...have been comparatively so small." - Compared to what?
The Scots at Culloden? The English at Bunker Hill?
The French at Waterloo?
"...the thanks of the nation."
Signed: Abraham Lincoln.
At this Christmas season, when the good fairies are in the air...
...we can hardly wonder at the sudden miracle...
...that has shown us the Fredericksburg affair in its true light...
...and given us occasion for national joy instead of national sorrow.
General Jackson?
Do you know what these decorations signify?
I was wondering if someone would tell me.
- This is Santa's sled. - I see.
And this is stuff made of candy.
This is a gingerbread snowflake.
And this is a paper chain of angels.
Did you make this angel?
It's lovely.
- How old are you, Jane? - I'm 5 years old.
- How old are you? - I'm 38.
My father is 38. He's a soldier like you.
I haven't seen him for more than a year.
I've not met your father, but I'm told he's a very good man, very brave man.
I'm sure he misses you as much as I miss my daughter.
When did you last see your daughter?
I've never seen her.
She was born just days ago.
I want to see her more than anything in this world.
I want to see her as much as your father wants to see you.
You see that star at the top of the tree?
The star of Bethlehem.
The star that showed the wise men where they could find the baby Jesus.
Mother says that star will show Daddy how to find his way back home.
Well, your mother's very wise, very good person.
Your daddy will come home.
All the daddies will come home.
Oh, my.
Gentlemen, let us lift our glasses to our Southern women...
...without whose bravery and fortitude...
...without whose love, without whose endurance and sacrifice...
...not a man among us can stay the course...
...or defend the cause.
- Hear, hear. - Hear, hear.
Hear, hear.
Now it's time for a carol. Everybody must sing.
- Carols are my favorite. - I can't sing.
Of course you can sing, Mr. Jackson. You can breathe, can't you?
Just let your breath flow gently over your vocal chords and nature does the rest.
I'm afraid General Jackson's voice is more suited to the battlefield than the parlor.
You may take my word on it, Mrs. Corbin.
If it's singing you want, my adjutant Mr. Pendleton's your man.
We've worked our way through the hymnal...
...and he always takes up where I leave off.
Well then, Mr. Pendleton...
...since the general has appointed you Kapellmeister...
...what shall we sing?
"Silent Night."
Dearest Fanny:
The bugle has just sounded, 3rd Brigade extinguish lights.
It makes me happy to think of you and my dear little ones at home...
...all nestled together.
I know that it is all well and bright with her whose sweet face shines in my heart.
Come and let me kiss your dear lips, precious wife.
Let our hearts worship together God's love, and wisdom, and mercy.
Yes, all is well, well with us, darling...
...well if we can only meet at last, as I pray God we may.
Hey, Billy Yank.
- That's a mighty nice song. - I'm pleased you find it so agreeable.
I'd like it even more if I had some coffee to wash it down.
- Want some baccy? - Sure, Johnny.
Have you got a lame horse?
What do you be wanting to trade for a lame horse?
Would you take General Burnside?
No. I guess I'll keep the horsehide.
Come on, get your baccy.
Mr. Smith, are you aware that the Bible gives models of official battle reports?
- No, sir. - Nevertheless, there are such.
Consider the narrative of Joshua's battles with the Amalekites.
It has clearness and modesty, brevity.
And it traces the victory to the right source, the blessing of God.
Has it helped you with your reports, sir?
Anybody home?
Afternoon, General Jackson.
What's this?
- New recruits. - My mama helped me make these.
That's fine.
- Left, right. Left, right. - Child, that hat is a bit too large for you.
I believe that suits a young girl better than an old soldier.
Mama's baking some biscuits.
You know, I was thinking of walking over to the big house for a nice hot cup of tea.
And I would very much like the company of one beautiful little lady.
Yes, General Jackson, a hot cup of chamomile.
Mr. Smith, you may continue writing the reports.
Consult first and second Samuel...
...and first and second Kings.
They will be of help to you.
Shall we go?
Do you prefer butter biscuits or sugar cookies?
Oh, my. I know your mother's biscuits are first rate.
We owe you Texas boys a debt of gratitude for putting on these shows.
Colonel Patton, any man who can't handle a guitar or a fiddle...
...ain't fit to carry a musket.
Attention, battalions.
- Sergeant, keep these men here for now. - Yes, sir.
The men have rounded up three deserters.
Establish the courts-martial.
Have them arraigned. See they're given a fair hearing.
Yes, sir.
Well, I thought that you should know, sir.
They all belong to the Stonewall brigade.
Do your duty, soldier.
Yes, sir.
Mr. Pendleton, if they are innocent, these men will go free.
But if they are found guilty of desertion...
...the courts-martial condemns them to death. It must be so.
Yes, sir.
Of course, sir.
I'm not done yet.
If the Republicans lose their little war, they are voted out in the next election...
...and they return to their homes in New York or Massachusetts or Illinois...
...fat with their war profits.
If we lose, we lose our country.
We lose our independence.
We lose it all.
Our soldiers are brave.
They have endured hardships none of them could ever have imagined.
Desertion is not a solitary crime.
It's a crime against the tens of thousands of veterans...
...who are huddled together in the harsh cold of this winter.
Against all those who have sacrificed.
Against all those who have fallen.
Against all the women and the children we have left alone to fend for themselves.
I regard the crime of desertion as a sin against the Army of the Lord.
Duty is ours.
The consequences are God's.
I am a soldier in the 4th Virginia.
And in the 4th Virginia I will stay.
And if needs be, die.
The courts-martial of the Army of Northern Virginia...
...has found you guilty of desertion and sentences you to death... firing squad.
Lieutenant, do your duty.
Detail, ready!
Recover, arm!
Morning, Lawrence.
- Any mail? - No.
But I did manage to get my hands on a New York Tribune.
- What are they saying about us now? - Well, not much about us.
I mean, that is, this Army here in Stoneman's Switch.
Sure are kicking up a fuss about Lincoln's Emancipation Proclamation.
Says here that enlistments are down and desertions are up.
- Any grumbling among the men? - Well, not in our regiment.
A few wonder out loud why they should be risking their lives for the darkies.
Well, Tom, you know my position.
I signed up to preserve the Union. The president did the right thing.
What's the use of uniting the country by force and leaving slavery in place?
It sure riled up those Johnny Rebs.
They'll think Lincoln incited the slaves to rise against them.
Why shouldn't they?
Freeing the slaves wasn't a war aim when this began, but war changes things.
- It sorts things out. - Well, I don't know, Lawrence.
Not everybody feels the way we do about the darkies.
Especially when it comes to fighting and dying.
Do me a favor.
Don't call me Lawrence and don't call Negroes "darkies."
That's a patronizing expression from which we must free ourselves.
Come outside. I want to... I want to show you something.
All these thousands of men.
Many of them not much more than boys.
Each one of them some mother's son.
Some sister's brother. Some daughter's father.
Each one of them a whole person, loved and cherished in some home far away.
Many of them will never return.
An army is power.
Its entire purpose is to coerce others.
Now, this kind of power cannot be used carelessly or recklessly.
This kind of power can do great harm.
We have seen more suffering than any man should ever see...
...and if there is going to be an end to it, it must be an end that justifies the cost.
Now, somewhere out there is the Confederate Army.
They claim they are fighting for their independence, for their freedom.
Now, I cannot question their integrity.
I believe they are wrong, but I cannot question it.
But I do question a system that defends its own freedom...
...while it denies it to others. To an entire race of men.
I will admit it, Tom, war is a scourge. But so is slavery.
It is the systematic coercion of one group of men over another.
It has been around since the book of Genesis.
It exists in every corner of the world.
But that's no excuse for us to tolerate it here...
...when we find it right before our very eyes, in our own country.
As God is my witness, there is no one I hold in my heart dearer than you.
But if your life or mine is part of the price to end this curse and free the Negro...
...then let God's will be done.
Oh, my, general, we do appreciate the gift.
Where do you get all these lemons?
It's a kind providence that provides kindly.
Miss Corbin, the Yankees have not succeeded in cutting our rail lines... the South.
Here is to the sultry, balmy, South.
And, Miss Corbin, here's to your engagement.
May Sandie Pendleton prove to be as fine a husband as he is a soldier.
Hear, hear.
That's good, it's not too sweet.
May I have some more?
Mrs. Corbin.
Thank you for your many kindnesses.
Our cause and our country are in your debt.
I only regret, general, that we could not do more.
You'll come visit us again when this cruel war is over?
I should like to say goodbye to your daughter. I shall miss her very much.
Certainly, general. She's not feeling very well today.
All of the children have come down with the fever. Please, come in.
Well, now.
What's this?
How can I play with my friend if she insists on staying in bed?
Will you place this angel on your tree next Christmas?
Mrs. Corbin, I must return to my men.
My physician, Doctor McGuire, will attend to her.
- I will send him directly. - Bless you, general.
Fresh meat. What a change.
Yeah. A live steer around these parts is as rare as a peacock in a poultry pen.
It was scarlet fever.
The children are all right. They'll be fine. Except...
I'm so sorry, sir.
The little girl, Jane.
She did not survive. She died, sir.
What is it?
He's never cried before.
Not for all the blood and all the death, not for his young students from VMI...
...not for his friends...
...not for anyone.
Not so, Sandie.
I think he is crying for them all.
She's too pretty to look like me.
Nonsense, Thomas.
She is very like you.
She rises early and she loves to be held in my arms.
I have never seen you look so well, Thomas.
You are handsomer than ever.
General Jackson, sir? General Jackson, sir?
An officer come to see you, sir. An officer from General Lee, sir.
I'll be right there.
General, from what we've observed, Hooker has moved five corps...
...maybe 70,000 men.
They're digging in around Chancellor's mansion.
Sedgwick has another 40,000 spread out along the Stafford Heights...
...on the north bank of the Rappahannock in front of General Early at Fredericksburg.
Now, there's possibly 30,000 more back along the river north of here...
...that we've not yet located.
We're not in a position of strength here.
We owe a great deal to the unexplainable, the mystery of General Hooker...
...who's allowed us to maneuver freely...
...between two parts of an army that's more than twice our strength.
We do not yet understand his plan.
He may still plan a move toward Gordonsville...
...move around below us, cut us off from Richmond.
And there's still Sedgwick on the river.
Now Sedgwick shows no signs of moving, but that could change.
They're anchored against the river...
...and their lines continue down below Chancellorsville...
...then curves along here.
We've observed their lines curving out in these open clearings...
...then extending on out to the west.
Then what, general? Do you know where their right flank is?
- No. Not yet. - We must know. We must know.
If he marches in that direction, he could threaten our flank...
...or be going toward Gordonsville before we can react.
General Lee, sir.
- May I approach? - Sure.
Out here, in the west, along this turnpike, here...
...their right flank's in the air. It's the one place they're not digging in.
They're not expecting any pressure there.
- Who's on their flank? - 11 th Corps. Oliver Howard.
Were there any roads farther down below the turnpike?
Yes, sir. Indeed there are, good roads.
That's Catherine's Furnace here and there's a road here.
- There's a road over this way. - Then, we must hit them there.
Then attack the flank. They will have nowhere to go.
They'll have to go back across the river or we will destroy them.
We're too close to their lines. They'll observe our movements.
There must be another road farther down.
Now, is there someone we know?
Someone we can trust who knows the area?
Captain Pendleton. Find Reverend Lacy for me.
I'm here, sir.
This is my chaplain, the Reverend Tucker Lacy.
He has family in this area.
General Lee.
Reverend, it would be very helpful if you could find us a safe route...
...around the enemy. - Well, sir, there, I know a family.
The Wellfords. I suggest a visit to them. We may find ourselves a guide.
Please go at once, Mr. Lacy.
Find someone who might show us how we might proceed.
Yes, sir.
Then it has been decided, general. This mission will be yours.
I would not have it any other way.
Boys, my days are numbered.
My time has come.
You can laugh, but my time has come.
I got a 20-dollar gold piece I carried through the war and a silver watch... daddy sent to me through the lines.
Take them off of me when I'm dead.
Give them to my captain to give to my daddy when he gets back home.
Here's my clothes and my blanket. Anybody who wishes can have them.
My rations I do not wish at all. My gun and cartridge box I expect to die with.
- Mr. Smith. - Sir.
Your instructions to the ranks: There is to be no noise, I want no talking.
Stragglers will be bayoneted, let the men know.
No muskets are to be loaded until we deploy for battle. Secrecy, Mr. Smith.
Everything depends upon the element of surprise.
Sir, I'll convey the orders. No stragglers.
- Reverend. - May we bow our heads.
Dear Lord, heavenly Father, you who know all things.
We face again a mighty foe, a vast host.
An enemy more than twice our number.
But you have taught us to fear not, to trust in you.
When the Philistines came before them, the people of Israel feared Goliath.
Their Army was in terror.
No one had the courage to stand against the mighty warrior.
Then you brought forth David, a mere boy.
And Saul armed David with his armor...
...and he put a helmet of brass upon his head.
Also he armed him with a coat of mail.
And David girded his sword upon his armor and he assayed to go.
General Rodes, deploy your men on either side of the turnpike, brigade front.
How soon will General Colston's men be up?
We're right behind, general.
General Lee...
...I hope as soon as practicable to attack...
...I trust that an ever kind providence will bless us with great success.
Take this to General Lee.
Well, General Rodes... appears the Virginia Military Institute will be heard from today.
Deploy your brigade.
There is another blow, it's a road that runs well below the Federal lines.
The Wellford boy explained it to me. He knows the route.
He will march with us to where this road rejoins the turnpike...
...then we turn to the east and attack their right flank.
It is a greater distance, perhaps 12 or 13 miles, but the boys can do it.
They have never let us down.
We've divided the Army before.
We must retain the advantage of surprise, we must outflank the flankers.
We must beat them at their own game.
Take your entire corps, General Jackson, and destroy the enemy.
God be with you.
Two hours of daylight left. Are you ready, General Rodes?
You may move forward.
- Fall back! - They're coming! Get your muskets!
- Shoulder to shoulder! Let's go, let's go! - Fall back!
Aim fire!
Pull back and save yourself!
Form a line! Aim!
Fall back!
Fall back!
Fire! Fall back!
Into the trees, men! Fall back!
Press on!
Form a line! Form a line!
Form a line!
- Run! Run! - Charge!
Press on!
Hold up right here! Aim! Fire!
Push on!
Push on!
Hell, that's hot. I knew you'd be all right, you dang fool.
Oh, God.
- Stop running! - Move into line!
Stay together!
My God! Give them the bayonet!
- Stop running! - Stop running!
Stop running, soldier!
Stop running! Rally with me, men!
- Rally with me! - Stop! Rally around the general!
Give me a line to the left! Form a line to the left!
We have stopped, sir. Can't see. The lines are tangled.
We're mixed in with Rodes' men. It's confusion, sir.
We need Hill to come up. Hill's men can move on by us.
Tell General Colston he must re-form his men.
Now I will strongly urge General Hill to push forward hard.
We must not stop. Let General Colston know they will run if we press them.
Yes, sir.
General Hill, you must keep the men moving. We must keep the pressure up.
We have broken their flank. We can crush them now if we can cut them off.
We must not give them time to get organized.
General, take your division forward.
Press on north, move toward the river, toward the United States ford.
- We must not let them escape. - It's late in the day, general.
- We don't know the ground. - Boswell!
You will ride with General Hill.
You will find a way through the woods to the northeast.
You will find the rear of the enemy's position.
Yes, sir.
We will cut them off, general!
They're digging in. Must be Federal.
Sound carries at night, they could be a ways off.
General, sir, we are beyond our lines. This is no place for you, sir.
You're right.
It cannot go the way I'd hoped.
It will have to be tomorrow.
Gentlemen, let us return to the road.
Stop firing! You're firing at your own men!
Hold it!
Hold your fire! These are your own men here!
It's a lie! Pour into them, boys!
Cease fire! Cease fire!
General Hill, they're our men!
What have they done?
Who is this?
Oh, God, general! Are you hurt badly?
I'm afraid I am, in my shoulder.
And here.
- Get a litter. We need a litter. Move! - Yes, sir.
- We must leave here, general. - Here, take this. It'll help, sir.
I will try to keep this from the knowledge of the troops.
Thank you, general.
The Yankees have set up a battery not a hundred yards. We must get away!
Ready? Lift! Careful now.
Move out. Ready, lift.
General. Lie quiet, or you will most certainly be killed.
Let's go. Lift!
Move! Ready? Lift!
Doctor, good to see you.
I am hurt badly.
I fear I am dying.
Sir, I want you to drink this.
It's whiskey and morphine.
Your right hand is minor. The ball lodged under the skin.
It's these other wounds.
I need to examine your arm.
And I'll administer chloroform to make it painless.
If I should find that the condition warrants amputation...
...may I proceed at once?
I have complete faith in you, Dr. McGuire.
Just do to me whatever you think necessary.
Breathe deeply, general.
What an infinite blessing.
Doesn't seem right that General Jackson isn't here to see this.
No, major. It does not seem right at all. But it is the will of God.
He's lost his left arm. I've lost my right.
How you feeling, sir?
Do not concern yourself about me.
But tell me, how are we faring?
General, the enemy's gone across the river.
We secured the high ground around Chancellorsville.
General Stuart did well by you, sir.
And the Stonewall brigade...
...right in the middle of it, sir. "Remember Jackson," they shouted.
I heard that all day.
They were fighting for Stonewall.
Well, isn't that just like them. They are a noble set of men.
That name, Stonewall, belongs to the brigade, not to me.
I have the ball.
Dr. McGuire allowed me to keep the musket ball he took from your hand.
It was a round, smooth bore. It had to be one of ours.
I heard. They thought I was asleep.
It could not be helped. There's no blame in war.
We must all forgive.
I had to remove your husband's left arm, patch his right hand.
He's healing well, I'm very pleased. But there is a new problem.
I do believe he is developing pneumonia.
- May I see him, doctor? - Well, certainly, certainly. He's weak.
I've given him some medicine to help him sleep.
He's in some pain and the medication makes him drift away. He's in and out.
General, I have a treat for you. Something you may have been missing.
Another medicine?
Very well, doctor.
No, it's not mine, actually.
But it may do you some good.
Oh, so sweet. Too much sugar.
Always the problem with my esposita's lemonade.
I'm so glad to see you looking so bright.
No, no. You must be cheerful.
Let's not have a long face.
You know I like cheerfulness and brightness in a sickroom.
My esposita.
I know you would gladly give your life for me...
...but I am perfectly resigned. Do not be sad.
I hope I may yet recover.
Pray for me.
But in your prayers, never forget to use the petition, "Thy will be done."
I'm so glad you're here. Your lemonade is delicious.
- It's not too sweet. - Too much sugar.
I never told you that.
Is that my sweet darling angel?
My Julia.
Is it certain, doctor?
Does he know?
I have not told him.
Then I will.
He must know.
He must be prepared.
My darling... is Sunday.
Do you know that the doctor says you must very soon be in heaven?
Do you not feel willing to acquiesce... God's allotment if he wills you to go today?
I prefer it.
I prefer it.
Well... the time this day closes... will be with the blessed Savior in his glory.
I will be an infinite gainer to be translated.
General Lee.
What is the news, Reverend?
General Lee, I must report that his case appears hopeless.
His wounds are healing, but he's dying of pneumonia.
Surely General Jackson must recover.
God will not take him from us, not now that we need him so very much.
Will you see him, sir?
No, sir, I won't. No, sir.
When you return, I trust you'll find him better.
And when the occasion offers, tell him that I prayed for him last night... I never prayed, I believe, for myself.
Please tell him.
Please tell him.
Push up that column.
Move up that column.
Pendleton, take charge of that line. Where's Smith?
Tell him. Push up that column.
Move the batteries to the center of the crest. There's no time to waste.
General Stuart, no quarter to the violators of our homes and hearths.
General Lee, we must take the war to the enemy.
You are the 1 st Brigade.
Advance, my brave boys.
Press on.
Press on.
Let us cross over the river...
...and rest under the shade of the trees.
Subtitles by SDI Media Group
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