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Godfather part 3

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How are you?
Don Bendino, my old friend.
I brought you here so that my old friend and protector, Don Tommasino,
could advise us.
What do you think about Altobello?
A very talented man.
He has kept the peace between our Sicilian and American friends.
The saint of reason.
A blood-bath in Atlantic City left New York a mess.
Joey Zasa at least was running a tight ship,
but with him out of the picture we must step in.
- Step back in... - Or the Chinese and Colombians will.
The Corleones left drugs, so New York is weak, and Palermo is strong.
Your enemies always get strong on what you leave behind.
Who could give the order for that massacre...
and still pressure the Vatican deal?
Only Lucchesi can reach between these two worlds.
"Our ships must all sail in the same direction"...
Italian politics have had these men for centuries. They are the true Mafia.
The Archbishop and the Vatican Bank, that's the big problem.
They're the same problem. B.J., they're connected.
The Archbishop has powerful friends.
They totally protect him.
Is there someone in the Church we can turn to?
Someone we can tell our problem to?
Cardinal Lamberto.
A wise and good man... very influential.
He will see you.
I will see this Cardinal Lamberto and see if we can work things out.
You honour your agreements, but you are dealing with crooks.
They have no honour.
My word is final.
Politics and crime, they're the same thing.
I've invited you all here to celebrate my son's debut in an opera house...
We'll play "Philadelphia".
Seven cards. Two down, four up. Deuces and one-eyed jacks are wild. the opera "Cavallaria Rusticana".
- It's "Cavalleria Rusticana", Dad. - "Cavalleria".
I think I have tickets to the wrong opera. I've been in New York too long.
You will all receive tickets, so come on time.
Dad, I've got a present for you.
It comes from the town of Corleone and it's authentic Sicilian.
And... I learned it for you.
She was wonderful, beautiful. I loved her. And then she died.
My trusted bodyguard planted a bomb in my car.
She drove it before I did.
Why is such a beautiful country so violent?
Mom was telling me about when your biggest worry was passing your exams.
- Yes, it was then. - I worry about you now.
Oh, Mary, you're such a warm-hearted girl. You always were.
- I love my family. - Even your cousin Vincent?
I really love him.
- He's your first cousin. - Then I love him first.
Mary, you can't see him.
Just don't see him anymore.
He's right. It's too dangerous.
Mary, you can't see him anymore.
- Not in that fashion. - No.
- Please, promise me. - No!
- Obey me on this. - No, Dad!
Mary is smart, Dad. She'll understand eventually.
Bella cugina... Tesoro mio.
- You wanted to see me? - Yeah.
I want you to do something for me. It's dangerous.
Good. I'm in. What do you need?
I want you to sell your soul to Don Altobello.
To betray me.
He'd never believe me.
- That depends. - Sit down.
I have an idea.
See if you can learn how high Altobello is connected.
Arrange a meeting.
You say how devoted you are to me. Tell him your problems.
- Ask for his help. - What problems?
That you want to run away with my daughter.
But you know that if you do, I will become your enemy.
- You know that I would never do that. - I know.
Ask Altobello to speak to me. To further the marriage.
But you're cousins, after all. Michael was always a little old-fashioned.
Say you can't belong to my legitimate world. That you want your own family.
I could straighten out what Joey Zasa left behind.
I could use your friendship to persuade him.
I would be indebted to you forever.
A Corleone knows the value of such a friend.
Then you would work for me?
Bacio la mano, Don Altobello.
If he hints that he wants you to betray me, get insulted,
because that's his trap.
You're not telling me the whole truth, Vincenzo.
Isn't it true, that with Michael gone, the girl controls everything?
- Leave the girl out of this. - Of course, you love her.
And she loves you.
I guessed it, didn't l?
You're a wise man, Don Altobello. I'll be learning a lot from you.
The richest man is the one with the most powerful friends.
It's my duty to make the introductions.
Don Lucchesi.
Don Altobello tells me that you have a strong character. A man of respect.
This is the hero who put Joey Zasa in his grave.
If we'd known of his existence, we wouldn't have backed Joey.
No one wants another Joe.
Let me be your friend.
- Even the strongest man needs friends. - I'm flattered.
You're a man of finance and politics, things I don't understand.
You understand guns. Finance is a gun.
Politics is knowing when to pull the trigger.
How can I help?
Blessed is the peacemaker, for he can be called the child of God.
- Tu parli Italiano un poco? - Si.
The wheelchair, for Don Tommasino.
I trusted this business arrangement with the Archbishop. I trusted him.
I was sure his honesty was beyond a doubt.
But, as you see, I'm now the victim of a swindle.
He's stalling me. Vast monies have gone to people in high political places
and the Vatican Bank is the guarantor.
If what you say is true, there will be a great scandal.
Look at this stone. It has been in the water for a very long time,
but the water has not penetrated it.
Perfectly dry. The same thing has happened to men in Europe.
For centuries they have been surrounded by Christianity,
but Christ has not penetrated. Christ doesn't live within them.
- What's happening? - Could you get me something sweet?
Some orange juice, candy...
I have trouble with diabetes.
My blood sugar goes low.
I understand.
It happens sometimes when I'm under stress.
I understand.
To come to you on such a delicate matter...
Accusations against your Archbishop. It was difficult for me.
The mind suffers
and the body cries out.
That's true.
Would you like to make your confession?
Your Eminence, I'm...
It's been so long. I wouldn't... I wouldn't know where to...
It's been 30 years.
I'd use up too much of your time, I think.
I always have time to save souls.
- Well, I'm beyond redemption. - No, no...
I hear the confessions of my own priests here.
Sometimes the desire to confess is overwhelming,
and we must seize the moment.
What is the point of confessing if I don't repent?
I hear you are a practical man.
What have you got to lose?
Go on.
...betrayed my wife.
Go on, my son.
I betrayed myself.
I killed men.
And I ordered men to be killed.
Go on, my son. Go on.
It's useless.
Go on, my son.
I killed...
I ordered the death of my brother.
He injured me.
I killed my mother's son.
I killed my father's son.
Your sins are terrible, and it is just that you suffer.
Your life could be redeemed,
but I know that you don't believe that. You will not change.
Pope Paul Vl, the Supreme Pontiff of the Roman Catholic Church,...
died last night at 9:40 p.m.
The Pope was 81 years old,...
and had been in poor health for the last several months.
All my life I've kept trying to go up in society.
To where everything higher up was legal, straight...
But the higher I go, the more crooked it becomes.
Where the hell does it end?
They've been killing each other for centuries here.
For money, for pride, for family.
To keep from becoming the slaves of the rich pezzi da novanta.
I made confession, Connie.
I confessed my sins.
Why? That's not like you. You don't have to confess your sins to a stranger.
It was the man.
He's a good man. A true priest.
He can change things.
You know, sometimes I think of poor Fredo.
Drowned. It was God's will.
It was a terrible accident.
But it's finished.
Michael, I love you.
I'll always help you.
Oh, Connie...
I am honored, Don Altobello, that you've come from Palermo to visit me.
Hey, the little kid! He's grown.
Do the donkey for me.
It's been some time since we did business together.
You are my "ace in the hole," as we say in America.
I have a stone in my shoe. You can remove it.
Only one stone?
It's dangerous. A famous man.
You will have to take precautions.
Tell me what to do. Then I will tell you my price.
Ah, what bread!
Olive oil...
Virgin... only in Sicily.
Alla salute!
To death.
- Connie! - How are you?
Mary, I've missed you.
- Hello, Michael. - Mom, look at this.
- It's too bad Douglas couldn't come. - I know. He had a very important trial.
I know he wanted to come.
- The car is... - Okay.
- Well, your son is an artist. - Oh, yes. Thanks to you.
- What for? - For making me let him go.
Well, after all these years, here I am in Sicily for the first time.
- I want to get a picture of you together. - Okay.
Hey, Dad. Smile!
I see you still have AI Neri. Why?
I need him. He helps me get in and out of the car.
- He carries my briefcase. - You're still a liar, Michael.
Let me show you Sicily, the real Sicily. So you'll understand the family history.
I think I understand it more than enough.
Anthony, I have something you made for me a very long time ago.
- Might bring you luck. - Thanks.
You saved it... I remember.
Thank you, Dad.
I'm proud of you.
Thank you.
- Are they as good as they look? - Better.
They're the best. As long as they are around, Uncle Michael is safe.
- Tell your father I'll be back for dinner. - Okay.
- Have fun. - Tell Tony to wait for me.
I will.
Buongiorno, signora. At your service.
If I see Dad, I'll tell him you left.
You're the only one left with my father's strength.
If anything happens to Michael, I want you to strike back.
I'll have everything ready.
Do you swear?
I swear to you.
Here it is.
The house where my father was born.
This is where they came to take him when he was a boy. To kill him.
Listen to that.
You know Mary's in love.
Yes, I know.
With a handsome young Italian man with dark eyes...
I won't allow it.
It's wrong. It's wrong and it's dangerous.
"Oh, father, my father!"
"Give me time to pray to the Lord."
The Baroness of Carini had betrayed her husband...
and fallen in love with her cousin.
"There will be no forgiveness!"
Her father stabbed her through the heart.
Honour, huh?
I remember the time you came to my parents' house
and told me about the family business.
How you'd never have anything to do with it. You sounded like Tony.
I was a lot like Tony.
- I can barely see him... Kay? - What?
- Do you mind driving? - What's wrong?
My eyes. Sometimes they're all right, but...
I have to see Don Tommasino...
- There are no bodyguards today. - I really snuck away.
Father, where are you going? Would you like a ride?
I know you. You're Mosca of Montelepre.
You were an assassin then, and you're an assassin now.
I know Michael Corleone is at your house.
I will pass through the gates with you.
How are you?
This is Calo, one of my bodyguards in the old days.
- We can wait here. - You want a drink?
I spent a lot of time in this room...
...thinking of you.
And then you got married.
- I still thought of you. - What's in that room?
This is dangerous for you. This is Sicily.
- I love this country. - Why?
Well, all through history, terrible things have happened to these people.
Terrible injustices.
But they still expect good, rather than bad, will happen to them.
Sort of like me and you?
- How so? - I'm still here, right?
We do have a bad history, but I'm still here.
Yes, you are, but with dread.
Give me the order!
Is that supposed to make me not dread you?
We're in Sicily. It's opera.
What do we do now?
Be reasonable. Let's try not to hurt each other.
I want you to forgive me.
- For what? - Everything.
Oh, like God?
No, I need something a little closer.
You couldn't understand, back in those days.
I loved my father. I swore I would never be a man like him,
but I loved him and he was in danger. What could I do?
And then later, you were in danger.
Our children were in danger. What could I do?
You were all that l... Loved and valued most in the world.
Now I'm losing you. I lost you.
You're gone.
And it was all for nothing. So...
You have to understand, I had a whole different destiny planned.
All right, I'll stop.
I really don't know what you want from me, Michael.
- I mean... - I'm not the man that you think I am.
- I don't know. - I love you, Kay.
Don't dread me anymore.
You know, every night here in Sicily...
...l dream about my wife and my children...
...and how I lost them.
I guess that if it's any consolation, I want you to know that...
...l always loved you, Michael.
And you know...
...always, I always will.
What is it? What's wrong?
They found Don Tommasino shot.
Is he dead?
My master is dead. Blood calls for blood.
I must have revenge!
Some day, you may have to do a difficult service for me.
Command me.
It never ends.
I will avenge him!
Lorscheider, 1 vote.
Siri, 11 votes.
Lamberto, 99 votes.
Do you accept your election as supreme pontiff?
Oh God, shed light on the decision they have taken on my behalf.
I accept.
By what name do you wish to be called?
John Paul the First.
I will do things "right away," rather than in "a little while"...
Frederick Keinszig, known as "God's Banker", has been reported missing.
He was last seen leaving the Rome offices of Vatican owned immobiliare.
Also missing was a large sum of money and several documents.
Keinszig, you fool.
His absence casts further suspicion on the dealings of the Vatican Bank.
For several years, the bank and its companies
have been the object of allegations of disreputable business practices.
Lucchesi, will you please try to understand?
I have phoned him. I have waited here by the phone.
You would do well to remember, Mr. Lucchesi,
that this Pope has very different ideas from the last one.
Goodbye, my old friend.
You could have lived a little longer.
I could be closer to my dream.
You were so loved, Don Tommasino.
Why was I so feared, and you so loved?
What was it?
I was no less honourable.
I wanted to do good.
What betrayed me? My mind? My heart?
Why do I condemn myself so?
I swear,
on the lives of my children...
Give me a chance to redeem myself...
...and I will sin no more.
You look pale. Bad news? Tell me right away.
It's not just a bad banking deal.
These guys are butchers.
- What guys? - Lucchesi.
He controls all of them: Altobello, the Archbishop...
...others higher up, P2 maybe.
Secret unknown. They're running things.
- I'm in their way. - He's hired an assassin to kill you.
A Sicilian. I don't know his name.
But they say he never fails.
Then no one is safe.
Even the new Pope is in danger.
We still have time. We can prevent this.
I tried, Vincent.
I tried... keep everything from coming to this. But it's not possible.
Not in this world.
Give me the order.
You won't be able to go back.
- You'll be like me. - Good.
All my life I wanted out.
I wanted the family out.
I don't want out.
I want the power to preserve the family.
I'm asking for the order.
It's done.
Because I can't do it anymore.
Well, it doesn't matter. Vincent knows what to do.
Come on outside. Take a rest and don't think about it.
- All I do is think about it. - I'm your son.
Command me in all things.
Give up my daughter.
That's the price you pay...
...for the life you choose.
...from this moment on... yourself Vincent Corleone.
Don Vincenzo...
Don Corleone...
Don Vincenzo Corleone...
E tu, Vincenzo...
I know how you feel about Michael, but you can't save him.
He's lost.
Think of yourself.
What's your answer, Vincent?
Enjoy the opera.
It's all taken care of.
Check the bar. I'll check the top floor.
"Here's hoping Tony sings better at the Teatro Massimo than in the shower."
"Love, Douglas."
- My darling Constanza! - Don Altobello.
- This is a great occasion. - Come, sit down.
Happy birthday. You're 80, but don't look more than 60.
You're the only one who remembered.
We've just got the word. The Pope has ratified the immobiliare deal. We've won.
Strange how things work.
The Pope is doing what you said he'd do. He's cleaning house.
He should be careful. It's dangerous to be an honest man.
I want to put more muscle backstage with Tony.
On your birthday you used to shower me with treats.
Tootsie Rolls!
The nuns who made this cannoli took a vow of silence. They're the very finest.
- Hey. - Hey, cous.
Hi. Where's your leather?
Stop it.
You're so thin. You eat it.
E buono.
It's over. There are things I have to do that you can't be part of.
It's not your father's decision, it's mine.
Don't hate your father.
There are things I'll be part of that you can't be around.
After tonight, you won't see me anymore.
You've got to understand, Mary. You've got to understand.
I'll always love you.
Love somebody else.
- They won't try anything. - Everything's fine. It's all clear.
I've already sent AI Neri to the Vatican.
Mr. Lucchesi's house?
I bring a message from Michael Corleone.
Let him in.
Buona sera.
Good. You got him.
Tonight the Corleone family settles its accounts.
Keinszig... That little Swiss banker fuck.
He's been swindling everyone from the beginning. Fuck him.
Don Lucchesi, my friend.
Calo will pay him a visit at his home.
Neri, take a train to Rome.
Light a candle for the Archbishop.
Tea, Your Holiness? It will help you sleep.
This is from Vincent Corleone.
It's serious. Our man inside the Vatican says there's a plot against the Pope.
He'll have a heart attack?
This Pope has powerful enemies. We may not be in time to save him.
Let's go back.
The Holy Father is dead!
Sleep, Godfather.
Speak...tell me.
You have lost the faith of the people.
He who builds on the people builds on mud.
And Michael Corleone's message?
It's very important. I must whisper it in your ear.
He's clean.
Power wears out those who don't have it.
- I like this outfit. - I figured you would.
Say hello.
- Can I talk to you now? - No, it's not a good time.
- You're just like my father. - Stay with the family. Go on.
- Talk to me. - The twins are dead.
In about one minute, there will be carabinieri all over this place.
Get everybody to the cars, quietly.
- Got it. - Quiet.
The name Corleone will be associated with a voice.
Dad... Why are you doing this to me?
Move back, move back.
- You don't have to do this to me. - Do what? What do you mean?
No! Mary!
God, no!
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