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God of gamblers 1989 CD1

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Banker win!
This guy keeps on winning!
Wait a minute. Zoom in on his ring!
Yes! It's him!
What kind of pictures is it?
He never take pictures!
Mr. Ko, I am the manager here.
We welcome you here.
But the directors have just decided
to cut your stake from U.S. $50,000|to U.S. $1,000.
Who's this guy?
God of Gamblers!
We came to Tokyo on Jan. 3.
Ko's rival is Mr. Wang.
He's the second best punter.
Ko said if he won|I could have a holiday in Hong Kong
and visit my friends.
I hope this time is real.
Chun, it's all ready now.
Quiet, it is a break even today|if each wins once.
Tell him if I win only once|I will lose it all.
Ko said consider him loss|if he wins only once.
First game is Mah-jong.
Fourteen pieces each to win the game.
See who has got the highest point.
Fourteen pieces each.
And the highest total value
like four 90,000 is 360,000.
Mr. Wang 790,000!
Mr. Ko 800,000!
Mr. Ko wins the first game.
Second game is the dice.
Sir, I want Miss Chi to replace me.
The lowest score wins.
6 points for Miss Chi.
Mr. Ko, you were so vain.
This pot is too light.
Can I have a heavy one?
Sorry, I tried too hard.
Only five dices.
You are really god.
5:6 you win again!
Mr. Ko deserves this U.S. $500,000.
He is well known.
And I knew that I would lose.
But I just didn't believe|that he's so good.
Why did you gamble with me then?
Well, it's just an excuse.
I like to spend U.S. $1 M
to ask Mr. Ko to do me a favour!
Tell me!
The Singapore King Chan Kam Shing!
The one wanted by many countries.
Any only free in international waters.
My father was representing|our club 3 years ago.
To try to win a den.
The other club had Chan
to gamble with my dad.
Chan cheated to win.
And my dad killed himself.
I have been practising|in the passed 3 years.
I have to meet Chan in two months time
to have the last game with him.
I don't have the confidence.
I might need to use weapons.
You can solve it yourself.
But my boss told me last month
the two clubs had been friends again.
I can't shoot Chan anymore!
I can't win by gambling.
You want me to gamble with him?
Chun, think it over!
Chan is cunning.
If he knows what you do
you are in trouble.
Well, so!
If Mr. Ko doesn't agree
I am so ashamed of myself.
Your death is not my concern.
But wait till
I have a game with Chan.
You agree!
I won't forget about you.
Just buy me a nice box of chocolate|when the game is over.
Mr. Dragon!
This is Mr. Ko Chun!
Mr. Dragon!
Mr. Dragon doesn't gamble.
But he can solve any problem
but gamble.
Was a soldier?
He was an officer!
He will be your bodyguard!
I don't think it's necessary.
Call me at this number.
Fix the air-conditioner
or I take the light bus.
No good to have the air-con.
I have to collect the money.
Look at him.
And the one across, boss will win.
See the first one.
He's 8 and we are 10.
Shut up!
Three sides.
More, more.
8 as well.
Banker wins!
It's an even.
It's the rule here.
It's my place.
I am the rule.
I mean what I say.
Shut up!
Stop eating chocolate.
What should I eat?
Help me to finish it.
Go with Janet to Croc's villa.
I have a game with him tonight.
Yes! Boss Chun!
You gamble again!
Just have a look!
So romantic!
Is that enough!
I have to study the races.
Go to look for a job.
Don't be a punter save more money|for marriage.
Do you know?
Gamble has its way.
I may get rich.
I am an elite.
I can't live down there.
I will live up there.
I will be rich.
I will buy them all
and they will live down there.
What about me?
You will have a big one.
Let's live down there.
Let's go!
This is a private road.
What are you doing here?
None of your business!
It's your road?
A rough road.
What do you want to do?
To beat you puffier.
Let me go!... Don't...
Don't stop me!
Don't let me see you again!
You are puffier!
You son of the bitch!
Don't forget about him.
He leans on the railing all the time.
Make it loose!
It's dark night tonight!
And if he falls in the trap.
Leans on the railing
he will fall.
Shit in there!
Piss there too?
Right, he gets your shit and piss.
What a man you are boss.
Let's go!
$1 M more.
It's only two pair.
No reason not to risk.
O.K. $1 M.
I have a better chance, $2M.
Hay, stop before it gets worse.
Croc. Stop before it's too late.
Goodnight, everybody!
Croc, you have a good friend tonight.
We'll play through the night.
He's very sleepy.
Yee, wake the driver up!
Croc, you are not really going?
Yes, let's play tomorrow night.
Let him go, he can't afford it.
What? I can't afford it?
This is Nam?
As you wish.
Or shut up!
As we are in a good mood tonight.
I'll stay.
Am I welcome?
You must be tired after the work.
Take a rest!
Do you mind to draw the cards.
I can't!
That's why I want you to do it.
No one objects!
Do the cards!
Ace to call.
Gee, at least $1000!
Well $5M.
Don't be tricky!
Ace or try another game.
What? No one plays?
It's only A&2, thank you!
These two are yours, they are mine.
Keep them.
This one is for the next game.
Do the cards, Miss!
See Ace to call.
Follow you, $1 M.
I put $1 M and I will put
$3M more.
So Nam, you want to play?
And this one?
Do the cards, please!
Your turn.
It's only a Q, $3000!
So lucky!
Pair Q to call.
So lucky every game.
I put $2M.
And more also as what you have.
Nam, don't be tricky.
I have no choice
but to follow.
Beauty, draw the card!
How come 10 dropped out?
Well, I can still stay
some people may scare.
Nam, I know you always play safe.
And you can afford
3 Q s.
check the result.
No loss tonight.
Chun, let's play another day.
You left win $10,000,000 last time.
And I got $9M back.
Don't push too much.
Goodnight every body.
Nam, what to do?
Call Scarface.
Stop his car, get the Cheque back.
Keep your Cheque.
Yee, follow the road down there.
It wouldn't be so easy.
Be careful!
Give me the phone.
Let's go!
Are you alright, Scarface?
I couldn't stop them.
I told you to stop their car.
I couldn't stop the car.
They caught the train.
Don't kill me.
Where are you from?
We are all Vietnamese, why did it?
He's from North Vietnam!
You fix it, I go first!
Go ahead!
Go on! Go on!
Still a head's length.
Just a little bit!
Just a little bit...
Great, loose again!
You are useless!
Did you piss on the grave?
Did you say sorry?
Shit! How come?
Why? Why?
Pal, don't hit me on the head.
Shut up!
I am helping, damn!
Go to say sorry!
My friend, you are handsome!
What did you say?
You don't understand Hindi?
I was born in Hong Kong.
Go away before I bite you.
Pal, go back to India.
Come back!
Give me the incense stick.
You Singn, shit!
Pal, he's not Singn!
Have a look!
Hay, wait!
Pal, he's bleeding a lot.
Send him to the hospital.
Are you insane? We set up the trap.
We'll be in big trouble|sending him there.
I didn't set the trap.
How's he?
He's bleeding a lot.
Send him to the hospital, quick!
We both set the trap.
Back off!
Hold him up, I'll knock on the door.
Nanny, open up!
I am having a shower, wait!
I can't make it.
Don't, give up!
I am fading out.
Pal, so much money.
Give them to me.
Will it do, Nanny?
Of course, experience tells me so.
It will help.
Half of the ash for external use.
The other half internal.
Let me mix it in the kitchen.
We are rich.
Half half for us.
Don't steal the money.
None of her business!
See what's inside No I.D. card.
A lot of people are without I.D. cards.
How can we inform his relatives?
Put it in the paper.
Leave the money alone.
Pal, what to do with him?
Let him stay here for the night.
Just once!
Let me make a mark on your chest.
No. I want to wear low-cuts.
Never! Or I will burn the shop.
Have one.
Nanny is in trouble.
You bastard, be smart.
You must be insane.
Stop beating him. Stop fooling me.
He looks like an insane.
What are your name? Where are you living?
What is your history?
Tell me! Tell me!
Damn it! Tell me!
Tell me who you are.
Or I'll beat you up.
He's really insane.
He's not, he's fooling us.
Beat him up and he will talk.
Don't beat him.
Go to hell! Stop beating him!
Knife, don't beat him!
He deserves it.
Don't be afraid!
Tell me your name?
Come on, tell us!
Stop beating him!
Did you hear me?
He deserves it.
All mighty god!
I remember a show.
Similar situation.
the guy got pushed down and hit the head.
Look like us now.
Well, loss memory!
Come on, be real.
Big Mouth should loose his memory.
No, Knife.
Loss of memory can be partial.
Well, you know it?
I studied nursing for one year.
If not because of you.
I am a nurse now.
Good, I'll have his money.
No, you can't.
I put them in a bag.
And put it in the pocket.
Don't let people take it.
Tell me where you live?
Let me tell your family.
Where is my chocolate?
This one?
He's like a kid.
He's from the mental hospital.
Call him insane!
No, so ugly!
Then what?
As you like!
Try harder!
He should not be doing this.
You shout at me?
You don't like me doing this?
It's hard work for you.
Then shut up!
I am sorry!
Let's eat.
My god! No more rice?
No, Chocolate has them all.
Chocolate has them all.
This one is mine.
No, mine.
No more rice.
What about me?
He's got a big stomach.
Send him away!
He's having a lot of our food.
Get some money from him first.
Finish it, don't waste!
Watching TV?
Here's a Cheque.
$20,000 to cash your money.
You get more!
So many zeroes on the Cheque.
Of course!
You have the Cheque, I have the cash.
Give them to me.
Give me first!
Give me the money.
Come on!
Why should I?
Jane asked me not to give you money.
Give them to me.
Stop, Jane protects me.
Don't, pal!
You bastard!
I didn't take the money.
No, you lie to me.
Believe me, I haven't.
You have got the money?
I have only one hundred.
One hundred! See!
Stop lying, come back, quick!
Tell me you won't beat me!
Don't be foolish!
He can drive fast.
Big Mouth will kill him.
It's alright, he has enough practise.
Tell me how to say it.
Three more sticks.
No, $300,000 more.
Say, $300,000 more.
Yes, good!
What's going on?
I tell you once more.
When you see the race on TV.
Say you forgot to bet on the tips.
Bet on the tips.
And then take a Cheque out.
Ask Crawl to bet on No.7 of Race 3.
No. 7 Race 3 Win.
And I say Banks are close on Saturday.
And then what do you say?
I don't know!
You say The jockey said sure win.
Big Mouth, something nice for you.
Cash my Cheque and 10% commission.
And then play cards with him.
I am not sure if I can remember.
You can, of course!
Don't be so cruel to him.
Big Mouth won't beat him.
I only want his stake money.
The timing to call the cops is important.
And he can be saved.
Don't worry, it's O.K.
Be quick...
Brother Big!
How dare you be here?
Boss, come here!
My cousin from the States.
None of my business!
He has a lot of money.
He wants to get a wife from China.
Better let me steal money from him.
And we share the money.
30/70,and the old debt too.
You decide, come!
Boss Big, my cousin!
What's your name?
He is a funny man.
Tell me what you like to play.
I like cards.
Boss Big, can I have this sweet?
No problem.
Keep the change.
Must be that expensive one.
No card games, let's go!
Of course we have card games.
This is the last game.
Last game.
$1000 each, O.K.?
How come there is no TV here?
It's not working.
Not working.
What should we do without the TV?
What's the TV to do with card games?
Tell them you wanna watch TV.
Horse racing!
I forgot to bet on my tips.
I put the bet for you if you have money.
The jockey said sure win.
He told me to bet on.
Which one?
$10,000 each way, No.7 Race 3.
He said sure win.
You gave me the Cheque.
Banks are closed on Saturday afternoon.
What can we do?
Damn it!
What if we cash 90% of the Cheque.
No hassle, let me settle it for you.
No, you just give him cash.
Shut up! None of your business!
Each way No. 7 Race 3.
I have the phone, no problem.
Hello, 1237689, code 45699.
$20,000 each way, Race 3, No.7.
Big Mouth, I wanna piss.
Someone go with him.
Not necessary!
Then finish this game first.
You wanna double.
I go along!
Let me see!
Let me have a look.
I am playing the card game.
Calm down the two of you.
Both the same!
Me too, and $300,000 more.
Are you mad?
None of your business!
You said so.
No problem, draw the card!
My God!
See, another pair.
All your money there.
How much?
There's less than $200,000.
I go along!
Are you mad?
Shut up!
Card please!
The phone is not working.
It's out of order for a few days.
Tiger Nine!
What are you shouting for?
You have no money.
Let you see the whole lot.
Nine, three, two pairs.
A, J, two pair, so what?
Three 3's!
Three 3's for me.
Three 3's!
We will get rich.
You bastard, trap me.
Brother, be serious.
You have all the advantage.
When can you pay us the debt of 0.5M.
Don't gamble with Hong Kong money.
We use Taiwan money.
Right, $150,000 Taiwan.
O.K. $150,000!
I give you the Cheque.
Still owe you $130,000!
Deduct the interest of $40,000|still owe you $80,000!
We draw random and count the points.
What? I draw first!
A Heart A.
What is it?
Have a look!
So lucky, a little bit bigger!
A Spade 2.
Give me the money.
Go to hell!
Spade 2 is the biggest!
Don't touch my head.
You are mad!
He's bad to me.
Who told you to draw?
We lost more than $100,000!
Are you mad?
Stop pushing!
It hurts my neck!
How could it become 3.
Master said so!
The phone is broken.
And not one close by.
Forget it, let's go!
Stop! Hay!
We didn't win, why can't we go?
Get lost!
You win on the horse race.
No. 7 race 3 wins.
Each way is $92,000!
I will take $32,000 for service charge.
This $60,000 is yours!
Give me back!
I am rich!
I am very fair.
I know!
Let's have equal share.
Try it again!
How to do it?
Try again!
Show me!
Open up!
How come?
I win again!
I am scare!
It's O.K
We are rich.
What rich?
We've found a gamble talent.
We will be rich.
We take him to raid the gamble dens.
My God!
Give me sometime.
I know, tomorrow.
Not sure, he's busy!
Where's your boss?
He's looking for a new location.
Stop that!
My parents want to meet Knife tomorrow.
We can't hide.
Boss doesn't have the pager.
Chocolate, can you do me a favour?
I can't.
Say no!
Do you remember what you are saying?
Of course!
Stop eating!
What do you do?
I do...
When do we get married?
I am still working on my career.
Wait till I have succeeded.
Do you have enough?
I have enough.
I give you Crawl's pager.
What if it beeps?
My brother pages me.
I come on New Year's day!
Be good!
I will! Where's the chocolate?
I'll buy ten boxes for you.
Mum, Dad!
Uncle, Auntie!
He likes to play.
Quite nice!
Knife, where do you work?
Roast pork bun!
Roast pork buns are nice here!
Where do you work?
What do you do?
No, clean the shit.
Cleaning business, not bad!
Am I clever?
Kids nowadays.
Not willing to do such job.
Let's be frankly.
You and Jane know for such a long time.
We are very open.
Still the relatives have to know.
No problem!
That's no problem!
I can handle it.
It's better like this.
At least no trouble.
When will you get married?
But we'll still have to wait.
Till I get promoted then we will marry.
You get promoted as a cleaner?
Dad, take it easy!
I can't control my self.
Do you want buns?
My boss pages me.
I have to go first.
Return the call, come!
I wanna...
Return the call!
I bless you on New Year's day.
I'll remember.
What did you say?
He's Uncle?
What Uncle?
Knife, they are my parents.
Who are you?
Her boy-friend!
And him?
When he's not here.
Then I am her boy-friend!
What a mess?
Listen to me, Mum!
One is a cleaner.
And the other is triad and threatened me.
There will be a third one.
To chop me up!
Let's go!
Rice rolls!
Let's drink!
We don't want.
Rice rolls!
But I want.
What are you doing?
Why we go to borrow money?
We had spent out all the money|how to bet?
Don't worry. We can sure win later.
I'll stay here.
I have ice-cream with Chocolate!
We go first!
Come on!
Sure Rich Company.
Your credit is bad.
It's different now.
I am different nowadays.
If I am not sure.
I won't borrow money from you.
Will I believe you and lend you $80,000!
Damn it!
How can I trust you?
This is classified.
Well keep your secret.
Brother Shing, trust me.
Look at my gear.
I have reason to borrow from you.
You mean sure win.
Not really!
But I mean it.
Don't be proud!
Good, I like to help youths.
Kwong, $72,000 for him.
Why $72,000?
Are you new?
No need interest!
It's alright!
Ask Nanny to prepare dinner.
I'll go to get my pay.
You are always like this.
The chocolate is all gone.
Wait till the game is over.
I want chocolate.
Crawl, you go to buy some.
And then join me at the den.
Buy my favorite.
Of course!
Excuse me!
I go first!
Why are you so sad?
I want chocolate.
Won't be long, have some games first.
Don't upset me!
The retarded King of gambles!
The Retarded King of Gambles!
You decide!
Not a bad game.
Make a good bet.
I want chocolate.
I want chocolate.
Shut up!
Follow his bet!
Looking for boss?
Come in!
What about this game?
The chocolate is here!
What about this game?
Banker or not?
Not the same chocolate!
Didn't you get his favourite?
It's all gone.
It's a good game.
Put down the bet first.
I want my favorite.
Fine, but put the bet first.
Hands clear!
8, banker wins!
We have lost more that 100,000.
Go to get it!
Get another one.
It's alright!
Wait till Crawl comes back.
I want to piss.
Stay here!
So many smokes?
The banker gave me!
Thanks, what's goods?
I have bet them all.
Good! Where's the money?
Over there!
He's lost all the money.
Want a smoke.
What did I tell you?
I told you to stay.
I did it purposely.
Go to hell!
Where do you want to go?
Come with me!
Wait for me here! Where are you going?
Have a piss!
So much!
Shut up! Wait here!
Be quick!
You bastard!
You drop them all on the floor.
Shut up!
Shut up!
Shut up!
Go away!
Shut up!
Or I smack you!
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