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Subtitles for Go 2001 Isao Yukisada - Keymaker CD1.

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Go 2001 Isao Yukisada - Keymaker CD1

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What's in a name?
That which we call a rose by any other name,
...would smell as sweet.
Romeo and Juliet
uh, patriotism,
integration, compatriots, goodwill,
makes me sick.
Rulers, repression,
slaves, no, subjects?
Aggression, discrimination,
exclusion, chosen ones,
blood, mixed, pure, union...
Was born in Japan.
As a so-called "Korean-Japanese."
Don't think I'm any different.
They call me this.
This is my love story.
Three years ago
Don't be chicken on me.
how many have made it?
One who made it 10 years ago died on a Yakuza job.
I'm the only survivor.
So it's called "Super Great Chicken Race."
"A train is approaching platform 2,
please stand behind the line."
You idiot!
I'm a legend!
Not bad!
Pigs are comin'.
Faster, idiot!
C'mon asshole!
Under arrest!
Let go!
Are you the father?
What? You're not?
Father, right?
He, he's gonna get killed!
Lady, lady!
Hey, um...
Look. Didn't have to go to family court.
Be grateful.
Say thanks.
Kill you.
Didn't mean it.
I'll say it again,
'This is my love-story'.
Here we are in Hawaii.
Beautiful blue sea, blue sky.
And next...
You can't beat father, you know.
He ranked 7th in Japan.
Hey, let me do it myself!
No, I do it best.
Let me do it.
I can do it better!
What, you wanna go there?
Go where?
To the "symbol of corrupt capitalism."
Ideologies go out-of-fashion.
The Soviets lost out to the cold.
The cold freezes your nose. Same with ideology.
Where are you going?
Let's go to Hawaii.
He's gone senile.
(Don't need this anymore.)
(I want a passport.)
(You can go as a North-Korean these days, you know.)
Hey buddy, I'm a real Marxist.
A spy...
(I might be a spy.)
(Pretty stubborn.)
(Not a problem.)
Go, if you want!
No use. Can't talk sense.
I just want to go to Hawaii.
(Let's switch.)
Anything can happen.
(Switch it.)
(Switch it.)
Just for a trip to Hawaii,
he gave up his North-Korean citizenship,
and became a South Korean.
That stupid picture is still at the front door.
now I should call them "mom and pop."
Stop the car, mom.
Pull over.
Get out.
Sit down.
Have a good look.
What'll you do?
Easily change your nationality.
Be an American or Russian if you got money.
Wish the scenery was better.
See the world,
decide for yourself.
The ocean stared at me.
And I stared right back.
So I thought about it.
I thought hard about my futureless existence.
Hey there, scum.
What are you up to?
Causing a disturbance. Move.
What the fuck. Just looking.
Wha-, what the hell!
Japanese eventually mix into society.
But as for me...
The fool of the North Korean school...
this is me.
Looking for a job, after university...
...this is it.
Work to be a doctor or a lawyer...
My nickname is "Stupid" so forget it.
I hated marches,
classical music and raisin curry.
But I had a right to choose.
(Where you going?)
North or South Korean national.
A narrow choice.
But I felt like a person for the first time.
Decision made.
Turning South Korean.
But not going to hawaii.
Going to Japanese school.
So sudden.
Seeing the world.
I gave up smoking, fighting and,
...entered Japanese school.
And now, this is me.
But people don't change easily.
Thanks to this, I got my break.
Where's Sugihara? You?
Not me.
You, asshole?
Who is it?
After leaving basketball, the challengers lined up.
I'm 24 for 0 now.
I'll make you famous.
What the hell is that?
What 'Billy The Kid' said.
I know Captain Kidd.
Buried treasure?
Hardy, har, har.
Hardy, har, har.
Har, har.
har, har.
Hey! Sugihara!
The leader Malcom X
said something really cool.
Self-defence isn't violence.
It's intelligence.
Totally right.
I hate violence, but,
sometimes have no choice.
I hate hitting, but hate getting hit more.
That's all.
I knew it.
The Revolutionary History.
Textbook from North Korean school.
What I'm doing is revolutionary,
so it comes in handy.
You hit that guy with an iron dumbbell.
It was an ashtray.
I just heard a rumor.
Kato was the first to challenge me.
It's bubbling.
Kato was the only son of a Yakuza boss.
He should've told me.
Looks better than before.
Looks good, sonny, like that guy.,
Keanu Reaves.
Better than before.
And Brad Pitt eyes?
Eyes are good as they are.
Yes, yes, eyes are good as they are.
Thought I'd have you cut off a finger,
but it's OK.
Yes, sir...
After that, somehow we became friends.
Sugihara, it's my birthday.
Buy you a coffee.
No need.
I mean, I'm having a party tonight.
Lots of cuties.
5000 yen's nothing.
Don't be down 'cause a counter went under.
It's not that.
Hurts that two went under at once,
but I still got two.
So what?
Mom's left the house.
You reap what you sow.
He can buy a new car,
but I can't learn flamenco.
What is it?
Same uniform but different.
Shut up.
Waitress, dessert!
A whole pineapple.
Hey, it's Stupid.
What's with the hair?
Real symbol of capitalism.
It was two and a half years since we met.
At North Korean school
we had "self-criticism time."
Speaking Japanese was forbidden.
(Today Wonsu used Japanese.)
My teacher Mr. Kim
really loved self-criticism time.
His nickname was "Kim Satan".
(come forward.)
(What did you say?)
Gotta take a shit.
(I had to take) "a shit."
(What's wrong)
(with saying) "Gotta take a shit?"
(how should I say) "Gotta take a shit?"
(I have to defecate).
(that doesn't sound right)
(so I used) "shit" (in Japanese.)
(how many times you say) "shit"?
(2,3... )
(6 and a half)
(Stand up!)
(Anyone else who used Japanese?)
(He used it too?)
(Going to Japanese school.)
(Stand up!)
(What is it?)
(Traitor to the race!)
(Stand up!)
(I'm standing.)
(Fucking with me?)
Since then I was marked as a traitor.
Heard you're wearing jeans,
and listen to Mariah Carey.
And you "laborers" are ordering desert.
Hey stupid, still a fighter like before?
Holiday tomorrow so...
I told you it's Mariah's concert.
Goddamn pussy! Asshole!
Shut up!
Hey lady, lady...
Don't be smart!
No Korea or Japan when you're young.
You're just kids!
Shut up and eat.
Look, you left all this meat,
and you order desert!
Too young for beer too.
Boys should drink milk.
He really got me but I hit him with,
...a counter-punch...
You came.
Got LSD and pot.
Want some?
OK, enjoy.
When I told my friend I was moving back home,
he said, "Go to Yoshiwara,
you should see the geisha on display."
I heard one shouldn't go,
one can catch a life- threatening disease,
so one should stay away.
I said I wasn't interested.
He said, "Just have a look,
no problem with looking."
So he took me along with him.
First time I saw geisha.
They were so beautiful.
But the exquisite Takao
was like nothing I'd ever seen.
More elegant than a painting.
Completely unlike a human being.
Said I'd like her to serve me,
and my friends laughed.
Told me she was for the highest classes,
so I should give up dreaming.
I decided to buy a painting of her.
From then on, she was always before my eyes.
When I picked up my brush I saw Takao.
I even saw her in the rice I ate.
I saw Takao in everything.
Even when I'm talking here...
you're being a fool.
This bald guy looks like her?
Right then, I remembered.
This is my love story.
I'll set you up with her.
Whatcha reading?
The C-c...
Catcher in the Rye?
Something like that.
Doesn't suit you.
heard of psychometry?
Sugihara, right?
How -?
I read it.
And, a strong fighter.
I wonder.
What? H-how did you?
Tell you later.
Let's take off.
Crowded, noisy,
and boring, right?
You read that too?
I don't know you, but should I?
You're too polite.
What's that?
Haven't been here since marching practice.
What are you listening to?
Ra-, ra-p.
What kind of music do you like?
Lotsa stuff. But not Japanese music.
I wonder.
Don't like it either.
I wonder.
We're the same. Like movies?
Yeah, action movies.
I like Fellini's La Strada, The Shining,
and As Good As It Gets, Magnolia,
um, Enter the Dragon and...
I saw that one three times!
See Fists of Fury?
It's so cool. Lend it next time.
Next time?
What do you wanna be?
Doctor or lawyer.
But that's impossible so,
I might do something totally different.
Guys I know say they'll be famous.
Just to impress you.
How about you?
I'll be Jean Claude Van Damme.
Your pronunciation sucks.
Tell me your name?
Who cares about names.
Won't tell you my first name. Hate it.
Miss Sakurai.
I'm Sugihara.
I know. I read it.
But couldn't read your first name.
Won't tell you. Hate it.
Yeah, who cares.
No way.
You see that?
Falling star?
Never been so embarrassed.
A falling star!
Can't see a falling star with a guy.
It's true.
I wonder.
So embarrassing. Totally caught off-guard.
Hey, I saw your panties.
You wish for something?
Don't tell anybody, it's our secret.
Busy on Sundays?
I meet my friends.
Got a girlfriend?
No girlfriend.
I hate liars.
As I thought.
This is...
Lied before.
Lot I didn't tell her yet,
but there were no more lies.
Go ahead of me.
Want to see you jump.
As you wish.
Jumped back then too.
Call me.
Shouldn't she wave goodbye?
C'mon, let's go.
Seems mom hasn't come back.
Dad taught me how to box since grade 4.
Extend your left arm, kid.
Now make a circle.
You're as big a man as the circle, made with your fist.
Understand, kid?
In the circle,
basically you're safe
as far as you can reach.
What do you think?
That's boxing,
break through with your fist,
and take from the outside.
Lots of tough guys outside.
They come inside your circle.
Hurts to hit or get hit.
Still wanna box?
Safe inside the circle.
I'll box.
Told you it wasn't a good idea.
Like rain falling from heaven.
Wonder if heaven's a nice country.
What's that?
Wanted to be a Spaniard a long time ago.
What's the point?
Find out yourself.
Hey, go for a run, will ya?
Make up with her.
Look stupid running like that.
Two weeks later,
they went to Spain, country of passion.
Thanks, man.
How was it?
I like the sick insect story.
And the rotten tofu one.
Vinegar Tofu?
Thought so.
This is Jong-il. The guy I respect the most.
Got me into comedy.
(Bastard! I'll kill you!)
(What happened?)
(This guy... )
(This guy... )
(... is going to Japanese school.)
(ls this true?)
(lt's a good thing.)
(You'll know the truth about the mother country,)
(enter Japanese society, and be an ambassador)
(for your compatriots... )
(I won't forgive you!)
(Please stop.)
(Stand up!)
(Traitor to the race!)
(Betrayer of your country!)
We never had a country!
(Try and say that again.)
We never had a country.
Never forgot what Jong-il said,
and how he saved me.
Going to enter university?
Still thinking. But not looking for work.
Can't be president.
Don't even have a chance.
Just get eaten up by the system.
A nightmare!
Why not think about it in university?
Waste of time.
You should live a wasteful life.
You're already off track.
Eat up, young men.
Let's eat.
Hey, what part of the pig is this?
This guy may look like a real geek, but,
he's the genius of the school.
the name again?
Jong-il, Jong-il.
Mother's Japanese and father's Korean.
Not Japanese school?
That's what makes him so cool.
He wants to teach at North Korean school.
To his future followers.
Wow, that's really great.
Isn't he cool?
No big deal, really.
My dream is to do comedy.
Yeah, the coolest Zainichi.
You do comedy?
The master here?
Shut up!
I mean, if this guy becomes a teacher,
the North Korean school will change.
Like a sudden variation in DNA.
No, like I saw on TV,
by tracing Japanese DNA, of a mother,
grandmother, great grandma and further,
many go back to China or Korea.
And by going way, way, way, way back...
we go back to monkeys 200,000 years ago.
And going way, way back...
Sorry, what are we talking about?
Got out of hand.
No, I know what you meant.
My sister wants to go to Japanese school.
What grade?
Grade 9
Next year.
I'm worried.
Not strong like you.
Give me some advice?
Oh yeah, read this.
Works of William Shakespeare
Got traditional comedy characters?
No, but read it. It's cool stuff.
Why the Parliament?
Just a strange place to meet for a date.
Only one so you can't miss it.
I see.
And it's cool too.
OK, let's go.
After 9 steps polar bears step back.
No way.
It's true. Why?
To keep calm.
So they don't lose control in their small pen.
That was 7 now.
Odd numbers are OK.
You said 9.
Forget it, next.
Since then, I met Sakurai on Saturdays.
That was - 1 - Now.
At that time, Kato got suspended for doing drugs.
A lady! A lady!
It's a deer! Deer!
Wonsu got caught at class.
(How do I say) "get me a porno mag"?
(Please buy me an adult magazine.)
That just doesn't sound right,
so I said "get me a porno mag"!
Mom met a famous actor.
I'm your fan.
It's really you, Yasu?
Love your movies.
Just private...
Have some milk, Keep you fit.
And with mom coming and going,
lots was going on.
And in my case...
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