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Gloria CD1

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Excuse me.
Look, I don't want any trouble from you. Believe me!
It's Jeri.
What happened?
I don't want to talk in front of the kids.
What's the matter, Mom?
Nothing's the matter. She just got the groceries.
Are the bags packed? You got the money from the bank?
Don't talk money in front of the kids.
- You got the tickets? - No more questions.
Where are we going?
Listen, Phil is very upset that we're leaving. That kid is so sensitive.
I'm gonna cook dinner, okay?
No, you're not going to cook dinner. There's no time for that now.
Then why did I go shopping? What the hell am I supposed to be doing?
Son of a bitch packages... The bus, I had to wait in the bad line...
...and then the bag slipped, everything comes out. I hurt my leg.
Fuck. Son of a bitch!
Did you see anybody downstairs?
A man.
What kind of man?
A man with a shirt.
What kind of shirt?
A shirt. With shoes.
601. He's up there.
His wife just went up the elevator.
Nice staircase they got here.
What took you so long?
I got lost. I went over the 138th Street Bridge...
...then back over the 155th Street Bridge...
...made a wrong turn past Yankee Stadium...
...the heat, traffic, people.
A lot of people on 58th Street.
All right, you're here, now let's go.
Hold this.
Hold this. Be careful. Don't blow yourself up. You're clumsy.
Where did you go?
I went to stop downtown, at 44th Street.
They're checking on his accounts. He's skimming off the top.
How much?
$600,000, give or take $3,000. That's only in seven accounts.
- How do they know? - I mentioned I don't run with the babes.
I carry pictures of the kids in my wallet.
Never mind dinner. Pack your things.
- We've been packed for two days. - Get your things.
We haven't finished yet, can't you see... ¿ Qué quieres que Ileve?
All right, leave the junk, just take the clothes.
What clothes?
Dime qué quieres por favor. ¿Las fotos?
I think the kids should eat something. It's almost ready.
Don't argue with me, Ma. We don't know who's coming here.
Jack told them about the kids.
He's got pictures in his wallet, he talks about us.
Okay. Let's get the bags. Come on.
Are you sure you're sure?
- I know how sure I am. - But not to kids.
Listen, Tommy didn't have any kids, he was a bachelor. Jesus Christ!
You did something.
What's the matter with you? Listen to me. I didn't do anything.
- I only made a remark. - When?
I don't know. A couple of weeks ago.
- That's why you couldn't sleep? - Yeah, that's why.
- Do you think they heard you? - What do you mean? I said it out loud.
What did you say?
Listen, they asked me a question...
...I said I had it written down. Then I said I was only kidding. Okay?
- I tried to get them not to believe me. - You told them you had the book?
Ma, get the kids ready. We're going.
Ma, please, where are we going? I want to know right now.
When I say we're leaving, we're leaving right now. Move!
What am I supposed to do with this? What the hell is this for?
I'm not going to answer. I'm not getting my eye blown off.
Do you need help? What's wrong, Dad?
You shut up, you stupid. You're the one that got us into all of this.
It's Gloria.
Hi. Ran out of coffee.
Come in out of the hall, hurry.
What are you doing with that gun? What's going on here?
I think I came at a bad time.
Yeah, you came at a bad time. You came at a terrible time.
There are men downstairs. We have every reason to believe...
...that Jack's marked and I'm marked. Joanie and Phil are marked.
And Margarita's marked.
You gotta take the kids, Gloria.
Jeri, you know I'd do anything for you, but I don't like kids.
I hate kids. Especially yours.
You mind not talking about my kids that way?
Just shut up. She's my friend. She don't know how serious it is, all right?
Jack's an accountant for the Mob.
He finked to the FBI. He's been skimming off the top...
...and now the kids are marked.
I think it's a good idea, Jack.
There's a gangster in the lobby. They're right here in the building.
- I think we ought to call the police. - Ma, just shut up, all right?
Okay, pal.
Okay, you want to come with me?
- I'm not going. - Joan!
Stay there.
Joanie, let go of that bedpost. I'm your mother and what I say goes.
No, Ma, no!
- Joan, open this door. - Come out of that bathroom.
Give me the book.
Listen to me. This book will save your life.
It's the bible. It's everything I know, about everything in the world, understand?
It's your future. Okay? Go on.
Now listen to me, be a man.
Always be tough. Don't trust anybody.
Yes, sir.
I love you.
Will you be safe?
Go, now.
Come on, kid.
Come on.
Go with her, now! Go on!
Go on!
I don't know what to do.
Your father told you to come with me. So, come on.
Come on.
I got some goldfish in the bedroom. You want to play with them?
You want to play 20 questions?
How about watching TV for a while?
- Do you understand what I'm saying to you? - Yes.
Where's my boy?
Come on big fella, come on.
There's my baby.
Do you like him?
Do you like cats?
Phil, he wants to talk to you.
Yes, Poppy, you want me to come home?
Is my sister still there?
I love you, too.
You're the man.
Phil, you're the head of the family.
Remember that? Will you remember that?
Let me speak to her.
Let me speak to her.
He wants to speak to you, but I want to speak to him.
Yes, Jack, I understand now.
Hello, Poppy, this is Phil. What's going on? Where's Mom?
I want to speak to you.
My sister.
I want my father. Poppy.
I want my father! Poppy!
I hate you, you stupid person.
You're a pig.
Check the bathroom.
Think of it...
It's like a dream, you know?
How when you go to sleep sometimes and you get killed in a nightmare or something.
You always wake up again knowing you're somebody else, right?
How old are you? 6?
I don't know what to do with you, kid.
My poor cat.
What do I do with you?
You're not my family, or anything. You're just a neighbor's kid, right?
Am I right?
You better get out of here, the police...
All right, come on. Let's go.
- Let's get out of here. Let's go. - I'm walking.
Who knows who's on the gimme, right?
I don't know.
If I'm gonna get you out of here, I gotta have your help.
How can I help you?
They're going to kill us, you little jackass. I don't want to die.
I saved all my life so I could have some money.
And I got it.
You're too young to know what making a living is, but...
...I got my money, I got my apartment, I got my friends, my cat.
I don't want my face to look like hamburger.
I'm going home now.
No, you're not going home.
I have to.
What are you going to find in there, dead bodies?
This is your father's book. Don't let anything happen to it.
Let me go! Poppy!
Okay, listen. This is a dream. I told you before, it's all a dream.
Nothing bad has really happened. Now we gotta get out of here.
You're gonna walk. Okay, take a step. Come on, kid, that's it, let's go.
Now take another step. That's good. Great.
That's it. Come on.
Stop the elevator!
Lady, get that kid out of here.
- Hold it. - That officer said to get this kid out of here.
All right. Right out here.
Stay right here.
All right, I'll let you know when you can go out.
All right, go ahead, take the kid and go outside.
Go ahead.
Get that camera out of here.
Let me have my kid.
Let her go.
Come on, break it up, come on.
What a slob.
Hey, sister. I want my father.
It's all right, sweetheart. It's all right, kid. It's just a dream.
That's all it is. Go on back to sleep.
They're checking us out.
Who's "they"?
I don't know. I don't know who "they" is.
Thanks, Gloria.
Is that all you want?
I'm going to go in the bathroom now.
Don't answer that telephone. And don't go near the windows.
Or the door. If you hear anything...
...just come on in the bathroom and get me. Knock on the door.
Are you all right?
Yeah, I'm all right. Go to the toilet.
Who would want to kill a low-income family of four in the Bronx with shotguns?
Who would want to kidnap their 6-year-old boy?
The family is named Dawn, they're dead.
The possible abductor's name is Gloria Swenson, patterned after Gloria Swanson.
It wasn't a robbery, it was a Mob murder.
I'm not going with you.
I got no time to play games with you, kid.
I am the man.
Do you hear me?
I am the man. I am the man. Not you.
You're not the man. I am the man.
I'll do anything I can. I am the man!
Come on, let me see. Come on. Come on, kid.
You are not the man.
You don't listen, you don't know anything.
You're driving me crazy.
Let me have the keys.
It's me, Gloria.
- Did you see her? - No.
Harry, did you see her?
Where did you see her at?
I didn't see nothing.
There they are. They're down there.
How in the hell did that happen? I didn't pass anybody.
Come out, honey.
Come here, sweetheart. Come on, Gloria.
Come here, doll.
Nobody passed me on the street.
Get away from that door!
Let go of me, will you?
Stop hanging on me.
Kid, listen.
The guys that killed your family...
...they're friends of mine.
Do you understand?
Do you?
My feet are falling off. I can't run any more. What am I doing here?
I don't want to get killed.
That's it! Look, you...
Come on, you start running. Come on, you run. Run. Go on.
Run, go on, run on home, go on!
Did you hear me?
Look, I'm not going with you. I can't. I'm overweight, I'm out of shape.
Look, go back to your house. We're not so far away, go on!
You've got relatives and friends. Let them take care of you.
Go on! I'm not taking care of you anymore.
I can't.
I can't even turn you over to the cops.
Don't you understand? I've been in jail. You understand jail?
The people that killed your parents, they're my friends.
I can't get involved with you. Go on now, run.
- Gloria. - Yes?
We're not interested in you.
All we want is the book and the kid. Do you understand?
Gloria, why don't you take a walk? Look, we'll take care of that kid.
You got that book, kid? Come here.
...what are you gonna do? Shoot a 6-year-old Puerto Rican kid on the street?
He don't know nothing. He don't even speak English.
Phil, come on, get in.
What happened over there? That's some accident.
Yeah, we're not interested in accidents. 86th and Lexington.
You deaf?
Gloria, I'm sorry.
Listen to me.
It was all my fault.
You did it for me.
Leave it alone, will you?
Just do me a favor and don't talk anymore.
Forget about it. What the hell.
We'll go up to my bank and take out my money...
...and we'll buy some new clothes, okay?
Here, keep it.
You know what desperate is?
Stay there. Wait.
I'd like to get all my money out of the bank.
Checking or savings?
It's in a safe deposit box.
- You have to see an assistant manager. - Goodbye.
I'd like to get into my safe deposit box.
How are you?
How am I?
I think I've helped you before, haven't I?
Oh, yeah.
Your key, please.
- What's your name? - Ron.
I'd like to be alone with my money.
Stay there, I'll be right back.
You're out of your mind.
The word's around you've been doing a lot of shooting.
Hurt some good people. You've been interfering with business.
In their opinion, you should know better. That's the word that's around.
- His mother was a friend of mine. - So what?
You got to be out of your mind.
- Who was that? - My uncle. Come on.
Here you are, keep the change.
That's $5. I'm getting out on this side, so don't give me any argument.
Yes, miss?
I'm with a kid.
I realize that, but we haven't any space.
We don't want space, we want a room.
Do you have a reservation?
I'm sorry, there isn't any room.
Let's get out of here now!
Fuck! He don't know the score.
He sees a dame like you and a guy like me... He don't know.
Yeah. We'd be better off in a dumpier part of town.
- Okay, here are your socks. Put them on. - No.
I feel like your mother.
You aren't my mother.
What did you say?
You aren't my mother. My mother's beautiful.
This is our stop. Let's get off.
- Hello. - Hello.
I'm a friend of Louie Saul.
He's out of town.
- I need a room. - $2.50 a night. But it's a flophouse.
- You want it in advance or you trust me? - $2.50. You got it?
- Where's the key? - It's open.
- What room number? - Any room you want. They're all open.
You make a great target standing in that window.
Gloria, are you awake?
What's the matter now?
These neon lights are driving me crazy.
Go to sleep. We gotta get out of here in the morning.
Blinking lights. Do they remind you of anything?
May I touch yours?
May you touch my what?
Your hair. You like me?
How could I resist you?
A body like yours, it's a pleasure to lie in bed with you.
Do you love me?
- No, I don't even know you. - Do you think?
What is that supposed to mean?
I don't know. When you get older, you get tougher.
But you won't have to be scared.
Because every time there's noise you have to be scared.
I'm not scared.
Not even of nightmares?
No, nothing.
- No dreams at all? - No.
What do you do, just close your eyes and black?
What is this getting to be? You trying to embarrass me, or what?
No, I'm trying to tell you something. I'm trying to.
Have you ever been in love?
Forget it. I outweigh you 60 pounds.
So leave me alone.
What's the matter now?
What's the matter with you?
I'm sorry I kept you awake last night.
Your father's book is very interesting. I think we ought to burn it.
You're so stupid sometimes.
Okay, it's your book.
I know it's my book. So what are we going to do?
We're gonna try to get to Pittsburgh.
Pittsburgh? For how long? Is it far away?
Yeah. First we're gonna stop at a cemetery.
I think you ought to say a little prayer.
Do I have to?
I said so, didn't I?
You got change for $100?
I could get it.
Take this and come back.
We'll be 15 minutes, and then we want to go back into the city.
Yes, ma'am.
I'm glad I'm with you.
Okay, let's find a tombstone.
What town is this?
What difference does it make?
I don't understand. I don't know what to do.
What, am I going to see them?
No, they're not buried here. We're going to pretend.
All dead people stick together anyway. It doesn't make any difference.
I don't think I should do this. I mean...
...I don't mind.
I don't mind a lot of things...
...but this is a little gruesome.
No. You always got to say goodbye.
Dead people are...
It's like...
What's it like?
Like a ship. Did you ever see a ship sail?
It's like those dreams we were talking about.
Here, these are nice. Any of these.
Those are nice stones.
Now go on up there and you kneel down and... know, just say whatever comes into your heart.
Where are you going to be?
I'm going to be right here.
Hello. How are you? I miss you. But then you know how I feel.
I had a dream about you the other night and... Amen.
Nobody knows where I am.
What do you mean?
I have friends. You know.
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