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Subtitles for Girl from Wilko The (Andrzej Wajda 1979) CD2.

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Girl from Wilko The (Andrzej Wajda 1979) CD2

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[INFORMATION] [TITLE] [AUTHOR] [SOURCE]Subtitles captured by SubRip 1.17.1 [PRG] [FILEPATH] [DELAY]0 [CD TRACK]0 [COMMENT] [END INFORMATION] [SUBTITLE] [COLF]&HFFFFFF,[STYLE]bd,[SIZE]18,[FONT]Arial 00:00:00.00,00:00:00.10 00:00:02.24,00:00:05.31 The tea's ready, we may serve. 00:00:05.64,00:00:07.15 Thank you... 00:00:11.48,00:00:14.07 Another stage reached. 00:00:14.40,00:00:18.79 Likely the last.[br]Did we get far? 00:00:36.48,00:00:39.83 Very far indeed. 00:00:54.36,00:00:57.43 What do you want? 00:00:57.76,00:01:02.91 I asked you to come because[br]I wanted to see you. 00:01:03.24,00:01:06.67 I came because it was my[br]mother-in-law's birthday. 00:01:07.00,00:01:08.43 I'm returning to Warsaw today. 00:01:08.76,00:01:11.19 Go back then. 00:01:15.76,00:01:18.32 Stop it! 00:01:25.64,00:01:27.11 Help me. 00:01:27.44,00:01:29.79 Help. 00:01:36.96,00:01:39.19 Which means? 00:01:39.52,00:01:43.75 Do something so that I'd... 00:01:44.08,00:01:47.31 Why, don't you have enough? 00:01:47.64,00:01:48.67 No. 00:01:49.00,00:01:51.51 You wanted this separation. 00:02:13.40,00:02:16.11 I wanted... 00:02:16.44,00:02:19.67 I was afraid to grow old[br]happily with you. 00:02:26.00,00:02:32.87 I won't help you.[br]Because I don't want to. 00:02:34.20,00:02:40.07 It cost me far too much[br]to stop loving you. 00:03:10.16,00:03:12.54 I can't. 00:03:17.00,00:03:19.75 Kazia... 00:03:22.68,00:03:25.06 What's wrong? 00:03:25.40,00:03:28.03 Stop crying! 00:03:28.36,00:03:30.79 You know how my husband is. 00:04:00.68,00:04:02.98 Having a good time? 00:04:34.24,00:04:38.19 Ever been duck hunting? 00:04:38.52,00:04:40.19 No. 00:04:40.52,00:04:43.91 Then we'll go together. 00:04:44.24,00:04:46.31 All right. 00:04:52.36,00:04:54.03 Wiktor... 00:04:54.36,00:04:57.19 Are you asleep? 00:05:07.56,00:05:10.91 Your aunt told me to wake you.[br]You're going hunting with Tunia. 00:05:13.64,00:05:17.26 - I don't want to.[br]- She'll be here soon! 00:05:17.60,00:05:21.83 Have her go home.[br]It's bad weather for ducks. 00:05:22.16,00:05:27.28 I'm not leaving until you get up. 00:05:45.44,00:05:49.67 It's too late to go duck hunting! 00:05:50.00,00:05:52.15 I'm sorry... 00:05:52.48,00:05:54.07 Let's go. 00:05:55.48,00:05:57.94 Finally, you woke up! 00:06:28.60,00:06:30.23 What sort of books do you read? 00:06:30.56,00:06:35.75 All sorts.[br]Now I'm reading Descartes. 00:06:39.52,00:06:42.87 Why are you laughing?[br]It isn't funny at all. 00:06:43.20,00:06:48.06 Because when I was your age,[br]I used to lie on the grass... 00:06:48.40,00:06:51.71 and read books which[br]I didn't understand. 00:06:52.64,00:06:58.51 I didn't understand Hegel,[br]I studied Kant. 00:07:00.92,00:07:05.31 Youth, unknown choices,[br]a waste of time. 00:07:05.64,00:07:09.18 So much time wasted. 00:07:12.88,00:07:16.03 Later there was neither time nor[br]inclination to return to it. 00:07:16.76,00:07:20.19 Why do you constantly[br]talk of the past? 00:07:22.72,00:07:26.15 Because it's like this... 00:07:26.92,00:07:30.35 like this late wild strawberry. 00:07:30.68,00:07:32.47 I take it to my lips... 00:07:32.80,00:07:33.86 and sniff... 00:07:34.60,00:07:41.31 and I'm reminded of June,[br]yet it is no longer June. 00:07:41.64,00:07:45.11 It is only an illusion that[br]nothing has changed. 00:07:45.44,00:07:50.83 Yet every month, week and day[br]has its own color... 00:07:51.16,00:07:56.23 and as they pass, they change a[br]person, his thoughts and feelings. 00:07:57.44,00:08:01.14 The scent of this strawberry[br]reminds me... 00:08:01.48,00:08:06.34 that everything was once different,[br]the trees, my own laughter. 00:08:06.68,00:08:10.59 Perhaps, but it's summer now... 00:08:10.92,00:08:14.07 and autumn is a long way off. 00:08:15.64,00:08:18.15 You really think that? 00:08:25.52,00:08:28.99 Have you ever seen paintings[br]by Giorgione? 00:08:29.32,00:08:33.59 Yes, why? 00:08:33.92,00:08:39.39 You remind me of an angel[br]in one of them. 00:08:39.72,00:08:41.63 Exactly like Fela. 00:08:45.52,00:08:47.31 I'm Tunia. 00:08:50.64,00:08:54.15 Yes, Tunia. 00:09:07.92,00:09:13.15 Edward and Jola's husband have gone[br]so I can have a dance. 00:09:15.12,00:09:18.07 Come, it'll be my evening. 00:09:39.32,00:09:42.15 That's enough. 00:09:58.04,00:09:59.91 Here he comes! 00:10:08.52,00:10:11.95 - How was the hunting?[br]- Marvelous. 00:10:12.28,00:10:14.58 Where are the ducks? 00:10:14.92,00:10:17.15 Ducks? 00:10:17.48,00:10:20.23 There haven't been any ducks[br]there for ages. 00:11:16.24,00:11:18.19 Wiktor... 00:11:19.32,00:11:22.03 I like being with you. 00:11:29.00,00:11:30.63 Let's get married. 00:11:31.88,00:11:34.15 Tunia... 00:11:34.48,00:11:35.87 what are you saying? 00:11:36.20,00:11:39.55 Please let me. 00:11:53.36,00:11:55.43 Let's join them. 00:11:55.76,00:11:57.79 Why aren't you dancing? 00:11:58.52,00:12:01.08 Dance with Tunia. 00:12:01.40,00:12:04.63 With Miss Tunia? 00:12:11.76,00:12:15.30 Must he always do what[br]I tell him? 00:12:17.44,00:12:18.83 How horrible! 00:12:35.08,00:12:40.99 You know, Zosia, there are moments[br]when I'm not afraid of anything. 00:12:41.32,00:12:43.07 Not even myself. 00:12:47.44,00:12:51.75 Look, Tunia is all grown up. 00:12:55.28,00:12:58.23 - May I have this dance?[br]- No. 00:12:58.56,00:13:01.75 Perhaps Zosia won't turn me down. 00:13:09.04,00:13:11.95 May I have this dance? 00:13:12.28,00:13:14.07 No. 00:13:15.80,00:13:17.79 Excuse me. 00:13:26.76,00:13:28.47 Kazia! 00:13:33.08,00:13:37.03 Where shall I put this, ma'am? 00:13:44.08,00:13:46.38 You look fabulous. 00:13:46.72,00:13:51.07 It's Julia's old dress, from[br]her engagement party. 00:13:51.40,00:13:54.94 You won't say no, will you? 00:14:28.40,00:14:30.86 Where is Julia? 00:14:31.20,00:14:33.99 These dances aren't for her. 00:14:48.04,00:14:49.26 Julia... 00:15:02.64,00:15:06.07 why aren't you with us? 00:15:09.88,00:15:11.31 You know... 00:15:14.48,00:15:19.34 ...l've never forgotten. 00:15:20.08,00:15:24.23 All these years! 00:15:26.56,00:15:32.55 In terrible moments, in battles,[br]in the trenches... 00:15:33.28,00:15:40.03 I would dream that once again[br]I mixed up the rooms. 00:15:44.20,00:15:47.39 Remember how I mixed up the rooms[br]then, after my walk? 00:15:49.76,00:15:54.35 I only realized it as I was[br]lying right here... 00:15:55.68,00:15:59.35 and felt your body. 00:15:59.68,00:16:03.95 You pretended to be asleep[br]and I did too. 00:16:05.88,00:16:08.63 That game continued... 00:16:10.96,00:16:14.91 until our bodies started to search[br]for each other... 00:16:15.24,00:16:18.71 searching, searching, remember? 00:16:23.40,00:16:25.99 I felt... 00:16:26.72,00:16:31.58 I felt your body and it was... 00:16:36.44,00:16:39.83 Never again... 00:16:40.16,00:16:43.15 would I ever experience... 00:16:44.92,00:16:47.55 such a sensation. 00:16:48.28,00:16:54.27 I don't know why I'm telling you[br]this, and I'm not ashamed at all. 00:16:55.00,00:17:00.99 I've been waiting all evening for[br]you to come and tell me... 00:17:01.72,00:17:03.87 exactly that. 00:17:05.84,00:17:07.83 Shall we go dance? 00:17:11.52,00:17:13.47 Yes, let's. 00:17:32.68,00:17:34.98 Now ask me to dance. 00:18:29.44,00:18:31.95 The party's over for me. 00:19:23.92,00:19:28.19 What are you standing there for?[br]Go take Tunia a shawl! 00:20:06.20,00:20:08.35 Get away from me! 00:20:08.68,00:20:14.15 I don't ever want to see you again.[br]I wanted to kiss you first! 00:20:42.28,00:20:44.87 Which of us are you visiting today? 00:20:54.68,00:20:55.87 Zosia... 00:20:56.20,00:21:00.75 Since you arrived, we've[br]talked only about you. 00:21:11.84,00:21:13.75 I've come to apologize to Tunia. 00:21:15.08,00:21:17.23 Apologize? 00:21:19.16,00:21:20.71 I hurt her? 00:21:21.44,00:21:24.27 And Fela too, once? 00:21:24.60,00:21:27.11 I don't understand. 00:21:27.56,00:21:28.54 As usual. 00:21:28.88,00:21:33.55 I think you'll become the hero[br]of the house once again. 00:21:33.88,00:21:39.67 Which means?[br]What are you trying to tell me? 00:21:40.00,00:21:41.22 Nothing. 00:22:30.96,00:22:33.67 Do you get by without women? 00:22:35.80,00:22:37.11 Yes. 00:22:45.88,00:22:48.51 Extraordinary! 00:22:48.84,00:22:52.59 But we have our doubts. 00:22:56.28,00:22:59.90 If you don't rouse hope,[br]then at least passion. 00:23:06.28,00:23:09.87 That terrified, uncertain[br]expression of yours. 00:23:10.24,00:23:12.47 Just like back then. 00:23:19.92,00:23:23.27 Go and play now. 00:23:25.76,00:23:29.91 You are afraid, just like you used[br]to be, of making a decision... 00:23:30.24,00:23:31.71 of yourself... 00:23:34.12,00:23:41.67 Did you just discover my virtues,[br]or did you know them then? 00:23:42.00,00:23:46.35 I've been observing you ever since[br]I was a child. 00:23:46.96,00:23:51.19 It was like blind man's bluff, you[br]with your eyes covered... 00:23:51.52,00:23:54.51 and movement all around you. 00:23:58.24,00:24:01.86 I played while watching Fela. 00:24:06.60,00:24:09.67 I knew more than you did, even[br]though I was only a child. 00:24:10.00,00:24:10.98 A woman of twelve. 00:24:11.32,00:24:16.95 A woman child sees more[br]than a young man. 00:24:17.28,00:24:21.35 Maybe that's why I didn't like you[br]or take you seriously. 00:24:32.56,00:24:36.07 You're saying painful things. 00:24:48.72,00:24:51.43 Because you don't really care. 00:24:51.76,00:24:55.54 You don't care about any of this. 00:24:59.40,00:25:02.63 That's why you don't need to[br]apologize to Tunia. 00:25:02.96,00:25:05.67 You know... 00:25:06.00,00:25:09.11 you've changed me with[br]those few words. 00:25:12.64,00:25:17.07 Maybe I awakened something which[br]had been dormant in you. 00:25:17.40,00:25:22.34 Just the opposite.[br]Summer has ended inside of me. 00:26:17.88,00:26:19.15 What's that? 00:26:25.80,00:26:28.31 Nothing. 00:26:28.64,00:26:30.71 Tell me. 00:26:31.04,00:26:34.79 I was drawing my life line. 00:26:35.12,00:26:43.71 It rises beautifully till 1914.[br]After that, it gets worse. 00:26:55.92,00:26:58.59 We haven't ridden in a long time. 00:27:14.16,00:27:15.43 What are you waiting for? 00:28:20.40,00:28:24.51 I wanted to tell you something. 00:28:24.84,00:28:32.11 I was coming home from hunting[br]one day just before the war... 00:28:32.44,00:28:35.07 when I came upon this meadow. 00:28:35.40,00:28:37.39 I suddenly saw... 00:28:37.72,00:28:40.67 you sitting and Fela standing naked[br]with her back towards me... 00:28:41.00,00:28:44.11 brushing her hair. 00:28:44.44,00:28:48.91 You were wearing a blue, dotted[br]dress and when you saw me... 00:28:49.24,00:28:51.11 you screamed and Fela turned... 00:28:53.44,00:28:56.79 and asked, "Why don't you pass?"... 00:28:59.04,00:29:02.11 or, "Why don't you come?" 00:29:02.44,00:29:06.06 Do you remember what she said? 00:29:06.40,00:29:11.87 She shouted, curled up squatting,[br]trying to cover herself. 00:29:12.20,00:29:13.79 What was it she said? 00:29:14.12,00:29:16.07 Don't you remember? 00:29:19.08,00:29:20.83 No? 00:29:21.16,00:29:22.91 Stop it! 00:29:58.32,00:30:00.51 Come on. 00:30:26.20,00:30:29.90 How could we forget[br]about mama? 00:30:30.24,00:30:32.80 She likes to eat. 00:30:34.12,00:30:36.23 Zosia's husband is here. 00:30:36.96,00:30:40.07 It's not surprising. 00:30:40.40,00:30:43.55 A diplomat. 00:30:43.88,00:30:46.79 The Consul in L* beck. 00:30:49.48,00:30:52.47 Was L* beck in the Hanseatic League? 00:31:11.92,00:31:15.39 Yes, it was, in the middle ages. 00:31:19.24,00:31:21.39 Wasn't it? 00:31:52.56,00:31:56.95 Give him more fodder, his[br]flanks are caving in. 00:31:57.28,00:31:59.84 They're beautiful. 00:32:00.16,00:32:03.27 What would I do without them?! 00:32:05.40,00:32:08.07 I've come to say farewell. 00:32:08.40,00:32:11.07 So, you're leaving? 00:32:19.80,00:32:23.55 What's wrong, uncle? 00:32:23.88,00:32:26.83 You're exhausted. 00:32:27.16,00:32:32.83 You must look after your health.[br]Take care of yourself. 00:32:38.48,00:32:41.43 I'm all right, it'll pass. 00:32:44.72,00:32:50.75 I think I know why you don't[br]sleep at night. 00:32:51.08,00:32:53.95 And yours is a different[br]reason than mine. 00:32:56.68,00:32:59.14 You see... 00:32:59.48,00:33:03.07 I don't want to be surprised. 00:33:03.40,00:33:06.99 I want to consciously accept it. 00:33:07.32,00:33:14.27 I'm curious to know how thought[br]strips away from the body... 00:33:14.60,00:33:16.35 and whether it hurts or not. 00:33:18.68,00:33:22.91 You see... that is my... 00:33:23.44,00:33:27.35 resignation... my reassurance. 00:33:27.88,00:33:31.87 What are you doing with him?! 00:33:32.40,00:33:35.03 I'm going to pack. 00:33:35.36,00:33:38.23 Hold on to him firmly! 00:34:10.04,00:34:11.39 Hello. 00:34:28.00,00:34:28.95 Wiktor... 00:34:31.68,00:34:32.87 maybe you'd like to help me? 00:34:33.20,00:34:35.87 No, I want to watch. 00:34:48.40,00:34:50.91 Hello. 00:34:54.24,00:34:56.51 Hello. 00:34:58.24,00:35:00.11 Excuse me. 00:35:11.48,00:35:13.39 What is it? 00:35:13.72,00:35:17.75 In your opinion, sensitivity[br]dulls with age... 00:35:18.08,00:35:20.87 and what happened yesterday was... 00:35:21.20,00:35:25.87 only in bad taste, is that it? 00:35:36.36,00:35:40.99 And that it spoiled what you had[br]once experienced here? 00:35:43.32,00:35:45.70 Let's drop it. 00:35:48.52,00:35:51.08 Are you just going to stand there? 00:35:51.40,00:35:52.91 Sit down. 00:35:59.16,00:36:01.87 My word, I am so hungry! 00:36:09.80,00:36:13.34 I know full well... 00:36:14.08,00:36:16.46 I know what you're thinking. 00:36:18.28,00:36:21.75 But I really don't care. 00:36:22.88,00:36:25.47 I don't care. 00:36:25.80,00:36:27.99 Finally! 00:36:29.24,00:36:32.03 Not long ago, you said[br]something else. 00:36:33.36,00:36:37.23 Yesterday's consummation of our... 00:36:37.96,00:36:43.59 relationship, our feelings,[br]should've remained... 00:36:47.76,00:36:50.03 unrealized. 00:36:53.28,00:36:58.59 Is that what you call it?[br]I never would've thought of that. 00:36:58.92,00:37:04.87 It was on such a different plane[br]than our youthful flirting... 00:37:05.20,00:37:07.99 that the two can't be compared. 00:37:08.32,00:37:10.35 That's true. 00:37:11.08,00:37:14.70 But that flirting gave[br]rise to needs... 00:37:15.84,00:37:19.91 Oh really?[br]Stop it, please. 00:37:20.24,00:37:25.75 Friendship between us[br]is impossible. 00:37:26.08,00:37:29.15 We move in such different spheres. 00:37:29.48,00:37:32.91 Not in a social sense. 00:37:36.24,00:37:38.99 I mean astronomical spheres. 00:37:39.32,00:37:42.19 Astronomical. 00:37:42.52,00:37:45.15 You mean... 00:37:45.48,00:37:49.35 we can't share a mutual[br]orbit, is that it? 00:37:49.68,00:37:55.71 There'd have to be a[br]cosmic catastrophe. 00:37:56.04,00:38:00.95 Awful... You are awful. 00:38:06.84,00:38:08.31 Jola... 00:38:08.64,00:38:12.03 there's a letter from[br]your husband. 00:38:18.28,00:38:19.47 Glutton! 00:38:19.80,00:38:21.83 This is your second breakfast! 00:38:22.16,00:38:28.71 "Dear Jola, I'm pleased to inform[br]you that I arrived safely... 00:38:31.52,00:38:37.75 Then next day I made my way[br]to my law offices... 00:38:38.08,00:38:43.63 Please convey my thanks to Jola... 00:38:43.96,00:38:45.67 Jola? Julia! 00:38:48.04,00:38:50.63 I thanked myself! 00:38:54.24,00:38:55.38 I'm sorry... 00:38:55.72,00:38:58.10 for any problems... 00:38:58.44,00:39:00.11 I sincerely hope... 00:39:01.24,00:39:03.51 And so on. 00:39:05.48,00:39:06.91 Nice letter? 00:39:07.24,00:39:12.99 It's a form letter![br]"It's my pleasure to inform you!" 00:39:13.72,00:39:16.79 He's become completely stupid in[br]that law office of his! 00:39:17.32,00:39:19.67 Give me that cucumber... 00:39:23.00,00:39:26.31 You always take what I[br]prepare for myself! 00:39:40.84,00:39:44.95 You know, in all honesty,[br]I always loved Julia. 00:39:57.52,00:39:59.98 - Want some cheese?[br]- No, honey. 00:40:16.56,00:40:19.63 The linens are pressed. 00:40:40.76,00:40:45.23 My dear, I'd like to leave now. 00:40:53.40,00:40:58.95 - You still have four days.[br]- I could even extend it. 00:41:00.28,00:41:06.71 Well, if you really want[br]to leave... 00:41:07.04,00:41:10.19 there's no point in staying. 00:41:31.76,00:41:34.27 Wiktor's leaving. 00:41:34.60,00:41:36.43 Really? 00:41:36.76,00:41:39.39 You've made up your mind? 00:41:39.72,00:41:41.79 Yes, I'd like to say good-bye. 00:41:44.48,00:41:47.63 So long. 00:41:51.68,00:41:55.46 Will we see you in another[br]fifteen years? 00:41:57.68,00:42:01.22 Say good-bye to your[br]mother for me. 00:42:07.00,00:42:10.70 Because our friendship has[br]reached a new stage. 00:42:11.04,00:42:12.51 Thank you. 00:42:12.84,00:42:14.59 Where's Tunia? 00:42:17.96,00:42:22.15 She's barely left her room since[br]the night of the party. 00:42:22.48,00:42:24.83 She hardly comes down for meals. 00:42:25.16,00:42:26.51 What's she doing? 00:42:26.84,00:42:29.99 I don't know, reading perhaps. 00:42:34.28,00:42:36.55 Are you taking the[br]afternoon train? 00:42:36.88,00:42:41.35 That's right.[br]I'll go say good-bye to Tunia. 00:43:00.52,00:43:03.75 Tunia, I wanted to say good-bye. 00:43:07.88,00:43:11.31 I wanted to bid you farewell. 00:43:15.32,00:43:17.43 Good-bye. 00:43:54.36,00:44:00.67 Julia, what's wrong?[br]It's not time for your shot yet! 00:44:01.00,00:44:07.31 I don't know.[br]Lately I've been feeling better... 00:44:13.24,00:44:15.31 I'll be fine. 00:44:19.12,00:44:21.87 Kazia, did Tunia come to breakfast? 00:44:22.96,00:44:24.67 No. 00:44:33.48,00:44:35.27 Tunia! 00:44:46.08,00:44:47.63 Oh my God. 00:45:00.60,00:45:02.95 It's locked! 00:45:27.72,00:45:30.02 Take this away! 00:46:06.00,00:46:08.11 Everything's going to be[br]all right now. 00:46:10.80,00:46:15.43 Do you plan to live like[br]this forever? 00:46:15.76,00:46:17.67 What do you mean? 00:46:18.00,00:46:21.43 I'm talking about your future. 00:46:21.76,00:46:26.67 So, you think I should[br]quit my work? 00:46:27.00,00:46:28.99 Work which suits me? 00:46:29.32,00:46:33.15 Or perhaps I should remain[br]here, or at Wilko? 00:46:33.48,00:46:36.39 The war years cost me so much... 00:46:36.72,00:46:41.11 I put so much effort into[br]those that followed... 00:46:41.44,00:46:45.03 that I want no more[br]changes in my life. 00:46:45.36,00:46:50.07 That's no argument; you continue[br]to waste them. 00:46:52.96,00:46:56.27 Haven't you ever longed for love? 00:47:02.20,00:47:05.59 Yes, I have. 00:47:05.92,00:47:08.75 I know. 00:47:10.08,00:47:12.59 I know. 00:47:12.92,00:47:18.51 It slipped through my fingers.[br]But not now. 00:47:24.48,00:47:26.94 Long ago. 00:47:43.72,00:47:47.91 You look a lot better than you did[br]when you arrived. 00:47:48.24,00:47:52.02 Tanned, strong... 00:47:52.36,00:47:53.83 Thanks to you. 00:47:54.16,00:47:56.67 You really don't want a ride? 00:47:57.00,00:47:58.99 No, thanks. 00:47:59.32,00:48:04.07 - When will you be back?[br]- Don't ask him that. 00:48:06.44,00:48:11.19 Well, Wiktor, I think this is the[br]last time we'll see each other. 00:48:11.52,00:48:14.03 What are you saying?! 00:48:14.36,00:48:17.87 He knows.[br]Farewell. 00:48:18.60,00:48:21.03 Farewell, uncle. 00:48:21.36,00:48:24.15 Go now, go on. 00:48:32.12,00:48:34.55 Good-bye. 00:48:53.72,00:48:57.34 What are your feelings[br]leaving Wilko? 00:48:59.76,00:49:03.59 I don't know, regret, I suppose. 00:49:04.72,00:49:09.95 For all that passes, slips away... 00:49:13.28,00:49:18.71 all that you can only see[br]from a distance. 00:49:31.00,00:49:32.99 I'm going to miss my train! 00:49:44.04,00:49:46.87 One more day and I'd have stayed. 00:49:47.20,00:49:49.66 - You're joking?[br]- Of course. 00:49:50.00,00:49:54.67 What would I do here, a lost soul[br]from another planet? 00:50:10.04,00:50:14.27 Please don't neglect Fela's grave. 00:52:09.24,00:52:14.03 This film is dedicated to[br]Jaroslaw lwaszkiewicz. 00:52:16.52,00:52:20.14 Subtitles by[br]Roger Domagalski
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