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Subtitles for Girl from Wilko The (Andrzej Wajda 1979) CD1.

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Girl from Wilko The (Andrzej Wajda 1979) CD1

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[INFORMATION] [TITLE] [AUTHOR] [SOURCE]Subtitles captured by SubRip 1.17.1 [PRG] [FILEPATH] [DELAY]0 [CD TRACK]0 [COMMENT] [END INFORMATION] [SUBTITLE] [COLF]&HFFFFFF,[STYLE]bd,[SIZE]18,[FONT]Arial 00:00:00.00,00:00:00.10 00:00:44.40,00:00:46.99 Death... 00:00:47.72,00:00:50.91 upset Jurek's orderly life. 00:00:51.24,00:00:54.43 He left before finding out... 00:01:01.72,00:01:05.67 that all we decide and[br]consciously do... 00:01:06.00,00:01:10.75 means absolutely nothing. 00:01:14.08,00:01:21.15 And that which we do unwittingly,[br]remains, pursuing us... 00:01:23.76,00:01:27.87 or worse, we end up pursuing it. 00:02:33.20,00:02:36.43 Oh my God! Wiktor! 00:02:38.56,00:02:40.94 What is it? 00:03:08.48,00:03:11.79 What were you thinking[br]about today... 00:03:12.12,00:03:14.39 ...there? 00:03:14.72,00:03:17.10 I was wondering if... 00:03:17.64,00:03:20.71 at the moment of death... 00:03:21.04,00:03:26.23 we feel our bodies as one[br]enormous pain... 00:03:26.56,00:03:31.15 and does awareness come off our[br]skin like a bandage... 00:03:32.28,00:03:34.39 off a wound? 00:03:34.72,00:03:35.67 And...? 00:03:36.00,00:03:40.79 And what is the relationship[br]between our body and its torpor? 00:03:45.80,00:03:50.15 I found this in Father[br]Jerzy's desk. 00:03:51.88,00:03:53.63 I'm giving it... 00:03:54.36,00:03:56.19 to you. 00:03:56.52,00:03:58.55 He wrote poetry? 00:03:58.88,00:04:03.87 What is my life's measure?[br]Arrant nothingness. 00:04:04.20,00:04:08.55 From which my sad song will[br]flow to your shores. 00:04:08.88,00:04:11.44 And nothing shall after[br]me remain... 00:04:11.76,00:04:18.59 save that song, save the shimmering[br]shadow on the wall... 00:04:18.92,00:04:24.27 a passing dream...[br]save a wooden coffin... 00:04:25.60,00:04:28.83 awash in the gloom of dusk. 00:04:31.16,00:04:33.79 So that's how he thought? 00:05:25.44,00:05:28.23 Does it make itself felt? 00:05:28.76,00:05:33.47 It reminds me sometimes. 00:05:37.80,00:05:41.87 And I can't stop thinking[br]about Jurek. 00:05:44.00,00:05:46.07 I can't forgive myself... 00:05:46.40,00:05:50.02 for not foreseeing that[br]it might happen. 00:05:50.36,00:05:56.70 But there was so much work, new[br]greenhouses, lack of fertilizer... 00:05:57.04,00:06:02.16 worries, arrangements, trips.[br]So I finally left... 00:06:02.48,00:06:04.67 and here, upon, my return... 00:06:05.40,00:06:07.75 such tidings. 00:06:08.08,00:06:12.19 It was that rotten Warsaw weather. 00:06:14.56,00:06:21.11 He ran around, ill-dressed,[br]until he caught a cold. 00:06:21.44,00:06:24.47 Yes, it was pneumonia. 00:06:24.80,00:06:32.19 An ordinary man, quiet, simple,[br]God-fearing, hard-working... 00:06:32.52,00:06:37.15 and my only friend. 00:06:40.28,00:06:42.95 The world is a terrible place. 00:06:43.28,00:06:45.55 Chiefly because of death. 00:06:45.88,00:06:49.27 We cannot deny death. 00:06:49.60,00:06:54.11 It's the only real value[br]we possess. 00:07:00.32,00:07:02.11 Wiktor... 00:07:02.44,00:07:08.07 I want you to leave for three weeks[br]and I'll inform Mother Superior. 00:07:08.40,00:07:15.23 But there's so much work to do on[br]the farm, and without me... 00:07:15.56,00:07:18.71 Please go, you can be replaced. 00:07:19.04,00:07:25.51 Don't you have family and[br]friends in the country? 00:07:28.72,00:07:32.15 You really must go. 00:07:38.64,00:07:42.31 THE YOUNG LADIES OF WILKO 00:07:42.64,00:07:46.15 Based on a story by[br]Jaroslaw lwaszkiewicz 00:07:49.88,00:07:53.55 Screenplay by 00:07:53.88,00:07:55.75 Starring 00:08:28.60,00:08:33.67 Set design 00:09:17.68,00:09:21.11 Director of photography 00:09:25.40,00:09:29.10 Directed by 00:10:43.80,00:10:45.02 Are you here to see Mr. Kawecki? 00:10:45.36,00:10:47.79 Fela? Lt's me. 00:10:50.28,00:10:52.79 Wiktor! 00:10:55.64,00:10:57.79 Kazia, it's Wiktor! 00:11:00.28,00:11:02.71 Good evening. 00:11:06.04,00:11:08.79 My God, Wiktor! 00:11:12.32,00:11:16.35 I was on my way to my uncle's place[br]and thought I'd... 00:11:16.68,00:11:21.91 - We asked them about you.[br]- They knew nothing. 00:11:22.24,00:11:26.87 All these years without any news or[br]a single letter, shame on you! 00:11:29.60,00:11:32.35 Julia... 00:11:32.68,00:11:34.59 You are a legend here at Wilko. 00:11:34.92,00:11:39.51 I was just saying yesterday,[br]if Wiktor were only here... 00:11:39.84,00:11:46.18 I really am surprised... 00:11:46.52,00:11:49.59 I never would've thought... 00:11:54.48,00:11:57.39 I was silent, certain in the belief[br]that no one here remembered me. 00:11:57.72,00:11:59.23 It's not true. 00:12:02.20,00:12:04.15 We come here for... 00:12:04.48,00:12:06.19 the summer holidays. 00:12:08.32,00:12:09.67 Don't you recognize me? 00:12:10.00,00:12:11.59 Kazia! 00:12:15.96,00:12:20.31 We're all here now quite by chance. 00:12:20.64,00:12:22.87 I don't see Fela. 00:12:25.68,00:12:27.87 Fela! 00:12:30.44,00:12:35.07 This is my oldest, and my other[br]one, such a big girl. 00:12:35.40,00:12:39.43 They're both big.[br]I didn't know you were married. 00:12:39.76,00:12:41.35 But I meant adult Fela. 00:12:52.24,00:12:54.39 Mum... 00:13:16.56,00:13:20.39 Where's our grown-up Fela. 00:13:27.00,00:13:29.43 Don't you know? 00:13:30.56,00:13:32.67 She died. 00:13:42.64,00:13:43.70 Sit down. 00:13:53.56,00:13:55.79 I'll show you her grave. 00:13:59.56,00:14:01.55 Will you stay for dinner? 00:14:03.04,00:14:09.51 No thanks, I'm in a hurry.[br]But I'd like some horses. 00:14:09.84,00:14:11.35 You'll have some tea. 00:14:16.16,00:14:19.27 - Yes, ma'am?[br]- Hitch the horses. 00:14:22.80,00:14:26.95 I've heard nothing about you[br]for fifteen years. 00:14:27.28,00:14:29.35 Don't count them! 00:14:29.68,00:14:33.59 I have no idea of what's[br]been going on... 00:14:34.12,00:14:37.82 who's married and who's not. 00:14:38.16,00:14:39.87 I don't want to commit any gaffes. 00:14:40.40,00:14:42.91 Off to bed, children. 00:14:55.36,00:14:59.95 I'm married with two children.[br]Kazia's divorced, one son. 00:15:00.28,00:15:04.11 Jola's married, but no children.[br]Tunia's unmarried... 00:15:04.60,00:15:07.23 and Zosia's married and has a son. 00:15:09.24,00:15:10.99 What about you? 00:15:14.08,00:15:16.03 What's there to say? 00:15:16.36,00:15:19.67 I fought in the Polish-Soviet War. 00:15:20.00,00:15:24.55 I was at the battle of Kiev. 00:15:25.76,00:15:28.71 I'm a retired captain. 00:15:29.04,00:15:34.06 I work, managing a farm[br]near Warsaw. 00:15:34.40,00:15:35.99 I live a normal life. 00:15:43.48,00:15:45.47 I don't do anything important. 00:15:57.68,00:16:00.11 The horses are ready. 00:16:10.40,00:16:14.31 You'll eat dinner with us[br]tomorrow... 00:16:14.64,00:16:18.79 I must eat dinner there, but[br]I'll come for tea. 00:16:19.12,00:16:20.75 For sure. 00:17:27.52,00:17:29.67 Wiktor! 00:17:38.32,00:17:41.67 You remembered about us! 00:17:42.00,00:17:46.47 Time goes by so quickly... 00:17:48.80,00:17:51.31 Your uncle's already asleep. 00:17:54.16,00:17:58.91 - You have electricity![br]- Yes, last year. 00:17:59.24,00:18:01.80 This is Kasia. 00:18:07.12,00:18:08.83 Prepare the guest room. 00:18:10.96,00:18:15.03 - She'd looks like Walercia.[br]- Yes, she does. 00:18:15.36,00:18:16.95 Want something to eat? 00:18:18.36,00:18:19.79 Maybe some of this. 00:18:24.64,00:18:27.27 I'm sure you stopped by Wilko. 00:18:28.40,00:18:31.75 Yes, they remember me well. 00:18:32.08,00:18:34.27 Are you surprised? 00:18:34.60,00:18:38.71 You were too young then to[br]appreciate their glances. 00:18:45.04,00:18:47.07 Are you still alone? 00:18:50.72,00:18:52.63 Yes. 00:18:52.96,00:18:54.47 And you're satisfied? 00:18:55.20,00:19:00.67 I like my work, I'm useful. 00:19:01.00,00:19:02.95 Work! 00:19:03.28,00:19:07.11 You lost the finest young ladies! 00:19:08.52,00:19:10.75 Auntie! 00:19:11.08,00:19:14.35 Oh, all right, we won't[br]talk about it. 00:19:14.68,00:19:17.03 Go to sleep. 00:19:24.96,00:19:28.50 Good-night. 00:19:48.92,00:19:53.15 Put some more wood[br]on the stove. 00:19:54.48,00:19:58.55 She moves like a snail! 00:20:02.88,00:20:04.02 Good morning. 00:20:05.36,00:20:07.74 Tunia! 00:20:11.92,00:20:15.23 I haven't seen you[br]for so long! 00:20:15.56,00:20:19.79 These are for you from Kazia,[br]her specialty. 00:20:22.80,00:20:27.71 Currants, strawberries... 00:20:28.04,00:20:32.35 My how you've grown! 00:20:46.24,00:20:47.59 Wiktor's not here? 00:20:47.92,00:20:50.22 He's sleeping. 00:20:50.56,00:20:51.91 Shall I wake him? 00:20:52.24,00:20:54.23 No, don't bother. 00:20:56.52,00:20:58.47 Good-bye. 00:21:02.52,00:21:05.03 Thank Kazia for the jam. 00:21:58.92,00:22:01.48 Wiktor... 00:22:03.20,00:22:05.83 Wiktor... 00:22:10.44,00:22:15.27 Wake up, dinner's on the table. 00:22:21.52,00:22:26.43 You must be exhausted.[br]You slept all morning. 00:22:28.16,00:22:29.67 Get up now... 00:22:31.60,00:22:33.55 we're waiting for you. 00:22:35.68,00:22:39.27 You haven't mentioned the war... 00:22:39.60,00:22:41.67 about Kiev. 00:22:42.00,00:22:45.11 What was it like? 00:22:48.04,00:22:51.23 It was ghastly... 00:22:53.96,00:22:56.11 Stop it! 00:22:56.44,00:22:59.27 Let him eat in peace. 00:23:02.68,00:23:08.55 Forgive me auntie, but I'm[br]going to Wilko for tea. 00:23:08.88,00:23:12.87 We won't have time to enjoy you. 00:23:13.20,00:23:16.11 Oh well, young people... 00:23:16.44,00:23:19.23 Not so young anymore. 00:23:19.56,00:23:22.51 You've gotten younger. 00:23:23.08,00:23:25.91 And even more beautiful. 00:23:26.84,00:23:30.46 The young ladies of Wilko will[br]regret they didn't wait for you. 00:23:34.12,00:23:39.63 But these days divorce is in vogue,[br]so all is not lost. 00:24:41.40,00:24:43.78 Hello. 00:25:44.76,00:25:45.63 Hello. 00:26:38.92,00:26:41.30 Come in. 00:26:41.64,00:26:46.47 Dinners are later here.[br]We've just eaten. 00:26:46.80,00:26:48.91 My husband... 00:26:49.24,00:26:50.87 Wiktor Ruben... 00:26:51.20,00:26:54.11 Our neighbors' nephew. 00:26:57.24,00:26:59.62 We used to spend summers together. 00:26:59.96,00:27:03.58 Once he even tutored Zosia. 00:27:03.92,00:27:05.55 Please sit down. 00:27:05.88,00:27:07.47 No, no... 00:27:19.52,00:27:24.35 Pleased to meet you.[br]My uncle praises you... 00:27:24.68,00:27:27.95 as a professional who's[br]developed Wilko. 00:27:28.28,00:27:30.66 It was nothing... 00:27:31.00,00:27:34.99 I also manage a farm. 00:27:35.40,00:27:37.78 Cigar? 00:27:50.92,00:27:58.75 - Milk or butter?[br]- This and that... lt's hot today. 00:27:59.08,00:28:00.06 How do you like it? 00:28:03.84,00:28:05.87 It's excellent. 00:28:06.20,00:28:09.98 Julia, where's Jola? 00:28:12.64,00:28:16.71 She has guests today.[br]Edward brought them. 00:28:17.04,00:28:21.31 She'll be busy.[br]If you wish to take a walk later... 00:28:26.40,00:28:29.31 then maybe with Zosia. 00:28:33.00,00:28:34.87 I'll go find her. 00:28:58.88,00:29:02.95 - Zosia![br]- I'm in here. 00:29:13.16,00:29:14.87 May I? 00:29:20.04,00:29:22.03 Don't mind him. 00:29:22.36,00:29:27.38 He sleeps after dinner,[br]like every real man. 00:29:27.72,00:29:29.99 You mean you don't? 00:29:37.36,00:29:38.71 Your vigil? 00:29:39.84,00:29:43.54 Let's go walk in the garden... 00:29:44.24,00:29:46.39 or in the barn-yard. 00:29:46.92,00:29:49.55 I'm too lazy. 00:29:49.88,00:29:56.75 Maybe Tunia will go with you,[br]she still wants to. 00:30:03.32,00:30:04.99 Fine... 00:30:37.88,00:30:40.63 It was 1922 or 1923... 00:30:44.36,00:30:47.51 The schoolmaster came[br]to Grudziaz... 00:30:56.56,00:30:58.94 May I introduce you gentlemen... 00:30:59.28,00:31:00.39 Wiktor Ruben... 00:31:00.72,00:31:02.31 a childhood friend. 00:31:12.32,00:31:14.03 Sit down, gentlemen. 00:31:16.88,00:31:17.86 And you? 00:31:20.64,00:31:22.35 Would you like to go[br]for a walk? 00:31:31.48,00:31:33.43 What's this? 00:31:34.76,00:31:37.83 You read philosophy! 00:31:38.16,00:31:41.59 - Do you like going for walks?[br]- And you, sir? 00:31:41.92,00:31:45.11 - Call me by name.[br]- You're too old, sir! 00:31:45.44,00:31:49.99 - I suppose that was silly.[br]- Not at all. 00:31:55.72,00:31:59.23 As a child, you always had[br]such frightened eyes. 00:31:59.56,00:32:03.07 You once ran into the salon and[br]cried, "a chicken's chasing me!" 00:32:03.80,00:32:07.47 I would always take walks[br]with Fela then. 00:32:07.80,00:32:10.59 Do you remember her?[br]You look like her. 00:32:10.92,00:32:11.95 A little. 00:32:12.28,00:32:14.31 She died 15 years ago. 00:32:22.88,00:32:24.02 No, not there. 00:32:26.80,00:32:28.15 How's that? 00:32:28.48,00:32:30.11 Not in the family tomb? 00:32:30.44,00:32:32.87 Supposedly there was no room. 00:32:33.20,00:32:35.55 She's buried down lower. 00:32:39.84,00:32:41.95 I imagine she feels good here. 00:32:45.84,00:32:47.75 This is Fela's grave. 00:32:49.88,00:32:51.79 Mum rarely comes here? 00:32:52.12,00:32:55.39 She doesn't go out much.[br]She's not well. 00:33:12.96,00:33:15.34 You sigh as if you were in love. 00:33:19.00,00:33:20.19 It's time for tea. 00:33:20.52,00:33:24.22 Go back yourself, I'm not coming. 00:33:28.44,00:33:30.43 When will you visit us again? 00:33:31.56,00:33:35.34 When Jola's guests leave. 00:33:36.08,00:33:42.15 That won't be soon.[br]Others will follow these. 00:33:42.48,00:33:44.03 Go now. 00:33:44.76,00:33:46.87 Please. 00:34:18.56,00:34:19.54 Who is it? 00:34:21.28,00:34:22.99 Tunia. 00:34:28.40,00:34:30.75 What do you want? 00:34:42.76,00:34:44.59 Zosia... 00:34:48.52,00:34:51.31 I'd like... 00:34:51.64,00:34:53.75 I want to ask you something. 00:34:56.80,00:34:58.87 Do you like him? 00:35:00.00,00:35:01.87 Who? 00:35:02.20,00:35:04.19 Wiktor. 00:35:04.52,00:35:06.39 No. 00:35:07.00,00:35:08.67 No? 00:35:10.56,00:35:12.19 No. 00:35:18.52,00:35:19.87 And you? 00:35:23.68,00:35:25.63 Me? 00:35:25.96,00:35:27.91 No. 00:35:28.24,00:35:30.15 Really? 00:35:30.48,00:35:32.35 Yes. 00:35:32.68,00:35:34.23 That's good. 00:36:00.64,00:36:02.75 What are you doing? 00:36:03.88,00:36:06.59 Can't sleep? 00:36:11.40,00:36:15.47 I used to sleep like a log[br]when I was your age. 00:36:15.80,00:36:19.47 Why aren't you asleep? 00:36:21.40,00:36:23.59 It's no secret. 00:36:23.92,00:36:28.55 I sit here...[br]and reminisce. 00:36:28.88,00:36:30.67 Reminisce? 00:36:35.00,00:36:39.31 Do you reminisce only about[br]the good moments? 00:36:39.64,00:36:43.34 Yes, I remember people. 00:36:44.08,00:36:45.47 I see them... 00:36:45.80,00:36:49.79 as they were when... 00:36:50.12,00:36:55.35 they gave me friendship and love... 00:36:55.68,00:36:59.43 and I felt happy. 00:36:59.76,00:37:03.67 Were there many such moments... 00:37:04.00,00:37:07.07 of happiness? 00:37:09.68,00:37:11.59 Yes. 00:37:12.12,00:37:15.63 I know that now. 00:37:15.96,00:37:18.23 When I was young... 00:37:18.56,00:37:21.12 I didn't. 00:37:25.44,00:37:31.27 So only my life is stupid[br]and meaningless. 00:37:31.60,00:37:38.39 All aimless wandering.[br]But in my opinion... 00:37:38.72,00:37:43.84 to talk of happiness is naive. 00:37:44.16,00:37:49.07 I've thought about it a lot and... 00:37:50.40,00:37:53.94 it's utopia. 00:37:59.44,00:38:01.35 Listen... 00:38:01.68,00:38:07.15 One day you'll conclude that your[br]life was like any other... 00:38:07.48,00:38:12.34 with moments both good and bad. 00:38:12.68,00:38:17.54 Good night, I hope you[br]get some sleep. 00:38:56.04,00:39:00.03 All is not well at Wilko. 00:39:00.36,00:39:03.07 Kawecki manages the farm well... 00:39:03.40,00:39:07.55 but he's not kind to[br]Julia's sisters. 00:39:07.88,00:39:13.27 It's all about money.[br]He took over the estate... 00:39:13.60,00:39:18.23 and was to pay off the sisters,[br]but he hasn't even begun yet. 00:39:18.56,00:39:23.55 Kazia mortgaged her[br]mother's part... 00:39:23.88,00:39:28.43 but Kawecki treats Kazia[br]very badly indeed... 00:39:28.76,00:39:32.19 because she's not married and has[br]to live there with her mother. 00:39:33.52,00:39:37.99 I don't care at all about[br]any of this. 00:39:40.24,00:39:41.79 Good morning. 00:39:57.92,00:40:02.94 I've come to invite you to[br]mum's birthday party. 00:40:03.28,00:40:07.39 - Thank you, we'll be there.[br]- Wiktor too? 00:40:09.72,00:40:12.39 You can't stay home alone. 00:40:16.48,00:40:19.51 It's been a long time since[br]I was last here. 00:40:48.20,00:40:50.99 Jola... 00:40:51.32,00:40:55.31 who are those men? 00:40:55.64,00:40:59.31 They spoiled the pleasure of[br]your company for me. 00:40:59.64,00:41:01.11 They've left. 00:41:01.44,00:41:05.87 There are to be others.[br]Tunia told me. 00:41:06.20,00:41:08.47 They come, they go... 00:41:08.80,00:41:11.51 Are you jealous? 00:41:11.84,00:41:15.51 Jealous?[br]Well look at this... 00:41:15.84,00:41:20.67 Such a strange conversation,[br]you explaining yourself... 00:41:21.00,00:41:22.14 Really? 00:41:22.48,00:41:25.19 Then I needn't ask... 00:41:25.52,00:41:28.47 because it's not important to me. 00:41:28.80,00:41:31.51 It isn't and never was.[br]A pity. 00:41:31.84,00:41:35.75 - Were you in love with me?[br]- And you with me? 00:41:36.08,00:41:37.99 I suppose not. 00:41:38.60,00:41:42.11 Exactly and I hope... 00:41:42.44,00:41:46.35 you now know I've never[br]loved you. 00:41:46.68,00:41:48.35 You played a different role[br]in my life. 00:41:48.68,00:41:49.79 What was that? 00:41:54.64,00:42:00.11 No matter what I did,[br]I always asked myself... 00:42:00.44,00:42:03.55 "What would Wiktor say?" 00:42:03.88,00:42:07.50 The funny thing is... 00:42:07.84,00:42:10.40 how long it has lasted. 00:42:14.20,00:42:17.51 I look for your praise... 00:42:20.84,00:42:26.31 your evaluation, reaction. 00:42:27.52,00:42:29.35 And... 00:42:29.68,00:42:32.24 And what? 00:42:36.24,00:42:38.83 You wouldn't have always[br]been pleased with me. 00:42:39.16,00:42:41.91 Have you been? 00:42:51.28,00:42:55.75 I came to tell you that[br]I know it's not good. 00:42:56.08,00:42:57.95 But I ask you... 00:42:58.28,00:43:00.71 not to condemn me. 00:43:01.24,00:43:03.23 Jola... 00:43:03.56,00:43:08.83 what right would I have[br]to condemn you... 00:43:09.16,00:43:12.78 or anyone else? 00:43:13.12,00:43:15.15 You know who I am. 00:43:15.48,00:43:16.99 A noble person. 00:43:17.32,00:43:24.19 That's saying a lot, and too[br]little; you know my life. 00:43:24.52,00:43:29.54 Is there anything in it which gives[br]me the right to judge others? 00:43:29.88,00:43:33.42 No, nothing.[br]It's smooth and empty. 00:43:33.76,00:43:36.51 You have your work. 00:43:36.84,00:43:38.27 For lack of other. 00:43:38.60,00:43:42.11 You've dedicated yourself[br]to the blind. 00:43:45.72,00:43:48.99 I didn't love you... 00:43:49.32,00:43:55.31 but I respected you and[br]still do, very much. 00:43:55.64,00:43:59.63 That's too little for me. 00:44:03.12,00:44:08.95 They'll be here soon for me.[br]Let's go for a walk. 00:44:09.28,00:44:13.19 Not in the garden, but[br]in the barn-yard. 00:44:13.52,00:44:17.71 There are so many interesting[br]things here. 00:44:19.44,00:44:22.11 All right, let's go. 00:44:30.24,00:44:31.95 Moral authority... 00:44:33.88,00:44:41.35 is used as a support by those[br]who live immoral lives. 00:44:41.68,00:44:45.07 But what does "immoral" mean? 00:44:47.84,00:44:49.63 Look! 00:44:49.96,00:44:52.23 How lovely! 00:44:52.56,00:44:54.39 Black and white patches. 00:44:55.52,00:44:58.27 Look! 00:45:01.60,00:45:09.39 In my opinion, immoral[br]means aimless. 00:45:09.72,00:45:14.27 Something which is done[br]senselessly, needlessly. 00:45:14.60,00:45:19.35 That's what I call[br]lacking morality. 00:45:19.88,00:45:23.66 Rushing about like animals[br]before the flood! 00:45:29.44,00:45:34.15 - You look beautiful.[br]- What? 00:45:35.48,00:45:39.79 I'm going to have a pigsty[br]at my place too. 00:45:42.88,00:45:45.03 That's my plan. 00:45:59.48,00:46:06.95 Unfortunately, Jola has to serve[br]supper instead of Kazia. 00:46:07.28,00:46:10.47 Did you invite them to mum's[br]birthday party? 00:46:10.80,00:46:11.43 Yes. 00:46:30.32,00:46:37.71 Jola's strange.[br]Her husband rarely visits Wilko. 00:46:38.04,00:46:41.23 But there are always[br]other men there... 00:46:41.56,00:46:45.95 friends of hers, supposedly. 00:46:46.28,00:46:50.63 I'm not 2O years old any more. 00:46:50.96,00:46:54.87 You think I haven't seen women?[br]What harm can she do me? 00:46:55.20,00:46:56.03 I'd like to... 00:46:56.36,00:47:00.14 have you marry Tunia, but Jola's[br]spoiling it for me. 00:47:38.64,00:47:40.94 What are you standing there for?[br]Keep churning! 00:48:05.92,00:48:11.75 Today we feel joy in our hearts... 00:48:12.08,00:48:15.23 and the reason we will gladly say. 00:48:15.56,00:48:19.55 We bring you wishes on this,[br]your birthday. 00:48:19.88,00:48:24.59 May you be healthy and[br]live a long time. 00:48:24.92,00:48:27.71 May roses round your head,[br]a wreath intertwine. 00:48:28.04,00:48:33.23 May the sun in the sky that[br]always shines bright. 00:48:33.56,00:48:38.68 Send its warm rays to you,[br]so you always feel right. 00:48:39.00,00:48:43.31 Wish you Kicia, Fela, and Antos. 00:48:49.80,00:48:52.10 How was your trip? 00:48:52.84,00:48:56.07 Fine, thank you. 00:48:58.20,00:48:59.75 How do you find living here? 00:49:02.08,00:49:06.03 Quite normal.[br]I go for walks, read... 00:49:10.08,00:49:11.75 take naps after dinner. 00:49:12.08,00:49:16.23 Here, a person is inclined to[br]self-reflection. 00:49:16.56,00:49:19.12 Yes. 00:49:19.44,00:49:24.95 Especially after 15 years.[br]I used to come here before the war. 00:49:25.28,00:49:28.87 So it was you... 00:49:29.20,00:49:31.58 that Fela fell in love with? 00:49:37.52,00:49:42.83 I imagined you completely[br]differently. 00:49:43.16,00:49:49.15 Thanks to Jola's stories, I'm sure.[br]But don't you believe her. 00:49:49.48,00:49:50.46 Nor you. 00:49:51.80,00:49:53.95 You have a charming wife. 00:49:54.28,00:49:56.03 Yes! 00:49:56.36,00:49:58.19 And a very demanding one. 00:50:37.68,00:50:39.11 What's wrong? 00:50:39.44,00:50:42.07 I'm bored stiff. 00:50:42.40,00:50:45.03 Someone will hear you! 00:51:06.76,00:51:08.95 Fine, after dinner. 00:51:23.36,00:51:26.07 Do you think I'm wealthy? 00:51:26.40,00:51:28.47 You sit here... 00:51:28.80,00:51:33.15 for months and have the nerve[br]to invite guests! 00:51:33.48,00:51:35.31 Who are those people? 00:51:35.64,00:51:38.79 - I didn't invite them.[br]- No, of course not, not you! 00:51:39.12,00:51:43.51 But you announced a dinner,[br]tea, supper... 00:51:43.84,00:51:52.07 Enough acting on your own![br]Please ask me first! 00:51:55.28,00:51:57.87 Is that clear? 00:52:18.12,00:52:21.07 Come help me. 00:52:24.60,00:52:29.07 I thought you'd leave and[br]not even speak to me. 00:52:30.40,00:52:33.07 What shall I do? 00:52:33.40,00:52:36.71 Have some of these... 00:52:37.04,00:52:40.55 and entertain me at[br]this boring job. 00:52:41.88,00:52:44.79 A wonderful proposition. 00:52:45.12,00:52:51.95 I can't stand those people[br]yet I don't know why. 00:52:52.28,00:52:54.74 Because they are vacuous. 00:52:57.68,00:53:01.87 And you judge them too quickly. 00:53:02.20,00:53:08.54 They aren't philosophers.[br]They're simple and hard-working. 00:53:08.88,00:53:10.19 Especially my sisters. 00:53:10.52,00:53:12.98 No, the others. 00:53:13.32,00:53:21.07 I only view them differently.[br]I'm not anyone special. 00:53:21.40,00:53:23.35 It was my passages, I suppose... 00:53:23.68,00:53:25.79 which distinguished me... 00:53:26.12,00:53:27.95 from the rest of the world. 00:53:28.28,00:53:30.74 What do you mean, passages? 00:53:31.08,00:53:35.47 A difficult, poor childhood. 00:53:35.80,00:53:39.63 Then time wasted at university... 00:53:39.96,00:53:44.98 which was interrupted by the war. 00:53:45.32,00:53:48.07 It was the war which really[br]pulled the rug out... 00:53:48.40,00:53:49.91 from under my feet. 00:53:50.24,00:53:53.67 No, you were always different... 00:53:54.00,00:53:55.63 separate from others... 00:53:55.96,00:53:58.83 from the very beginning. 00:53:59.16,00:54:01.23 You flatter me. 00:54:01.56,00:54:06.50 No, it's neither a virtue[br]or a credit. 00:54:06.84,00:54:10.62 I have no virtues or[br]credits either... 00:54:10.96,00:54:14.91 yet I am different and that's[br]most important in my life. 00:54:15.24,00:54:17.70 This difference doesn't[br]depend on us. 00:54:18.04,00:54:20.19 Wolves are loners... 00:54:20.52,00:54:21.91 and sheep stay in flocks. 00:54:22.64,00:54:24.99 Please get out! 00:54:28.40,00:54:30.91 Only here at Wilko... 00:54:31.24,00:54:36.07 the wolves are eaten by the sheep. 00:54:45.04,00:54:48.11 Rozia, take the tray, quickly! 00:54:55.48,00:55:02.35 We saw you differently too, when[br]we were all mad about you. 00:55:02.68,00:55:07.39 What are you talking about?[br]Who was mad? 00:55:07.72,00:55:12.58 We all were, especially Fela.[br]Only now do we know how much. 00:55:12.92,00:55:17.94 I don't think Jola was.[br]She only pretended. 00:55:18.28,00:55:22.75 She's always imitated me,[br]perhaps that's why. 00:55:23.08,00:55:24.95 And I was mad about you. 00:55:26.28,00:55:29.98 You were in love with me? 00:55:30.32,00:55:34.83 Yes, very much. 00:55:35.16,00:55:38.03 Now you're not? 00:55:38.36,00:55:40.99 No, don't worry. 00:55:41.32,00:55:47.47 I forgot all about you.[br]Your appearance surprised me. 00:55:47.80,00:55:51.47 You're completely different. 00:55:54.88,00:55:57.15 I've gotten older. 00:55:58.48,00:56:02.79 Certainly, but not only that. 00:56:04.12,00:56:07.31 You've faded somehow. 00:56:11.48,00:56:16.19 But I prefer not seeing you[br]the way you used to be. 00:56:16.52,00:56:24.63 It would destroy my life, put[br]together with difficulty. 00:56:24.96,00:56:31.30 I assure you, you have nothing[br]to fear from me. 00:56:37.04,00:56:41.15 I can't imagine now how one[br]could love like that. 00:56:41.48,00:56:44.15 I think it's even funny. 00:56:44.88,00:56:51.06 For great love means humiliation[br]and absurdity. 00:56:52.40,00:56:57.47 Humiliation yes, but absurdity? 00:56:57.80,00:57:04.87 Haven't you ever felt the absurdity[br]of such blind attachment? 00:57:05.20,00:57:07.47 No, never. 00:57:07.80,00:57:10.51 Then you've never loved. 00:57:17.80,00:57:20.15 You're right! 00:57:20.48,00:57:24.07 Because I never had time for it. 00:57:24.40,00:57:30.79 - Why so much?[br]- So there's enough for the chosen. 00:57:39.36,00:57:44.38 Kazia, it wasn't that[br]I didn't have time. 00:57:44.72,00:57:46.23 I was a coward. 00:57:46.56,00:57:48.11 It's good you know that. 00:57:50.44,00:57:52.82 Yes, I do. 00:57:58.80,00:58:01.87 The tea's ready, we may serve. 00:58:02.20,00:58:03.71 Thank you... 00:58:08.04,00:58:10.63 Another stage reached. 00:58:10.96,00:58:15.35 Likely the last.[br]Did we get far?
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