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Gioconda La

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Races! Chases! Laughter! Cheer!
The Republic will dominate,
as long as the populace has
bread and games . . .
Joy disarms the thunderbolt
and breaks our chains.
We sing! Singing, we are free.
We laugh, laughing makes us stronger!
So wishes it our serene maker,
that this lagoon will be happy,
with the silver of the moon, and the crimson of the sun.
So wishes it our serene maker . . .
Bread and games!
St. Mark's bells sound with joy,
Long live
the Doge and the Republic!
Comrades. The trumpets call you to the regatta.
On to the regatta . . .
On to the regatta! On to the races . . .
They sing on their own graves.
And death stalks them.
For both the lucky winner
and for the loser,
A tender spider-web is swiftly spun,
By Barnaba, the story teller,
sure to ensnare them.
Within the strings of this contraption,
With subtle skill,
with my hand and with my ear,
l catch the flies in flight, for the benefit of the state.
And my hearing never fails me.
lf l could just catch her,
but she eludes me,
that butterfly l long for!
Dear mother,
There she is!
Let's watch her!
Daughter, you guide my faltering steps,
which are nearing the grave,
blessed be this veil,
which keeps me at your side.
You sing to the crowds of men,
l sing my prayers to the angels,
blessing the hour and destiny,
and smiling upon my path.
lf l could only catch her today.
Come, you'll be safe,
guided by me.
Come! Your day resumes
its placid course
Watch out! The butterfly is looking!
Let me guide you . . .
The terrible ecstasy in my soul!
You sing to the crowds of men,
l sing my prayers to the angels
blessing the hour and destiny,
and smiling upon my path.
Watch out! The butterfly is looking!
Watch out . . .
. . . upon my path.
lt's not yet time
for holy vespers;
Rest your feet on the church steps;
Meanwhile l will try to find
my beloved.
We'll see.
l'll be back with Enzo.
May God bless you.
Farewell, daughter.
Halt. - What?
A man who loves you, is barring your way.
You and your guitar can go to hell!
l told you the last time:
Your face looks evil to me.
Stay. Enzo can wait.
Go, l hate you! - You'll have to hear me out. .
You disgust me! - Stay, l adore you,
you angelic creature! - Go away!
l'm afraid of you! Ah!
That scream! lt was my daughter!
The butterfly is gone . . .
Her voice!
Oh, light of my eyes,
where are you when l need you?
The blind one's squealing, let her squeal.
Horrible darkness!
Yet as l see her wring her hands,
She shall become my pawn,
lf the mother is in my hands . . .
Ave Maria, gratia plena. . .
l'll hold the daughter's heart
in unbreakable bonds.
The love of her mother will help me,
and the Gioconda is mine!
l swear it by Satan!
Glory to the winner!
Quick as an arrow! Strong as a lion!
A gallant heart! Oars of steel!
Glory to the winner of the green flag!
Scorn for the losers!
Our happy crowd filling the streets, carrying on our shoulders
the winner of the regatta among songs and flowers.
He wins our glances,
he open the waves,
Glory to the winner of the green flag!
Scorn for the losers . . .
Our happy crowd filling the streets, Carrying on our shoulders,
the winner of the regatta among songs and flowers . . .
This is the man l need.
l'm sure of it.
Dear Zuāne,
your face shows your anger.
The reason must be that you lost at the regatta.
GO to hell, you devil!
And if l told you the real cause of your misfortune?
l know, my boat lies too low in the water.
What then?
An outrage!
Your boat was cursed. - Sainted Virgin!
There's a curse on your head.
See that blind woman . . .
Dice and gambling!
Games and races!
Lets bet our purses in a game of zara! Let Lady Luck be on our side!
Let's play zara!
l saw her near your landing today, she made a malicious, magical sign . . .
Horrors! - ''Your boat will be your grave!''
Be on your guard, brother!
Six! Five! Three! Zara!
lvory Tower . . . Mystical Rose . . .
Thrice as l watched her she mumbled curses over your boat.
Good Lord! - ''May this boat bring you disaster.''
Watch out, brother.
Seven! Eight! Three! Zara!
David's Tower . . . Glorious Mother . . .
She lives in a hovel near the Giudecca,
She always wears that horrible scarf, and is blind.
Her eye sockets are empty, but, ( can you believe it? ),
the blind one watches, the blind one sees!
l am trembling! - What happened?
The witch! - What are you mumbling?
The blind one watches us!
Come on! We'll get her! !
Be brave . . .
l'm afraid.
Watch out, she can curse you.
Burn the heretic!
lt's true, the more you look, the more you see her eyes flash!
The blind one has the evil eye.
Ha! What a joke!
What's she murmuring? - She's praying.
Get the witch!
Get the witch!
Between Todero and Marco!
To the dungeons! Burn her! Make a pyre! Death to her!
Liar! The witch must die!
Killers! Have respect for the aged,
lest you force me to teach you.
You're so brave
to attack one so weak, blind and old!
What a mob of heroic defenders
the Lion of Venice must behold!
No! God's will is our will. The witch shan't be pardoned.
Death to the witch!
To death! To death!
My mother!
To death! To death! . . .
Free her! - We will pass judgement!
Let her free! - No!
Murderers! - No!
Free her! Come, see-faring brothers! To battle!
No, the witch deserves no mercy.
Death to the witch!
What? The lower folk pretends,
within the Duke's palace,
to be judge, jury,
and executioner?
Speak, captive!
Why are you bowed before these people?
She's a witch!
She's my mother.
She's blind. My Lord,
let her live!
Barnaba! What was her crime?
l've heard of you. You're lying!
She shall be tried.
Mercy . . .
Wait for my words . . .
l'll break the ice which froze my speech . . .
and empty my heart to you.
She was my angel
in my tender childhood.
l always smiled,
now l cry.
They call me . . . La Gioconda.
We live from our song,
l sing for those who wish my joyful song.
And she sings to God
her sainted prayers.
She's innocent. Let us free her.
Ah! No! Stop!
The Duke must free her.
Her eyes reveal her.
Say the word which will save her.
She's a witch her nefarious silence proves it.
She has a rosary.
No, she can't be in league with infernal powers.
That voice!
She must die!
She must die!
Save her!
She dies!
Save her!
Let her go free.
The voice of a woman,
or of an angel
lifted my chains from me.
Yet, through my blindness
l can't behold
the face of that saint.
But you won't leave here
without a gift from me.
No. No.
For you, this roasary,
adorned by my prayers.
l beg you to accept it,
it will bring you good fortune.
My blessing
upon your head.
Oh, mother, an angel watches over you.
Barnaba! - Milord.
What gane do you hunt today? - l shall soon catch a lion.
May God omnipotent
hear your words of faith.
What's this? Are you crazy?
Here, songbird,
this gold is for you.
Thank you!
You who shall ever be in my prayers,
tell me your name,
oh unknown savior.
lt's her!
Join me! We go to church.
Dearest Enzo!
Ah! How l love you!
Enzo Grimaldo,
Prince of Santafior,
what are you thinking?
He knows who l am.
What magical stupor is come upon you?
Are you thinking of Laura, Alvise's wife?
Who are you?
l know everything.
and l can read your thoughts.
Your crib was in Genua . . .
l'm no prince,
l guide a ship through the seas.
l'm a Dalmatian,
Enzo Giordan. . .
To the others,
but not to me.
Venice exiled you,
but tender desire forced you back,
risking mortal danger.
Once, you loved a virgin,
there, in your beloved home.
But she was forced
to marry a stranger.
l've sworn my love to La Gioconda.
The wandering singer
you love like a sister,
but Laura with passion.
Just as you despaired
of ever seeing her again,
today she appeared to you, hidden under a mask,
and recognized you . . .
How wonderful!
Love cannot be deceived.
Oh Laura!
Tonight when Badoer
is tending to his ducal duties,
Laura will come aboard to meet you.
Merciful God!
You may rely upon me to help you.
Oh my Laura . . .
Oh cry of my soul,
my heart will burst!
l've refound the angel
of my celestial love.
But who are you,
my gloomy benefactor?
l abhor you
l'm the tool and mastermind of the Council of Ten.
Read this.
Though l could have brought you to justice,
l have not.
l love Gioconda,
who hates me . . .
She must suffer.
Your death would not help me,
but your lies all the more.
Good Lord, ease the pain
of one condemned to suffer,
yet give me back Laura . . .
the one l adore . . .
And now?
ln the dark of night, l'll wait for Laura on my brigantine.
Good luck.
And you . . .
l cure you!
l curse you!
You curse me?
Never mind, love makes you blind.
While l complete my plan.
Gioconda's idol will be destroyed,
turned to dust and ashes.
Master Barnaba . . .
Scribe, you sold your soul to me in return for your life.
l am the hand,
you are the pen.
''To the master of the inquisition,''
Hide, Barnaba's here.
''Your wife will meet Enzo the sailor,'' - Oh heavens!
''. . . tonight, and flee on his Dalmation brigantine.''
Sign it,
''The Lion's Mouth.''
Say nothing. Now go!
Oh monument!
Palace and brothel of the Doge.
Miraculous portal!
The glory of our past
and our future;
built between two tortures,
the cruel marble.
Deep beneath, your dungeons,
high above the lead-cells.
The doves fly before your facade
or marble and gold.
You alternate between joy and deep sorrow;
here the joyful populace,
here the dead.
There the Doge,
an old skeleton,
with his hat on,
above him, the Grand Council,
the evil oligarchy,
above the oligarchy,
more powerful than them all,
a king,
the spy.
Oh monument!
Open your portals,
open your mouth of darkness,
even if blood will fill it.
l am the ear,
and you are the mouth.
Carnival! Bacchanalia!
Come, gay companions! Dance the Furlana!
Angele Die . . .
Glory unto God!
The sun is setting.
Hear the song
of the sainted vespers,
and kneel to pray.
Angel of God,
my protector,
l trust in you.
llluminate the darkness.
l succumb . . .
l'm dizzy . . .
sustain me, oh mother!
Sustain me.
Ah . . .
Oh heart!
Cruel gift
made to suffer!
My destiny is this . . .
My destiny is this . . .
Death . . .
Death or love . . .
Come and we shall suffer as one.
My daughter.
Oh yes, lay your hand
upon my heart.
Feel and understand
oh mother
my pain . . .
Ho! Hey! Fasten the rudder!
Ho! Hey!
Heave, heave . . .
We're in the deepest hold of the ship, at the keel,
where the furious wind
whistles for aught, and breaks its wings.
We're in the deepest hold . . .
We're high in the ropes, we're on the rail!
on the trembling ladders of rope.
Watch the agile boys jump!
Watch the agile boys jump!
We're the squirrels of the sea!
Fisherman . . .
Fisherman, cast your nets,
may the waves be true to you,
and a good catch promise you the sea and the sky.
Who goes there?
The song will tell you;
a fisherman waiting for the tide.
My boat is there in the shallows.
Tomorrow is a fast-day, to my great good fortune,
Days without meat are the fisherman's treat!
We're safe. They laughed.
Men and boys there are eighty of them.
They have 3 tens of oars and no more,
and two small cannons.
Now go, as quick as you can,
make sure the sentries are hiding in the thickest underbrush.
l'll stay here to do my part.
Go with God.
Fisherman, cast your nets,
may the waves be true to you,
and a good catch
promise you the sea and the sky.
Go, gentle song,
into the azure deeps.
A placid siren
will fall into your nets.
A placid siren . . .
Use your eyes, spy, they may warn you.
Count your dead here in the dark.
Yes, this dark, deserted island
will reward me for my endeavor.
Be watchful!
Allay all suspicions,
and laugh, and watch,
and sing, and spy!
And sing, and spy, and laugh . . .
Serene Venus glows bright
in a heaven of desire.
A shining siren
will fall into your nets.
. . . will fall into your nets . . .
Glory to the sailor's songs!
Tonight we weigh anchor!
Long live our captain and prince!
Nor'westers, good winds for us.
You, Nostromo, secure the cables.
You, sialmaster, affix the Dalmatian colors
which have helped us
in times of trouble, to the prow.
And a lantern to the main mast.
Be ready to cut the moorings
at my signal.
Ho! Hey! Sails to port!
Oars to starboard!
Heave! The heavens thunder!
ln the middle of the lightning,
we bury our heads in the clouds,
we scale the swinging ropes . . .
We're the squirrels of the sea.
Go below and rest.
l shall hold watch on the bridge for enemy ships.
'Tis late.
Good watch!
Good night.
Heaven . . .
and sea!
The ethereal sail
glows like a holy altar.
Will my angel come from heaven?
Will my angel come from the sea?
l wait here. Love's wind
blows ardently today.
That man, filled with hopes,
conquers you, golden dreams.
That man, filled with hopes,
conquers you, golden dreams . . .
As far as the eye can see
is neither land nor mount.
The horizon kisses the waves.
The waves kiss the horizon.
Here, where l lie in the shade,
with hope in my heart,
come, oh woman,
come to my kiss,
the kiss of life
and of love.
Come here, oh woman, here to me,
to the sighing of my heart.
Come, oh woman, come to the kiss,
come, come,
come to the kiss
the kiss of life and of love.
Yes, of love!
Ah, come, ah, come.
Who comes? That's no specter of my imagination!
That's a boat!
l hear the rhythm of the oars, flying towards me . . .
Captain! All aboard!
Come closer! God, how can l bear such joy?
Sailors, bring your boat alongside.
Here, the line, catch it, tie it. Don't fall!
Tie it up!
Laura! My love!
Enzo, my Enzo!
My true love!
Good luck!
Oh! That sinister voice. Let us flee!
'Twas he who saved you . . .
But Satan was in his smile.
He's the man who open paradise for us.
Don't diturb this delirious joy,
with silly fears.
Talk to me only of love.
My dearest, you opened the heavens to me.
The sweet incantation of your kiss
turns tears to joy.
God doesn't forgive human weakness,
because love needs no forgiveness . . .
But tell me, my angel, how did you recognize me?
A sailor's garb cannot disguise you.
Just like l recognized your voice . . .
Dearest Enzo!
But time is precious. Let's hurry!
Don't be afriad.
We're on a deserted island,
between sea and heaven,
between heaven and sea
The moon is about to set.
When it's gone and all is darkness, we'll set out to sea.
With our eyes to heaven, with kisses to bind us . . .
. . . and with wind in our sails . . .
Over there in remote fogs,
over there in unknown darkness,
is our destination . . .
ln the waves, in the darkness,
in the winds, trusting, smiling, fleeing,
we throw away our lives . . .
and our destiny.
The moon is setting, setting . . .
tied up with dewy bands,
like a bride at the altar . . .
She hides her pale appearance
in the waves, slowly sinking,
the moon has sunk into the sea!
And now your steersman prepares for the flight.
Stay here, beloved woman.
My heart is full of prayers.
That light! The Holy Virgin!
Guide the sailor's star!
Holy Virgin, defend me in this hour of my need.
Without so much love and passion
l could never have been so audatious.
Protect me under your veil,
which protects the faithful,
protect me as l pray . . .
and tremble.
Place upon my head,
for this fervent oration
oh Madonna, your forgiveness,
your blessing . . .
Madonna, place upon my head . . .
your blessing . . .
And a curse!
Ah! Who are you?
Who am l, you ask?
l'm the shadow that awaits you.
My name is vendetta.
l love the man you love.
l was waiting there like a beast in his cave.
Ah! The superhuman strength
of rage flood my veins!
You want to escape? You suffer so?
You will flee, dearest rival?
Sail and rudder are at the ready,
alright, go, flee!
Horrendous Fury!
Ah, you fear me?
You want to love this hero?
l will win this, oh rival!
Blasphemy! - You lie!
You lie . . .
l love him
like the splendor of creation.
Like the breath of air which keeps me alive.
Like the heavenly, sainted dream
from whence came my first sigh.
And l love him like the lion loves blood.
and the tornado the wind,
and the lightning the peaks,
and the halcyon the chasm,
and the eagle the sun!
For his sweet kiss
l would defy death.
l am stronger, and so my love is also stronger!
l love him like the splendor of creation . . .
For his sweet kiss . . .
. . . like the breath which keeps me alive . . .
For his sweet kiss . . .
l have you now.
Come, let me see your face.
There's no escape for you now.
This dagger . . .
But no . . .
what awaits you
is far worse than death.
Look there! - On heavens!
ln that boat, in that dark boat,
is your husband!
l am lost!
The curse will be fulfilled.
There! No god and no sanctuary can save you now!
Virgin, help me!
What? The rosary!
Flee . . . take it . . .
this mask will disguise you!
What are you doing? - l'm saving you. Bring my boat!
Just tell me. Who are you?
l am La Gioconda!
Curses! She's escaped!
Milord! ln the canal . . . there . . .
To your oars, men!
She's saved.
Oh mother.
Oh mother.
How much do you owe me?
How much l suffer!
Laura, Laura! Where are you?
Laura gone!
Gioconda! Heavens! What happened?
ln vain you cry out for her kisses.
Your sighs are useless.
Cruel liar!
No! She loves you no more!
Look there, in the canal,
the swiftly escaping ship?
She's fleeing. Her remorse
was greater than her love.
This place is cursed for her,
death surrounds her here.
She flees,
and l stay here!
Which of us
loves you more?
Silence! Silence!
Since the first time l saw you,
l was filled with suspicion.
Don't tell me you loved me,
hate alone fills your heart.
But her barbarous husband
shall not have my angel!
Life awaits me!
Death awaits you!
What did you say?
Look at the sea.
The galley!
Run for your lives!
Someone betrayed you, full of venom
he told the Council of your plans.
Stop moping and set sail,
the heavens can stiil save you!
We'll leave our foe nothing but ashes.
War! Death! Massacre! . . .
Oh, Laura, farewell!
Forever Laura!
But at least
l can die with you!
She must die!
Should l let my name
be dragged through the dirt?
One who betrays a Badoer
shouldn't expect pity. No,
he cannot hope
for mercy.
Just because my own hand
failed to grab her yesterday
on that fateful island,
won't make the punishment any milder.
Yesterday a dagger
would have pierced her breast;
today . . . it'll be no steel . . .
it will be poison!
Amid the merriment and laughter,
the sounds of her agony and lament will mix with the festivities.
Ghosts of my ancestors,
don't be ashamed.
Ghosts of my ancestors, don't be ashamed.
Death will bring me vengeance,
and restore my honor.
Lā amid the merriment and laughter,
the sounds of her agony and lament
will mix with the festivities.
There the Venetian nobility,
enjoys my hospitality.
Here a murderous husband . . .
is restoring his honor . . .
Carry on, you dances, you songs . . .
Here dies a faithless wife . . .
You called for me?
Do me the pleasure.
My Lord . . .
Sit down.
l have never seen you so beautiful
as you are now, madam.
Even your smile is so languid.
Why do you remain silent?
ls it a gentle secret
that you don't want to reveal,
or is there a black veil that l must tear off?
ln your unusual tone
l hear cruel irony.
While your lips smile graciously,
they speak in angry passion.
My noble lord and husband,
l don't understand you still.
To remove your mask,
madam, this is the time.
What do you mean?
The time has come! Your sighs, disgraceful woman
are for an other man.
An other man? What do you mean?
Yes, disgraceful woman!
Yesterday l caught you at it . . . - Oh my God!
But you were able to escape. - What are you saying?
But today l've got you.
You won't escape.
Now you'll die.
To die . . .
How awful,
To have glimpsed heaven,
and then to descend into the darkness,
of a desolate tomb.
Fell! A river
of warm blood flows in my breast.
Why, if life means sorrow to me,
tell me, why must l die?
Death is too high a price
no matter what the crime.
Too late your crying,
Too late your hope,
God cannot answer you. No . . .
To have glimpsed heaven . . .
Send . . .
your thoughts to him.
Prepare to die.
Too late your crying, prepare to die.
And then to descend into the darkness
of a desolate tomb.
Death is too high a price
no matter what the crime.
And since your soul
longs for a new wedding,
unfaithful wife,
come and see.
Where are you taking me?
Come, come!
Here is your wedding bed!
Our gay songs, the echo makes sad,
the happy sound, turns to sighs . . .
Take this poison.
You seem so strong
in your audacious speech,
with those lips,
which drank in kisses,
now they drink death.
There's no escape.
You hear this song?
You'll be dead before they've sung it's last note.
Our gay song, the echo makes sad,
the happy sounds turn to sighs . . .
Give me that phial. Drink this one!
Gioconda, here?
l saw your fate, and planned your rescue.
Don't worry. This induces a trance that looks like death.
Worry not, time is short . . . drink it!
You scare me. - lf he comes back, he'll kill you.
Agony! - My mother is praying for you,
in the chapel. And my trusty singers are near . . . listen . . .
Horror! - Drink!
The song is dying!
And you'll die with it! You know your fate,
''You'll be dead before they've sung its last note.''
Give me it!
l drank it! - Give me the phial!
Oh God!
Hear how the tender songs, fill the air. ,
the faithful echo from an unknown soul.
lts last note lost in the heavens.
Death closes in on her.
For you, oh mother,
on that fateful island,
l stopped my thirst for vengeance
on a rival for love.
Now even more tremendous . . .
more tremendous is my sacrifice.
Oh mother,
l save her for him,
for the one who loves her.
Welcome, gentlemen.
Andrea Sagredo!
Erizzo, Loredan!
Who do l see? lsepo Barbarigo!
Returned to us from far off China.
And my dear cousin, Partecipazio.
What a splendid assembly!
lovely ladies!
lovely ladies.
Welcome, gentlemen!
And knights!
And you, jolly singers . . .
and masks,
soon you'll sing and dance.
Where else but Ca' d'Oro
May virtue's golden boughs Bear bloom of Love tomorrow
To glorify this house?
Where else but Ca' d'Oro
may virtue's golden boughs . . .
Where else but Ca' d'Oro May virtue's golden boughs
Bear bloom of love tomorrow To glorify this house?
Thank you, my friends,
for your lavish praises.
Now the time has come for merriment.
Now a masquerade
of lissome dancers.
They were all chosen
for their talent and beauty.
And now, all in a circle,
they represent the hours.
Let the dance begin.
Let go of me!
The blind one!
Oh mother!
What are you doing here?
l discovered her in the forbidden rooms, making a curse.
l was praying for one about to die.
About to die? What?
The sound of mourning.
The death toll.
For whom?
For Laura!
Per Laura? Horror?
What is left me if my angel dies?
And? Joy is fleeting.
lf Badoero is happy,
who of his guests has the right to be sad?
Me more than anyone!
You? Who are you?
The one you exiled,
Enzo Grimaldo,
prince of Santafior!
You robbed me of
home and love.
Now finish your crimes.
The audacity. Terrible.
it's on your head
to respond to his insults.
A deadly vampire has passed his hand over us,
and every face became a funeral mask.
An evil light illuminated everyone.
Joy no longer rules this gathering.
You, star of my love . . .
. . . my faithful goddess,
if you're really gone,
l will join you, my goddess, in heaven . . .
l see you now,
dead and pale,
wrapped in white cloth . . .
You are dead, you are dead . . .
. . . my angel,
my sweet, true angel!
Sad tidings . . .
horrors . . .
Let my head be cut off!
Horrors, horrors!
Let my head be cut off!
You are dead!
My angel . . .
Dreadful happenings! Frightful audacity . . .
lf you save him and take him to the shore,
you, cursed singer,
shall have my body.
Your offer is from desperation, but your singer accepts it.
Though destiny says you won't love me, l'll have you in spite of it . . .
Horrors . . .
l see you now,
dead and pale,
wrapped in white cloth . . .
While my heart bleeds . . .
Let my head be cut off,
jaws of terror, open wide . . .
Jaws of terror, open wide . . .
All your tortures will lead me to my departed bride . . .
. . . while my heart bleeds . . .
Destiny's avalanche descends so fast . . .
. . . in silent pain . . .
. . . my heart!
. . . destiny!
Everyone come here . . .
The woman who was mine,
dishonored my name.
Behold her now!
lt is l who took her life!
Horror, horror! . . .
No one saw you? - No one.
Put her on the bed.
Are the others coming tonight?
Here's the gold l promised.
We don't want it.
Friends should help friends.
Oh kind friends,
by the love of your Creator,
l must ask another favor.
Last night
l lost my blind mother.
l've already been searching for her,
but to no avail.
Go! Search the alleys and squares,
and God will show you
my mother's footsteps.
Tomorrow, if you find her, l'll be waiting at Cannareggio.
This hole here in Giudecca . . .
l shall soon abandon.
Trust us.
ln this terrible hour,
you are my only choice,
you tempt my heart.
The last act
of my destiny,
the last
cross l must bear.
Once the hours
flew happily by.
l lost my mother . . .
l lost my love . . .
And my jealous fever won.
Now, exhausted, l sink . . .
into darkness . . .
lt's almost over . . .
l ask heaven . . .
l ask heaven to let me sleep quietly . . .
in the grave.
l ask heaven . . .
lt's almost over.
l ask heaven
to let me sleep quietly
in the grave . . .
Here is Laura's poison.
lt was planned for another victim.
l will drink it.
When he arrives here tonight,
l shall not see
their passionate embrace.
But who will organize their flight?
Ah! No! Tempt me no more.
Help me,
God-given powers
of my soul!
Laura lies there,
there on the bed.
Alive . . .
Dead . . .
l don't know.
And if she were dead?
l wanted to save her,
my God, you know it!
But . . . if she's dead?
A ray of hope
shines in my heart. We'll see . . . courage!
No, no!
Never! Never!
l must not yield to such a thought.
But if she lives?
then . . .
Laura is in my hand.
We're alone.
lt is night.
No one would ever know.
The lagoon is deep . . .
You in the gondola, what's the news?
ln Canal Orfano there are bodies.
Horror, horror, horror!
Unholy voices.
Lit for a fest
Venice glows in the distance.
ln my heart
brews a storm,
huge, huge,
Oh, my love . . .
Enzo, mercy!
Enzo, have mercy on me!
lt's you.
You freed me from jail,
and released my bonds.
l am here, free and armed.
What do you want from me?
What l want from you?
What l want from you?
Oh! Misery!
l wanted to give you the sun, life . . .
limitless freedom,
joy and the future!
An ecstatic smile,
ecstatic sighs,
love, paradise!
Good God, let me die!
Woman, in your craze
you mock one marked for death.
For me love offers no solace,
and the world no joy.
What are you doing? - Don't ask.
Wait . . . listen. - Stop.
Listen to me.
You want to die because of her . . .
Yes, to kiss her pale corpse
once more
upon her sacred tomb.
Then go and fulfill your promise,
sad and faithful hero.
Laura's grave is empty. - Heavens!
l've taken her.
No, you lie! . . .
l swear, l swear on the cross!
No! Clean this blasphemy from your unclean lips.
Say that you lied!
No, l said the truth.
You are a hyena who robs the cemetery!
Oh cursed fury, jealous to the grave!
Tell me where you've hidden my angel,
my angel with the pale cheeks.
Speak! Or this hour of mourning
will be your last!
You see? Already my dagger is gleaming.
Oh joy! He'll kill me!
Tell me your secret! Speak! - No!
Speak! - No!
Alright, you disgrace,
Who is there? - My God.
my love.
My heart reawakes.
l'm not delirious!
l can breathe again!
Enzo, come.
l'm not delirious. - Come.
Heaven! - l'm alive!
Alive! - Come, dear Enzo!
Laura! - Enzo!
Hide them from me,
oh darkness.
Oh no! That shadow there, covering itself, is Alvise. Flee!
No, free yourself of terror.
lt's you?
lt was she who saved my life.
Blessed girl!
Let me kiss your feet.
The boat is approaching.
My companions will bring you to to the shore at Tre Ponti,
then make for Aquileia, quick as you can,
And from there the sun of llliria
will soon shine in your faces.
Here is the boat.
God bless you!
My coat will conceal you.
What do l see?
The rosary!
Oh almighty God!
The prophecy said:
''For you this rosary,
adorned with my prayers.
l beg of you, accept it,
it will bring you luck.''
And so it is . . .
This last kiss,
soaked with tears,
accept it on your forehead.
lt is the poor kiss
of my lips.
Sometimes when you are remembering,
think of me, remember me,
La Gioconda.
Love each other!
Be happy!
ln your hands
we dissolve our souls in tears.
No, these tears
will never be forgotten.
We'll remember La Gioconda . . .
Love each other . . .
No, these tears will never be forgotten . . .
Farewell . . .
Now l may die.
All is done.
Ah no! My mother!
Help! Help!
Oh sainted Virgin!
Too much suffering for one heart.
l want to find my mother.
My mother!
Oh! My terror!
Now l remember my pact.
The fear of Barnaba freezes me.
To see his horrible face.
Sainted Virgin,
keep the devil from me.
The sky darkens.
She prays,
and she doesn't know who witnesses her prayers.
Sainted Virgin, keep the devil from me . . .
But . . .
why am l so tired and broken?
Ah! She wants to flee . . .
Flight is my only hope!
So this is how you keep your pact?
Yes, l'll maintain it,
we swore to it.
Gioconda cannot break her word.
May God forgive me,
this heavy sin
which l now commit . . .
Joy of my dreams!
l take you, l take you!
Joy of my dreams!
l take you and in my arid heart,
the old tedium disappears,
and love takes its place.
Slow down your wild delirium!
l want to make myself more pretty,
more glowing. - Euphoria!
For you l want to
decorate my blond tresses
with crimson and gold.
Euphoria! Delirium!
Joy of my dreams!
The old tedium disappears,
and love takes its place . . .
Listen . . .
to the sweet song . . .
Listen . . .
l take you,
and in my arid heart . . .
Listen . . .
You wanted my body,
cursed devil?
l give you my body!
Ah! Stop!
And now . . .
now you . . . listen,
and die damned!
Yesterday your mother offended me.
l drowned her!
She doesn't hear anymore.
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