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Ginger e Fred - Fellini (1986) CD2

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Guys... Ginger and Fred!
I remember your show started like that:
Ginger comes back to London, her big love affair is over.
Will they make the... VUUU ?
It's fundamental, that's where the dance start.
- I know you gave the score to the maestro. - Fortunately I still had it!
"Goodbye, my loved Fred" Ginger is crying, leaving on a ship.
That's when you arrive, you throw away your cigarette...
You're really bold, guys! You can do your rehearsal quietly, I'll come back later.
- Should we try the costumes? - Yes. Better.
- Are you short breathed? - No.
Did you see Toto then?
No... well, yes. Once.
- Where? - I can't remember.
I wonder why I feel embarassed.
We layed down so many times in the same bed!
You're so nice!
We're in bad conditions, are we?
Now I try to avoid undressing in front of a woman, if I can.
- And you? - Me?
Me what? I don't have these problems. You're asking such questions...!
I mean it's not like it used to be. When I was undressing,
the lucky girl was immediately starting to applaude.
It wasn't so bad, old Pippo... Fred !
In fact I resisted 15 years with the "sexually nomad", as you used to call yourself.
- How was it with your husband? - What do you mean?
- Everything. - Everything was very different.
You and me were so young back then.
How do I look?
- Why not? - The steps.
- What's wrong with the steps? - They're non existant.
We must show them who we are. They have to see who's Fred!
- And me? - You too.
They think they can put us there like trained bears?
We came here to introduce an admiral, a warmonger?
You came here to introduce an admiral.
I'm not so happy about this either but it's their system.
Not me.
Let me go to the stage.
Let me go to the stage. Let me go to the stage.
- Yes. - You'll see what I'll do.
Because tonight I will talk, I will say everything.
I'll say everything to 60 millions italians !
But... What are you going to say?
Do you think I came here because of 800,000 lire?
I don't give a damn!
So you invented television? you're watching television all the time?
Do you want to hear only the television?
Then you'll hear me, tonight. Me!
Come. I said come here!
Your head. Your leg.
Got it.
Crazy uh? It's time to stop with this crazy thing.
Damn, so good !
Stop now, Pippo. You might get hurt.
Attention please, actors and guests
should go to the make-up.
They're calling us. We have to go to the make-up.
- Ladies, this way. - Who should I give Marlene and Sophia Loren to?
They're all americans.
- Why did they choose you? - I've been in Philadelfia twice.
Mrs Ginger! We're here, I need you.
Amelia, that one is the make-up room. Right in front of you.
Mrs Ginger, do I look better this way... or this way?
I think it's better this way, the neck looks nicer.
- I don't know. - I also think so, makes it thinner.
Madam, sit down.
- What are you doing? - The wig.
- I've got my wig! - Are you Paolino the cat?
- No Paolino the cat! - Who's Paolino the cat?
Who ordered three "grappe"?
They're for me!
- Should we cover your bald? - No.
- It's better, you look younger. - All right.
Oh, wake up! wake up!
- You can keep the rest, enjoy! - 1,000 lire still missing!
I'm so scared!
- You're pulling away my hair, I'll do it! - Look at this crazy!
I give up, I don't feel like doing it.
Excuse me, I want to go home, who should I tell it to?
- I'll take care of you. - You misunderstood. I wanna leave!
I'm sorry madam, I'm deaf. I'm really deaf.
Oh my God!
Who should I tell it to? I wanna go home. Who should I tell it to?
If you allow, we'll start from the make-up room...
Merry Christmas to everyone! No need to move, you're working...
Mr. president, it's a great honour!
- Who is he? - The president came to see us.
Please follow me, I will introduce you to Borgosole's mayor.
The lady's husband has an extraordinary cow, 15 udders.
- No, Fiorenzo! - They're 18! In stage.
President, today's show is really...
Yes, yes.
- Borgosole ? - yes, 8.000 people,
farm workers, craftsman making pipes, tops and bowls.
Bravi. Good evening.
- I'm not the bishop! - Those are real tramps,
it's for the section "metropolis' borders".
It's about our town's problems.
- We have to do it. We have to. - This way.
He's an handsome man too.
I'm sorry about the mess, but we'll be broadcasting live shortly.
Here's the famous singers!
We finally have the chance to have them here.
- I'm one of their fans. - Divine!
The lady will introduce, in an evocative way, admiral Aulenti.
We will recall that time by listening to soundtracks taken from some
of Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers films.
The lady and her partner used to imitate those dancers.
The lady might be smaller than the actress,
but she's as nice and pleasant as her.
When I was a boy I used to spend afternoons in my room
trying to imitate the great Fred Astaire.
It's just his style!
May I?
Dear viewers, we wish Christmas brought you
joy, happiness and many gifts.
the Centro Spaziale Televisivo wants to give you one more gift:
an extraordinary "We are proud to present" show
It will start in one hour.
Dear friends, the show is about to begin. I'll enjoy it from my office.
It was a pleasure, madam.
Best wishes and Merry Christmas to everyone.
Mr. president, how "We are proud to present" will bring culture to the country?
No, I have to do it! You can't leave your place.
What would everyone say? It was on the newspaper too!
Come on, Amelia.
Laurentina, Bonetti's age.
Who is she, do you know her?
- That one. - Mrs. Bonetti, come here.
How old are you?
- What's this good for? - Good for her.
The audience will see someone your age dancing tap...
- You do dance tap, do you? - Sure.
Then you should do it. The audience will be moved and will applaude.
It will be good for you.
- You're right. - Come on, how old are you?
Enough to get an applause.
It's really cold. I'd need a cognac.
Come in, guys. Follow me.
silently, as in a church.
Slow. Slow!
Bernardino, call the director, Everyone's here.
- May I take pictures here? - No
Who did let you in?
Come in. come.
Where are the doubles? Come here!
Girls, slow. upstairs.
He doens't have a "batocco", just like you.
Pippo, should I wear a wig?
Wait here, 10.
- Madam, What are you doing? - I have to wear it.
- The make-up's there. - Thanks.
Come one, come to 8.
The monk! Where's the monk?
- He's here. - We're here.
- Get ready, I'll call you. - As you wish.
- Aurelio ! - Don't bother me.
- Fuck off! - But... You fuck off!
Merry Christmas! These two magic words - let's confess -
make us feel like children again.
Like when we were anxiously waiting for that night
waiting for someone in the sky to hear our voice
and fulfil our hopes for a world full of peace and happiness.
- Nice wig! - Serioulsy?
- Makes you look like a character. - I didn't wear it for so long!
That man can make women pregnant just by watching them, do you believe it?
- Who? - That one.
He says he studied black magic in Amazon.
- And he can get you pregnant just by looking at you? - It may be easy, but you're losing something.
You can stare at me, there is no danger.
Let's welcome, by applauding him, a men who's really in love.
- How are you? - Fine, thanks.
- Your fiancée? - Here she is.
She's very beautiful! Your love story is very moving.
He's a priest who quit because of this woman.
Nothing can stop love.
Pippo, how do I look? All right?
- Tell me the truth, does it look good? - You're right after Mrs. Silvestri.
- Who is she? - I have no idea!
You're 6. Always keep watching the quadrant.
- Iolanda, take this. - Put it with mine, please.
Shouldn't they kiss?
Come on, don Valentino, You have to give a little kiss.
Best wishes!
What more do you want from life?
Let's go on with the show.
Do you remember me? In Torino, during the black out.
Because of me you had a fight with Augusto's master, he didn't want to pay me.
I'm sorry, no smoking.
Best wishes, guys. It was a pleasure to see you again.
Arrested several times in italian prisons.
You might say: "Arrested in a prison?"
Yes, dear friends, Evelina Pollini used to enter in prisons
not as sentenced but as benefactress.
She'll explain.
It was 7 PM, October 28, a few years ago.
I was in the kitchen, I heard a voice How could I explain... mystical.
I don't think I get it.
My fiancée says heart decides on its own.
- The heart stays young. - Is this her first wedding?
She says she's widow, twice.
You only have two minuts, what will you say?
I'm an edible panties manufacturer
and he's the one who invented such thing.
- Gabriella, please to meet you. - They've got fruit taste,
Some customers would like tuna and onion taste. But I don't think it's a good idea.
Two hemispheres, the first tastes like peach, the other ones tastes like apricot.
The lover can choose... Don't move.
He bites, he chews...
It's all good stuff.
He gets excited, he feels...
We are planning to add some drugs, vitamins, mineral salts.
What about tuna and onions?
The miracle maker monk.
Together with professor De Nittis and his monastery warden.
- Fra Gerolamo, thanks. - You're welcome.
- Sit down. - No, thanks.
Such humbleness! He doesn't want to sit down.
- Change your place. - Move to 4.
And you, please, to 2.
This is 2, then we have to go that way.
Come on.
I don't understand what's happening. First I ask myself what I'm doing here,
Then I'm pretending it's just a debut
in a bigger and newer theatre,.
And you? Are you all right?
No smoking here. Be quiet.
Pippo, look.
Look. We can see from here it's the flying monk.
to get closer to the truth, even evil
may be a way.
In my village too we have such a saint.
My mother gave me one of his medals. I always keep it on my chest.
I believe in these things.
Knowing your mighty powers,
I won't beg you, to move mountains,
- but to... - No, no, no.
A little miracle that may give hope in the eternal.
Why not? Maybe we don't desearve it?
Everything in life is a miracle.
We just have to see it in the things that happen.
But we're not small enough to understand such great things.
Good luck. Wishes, madam.
We got another message.
Come, mum.
By avoiding eating and drinking,
the honorable will reach the point of no return.
I will be his spokesman, because he's so weak
since several weeks,
to say what he's been asking for years.
He is trying to focus the attention of the country and of the parliament
to the need to forbid hunting and fishing.
No more hunting,
stiring up...
men's aggressivity.
He says he smells
mint everywhere.
That girl is so funny!
I'm scared. Who are they?
- I don't know. - Strange.
Here's 24 dancers, The tallest one is 42 cm.
The smallest dancers ever!
Quick, move to the next one.
Wait here, silently.
- Is it better? - He recovered, He's fine.
Admiral, It's your turn, in ten minutes.
Please, a little bit of water, I have to give him the heart medecine.
- The cognac. - We didn't ask for it.
- Is it for the admiral? - Are you crazy? Go away.
- It's for me. - No, Pippo, It's not good for your health.
Heroes always existed.
This housewife is among them
She accepted, for money,
to spend one month without TV.
She signed a contract,
We sent technicians who locked her TV set
and took away her antenna from the roof
making impossible to see TV from her house.
You'll say it's impossible, I couldn't believe it either,
but this woman exists. Here's to you Pietruzza Silvestri.
Madam, would you do it again?
Never. Never again.
It has been terrible. They gave us a lot of money, it's true,
but it's cursed money.
Experiments like this should not be allowed,
especially where there are children and aged people.
Madam, by the sound of your voice I'd say you studied how to sing.
Never agaiiiiiiin!
Well said, madam. We all agree! Never again without TV!
Porchetta Lombardoni For a "more" Christmas!
I hope you were joking when you said those things.
If you are planning to act like a clown, I'll quit and you'll dance alone.
A step back in time, dear friends.
Many of you may remember 1940,
war time, black outs, fear.
It's our turn, they're calling us.
...coming back thanks to a musical tune
recalling Fred Astaire e Ginger Rogers!
Our show found two dancers
That in the '40s on stage
became famous using Ginger and Fred as names
imitating the famous american couple.
We are proud to present, Ginger and Fred!
Do you know how old this man and this woman are ?
Me and Ginger have a pact I'll tell you their age
only after you've seen them dancing.
Now an extraordinary tap dance,
here's to you Ginger and Fred!
Don't move away from the stage. Sirs, don't leave your seats.
We're activating emergency power. Don't move,
don't leave your seats, you might fall
or step on cables, it's dangerous.
We have to apologize, dear audience.
We ask you to wait without leaving your seats.
Come to fetch me, I can't see anything!
Be careful, you'll fall!
You, call!
If it was all like this, I might watch this show.
Call 219, It's the president.
Fred, what happened to you? Did you fall?
Amelia, What did we came here for?
We must be crazy!
Let's quit now.
while it's still dark we may go that way.
Stay down. We're lucky.
You're just a thoughtless.
Amelia, be careful, you'll fall!
Where are you going? Didn't you hear? It's dangerous.
- I will look for Toto. - Where? You too might fall.
- This darkness makes my head turn. - Then sit down for a while.
I'll put my handkerchief.
It's going to crease.
How will I look when we'll have light again?
We won't have light again.
In the first place, because this is a shitty organisation.
The famous "giant with clay feet"!
And then this might be a terroristic act, an attack.
We might suddendly blow up.
Let's leave, then.
Amelia, this would be a wonderful story.
Imagine the title!
"They got separated 30 years before, they rejoin to die together"
Stories like this are not moving anymore.
And then I wouldn't like it
I don't feel bad here. It's like a dream, far away from everything.
a place, you don't know where, you don't know how you got there.
Toto told you I've been in a mental hospital, did he?
It's true.
I don't know what happened when you left me!
Abandon, loneliness.
Ive never known it, I would have run to see you.
What for? Our story was over and our work too.
Only these crazy people could remember that we...
are ghosts coming from the dark
and going back to the dark.
You're so right.
I tell myself that I did it for my nephews, for my friends,
a crazy idea.
The truth is that I wanted so much to see you again.
Very romantic.
Then, I want to tell you that I wanted to see you again too.
It's the retreat sign, let's go.
We have to be able to understand the signs.
Who knows what could follow this escape. Come.
Be careful, there's a step.
TV addicted!
In your places!
In your places!
We apologize for the short interruction, it may have made greedier your waiting!
The show will resume from where it was interrupted!
The ship is goin to sail, it was the last siren sound,
but Ginger is running down the stair.
and now they are hugging and promising not be separated again.
The music, like a book for Francesca,
surrounds the two partners in work and life and they're still dancing together.
- I can't remember anything. - Two steps on the side, then you follow me.
I turn that way, hold me.
- Now? - Twice.
- Turn slowly. - A cramp!
Like this, well done.
Did you get hurt? May we go on?
He wants to go on, let's applaude him, as encouragement!
Do you feel like doing it?
There's Dudù, do you remember the violin player?
I feel like crying.
Move your arm, it's on my face.
There's a feather in my nose.
- No, there's nothing. - I feel like sneezing.
Pippo, we did it!
You were wonderful.
Pippo, Amelia, bravi! Bravi!
You can't stay here, you won't let people pass!
Brava, it made me cry. You were divine, everybody say so!
Did you see? They liked you, but now stand up!
I did not eat, would you like a piece of zampone with lentils ?
There's no time, my train leaves in 15 minutes.
but you may go, you still have one hour.
I've got more, I decided to spend a few days in Rome.
At Toto's place. I got an idea.
That show host earns a lot of money. I could do his job better than him!
Sure but, did you tell it to your wife?
Didn't they tell you? She left me a couple of years ago.
- Are you Ginger? - Yes. Ginger and Fred.
- Will you sign an autograph for me? - Sure, what's your name?
We saw you dancing on tv.
I saw you on tv, will you make a "signa"?
Thanks, my friend.
Will you sign an autograph too?
- Thanks. - Me too.
Have you seen?
Ginger and Fred !
When will we get the money? I thought we would get it immediately.
They said two or three weeks.
It would have been better to get it tonight.
I could give it to you, you'll give it back to me when you can.
- All right. - Hey, I do want it back!
I don't know how much it is, but... well.
- I want it back! - Yes.
Amelia, I won't go with you to the train.
I don't like leaving trains.
Then it's a goodbye.
Write me a letter, or come to see me, it would be a pleasure.
- Really. Whenever you want. - Yes.
I don't think we will have the chance to dance together again.
So, dear Pippo... bye.
- Amelia, at least give me a little kiss! - Yes.
Amelia !
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