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I deliver perfection...|and don't brag about it! :D
{y:i}Bonjour, monsieur.
"Bonjour, madame"... and company.
Good afternoon.
As you see, this lovely city|all around us is Paris.
And this lovely park is, of course,|the Bois de Boulogne.
Pardon me.
Who am I?
Well, allow me to introduce myself.
I am Honoré Lachaille.
Born: Paris.
Not lately.
This is 1900.|So let's just say...
...not in this century.
Lover and collector|of beautiful things.
Not antiques, mind you.
Younger things.
Yes, definitely younger.
Married?|What for?
Now, please don't misunderstand.
Like everywhere else,|most people in Paris get married.
But not all.
There are some who will not marry|and some who do not marry.
But here in Paris,|those who will not are usually men...
...and those who do not|are usually women.
Now, for example,|here we find exhibit A:
The married kind.
{y:i}These ladies stood their ground|{y:i}And won
{y:i}And I salute them, every one
{y:i}Here are some others to behold
{y:i}For whom the bells have never tolled
{y:i}Oh, what a poor, defenseless pair
{y:i}In those pathetic rags they wear
And there is the future.
Someday, each and every one of them...
...will either be married...
...or unmarried.|How adorable they are!
{y:i}Each time I see a little girl
{y:i}Of 5 or 6 or 7
{y:i}I can't resist the joyous urge
{y:i}To smile and say thank heaven
{y:i}For little girls
{y:i}For little girls|{y:i}Get bigger every day
{y:i}Thank heaven for little girls
{y:i}They grow up|{y:i}In the most delightful way
{y:i}Those little eyes|{y:i}So helpless and appealing
{y:i}One day will flash and send you|{y:i}Crashing through the ceiling
{y:i}Thank heaven for little girls
{y:i}Thank heaven for them all
{y:i}No matter where|{y:i}No matter who
{y:i}Without them|{y:i}What would little boys do?
{y:i}Thank heaven
{y:i}Thank heaven
{y:i}Thank heaven
{y:i}For little girls
This story is about a little girl.
It could be any one of those girls|playing there. But it isn't.
It's about one in particular.
That one.|Her name is Gigi.
What you have to look forward to!
{y:i}Those little eyes|{y:i}So helpless and appealing
{y:i}One day will flash and send you|{y:i}Crashing through the ceiling
{y:i}Thank heaven
{y:i}For little girls
{y:i}Thank heaven for them all
{y:i}No matter where|{y:i}No matter who
{y:i}Without them|{y:i}What would little boys do?
{y:i}Thank heaven
{y:i}Thank heaven
{y:i}Thank heaven
{y:i}For little girls!
Hello, Grandmama.
Gigi, where have you been?
Playing in the park.|I had to, Grandmama.
My foot fell asleep in class.|It wouldn't wake up.
Did you forget what day it is?
It's Tuesday.
Aunt Alicia!|Well, I'd better run.
You cannot go to your Aunt Alicia's|looking like that.
Put your coat on.|Let me comb your hair.
Yes, Grandmama.
I hate this coat.|It makes my legs feel so long.
Yes, your legs are long.
You know...
...sometimes I'm sorry|you never learned to dance.
But I want to, Grandmama.|Why don't you let me take lessons?
No. Not the same mistake twice.
Your mother took singing lessons,|and look where she ended up.
Slaving away at the Opéra-Comique|in ridiculous little roles.
- She seems happy.|- Happy!
I went to see her one night.|I couldn't even find her.
In the first act...
...she was behind a tree.
In the second act...
...behind a tenor.
Mama's awake.|Isn't it early?
She's on this afternoon.|{y:i}If I Were King.
That's more than she does|in the whole opera.
And when I think of|that delightful old gentleman...
...with all those flour mills.
You go to school every morning.|You see your Aunt Alicia once a week.
That's all the lessons you need.
When the time comes,|you'll be ready.
Ready for what, Grandmama?
Enough. Now run.
- Goodbye, Grandmama.|- Goodbye, Gigi.
- More powerful, monsieur.|Sixty kilometers an hour!
There's nothing faster on the road,|monsieur. Not here or in America.
Your uncle is here, monsieur.
Of course, the smaller is|a first-rate machine, monsieur.
Naturally, the larger one|is more expensive.
I'd be happy to|demonstrate both.
I beg your pardon, Monsieur Gaston.|Your father wanted me to ask you...
...did you, by any chance, buy the|Paris-Lyon-Méditerranée Railroad?
The Paris-Lyon-Méd...?|Yes, yes, I did.
According to this morning's|opening at "la Bourse"...'s gone up 12 points.
I thought it would.
Monsieur Lachaille, about the car.
Send it over in the morning|with the bill.
Yes, monsieur. Thank you.|But which one?
My dear fellow, I don't care.|Either one.
I'm sorry I kept you waiting, Uncle.|Why didn't you come upstairs?
I was afraid I'd meet|my brother and sister-in-law.
- You would have.|- I have to tell you...
...your parents bore me to death.
- Me too.|- But I've known them longer... they've been boring me longer.
After you.
Your father is actually quite unique.
He was a bore at the age of 5.
All he has to say is, "Hello",|and I can barely keep my eyes open.
I waited for you at the embassy|last Sunday. What happened?
The thought of another embassy tea|paralyzed me.
Instead, I had tea with an old friend|Madame Alvarez.
- Madame Alvarez?|- Yes, you know her.
Or knew her once, didn't you?
- Does she say I did?|- I think she's mentioned it.
Then I suppose I did.
It's the one place in Paris|where I can go and relax.
Whose luncheon are you|taking me to today?
Henri Trouvére.
We have to go.
I'm meeting a heavenly creature there.
You're still young, Uncle, aren't you?
Not compared to her.
But I must say,|I am compared to you.
Maybe it's the women you go with.|How old is Liane?
About 30.
That may be it.|Youth is the thing, Gaston.
Youth!|Stay close to the young...
...and a little rubs off.
I'm bored.
{y:i}Look at all the captivating|{y:i}Fascinating things there are to do
{y:i}Name two
{y:i}Look at all the pleasures
{y:i}All the myriad of treasures|{y:i}We have got
{y:i}Like what?
{y:i}Look at Paris in the spring|{y:i}When each solitary thing
{y:i}Is more beautiful than ever before
{y:i}You can hear every tree|{y:i}Almost saying, "Look at me!"
- What color are the trees?|- Green!
- What color were they last year?|- Green!
- And next year?|- Green!
{y:i}It's a bore
{y:i}Don't you marvel at the power|{y:i}Of the mighty Eiffel Tower
{y:i}Knowing there it will remain evermore
{y:i}Climbing up to the sky
{y:i}Over 90 stories high
- How many stories?|- Ninety!
- How many yesterday?|- Ninety!
- And tomorrow?|- Ninety!
{y:i}It's a bore!
{y:i}The river Seine
{y:i}All it can do is flow
{y:i}But think of wine
{y:i}It's red or white
{y:i}- But think of girls|{y:i}- It's either yes or no
{y:i}And if it's no or if it's yes|{y:i}It simply couldn't matter less
{y:i}But think of a race
{y:i}With your horse in seventh place
{y:i}Then he suddenly begins
{y:i}And he catches up and wins|{y:i}With a roar!
{y:i}It's a bore!
{y:i}Life is thrilling as can be
{y:i}Simply not my cup of tea
{y:i}It's a gay, romantic fling
{y:i}If you like that sort of thing
{y:i}- It's intriguing|{y:i}- It's fatiguing
{y:i}It's a game
{y:i}It's the same dull world|{y:i}Wherever you go
{y:i}Whatever place you are at
{y:i}The Earth is round
{y:i}But everything on it is flat
{y:i}Don't tell me|{y:i}Venice has no lure
{y:i}Just a town without a sewer
{y:i}The Leaning Tower I adore
{y:i}Indecision is a bore
{y:i}But think of the thrill|{y:i}Of a bullfight in Seville
{y:i}When the bull is uncontrolled
{y:i}And he charges at the bold matador!
{y:i}It's a bore!
{y:i}Think of lunch beneath the trees
{y:i}Stop the carriage, if you please
{y:i}You mean you don't want to come?
{y:i}The thought of lunch leaves me numb
{y:i}But I implore
Oh, no, Uncle.
{y:i}It's a bore!
Goodbye, Honoré.
Come in.
- Mamita.|- Gaston!
What a wonderful surprise.
How do you feel today, dear Mamita?
Fine, Gaston.|And the better for seeing you.
You've gotten a trifle thinner,|and it's most becoming.
- You think so?|- Oh, yes.
Come and sit down.
In your chair.
Thank you.
What beautiful material.
Very chic!
Just the sort of thing|Honoré used to wear.
A bit more conservative, perhaps.
Would you like a sweet?
No, thank you. But I would love a cup|of your chamomile tea.
But of course.
More than just one, I hope.
Do you have a telephone yet, Mamita?
No, not yet.
Not until Gigi is old enough|to have secrets and admirers.
But there's one upstairs|if it's important.
It's not important.
Gigi's not at home?
No. This is Tuesday.
The day she has luncheon|with her aunt Alicia.
How is your sister?|I haven't seen her for quite a while.
I don't wonder.
She never sets foot out of|her apartment or her past.
And quite a past it was... she says.
According to the stories|Honoré tells me...
...what she says is quite true.
Aren't you afraid of|her influence on Gigi?
Not at all.
She finds Gigi a trifle backward...
...which is true...
...and she educates her.
Educates her?
Last week, she taught her|to eat cold lobster... perfection.
What in heaven's name for?
She says it's extremely useful.
It's so good to be here.
It's always a pleasure|to watch the rich...
...enjoying the comforts of the poor.
Especially you, dear Gaston.
How does your sister look?|Still as young as ever?
Yes, Alicia is always the same.
Living in the past|must agree with her.
When I think... was in...
...she went off with her first sultan.
Then came her Duke of Milan...
...her King of Spain,|her khedive, her maharajah.
She's remarkable looking...
Good day, Charles.
What are we having for lunch?
Oh, dear!|Are they difficult?
Slowly, Gigi. Slowly.
The racing season is over.
Good day, Aunt Alicia.
Now let's go into luncheon.
Yes, Aunt Alicia.
Today you will learn to eat ortolans.
What are ortolans, Aunt?
Exquisite little birds.
Most people attack them like cannibals.
You must learn to eat them properly.
Bad table manners...
...have broken up more households|than infidelity.
Did you work hard in school today?|What did you study?
Napoleon's defeat at Waterloo.
How depressing.
- What else?|- English.
English?|I suppose we must.
They refuse to learn French.
Who are your friends?
Ortolans should be cut in two|with a quick stroke of the knife.
There must be no grating|of the blade on the plate.
Now bite up each piece.
The bones don't matter.
Go on eating while you|answer my questions.
But don't talk with your mouth full.
Well, you can do it.|If I can do it, you can.
What friends have you made?
I'm always on my own.
Why does Grandmama stop me|from accepting invitations?
She's right for once.
You'd only be invited|by ordinary people.
What about us?|Aren't we ordinary people?
Why are we different?
They have weak heads|and careless bodies.
Besides, they are married.
But I don't think you would understand.
Oh, yes, Aunt, I understand.
We don't marry,|is that it?
Marriage is not forbidden to us.
But instead of|getting married at once... sometimes happens|we get married... last.
Enough. We must finish lunch|and get on with your lessons.
Now, go on.|Go on, go on!
Without knowledge of jewelry,|my dear Gigi...
...a woman is lost.
Do you remember Madame Dunard,|who was here the other day?
Did you notice that rope|of black pearls around her throat?
Yes! It was beautiful.
Dipped. Given to her|by the man she loves...
...whose love is obviously|beginning to cool...
...and she doesn't know it.
It's just a matter of time now.
Now, let us see what you remember.
What is this?
A marquise diamond.
A marquise-shaped diamond.
This is...
...a topaz?
A topaz?
Among my jewels?|Are you mad?
It's a yellow diamond|of the first quality.
You'll have to go a long way|to see one like it.
- This?|- An emerald.
How beautiful.
Do you see that blue flame...
...darting about in the depths|of the green light?
Only the most beautiful emeralds...
...contain that miracle|of elusive blue.
- Who gave it to you, Aunt?|- A king.
- A great king?|- No, a little one.
Great kings do not|give very large stones.
Why not?
In my opinion, it's because|they don't feel they have to.
Who does give the valuable jewels?
Oh, the shy, the proud.
And the social climbers.|They think it's a sign of culture.
But it doesn't matter|who gives them... long as you never|wear anything second-rate.
Wait for the first-class jewels, Gigi.
Hold on to your ideals.
Come over here to the light, Gigi.
Open your mouth.
With teeth like that...
...I could have devoured|all Paris and most of Europe.
But I can't complain.|I had a good bite of it.
Tell your grandmama|to get you some astringent lotion.
You don't use face powder, do you?
- Grandmama won't let me.|- I should hope not.
You have an impossible nose,|a nondescript mouth.
Your cheekbones are too high.
But we can do something|with the rest of you.
Your teeth, your eyes...
...your eyelashes, your hair.
We can...
...and we will.
You must learn to choose cigars.
Aunt, but I don't smoke cigars.
Of course you don't smoke cigars.
But a man does.
Everything I teach you...
...has a good reason.
Love, my dear Gigi... a thing of beauty,|like a work of art.
And like a work of art,|it is created by artists.
The greater the artist,|the greater the art.
And what makes an artist?
Cigars and jewelry?
You are from another planet.
Get on with your work.
{y:i}A necklace is love
{y:i}A ring is love
{y:i}A rock from some obnoxious little king|{y:i}Is love
{y:i}A sapphire with a star is love
{y:i}An ugly black cigar is love
{y:i}Everything you are is love
{y:i}You would think it would embarrass|{y:i}All the people here in Paris
{y:i}To be thinking every minute of love
{y:i}I don't understand the Parisians
{y:i}Making love every time|{y:i}They get a chance
{y:i}I don't understand the Parisians
{y:i}Wasting every lovely night on romance
{y:i}And under every tree in town
{y:i}They're in session two by two
{y:i}What a crime
{y:i}With all there is to see in town
{y:i}They can't find something else to do
{y:i}I don't understand how Parisians
{y:i}Never tire of walking hand in hand
{y:i}But they seem to love it
{y:i}And speak highly of it
{y:i}I don't understand
{y:i}The Parisians!
I don't understand the Parisians!
{y:i}When it's warm
{y:i}They take a carriage ride at night
{y:i}Close their eyes and hug and kiss
{y:i}When it's cold
{y:i}They simply move inside at night
{y:i}There must be more to life than this
{y:i}I don't understand the Parisians
{y:i}Thinking love so miraculous and grand
{y:i}But they rave about it
{y:i}And won't live without it
{y:i}I don't understand
{y:i}The Parisians!
What are you doing there?
Gaston... you make love all the time?
I beg your pardon?
- Do you make love all the time?|- Heavens, no.
The only people who make love|all the time are liars.
Was that the subject|of your lesson today?
- How did you know I was having a lesson?|- I just came from your house.
Too bad I wasn't there. We could've|played cards, and I could've beaten you.
But you cheat.
I can, but with you,|I don't have to.
You watch your tongue, my girl.
- I'm not your girl.|- Thank you for that.
If I have a little girl, I'll see|to it she's more respectful than you.
- Come with me.|- Where?
- To the Ice Palace.|- I don't skate.
- I'll buy you a drink.|- I don't drink.
- A sweet one.|- Are you going to skate?
No, but I'm calling|for Madame d'Exelmans.
Liane? Your lady love?
No, thank you.|I've had enough of that for today.
I'm not going to woo her on ice.
Come along before I spank you.
You wouldn't dare!
Oh, I wouldn't, eh?
Sit down.
Sit down.
Haven't you ever seen|an ice rink?
Grandmama says going out distracts one|from more serious matters.
A "barbotage" for the lady.
- What's that?|- Quiet.
Champagne for me. Well-iced.
Yes, Monsieur Lachaille.
Is that the scandalous|Madame d'Exelmans?
Yes, that's she.
Tell me, Gigi, the way|you express yourself...
...does your grandmother|ever hear you talk this way?
She never listens to me much.
Which reminds me, she mustn't know|I was here with you.
And why not?|What's wrong with being with me?
It isn't you. It's here.
I told you.|This isn't serious matters.
And just what are serious matters?
I don't remember it all by heart.
One mustn't read novels;|they depress you.
Don't wear powder;|it ruins the complexion.
Don't wear corsets;|they spoil the figure.
What do you think of Liane?
She's pretty.
Yes, she is.
But what?
How do you mean "common"?|Ordinary common or coarse common?
And coarse. Well, I really must go.|Please come soon.
- Thank you for the drink.|- It was a pleasure.
Hello, my darling.
You waltz divinely.
Thank you, my love.
I'll let you know|when I'll be in for my next lesson.
Yes, madame.
I thought we'd meet Honoré|at Maxim's and...
At Maxim's?
Thank you... monsieur.
Dreadful man.
You seem to have lessons|with him often enough.
He's an excellent teacher.|I made amazing progress.
But he's so conceited.|So superior in an inferior way.
I can't stand him.
Shall we go?
Gaston and Liane are joining me|here at Maxim's tonight.
I'm giving a small party... honor of a heavenly creature|I met this afternoon.
She's...|Pardon me.
She's the sister|of the heavenly creature...
...I gave a party for last night.
What a marvelous place Maxim's is!
Not only gay and beautiful,|but in one thing unique:
In Maxim's, everybody minds|his own business.
No one is the slightest bit interested|in whom one is with.
{y:i}There's that wretched man|{y:i}Louis de Latour
{y:i}With his latest horrible amour
{y:i}Isn't she a mess|{y:i}Isn't she a sight
{y:i}Let's invite them out tomorrow night
{y:i}Honoré Lachaille|{y:i}Honoré Lachaille
{y:i}With another twinkle in his eye
{y:i}Isn't it a shame|{y:i}Isn't it a crime
{y:i}Seeing him so happy all the time
{y:i}There's Gaston Lachaille|{y:i}With his little friend
{y:i}Is that passion never going to end
{y:i}Did you see her ring?|{y:i}Not a bagatelle
{y:i}Dear Liane is doing very well
{y:i}She's a lovable one tonight, isn't she?
{y:i}What is she up to?
{y:i}She's so gay tonight
{y:i}She's like spring tonight
{y:i}She's a rollicking|{y:i}Frolicking thing tonight
{y:i}So disarming|{y:i}Soft and charming
{y:i}She is not thinking of me
{y:i}No, she's not thinking of me
{y:i}In her eyes tonight
{y:i}There's a glow tonight
{y:i}They're so bright they could light|{y:i}Fontainebleau tonight
{y:i}She's so gracious|{y:i}So vivacious
{y:i}She is not thinking of me
{y:i}Bless her little heart
{y:i}Crooked to the core
{y:i}Acting out a part
{y:i}What a rollicking, frolicking bore!
{y:i}She's such fun tonight
{y:i}She's a treat tonight
{y:i}You could spread her on bread|{y:i}She's so sweet tonight
{y:i}So devoted|{y:i}Sugarcoated
{y:i}That it's heartwarming to see
{y:i}Oh, she's simmering with love
{y:i}Oh, she's shimmering with love
{y:i}Oh, she's not thinking of me
{y:i}She is not thinking of me
{y:i}Someone has set her on fire
{y:i}Is it Jacques, is it Paul or Léon?
{y:i}Who's turning her furnace up higher?
{y:i}Oh, she's hot|{y:i}But it's not for Gaston!
{y:i}Oh, she's gay tonight
{y:i}Oh so gay tonight
{y:i}A gigantic romantic cliché tonight
{y:i}How she blushes|{y:i}How she gushes
{y:i}How she fills me with ennui
{y:i}She's so ooh la la la la
{y:i}So untrue la la la la
{y:i}Oh, she's not thinking of me
I knew she was up to something.
I knew it. There had to be|a reason for last night.
But what was I to do?
Trail after her? Spy on her?
- Sniff around like a bloodhound?|- Of course not.
Heaven knows, I'm not jealous.|Thank you for that.
Why should I follow her?
No reason at all.|What did you do?
I hired detectives.
And the results are nauseating.
The Riverton Agency just telephoned me|that she and her oily acrobat...
...arrived a half an hour ago|in a cozy little inn at Honfleur.
Without skates.
Most disagreeable.
Come, my boy.|You're not the first.
This sort of thing|has happened before.
And to some very good people.
Alfred de Musset,|Victor Hugo, Napoleon.
Even to me.|Isn't that true, Manuel?
Yes, indeed, sir.|Many, many, many times.
Well, not that many.
But a skating instructor.
A skating instructor!
It is always a skating instructor.
Or some such specimen.
- Isn't that true, Manuel?|- Absolutely, sir.
Remember dear little|Madame Dumelle...
...and Marmaluc the Terrible Turk?
There you are.
A wrestler from the Folies Bergére.
There was Madame Laura|and the swimming coach.
Hurry up, Manuel.
And Madame d'Albert|and the riding master.
Mademoiselle Monique|and the weight lifter...
...Madame Bocher and the plumber.
That's enough, Manuel.|You've made your point.
Here, put this in your mouth.
One can't be a Don Juan|to one's valet, can one?
I only keep him to prevent him|from talking to others.
Oh, come, Gaston, cheer up.
Cheer up? I couldn't be|in better spirits.
Good. I'm delighted|the deadly affair is over.
The woman was common.|Plainly and unmistakably common...
...from her painted toenails|to the top of her bleached head.
I'm glad to be rid of her.|What do we do today?
What do we do?
We're going to Honfleur, naturally.
Are you mad?|I never want to see her again.
Of course you don't.
But you're not going to|let a woman have the last word.
Where is your sense of honor?
Your male patriotism?
Listen to your uncle, Monsieur Gaston.|He's an old campaigner.
How would you end it?
I'll write her a note.
There is no way of writing it|without it reeking of wounded pride.
Victor Hugo couldn't pull it off.
Then I'll telephone her.
And what would you say?
"Liane, you deceived me|with a skating instructor."
"I never want to see you again."
You'll sound like|a jealous schoolboy.
That's impossible.
That's true.
That's true.|What do I do?
You go to Honfleur|and throw her out like a man.
That's a bore.
A bore? Not at all.
It's pride.
{y:i}Just imagine your chagrin
{y:i}When she sees you wander in
{y:i}And you find her|{y:i}With that slippery "seòor"
{y:i}What a moment supreme
{y:i}When she totters with a scream
- What will she do?|- Scream.
- What did yours do?|- Scream.
- What do they all do?|- Scream.
{y:i}It's a bore
{y:i}But think of the bliss
{y:i}Of the pleasure you would miss
{y:i}When she topples in a heap
{y:i}And you leave her there to weep|{y:i}On the floor
{y:i}It's a bore
{y:i}You must catch her if you can
{y:i}For the dignity of man
{y:i}Take advantage of the chance
{y:i}You owe it, sir, to France|{y:i}This is war!
{y:i}All right
{y:i}But it's a bore
Turn it around and leave it there.
They are there.
Terrible-looking rodent, isn't he?
Terrible, but typical.
Those chaps all look alike.
She looks older in the daylight.
Much older.|I don't envy him.
Neither do I.
She never kissed me like that.
- How is she kissing him?|- Wholeheartedly.
What do you expect?
You're legitimate.|He's forbidden fruit.
When do we make our move?
Wait, wait.
Come on.
Monsieur Lachaille, what a surprise.|I am honored.
Don't be.|Come on, get up!
Wait, wait!|You are making a mistake.
It was just a coincidence,|my meeting madame here.
It was a coincidence,|I suppose...
...that your lips|just happened to meet... a long, ardent, passionate...
You keep out of this.
I don't want any discussions.|For 1000 francs, this never happened.
You leave the Ice Palace|and disappear. Forever.
- But...|- No "buts".
You're coming with us now.
We'll take you to|the nearest railroad station.
1000 francs?
There is nothing more to be said.|Goodbye, madame.
From the bottom of my heart, goodbye.
Gaston, my love.
What happened?
Liane d'Exelmans has committed suicide.|Again!
I'm sorry, girl.|What did you say?
I didn't know he left her.
My word!
Of course.
Call me as soon as you hear anything.|Anything at all.
How marvelous!
Paris agog.
Why didn't you tell me that Gaston|and Liane had broken up?
I didn't know it.|It must've happened over the weekend.
When was the suicide?
- Last night.|- How did she do it?
The usual way,|insufficient poison.
Say, how many times|has she done it now?
Good evening, Manuel.
Good evening, Honoré.
Gaston, my boy.
Your first suicide.
What an achievement.|And at your age.
Like everyone in Paris,|we were just talking about you.
Thank you, Honoré.|I came over to...
May I add mine, sir?
Thank you, Manuel.|I came over to get a...
It was a stunning victory.
- Where is the champagne?|- It's ready, sir.
I came over to get away|from the telephone.
I can imagine.|Any news from the corpse?
Fully recovered, according to|late morning editions.
And how do you feel?
Oddly enough, I'm not quite sure.
Make a guess.
Well, I'd say edgy.
Almost depressed. I don't know why.
There must be a reason.
I suppose it's to be expected.
I'm told Verdi felt that way after|the first performance of "Aida".
- Get a glass for yourself.|- I have one, sir.
To you, Gaston.
May this be the first of many.
What about tonight?|Where do we go? What do we do?
I don't know. I should consider|what I do next very carefully.
I've been weighing the idea of|going to the country for a while.
You mean, leave Paris?
Yes. Why not?
Why not?
That's the one thing|you mustn't do.
Do you want people to think|you're despondent? Disturbed?
If you leave, they will, you know.
No, no. That would be snatching|defeat from the jaws of victory.
No, no, no. For the next few weeks,|you should be out every night.
Maxim's, Moulin Rouge,|Pre Catalan.
The Pre Catalan is closed.
Open it!|You must be carefree.
A different girl every night.|Keep them guessing who's next.
Play the game.|Be gay...
...extravagant, outrageous.
Imagine. Gaston bought out|the opera last night...
...and brought the entire company|to his house for a performance.
I'll go.
Gaston, how are you?|You look all in.
- Is your grandmother home?|- Yes, she is.
Is that gold?
The handle, yes.
You must be very rich to have|a gold handle on your cane.
Gaston, what a nice surprise.
Don't let me disturb you, Mamita.
I was just preparing dinner.
Smells awfully good.
It's just a pork cassoulet.
It was impossible to|get any goose this week.
I'll have them send you|a brace from the country.
I brought you some caramels.
Thank you, Gaston.
Gaston, you spoil her so.
The champagne is for you.
You spoil me too.
Be careful.|You'll ruin your hands.
I have a manicure every morning.
What a nuisance.
- Not like that.|- No?
Like this.
All right.
- Where are you going with that tie?|- Let's not talk about it.
I'm having a small party|for 200 at the Eiffel Tower.
- Are you going away?|- Yes, for the weekend. Trouville.
A little sea air before the|next round of parties.
- Is Trouville by the sea?|- Yes, you little idiot.
You expect to find sea air|in the mountains?
Don't make fun of me.|I've never been to the ocean.
What will you eat|for dinner tonight?
Filet of sole with mussels,|for a change.
And a lamb filet with truffles.
It's always the same.|It can't compare...
...with your grandmother's cassoulet.
Why don't you stay|and have some with us?
- I wish I could.|- Why not?
All right, I will.
But people are waiting for you.
My car's downstairs. I'll send|the chauffeur with my apologies.
My uncle will be the host.
Honoré? He'll do it very well.
I'm dying to take a ride|in your beautiful automobile.
Let me deliver it.
If you want to.
Tell the chauffeur to take this|to my uncle's house.
- Go quickly.|- Thank you.
I can't wait to see|the face of the janitress.
And after dinner, we'll have|a serious game of cards.
And I'll beat you, as usual.
And you'll cheat, as usual.
Gaston, Gigi takes advantage of you.
Let her, let her, Mamita.
It amuses me.
How is Honoré these days?
The same.
A life devoted to the chase.
We've missed you, Gaston.|We haven't seen you since the suicide.
Yes, I've had quite a|full schedule lately.
So I've read.
You always do things|in the grand manner.
Your parties have|filled the newspapers.
Sometimes the cure is more|painful than the illness.
But I have to do it.|It's expected of me.
Poor Gaston.
You're in a difficult position,|aren't you?
Yes, Mamita, yes.|Very difficult.
See, the whole of Paris|is watching me.
What are you talking of?
The whole world is watching you.
Yes, it's quite a responsibility.
Quite a responsibility.
Discard two.
Ten pounds of sugar.
Those aren't very high stakes.|Your sugar isn't that good.
I'd rather play you for candy.
It's the same thing,|only sugar is healthier.
You just say that|because you make it.
Gigi, I heard that.|Where are your manners?
It's all right, Mamita.|It's all right.
If I lose, what would you really like?|Silk stockings?
No. Silk stockings|make my legs itch.
I discard one.
What I would really like|is a Nile green corset...
...with rococo roses embroidered|on the garters.
Or a new role for the player piano.
Or what?
A look at the ocean.
All right.
If I lose, I'll take|you and Mamita to Trouville.
I heard that too.
Don't worry, Gaston.
Win or lose, Gigi, you will not impose|us on poor Gaston for the weekend.
May I have a glass of champagne?
Are you losing your mind?|Of course you may not.
Discard three.
Discard one.
Now, let's see.
Cards are a matter of logic.
I know what I have...
...and I know how many you've drawn.
According to the percentages,|you undoubtedly have an ace.
You discarded a 10|and a five...
...and a queen...
...and a three.
You, therefore, must have two aces.
Two aces and something smaller.
That's very interesting.
...I win.
And therefore, you lose.
But you cheated.|Where did you get that fourth king?
I won, I won, I won!
Why, you gypsy!|You thief!
You're a muttonhead.|Do we go to Trouville?
Yes, yes. You go to Trouville.
Grandmama, we go to Trouville.
It's out of the question.
Not at all. I'd love it.|Believe it or not...
...I have a better time|with this outrageous brat...
...than anybody in Paris.|It'll be marvelous fun.
{y:i}What time tomorrow will we get there?|{y:i}Can I watch you play roulette?
{y:i}May I stay up late for supper?|{y:i}Is it awfully, awfully upper?
{y:i}Gigi, you'll drive us wild
{y:i}Stop, you silly child
{y:i}Is everybody celebrated|{y:i}Full of sin and dissipated?
{y:i}Is it hot enough to blister?|{y:i}Will I be your little sister?
{y:i}Gigi, you are absurd
{y:i}Now, not another word
{y:i}Let her gush and jabber
{y:i}Let her be enthused
{y:i}I cannot remember|{y:i}When I have been more amused
- Stop it!|{y:i}- The night they invented champagne
{y:i}It's plain as it can be
{y:i}They thought of you and me
{y:i}The night they invented champagne
{y:i}They absolutely knew
{y:i}That all we'd want to do
{y:i}Is fly to the sky on champagne
{y:i}And shout to everyone in sight
{y:i}That since the world began|{y:i}No woman or a man
{y:i}Has ever been as happy|{y:i}As we are tonight
{y:i}The night they invented champagne
{y:i}It's plain as it can be|{y:i}They thought of you and me
{y:i}The night they invented champagne
{y:i}They absolutely knew that|{y:i}All we'd want to do
{y:i}Is fly to the sky on champagne
{y:i}And shout to everyone in sight
{y:i}That since the world began
{y:i}No woman or a man
{y:i}Has ever been as happy|{y:i}As we are tonight
Why, there's Gaston.
I didn't know he would|be at Trouville.
Who's that child he's with?
Me, I'm here on|very important business.
There she is.
Riding is important.
...I must tell you that you upset|all my plans for the weekend.
- May I?|- Please.
How did I do that?
I came prepared for battle...
...and an old wound|prevented me from charging.
I don't think she|was your type anyhow, Honoré.
- You were watching me?|- Force of habit.
When a pretty woman came by,|I always had to watch you.
What good fortune|brings you to Trouville?
I came with Gaston and Gigi.
You did?
Gigi is my granddaughter.
No, not your granddaughter.
Oh, yes. Time does not|stand still for all of us, Honoré.
Don't be nervous!
Gaston is such a dear man.
So sweet of him to bring|little Gigi and show her Trouville.
She's having a glorious time.
And so is Gaston.
I haven't seen him|this chipper in years.
We had good times too...
...didn't we?
Come to think of it,|those last days we spent together...
...were by the sea, weren't they?
Were they?
Of course they were.
On the Riviera.|The pink villa.
- I only remember the blue villa.|- Which was that?
The one belonging to the soprano.
You knew.
But of course.
But I thought you left me|because of that Austrian count.
But of course.
But you didn't.
I'll tell you about|that blue villa, Mamita.
I was so much in love,|I wanted to marry you.
Yes, it's true.
I was beginning to think of marriage.
Imagine!|Marriage, me.
No. I was really desperate.
I had to do something.|And what I did was the soprano.
Thank you, Honoré.
That is the most charming and endearing|excuse for infidelity...
...that I've ever heard.
But I've never forgotten you.
Not the last evening we spent together.
I can remember everything|as if it were yesterday.
{y:i}We met at 9
{y:i}We met at 8
{y:i}I was on time
{y:i}No, you were late
{y:i}Ah, yes
{y:i}I remember it well
{y:i}We dined with friends
{y:i}We dined alone
{y:i}A tenor sang
{y:i}A baritone
{y:i}Ah, yes
{y:i}I remember it well
{y:i}That dazzling April moon
{y:i}There was none that night
{y:i}And the month was June
{y:i}That's right
{y:i}That's right
{y:i}It warms my heart|{y:i}To know that you
{y:i}Remember still|{y:i}The way you do
{y:i}Ah, yes
{y:i}I remember it well
{y:i}- How often I've thought of that Friday...|{y:i}- Monday
{y:i}- night, when we had|{y:i}Our last rendezvous
{y:i}And somehow I foolishly|{y:i}Wondered if you might
{y:i}By some chance|{y:i}Be thinking of it too
{y:i}That carriage ride
{y:i}You walked me home
{y:i}You lost a glove
{y:i}I lost a comb
{y:i}Ah, yes
{y:i}I remember it well
{y:i}That brilliant sky
{y:i}We had some rain
{y:i}Those Russian songs
{y:i}From sunny Spain?
{y:i}Ah, yes
{y:i}I remember it well
{y:i}You wore a gown of gold
{y:i}I was all in blue
{y:i}Am I getting old?
{y:i}Oh, no
{y:i}Not you
{y:i}How strong you were
{y:i}How young and gay
{y:i}A prince of love
{y:i}In every way
{y:i}Ah, yes
{y:i}I remember it well
- Where is she?|- In the salon, madame.
What's happened?
What's so important you couldn't|tell me on the telephone?
We have serious matters to discuss.|Collect yourself.
I doubt if I'll ever be able to.
Serious matters about what?
About Gigi.
You were at Trouville over the weekend|with Gaston Lachaille.
It was a dreadful mistake.
Dreadful mistake?|What are you talking about, Alicia?
My dear sister...
...has it ever occurred|to you that Gigi...?
Yes, Gigi.
It isn't possible.
Not if it's ruined at the|beginning through lack of tact.
And when did I display any lack of tact?|It was a most congenial weekend.
So congenial that Gaston returned,|canceled all engagements...
...and left Paris that same evening|for Monte Carlo.
He did?|For how long?
For what they describe as|an extended stay.
But why?
It doesn't matter why.
It may be a blessing in disguise.|It gives us time.
Time for what?
For Gigi's lessons, of course.
See to it that she's here every day.
Do you really think...?
It's a chance.|But a chance that we must take.
From now on, dear sister...'s work, work, work...
...lessons, lessons, lessons.
Pick up the coffeepot with one hand|and the cup and saucer with the other.
Always both.|Never the coffeepot alone.
Like this, Aunt?
Your grip on the saucer|must be firm...
...but not obviously so.
The saucer must seem so much|a part of your fingers...
...that one would think|it could only be removed by surgery.
Now pour...
...and be sure the coffeepot is upright|before you take the cup away.
There must be no drops.
Now give it to me.
I don't take any, but be sure and|always ask about cream and sugar.
Now serve yourself.
And remember the firm grip.
No, the coffeepot first!
Now, you will try it once more.
Remember, you will go|to the door properly...
...turn, walk in properly|and sit down properly.
Now, go on.
And not like a marionette.|Keep your shoulders level.
Now turn...
...walk back and sit down.
And don't flop into the chair.
Insinuate yourself.
That's better.
Now rise and exit the same way.
Don't jump up!
Now, you hold the glass like this.
Charles, some more wine|for mademoiselle.
Watch me.
Try it.
Don't gulp it!
Sip it. A little at a time.
Fill mademoiselle's glass, Charles.
That's better.
You have to fully enjoy the aroma.
Hold your first sip on the roof|of your mouth for a moment...
...and breathe through your nose.|Then you will feel the flavor.
Did you feel the perfume?
- No.|- Try it again.
A bad year will be sharp.
A good year, which this is,|of course, will waft.
That will be all, Charles.
Hello, Grandma...
Hello, Gigi.
Come in.
How good to see you.
I have a present for...
What's the matter with her?
Don't you look well!
Did you have a nice trip?
How was Monte Carlo this year?
Well, the sea is blue.|The palm trees are green.
The sun is yellow.|It all makes a lovely post card.
Just as it should be.
Actually, it's a bore.
One has to be as rich as you|to be bored at Monte Carlo.
I brought Gigi some caramels.
Really, Gaston,|you spoil her too much.
Would you like a cup of chamomile tea?
Please. Please, Mamita.
Look, Gaston.
Four yards of material in the skirt.
Well, don't I look great ladyish?
You look like|an organ-grinder's monkey!
An organ-grinder's monkey?
What happened to your|little Scotch dress?
And that ridiculous collar!
And what's wrong with that collar?
It makes you look like|a giraffe with a goiter.
With all the talk|there is about you, Gaston...
...I've never heard it said|you had any taste in clothes.
Have you gone mad? How dare you|speak to Gaston like that?
Apologize.|Apologize at once!
I certainly will not.|This is a beautiful dress.
Gaston, please.
I beg of you, wait.|She'll apologize.
Is this the education she gets|from you and your sister?
My congratulations to you both.
What have you done?
Why did he fly off the handle?|He knew I'd answer him back.
You ungrateful little thing.
How can you be rude to Gaston|when he's been so good to us?
And just when|we were trying so hard... make an elegant|young lady out of you.
To show you off|to your best advantage.
You must admit, one doesn't have to|turn oneself inside out...
...for an old friend like Gaston.
It's silly.
It's absolutely silly.
I've decided your new dress|may not be as bad as all that.
I didn't see it properly,|and perhaps I was a bit cruel.
To prove it,|I'll take you for a drive...
...for tea at the Reservoirs|in Versailles.
- Would you like that?|- I'd love it!
Gaston wants to take me|to tea at the Reservoirs.
You've come back, Gaston.|How tolerant you are.
I hadn't really gone.
We're going to tea|at the Reservoirs.
No, you're not.
I'm sorry, Gaston.
What do you mean?
Grandmama, please.
Gigi, go to your room|for a moment.
I have to talk to Gaston|about something.
No, Grandmama.
Gigi, do as you're told.
Mamita, what does this mean?
Something has changed here lately.
I can feel it.
Sit down, Gaston.
Gaston, you know my friendship for you.
My friendship and my gratitude.
But I must not forget my duty.
Gigi's mother has neither the time|nor the mind to take care of her.
And Gigi isn't just another girl.|She's special.
Of course.
For years, you've been giving her|candies and trinkets...
...and she adores you.
Now you want to take her in your|automobile to the Reservoirs for tea.
If it were just you and I,|I would say:
"Take Gigi wherever you want."|I would trust her with you anywhere.
But there are others, Gaston.|You are known everywhere.
For a woman to|go out with you alone now...
...with the eyes of Paris on you...
Are you trying to make me believe...
...that if Gigi goes out with me,|she'll be compromised?
Let us say she would be labeled.
A young girl who goes out with you|is no longer an ordinary young girl.
Not even a respectable young girl.
Mamita, this is absurd.
As far as you are concerned,|it would be just another news item.
But in this case, I would not|have the heart to laugh...
...when I read it in the newspapers.
This is too ridiculous|to discuss any further.
I don't want to contradict you,|and I don't want to argue about it.
If you feel you're protecting Gigi|from some cruel fate...
...that's your affair.
I understand responsibility to Gigi|better than you.
I'll do all I can to entrust her|only to a man who'll be able to say:
"I'll take care of her.|I'll answer for her future."
Now, can I get you|your chamomile tea, Gaston?
No, thank you.|I have an appointment...
...and I'm late already.
But forgive me if I wonder, madame...
...whom you are keeping her for?|Some underpaid bank clerk...
...who'll marry her and give her|four children in three years?
You're upset.|Please...
To see her married in white in|a dingy little church to a plumber...
...who'll only give her|a worthless name...
...and the squalor of good intentions?
Very well, madame.|Very well!
If that's your ambition...
...inflict your misery|in the name of respectability.
I pity you!|I pity you all!
What utter rubbish!
Pierre... I look upset?
Yes, monsieur, you do.
Upset indeed!
{y:i}She's a babe
{y:i}Just a babe
{y:i}Still cavorting in her crib
{y:i}Eating breakfast with a bib
{y:i}With her baby teeth|{y:i}And all her baby curls
{y:i}She's a tot
{y:i}Just a tot
{y:i}Good for bouncing on your knee|{y:i}I am positive that she
{y:i}Doesn't even know|{y:i}That boys aren't girls
{y:i}She's a snip
{y:i}Just a snip
{y:i}Making dreadful baby noise|{y:i}Having fun with all her toys
{y:i}Just a chickadee|{y:i}Who needs a mother hen
{y:i}She's a cub, a papoose|{y:i}You could never turn her loose
{y:i}She's too infantile|{y:i}To take her from her pen
{y:i}Of course, that weekend in Trouville
{y:i}In spite of all her youthful zeal
{y:i}She was exceedingly polite
{y:i}And on the whole, a sheer delight
{y:i}And if it wasn't joy galore
{y:i}At least not once was she a bore
{y:i}That I recall
{y:i}No, not at all
{y:i}She's a child
{y:i}A silly child
{y:i}Adolescent to her toes|{y:i}And good heaven, how it shows
{y:i}Sticky thumbs are all the fingers|{y:i}She has got
{y:i}She's a child
{y:i}A clumsy child
{y:i}She's as swollen as a grape|{y:i}And she doesn't have a shape
{y:i}Where her figure ought to be|{y:i}It is not!
{y:i}Just a child
{y:i}A growing child
{y:i}But so backward for her years|{y:i}If a boy her age appears
{y:i}I am certain|{y:i}He will never call again
{y:i}She's a scamp and a brat|{y:i}Doesn't know where she is at
{y:i}Unequipped and undesirable to men
{y:i}Of course, I must in truth confess
{y:i}That in her brand-new little dress
{y:i}She looked surprisingly mature
{y:i}And had a definite allure
{y:i}It was a shock, in fact, to me
{y:i}A most amazing shock to see
{y:i}The way it clung
{y:i}On one so young
{y:i}She's a girl
{y:i}A little girl
{y:i}Getting older, it is true|{y:i}Which is what they always do
{y:i}Till that unexpected hour|{y:i}When they blossom like a flower
Oh, no.
Oh, no.
{y:i}There's sweeter music
{y:i}When she speaks
{y:i}Isn't there?
{y:i}A different bloom
{y:i}About her cheeks
{y:i}Isn't there?
{y:i}Could I be wrong?
{y:i}Could it be so?
{y:i}Oh, where|{y:i}Oh, where did Gigi go?
{y:i}Am I a fool without a mind?
{y:i}Or have I merely been too blind
{y:i}To realize?
{y:i}Oh, Gigi
{y:i}Why, you've been growing up|{y:i}Before my eyes
{y:i}You're not at all|{y:i}That funny, awkward little girl
{y:i}I knew
{y:i}Oh, no
{y:i}There's been|{y:i}A breathless change
{y:i}In you
{y:i}Oh, Gigi
{y:i}While you were trembling|{y:i}On the brink
{y:i}Was I out yonder somewhere|{y:i}Blinking at a star?
{y:i}Oh, Gigi
{y:i}Have I been standing up too close
{y:i}Or back too far?
{y:i}When did your sparkle
{y:i}Turn to fire?
{y:i}And your warmth|{y:i}Become desire?
{y:i}Oh, what miracle
{y:i}Has made you the way you are?
{y:i}Oh, no
{y:i}I was mad not to have seen
{y:i}The change in you
{y:i}Oh, Gigi!
{y:i}While you were trembling|{y:i}On the brink
{y:i}Was I out yonder somewhere|{y:i}Blinking at a star?
{y:i}Oh, Gigi
{y:i}Have I been standing up too close
{y:i}Or back to far?
{y:i}When did your sparkle
{y:i}Turn to fire?
{y:i}And your warmth
{y:i}Become desire?
{y:i}Oh, what miracle
{y:i}Has made you the way
{y:i}You are?
Mamita, are you alone?
Good. I have an important|business matter to discuss with you.
Now, let us recapitulate.
To begin with, he said she would|be spoiled as no other...
He said she would be spoiled|as no other woman has been before.
It's all right, but it's vague.|I like everything spelled out.
Did he say precisely|where she would live?
He said a suitable house|on the Avenue du Bois.
- You're sure?|- Of course.
Well, very good.|Servants?
Yes, he mentioned servants.
What about an automobile?
I think so. I'm not quite sure.
She must have an automobile|and a chauffeur.
I'm sure he didn't mean|to be evasive or ungenerous.
He suggested that you and I|and our lawyer... at his lawyer tomorrow|and draw it up in detail.
You call him and tell him to|bring his lawyer to our lawyer.
We'll draw it up in detail.
You mustn't be suspicious, Alicia.
- Gigi doesn't know yet?|- How could she?
He just left. But he wants to|have dinner with her this evening.
When you speak to Gigi,|be sure and stress...
...the difficulties of the situation,|not the delights.
The role she will have to play.
She's a naive, thoughtless girl.
You must warn her not to|ask for the moon.
Not only will he not give it...
Don't worry about her.|You think she's like you.
Actually, you don't know her.|There's no meanness in her at all.
Thank you very much.
I mean, she has no material ambition.
I understand. He should|send a present before tonight.
Let me know what it is.
Yes, I will.
Won't you sit down?
You know why I'm here?
Yes, I know.
Do you want to...
...or don't you?
I don't want to.
I don't know what you want.|You told Grandmama...
I know what I told your grandmother.|We don't have to repeat it.
Just tell me simply what|you don't want...
...and tell me what you do want.
Do you mean that?
Of course.
You told Grandmama that|you wanted to take care of me.
To take care of you beautifully.
Beautifully.|That is, if I like it.
They've pounded into my head|I'm backward for my age...
...but I know what all this means.
To take care of me beautifully|means I shall go away with you...
...and that I shall sleep in your bed.
Please, Gigi.
I beg of you, you embarrass me.
You weren't embarrassed to|talk to Grandmama about it.
And Grandmama wasn't embarrassed|to talk to me about it.
But I know more than she told me.|To take care of me...
...means that I shall have|my photograph in the papers.
That I shall go to the Riviera.|To the races at Deauville.
And when we fight, it will|be in all the columns the next day.
And when you'd give me up,|as you did with Inés des Cévennes.
Who's been filling your head|with all these old stories?
How do you know about that?
Why shouldn't I know?
You're world famous.
I know about the woman|who stole from you.
The "contessa"|who wanted to shoot you.
The American who wanted to marry you.|I know what everybody knows.
These aren't the things|we have to talk about together.
That's all in the past,|over and done with.
Yes, Gaston.
Until it begins again.
It's not your fault|you're world famous.
It's just that I haven't got|a world famous sort of nature.
When it's over, Gaston Lachaille|goes off with another lady.
And I have only to go into|another gentleman's bed.
That won't do for me.
I'm not changeable.|That won't do for me.
Grandmama and Aunt Alicia are on|your side, but this concerns me too.
And I think I should have|something to say about it.
And what I say is, it won't work.|It won't work!
Are you trying to find a way|to tell me that I don't please you?
That you don't like me?
Oh, no, Gaston!
Oh, no. I do like you.
I'm so happy when I'm with you.
Gaston, couldn't we go on|just as we are?
Maybe seeing each other|a little more often?
You're a friend of the family.|Nobody would think anything of it.
You could go on bringing me|licorice and caramels...
...and champagne on my birthday.
And on Sundays, we can have|an extra special game of cards.
Wouldn't that be|a lovely little life?
A wonderful little life.
Except that you forget one thing:
I'm in love with you.
You never told me.
I haven't known it very long.
I discovered it|when I was away from you.
In Monte Carlo.
You are a wicked man.
You're in love with me...
...and you want to drag me into a life|that will make me suffer!
You think nothing of exposing me|to all sorts of terrible adventures...
...ending in quarrels, separations...
...pistol shots,|Sandomirs and poison!
Please listen to me!
I should never have|believed this of you. Never!
What's the matter?
What's happened?
She doesn't seem to want to.
What do you mean?
I mean she doesn't want to!
Are you going out of your mind?
As God is my witness,|I explained it to her. Believe me.
You explained too much!
You've trained her to know|nothing but the sordid and the vulgar.
But what about kindness,|sweetness, benevolence?
What of the tender heart|bulging with generosity?
These things exist too, madame.|Or have you never heard of them?
Uncle! I'll tell you...
...Europe is breeding a generation|of vandals and ingrates.
Children are coming|into the world...
...with ice-covered souls|and hatchets in their hands!
And before they have finished, they'll|smash everything beautiful and decent.
Have a piece of cheese.
No, thank you.
I envy you, Uncle.|I envy you, your age.
For you, it was different.
You've been clean and good,|and it's been appreciated.
But not anymore.|It's over. All over.
I'm sorry to hear it.|A little salad?
No, thank you.
Imagine this if you can:
Here is a girl, living in|a moldy apartment, decaying walls...
...worm-ridden furniture,|surrounded by filth.
You're ruining my lunch.
Nothing to look forward to|but abject poverty.
My heart was touched.|I wanted to help her.
I offered her everything:
House, car, servants, clothes...
...and me.
She turned me down.
- Turned you down?|- Turned me down.
It's impossible.
It's not impossible.|It just happened.
Obviously, that disgusting apartment|she lives in has driven her mad.
Her grandmother was delighted.
- Grandmother?|- Yes, Mamita.
But Gigi...|No, no, no. Not Gigi.
She refused me.|She turned me down.
I was refused, rejected, rebuffed...
...and repudiated.
They're a very peculiar family|with peculiar ideas.
I negotiated with them myself once.
With me, one casual bit|of grazing in another pasture...
...and the gate was slammed behind me.
What did you do?
- I left immediately.|- Bravo!
The absolutely right thing to do.
Of course.
And when she sends for you,|which you realize she will...
Of course.|I know she will.
This is plainly a maneuver|for better terms.
Don't you go back!
I wouldn't go back|for anything in the world.
After all, you behaved|like a perfect gentleman.
No question about it.
You made your offer in good faith...
...before any emotional advance.
An act of the purest chivalry.
I don't know any other way.
And if she doesn't appreciate|the nobility of your conduct...
...if she uses the beauty|of your nature... a weapon for bargaining...
...then she's obviously not worth|the chivalry or the nobility.
It's no one's fault.|You're too good for her.
Do you know how long|it will take you to forget her?
By tomorrow noon at the latest.
Why not consult your little book|and meet me at Maxim's tonight?
Splendid idea.
I would suggest a redhead.
Try Michéle. I saw her last night.|She looked heavenly.
I'll call her at once.
You should. She doesn't|have many good years left.
- See you at 9?|- Nine sharp.
Goodbye, Honoré.
{y:i}Poor boy
{y:i}Poor boy
{y:i}Downhearted and depressed|{y:i}And in a spin
{y:i}Poor boy
{y:i}Poor boy
{y:i}Oh, youth can really|{y:i}Do a fellow in
{y:i}How lovely to sit here|{y:i}In the shade
{y:i}With none of the woes|{y:i}Of man and maid
{y:i}I'm glad I'm not young anymore
{y:i}The rivals that don't exist at all
{y:i}The feeling you're only 2 feet tall
{y:i}I'm glad that I'm not young anymore
{y:i}No more confusion
{y:i}No morning-after surprise
{y:i}No self-delusion
{y:i}That when you're telling those lies
{y:i}She isn't wise
{y:i}And even if love|{y:i}Comes through the door
{y:i}The kind that goes on forevermore
{y:i}Forevermore is shorter than before
{y:i}Oh, I'm so glad
{y:i}That I'm not young anymore
{y:i}The tiny remark that tortures you
{y:i}The fear that your friends|{y:i}Won't like her too
{y:i}I'm glad I'm not young anymore
{y:i}The longing to end a stale affair
{y:i}Until you find out she doesn't care
{y:i}I'm glad that I'm not young anymore
{y:i}No more frustration
{y:i}No star-crossed lover am I
{y:i}No aggravation
{y:i}Just one reluctant reply
{y:i}Lady, goodbye
{y:i}The fountain of youth|{y:i}Is dull as paint
{y:i}Methuselah is my patron saint
{y:i}I've never been so comfortable before
{y:i}Oh, I'm so glad
{y:i}That I'm not young anymore
Yes, madame?
Charles, I'm going out.
Order me a carriage immediately.
Yes, madame.|Right away, madame.
Would you repeat that again, please?
She doesn't want to.
She doesn't want to?
She doesn't want to.
Such stupidity is without equal... the entire history|of human relations.
It must be your fault.|It must be.
You must've emphasized the difficulties|instead of the delights.
What did you say|to the little monster?
Gigi is perhaps a little slow|about certain things...
...but just because she's not|attracted to Gaston...
...doesn't make her a monster.
It doesn't make her a princess.
What did you say to her?
Did you tell her about love,|travel, moonlight, Italy?
About hummingbirds|in all the flowers...
...and making love in a|gardenia-scented garden?
I couldn't tell her that.
I've never been further|than the Riviera.
Couldn't you have invented it?
No, Alicia, I could not.
It's incredible.
Incredible!|Where is she?
Perhaps I should talk to her|and tell her what she's missing.
It's the glory of romance...
...forgetting everything in the arms|of the man who adores you...
...listening to the music of love|in an eternal spring.
- And when eternal spring is over?|- What difference does that make?
It makes a difference to Gigi.|And I'll tell you something:
I'm not sure I don't agree with her.
You're a fool! And your|granddaughter takes after you.
When I think of the time and effort|I've lavished on that idiotic child!
I received a note from Gigi.|She said she wanted to see me.
Of course.
Won't you come in?
Thank you.
You know my sister?
My dear Mr. Lachaille.|What a pleasant surprise.
And how is your enchanting father?
He has diabetes.
If one is in the sugar business...
And your attractive mother?|Well, I hope.
Gaston, I have been thinking.
I'd rather be miserable|with you than without you.
{y:i}Say a prayer|{y:i}For me tonight
{y:i}I'll need every prayer
{y:i}That you can spare|{y:i}To get me by
{y:i}Say a prayer
{y:i}And while you're praying
{y:i}Keep on saying
{y:i}She's much too young to die
{y:i}On to your Waterloo
{y:i}Whispers my heart
{y:i}Pray I'll be Wellington
{y:i}Not Bonaparte
{y:i}Say a prayer
{y:i}For me this evening
{y:i}Bow your head and please
{y:i}Stay on your knees
I thought perhaps we might|go to Siena in July...
...beginning of the season.
And when do we go to Deauville?
At the end of August.
It isn't absolutely necessary,|if you'd rather not.
Don't say it. I'd love to go.
Especially to the casino.
You know how much I love to gamble.
Would you like more coffee?
I'll do it.
Of course, the roulette wheel won't|be as easy to beat as you are.
Nor as easy to cheat.
You always knew that I cheated,|didn't you?
Madame Dunard.
How do you know Madame Dunard?
I know all about Madame Dunard.|Do you see her pearls?
Dipped. Not worth a sou.
The poor thing doesn't know it.
It's just a matter of time now.
Would you like to dance?
I'd love to.
What an evening.
Don't you think so, darling?
Gaston, my boy, I waited for you.
- Good evening, Honoré.|- Good evening, Monsieur Lachaille.
Do you know what|we are going to do?
We are going to...
What's that in your breast pocket?
- I'm sorry.|- What is it?
It's a present for you.
Wouldn't you like to see it?
Oh, no. Not now.
Later. I'd rather dance with you.
May I see it now?
The present.
Gaston, that's beautiful.
They're simply beautiful.
Oh, what a color!
Only the most beautiful emeralds|contain that miracle...
...of elusive blue.
What taste you have.
If I may say so, much better|than your taste in clothes.
- May I put it on?|- The clasp is a bit tricky.
Why not ask the lady|in the powder room to help?
Yes, of course.|Thank you.
My dear, dear, dear boy.
How did it happen?|She changed her mind?
How delicious!
Did you have to|improve the arrangement?
Please don't be vulgar.
She looks adorable.
So fresh, so eager... young.
It's the sophisticated women|who get boring so quickly.
What can they give you?|Everything but surprise.
But with someone like Gigi...
She can amuse you for months.
I'm so happy for you.|I can't wait to tell Manuel.
Good night. Good night.
I don't understand.
What's wrong?
It's too early to go home yet.
I thought I was doing so well.|What's the matter?
I don't want to go home yet!
Please, Gaston.
Gaston, won't you tell me|what I've done wrong?
Gaston, do tell me. Please!
What's happened?
Gigi, what's happened?
May I come in?
Gaston, please.
No newspapers. No scandal.
Madame, will you do me the honor...
...the favor...
...give me the infinite joy|of bestowing on me...
...Gigi's hand in marriage?
Thank heaven.
{y:i}For little girls
{y:i}For little girls|{y:i}Get bigger every day
{y:i}Thank heaven
{y:i}For little girls
{y:i}They grow up|{y:i}In the most delightful way
{y:i}Those little eyes|{y:i}So helpless and appealing
{y:i}One day will flash and send you|{y:i}Crashing through the ceiling
{y:i}Thank heaven for little girls
{y:i}Thank heaven for them all|{y:i}No matter where, no matter who
{y:i}Without them|{y:i}What would little boys do?
{y:i}Thank heaven
{y:i}Thank heaven
{y:i}Thank heaven
{y:i}For little girls
English Subtitles by|Gelula/SDI
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