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Gift The 2000

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I deliver perfection...|and don't brag about it! :D
Oh, thank you. Pretty peaches.
- Yes, ma'am.|- So, how you been?
Oh, pretty good, I reckon.
Have you had a health problem|since I saw you last?
- Ma'am?|- Have you been sick?
My back's been hurtin' a little.
No, no, it's not your back.
Are you bleedin' somewhere?
Yes, ma'am, a little.
Have you been to a doctor?
Oh, I don't much like goin'|to no doctors.
Well, I think maybe you should go.
It's not a venereal disease.
I think it's just some kinda kidney|or bladder infection or something.
But it's been around for a while -|can lead to more serious problems.
Do you want me|to call a doctor for you?
- All right.|- OK.
You kids get on to bed now.|It's nearly 9.00.
Aw, Momma, can't we stay up|just a little bit?
No. You heard me, mister.
- Momma...|- Mm?
What does "fuck" mean?
It's a bad word, hon,|for something nice.
But what does it mean?
Well... it means making love.
That's how your daddy and me|made your brothers and you.
Take your tools off, honey.
Mike, did you hear me?
- What?|- I said get to bed.
Your lip's draggin' the floor -|it'll freeze like that!
- You act like I'm a kid.|- You are a kid, honey.
May as well take your glasses off -|I know he's been hittin' you again.
- I see your lip.|- I know.
It... It just embarrasses me.
It's OK.
Take 'em off.
He got worse.
I went to the store yesterday|'cause we was outta some things
and he got home from work early|before I could get back.
He was waitin' with the razor strap.|My legs are all cut up.
I got welts the size of footballs|on my back and legs.
I feel guilty, you payin' me money|to tell you to get away from him.
You got to get help! Legal help!
You don't know Donnie Barksdale,|Annie.
He'll kill me if I leave him.|He'll find me.
He said he would.
No, he's not crazy enough|to kill anybody.
He's just an insecure redneck.
I think he's got a woman on the side.|Yeah, he's been layin' out at night.
Excuse me. The school's on the phone.|Mike's in some kind of trouble.
Mrs Wilson. Hi.
Come on in. Have a seat.
- Where's Mike?|- He's in the infirmary.
Nothing to get worked up about.|He's fine.
He's got a few... Sit down.
He's got a few nicks and bruises.
I think he might have a pretty good|black eye by tomorrow, but he's OK.
- He was in another fight?|- Yes, he was.
His grades are getting worse, too.|How's he doing at home?
Well, not much better.
He's real distant.
I don't pretend to be a psychologist,
but it's obvious that your boy's|got a lot of anger in him.
Well... um... it's about this time|last year his daddy passed away.
He's still real messed up over it.
I never knew your husband.|I understand he was a fine man.
Yes, he was.
I don't know how you feel|about therapy...
Mike don't...
If you think Mike needs|somebody to talk to...
Mike doesn't need a therapist,|Mr Collins. He can talk to me.
Do you think he will, though?
Sorry, Wayne, I didn't know|you had anybody in here.
- Ruby wasn't at her desk.|- She's out sick.
- This is Jessica King, my fiancée.|- Nice to meet you.
You, too.
We'll just be a couple of minutes.
I gotta go, anyway.|I got people waiting.
Thanks a lot, Mr Collins.|I'm real sorry about all this.
It's my job.
He's just a boy, that's all.
The Wilson that's a fortune-teller?
I don't call myself that.
- I'd love you to read mine!|- I'm booked up.
Do you think|we'll live happily ever after?
What's the matter?
- Did you see something bad?|- Of course not.
I'm sure you'll be|real happy together.
Hi, Mrs Wilson.|How are you getting along?
I'm fine, Buddy, except I can't keep|my car door from flyin' right open!
Have you got time to fix it?
I-I... I can get to it...|in about an hour or two.
You wanna wait?
No, I gotta get home,|I got people coming.
Y-You just wanna leave it here|and I'll carry you on home?
I can have it to you by 6.00.|That be all right?
- Yeah, yeah, that's fine.|- All right.
- Buddy...|- Yeah?
I'm a little low|on my money this week...
Don't you worry about...|No, really, stop it!
- I feel bad...|- Oh, come on!
For all that you've done for me...
I just...|I just think the world of you.
You're about the only one|I call a friend to me.
Yeah... you know, Annie.
I'll get the truck.
Take your time.
How have you been, Buddy?
I've been having some...|some bad thoughts lately.
But yesterday I was feeling so happy.
- Yeah?|- I was feeling on top of the world!
I-I-I didn't even feel|like I needed my medicine.
I took it anyway!
You know, I'm gettin'|hooked on that stuff!
Well, I think you're gonna have|a lot of happy days, Buddy.
Yeah, you're gonna get|better and better.
Yeah, well... I believe you|when you say so.
Honey, what's wrong?
You have to tell me|and you have to tell me now!
I-I'll tell you, hon.
If I look into a blue diamond...
...and I think a negative thought... I gonna die?
No...'re not gonna die.
You're not gonna die, Buddy.
Oh, my God! Oh, my God!|Oh, my God!
Oh... well, thank you...|'cause, if you'd said yes,
I would have to kill myself|before the sun goes down!
Oh, Buddy. Oh, honey, you don't|have to kill yourself, honey.
- You know I'll always tell you.|- Oh, man!
- I'll always tell you...|- Oh, man!
You'll be fine. You can|always talk to me, Buddy. Always.
- Oh, don't use that, honey.|- I feel so embarrassed!
- Oh, no...|- I want you to have it.
- I'll get it soiled.|- Have it.
- This one's Ben's...|- He wants you to have it.
Thank you, thank you.
- You all right?|- Yeah, yeah, I'm all right.
- All right.|- All right.
I can walk home.|You don't have to drive me...
- No, no, I-I'm good, I'm good.|- Yeah?
- Yeah!|- You sure scared me, hon!
No, I'm all right, I'm all right.
All right.|You just take it nice and slow.
Nice and slow.
- Can I help you?|- Yes, ma'am. I'm Donnie Barksdale.
I'm sorry to bother you so late,|but I believe you know my wife Valerie.
Yes, I do. I know who you are.
Can I come in and talk to you?
It's about my wife.|Something's happened to her.
What's happened?
- Is she OK?|- Well, no, she's not, ma'am.
Ma'am, I promise,|I'll just take a minute.
All right.
She's gettin' her head|filled full of shit
by a goddamn Satan worshipper!
Or a damn good con artist -|one of the two!
I know she's been coming over|to see you and your damn voodoo.
You tell her bad things|about me, don't you?
You ain't no better|than a Jew or a nigger!
You know what this is?
It's a voodoo doll.
I'm gonna use this doll on you -|some of your own medicine.
If you don't stop seeing my wife,|I'm stickin' a pin in this every night
till you learn to leave folks alone!
Go back to bed! Everything's fine!
I bet you love|those little children, don't you?
I bet they need their momma,|don't they?
- What's YOUR name?|- Get your ass outta here!
Don't threaten me or my kids!|What I do is my business!
If your wife has any sense,|she'll leave you so you'll never find her!
You get outta here|before I have you thrown in jail!
Messin' with the devil's|gonna get you burned!
Everybody knows that.
I'll see you soon, boys.
Go back to bed! Come on!
- Somethin' smells like cat pee!|- It's perfume, Ben.
Don't cuss in front of appointments.
- Somethin' smells like cat pee...|- Be quiet!
He's got a great sense of humour.
And he loves you.
Valerie. Oh, honey,|you know you shouldn't be here.
I'm sorry about the other night.
Oh, that's OK.|I can take care of myself.
I hate comin' over here, but...
I really need to talk to you!
Maybe you could read for me...|under a bridge or something.
All right, I'll read for you,|but you gotta listen to me.
I can't leave him.|Don't you understand?
Hon, he's gonna keep hurting you|till he puts you in the hospital.
I don't have anything to look forward to.|Maybe you can give me some hope.
Hon, I can't make myself|any clearer...
- VALERIE?!|- Annie! Annie, he's here!
Calm down, hon. I'll call the law.
No! If you're my friend, you won't!
I'll handle you later,|you goddamn bitch!
You witch!
Get your ass in the truck!
That ain't fast enough!
- I told you not to come here!|- I wasn't, I wasn't!
- Let her go!|- Come here!
- Get in!|- Oh, shoot!
Mike, you stay there!
What did I fuckin' tell ya?
Mike, go bring Mrs Francis her clothes!
Thanks, hon.
- Granny?|- Hey, Annabelle!
Granny... what are you doin' here?
I brought you some persimmons.
Remember how you liked persimmons|when you was little?
Gran, you're not...|supposed to be here.
How... How did you get here?
Oh, it ain't far to walk.
Oh... that boy's|got your granddaddy's eyes.
Well, hon,
I'd better get back.
Looks like there's a storm comin'.
No, Granny, it's clear.
Annie... always use your instinct,|honey.
## I've been asleep #|# when teardrops come to stay #
# It hurts me, but I know #|# it's just my sentimental way... ##
Tell Mrs Francis|I'll be home by 9.30.
- 9.30?!|- All right.
{y:i}- I love you, Momma.|- Momma loves you too, honey.
- Be good!|{y:i}- Bye-bye, Momma.
- You ready?|- Why'd I let you talk me into this?
'Cause it's time|you quit living like a nun!
You're gonna be|the prettiest girl here, next to me!
You still a married man?
I don't know about that!
- Oh, thank you!|- Thank you very much!
- Do we pay him now?|- Uh-uh. I sign for it later.
- Is it good?|- Mmm!
- Annie, there he is!|- Who?
That guy I told you about.|Over there by the bar.
God! Don't he look|just like Antonio Banderas?
Oh, my God, he saw me! Shit!
He saw me staring at him!
Get your cards out.|Tell me if he's gonna come over.
I don't have my cards with me, hon.|I am off duty.
- Hello, Mrs Wilson.|- It's Annie.
Wayne, sit down,|you're blocking my view.
You remember Jessica.
I didn't know you were|a member of the country club.
I'm not. I just|kinda tag along with Linda.
- How nice. It's a great outfit.|- Thank you.
- What's Mike up to?|- Moping around his babysitter's.
Yeah? He's a great kid.
I was thinking|you should have him come...
- Wayne, let's not talk shop.|- OK.
- Let's just have fun.|- Hi, there, fun-seekers!
- Hey, there!|- How about a dance with Daddy?
'Course I will, handsome!
Mr King, I don't know|if you know Annie Wilson.
Oh, yeah, yeah.|I think I've seen you at church.
- That is quite a dress, Miss Linda!|- Glad somebody noticed!
You wanna give it a try?
Oh, no, I don't think so.|No, thank you.
Come on, I asked you to dance,|not walk on hot coals!
When was the last time you danced?
It's so long,|I've forgotten how to do it!
I'll make you look good, then,|'cause I'm a terrible dancer!
...I'll dance.
Good luck!
You missed your big chance!
## ... well, I'm doing my best #|# not to open #
# With "I love you" ##
Thank you.
- Somebody might come in here.|- Guess you'd better fuck me fast!
You having a good time?
Me neither!
You seen Jessica around?
She up and disappeared on me again.
She's got a way of doing that.
- What do you think of Jessica?|- She... She's very beautiful.
Yeah, the main thing about her|is she's just... full of life.
We're a little different|in that respect.
Oh... I'm used to tennis shoes!
Reminds me of when I was a kid.
I'd sit out on that porch|and have so many thoughts,
I just couldn't count 'em.
How did you wind up in Brixton?
My husband - he got a job here|at the cable plant.
Did... Did you know...
...something was gonna happen|to your husband?
In an ESP kinda way?
- Well... I don't know if...|- You don't believe in it.
I don't know, I guess I just...
...don't believe there are|any great mysteries in life.
I kinda figure|what you see is what you get.
Well... I didn't know that|there was gonna be an explosion,
but the night before,|I had this real bad, bad dream.
I dreamt that I was all by myself,|that Ben wasn't around any more...
I tried to stop him|going to work the next day, but...
Can't keep|a good man from work, right?
You kinda remind me of him.
- Been lookin' for you everywhere.|- I've been right here.
I see.
- Hi.|- Hi. Let's go talk to Daddy.
He's feeling real depressed.|That big deal fell through.
We got a major crisis here, Annie.|Excuse us.
{y:i}See you later, alligator!
- In a while, crocodile!|- Goodnight, boys!
Go to sleep for Momma.
- What's that, hon?|- Blueberry muffins.
What you doin' with muffins|in your pockets?
- Mrs Francis cooked 'em.|- What they doin' in your pockets?
They're in there 'cause I put 'em|there when she wasn't looking
so I didn't have to eat 'em!
Her blueberry muffins|is terrible, Momma.
Y'all wait here a minute.|Take Ben, hon.
{y:i}... gonna get|{y:i}what God has comin' to you!
{y:i}The walls are gonna come down!
{y:i}Jericho is your home!
{y:i}Hear me now...
{y:i}... when you come to Jericho!
{y:i}Hey, now, Joshua went all the way|{y:i}up to northern Israel, to Syria,
{y:i}and to Gilboah!
{y:i}He conquered all of them!
{y:i}And everywhere, they got together|{y:i}and became a confederacy
{y:i}against Joshua,|{y:i}but none of them could stand!
{y:i}Everyone that came against him,|{y:i}Joshua destroyed...
{y:i}... and the beauty of this is|{y:i}not one Israelite soldier...
{y:i}lost his life, not one!
{y:i}When God's fightin' for ya,|{y:i}every soldier's important!
{y:i}When God's fightin' for ya,|{y:i}every soldier's important!
{y:i}God does not give ONE to the devil!
{y:i}If every child of God praise God,
{y:i}the devil cannot wipe you out,|{y:i}he cannot...
{y:i}... JESUS cannot lose ya!
{y:i}JESUS can deliver you!|{y:i}JESUS can bring you outta...
- Momma... is everything OK?|- Yeah, everything's fine.
- You sure?|- Yeah. Time to go to bed. Let's go.
I know him.|He's a squirrel-hunting buddy of mine.
- I don't think it was Donnie.|- I'm telling you, it was him.
What makes you think|he'd wanna bust into your house?
His wife's a client. He thinks|I'm trying to break up their marriage.
Are you?
Listen... Donnie's high-strung...
...ain't no doubt about that,
but I don't think|he busted into your house.
Listen, I appreciate the coffee|and everything. Take care.
I just can't get through|a wall of some kind in my head...
...or... or my soul.
S-Sometimes I don't know the difference
between my head or my soul!
I think everybody|has that trouble, Buddy.
All right.
Your daddy...
...he took things away from you|when you... were a little boy.
Do you understand that?
He... he'd see me playing around|with something, like a toy or something,
and he'd just take it away from me.
Did he take other things away from you?
Buddy... gotta find out, hon,
why you hate him so much.
My daddy's a good man.|I don't hate my dad.
He's good to Mom and me.
Every kid needs a hit|with a belt sometime... I mean...
Buddy, you gotta try to get past|this wall you're talking about.
You need to talk about your daddy.
YOU tell me why I hate him!|You're the goddamn psychic!
Huh? You're the goddamn psychic!
I-I have to go... home...
...right now.
I'm sorry I yelled at you.
It's all right.
I-I just need...|I just need your help.
I just keep thinking|about that blue diamond! I...
Buddy, if you think about these|things in your childhood, hon,
and you face up to 'em,
then I will be able to help you.
I don't know, hon, I...
I think you gotta do|some thinking on your own.
- You put it up there.|- Hey, Ben!
- Hello?|{y:i}- You got a lot of pretty things.
{y:i}I liked looking at 'em.
{y:i}Ever see anybody skin a squirrel?
{y:i}You stick a knife in its belly - |{y:i}and zip!
{y:i}That's what I'm gonna do|{y:i}to you and your children
{y:i}if you ever call the police again.
- How come you're not asleep?|- I don't know.
What's that bat for?
Don't worry, honey,|I'm just working on my swing!
How come we never go|to the cemetery and see Daddy?
Well, we went out there|just last month on his birthday.
Honey, we've been busy.
Well, it seems like you have time|for a lot of strangers.
If you mean my appointments,|they're not strangers.
They put food on our table.
How come we don't talk about Daddy?
Go, Mike. I'm trying to read.
We'll have to put a frame around it.|That's beautiful.
- Annie.|- Hey.
Listen, I know why Kenneth King|wasn't in church today.
- Put your belt on. Why?|- 'Cause his daughter disappeared.
Jessica?|What do you mean, disappeared?
Kenneth woke up this morning|and Jessica wasn't there.
Her bed hadn't even been slept in.|Do you think she ran off?
Her and Wayne were to marry in June.|Maybe she got cold feet.
Maybe this'll clear the way|for you and Wayne!
What are you talking about?
Oh, come on! I saw the way you were|looking at each other Friday night!
Y'all both just had stars in your eyes!
- Oh, Linda, that's nuts!|- Yeah!
- Annie, love is nuts!|- Come on, go home!
Listen, I want you to get some rest.
You look terrible, OK? Bye, boys!
- I gotta go.|- Bye, Miss Linda.
Ben, get your hand outta there!
That was for y'all's cake!|What am I gonna ice the cake with?
- I like icing, Momma.|- Yeah, I can see that, pumpkin.
Miller, hon, go and ask Mrs Francis|if she's got another can of icing.
- Momma!|- I'm comin', Ben!
Where you goin', son?
You wanna ride in the truck?
I got a question for you.|You know my wife Valerie?
She been around|to see your momma lately?
Hey, boy... I asked you a question!
Give me my hat.
I feel sorry|for you and your brothers -
your momma being a witch and all.
If she don't stop her evil ways,
someday somebody's gonna burn her up,
then you boys|are gonna be without a daddy...
...or a momma.
Hey, Miller, you all right?
He said Momma's a witch|and they're gonna burn her up!
Oh, he did?
You'd better mind your own business.
I intend to, Donnie.
Goddammit! Fuck!
You all right?
Tuscan Rouge!
What was I thinkin'?
- I want icing, Momma!|- You had enough to put you in a coma!
From now on, I want to know|where you are every minute of the day.
Mike, I'm gonna start driving|you and Miller to school.
I wish Daddy was here.
Well, he's not, hon, but Momma is.
Eat your cake.
- Hello?|{y:i}- This is Kenneth King.
- Mr King.|{y:i}- I imagine...'ve heard about|my daughter's disappearance.
Mrs Wilson, I don't believe in what|you do. I'll be straight with you.
Not only that, I don't like it,
but we've got to the end of the road|and looked under every rock there is.
We'd like you to...|tell us what you can to help us.
No hocus pocus|and chantin' and carryin' on.
We know you talk to a lot of folks|and know a lot of folks' business.
You might've... heard somethin'.
The only thing we know|is one of Sheriff Johnson's men
found my daughter's car on the lot|of that honkytonk called Ay Jay's,
but nobody that was there|on Saturday night
admits to having seen her.
So I'm afraid she might've been...|kidnapped or something.
Mr King, I-I'm sorry, I don't know|anything about her disappearance.
I think we were just hoping...
Is there anything you can tell us?
I can read for you.
But... that's about all I can do.
I need you to cut the cards for me.
Oh, boy!
Thank you.
All right. You ready?
When were you gettin' married?
- June 20th.|- We're supposed to ask...
Shut up, Pearl, goddamn it!
I've a hard time concentrating|with more than one person in the room.
I'm stayin' right here.|I'm the law and I need to hear this.
Please, ma'am, just... just...|try to tell us what you see.
I'm trying.
All right.
Well, all I'm picking up... is like a...
It's a fence... a split-rail fence...
Do you know how many fences|there are in this county?
Some pillars|with an opening going through.
And there's lots of white flowers.|I can...
Y-Yes?|And... is that where Jessie is?
No, that's all... all I'm seeing.
Just mish-mash. Told you|this wouldn't lead to nothin'.
You're right, it won't.|I can't concentrate.
I can't do this now.|I'm sorry, Mr King.
- Please, ma'am...|- I hope you find your daughter.
I-I'm... just not the person|to help you with this.
Hey, Butch.
It was horrible.
The chain that was wrapped round her|when she was floating up in my tree
was the same chain|I had in my dream.
- I don't know, but I thought...|- Dave.
- Yes, sir?|- There was an éclair in there.
I didn't get it.
Tim was in a little earlier.
- You saw all this in a dream?|- It wasn't just a dream.
I don't investigate somebody's dream.
I think she's dead, Sheriff,|and I think she's in a pond.
What do you know about this|that you ain't telling me?
You know,|you can get in serious trouble.
Does it sound like a place you know?
Yeah, bunch of places I know -|split-rail fence, pond, woods.
- Every ol' boy got that.|- What about the fiddler?
Well... old Tommy Lee Ballard|plays the fiddle.
- He wouldn't kill nobody...|- No, it's not the fiddler.
Who are his neighbours?
Well... his closest neighbour|would be...
Let me see here. I guess...
Well, his property borders|Donnie Barksdale's place.
Do you know Donnie Barksdale?
Bill, open the gate!
You did get a search warrant?|I want it to be legal.
Didn't have to.|Got permission from the owner.
- Barksdale gave you permission?|- His wife did.
Said it was routine - we're checking|all the ponds in the county.
Donnie's gone fishing today.
Excuse me. Sheriff Johnson,|how much longer are y'all gonna be?
- As long as it takes.|- All right.
You said you'd be a few minutes|and we're going on two hours!
Hey, Pearl! Think I got something!
False alarm. It's just a old bicycle.
None of y'all brought a thermos|of coffee out here?
That day at school -
you looked kinda strange|at me and Jessica.
Did you think something bad then?
Shit! Come on.
- Donnie, he called, I told him...|- Pearl!
Shut your mouth!
- What are you doin' on my property?|- I'm on Sheriff's business.
- Got permission from your wife.|- Think that ninny talks for me?
How did your arm get all scratched up?
Stray cat. She didn't like it|when I killed her.
- What brought you here?|- Routine investigation.
We're checking|all the ponds in the county.
- I knew it was you!|- No! You...
Hey! I'm on county business, Donnie!|Don't fool with me.
- Hey, Pearl!|- What?
- You need to take a look at this.|- Watch him.
It's her!
Get those hooks outta my baby!|Get her off them hooks!
- No!|- Cuff him!
- No, no!|- Mr King!
Get an ambulance!|I think he's having a heart attack!
- I didn't do this!|- Get him outta here!
This ain't right, Pearl! Bitch!
Bitch! Bitch! Pearl!
Come in.
- Somebody might come in here!|- Guess you'd better fuck me fast!
You want some coffee? Mrs Wilson?
Do you want some coffee?
No, thank you.
Have a seat.
Why have you called me here?
Tomorrow Donnie Barksdale|goes on trial for murder.
I feel that we have a powerful case.
Today the coroner verified Donnie's|tissue under the victim's nails.
I only have one weak link|I gotta worry about.
- What?|- You.
You see, you're how we found out|where the victim's body was,
and how you found out, well...
...that might open up|a real can of worms for us.
Psychic phenomenon,|ESP, dreams, visions.
The defence could go to town on you|and, if that's not bad enough,
I understand there was bad blood|between you and Donnie Barksdale?
Yeah, he threatened my kids!
That's what I heard. I also heard|you threatened him right back.
Told his wife to leave him.
Donnie's quite a ladies' man.
Were you involved with him?
- What?|- I can deal with any revelation now.
But at the trial,|there can't be any surprises.
Is there anything I need to know
about you or Donnie|or Donnie's wife or the victim?
Will that be all?
Yes, ma'am.
You know, Mr Duncan...
...the victim had a name.
It was Jessica King.
Mr Hawkins, how long|have you worked out at Ay Jay's?
About ten years.
Were you working|on Saturday night, April 8th?
Yes, sir.
Did you see Donnie Barksdale|that night?
Yes, sir.
Could you describe the circumstances?
The circumstances were I come outside|to throw out some trash.
- Do you recall what time it was?|- About midnight, I reckon.
Anyhow, I seen Donnie Barksdale|out there by his truck
having an argument|with this white lady.
{y:i}She scratched his arm|{y:i}and he slapped the tar outta her.
{y:i}About that time, I go back inside.
- Is this the woman you saw with him?|- Yes, sir.
Your Honour, let the record show
that I've just shown Mr Hawkins|a photograph of Jessica King.
You just said|that your attention was drawn
to the defendant's pond.
Drawn in... Drawn in what way?
Me, Wayne Collins and Kenneth King
went to see a woman|name of Annie Wilson.
What made you think|she'd be able to help you?
Well, word around town was|that she was a...
...uh... well, I don't know|what the right word is.
- Isn't it "fortune teller"?|- I guess so.
What did this fortune teller see|when she looked into her crystal ball?
Well, she didn't have no ball.|She had these special cards.
What did she see|when she looked into her cards?
She didn't see nothin' then,
but next day, she come to see me|and told me she'd had this dream.
- She had a dream?|- Yes, sir.
She'd seen this pond that looked|a lot like Donnie Barksdale's...
...then she woke up from her dream
and she went outside|and looked up in this tree...
I'm all ears!
She seen Jessica King...
...floatin' in the tree...
...half-naked, with a chain|wrapped around her.
Floating around in a tree?
Yes, sir.
Floating in a tree...
...chain wrapped around her.
Thank you, Sheriff.
Gerald Weems is just mean and skinny!
Never known a Weems worth a damn!
- He was just doin' his job.|- Mrs Wilson.
Can... Can I talk to you|for a minute?
Just call me later on, OK?
- OK.|- OK. Bye.
Look, Buddy, I got a lot on my mind,|hon. It... It's not a good time, OK?
Mrs Wilson... you did tell me|to do some thinkin' and talkin'
and I been thinkin'.
Can you tell me|why I do things to myself
when I think about my daddy?
Oh, I... well...
Bud, you call me later, hon,|and we'll talk, all right?
- I need to talk to you!|- Buddy!
I been thinking about my daddy|and touching myself!
- How?|- Why do I do that?
- Oh, Buddy...|- Something's bad wrong with me!
And... And I keep thinkin'|about that blue diamond...
If you look into one,|you won't think a negative thought!
I promise! Hon, I'm going|through a hard time myself!
I just...|I can't talk to you now, OK?
Y'all burn in hell,|Annie Wilson!
Mike, I know you skipped school|and went to that trial.
- How do you know?|- A little bird told me.
It's time you started|making things easier on me.
Phone's ringing.
Second of all, I'm gonna have|to testify at that trial tomorrow.
- The phone's ringing, Momma!|- I'm not deaf!
Let the machine get it.
Donnie Barksdale's side|are gonna give me a hard time.
They're gonna call me names and I...|I just want you all to be prepared...
If you hear any bad stuff|about me, all right?
We're gonna have|to stick together on this.
{y:i}Annie Wilson,|{y:i}it's Buddy's mother!
{y:i}Buddy's threatening|{y:i}to kill his daddy!
He's got Odell tied up|in the back yard!
- Accusing him of horrible things!|- Have you called the police?
He said if I did,|he'd kill Odell! He wants you!
Hey, Bud...
Buddy, put the strap down, hon!|Tell me what he's done to you!
I'm here, Buddy.|You can talk to me, hon.
This here... is a criminal!
And he's gonna be punished!
- Buddy... Buddy, it's Annie...|- You shut up!
- YOU SHUT UP!|- It's all right...
- GET AWAY! Where were you?!|- I'm sorry!
You knew everything...|and you did nothing!
You ruined me! YOU RUINED ME!
I was just a little boy, Daddy!
It got so I was embarrassed|to go to school, Daddy!
How could you do that|to your little boy?!
No, Bud, you put that down!|No, you put that down, Bud!
- You put that down! Listen to me!|- Get away!
- You, get away!|- All right, all right.
It's all right. Come on.
Why didn't you help me, Annie?
- What?|- Why didn't you help me?!
- I had you for a friend and then...|- I am your friend.
Now I have nobody! I have NOBODY!
I'm gonna kill this thing.
Help me! Help me!
Look into that thing and tell me|what kind of thoughts you have!
You... look!
You lookin' at that thing?!
{y:i}Mrs Wilson... Mrs Wilson.
Your husband, Ben Wilson Senior,
was one of the men killed last year|in the explosion at the cable plant.
Yes, that's right.
You were left|with three children to raise alone.
Yes, sir.
How do you provide|for you and your sons?
I get a little bit of money|from Social Security
as a result of my husband's death.
And I... I also give readings.
- Psychic readings?|- Yes, sir.
What does being psychic|enable you to do?
I see things...
...and I, you know, I sense... things
that hadn't happened yet or...
...they happened someplace else.
My granny told me that I... I had|a gift, that it runs in my family.
She told me|I shouldn't be afraid of it,
I should just always use my instinct|and I'd be all right.
So you're swearing before this court|that you didn't get your information
from any other means|than your special ability, your gift?
Yes, sir,
I'm swearing that, yes.
Thank you, Mrs Wilson.|I have no further questions.
Mr Weems.
Mrs Wilson... many fingers|am I holding up behind my back?
My client is on trial partly because|of powers this woman claims to have.
In all fairness, I should be given|the opportunity to test the powers
instead of having|to take her word for it!
You have a good point.|Objection overruled.
Can everyone in the jury box see|how many fingers I'm showin'?
How many fingers, Mrs Wilson?
I don't know.
You don't know?
- Seven. Seven fingers.|- That doesn't prove anything.
Your Honour, I can't do this -|you know, at the drop of a hat.
Well, ma'am, how about doing it|at the drop of a dollar bill?
What are you trying to say?
Maybe this gift doesn't work|unless you're being paid.
Like they say in the army -|no money, no honey.
That's not true.
In Hatcher County, it's illegal|for a psychic to charge people money.
- I-I don't charge money...|- You testified that you do!
No, I accept donations.|People give me gifts.
Oh... a distinction|worthy of a lawyer.
Mrs Wilson, are you a rich woman?
- No.|- Why not?
If I had powers like yours and could|read the future, I'd be filthy rich!
I'd be playing the stockmarket,|I'd be at Mobile betting on the dogs.
I'd warn my husband not to go to work|on the day the plant's gonna blow up,
leaving three children to be raised|in a carnival sideshow!
It doesn't work that way.|I can't use my gift for personal gain.
Except for those -|what you call 'em? - Donations.
You have had some personal troubles|with Donnie Barksdale, haven't you?
Yes, I have.
A few weeks ago, you said you were|gonna have his ass thrown in jail!
He was threatening my kids!
Isn't it true,|in one of those readings of yours
when you were doing your ESP,
you told Valerie Barksdale|that Donnie was an insecure redneck
and he wasn't really crazy enough|to kill anybody?
- Yes, I did say that.|- Then why are you saying he did?
- I have never said that!|- You might as well have!
You wanted his ass in jail and...
I just told the Sheriff what I saw.
And how could any of us|ever forget that?
Jessica King floatin' up in that tree...
...with a chain... wrapped...
...around her.
It must be so much fun for you.
You must be having the time of your|life entertaining yourself with...
Think it's fun seeing decomposed|bodies in my tree, do you, sir?
You think it's fun that I've people|trying to strangle me in my sleep?!
I'm blaming myself 'cause some crazy man|tried to burn his daddy half to death
and you think I'm having fun?!
I'm sorry, sir,|you're crazy if you think that!
No more questions, Your Honour.
You're dismissed.
Let's cut to the chase. Did you|or did you not kill Jessica King?
I did not.
Did you or did you not see Jessica|King on the night she was killed?
Yeah, I seen her.
Describe the circumstances.
I'd been seeing her|for quite a while.
Would you clarify|what you mean by "seeing"?
I mean her and me|had been... having sex.
OK... go ahead.
Well, she called me about 11 o'clock
so I told her|I'd meet her out at Ay Jay's
and I told my wife|I was going out for a beer.
- What happened?|- We got into an argument.
- She didn't wanna see me no more.|- She tell you why?
She said she was getting married.|She wanted to stop playin' around.
Least till after the wedding.
During the course of this argument,|did you at any moment strike her?
Yes, sir.
What happened after you struck her?
She banged her head pretty hard|when she went down,
so I decided|to take her to the hospital.
- Did you reach the hospital?|- No, sir.
Are you feelin' OK?
I'm fine.
I wanna go back. I don't wanna go|to the hospital. Someone might see me.
{y:i}She said|{y:i}she was feelin' better anyhow,
{y:i}so I took her back to Ay Jay's.
{y:i}I dropped her off,|{y:i}then I... I went on back home.
{y:i}And that was the last time|{y:i}you saw Jessica King alive?
- Yes, sir, the very last.|- Donnie...
...are you guilty|of the charge against you?
I'm guilty of cheatin' on my wife...
...of being a bad husband...
...a bad Christian...
...but I ain't guilty|of killing Jessie, I swear to God.
No more questions, Your Honour.
Mr Duncan.
Mr Barksdale,|you're a wife-beater, aren't you?
I've swore|to tell the truth here today.
Yeah, I've hit Valerie before.
Guess it ain't no secret.
You admit to having a history|of violence against women
and to beating up the victim|the night she was murdered.
- I wouldn't say I beat her up.|- You're the expert.
How badly do you have to beat a woman|before it fits your definition
of beating up?
Now, your story is that you've been|having an affair with the victim.
Tell us why a beautiful young woman|like Jessica King,
from one of the finest families,|about to be married
to a decent professional man|and with a bright, shining future,
would get involved|with something like you.
I asked her that myself one time.
She said I was the only man in town|who knew how to fuck.
You're really disgusting,|you know that?
- Objection, Your Honour!|- Sustained.
Mr Duncan, refrain from making|personal comments.
I apologise, Your Honour.|It won't happen again.
So let's get this straight.|Let's clarify this.
You're saying|it just was a coincidence
that on the same night|that you assaulted Jessica King,
someone else|put her body in your pond?
- I'm not saying that!|- What are you saying?
- I got framed!|- Oh, what an original defence!
Did you think of Jessica as a stray cat?
- No.|- Did you say a cat clawed your arm?
Didn't you just tell us|that Jessica scratched your arm?
Didn't you tell the Sheriff the cat|didn't like it when you killed her?
I was lying!|My wife was standing right there!
- How do we know you're not now?!|- I'm not!
- It's her, goddamnit!|- Be seated, Mr Barksdale!
She's a goddamn witch! She's putting|spells on every-damn-body in town!
{y:i}In Brixton today,|{y:i}Donald J Barksdale was found guilty
{y:i}in the sex and strangulation|{y:i}killing of Jessica King,
{y:i}daughter of the prominent|{y:i}businessman Kenneth King.
Is everything gonna be|all right now, Momma?
Yeah, hon.
We can get on with our lives now.
I-I guess I'm the last person|you wanna see.
How you been?
Annie, if you tell me|to get goin', I will.
I wouldn't blame you,|but... I need you to read for me.
Give me a hand.
I feel like I can't hold on|any longer.
I mean, I know Donnie's mean|and everythin',
but I feel real lost without him.
You know, I ain't ever been|on my own before.
I-I'm scared, Annie.
You don't need to be scared, hon.|You'll be fine.
You see that in the cards?
Mm-hm. Right through here.
Can you see what I'm thinkin'?|Can you see that in the cards?
What do you mean?
I've been thinkin'|some real bad, bad thoughts.
Un-Christian thoughts.
Like what?
...I'm glad that girl's dead - Jessica.
Messin' around with my husband,|she deserved what she got.
No one deserves that.
Like I said,|I know it's un-Christian...
Are you seeing something bad?
I don't know.
It's not clear.
It's not normally like this.
You need to lie down.
I'm really... not sleepy.
I think, if you sleep,|you'll feel better.
Thank you, Annie.
...I don't think this is a good idea.
No...'s not.
I just thought we could|forget all this for a while.
You want to, don't you?
I know there's something between us.
I can't.
I guess I still feel married.
You're not, though.
He's gone.
I know.
You gotta learn to deal with that.
The same way I gotta learn to deal|with the fact that Jessica's gone.
She's dead.
Oh, Wayne, I'm so sorry.
It's OK.
No, it's not OK.
I don't think|Donnie Barksdale killed her.
- No, no, Annie...|- I'm really sorry.
I... I can't do this. It's finished.
I know I want to let|that bastard rot in jail.
- He's guilty!|- No, Wayne.
I see it.
I see he didn't do it.
- Do you see who did?|- I-I'm trying.
But... I don't know yet.
What are we gonna do?
Well... if you ever had|a piece of clothing...
...or maybe|I could go out to the pond...
...or... see if I...
It's not over.
Come on in.
What brings you out here?
I'll just come straight out|and say it.
I don't think Donnie|killed Jessica King.
- It was open-and-shut.|- I'm telling you he didn't.
The killer is still out there.
- The Barksdales threatening you?|- No.
- I'll talk to Pearl...|- This has nothing to do with them.
I know Donnie didn't kill Jessica
the same way I knew|her body was in his pond.
And do you know who did kill her?
So what do you care? He's in jail.
I got a warning today.
I think somebody's gonna try|and kill me.
- So what do you want me to do?|- Re-open the case.
- I can't. He's been convicted.|- Talk to somebody!
- I'd look like a fool!|- I don't give a damn how you'd look!
Now, you listen to me.
I know you had an affair|with Jessica.
So how will you look if people find|out you had sex with the "victim"
the night before she was killed?
You want money?
No, I want you to re-open the case.
There's a saying|about letting sleeping dogs lie.
You think you're in danger now?|Look at it logically.
The danger begins if it's re-opened|and someone starts worrying
that you're gonna have|another one of your damn dreams.
The wrong man's in jail -|I don't care how awful he is -
and I helped put him there.
I can't live with something like that.
So you find a way to re-open|this case, sir...
...or I will.
Buddy, I'm here...
{y:i}- Hello?|- Hi, Mrs Francis, I'm back.
- How are the boys?|{y:i}- Just fine.
{y:i}- Want me to bring them over?|- No!
No, listen... could we stay|over at your house tonight?
{y:i}- Sure you can. You all right?|- Oh, yeah, I'm fine.
{y:i}- Well, come on over.|- All right.
- I'm just gonna lock up.|{y:i}- OK.
- Thank you.|{y:i}- Bye-bye.
Have you seen Buddy Cole?
No, I thought he was|at the hospital in Benton.
- Oh, he is.|- You OK?
- Maybe I imagined it.|- I don't know what I'm gonna do.
Since you told me what you told me|today, I feel like I'm going crazy.
I can't stand another night of this.|I need you to read for me.
It's no good.
- Try again.|- I can't make it happen.
How about what you said today?
The... The pond.
What... What if we did|go back out there?
Do you think that might help you?
I don't know. Yeah... maybe.
Yeah, OK,|then it's worth a try, right?
You mean tonight? No, Wayne, I can't|do that. I got my kids. It's dark.
You know, it's...|It's a police matter now.
How long do you think that'll take?
It'll sit on someone's desk|for months.
It's over for them.|They've got their man. It's up to us.
I know, but I'm telling you,|I don't see anything!
You can't keeping running|from things.
Maybe if you just sort of walk around.
All right.
Oh, shoot!
Jeez! You all right? You OK?
What are you doin' here?
You seeing something?
{y:i}I've been thinkin'|{y:i}some real bad, bad thoughts.
{y:i}I'm glad that girl's dead - |{y:i}Jessica.
{y:i}Messin' around with my husband,|{y:i}she deserved what she got.
I couldn't sleep.|I met the girls for a drink.
Take off your clothes.
Aren't you taking yours off, too?
{y:i}There's a saying|{y:i}about letting sleeping dogs lie.
You just fucked him, didn't you?
Donnie Barksdale?
- So?|- Why would you do this to me?!
- I love you!|- Maybe I wanted to be with a man!
- Watch your mouth!|- You watch your mouth! Fuck you!
We're through!|I don't like being spied on!
The only reason I'm with you|is 'cause my daddy likes you!
- You're a joke!|- You little bitch!
I'll show you a bitch|if you don't let go of me!
- I think we'd better go back.|- Nothing's coming to you?
You know.
I knew if I got you|close enough to it, you'd see it.
- Wayne, I-I told you...|- No, no, it's OK.
I swear to God, Annie,|it's OK, it's OK.
I wanted you to. I swear to God,|I wanted you to see it so bad.
That's why we're here.
I'm not some killer, Annie. I'm not.
You don't... Do you know|what it was like with her?
She... She was|so fucking hurtful and spiteful!
- Wayne...|- I know!
It all happened|in this flash of a moment.
- Wayne, I...|- Listen to me! I'm a good man!
If it had been you with me instead of|her, none of this would've happened!
It's all right, you know.|I won't... I won't tell.
I-I won't... I won't tell anybody.
Oh, Annie...
Are you all right, Mrs Wilson?
I thought you were supposed|to be in the hospital.
I escaped, Mrs Wilson.
I'm free.
Buddy, I'm so sorry|I wasn't there for you.
- I should've been...|- Don't you say another word.
You was the only one|that was a friend to me...
...and I love you.
You're the soul of this town,|Mrs Wilson...
...and you just need|to keep doin' what you're doin'.
I washed it.
Will you come back into town with me?
You know you're gonna have to go back.
Yes, ma'am, I know.
Can I have your keys, ma'am?
I just talked to Wayne.|He pretty much admitted to everything.
I've known that boy...|about half my life.
Just goes to show -|you can know somebody...
...and not know 'em.
How's his...
- How's his head?|- You put a pretty good dent in it.
Oh, no, Sheriff. I told the...|I told the deputy.
It wasn't me who did that. It was Buddy.
- He saved me.|- No, it weren't Buddy.
Well, yes, it was.|Why don't you just ask Wayne?
I did.|He don't remember what happened.
- Head injuries is funny.|- I'm telling you, it was Buddy...
What I'm trying to say is...|it couldn't have been Buddy.
I called at the State Hospital.
- He told me he escaped.|- Ma'am...
Buddy Cole is dead.
He hanged hisself|in the shower room... six o'clock this evening.
But he...
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