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Ghostbusters 2

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You can keep this ticket! I'm not paying it!
Watch where you're going!
Go down to the cellar and check the water line. Can you do that?
- Would you give me a hand? - Hey, I'm the superintendent.
- You're also a human being. - Okay, I'll do you a favour.
- When will you fix the radiator? - Didn't I do that?
- It's getting really cold ... - It's no problem.
Hey! Stop that carriage!
That's my baby! Watch out!
Stop that carriage!
- How many are there? - Fourteen. It's like a nightmare.
- How big are they? - Four feet.
Look who's here!
I thought it was gonna be He-Man.
Let's all sit down and have fun!
- My dad says you're full of crap. - Some people don't believe in us.
He just says you're full of crap. That's why you went out of business.
When there's something strange in the neighbourhood
- Who you gonna call? - He-Man! He-Man!
- And it don't look good ... - Let's get a beer.
- Bye! Call anytime! - No more parties.
- Here's your share. - I won't take abuse from kids.
But the holidays are coming up. It's our best season.
Face it. Ghostbusters doesn't exist. Those kids won't remember us.
Ungrateful larvae. After all we did for this city.
We conjured up a giant marshmallow, blew up a high-rise, -
- and got sued by every public agency in New York.
Yeah, but what a ride.
It went into the middle of traffic. I went running after it, -
- and then it just suddenly stopped.
Did anyone else see it?
Sure, hundreds of people. Egon, I didn't imagine it.
In science we look for simple explanations.
- We're ready. - Start with negative calibrations.
What are you working on?
I'm trying to determine whether emotions effect the environment.
- Can they see us? - No. They think it's counselling.
I've been increasing the temperature gradually. It's 95 degrees now.
My assistant just asked them to wait another half hour.
Very good. Very nice.
- What do you think? - Excellent. Do the happiness index.
- I mean, about the carriage. - Can I bring Ray in on this?
Sure, whatever you think. But not Venkman.
Do you ever see him? How is he these days?
He was borderline for a while. Then he crossed the border.
- Does he ever mention me? - No.
We didn't part on very good terms.
Then we lost track of each other after I got married.
Ready for the affection test.
I thought of contacting him when my marriage ended, but ...
Isn't that sweet?
- I appreciate your doing this. - Try not to worry.
Here's my phone number. Call me.
I'd rather you didn't mention any of this to Peter.
Let's take away the puppy.
Welcome to World of the Psychic. I'm Peter Venkman.
I'm here with author, lecturer and psychic, -
- Milton Angland. Your new book is called, "The End of the World."
Can you tell us when it'll be, or do we have to buy the book?
The world will end at midnight on New Year's Eve.
This year? That's cutting it close.
You're not going to see any paperback sales for at least a year.
It'll be another year before you have a mini-series possibility.
Shouldn't you have said, "The world will end in 1992 or 1994"?
This isn't some money-making scheme!
I have a strong, psychic belief ...
... that the world will end on New Year's Eve.
For your sake, I hope you're right. But my other guest may disagree.
Elaine, you had another date in mind.
The end of the world will be on February 14, 2016.
Valentine's Day. Bummer.
- Where did you get your date? - From an alien.
As I told my husband, -
- it was at the Paramus Holiday lnn. I was having a drink at the bar, -
- and this alien approached me. He bought me a drink.
He must have used some kind of mind-control device.
He forced me to follow him to his room.
And that's where he told me about the end of the world.
Your alien had a hotel room?
Maybe it was a room on the spaceship made up to look like a hotel room.
I can't be sure about that.
Of course not. That's the problem with aliens. You can't trust them.
Occasionally you meet a nice one, but usually, they're just lizards.
That's all the time we have. Next week, though ...
Hairless pets. Weird.
Until then, this is Peter Venkman saying ...
See you then.
- Where do you find these people? - This was the best we could do.
- People think you're a fraud. - I am a fraud.
Mr. Mayor! Lenny!
- Can I help you? - Yes. Get your hand off me.
- I'm an old friend of the mayor's. - I'm his assistant.
I know who you are, but I don't see any ghosts anywhere.
We did a job for the city a while back and got stiffed on the bill.
Stay away from the mayor. He's running for governor.
He doesn't need to be associated with frauds.
I'm a voter. Aren't you supposed to lie to me and kiss my butt?
I want you to put the Vigo under the arch.
Everything you're doing is bad. I want you to know this.
Be careful. No one listens to me.
Dana, how are you doing?
Fine. The mixture you gave me is working well.
I make good cocktails, don't l? You're doing really quite good work.
You'll soon be able to assist me in more important restorations.
- Just a white thing. - Thank you, Dr. Poha ... Janosz.
Now that my baby is older, I'm going back to the orchestra.
I'm sorry to hear that you will not be here. Could I say goodbye?
- Maybe bring you to a brunch today? - I have an appointment today.
Every day I ask you to do something.
- Do I have bad breath? - Of course not.
Well, I'll give you a rain check.
I think that she likes me. I truly do.
Berlin, 1939, a flower cart took off by itself. Rolled half a kilometre.
My best to the coven! Berlin, huh?
- We should check Duke University. - Perhaps you could help me.
I'm looking for a love potion to spray on a Penthouse pet, -
- to obtain her total submission.
- Hi, Pete. How's it going? - Hi, Egon. How's school?
- I bet the chicks dig your cranium. - They like my epididymis better.
- Ray, buy me a calzone. - I can't. I'm working.
Your book came in. "Magical Paths to Fortune and Power."
- Good luck with that. - Put this on my account, please.
- Take a look at this. - What are you guys working on?
We're just checking something out for an old friend.
Neat. Who?
Ray's Occult. Seven o'clock on weekdays, midnight on Saturdays.
- Who? - Just someone we know.
- Who? - I can't. No, no! Nobody!
- Can you tell me now? - Dana Barrett.
My Dana Barrett?
I'll get it!
- Hi, Dana. - Hi, Ray. Thanks for coming.
Always glad to help, and hug.
- Hello, Dana. - Nice place.
- I'm giving us one more chance. - He tortured me. He pulled my ears!
- Hello, Peter. - Hello, Dana.
- So, what now? - We'd like to examine the baby.
And anything associated with him.
- Then we'd like to see the buggy. - Put him wherever he sleeps.
- Lay him down flat. - They're going to look at you.
- We'll do a cursory examination. - Gammel & Pross infant acuity test?
- It won't hurt him, will it? - I don't think so. He'll be fine.
- Have you done this before? - On a chimp.
- I hear Mr. Right ditched you. - He didn't ditch me.
He got a job offer from London and he took it.
So he ditched you.
Subject is a male Caucasian, approximately 24 inches in length, -
- weighs 18 pounds and is 8 months old.
- Ocular. - Pupillary response normal.
- Auditory. - Normal.
- Axillary reflex. - Appears to be ticklish.
- You should have married me. - You never asked me.
Whenever I brought it up you'd fall asleep.
You never got it, Dana. I'm a man.
I'm sensitive. I need to be loved and desired.
When you started introducing me as the old ball and chain, I left.
I may have personal problems, but I'm a professional at my job.
Egon, what are we doing?
He seems to be fine, Dana.
- Where does he sleep? - I'll show you.
- Get a stool specimen, please. - Business or personal?
- It's a little messy. - We want to sweep for valances.
Cheerful. My parents didn't believe in toys.
Do you want to play with a big kid?
I should have been your father. I could have been.
I understand.
He's gone berserk! Help!
- You never even had a slinky? - Yes, but I straightened it.
- Some liquid came out of his mouth. - That happens.
- What do you think? - He's ugly.
- Was his father ugly? - Don't listen.
And he stinks. You're ripe, senor.
Did his father stink? Daddy was a smelly? What's your name?
- His name is Oscar. - They named you after a hot dog.
There's nothing unusual about him, is there?
I don't have a lot of experience with babies.
- Mama's here to get a stool sample. - Stool sample?
- I'd like to check out the mother. - Who wouldn't?
It stopped in the middle of the crosswalk.
- Venkman! - We're scientists! Excuse us!
We have to do an inquiry. Hold on. Thanks. We appreciate it.
Relax. You're on the meter. Get out of the way!
There's something under the street. I've got 1-118 on the PKE.
- 2.5 GEVs on the Gigameter. - What does that mean?
- How are you doing? - Me?
- Fine! It's cutting fine now! - Why are you cutting?
Why am I cutting? Boss!
- Did you tell him to stop cutting? - Yes. What are you doing here?
What does it look like? Why don't you let us work?
Some jerk downtown is making us work on a Friday night. Right?
- Is he right, Ziggy? - You guys take it easy.
- What have you been doing? - Digging a big hole in the street.
You've uncovered an old air-shaft. It goes on and on.
- We should get a deeper reading. - Yeah.
- Somebody has to go down there. - Somebody has got to go down there.
Listen to me.
I, Vigo, the scourge of Carpathia, -
- the sorrow of Moldavia, command you.
Command me, Lord.
On a mountain of skulls, in a castle of pain, -
- I sat on a throne of blood.
What was will be. What is will be no more.
Now is the season of evil.
- Evil? - Find me a child, that I may live.
Yes, a child. A child?
A child.
- Are you all right? - Yeah. The speed's good, boys.
I'm breaking through. I see light.
I'm in some kind of chamber.
Slime! It's a river of slime!
It's flowing through here like a river!
Van Horne. Pneumatic Transit. I can't believe it's still here!
- Hold me up! That's good. - What do you see?
What's going on here? What's the story?
Are you boneheads gonna roust me out again? I've got 3,000 phones out.
I've got miles of cable to check.
The phone lines are over there.
What did I say? The phone lines are over there!
You're not with the phone company. Tell me another one.
I've got a major gas leak here!
Okay, boys. Boys? Pull me up now, all right?
There's some kind of activity going on here.
- Help! Take me up! - Start it!
What's going on up there? Get me out of this hole!
Go back to sleep.
- Who is it? - It's Janosz.
Hello, Janosz. This is a surprise.
I happened to be in the neighbourhood, -
- and I thought I would stop by.
- Because of the blackness. - We're fine.
- How's the baby? - He's fine.
- He's sleeping. - Oh, but I wooed.
You don't need anything? Do you want me to come in?
- No, thank you. - Oh, well. Just thought I'd check.
Well, don't let the bedbugs bite.
Goodnight, Janosz.
I want to make one thing clear.
The law does not recognise the existence of ghosts.
I don't want to hear about goblins and spooks. I want the facts.
- Leave ghost stories to the kids. - Open-minded guy, huh?
- They call him "The Hammer". - It's up to our lawyer now.
I do mostly tax laws. I got my law degree at night school.
That's fine. We got arrested at night.
Put these guys away for a long time.
- I don't think that will be hard. - Good.
Violating a restraining order, fraud, malicious mischief ...
- See you in a couple of years. - You'll never take us alive.
Let's get on with it.
Your Honour. Ladies and gentlemen of the ... audience.
It's not fair to call my clients frauds.
The blackout was a problem. I was stuck in an elevator for two hours.
But I don't blame them. I once became a dog and they helped me.
Very good. Short but pointless.
Please look at exhibits A through F on the table.
- Do you recognise the equipment? - The cops took it from their truck.
- What is it used for? - Catching ghosts, maybe.
The defendants are under a judicial restraining order -
- that forbids them from acting as paranormal investigators.
- So noted. - Mr. Fianella ...
Can you identify the substance in this jar?
That's the stuff. I've been working underground for 27 years.
I never saw anything like this. They must have put it there.
- No! - Shut up!
You were helping a friend who was scared. When you're scared ...
What ..? There was no evil intended.
If you live in a place, you don't want anything bad to happen. What?
It'll never happen again. It's a one-shot deal.
- He's leading the witness. - Sustained.
- Give me a break. - Mr. Tully.
Do you have any questions that may have some bearing on this case?
- We've helped them out enough. - No, Your Honour. Your witness.
Dr. Venkman, would you please tell the court -
- why you and your co-defendants dug a big hole in First Avenue?
There's so many, we didn't think anyone would notice.
- I'm going to find you in contempt. - I'm truly sorry.
I'll ask again. Why were you digging the hole?
There are some things that go way beyond human understanding.
Things that people don't want to know about. That's where we come in.
Is the world of the supernatural your exclusive province?
Sometimes shit happens, someone has to deal with it, -
- and who are you gonna call?
Peter Venkman, Raymond Stanz, Egon Spengler, stand up!
You too, Mr. Tully.
I find you guilty on all charges and fine you $25,000 each.
I sentence you to 18 months in the city correctional facility.
- She's twitching. - I'm not finished!
- There's no place for fakes ... - Your Honour ...
- Shut up! Tricksters like you ... - This is important.
You play on the gullibility of innocent people.
If my hands weren't tied by the fetters of the law, -
- I'd reach back to a purer justice and have you burned at the stake!
Oh, my God. The Scoleri brothers!
The Scoleri brothers! I gave them the chair for murder!
- Do something! - But you don't believe in ghosts.
- Help me! - Talk to my attorney.
They're still under a misstrangement order.
- They'd be exposing themselves. - And you don't want that.
- You're next, Bubbles. - All right. I rescind the order!
I always hated this part of the business.
- I hope this stuff still works. - It has a half-life of 5,000 years.
No time for a test. Heat 'em up.
- Do ... - Ray ...
Egon ...
Come on, fat boy. I'll take you to my private zoo.
You got him! Bring the trap!
Hold it, Ray! Start bringing him back!
- Come on, you big meanie! - Pull to the right!
The trap's going in!
Hit it!
Two in the box, ready to go. We be fast, and they be slow!
We're the best, we're the beautiful, we're the only Ghostbusters!
Ghostbusters. Yes, we're back.
Check, cash or money order!
- What is it, honey? - It's that darn ghost.
He won't leave us alone. We're going to have to move.
Don't worry. We're not moving. He is.
- Who are you going to call? - Ghostbusters.
Janine, lunch! It smells like somebody took a big ...
- ... our half-price service plan. - Half price! Have we all gone mad?
I guess so, because that's not all. Tell them, Egon.
You mean the Ghostbusters mugs and free balloons for the kids?
We've been experimenting with the plasm we found in the tunnel.
We've been experimenting with the plasm we found in the tunnel.
- Shall I get spoons? - Don't bother. Watch.
- Go ahead, Ray. - You! You worthless piece of slime!
- You disgusting blob! - You short-chain molecule!
- Foul, obnoxious muck! - You have a weak chemical bond!
I have seen some disgusting crud, but you take the cake!
- You do this with your spare time? - It's an incredible breakthrough.
A psycho-reactive substance. It responds to emotional states.
Mood slime? Oh, baby.
This stuff actually feeds on bad vibes?
- We're testing positive reactions. - What kind of test?
We sing to it and talk to it and say supportive things to it.
You're not sleeping with it?
- You ... - It's always the quiet ones.
- How about the kinetic tests? - Okay.
Ordinary household toaster.
It responds to music, so we've been playing some easy-listening stuff.
It loves Jackie Wilson.
Do you do this when I'm not here?
I get it. It sings. It sounds exactly like Jackie. Fantastic.
Does it do Emmy Lou Harris?
It dances, too.
Shake it up!
Baby! You're my number-one Christmas gift item.
- It could eat somebody's hand. - We'd put a warning label on it ...
You went for it! The old man-eating toaster bit.
- I'm looking for Dana Barrett. - Room 304. Restoration.
Dr. Venkman! "World of the Psychic."
I'm a big fan of yours.
- It's one of my two favourites. - What's the other one?
- "Bass Masters." A fishing show. - Yeah, I know.
- You're good, pretty eyes. - I didn't paint it. It's a Gauguin.
- I've heard of him. - Aren't you going to introduce us?
Peter Venkman, this is Dr. Poha, the head of our department.
I have seen you on TV. You're not here on business, I hope.
It's top secret. You have a Gauguin, too!
I'm preparing it for the new romantic exhibition.
Prince Vigo. Ruler of Carpathia and Moldavia.
- A bit of a sissy, isn't he? - He was a very powerful magician.
- And a genius in many ways. - He was a genocidal madman.
I feel uncomfortable around this painting.
You probably feel like Vigo feels. "Carpathian kitten loss".
- I'll just put one in here. - We don't alter valuable artwork!
- Go! The joyfulness is over. - He's kidding.
You're not gonna get a green card with that attitude.
Of course. I get it. You're sweet on this hunky stud.
Every now and then, I feel that that painting is watching me.
I think we got more food on your shirt than in your mouth.
You like baths, don't you? You get to do your favourite thing.
Your favourite thing. Do you know what you get to do?
Do you know what's more fun than anything?
Splash Mummy. You get to splash Mummy.
I'll be ready for you this time. I'm gonna take my shirt off, too.
- Peter, it's me! Please let us in! - What the hell is this?
Let us in, please.
I didn't know where else to go. The most awful thing happened.
The bathtub was trying to eat Oscar. I was giving him a bath.
All this pink ooze was reaching for him.
- I'm not gonna let them get you. - You're all safe now, okay?
Sit down and relax.
Sit down. I'll get you guys a shirt.
Ray, Dana just came over.
Her tub tried to eat her.
What? Are you serious? That's great!
I mean, that's terrible, but it's great for what we ...
I will. We'll get right on it.
- Major slime-related event. - What happened?
Dana's tub tried to grab her and the baby. She's at Venkman's now.
Remember the painting? I ran "Vigo" through the cult reference net.
- Look what came up. - Nice ugly history.
Do you think there's a connection between this Vigo and the ...
- ... slime? - Is cobalt's atomic weight 58.9?
I'd like to check out Dana's bathtub.
It might be a good idea to get a look at that painting.
Ray's gonna go to your place.
Ray's gonna go to your place.
I've been holding on to this for a long time. I got this from a girl, -
- who got this from Joe "Willie" Namath. We don't want to know how.
So I would appreciate it if you would not hose it down. Thank you.
You can practice what we big guys like to call self-control.
Get out of here. Oh, look at him. Oh, he's a coconut, this guy.
You'll be staying at Uncle Pete's for a while. This is your place now.
Hi. Come on in. This is my place.
How do we handle the sleeping arrangements?
The best way is if I lie on my side and you spoon up beside me.
If we do it the other way, -
- I get your hair caught in my throat and choke.
- How about you on the sofa? - It's a way to go.
I ought to put him down.
- May l? - Yeah, if you want to.
You're short, your belly button sticks out, -
- and you're a burden on your poor mother.
- Did you find anything at Dana's? - Just some slime residue.
But I found something on that Vigo character you mentioned.
- Vigo the Carpathian, 1505 to 1610. - 105 years old. He hung in there.
He was poisoned, stabbed, shot, hung, drawn and quartered.
- Ouch! - I guess he wasn't too popular.
He was also known as Vigo the Cruel, the Torturer, and the Unholy.
- What about "Vigo the Butch"? - Before his head died, he said:
"Death is but a door, time is but a window. I'll be back."
Suck in the guts, guys. We're the Ghostbusters.
- Who's this wiggler? - He's yours.
Hi, how are you? We're doing a routine spook check.
- Dr. Venkman, Dana is not here. - We know that.
We came here because a major creep was reported in the area.
- Where are you from, anyway? - The Upper West Side.
- The whole room's extremely hot. - That's one ugly dude.
- Mr. Vigo, look this way, please. - No, don't. No.
No photographs! Slides are available in the gift shop.
Thank you, Winston. You know what? Give me angry. You're cranky.
Yeah. Good. Angrier. You're scaring me. Stop it.
Good. Walk for me. Talk for me.
Give me hot and sexy. Show me some teeth.
I'll bet the girls like you, huh? Do the guys? What about the animals?
That's it. More! You're big! Destroy me! Yeah!
- Destroy me! Yeah, yeah! - Venkman ...
We need to talk.
I've worked with better, but not many. Thank you.
- Hey, are you finished? - Yeah, I'm finished here.
Are you all right? You're not coming down with something?
Dana! Your prince!
Oh, no.
Oh, no. Oh, no ...
- She cleaned. - Hi.
- Hi. - He's asleep. Come here.
- What happened with my apartment? - The guys spent the night there.
They tried on your clothes, made some long-distance phone calls ...
- Did they find anything? - They found a little pink slime.
- What am I supposed to do now? - Get dressed and get crazy with me.
This is exactly what you need. I have got you a baby-sitter.
I don't think we should go. I can't leave Oscar in a strange place.
With a strange person.
Strange person? Janine Melnitz, from my staff.
- She has experience baby-sitting? - Here.
I also brought some things from your apartment. Some wardrobe choices.
Okay, but after dinner, don't put any of your old cheap moves on me.
I have new cheap moves.
Hey, you. Hey, you. It looks like you're awake.
Yes, Oscar. You're gonna have the whole place to yourself tonight.
I've got some Laura Antonelli tapes you can watch.
- Did you see some shirts here? - I put them in the hamper.
- I have a hamper? - Yeah, it's in the bathroom.
- Tell me first, next time. - I thought they were dirty.
There's not just clean and dirty. There are many subtle levels.
You hang this outside for 20 minutes, it's perfectly fine.
Interesting role model for you.
They couldn't get to you until after the new year.
Just don't go in there.
Louis, I'm closing up!
Should I take the subway or the surface roads?
- I'm walking. Goodnight! - Well, now. Hang on now.
Do you maybe want to ..? No ...
Do you want to have something to eat with me?
I'd love that, but I told Dr. Venkman I'd baby-sit.
- Do you want to baby-sit with me? - Okay, I would.
- Great. His place at eight. - I can get his address from the W2.
We were right. Multi-Planar Kerlian emanations.
Check out the aura on this sucker.
- There's a living presence there. - We should get a deeper look.
- I'll analyse this wider shot. - I'll turn up the renkins.
- What do you think? Chinese? - How about Thai?
- Too spicy. Greek? - Mexican?
- Pizza. - Thin or thick?
- What the hell is that? - I know what it is.
- I've seen it before. - Where?
When you had me dangling 1 00 feet below First Avenue.
That's the river of slime.
- Ray ... - We need a blanket or something.
- Why is this closed? - Winston!
Back away.
Pete, we've got incredible news.
All-you-can-eat barbecue rib night at the Sizzler?
The photos of Vigo show a river of slime flowing behind him.
We're going to see if we can trace the source of the flow.
Egon thinks there may even be a surge in cockroach breeding.
- Hi, boys. What's up? - Hi.
Dana, the guys are going down into the sewer to check for slime stuff.
Egon thinks there may be a surge in cockroach breeding.
Do you want to blow off this dinner and go with them?
Women. Huh?
Watch your step.
- I hate this. - There's an entrance along here.
I'm not getting anything yet.
At least we can't see the cockroaches.
It's the subway rats you've got to worry about.
- Some of them go up to five kilos. - Enough, all right?
Can you hear them behind the walls? There must be thousands of them.
- Just shut up about the rats. - Okay.
I'm out of here.
- They're gone. - What the ..?
- Let's get our proton packs. - Good idea.
- What's that? - What's what?
Sounds like a train.
These lines have been abandoned for 50 years.
It's probably above us.
It sounds awfully close to me.
I think that was the old New York Central, derailed in 1920.
- Did you catch the number? - Sorry, I missed it.
Something is trying to stop us. We must be close.
- Where's Ray? - Ray?
Guys! Oh, sorry.
- I found it. There's a hole. - What about the packs?
What did I tell you?
- Look at all that negative energy. - New York, what a town!
Let's see how deep it is. Get a sounding.
All right, six feet ...
- Twelve feet. Something's pulling. - Hold on.
Give me a hand.
Hold it!
A toast to the most charming, kindest ...
Oh, it's me.
... and most unusual man I've ever broken up with.
Why did you dump me?
I didn't dump you. I was protecting myself.
You weren't very good for me. You know that, don't you?
- I'm not even good for me. - You're much better than you know.
I wish I had this kind of support 24 hours a day.
- I'd be in shape by the year 2000. - Give me a jingle in the year 2000.
Why don't I give you a jingle right now?
So the Seven Little Dwarfs had a limited partnership in mining, -
- and they bartered housekeeping services for room and board.
This way, they didn't have to withhold income tax or nothing ...
It's a great place. I mean, it needs a woman's touch.
- But I think it looks really good. - Bedtime.
- You're very good with children. - I practised on my hamster.
So, you live alone?
I used to have a roommate, but my mom moved to Florida.
- Why don't you come over here? - Okay.
You want to play Boggle or Super Mario Brothers?
I think motherhood is a very natural instinct. I'd like a child myself.
- Would you? - Tonight?
Nice going, Ray. Were you trying to drown me?
Was it my fault that you were too stupid not to drop the line?
- I'll punch your lights out! - Oh, yeah? Any time. Come on.
It's go time, man. I want you bad!
Wait! Stop!
Get your clothes off. Quick!
What were we doing? I was ready to kill you.
It's the stuff. It's like concentrated evil.
It's all flowing right to this spot.
- Are you sure this is it? - Yeah.
The greatest tangible evidence of psychic energy ...
- You're disturbing the guests! - Just a second.
Boys! You're scaring the straights. Can we do this tomorrow?
- No! It's hot and ready to pop. - It's all over the city, Pete.
- It's all flowing to the museum. - Yeah, the museum.
What is this stuff?
- Oh, God! You mean my museum? - I was gonna tell you after dinner.
You can't go back there again.
It's a psycho-magnetheric plasma ...
We were fighting! We were in a fight!
I'm glad they're here. We have to see the mayor!
Oh, Ghostbusters. Come right this way.
My kid brother really wants a proton pack.
The proton pack is not a toy.
We were just baby-sitting, and one thing led to another.
That's all right. I know what you were doing.
- Hi, Dana. How was your date? - It was just dinner.
- Where's Peter? - He was arrested.
- Did he call? - No, nobody called.
- How's Oscar? ls he all right? - He's fine. Such a good baby.
He was a little fussy, but we gave him some pizza and he passed out.
Good. Well, I'll just give him a look-see.
- Do you think we should go? - We shouldn't leave her alone.
You're right. Let's stay.
- Lenny! Big man! - The Ghostbusters.
- Mr. Mayor. - What is this? A slumber party?
I don't want to hear about it. You have two minutes. Make it good.
Well, it's a pleasure to see you again.
- Almost half of us voted for you. - I appreciate that.
Sorry we always meet in these circumstances.
A psychomagnetheric slime flow is building up beneath the city.
- Psycho what? - Psychomagnetheric.
Negative emotions are materialising as a viscous, psychoreactive plasm.
Does anybody speak English here?
All the hate, anger and violence of this city is turning into sludge.
We went for a swim in it and ended up almost killing each other.
- Do we have to listen to this? - Can't you shut up for two minutes?
Do you know how weird it is out there? We've taken a head count.
There seem to be three million miserable assholes in the area.
- Oh, please. - Three million and one.
If we don't do something fast, this whole place is going to blow.
Am I supposed to go on TV and tell ten million people to be nice?
Being miserable and treating people badly is every New Yorker's right.
Your two minutes are up. Goodnight.
- You're making a big mistake! - The Times will be interested ...
- Times Square Slime. - Slime Square.
Before you go to the press, -
- would you tell our people downtown about the slime?
It has to be done right away.
This city's in danger. The whole world! All we want to do is help!
The mayor wants them under strict observation. They're dangerous.
- We'll do whatever is necessary. - Thank you, Doctor.
I await the words of Vigo!
- I, the scourge of Carpathia ... - You've told me. This scourge ...
- The sorrow of Moldavia ... - I've heard all of this.
- ... command you. - Command me, lord.
The season of evil begins with the birth of the new year.
Bring me the child, that I might live again.
Lord Vigo, I was wondering ...
This woman, Dana, is fine and strong.
If I was to bring the baby, -
- could I have the woman?
So be it. On this day of darkness she will be ours.
Wife to you and mother to me.
Yes! Thank you, Lord!
- Is she the killer? - No. That's Rita Hayworth.
She was married to Citizen Kane.
After they finished this, she dumped him for a polo player.
Why do beautiful women love horses so much?
- You really don't have to stay. - We don't mind.
- Can you see okay? - Yep.
Oh, God! Oscar!
Louis! It's Oscar!
Call 911!
Oscar! Oh, no!
- It was a ghost! - No. That was Janosz!
- He took him. - What should we do?
The museum!
- Where are you going? - I have to get my baby!
We have to find the guys.
The spirit of a 1 7th century Moldavian tyrant -
- is alive and well, in a painting at the Manhattan Museum of Art.
And are there any other paintings with bad spirits in them?
He's drawing strength from a psychomagnetheric slime flow.
- Tell me about the slime. - We made a toaster dance with it.
- And a bathtub tried to eat a baby. - A bathtub?
These people are completely nuts.
Oh, sweetheart, I thought I'd lost you.
I thought I'd never see you again.
Hello, Dana. I thought you'd come.
- Stay away from us. I mean it. - He will not be harmed.
He has been chosen to be the vessel of the spirit of Vigo.
You'll be the mother of the ruler of the world. Doesn't that sound nice?
No, it sounds ludicrous. You stay away from him. I mean it.
We don't have a choice. It's not Gainsborough's Blue Boy. It's Vigo!
I don't care. You're not gonna take my baby!
Oscar! You bastard!
Is it a big dinosaur or a small one? Which way was it headed?
What was chasing you in the park? A bench was chasing you? I get it.
- Lieutenant, you better take this. - I'm busy here.
Some dock supervisor says the Titanic just arrived.
Better late than never.
We've had more than 3,000 calls.
I've got every man in uniform on the streets. And I'm still short-handed.
There's a shell over the Manhattan Museum of Art. We can't make a dent!
- It's pandemonium out there! - Yes, we're working on it.
I'll be known as the mayor who let New York get sucked into hell.
We have no choice. Call the Ghostbusters.
I'm sure there's another way.
I spent an hour last night talking to LaGuardia, who died 40 years ago.
Where are the Ghostbusters?
- They're not available. - What do you mean?
I had them committed to the psychiatric ward.
They were threatening to go to the press. I was protecting you.
You have exactly three minutes to clear out. You're fired!
Remove this man from the building. And get me the Ghostbusters!
Mr. Mayor! Take a look at this.
What's that? Have you ever seen anything like that?
Get me the Ghostbusters.
- And then he took the baby ... - Where did Dana go?
To the museum. There was an eclipse and the whole town went dark.
Vigo wants in on the 21 st century. He needs a human body to inhabit.
We're the only ones that can help.
- It looks like a giant Jell-O mold. - I hate Jell-O.
Come on, there's always room for Jell-O.
Soon it will be midnight and the city will be mine and Vigo's.
Well, mainly Vigo's.
Dana, let's make the best of this relationship.
- We don't have a relationship. - I know!
Marry me, Dana. We will raise Vigo as our son.
There are many perks in being the mother of a living god.
We could get a magnificent apartment, car, free parking ...
Many marriages begin with a certain amount of distance.
Yet, I think that you and I could learn to love each other.
Yes. I could learn.
Pull 'em.
Full neutronas.
Let's cook!
Save them!
It would take a tremendous amount of positive energy to crack that shell.
I doubt there's enough goodwill left in this town to do it.
I can't believe things are so bad.
Sure, the city is dirty, it's crowded and polluted and noisy, -
- but there's got to be a few sparks of sweet humanity left.
We just have to mobilise it.
We need something that everyone can get behind. We need ...
... a symbol.
Something that appeals to the best in all of us.
- Something good. - Something pure.
- It makes you wonder. - Wonder what?
Whether she's naked under that toga. She's French, you know.
Got it. Ready with the speakers. Slime-blowers ready.
- Internal audio set. Electric set. - Slime-blower set.
- Is our slime in a good mood? - I hope so.
- She's a lot bigger than a toaster. - All yours, Venkman.
Testing. How many of you people here tonight are a national monument?
- Let's frost it. - It's slime time.
- Pilot controls are ready. - It's almost midnight. Let's go.
Here's something off the request line from Liberty lsland!
We're gonna squeeze some juice from you, big apple!
This should really get the city's positive energy flowing!
If this works, we can take a weekend in Vegas with the Jolly Green Giant.
You look fantastic in this.
I was born to wear this stuff.
Boy, it's heavy.
- It's a love fest, New York! - Everybody sing!
- Your love is lifting me higher! - You sing!
- Can't you go any faster? - That might shake her to pieces.
- We should have padded her feet. - Nike's don't come that big.
She's tough. She's a harbour chick!
Sorry! My fault!
Happy New Year. Stay fit. Keep sharp. Make good decisions.
Oh, good.
Oh, it's you. I didn't know you had your licence.
Four minutes to go. And then ... party time.
It's happening. It's really happening.
No! Help! Go away from here!
- I love you when you roughhouse! - Drop the hammer on her!
- Oscar, look. - Go away!
You don't know who he is! He's Vigo! You're like flies to him.
You backed the wrong horse. Hose him, please.
Hose him.
One down.
- Boy, am I glad to see you. - Oscar!
- Is he dead? - No, he'll wake up feeling great.
This guy's a little bit ripe. I think I had an accident too.
This guy's a little bit ripe. I think I had an accident too.
Get him away!
Get a knife or something!
Stay here. Don't move.
Uncle Pete has to help your mom. Stay here and don't say anything.
Hold it right there, dead-head!
You want a baby? Go knock up some hell-hound. Get in the painting!
- One! - Two!
You've got him!
That was really stupid.
- Ray, can you move? - No. Are you okay?
- No. Venkman, how are you? - I'm fine.
No! No! Oscar!
Please, do something.
Not so fast, Vigo.
Hey, you, the bimbo with the baby.
The big-shoulder look is out. I have met some dumb blondes, -
- but you take the taco, pal.
Only a Carpathian would come back to life now and choose New York.
Tasty pick, bonehead!
If you had brain one in that huge melon on top of your neck, -
- you'd be living the sweet life in the beautiful San Fernando Valley.
Oh, darn it.
Now we become one.
Now we become one.
- Where's that singing coming from? - The people outside.
Excuse me. Ghostbusters.
I'm here with you, guys.
He's weakening! The singing is neutralising the slime!
I can move.
Oh, sweetheart.
He's back in the painting!
Go find a shady spot.
Viggy, Viggy, Viggy, you have been a bad monkey.
- We'd like to shoot. Please move. - Ray!
No! l, Ray, as Vigo, shall rule the earth.
- Be gone, you pitiful half-men! - Now!
I did it! I did it! I'm a Ghostbuster!
- Are you all right? - Get up. Let's get this off.
- Are you all right? - Get up. Let's get this off.
- How do you feel? - Groovy.
- Are you all right? - Yes. Thank you, Peter.
Spread out, shorty.
I love you guys. I love all you guys.
And I love Venkman. Wow. Real friendship.
Sir, are you all right?
- Why am I dripping with goo? - You had a transformative episode.
You were kind of out of control.
Hey, man, let me tell you something. I love you.
Yes? Well, I love you too.
Hey, fellas, take a look at this.
Early renaissance, I think. Raphael or Piero dela Francesca.
No, I believe it's a Fettucine.
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