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Ghost of Kasane 1957

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A Mitsugu Okura Production
Music Chumei Watanabe
Katsuko Wakasugi Takashi Wada Noriko Kitazawa
Tetsuro Tanba
Directed by Nobuo Nakagawa
The Village of Hanyu, Shimosa 1773
It doesn't look like stopping.
Then don't go. The wind's going to come up later...
...and the child will miss you.
It's an old debt collector's trick, visiting on a day like this.
When they're shut in like this, even a ne'er-do-well like Fukami...
...will pay a little.
Look after the place, Tetsu.
Yes, sir.
Hurry back, Daddy.
You be a good girl, Rui.
Don't stay up too late.
Sir! I really think you should stay home today.
No... it's just a broken sandal-strap. Bring me some new ones, Tetsu.
I'll be back soon.
Don't forget my present!
What was it you wanted?
You promised me a samisen!
So I did!
You're just like your mother. She liked the samisen, too.
All right, now... be good till I get back.
Soetsu Minagawa Masseur
It's a honor to have you pour sake for me, ma'am.
That's exactly full.
You've got such nice manners, Soetsu!
That's my only redeeming feature.
My humble thanks.
He's a funny man... pour him another one.
That's more than enough, thank you.
We have some important business to discuss.
What 'business'?
You're joking, of course...
I refer to the sum of money you had from me last year.
Shinkichi's crying. Go see to him.
All right.
Make yourself at home, Soetsu.
I hoped you might have a little to pay me on account.
I don't.
I'm sorry?
I can't pay what I don't have.
You can't mean that! That's absurd!
'Absurd'?! You dare to speak like that to a samurai?!
There's no need for you to speak like that, sir.
I wasn't calling you 'absurd'.
But what you say makes no sense.
Sir! There is no reason to cut me in the face!
What if I did?! Must I accept insults from a mere tradesman?!
Get out! Speak again and you'll feel my sword!
And what of my money?
Be silent, will you!
My money!
My money!
Do you still speak?!
What are you doing?!
Wait, Soetsu!
Get rid of him by morning!
Put him somewhere no one will see...
I know! Kasane Swamp!
'Namuamidabutsu. Namuamidabutsu. '
Please don't hold this against me, Soetsu.
With this sickle fend off the demons...
...and find your way to Paradise.
'Namuamidabutsu. '
In Mourning
In Mourning
Fusae! More 'sake'!
Where are you going?!
To Soetsu's memorial.
If he was rude to you, it was only because... wouldn't pay him.
His poor little girl!
I forbid you to go there!
Then at least send Kanzo with incense money...
You talk too much! Where's my 'sake'?!
Rub my shoulders!
Like this?
You don't have to push so hard! That hurts!
No... may say it hurts, but it is only these fingers.
Compared to the pain of your sword... it slashed me from shoulder to stomach...
Are you back to haunt me?!
Fear the hatred of the dead!
Go to the magistrate!
Fusae! Fusae!
I know you're here, Soetsu!
Hanyuya Fancy Goods
Young master...
...the Hanyuya owes your father an old debt of gratitude.
I'm sure they'll look after...
...the son of Shinzaemon Fukami.
You'll be happier growing up here...
...than with poor old Kanzo.
Be strong and wise.
20 Years Later
Miss Hisa's ready to leave.
A man shouldn't be setting out a woman's sandals.
Yes, Miss, but I'm your servant.
Leave that to Kumi.
That's right!
Shinkichi comes from a long line of samurai!
I'll do that.
The past is the past. I'm a servant.
Have it your way.
Shinkichi! Her music!
It's the other way.
I don't care.
Let's go somewhere and have fun.
We can't do that!
You've got a recital soon! Miss Rui will get angry at me.
So you don't want to be with me?
I see.
Young sir... careful, or Shinkichi will steal that young lady.
Help me, then!
You're in love with her samisen teacher.
You know how I feel.
Miss Rui...
Toyoshiga Teacher of Music
'The tree peony...
'... the silver chrysanthemum...
'... the autumn daisy...
'With the names of flowers...
'... is this story told. '
You're always so busy!
You were born in Hanyu Village, weren't you.
Yes. How did you know?
The teacher here...
...Miss Rui...
...she was born there, and so was I.
What strange tricks fate plays.
You don't say!
I was born there, but I left when I was small.
I don't remember it.
'... holds back her tears.
'With hatred in her eyes...
'... she looks into his face. '
We're back.
Thank you.
Oh, Shinkichi...
...would you ask Hisa to come here?
Miss, your mother wants to see you.
Oh? I don't care.
But she's calling you...
...I have a problem.
What should I do?
What do you mean?
She wants me to marry Seitaro from the Yamadaya.
The Yamadas are the richest family around here.
This calls for congratulations.
I hate you!
You don't care anything about me at all!
Hisa! Hisa!
What are you doing here? Come along.
I hate Seitaro!
I'm sorry?
Say that again?
I may not be your real mother...
...but he is a perfect match for this family.
After the trouble I've gone to arranging this...
But Mother!
Not one more word! Like it or not, we settle it this year!
Who's there?
'We met a year ago...
'... when the cherry blossoms were in bloom...
'... at the time of spring planting.
'Since we met...
'... if even one day passes...
'... without news...
'... I cannot rest...
'... and I lay half-awake...
'... until the dawn comes. '
Miss Rui! Let me pour you a drink!
Oh, I can't...
I've had too much to drink.
But I want to see you drunk!
I really shouldn't drink any more.
Should l, Hisa.
Shinkichi! You could relax a little, you know...
At least have a drink!
Shinkichi, sing something!
I just love Shinkichi!
No, no, please...
Excuse me, Miss Rui.
You don't have to go yet!
You stay right there.
I'm coming!
That's all right! Stay with us!
It's easy to see you're very fond of Miss Hisa.
Please, Miss Rui!
Don't say things like that!
Our relationship is nothing more than mistress and servant!
He's a good lad.
Not like us!
Shinkichi... like those girls fussing over you, don't you.
No, Miss!
Of course you do!
I'm sorry. I just can't do anything right.
That's all right.
You know, Shinkichi...
Miss? Your music book isn't here.
I left it at Miss Rui's. I'll go get it.
Oh, leave it.
I'll be right back.
Yes, ma'am?
Where are you running to?
Miss Hisa forgot her music book.
You're never far away from where she is, are you.
Listen to me: she's going to marry the Yamadaya boy.
Don't you start people talking.
Yes, ma'am.
You may go.
You make me think bad things...
What do you want?
Fight if you want. I like it that way.
Or you could just relax and do as I say...
Hello, Miss Rui? Sorry to bother you again.
Now I understand!
So that's what's going on!
I get what I want, Miss Rui. Remember that.
Miss Rui!
Miss Hisa forgot her music. I came to get it.
What's the matter? Is something wrong?
Please, Miss Rui! If anyone sees us...
Would that bother you?
Well, not me...
I love you!
I love you so much I can't stand it any more!
Shinkichi, tell me honestly...
... do you love me or not?
My life depends on your answer!
Miss Rui!
It's hard for an older woman to speak her mind...
... but I have to.
Ever since I first saw you...
Miss Rui! Do you love me that much?
I'm so happy!
I'm so happy, Shinkichi!
Coming home at dawn? Isn't that nice!
Where were you last night?
...I went to bring the music Miss Hisa forgot.
Went where?
Is it that far to Miss Rui's?
Kumi! Hurry up!
What's this?
It's yours.
We've raised you since you were left out front 20 years ago.
This disgraceful behavior is a bad example to the staff.
You will leave this house.
You be quiet!
Once rumors start flying, it's already too late.
But this is Shinkichi!
Well, if it isn't Kanzo!
You've grown into a fine old lady!
That I have!
The lengths we've gone for other people's children!
Is where you are now far from Fukagawa?
No. That's where I live now.
Isn't that lucky!
Can I ask you a favor?
Of course.
There's a fancy-goods shop there called the Hanyuya.
A man named Shinkichi is a servant there.
Tell him to come sometimes and pray at his parents' grave.
Wait a minute, Kanzo! Tell me his name again.
It sounded like 'Shinkichi'...
That's right. The samurai Fukami's little boy.
Shinkichi is Fukami's son?!
But why didn't you come straight here?
I'd only cause more trouble.
No! I'm happy they turned you out of that shop.
Miss Rui!
We're not strangers any more.
Call me 'Rui'.
Starting today, you're the husband I love.
Hello, Jusuke.
Were you away at your family tomb?
Oh, Tetsu...
You're in for a surprise. Shinkichi's living with Miss Rui!
Just like man and wife.
It's embarrassing!
Nice to see you again.
Thank you.
Hurry back!
What did you say?
Please, Miss Rui!
Don't make me say! Just send Shinkichi away!
But why? Tell me why?
I don't understand!
Tell me!
Shinkichi was sent away from the shop because of me!
I don't want to make you unhappy.
It because I'm too old?
No, not at all!
Anyone you're in love with is fine with me.
But not Shinkichi!
Even if my life depends on it?
All right, if I tell you...
... will you give him up?
I don't want to hear it! I'll do as I like!
And if you don't like that, you're free to leave this house!
Miss Rui!
I know I'm in your debt for having raised me.
But please, just this once, let me do as I wish.
All right?
I'm back.
Hello. How was the bath?
You're sweating...
...would you get him another robe?
Welcome back, Tetsu.
It's all right. I'll get it.
What's wrong?!
Miss Rui!
Tetsu! Tetsu!
Is she all right?
Just keep a cold compress on it.
Take care.
How's Miss Rui?
The swelling won't go down.
Oh, dear...
This is for her.
Thank you very much.
Miss Rui? Miss Hisa's come to see you.
What a terrible thing to happen! Are you feeling better?
Sorry to trouble you.
All my other students have stopped coming.
So why are you here?
Miss Rui! She's come to see how you are!
I knew you'd take her side.
She only comes every day because she wants to see you.
Don't talk like that!
She likes it here because her mother is so unpleasant!
The poor girl!
Oh, is she, now!
You're so worried about her...
...when I could die for all you care!
That's a terrible thing to say!
Forgive her, Miss Hisa.
It's because she's ill.
Well, then...
...take care.
Shinkichi! Don't go!
And what are you so lost in thought over?
What do you want?
Go away!
Too bad.
I thought you'd want to hear about Shinkichi.
It looks like you do.
He's worried that you don't love him any more.
That's not true!
A man will do anything once a woman tells him to.
Shall I help?
She wants you to meet her at the Kawayoshi Tea House.
Here's three gold pieces for Miss Rui's medicine.
Take it.
Thank Miss Hisa for five, will you?
I kept two as a tip.
Well? Are you going or not?
I'll go.
He's with Hisa?!
Miss Hisa!
If you love me...
... run away with me!
Or I'll be married to Seitaro in ten days!
Miss Hisa!
Miss Rui!
Shinkichi is my husband!
And you want to take him from me!
Miss Rui! Wait! Stop!
Miss Rui! Please stop!
Miss Rui!
Miss Rui!
Miss Rui!
How about this?
Very nice!
And so is this.
Yes, it is!
And on the young lady it will look even better!
Hurry and decide, or it won't be ready in time.
Hisa? Hisa!
Did you talk to him?
I convinced him.
Thank you.
But Miss...
...what you'll need now is money.
I've sent a message to Kanzo at Hanyu Village.
They're sure to come after you.
You'll need at least 50 gold pieces.
He'll be at the Kawayoshi at six o'clock.
All right?
Shinkichi... where are you going?
Where? I'm not going anywhere.
I'm right here!
I don't want you to ever leave me!
Please don't go away!
I'd never do that.
I'll just go to Jusuke's and pick up your samisen.
Be sure you don't go anywhere else!
All right, Shinkichi?
Please don't leave me!
Don't be silly!
I'll be right back!
Why aren't you ready to go?
Miss Rui suspects.
I can't bring myself to leave her when she's ill.
Could you tell Miss Hisa to go on ahead?
Don't mock me!
Are you a man or not?!
All right, I'll go!
It's hard being popular.
Just one thing...
Take Miss Rui her samisen. I won't rest until she has it.
Go away!
Still as unfriendly as ever.
It's no surprise Shinkichi would run from that face.
It's too late, Rui. He's gone off with Miss Hisa.
What?! He has?
That's a lie!
Truth, lies... everything is something or the other.
Just like that hideous face of yours.
My face?! Hideous?!
Look, Miss Rui...
Take that swollen face of yours...
...and have a chat with your mirror.
My face 'hideous'?
It can't be!
My mirror's gone!
Miss Rui? Miss Rui?
Miss Rui!
Miss Rui!
Please, Miss Rui!
I'll tell you everything.
Your father's hatred could be causing all of this!
There's no point in hiding it any more.
Shinkichi is the son of Shinzaemon Fukami!
The man who killed your father!
That's why I was against him.
He's planning to leave you.
He even wrote this letter.
He did?
He said he was going for your samisen, but it's past six now...
Now I understand!
Deceive me, will you?!
Like your father deceived mine!
Miss Rui, no! You mustn't!
That's strange...
A slack string shouldn't break.
What if something's happened to Miss Rui?
I'll go see.
What are you doing here? You're ill!
Could you call a palanquin?
All right.
You surprised me, Miss Rui!
Come in and sit down.
How cold your hands are!
Ready, Miss Rui.
Thank you.
Let's go.
Go easy. The lady's ill.
Her samisen...
She's not long for this world.
Hurry... you don't want her dying angry at you.
Miss Rui's dead!
But she's right here!
Don't say things like that, Tetsu! She's in that palanquin!
She's in here.
Miss Rui? Tetsu's here.
Miss Rui? Can I open this?
Shinkichi! You're so late!
Miss Rui's dead!
Miss Rui?!
Good evening.
Excuse me...
... there's only the two of us.
Oh, I'm sorry.
There was a woman who said she was with you.
She was wearing a black hood.
Excuse me... which way is Hanyu Village?
Take the road that leads by Kasane Swamp.
Just hang on a little further...
... I can't walk any more!
I'll carry you.
Hang on tight. Don't let go.
Miss Hisa!
My leg!
It hurts!
It hurts, Shinkichi!
Miss Rui! You've come to haunt me!
Miss Hisa!
Miss Hisa!
Shinkichi... you've gone mad.
This is divine retribution.
Now you can go to hell.
What are you doing?!
Killing you, for 50 gold pieces.
That's what I've been waiting for.
Miss Rui!
We have said sutras for you.
Leave your hatreds behind...
... and ascend to Lord Buddha.
The End
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