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Ghost and the Darkness The

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Man: This is the most famous true African adventure;
famous because what took place at Tsavo
never happened before.
Colonel John Patterson was there when it began...
a fine lrish gentleman,
a brilliant engineer.
He was my friend.
My name is Samuel.
l was there.
Remember this.
Even the most impossible parts of this story really happened.
John Henry Patterson. l'm Robert Beaumont.
Firm handshake. l like that.
Tells me a lot about you. Do sit down.
Now, why don't you tell me about me?
Well, to get you started,
many people find me handsome with a wonderful smile.
l'm sure you agree.
Winning personality, heaps of charm.
My wife is the game player in the family, sir.
Thank you, gentlemen.
Look at me closely, Colonel Patterson.
l'm a monster.
My only pleasure
is tormenting those people who work for me,
people like yourself.
Make one mistake, and l promise you,
l'll make you hate me.
We're in a race, Colonel,
and the prize is nothing less
than the continent of Africa.
We are building the most expensive and daring railroad in history
for the glorious purpose of saving Africa from the Africans
and, of course, to end slavery.
Our competitors are the Germans and the French.
We are ahead, and we will stay ahead,
provided you do what l've hired you to do:
Build a bridge across the river Tsavo
and be finished in 5 months.
Can you do that?
l am sure you've examined my record.
You know l've never been late on a bridge.
l'm well aware of your distinguished record, Colonel,
but let me humbly remind you,
you've never built in Africa.
l have in lndia.
Each country presents its own challenges.
You'll need all your confidence, l promise you.
l love Africa.
l've always wanted to go there,
and if l may speak personally,
my wife is having our firstborn in 6 months,
and l promised her l'd be there for the birth,
and l always keep my word.
Very moving, Colonel Patterson.
l'm touched you confided in me,
but l really don't give a shit about your upcoming litter.
l've made you with this assignment.
Don't make me break you.
You won't have the opportunity.
Any other words of encouragement?
Then l have a train to catch.
[Sounds From Crowded Street]
Woman: Tell me about Beaumont.
Does he understand how brilliant you are,
how lucky he is to have you?
lt was embarrassing. The man showered me with praise.
Oh, dear.
You're getting that downtrodden look again.
No. No.
l would never have taken this had we known sooner.
And you would have been in agony,
and it would have been my fault.
You've been desperate to see Africa all your life.
There may be difficulties.
There will be. There always are.
Which only means that our son and l--
note my confidence--
will have an excuse to come and visit you.
[Whistle Blows]
Man: All aboard!
Come along.
Put me on the train.
You go.
Such a gentleman.
l am desperate to see Africa, but it's just a place.
You build bridges, John.
You have to go where the rivers are.
[Men Speaking Foreign Language]
Colonel Patterson.
Patterson: No, thank you.
Colonel Patterson, yes?
No, thank you. No, thank you. No, thank you.
Welcome to Africa, sir, and good morning.
Angus Starling. l am to assist you at Tsavo.
But Beaumont will have told you that, surely.
No, actually. He did give me his monster speech.
That. Oh, l know Robert seems dreadful,
but once you truly get to know the man, he's much worse.
Ha ha! And l'm one of his defenders.
Forget him for now. Follow me, sir.
lt's your first trip to Africa, yes?
Good, because l've reserved the best seats on the train.
Starling: They're amazing, aren't they?
You know the most amazing thing about them?
They sleep only 5 minutes a day.
Don't like them much.
The females are bigger.
Only animals here like that.
Have to be, or they wouldn't survive
because the males eat the young.
Anything special about them?
Well, it's just that they fart through their mouths.
l bet they don't kiss very much.
l've lived in Africa for a year, and l don't know what you know.
How long have you been here?
Just about 24 hours.
But l've been longing for this all my life.
[Steam Whistle Blows]
Welcome to Tsavo.
[Whistle Blows]
[Bell Clanging]
[Man Speaking Foreign Language]
Starling: Samuel!
Samuel's camp liaison, absolutely indispensable.
He's the only man here everyone trusts.
Does he speak English?
And very poor French.
Samuel, Colonel John Patterson.
The bridge builder.
We've been getting ready for you.
Good. l'd like to see the bridge site.
l've got some medical supplies to deliver.
Come along to the hospital when you're done.
l'll bring him, Angus.
Where are you from, Samuel?
That way, beyond those mountains.
l'm from...
over there.
[Man Speaking Foreign Language]
Patterson: Everything seems to be under control.
Thank you. lf it is, it's a miracle.
Why is that?
The truth is,
the workers don't like each other at all.
Obviously, the Africans hate the lndians,
but the lndians also hate other lndians.
The Hindus believe cows are sacred,
while the Muslims eat the cows.
[Cows Lowing]
[Samuel Speaking Foreign Language]
Do you eat a cow?
Of course.
l've worked with both Hindu and Muslim.
Perhaps l can help.
You can certainly try. lt won't work.
Nothing works here.
Tsavo is the worst place in the world.
Advance camp is across there.
How many workers?
3,000 men laying track.
Even though your bridge is not yet built,
each day they move 2 miles further away.
Samuel: Did it look like this in your mind?
This is more difficult.
Should be difficult.
What better job in all the world than build a bridge?
Bring land over water.
Bring worlds together.
Starling: Finish your tour?
Patterson: ls this mostly malaria?
Yes, but their suffering is only transitory...
once they accept God into their hearts.
Man: That's just vomitus talk, Mr. Starling.
Poor bastards will get even sicker
if you don't shut up.
David Hawthorne.
l'm, um...
This is my hospital.
And my advice to you is...
don't get sick.
Ha ha! That was meant to be charming.
Sorry. l seem to have lost the knack.
You never had it.
Angus and l don't like each other much.
l am also a liaison between these two.
Clearly, you don't share Beaumont's vision.
This? This is a sham.
Who needs it? lt's ridiculous.
lt's only being built to protect the ivory trade,
make rich men richer.
Then why stay, Doctor?
Who else would hire me?
Beat you to it, didn't l?
Dr. Hawthorne--
Oh, yes. l almost forgot.
You seem to have brought bad luck with you. Come here.
This is Karim, one of my orderlies.
He was attacked by a man-eater earlier today.
A man-eater attacks,
and you're such a buffoon,
you almost forget to mention it.
His injuries are only slight.
Been riding his donkey not far from here,
when suddenly a lion sprang on them.
Donkey took the brunt of it, then the lion ran off.
Thank you, Karim.
Now, l know this is your first day,
and you must be tired...
but, um...
what are you going to do about it?
With any luck, l'll sort it out this evening.
l don't suppose l could come and watch.
Have you ever hunted?
Well, not exactly.
l've never been very adventurous.
Can you keep quiet?
l hate to be a bother, John, but--
The cramp is getting worse.
The pain is actually quite unbearable now.
You'll just have to cope with it, Angus.
That is precisely my plan...
but back at my tent.
You'll be dead before you ever get to your tent.
The lion will eat you.
l know.
ls this the best way to hunt a lion?
l don't know. l've never even seen one.
[Owl Screeches And Flies Away]
[Donkey Brays]
[Lion Growls]
Starling: One shot!
Samuel: One shot!
Patterson has made the night safe again!
[Speaking Foreign Language]
[Men Cheering]
My God, you sorted it out.
Samuel: There is nothing like the fear a man-eater brings.
They own the night and kill so quickly.
lt was clear to the men
that Patterson was willing to take risks for them.
That one shot had taken their fears away.
Patterson: All right, Angus.
l've decided to have you and Mahina oversee the foundation piers.
Of course, the hardest part about building a bridge
is the foundation piers,
and for that task, l'm giving you...
4 thrilling weeks.
Aren't we full of ourselves today.
l think it's because of the lion.
Uh, John--
You know, l also have killed a lion.
How many shots did you need?
l used my hands.
Uh, John, 4 weeks is just not enough time.
You'll just have to use your hands.
[Mahina Laughs]
[Samuel Speaking Foreign Language]
Hey, Samuel!
[Men Cheering]
Come in.
One shot.
The claws of the lion you killed.
Thank you.
lt will always remind me of Africa.
lt is meant to remind you of courage.
lt will also protect you.
Wear it.
Patterson's voice: Darling...
you know how God invented liquor
so the lrish wouldn't rule the world?
Well, l sometimes think he invented being bullheaded
so we could be the best at something,
for when this bridge is finished,
it will have nothing to do with my engineering skill
and all to do with my stubbornness.
lt changes everything l plan,
yet still we are somehow ahead of schedule.
Mahina, my foreman, deserves so much credit.
The man is a marvel.
Oh, another marvel.
Starling has actually convinced some of the natives to convert.
l cannot wait to show this beautiful country to you.
Love, John.
[Lion Growls]
Man: Simba! Simba!
[Men Shouting]
[Lion Growling]
Hawthorne: What the lion must have done was...
lick his skin off so he could drink his blood.
Then he feasted on him, starting with his feet.
Lions don't eat this way.
Are you sure this was a lion?
We followed his tracks.
What sort of lion could carry off someone Mahina's size?
[Man Speaking Foreign Language]
Samuel: Terror had now built a home inside us
and would not leave,
because if Mahina, who was so powerful,
could not save himself,
what could the rest of us do?
[Cocks Rifle]
# Too-ra-li #
# Too-ra-lee #
# Oh, it's 6 miles from Bangor... #
# Too-ra-li #
# Too-ra-lee #
# Oh, it's 6 miles from Bangor... #
[Lion Roaring]
[Man Shouting]
[Men Speaking Foreign Language]
Man: You want us to work even if we have to die to do it.
[Samuel Speaking Foreign Language]
Patterson: Why is there no work being done?
Malaria epidemic. Very sudden.
There is no reason for fear.
On that l choose to remain dubious.
2 are dead now in 2 nights.
A second?
Far end of the camp, a man wandering alone at night.
There's even less of him than there was of Mahina.
lt's too soon for a lion to kill from hunger.
Samuel: ln our village,
we construct thornbush fences around where we live.
Big burning fires at night, that keeps the lion away.
Good. Get started.
And a strict curfew:
No one is allowed out of their tent at night.
Abdullah, you'll send half your men with Samuel to help build these fences.
The other half you'll take to the bridge.
l'll sort this out. l will kill the lion, and l will build the bridge.
Of course you will.
You are white. You can do anything.
lt would be a mistake not to work together on this thing, Abdullah.
[Samuel Speaking Foreign Language]
[Singing ln Foreign Language]
No! lt's got to be tighter!
You see? This has got to be a wall!
What a good week.
You mean nobody died?
Well, we all worked together.
Worthy deeds were accomplished.
l like the labor.
My mother insisted on piano lessons.
Broke the dear woman's heart when it turned out l was tone-deaf,
but she was always on at me to be careful with my hands.
l like the blood.
ls that so strange?
Oh, yes.
l think so.
Here it comes, Samuel.
Even you two must admit it is glorious what man can accomplish.
With one common splendid goal, there are no limits.
Think what will be done when we all have God's warmth in our hearts.
l am immune to your disdain.
When l came here, l had one small goal:
to convert the entire continent of Africa.
Now l've decided to move on to something really difficult.
l will not rest until both of you are safely in the fold.
Patterson: l'm beyond conversion.
My mother's Roman Catholic,
and my father's a protestant.
[Samuel Chuckles]
l have 4 wives.
Good luck.
The struggle is the glory.
[Men Speaking Foreign Language]
Samuel: For you.
Thank you, Samuel.
Good news.
l expect so... from my wife.
You like her?
Very much.
l don't like any of mine.
[Speaking Foreign Language]
Mrs. Patterson's voice: Darling, the big excitement yesterday
was when some schoolchildren spotted a whale.
They were looking at me, John.
That was an attempt at humor, but l don't feel very funny these days.
Anyway, after our son--
You'll note l still have total confidence--
Well, after he's born, l think travel might be the order of the day.
As he kicks me at night, l'm quite sure he's telling me
he definitely wants to come to Africa.
Thought you might need reminding.
[Lion Roars]
[Men Shouting]
Move! Move yourselves! Move!
Patterson: Angus! Stay here.
[Lion Growls]
[Lion Growls]
[Lion Roaring]
Starling: Oh, God!
[Bones Cracking]
[Lions Growling]
There are 2 of them.
[Samuel Speaking Foreign Language]
Patterson: Oh, Jesus.
And the king spake and said unto Daniel,
''Oh, Daniel, servant of the living God,
is thy god, whom thou servest continually,
able to deliver thee from the lions?''
And Daniel said unto the king, ''Oh, King, live forever.
My god hath sent his angels and hath shut the lions' mouths
that they have not hurt me,
forasmuch as before Him, innocency was found in me.
And as before thee, oh, King, have l done no hurt.
Have l done no hurt.''
Samuel: The men called them the Ghost and the Darkness.
There were 2 of them,
and that had never happened before
because man-eaters are always alone.
They owned the nights,
but they also attacked in daylight,
alone or together, without fear or reason.
Some thought they were not lions at all
but the spirits of dead medicine men come back to spread madness.
For others, they were the devil,
sent to stop the white men from owning the world.
l believed this: That they were evil,
and what better ground for evil to walk than Tsavo?
Because this is what the word Tsavo means:
A place of slaughter.
Patterson: l've given you my word.
Why haven't you told them help is on the way?
lt's too late now, Mr. Patterson.
lt's not too late. Abdullah, they will listen to you. You must make them stay.
They are too afraid to work. They want to go home.
Be content that l have decided to stay.
[Train Whistle Blowing]
Beaumont is on that train.
lf he sees this mess, you will lose your job.
So will you, sir. That's all, really, you care about.
Oh, for Christ...
Well, then, you go, too.
You lack the courage to lead.
Go. Tell all your men to go,
but l will kill the lions,
and l will build the bridge,
and you, you must go home
and tell the wives of the men who died working here...
that you fled with the others because you could not master your fear.
Welcome to Tsavo.
Pleasant journey?
How could it be? l hate Africa.
That's a lovely sound. They seem happy.
[Singing ln Foreign Language]
Don't they, though?
So work's going well?
What of my request for soldiers?
l told you before. You're on your own.
There will be no soldiers here.
l promised my men protection.
Where's Starling? A while back, he ordered some bibles.
l've brought them.
ls he here?
Where is he? Where's Starling?
Here he comes.
What happened?
l'll show you.
Nothing wrong with these people.
They're afraid.
What the hell is going on?
The Ghost and the Darkness have come.
ln English.
lt's what the natives are calling the lions.
There's a legend here.
2 man-eaters are making all the trouble.
Well, this is Africa, Patterson. l thought you were a hunter.
lt's not that simple. These lions are...
not like lions.
How many have they killed?
About 30, l should think.
Beaumont: You've been here 3 months, and already you're behind schedule.
Don't you know that the French and the Germans are right behind you?
And l don't care about you, and l don't care about the 30 dead.
l care about my knighthood.
As to your request for troops,
do we wish the world to think that the builders of the British empire
are afraid to do their job
because of a few minor difficulties with the local wildlife?
l don't think so.
So what are you planning to do?
l'm calling it my contraption.
l placed it here because this is the area of the camp
where the lions have attacked the most.
l'm surrounding it with a boma--
A fence--
except for this small area here opposite this door.
Just what kind of lunacy are we dealing with here? Hmm?
On the other side of these bars will be bait, human bait.
l'll start things off.
About here will be a tripwire for this sliding door.
The beast will enter, tripping the wire,
the door will slide down behind him, trapping him.
You, meanwhile, safe behind your bars,
will have the beast at your mercy
and will shoot him at your leisure.
Are you running a high fever, man?
How could you conceive of something so idiotic?
l didn't conceive of it for the lions.
lt was for a tiger in lndia.
And it worked?
ln point of fact, it didn't,
but l'm convinced the theory is sound.
l made a mistake hiring you, Patterson.
The world is watching us.
l need initiative, not contraptions.
l need a professional hunter.
l'm going to locate Remington.
l assume you've heard of him.
Every man who's ever hunted has heard of him.
l wish he were here right now,
but by the time you find him,
the lions will be dead, and l'll be back on schedule.
All right, the job's still yours,
but only because it would take too long to find a replacement.
l'll go, but if l have to return, you're finished.
l will then do everything within my considerable power
to destroy your reputation.
Fair enough?
l told you you'd hate me.
Patterson's voice: Helena, everything is collapsing on me.
Every morning, the ground is soaked with blood.
The workers feel l brought this terror since it didn't begin till my arrival.
Whatever l try, they seem to know.
All the deaths are on me.
Very good. Very impressive.
We've been hunting since childhood.
You're murderers, criminals.
That's good.
You'll be spending your nights in there,
and of course, you'll have nothing to fear.
That is correct. Nothing.
[Lion Growling]
[Chimpanzees Screeching]
[Man Speaking Foreign Language]
[Shouting ln Foreign Language]
Man: Fire! Fire!
Fire! Fire!
[Men Shouting ln Foreign Language]
Of course he kept moving!
What did you want him to do, sit down and pose for you?
Now, this worked. He came in, hit the wire.
He couldn't have been more than 15 feet away from the 3 of you,
and you couldn't even wound it!
Should have given you rocks, not rifles.
There is not a trace of blood anywhere.
This is insane.
Man: l assure you, we came close many times.
There must be blood.
The next time will be better!
Next time will be as this time! The devil has come to Tsavo!
That's ridiculous talk,
and you don't really believe it.
Now you are telling me my beliefs?
l don't think so!
l wasn't, and you know it, so don't force it.
Listen, we do have a problem in Tsavo.
Abdullah: At last, finally we agree. You are right.
We do!
We do! You are the problem in Tsavo!
[Men Shouting]
He is the problem in Tsavo!
You listen--
Be careful!
You don't tell me careful.
You don't tell me anything!
[Men Shouting]
Abdullah: We are sick and tired of your lies!
You listen while l talk!
[Cocks Gun]
Change in plans.
Get them back! Now, get them all back!
Get them back!
[Shouting ln Foreign Language]
Abdullah: Go back! Quickly, go back!
Go back!
All right, you listen while l talk
because you got a question needs answering.
Will l pull this trigger?
You don't know all that has happened here.
He will pull the trigger, Abdullah.
The devil has come to Tsavo!
Oh, you're right.
The devil has come to Tsavo. Look at me!
l am the devil.
l'm a man of peace!
You sound like a man who wants to live.
Most certainly. Absolutely. Yes.
Well, that's an excellent decision.
Your name is Abdullah.
Well, l'm sure we're going to meet again.
l think it's been a pleasure.
[Abdullah Shouting ln Foreign Language]
[Speaking Foreign Language]
[Shouting ln Foreign Language]
[Men Shouting ln Foreign Language]
[Chanting ln Foreign Language]
[Speaking Foreign Language]
[Samuel Speaking Foreign Language]
John Patterson.
Samuel: Remington uses the Masai to hunt lions.
lt will cost you 10 head of cattle.
He takes some getting used to.
Why didn't you tell me you knew him?
You did not ask.
l didn't get a chance to thank you.
For what? What did l do?
Got me out of trouble.
Oh, that was nothing. Samuel was there.
He would have done something.
What was that all about, anyway?
There are over 40 dead.
40? That's amazing.
There's a few things you should know about these lions.
Let me save you time.
Now, you're the engineer, and you're in charge of building the bridge.
Am l right so far?
That's right.
All right, l am not an engineer,
and l don't want to be in charge of building that bridge.
Now, l'm sure you probably hate Tsavo as much as l do,
and knowing Beaumont, you're not the imbecile that he says you are,
so what do you say we help each other?
Now, l'm going to help you
by killing the lions and then leaving,
and you're going to help me
by doing what l say so l can leave.
You see a problem with that?
Actually, no.
Let us prepare for battle.
All right-- [Coughing]
Remington: First thing l'm going to propose
is a new hospital, and l want it built by tomorrow night.
What? That's a terrible idea.
Oh, l'm sorry. You must be the doctor, right?
l'm sure you know what's best.
That's the most infantile thing l've ever heard in my life.
Now, whoever you are, will you mind telling me
why on earth we should go through all that?
l suppose l could explain what, with the scent of flesh and blood in here,
it makes for an inviting target.
l suppose l could tell you l just saw fresh paw prints out there
which make me think they're already thinking about feasting in here,
but l don't want to answer you because when you question me,
you are saying to me that l don't know what l'm doing.
Now, anybody here think l'm a fool, then please speak up right now.
Colonel Patterson...
Well, then l guess we all agree.
[Men Chanting ln Foreign Language]
l'm going to need you there with me tomorrow.
Whatever you wish.
Samuel says you killed a lion.
lt was probably just luck.
Oh, nobody kills a lion with one shot by luck.
You might be useful tomorrow.
But even if you're not, you should understand
this may take me 2, maybe 3 days to sort this out.
But when l leave,
you're still going to have to build that bridge,
so l don't want your men to lose respect for you.
That's very considerate of you.
Well, l'm a very considerate man.
My mother taught me that.
[Samuel Chuckles]
Ha ha ha!
Now, what the hell you laughing about?
You don't think l'm considerate?
l don't believe you had a mother.
Ha ha ha!
[Speaking Foreign Language]
[Men Singing ln Foreign Language]
Hawthorne: You really believe you can make something happen?
Hawthorne: But you're not excited.
Patterson: You don't enjoy killing, do you?
Then why do it?
Because l've got a gift.
l'm going to join them now.
We have to try to convince each other that we're still brave.
l wouldn't have thought bravery would be a problem for you.
Well, you hope each time it won't be...
but you never really know.
Strange man.
2 great tribes of his country
fought a terrible civil war for many years.
And his side lost?
Samuel: Everything.
Land and family.
Very young ones and the very old ones...
all lost.
He buried his family and left his country forever.
Now he hunts all over the world,
but he always returns here.
He says Africa is the last good place.
Will you exchange weapons with me?
Mine is much more powerful.
l won't be with you tomorrow.
l'll be finishing the new hospital.
Thank you.
Why does he need you with him?
Samuel: He doesn't.
We've hunted many times.
He knows l'm afraid of lions.
[Men Chanting]
[Cow Bellows]
Well, l spotted at least one of them in the thicket.
Samuel, you're coming with me.
[Speaking Foreign Language]
[Speaking Foreign Language]
Chances are l'm going to kill that lion in the thicket.
Colonel, why don't you take the higher position there in case he gets through us?
You'll have a clear shot at him.
[Men Hooting]
Shoot him.
Shoot him.
Shoot him! Goddamn it! Shoot him!
Shoot him!
What happened?
l don't know.
What do you mean, you don't know?
That the first time?
The gun belongs to Dr. Hawthorne.
You exchanged weapons?
You went into battle with an unproven rifle?
They got an expression in prizefighting.
Everybody's got a plan until they've been hit.
Well, my friend...
you've just been hit.
The getting up...
that's up to you.
[Man Speaking Foreign Language]
[Man Continues Speaking ln Foreign Language]
Samuel: They say they are leaving now
because it does no good to be here.
They are not lions.
They are the Ghost and the Darkness.
Samuel's voice: The Masai did not see a lion.
They saw the devil.
They knew there was not enough blood in all the world
to make these demons stop drinking.
Remington laughed at us.
He said that they were only lions.
Remington: Gentlemen, there is no smell of sickness
and very little blood.
We have removed all of the lions' temptations.
Now, when we leave this evening,
l want you to lock this gate securely until the morning.
Keep those fires burning high. Are there any questions?
Aren't there any questions?
All right, you two sleep beautifully in your tent, and you stay there.
And where will you two sleep beautifully?
Colonel Patterson and l will spend the night waiting in the old hospital.
Won't we, Colonel?
And l can assure you, with the fresh scent of blood,
those lions are going to find it irresistible.
[Speaking Foreign Language]
[Lions Roaring ln Distance]
Just think about something else.
Have you ever failed?
Only in life.
[Man Moaning]
l meant to ask you, that trap you set in the boxcar,
was that your idea?
Excellent notion.
l used the same device myself once.
But, of course, yours worked.
No, in point of fact, it didn't.
lt was still a good idea.
Psst! Psst!
[Chains Rattle]
Johnny... get the lock.
[Man Coughing]
[Men Shouting]
We must not leave.
That's my hospital, for God's sake!
We must not leave!
Let me go, Samuel.
Uh! Uh!
[Man Shouting]
[Shouting ln Foreign Language]
[Man Shouting ln Foreign Language]
Hurry up!
Get on!
[Shouting ln Foreign Language]
[Samuel Speaking Foreign Language]
One of us needs to be brave.
Would have been a beautiful bridge, Johnny.
lt's funny how l didn't notice it before.
l guess l had some other things on my mind.
lt's not actually something l would appreciate,
except, you know, l got up this morning, and...
lt's just such a pretty design,
and the setting is so beautiful.
You've just been hit.
The getting up is up to you.
And they're only lions.
Yeah, they're only lions, yeah.
Well, l just saw some fresh paw prints
heading out that way...
So l guess we've both been hit.
Let's go after them.
Hee hee hee!
Remington: Oh, Johnny boy.
Oh, Johnny boy.
Remington: When l was growing up,
there was a bully in my hometown.
He used to terrorize everybody,
but he wasn't the problem.
He had a brother was worse than him,
but he wasn't the problem either.
One or the other of them was always in jail.
The problem was when they were together.
Alone they were just bullies,
but together--whew!
They were lethal.
They were real killers.
What happened to them?
Well, l got bigger.
[Lion Growls]
Oh, my God.
Holy Christ.
Lions don't do this.
never had a lair like this.
They're doing it for the pleasure.
They'll know we've been here.
Oh, my God.
[Lions Growling]
Both of them.
Yeah, it's both of them.
Have you ever used a machan?
A what?
ls that one of those things you learned in lndia?
[Lion Growls]
l figure they've got used to me in trees,
so...if we...
put this in a clearing...
l'm not quite sure of the scale.
lt might be too small for the both of us.
No, it won't because l ain't gonna be there.
This is your idea. You get up on that thing.
So l'm to be bait alone.
That's right.
l'm going to be in some tree too far away to protect you.
Now, can you control your fear?
l suppose l'll have to.
[Lions Roaring ln Distance]
[Baboon Screeches]
Samuel: Lions hate the sound of a baboon.
Remington: Anything to make your evening more enjoyable.
Hey, this here's for you.
[Baboon Squeals]
You might need it.
Well, this certainly is the best opportunity
those lions have had to kill you.
Mzee... good luck.
Patterson: lncluding the workers that l've lost
and your knowledge of man-eaters,
how many do you think they've killed?
Oh, more than any other lion.
100...maybe more.
But you know something? l do believe this is going to work.
Because l think they're after you.
Oh, merry Christmas.
Oh, yeah. This is the month.
[Softly] Son of a bitch.
[Baboon Grunts]
[Leaves Rustle]
[Baboon Screeches]
[Lion Growling]
[Screeching Stops]
[Bird Shrieking]
[Bird Shrieks]
[Growling Stops]
[Remington Laughing]
[Lion Roaring ln Distance]
Excuse me.
Why on earth do you laugh?
Because he is just like one of those bullies now.
He's alone for the first time,
and he's afraid.
Samuel: Somehow...
l don't think he's afraid of me.
Remington: You know, l just keep wondering
if we're going to remember all this.
l love Africa.
l could never forget her.
Well, you're young, Johnny.
l mean, so many things flash by,
and at that moment, you say,
''Oh, yeah. This is going to stay with me.
Surely, l will never forget this dawn...
this hunt...
this passion...''
And then...whew!
lt's all gone.
But l hope it stays here.
Another toast.
To memory.
l wanted to remember
building the railroad...
the iron snake.
l was so excited.
Now l can't think why.
l know why l wanted to build the bridge,
but l can tell you the memory l wanted most--
to see my son come into the world...
to bring worlds together.
Now, l...
Well, my life...
was shaped because someone invented gunpowder,
and that's what took me around the world.
But the memory that l wanted...
that was the family that l lost.
You know, Charles...
you're a rather cheerful fellow when you get to know you.
Well, l should have warned you.
Good night.
Remington: Oh, Johnny.
When you meet your son,
you hold him high.
[Man Speaking Foreign Language]
Excuse me.
l'd like to see John Patterson, please.
Yes, ma'am.
Could you tell him that his wife...
that his family has come to see him?
[Train Whistle Blows]
Mrs. Patterson: Hello!
Hello, darling!
[Lion Growling]
l can see you.
Go back!
No! Go back!
Go back!
Go back!
[Breathing Heavily]
No, Charles.
Oh, God.
[Thorns Tear Clothes]
[Lion Roars ln Distance]
[Lion Roars ln Distance]
Where do you think you're going?
l'm going to sort it out.
l'm going...
to sort it out.
[Lion Roaring]
[Lion Roars]
Get down!
Get down, John!
[Growling Stops]
Man: Colonel Patterson!
Man: Colonel Patterson.
My name is Nigel Bransford.
l'm here to replace Angus Starling.
l'm so proud to meet you.
Patterson the lion killer.
l do wish l had been here for the hunt.
No, you don't.
[Speaking Foreign Language]
Welcome to Tsavo, Nigel.
Ha ha ha!
[Baby Crying]
Samuel: Patterson did hold his son high.
People came back.
Patterson finished the bridge.
People went their ways.
lf you want to see the lions today,
you must go to America.
They are at the Field Museum in Chicago, lllinois.
Even now, if you dare lock eyes with them,
you will be afraid.
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