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Ghost Ship

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I can't hold her much longer. She's taking on too much water.
- What is going on back there? - Keep your pants on, Murphy.
We blew the starboard engine. Port engine's way too hot.
- Hold on. - Shorten the tow or cut her loose.
...get off my damn tugboat. We don't have much time.
Move it, Epps. If she sinks, she's taking us with her.
Got a punch in the port floater.
- Five minutes before she floods. - Less than that!
Get back here. We're cutting her loose.
- Cut her loose. - That's it. Get back here.
Come on! You heard the man!
Took us three months to get her off the bottom. I will not lose her now!
Goddamn it, Epps! You can't fix everything!
- For the last time, get back here! - She's taking on too much water!
Why do you always have to break my balls? I said get back here!
Do you want me to come down there and kick your ass? Because I'll do it.
Here's to the best damn salvage crew in the business!
- We did it, guys! - Yeah, look at that!
All right. Nice work.
- Here's to the fucking sea! - To the sea.
To a job well done.
Mr. Murphy? I'm Jack Ferriman. I was wondering if I could buy you a drink.
He doesn't drink.
Could I talk to you alone?
You talk to me, you talk to my crew. That's the way it is.
I fly the Arctic Weather Patrol flights out of Mackenzie Bay.
Last month I was out in the middle of the Strait when I came across this.
Congratulations. You found a boat.
In the middle of the ocean, of all places.
I tried for radio contact and got nothing... I figured she had to be adrift.
In the Bering Strait?
That's miles from shipping lanes. Did you alert the Coast Guard?
It's international waters, so they noted it and that's it.
You get a name?
No, I put it out of my head until two days ago when I saw it again.
What are we talking about? What kind of tonnage?
Big. Huge. Could be military.
Let's say that we're a little bit interested.
What's in it for you?
I want 20%% finder's fee, whatever she's worth.
- Have you told anyone else about this? - Not a living soul.
- Give us a minute, will you? - Okay.
So? What do you think, Murph?
Who knows? Could be full of shit.
I do know one thing. I've seen strange things happen in the Strait.
I know something else: Sea gives you an opportunity, take it.
That's at least a week out of our way. We've been out for six months already.
I got a fiancée waiting, remember? I'm getting married in a month.
Plan was to go back to Anchorage. Starboard diesel needs an overhaul.
- In our business, the only plan is: - There is no plan.
If you don't want to go, that's fine. Let's tell him we'll get somebody else.
Wait a minute. Let's not be hasty. What's a ship like that worth?
Who knows?
Millions? Thousands? Could be nothing. Depends on a lot of things.
- Mainly, if we have the right to salvage. - Pretty big "if."
- What's the split? - We split it even, six ways.
- Even split? - Beats me paying you overtime.
I'm good.
I'm in.
Greer? What do you say?
All right.
Hey, Ferriman! Can you come over here?
So this is the way it works. 10%% instead of your 20%% finder's fee.
I can't let you take advantage of me like that.
That's the way it is. Take it or leave it.
Fine. But I go with you.
Not on my boat, you don't.
Think I'd tell you where a fortune might be without insurance?
There are five other boats that would jump at this.
I come with you. So you take it or leave it.
Things are dull!
She'll love it. What do you think?
Too much off the sides, but I can come up with something she'll love.
- Shave that yourself. - Don't want to help me out?
Who the fuck are you kidding? Everybody knows you Navy boys take it up the ass.
- Enjoying the ride, Jack? - No, sir.
Not the same as flying planes over ice sheets, is it?
- What's the appeal? - I could ask you the same thing.
What's a nice girl doing in a dump like this instead of raising a family?
I own a third of Murphy's operation. I'm not that nice.
And these monkeys are my family.
Santos to Murphy. Come in.
- Yeah? - I think you should get up here.
- What is it? - I think you should see this!
It was there a second ago! Ten miles to the northwest.
Would you turn off that fucking music?
I'm telling you, there must be a glitch. I saw it with my own eyes.
- Glitch, my ass. There's nothing there. - Give me a look at this.
There it is! Right in front of you! Tell me you don't see nothing.
Do you see what I'm saying? Do you see what I'm saying to you?
- Dodge, could you get on the bow light? - All right, Murph.
- It's there, right? - There's something there.
Hey, Murph, what's up?
Vessel at position 7-5 north...
...this is Arctic Warrior.
Come in.
This is tugboat Arctic Warrior. Do you read me?
This is Arctic Warrior.
Do you read me? Come in.
- Now do you believe me? - Holy shit!
An ocean liner? Where did that come from?
It's the Antonia Graza.
Jesus Christ.
This is civilian tugboat Arctic Warrior. Is there anyone aboard?
This is civilian tugboat Arctic Warrior. Is there anyone aboard?
This is Arctic Warrior. Can you read us?
- You know her, Murphy? - Only in my dreams.
Christ, she's beautiful.
Italian liners couldn't compete for speed, so they built floating art palaces instead.
She was reported missing May 21, 1962, off the coast of Labrador.
Funny thing is, there was no distress signal. She just disappeared.
Ever since, every captain's been looking for her, hoping she hasn't gone down.
- Do you know what this means? - What?
Under the law of the sea, she's ours. Let's not keep a lady waiting.
Santos, bring us alongside. Fire up the crane. We got business to do.
When we get onboard, stay together. We don't know what kind of shape she's in.
- Take us up, Greer. - Aye, aye, captain.
Hey, Murphy, please remember to keep all channels open. Thank you.
They won't let me go.
Safety first. That's why you go last, Jack.
Can you sit down? I'm trying to keep this steady.
- I just want... - Sit down! Get out of the way!
She's had some battering over the last 40 years, you can tell.
Stand by. Setting you down topside.
She's still a beaut.
You better stay alert. Watch your step.
40 years of rust can turn deck plates into quicksand.
We'll make our way in at the fore, then check the bridge. This way. Careful.
- Forward mast is history. - Epps and Murphy, are they a couple?
Hell, no. She's like a daughter to him. He'd be lost without her.
Superstructure's in decent shape. No sign of damage.
- Lifeboats are gone, stern to bow. - Life preserver lockers are all empty.
Sure no survivors ever turned up, Murph?
Sure as we're walking on the Graza, Dodge. This way.
Let's go.
Jesus. She's no fiddler's green.
You're wrong, Munder. She's beautiful.
Whoever was on here originally sure left in a hurry.
Murphy, come in.
Ladies and gentlemen, welcome aboard. I'm Julie.
I'll be your hostess this evening.
Have some respect, okay?
Check out all those champagne bottles.
Looks like we missed one hell of a party.
- And one hell of a hangover. - Shut up!
- Shut up! - Let's find the bridge.
- Such a manly man. - What?
- You all right? - Shut up!
Come on, Mary, let's go.
Murph, how many passengers did she carry?
Over 600. The crême de la crême of society from all over Europe.
Crew of 500 from Italy.
Talk to me. How's everything going?
Okay, good. This companionway should get us to the bridge.
Here, Epps, hold this.
What's going on?
- After you. - No, after you.
No, no. After me.
Tough guy.
Don't let go!
- Pull! Pull! - Please, Epps!
Please, Epps, don't let go!
- Give me your hand. - Pull us up!
Oh, God!
I told you to watch your fucking step!
- Oh, shit. Oh, Jesus. - From now on, you let me lead. Okay?
Let's go.
- I think I just shit my pants. - No, you always smell that way.
Compass is dead.
Helm's not responding, either.
Fuel tanks are empty. She must've rode on full throttle till she was bone-dry.
I'm looking for the ship's log. Let's get this documentation back...
- Are you okay? - Yeah.
- You sure? - Yeah.
Let's get to it.
Hey, check this out.
- It's a watch. Congratulations, buddy. - No. Look again, you moron.
It's a digital watch. Do the math. They didn't have digital watches in 1962.
So we're not the first people to board this ship. But she's ours now.
Let's get some sleep, tow her at dawn. Let's hope there's no more surprises.
Amen to that.
Oh, God.
Epps, can I get some tea?
Any sign of what might've happened? How she got here?
That's the $64 million question, isn't it?
Ever hear of a ship called the Marie Celeste?
Twin-masted brigantine out of Charleston during the Civil War.
She was bound for London with a cargo of cotton.
Two months after she set sail, she was sighted by fishermen off Tripoli.
She was doing 12 knots an hour in a stiff breeze.
Something wasn't quite right. They didn't know what so they went onboard.
You know what they found?
No passengers. No crew. No captain.
No sign of distress.
59 days after the last log entry, it had traveled 4500 miles across the ocean...
...past the Rock of Gibraltar and into the Mediterranean Sea at full sail.
And nobody at the helm.
- What do you make of that? - A ghost ship.
Hey, you smell that? I smell bullshit.
- Been on the sea a lot longer than you. - I know.
Seen things that you can't even imagine.
Maritime history is full of Marie Celestes.
So, what's our plan?
I think we should do what we came to do. Tie her up, tug her in.
You think our little tug will pull this entire ocean liner?
Not with the problems we got.
We could set her at anchor and come back with two or three tugs.
No, some Russian trawler will come along.
I've already looked for her anchors, anyway. They're gone.
- What do you think? - Get the engines working... could take us two weeks minimum to tow a vessel this size.
For my share of what she's worth, I'd drag her back to Anchorage myself.
Don't let go!
Help me! Don't let go!
- Thought you might want a jacket. - Thanks.
Boy, do I miss that.
You okay? You seem quiet since you came back.
I think I saw something I couldn't possibly have seen.
- Like what? - No, it's crazy.
I'm curious. Tell me.
I think I saw a little girl.
On the... The boat?
Yeah. Looking right at me.
And then what happened?
Nothing. She disappeared.
Sometimes, when I'd be flying for hours on end...
...I'd think I'd see stuff too.
It'd be there one second and gone the next. Like a dream.
- See you in the a.m. - Okay.
Good night.
- See you tomorrow. - Yeah.
She's got a big hole. She's sinking.
- This is where the damage is. See? - Breach in the hull, about 10 by 20...
...torn to the port collision bulkhead. - Did it hit an iceberg?
No, you don't need an iceberg to rupture a hull.
- She's been hit recently. - About a week ago, I'd say.
This is where we are.
The problem's this group of islands. Nothing spectacular...
...just rocks, a couple thousand seals.
The Antonia Graza's caught here in this strong current loop...
...and slowly she's been pushed towards those rocks. Last time she hit them.
- What about next time? - Won't be one.
We've got three days to fix it. That's if the weather holds.
Why can't we tow it like it is?
It'd be like towing a car with four flat tires.
- It's a bump in the road. We can fix it. - Murph, bump in the road?
The breach we can probably patch if we can get to the inside.
We'll weld shut the flooded compartments, pump out the water up to the aft peak.
On top of that, the rudder's jammed.
We jerry-rig it, set a 38-degree current drift to clear the island chain.
What does all that mean?
I just... That's a lot of work for three days.
But with the gear we've got onboard and what's on that ship, we can try.
We can do it, right?
With the gear we've got onboard, I can't fix our engine.
Quit bitching and overhaul the starboard engine.
- So that's the plan? - Just do it.
- I'll call it in. - I wouldn't do that if I were you.
- Maritime law states... - I know.
We just don't want any unexpected guests. Just leave it.
Your call, captain.
All right, you know the drill. We do a complete recon.
Make sure we've got no problems before we get to work.
- Stay with me, Greer. Don't wander. - Okay.
Dodge, Munder, go to the port collision bulkhead.
Jack and I'll work back from the fore. Call if you need anything.
- How about a pizza? - You're so funny.
The only plan in this business is that there is no plan. What is that?
What these people talking crazy for? That's not even good English.
Hang in there, okay, preciosa?
Because someday he'll find some other genius to fix his boat.
You want to play like that?
It's still sweet, though.
Light coming up.
You were right. She is beautiful.
She sure is.
Epps, we're heading for the main engine room. Epps?
All right, capitano.
Oh, shit.
We're gonna have to dive to get to that tear.
Epps, the engine room is totally flooded.
Epps, can you hear me?
What happened? You okay?
What are you doing down there? Did you hurt yourself?
What are you doing?
The whole bottom's riddled with them.
Looks like someone used it for target practice.
- That's the happy version. - What's the not-so-happy version?
There were people in there.
I saw that little girl again.
What? Where?
- I must be losing my goddamn mind. - Well, did she say anything?
Forget it. Come on.
Murphy, come in.
Dodge! Anybody!
I think she's fucking with us.
Looks like central laundry.
This vent connects to the forward hold. We need to see if it's flooded.
- I may need help shutting it. - You sure we need to...?
Murphy, where the hell are you?
- How long have they been here? - A month, maybe less.
- What are we gonna do? - Get off this boat!
- But the ship... - lf it sinks, it sinks.
You're right.
- What the hell? - We came through there.
No shit!
Come on!
This way. Come on, Jack.
What the...?
When'd you start wearing lipstick, Epps?
Nice titties.
Not that you can hold a candle to the future Mrs. Greer, though.
Come on, Jack. Stop dragging ass! What's your problem?
What's this?
Forget it. Let's go! Jack!
'58 Jaguar X150. I've dreamt about this car since I was a kid.
We have to get out of here now. Do you understand? Now.
There's something moving in there.
Oh, my God! I hate rats!
Oh, my God! Look at this!
I have to get Murphy.
Is someone trying to call me?
Dodge! Munder!
Who's Maureen?
It's my first name.
- It's cold... - He said "cold"?
The galley.
- It's cold. - Please help us.
Don't go in there.
You fucking assholes! Fuck you!
Take it easy!
You were fucking with us. We fucked with you. Why aren't you laughing?
Wanna hear something funnier? We found dead guys in the laundry room.
And this in the cargo hold.
Need some help, skipper?
I'm sorry.
- Jesus. - Oh, man.
Holy shit!
We're rich!
- You son of a bitch! - Rich!
- Come on. Let's go. - Move this shit out!
One. Two. Three...
How much you figure it's worth, boss?
There's a lot of gold. Hard to know. Two, 300 million, maybe. Maybe more.
- Jesus. - I don't know.
Lock boxes with half of Fort Knox in them? They gotta be insured.
No way somebody will let this much gold float away.
Well, the markings have been filed down.
- What does that mean? - Someone didn't want this traceable.
It's stolen.
It may have to do with the reason this ship disappeared when it did.
Wait. If the gold's got something to do with 1962...
...what about the bodies? They can't be more than three weeks old.
Somebody's gotta say it, and it might as well be me. This ship is fucked up.
Earlier I could swear I heard a woman singing. It's like she was...
- Like she was coming on to me. - Oh, no!
It was the sexiest voice I ever heard, man.
- She got any backup singers? - Whatever you're on, get me some!
Maybe you're not quite ready to get married, Greer.
- Fuck you. - Okay, guys.
- What about the Coast Guard? - No.
You call the Coast Guard... What if the gold did turn out to be stolen?
Under maritime law, anything found in international waters...
...belongs to the finder. Okay? That is the law.
- Right. - Finders keepers.
If we're gonna do this, I say we do it now.
Get our boat going, grab the gold and get the hell out of here.
We leave the boat, take the gold. Who's with me?
I'm with the gold, man.
The gold.
- Epps? - I just want to get off this boat.
Okay. Let's go to work.
Okay. Warrior is in position, Murph. Can we please get the hell out of here?
Yeah, preciosa! Smell that money! 100 million. You hear what I'm saying?
100 million!
Greer? Get those engines going.
I'm bringing the gold down.
Yes, sir, captain, sir.
Hey, Santos. Hurry your ass up, vato. We got to go like this.
I wanna see these gauges rocking, because you just had an overhaul.
And you, I want you to give me some too.
Let's do this!
Hey, yo, Greer! Fire it up!
We're going to haul ass. Bring it on! We'll be so fucking rich!
Stop! You don't know what you're doing!
We're good to go, skipper.
Don't start the boats! He’ll...
Greer! What the hell just happened?
Jesus Christ! Fire on deck!
Santos! Greer! Munder!
I got you.
- Epps! I got Munder! - Greer!
Come on!
Santos! Santos, answer me!
I don't know what happened. The engine room just blew.
Maybe Santos rushed the engines, didn't seal up the gaskets right...
Jack, did you find anything out about this ship before you sent us out here?
No, but I... Look, we've got the gold, and we are still alive.
- Tell that to Santos, asshole! - Ease up!
This is bullshit!
Santos came here out of free will...
...just like us. - What does that mean?
- Enough! - Santos is dead because of you!
Come on! It's not gonna bring him back.
Murph, it's not your fault. You know that.
How is he?
Here's the plan. We're professional salvors with a fortune onboard.
I say we do what we do best: Fix this rust bucket.
Control her drift. Clear those islands.
We can survive long enough to get picked up.
Why is this a question? We have the materials.
Why don't we build a raft and leave? There is something wrong with this boat!
- Lf we stay here, we may not survive. - You want to build a raft?
- I want to build a raft. - Even with the Warrior...
...we were stretching to do this in three days. We can't do this.
You're the best spot-welder I know.
We can do it right now, but I need you.
Fine. But there's no way we're doing a major patch-and-pump in the dark.
Even with the lights we have, it'd be like going in blind.
Okay, fine. We'll chill tonight and go in the a.m.
Greer? What do you say?
Now you want to know what the first mate has to say?
I say go to hell, Epps. You're not qualified to get us off this ship.
Had Murphy let me do it my way, we wouldn't be in this.
- And the Coast Guard... - So it's everybody else's fault, right?
They'd be here and we'd be on our way home, millionaires.
That's bullshit.
Grow up, asshole.
Fucking bitch! Keep fucking talking. Say another word!
Say another word!
Here it is. Katie. B-deck.
You were alone.
100-to- 1, somebody poisoned the passengers to get the gold.
Okay, Sherlock, if they were poisoned, why are these cans safe?
They're still sealed. It's been sealed for 40 years. It's safe.
Okay, shoot for it. Loser goes first.
- Paper beats rock. - Come on, man, best of three.
- Bullshit. You lost. - Where's your empathy?
Winners do not empathize with losers. Bon appétit.
I screwed up.
I should've called it in.
Damn! I knew better!
I'll make it home to you, baby. I swear.
What the hell are you looking at?
- That's all right. - No way.
No, really. It's good. Look, I'm not kidding.
- Are you serious? - I'm serious. It's good!
- You gotta try that! - That's good!
That's great!
Can I tell you something else? We get back...
...I'm gonna take my money and I'm gonna buy you a bathtub.
I'll get you a lifetime supply of titty magazines and toilet paper!
I already beat you to it, bro!
There's something on your...
Who, me?
Francesca, I know all of this isn't real.
So I'm just gonna go with it, okay?
Can't cheat on your fiancée with a dead girl, right?
Her parents.
Don't close it.
Haven't seen them for years.
They moved to New York.
I was on my way to join them.
But they're dead now.
- How would you know? - When you're like this... know these things.
My mother...
...she made me this dress.
Do you like it?
You remind me of her.
I don't think so.
Well, here. You should have this back.
Oh, God, you really are a fucking ghost.
Where are you going?
Santos was my goddamn responsibility.
- The Lorelei. - She was adrift. We rescued her.
I've heard the story of the Lorelei.
I didn't know the Graza was involved.
The gold was onboard the Lorelei?
It says here "May 19, 1962."
That's two days before your ship disappeared.
There were no survivors onboard the Lorelei.
Jesus Christ!
Where you going?
Most spirits are free to be with their families.
So why aren't you with yours?
- We're all trapped here. - Who?
My shipmates and I.
Even the ones who aren't marked.
Katie, what do you mean?
When the boat's full...
What? You can tell me.
When he has all the souls he needs and has filled his quota...
...we'll all be ferried...
What is it? What's wrong?
- What is it? - He doesn't want me talking to you.
- He who? - But I'm not like the others!
You need to tell me.
You must go at once. Leave the ship while you still can!
Katie, what is it?
Katie! Katie?
Come on!
We have to leave.
Where you going, Murphy?
What's the matter? It's me.
It's no fun lying at the bottom of the ocean.
No lights at the end of the tunnel. Not for me, Murph.
No 10,000 virgins at the pearly gates.
Because of the plan, I'm trapped on this dreamboat of yours.
So you know what? You're coming along for the ride.
You all right, Murph?
You okay?
- What's the matter, Murph? - It's me!
- It's me! - Do it, come on. It'll make you feel good.
Come on!
- Come on! - Hey!
Oh, God. Epps, you okay?
- Keep him in the aquarium. - No, listen. He was drunk.
He didn't know what he was doing.
Look, he just tried to kill you. He stays in there.
Let's go find Greer.
Any sign of him?
No, we looked all over. Man's pissed off. Seems to happen on this boat.
- Least we weren't around 40 years ago. - The passengers were poisoned... get to the gold? Isn't that...? - Extreme? Maybe, but if the shoe fits...
Next thing you know, we'll be trying to kill each other.
- What's with the heart? - Found it. Belonged to this little girl.
- What girl? - She told me to get off this boat.
- She's talking to you now? - What are you talking about?
- You're seeing ghosts, Epps? - Just forget it.
So the ship's got a few kinks.
Let's stick with Munder's specs and try to fix the ship.
No way five people and the gold will fit on any raft.
Murphy's not going anywhere, and we're not leaving him here.
We stick with the plan. Fix the boat. Let's get going. Come on.
That's the collision bulkhead hatch.
- Wheel's busted. It won't open. - Arming the C4.
- Dodge? - I'm good.
- Munder? - I'm good.
- There's the tear, portside. - Looks bigger from here.
I'll shut her up, no problem.
- Munder, rudder's fixed. You all right? - I'm good.
- What do you think, Dodge? - She'll hold.
- We're set with the pumps. - Start them up.
Copy that, Epps. One and two, kicking in.
- I give it 12 hours till she's bone-dry. - Both on full.
Get ready, Epps. Here it comes.
Great work, guys.
Damn. Current's faster than I thought.
If we control her drift, headed in this direction, we should clear those islands.
We'll keep it afloat until we get picked up.
Son of a bitch. We may just get out of this yet.
Check on the bridge when you're done here.
I'll see if I can find Greer down below.
Greer? Jesus!
- Shit. - Number two's clogged. Who's going?
You go.
Shit. Every single time!
Oh, my God.
Come with me.
I want to show you something.
Come on! No!
Come on!
You can't die on me!
Dodge. Murphy's dead.
- What? - We have to get off this boat.
There's a reason you, me and Munder are still alive. That's why he came after us.
- To fix his ship. - I just saw Murphy. What's happening?
I don't know.
I want you and Dodge on the rudder.
- But you just said... - Listen to me.
I'll get Munder, we'll see if the welds are holding. Stay here till we get back.
I do not want you out of each other's sight. Take this.
Take it.
- Be careful down there. - I will.
- That's it, then. We made it. - For now.
- I'll check on Epps. - No, she said to wait here.
- Yeah, but... - Hey, she said to wait! So wait.
You disgust me.
- What did you say? - You heard me.
You're a pathetic excuse for a man. She says, "Jump," and you jump.
You're disgusting. I don't have time for this.
- Who the hell are you? - The question is, who are you?
You worship her, yet you've never had the balls to tell her...
...because you're a weak, cowardly child.
However, if you'll kindly step out of my way, I'll make your dream a reality.
You know, Dodge, if you kill somebody, you go to hell.
Well, you live for her. You willing to die for her?
I shot Ferriman. He's dead.
Yeah? Don't be so sure, Dodge.
- What are you doing? - Trip's over. I'm sinking the boat.
- It's taken its last victim. - That'll kill us.
- We'll have to take our chances. - What about the gold?
Fucking kidding? We're not getting the gold off this boat. Nobody ever does.
Wait, wait. Wait!
That gold can give us everything we ever wanted.
We could have our own boat. The two of us.
We could have a life together. You and me.
What are you talking about? Dodge, we gotta get out of here. Now.
Well, I can't let you do that.
So that's it, huh?
All right. Okay.
You win. All right.
Fucking bitch!
All right, you win! Go ahead, do it!
Go ahead. Blow it up!
Kill us all!
Hey, Dodge. Why haven't you asked me where Munder is?
Well, I suppose that's because...
...I already know.
- You won't pull that trigger, Maureen. - Try me.
Dodge made the same mistake. He's dead.
Katie told you, didn't she?
Souls without sin can't be marked. Makes them tough to control.
But as long as I keep the boat afloat, we'll all go down together.
- What the fuck are you? - I'm a salvager.
Just like you. You collect ships, I collect souls.
And when I fill my quota, I send a boatload home.
This will make management happy. You see, it's a job.
Given to me after a lifetime of sin.
So if I lose this ship, management won't be happy, which is not a good thing.
I'm not getting through to you. I'm asking for an exchange.
This ship for your life.
I want my crew back.
Sorry. Once a passenger's marked, they're mine.
Then I guess it's over.
All you had to do was fix the ship!
I gave you a great opportunity.
All you had to do was take it.
What are you gonna do, shoot me?
Careful. Hang in there, ma'am.
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