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Ggot Seom (Flower Island)

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I travelled to an ancient city in Peru called Machu-Pichu.
Noble men of the Inca empire sheltered there in times of war.
A city floating in the clouds,
on the top of the highest mountain.
Truly beautiful...
There were many tourists in the afternoon...
But, it was very weird at dawn
when there was no one.
Some kind of spiritual energy fills the air.
One day, after drinking,
I went up to Machu-Pichu at dawn.
I was scared,
but I went there to pray.
Grant me a beautiful voice,
then I will sing for weary souls.
Because I...
I wasn't born to be a singer.
My voice was harsh and low.
That's why at that moment,
I promised to devote my voice to God.
The sun rose, and when I came down,
I had a high fever.
Red spots covered my entire body,
and I couldn't even speak.
I guess I was sick for two weeks.
And then,
my singing became wondrous.
Clear and high...
People wanted to listen to my voice,
and they started taking note of me.
I sang in front of them.
But now I remember.
That time I made it.
The promise that I made at Machu-Pichu...
... was to sing for others.
but I ...
I sang for myself,
for fame, for applause.
Now I've been punished,
because I didn't keep my promise.
Flower Island
My Lorrie
I'm not in a dream anymore
I should leave
The moon is waning
Darkness is all around me
You're slipping out of my grasp
My Lorrie
Too beautiful to last
Now you are out of my reach
I should leave
You can go now.
Have you eaten?
Have you eaten something?
Why did you do that?
Did you really do it for a piano?
You did it to buy a piano for Joo-hee?
I'm Oknam!
Let me see your face.
Hey, let me see your face.
Get yourself something to eat.
And stay away from home for a while.
I'm leaving.
At the root of your tongue,
there's a mass growing.
it's cancer of the oropharynx.
You have a malignant tumor.
It's spread to the cervical lymph gland.
We will have to remove your tongue
and make up for your infected lymph gland.
All your lymph gland tissue will have to be removed, too.
The cancer is growing fast,
and it may block your windpipe.
Let's schedule your operation for next week.
Hey, wake up!
You, wake up!
Something's wrong.
We were supposed to go to the southern sea.
Hey, mister...
What are you doing?
We've come to the last stop.
Get off.
I had to wait for you to wake up.
Where are we now?
We were going to the southern sea.
The southern sea.
The southern sea?
Let's go.
Please get off, ma'am.
This is the last stop, the last one.
The last stop on the southern sea?
You know it isn't, come on, let's go.
We're not going to the southern sea.
We're going up that mountain.
If you don't want to come with us,
hurry up and get off here.
Come on, mister... Let's go now.
No, we're not going to the southern sea.
We're going all the way up north,
up to my father's hometown.
He died last year.
We're visiting his hometown for his memorial day.
Chui-soo, why don't you say hello?
This bus is bound for the southern sea.
It's written there, mister, what's wrong with you?
But you see, we have to go north.
That's why people talk about fate.
Sometimes we are destined for an unexpected path.
- It's a riot. - Fuck...
Are you kidding me or what?
Are you fucking nuts?
Please don't do this to us, okay?
Young lady.
You'll want to go down
before it snows any more.
Don't waste your time here.
The sun goes down quickly in the mountains.
Chui-soo, let's go.
Anybody here?
What a pretty face...
How old are you?
I'll be seventeen soon.
- What? - I'll be seventeen soon.
- Why? - Nothing.
Seventeen... First year in high school?
Why were you going alone to the southern sea?
To meet someone.
- Who? - Just someone I know.
- A boyfriend? - No! I have no one like that.
Then who?
Why? Don't feel like talking about it?
Who are you visiting?
A woman... Who gave birth to me.
- Do you and your dad live alone? - No.
Then with who?
A woman 11 years older than me, and my dad.
Where do you live?
What's with all the questions?
In Seoul.
I live in Seoul, too.
It's my friend Genie. Say hello.
Hi, Genie...
What? Are you filming me?
Hey, don't!
What's your name?
Joo-hee's mom.
What is YOUR name?
I'm Oknam, meaning "Let us have a son".
That's a silly name.
Yeah, I know.
But it earned my parents a son.
Where were you going?
- To Flower Island. - Flower Island?
Where's that?
It takes 2 or 3 hours by boat
from the southern sea. I'm not really sure, though.
Why are you going there?
My "angel" friend lives there.
She told me to come and visit her.
You're going there to have fun.
I'll let you know a secret.
If you go to Flower Island...
You will forget all your sorrow and misery there.
There's no such place.
Yes, there is.
No, there isn't.
Yes, there is such a place.
Did you call your mom?
Which mom?
The one in the southern sea.
I don't know where she lives.
I just heard a friend of hers is at a bar called "La Traviata".
Her name is Park Hee-jin...
That's all I know.
She must be dead.
Come on, let's go.
No, she's alive.
Put her on my back!
Thank you, mister.
Thank you.
Thank you very much, mister.
Let's go.
Come on.
Aren't you coming?
What are you going to do?
We're going to the southern sea.
Where are you going?
I'm going to Flower Island.
If you go to Flower Island,
all your sorrow and misery will disappear.
After seeing you suffering,
a thought came into my mind.
A few days,
why don't you spend just a few days with me?
Don't you want to come with me?
Don't you know how to say goodbye?
Are you coming with us?
I've got no reason to live.
I'm not going to thank you for bringing my life back.
I'm not even going to apologize.
But, the Island...
Flower Island, where all the sorrow will disappear...
Does it really exist?
I believe so.
Why don't we find the answer
before we die?
Just give it a try.
Let's go.
Fuck, it's snowing again.
How the hell did you end up here?
That's a long story.
Dear, you speak like a shy bride.
What the hell are you filming?
Take that damn thing away!
- Are you a boy or a girl? - A woman.
Hey girl, look at your hair.
I know what you are: a burden on your parents.
Ah, this shitty road, fuck!
Where the hell do all my taxes go?
Fucking government rats never clear the road!
Mister, please don't curse so much.
Why? What's it to you if I curse or say fuck?
Lady, you know what's liying behind you?
A corpse, a man's dead body.
Do you know where I'm headed?
I have to take the corpse to town.
I've known him quite a while...
That village back there's got only three houses.
He raised goats there.
Want to know how he died?
He was a good guy, a hard worker, you know.
Only problem was he'd beat up his wife when he drank.
And he drank every day!
What do you think happened? She was beaten up every day...
I've seen his wife, a good woman she was.
But he kept beating her, I guess she finally went crazy.
Two days ago she picked up a kitchen knife,
and started stabbing him in the gut, over and over.
Fuck... You know how many times?
54 times!
She gutted him inside out.
And that's not the worst of it.
The worst thing is... that corpse doesn't have it.
Ah, fuck, lady. Where have you been?
His thing, his thing!
The crazy bitch cut off his penis and fuck,
she fed it to the dog!
By the time I got there,
the dog was chomping on it... shit!
You see why I didn't want to pick you up?
When you jumped out into the road?
I thought you were a fucking ghost.
Hey you! Stop filming!
I told you to stop, don't you get it?
Kid, I feel pissed off today.
- Why don't you sing a song? - I'm not a kid.
What are you, an old bag?
- Sing a song and cheer me up. - I don't know how to sing.
Then what do you know?
You suck at school, right?
- Sing something, you old bag of a kid. - I said I can't sing!
Then don't!
Little kid's got a nasty temper.
If this snow keeps up, fuck
it'll bury every shitty thing.
It's so cold.
Do you hear something?
Below the frozen surface,
the river is running.
Listen, listen!
Do you hear the wind?
It's whispering something.
- Where you going? - The southern sea.
- The southern sea? - Yes!
Get in!
- Really? - Yes.
Thanks a lot.
You guys sit in the front!
- Thank you. - Get in!
Well... what do you guys do?
We're musicians.
Yeah, we're a band, the four of us.
What's the name of the band?
The name is... "Gold 0629 bus station"
No, it's "San Francisco egg sandwich"
We need to choose, which one do you prefer?
"San Francisco egg sandwich"
You got it!
I told you!
Wait, you may not realize it,
but "Gold 0629 bus station" has a deeper meaning.
Wait, darling. My darling Doo-sik met me on June 29,
at a bus station under the shining sun.
I wanted to honor the day. Fantastic, huh?
We're not just a local band.
The world is our stage.
We're releasing a new album in Japan.
Then we fly to san Francisco. See?
You need to know about music to understand...
I'm just kidding. Chill out, man.
Forgive him.
Darling, should I take a picture? Do I look pretty?
Let's take it together.
Hurry, hurry.
Darling, she'll take it for us!
- Can you take pictures with that? - Yes.
That's pretty cool.
Take some nice shots, please.
Okay, okay.
One, two, three!
Thank you.
Yeah, here we are!
Get off, girls.
Be careful, watch out.
We had a lot of fun.
Oh, and if you have time,
come see us at Club pacific.
Our show is really groovy. Promise you'll come, okay?
Oknam, bye! Goodbye!
"Club Pacific"
This person,
when he drinks-- oops!
Careful, careful.
- Where are the napkins? - Sorry.
Wait, here, wipe it up.
- Thanks. - It's all right, take your time.
It didn't splash on you?
Hey, don't try too hard. It's too obvious.
But she looks very refined.
Give me a break! "Refined Women" drive him wild.
Why are you laughing?
I've been having a hard time recently,
feeling a bit down.
But I'm so delighted you came.
I feel like crying. I guess I'm lonely.
What's wrong with me? I'm drunk, I shouldn't do this. take it easy.
Darling, what's wrong with me? I'm lonely.
What's the matter?
Hey, what are you filming? Don't, I'm embarrassed.
- You look drunk. - No, I don't.
Be careful, people.
Stop annoying others by acting so pitiful.
Okay, okay, I get it.
When I first saw you,
- I was very surprised. - Why?
You remind me of my husband.
I do?
Yes, you behave differently,
but you look almost the same.
Then your husband must be very charming, right?
I look pretty, right?
I don't know why I feel so sad.
I'm so lonesome, sorry, I know I shouldn't be.
Please don't answer him, okay?
Me and my darling Doo-sik, we've dated a long, long time.
When my darling met me for the first time,
I was working at a cafe, doing my music.
He was attending the Gas appliance institute then.
Tell it all, go ahead.
Yes, I'll tell everything.
Watch me.
We met, see,
and he had so much feeling for music...
So I thought,
I knew he could become a singer,
and I wanted him to be a singer.
Up to now,
for the last ten years, I've given him everything I had,
now he thinks I'm extinguished.
You've got a new lover. Hey, tell me.
You fucking bastard. son of a bitch!
Who says I've got someone else?
Stop it.
Why are you embarrassing me?
- Let's drink. Cheers! - I don't know.
- You've been acting strange lately. - Don't even touch me!
I'm not.
You are a bastard.
Why make such a scene, honey?
What's wrong?
Have a drink Doo-sik, okay?
Please calm down.
- Think you'd last on your own? asshole! - Don't answer him.
He's independent now, he doesn't need me.
But you couldn't have come this far without me.
How can you do this to me? sis, what should I do?
Sorry, but I told you not to answer him, right?
Sis, sis!
I've given you everything I have. Why do you hate me, why?
I'm like this because I feel so good.
You guys came to see me, I'm so happy.
Some kind of smell seized me
and I followed you
somehow I felt strange
I just looked at you
Was it love
I went back
Dragging my pink bag
So tired
I was tottering
I didn't want to stay there
I also had to leave
The Gas appliance... Gas appliance
At the Gas appliance... institute
Gas appliance
Gas appliance
At the Gas appliance... institute
That looks curious.
Where did you get it?
"La Traviata"
How do you do?
How can I help you?
Excuse us.
We're looking for a lady named Park Hee-jin.
Park Hee-jin? Does she work here?
No, no.
We're looking for a friend of hers.
Someone told us we could find Park Hee-jin here.
Park Hee-jin? Park Hee-jin... Why are you looking for her?
I'm looking for my mom. Park Hee-jin's a friend of hers.
Ah, Park Hee-jin! Is that person a woman?
Yes, as far as we know.
No, that Park Hee-jin isn't a woman.
See the room at the end of the hall? A burly guy drinking there.
His name is Park Hee-jin.
Excuse me.
Are you Park Hee-jin?
Yeah, so...?
The woman who gave birth to me is Choi Young-ae.
I've come to meet her.
Do you drink?
Are you Hye-na?
You look just like your mother.
Listen carefully.
Your mom died, it's been quite a while.
I cremated her with my own hands
and scattered the ashes in the southern sea.
This is breaking my heart.
But when your mom died,
she was thinking of you,
so don't ever resent her.
All kinds of things happen in our lives, you know.
When you're older,
you'll understand.
And although it's difficult for you now,
there'll come a day when you can forgive your mother.
Surely you will.
Do you understand?
There's nothing more for me to tell you,
or for you to hear,
so don't ask me anymore.
When did Hye-na's mom pass away?
Didn't I tell you?
I've got no more to say and you've got no more to hear.
This is it.
I'm sorry.
It is better for the child this way,
you must believe me.
I'm sorry.
If that child...
gets to be my age,
and I am still alive,
then I will say more.
Okay... I see.
I can see very well.
Hye-na, let's go.
Are you going to Seoul?
- To Flower Island. - Flower Island?
There's no boat running to that Island, not anymore.
I heard there's a boat to Flower Island at Port Mijo.
Hey, sis!
I've never seen the ocean before!
It's fucking fantastic!
Mister, what should we do to go to Flower Island?
How should I know? Get some other boat.
There's no boat going there.
Please help us, mister!
No way! Stop bugging me. I've got to go now.
Who is it?
Who is it?
It's me, Park Hee-jin. We met yesterday.
- Thanks a lot. - Thank you.
is it really gone?
How did you do that?
Magicians never reveal their secrets.
Who taught you that?
Mommy's "angel" friend.
Now... close your eyes,
listen and imagine what I am saying.
It is late at night.
You are in a school.
Students start to leave the campus,
one by one.
After packing your stuff, you are leaving as well.
The air is very chilly,
and there's a thick mist.
You walk down an alley.
The alley is narrow and winding.
You walk fast and feel breathless.
In the distance you see lights from your apartment.
You walk faster.
Now you're at the doorstep.
You stand in front of the elevator.
The elevator is now on the 11th floor.
You press the button.
10... 9... 8...
7... 6... 5... 4...
3... 2... 1...
The door opens.
You live on the fourth floor.
Now you press four.
1... 2... 3...
The elevator stops at the third floor.
Suddenly, all the lights go out.
Now look to your left.
There's a door.
Now, open that door.
What do you find inside?
A person.
A little one.
Relax, and look inside carefully.
Who is it?
A little girl.
A girl.
She is crying.
What does she look like?
It's all right, tell me everything.
It's all right, tell me everything.
Poor little thing, poor thing.
She is naked.
It's cold, freezing cold.
That poor little thing.
She is naked, naked.
- Now - She is naked.
I'll count to three, and you will wake up.
When you open your eyes, your mind will be peaceful.
It's really cold.
It's all right. I'll count to three.
Wake up.
Who was it?
I know her very well.
But I don't know for sure.
To my relief...
although she was so miserable,
it seemed she was trying to comfort me.
As if she was saying,
everything would be all right,
she'd come with me.
Everything would be fine.
During our journey, she told me about the flower seeds.
For the first time in her life, she planted seeds.
She worried because she hadn't watered them for a long time.
The night she left, I got a house key from her.
Hye-na and I came back to where we belong.
A few days later, we visited her empty house.
There we found three flowerpots on the windows.
It was amazing to see the flowers she had planted.
They survived and newborn leaves had sprouted.
I took the flowerpots home and showed them to my daughter.
She stared at them in silence for a long time, and watered them.
A big grin shone on her face, and then she looked at me.
I weep my heart out...
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