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Subtitles for Getaway The 1972.

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Getaway The 1972

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I think we can begin.
The first parole request for Carter "Doc" McCoy.
Is legal counsel present?
Yes, sir. I'm Eugene Stewart, representing Mr. McCoy.
Carter McCoy, one to ten year sentence for armed robbery.
First offense in the state of Texas.
Wanted by the state of Ohio for assauIt with a deadly weapon...
...and armed robbery.
The State of Ohio has waived jurisdiction, Mr. Chairman.
Mr. McCoy is no longer wanted in that case.
Good luck, man.
Mr. McCoy has served four years of his sentence.
His record's satisfactory.
Applied for parole on September fifth of this year.
I wouId only, once again, like to point out to the committee...
...Mr. McCoy's good behavior while a prisoner.
-Notice is taken. -Thank you, sir.
The board met in closed chambers last week.
Have you reached a decision regarding Mr. McCoy's request for parole?
Request for parole is denied.
The prisoner may re-apply after one calendar year.
Lock 'em up.
Open the gate.
Lance said to have eight hole, Gallo one, Kirksky two.
Eight hole colored.
Go down to the garden house, turn to your left, go to the woods.
We"re going on to the brush. Burn it. Take the stumps up out of the ground.
Bob Field, get them dogs out there close to the trailer.
One hole.
Eight hole.
Come on.
-Fifteen. -Fifteen.
Get them dogs in close to 'em, Bob Field.
-Thirty. -Thirty.
Hogfield, you go to the left and start rounding up on that brush pile.
Time to go.
Put it back. Catch them, this squad.
Round this pile up and get it burning.
Oh, man, that's just a game.
Man, get on this stump.
Look out, McCoy.
Get your axe and come on up here and pitch in.
Go to work. Go to work.
De Leon, get the fire going.
That Mexican there--
Get up all this little stuff and put it on this pile.
Eight hole.
Catch that brush pile here and get it rounded up.
I want it tight to where it'll burn. Get these stumps down under the ground.
Bob Field...
...round up that pile.
Get it to burn. Kirk Shaw, over on the ground....
Keep that line straight.
Keep that line tight.
HeIIo, Doc.
I'm sorry.
Get to Beynon.
Tell him I'm for sale. His price.
Do it now.
Hello, Mrs. McCoy.
I'd like to see Jack Beynon.
Go ahead.
Class. Is she a regular?
No. Doc McCoy's old lady.
Jeez, is that Carol Ainsley?
Shut up!
How are you, Mrs. McCoy?
Ready to taIk about my husband, Mr. Beynon.
PIease sit down.
So the good doctor comes up again.
He asked me to come and see you.
Can I help?
Yes, I think you can.
How about a drink?
Yeah, I couId use one.
Come on over.
You'll be back, Doc.
Mr. Beynon will see you the day after tomorrow.
12:30 at the River Walk.
-Hi, Doc. -Hi.
Feel okay?
I'm a lot better off now than I was an hour ago.
-You want to drive? -My driver's license has expired.
Sorry I'm late. I was having my hair done, the girl was slow.
You look fine.
-You feel good? -Yeah.
-Where do you want to go? -Take a walk.
What do you want for dinner?
Drinks. Whiskey, whiskey, whiskey....
You okay?
Pretty good.
Made a trip to Oregon to see my brother and his kids.
I figured it'd be the last time I'd see them...
...unIess they decide to travel.
How's Estelle?
You know, some things never change.
Yeah, that's right.
That's not all of it.
It's been a long time, Doc.
Did you go out much?
Four years, and now the question comes up.
I couldn't handle it inside.
But I can now.
I'm still here, Doc.
It does something to you, you know.
It does something to you.
It does something to you in there.
We've got time, Doc. We've got lots of time.
Just give me a minute, baby.
Listen, I'm just as nervous as you are.
Let me make you feel good, Doctor.
It's been so long.
So long.
She's here.
Hey, I was gonna fix you breakfast.
You were sleeping.
A little ketchup.
And then we have a little....
Thank you.
-For what? -For getting me out.
It was a pleasure.
Thank you, ma'am.
Hey, Claude. Here's your boy.
You have to be kidding.
Not at all. Just a pleasant way to have lunch.
Sit down.
It's good to see you in them civilian clothes.
It just takes a Iong arm, Beynon.
You know, it's hard to say how those things happen.
The parole board aImost never changes their decision.
It must be because I'm a model prisoner.
This is the onIy time you and I meet in public.
Any business with me... handle it with him.
He's my brother.
Back with your own peopIe, now.
I got you some professionals.
I'll get my own men, Beynon.
You run the job, but I run the show.
And don't forget it.
You've got two weeks to set it up.
It's not a big bank, but it handles the cash deposits for an oil company.
Over half a million dollars.
It's a family bank.
The brother of the bank director... on the board of directors at Con-Sol Oil in Beacon City.
Here's a couple of fellas I'd like you to meet.
Rudy Butler, Frank Jackson.
Yeah, I've heard of you.
You work with Miller?
You're out of touch, Doc.
Miller got blown up.
Fort Lauderdale.
-Were you with him? -Yeah.
I got out.
I was backup man on a payroll job.
I'd hit some liquor stores. I drive good.
I drive.
I want Mexican visas and passports.
They'll be ready.
You boys just do your job.
Bank guard, 7:59.
He's early.
You got a flashlight, some light batteries.
A-hooks, pliers, wire cutters....
What do you want all this stuff for?
-I'm going on a picnic. -Going on a picnic?
And now, ladies and gentlemen, especially you gentlemen....
We very proudly present the pride and joy of Beacon City.
Our own high-stepping and high-kicking...
...Southwest Texas Ropers.
Following the strutters... representing the Ladies Auxiliary of...
...the Volunteer Fire Brigade. We have the first beautiful float...
...which consists of the Constitution in the history of the Lone Star State.
Good morning.
I'd like an application for a checking account, pIease.
He goes here, follows down here. Now, this is the spot you're looking for.
Here. Yeah.
-Can I get a copy of this? -Yes, sir.
-Thanks a lot. -You're welcome.
Change for a $50, please.
$20, $30...
...$40, $45, $50.
Thank you. Y'all come back and see us soon.
Set your clocks for five minutes after 9:00.
All right, on the nose, now.
The diversionary explosions are spaced 20 seconds apart.
That gives you... minute and 38 seconds, before they blow.
You've got a bank president, you have three tellers.
And you've got a bank guard.
Usually on the right as you come in.
Pin him right away.
Careful he doesn't panic, and go shoot somebody.
You got one local police car. Now he's a rover.
ShouIdn't be anywhere near the vicinity when we make our hit.
Traffic is usually light at that hour.
There are three exits. One at Hopkins, one at Guadalupe Street...
...and then there's the alley.
Will you put that away and pay attention!
Now the guard carries a .38.
The cops carry 357-magnums.
You know what this is.
This'll stop an M-2 army rifle at 50 yards.
I've been working ten years without one.
-Suit yourself. -Thank you.
What about the vault?
It's a Chambers Reilly.
It's on a time lock. Opens up 20 minutes before office hours.
Wire pull over?
No, one-inch stuff on a three number combination.
That's me.
No, no. I'll handIe the fine stuff. You're backup aII the way.
Whatever you need, brother.
You keep going over this. I don't want anybody lost.
If we're clean, Gollie will take us across at Laredo.
If we're hot, we'II have to try Laughlin's in El Paso.
Aren't we going a little bit hard?
That's a walk-in bank, man.
A piece of cake.
You don't have to be Dillinger for that one.
Dillinger got killed.
Not in the bank.
Take it with you.
Tell Beynon I don't want any mix-ups. I make one phone call.
And his people better be there. All of them.
I understand.
Beynon's to be alone at the drop.
OnIy one car in the garage at the ranch and that's it.
Now, I'm not gonna have the money.
And she's not gonna know where it is until I know I'm clear. Got it?
-He understands. -Good, good.
Make sure everybody does. Okay?
-Good morning. -Good morning.
Good morning.
Good morning.
Good morning.
Good morning, Mr. Morgan. How are you?
Fine, thank you.
HoId it.
Come on, move it!
Superior technoIogy, my ass.
Hands up!
Mr. President? Up!
Everybody, out this way.
Come on, come on! Hurry it up! Move it!
Come on, move it!
Come on, honey, get on it.
Now just relax.
Face down!
Move it. Move it, honey.
They're on their way. Just relax.
Everybody relax.
Ninety seconds.
Fifty, brother.
Stupid bastard!
Take the wheel.
Take the wheel.
How did it go?
Bad. Jackson killed the guard.
Fourteen seconds till the next one goes off.
Come on, come on.
Where's Jackson?
He didn't make it.
Neither did you.
...was held up this morning shortly after opening.
The bank officials state that $750,000 was taken by three masked men...
...who forced the employees....
Hey, there's onIy $500,000 here.
-You sure? -Yes, I'm sure.
I see it. Take it easy.
They're looking for three men, remember?
What seems to be the problem, Officer?
Okay, drive on.
I'll kill him.
I'll kill that mother!
He's on.
I'm here.
I'm here.
They checked in.
TeII me about Beynon's ranch.
I've never been there.
When we met, it was at his office.
Do you trust him?
I don't figure he's gonna try to cross us.
At least not until he gets his money.
WeII, let's just send his cut back and just get going.
If we make a mistake, he's gonna burn us.
You make a deal, you're better off keeping up your end.
I don't want to go there.
Let's do it my way.
Stay here.
I'II wrap it up as quick as I can.
News said two peopIe killed.
Three. Rudy got ambitious.
And you got him.
That's right.
What about your wife?
Let's cut up the money, Beynon.
I want to get north.
She toId me no one wouId get killed.
I'm in a hurry, Beynon.
You still don't get the picture, do you?
And I've always heard what a smart-ass operator you was.
No applause.
Let's examine the situation.
One. An extremely attractive woman.
And there's the woman's husband.
And there's a man with political influence.
A man who can easily get a parole for a convict.
Why shouId he?
A simple reason, McCoy.
Let's get down to it.
Radio's rapping about $750,000.
There's a half a million, here.
A little more was taken out before.
You see, my brother's the director of that bank.
We had a few probIems we had to iron out.
Okay. We covered you....
You surely did, Doc.
My old lady must've made you a lot of promises.
I wouldn't feel--
Why didn't you tell me, huh?
Why didn't you tell me?
There wasn't any way to explain it.
You sent me to him, you know.
What the hell do you want anyway?
Goddamn you!
Still no answer.
Something's wrong.
Come on! Come on!
What's the damage?
Your collarbone's broken but it's not shattered.
There's no infection, yet.
Those bandages ought to be changed twice a day.
It's okay.
I got a nurse in mind.
The three of us are gonna do some traveling.
We're gonna take your car to El Paso.
We...we can't leave here.
That's not possible. I mean, we have all of this.
Is that possible, Mrs. Clinton?
Just tell us what you want.
What kind of a car do you drive?
A Ford. We have a Ford.
That's good.
That's very good, Harold.
You run on out and gas up the Ford.
If anybody but you comes back, Harold...
...she gets her clock stopped.
You do what he says, Harold.
Just do as I say.
You. Get a cloth.
You're gonna wash me.
They still may be on the way to Laredo.
What about El Paso? He's a friend of Laughlin.
WeII, we have to cover them both.
We've got to get somebody down there. Either Rudy or...
...McCoy's got a half a million bucks.
-Put out the word. -What about Jack?
Just dump him down a dry well, if you can find one.
No, he ought to be buried proper.
You just do what I tell you.
Thank you, ma'am.
Wendy, sit down.
Two day-coach tickets to El Paso.
Leaves in 45 minutes. Gate three. Thank you, ma'am.
Kind of tricky, isn't it?
-Thank you. -You're welcome.
Come over here.
You don't always have to take your gun out.
I'll do anything you want.
I will.
Get rid of that nail polish.
I don't like it.
And get rid of that, too.
What is that?
Don't get any blood on me. I hate blood.
Say, you wouIdn't happen to be a Mormon, wouId you?
No, I'm afraid not.
I'd like another one.
Me, neither.
I'm from Orem. That's right near Salt Lake.
There's about 12 people in the state who aren't Mormons, and I'm one of them.
I guess that makes you kind of special.
-Yeah, I guess it does. -Thank you.
Hey, baby.
You wouldn't be taking the train to Salt Lake, would you?
No, I'm afraid not!
That's just my luck.
Listen, I hope you have a really nice trip.
Thanks. I hope yours is okay, too.
Where's the bag?
It's in the locker. I've got the key.
A man helped me open it.
How long ago?
Fifteen minutes ago.
It's the oldest con game in the world. He switched keys with you.
He'll figure you for more time. He's probabIy still in the station.
Find him.
Your attention please. The Lone Star Flyer for...and El Paso now boarding.
Your attention, please.
The Lone Star Flyer for...
...El Paso now boarding on track site.
-There you are, ma'am. -Thank you.
You have coach number six. You've got coach number four.
You have coach number two.
-My aunt forgot her bag. -Yes, sir.
Coach number six.
Coach number four. Coach number three.
-I'm gonna see somebody off. -AII right.
Your attention, please.
Last call for the Lone Star Flyer now leaving at track site.
Last call for the Lone Star Flyer now leaving at track site.
That's awfully heavy. To save my life, I can't possibly lift it up there.
Thank you.
That's coach number one.
That's coach three.
Y'all gonna miss the train, you know?
Car number three, right over there.
All aboard!
It'll be open five minutes out of the station.
Tickets, pIease.
Tickets, pIease.
When you work on a lock, don't leave any scratches.
Tickets pIease.
Two. End of the line.
I'll get you.
Stick 'em up!
I said, "Stick 'em up or I'll shoot you."
Now, listen...
...I know you're a good kid. Now, get back there with your mother.
Because if you don't, I'm gonna break your little arm.
Your attention, please.
The 7:10 Special arriving from Dallas and Fort Worth...
...has been 20 minutes delayed.
Next stop: AIpine, Texas.
Next stop: AIpine, Texas.
Talk it up a little, Harold.
It'd be good for you.
Loosen you up.
Something ought to loosen him up.
Something ought to loosen him up.
What are we going to El Paso for, Rudy?
I'm looking for a suitcase.
At the Laughlin Hotel.
You Laughlin?
Yes, sir, all the time.
This is my wife and that there's Junior.
-I need a room. -You don't have to look any farther.
One thing we got here is lots of rooms.
Sign right there.
That'll be $5 in advance.
Junior... this gentleman to his room.
Checking-out time is 1:00 p.m.
No girls allowed in the rooms.
House rules.
Call the conductor.
Mama, Mama, Mama....
Your attention, please.
Shuttle train from Alpine now arriving at track site.
Shuttle train from Alpine now arriving at track site.
You're all right.
How did you get it back?
If you're trying to get me back in Huntsville...'re going about it in the right way.
I wouIdn't worry about it, 'cause I can always get you out.
I mean, I can screw every prison official in Texas, if I want to.
Texas is a big state.
-I can handle it. -Yeah, I bet you can.
You'd do the same for me, Doc, wouldn't you?
I mean, if I got caught, wouldn't you?
You don't like the way things are, I don't like the way things are.
What are we gonna do about it?
Maybe we shouId split up.
I'll cut up the money with you.
-Do you mean that? -Yeah, I mean it.
Well, I don't want to.
I have to stop.
Not now.
We have to beat that suitcase to El Paso.
We'II grab a hotel room, tonight.
First thing tomorrow...
...just go out and buy us another car.
Then you go out, buy yourself some other clothes.
And pick up some for me.
Tonight, I want you to go out....
You go out and get some food. Paper bag it.
We'll eat it in the hotel room.
What happens when they find the body?
All they've got is a description.
Cops need a connection to channel it, and they haven't got it.
It ain't gonna do them any good.
You've got it all figured out, don't you?
There's a few of things I'm working on.
Like what?
Where'd you get it?
It was a gift.
-Chico, get Lt.Judson down here. -Yes, sir.
CaII a medical officer, too.
Come on, boys, let's look at some photographs.
Yes, sir.
If Rudy was by himself, we're okay.
If he worked for Beynon...
...Beynon's peopIe will be waiting for us at Laughlin's in El Paso.
You're full of "ifs"
So are you, baby.
I think you liked it with him.
I think he got to you.
At least I got to him.
What about this one, boys?
-Yeah. Yeah, that's him! -Yeah, that's the guy!
-That's the one! -That's him, all right.
That's the man, Officer.
That's the one you shot, Raymond.
What about him?
Listen, I'm a friend of the court, right? That's why I'm here.
You're here because you're under arrest.
Lock him up.
The man has been positively identified as Carter "Doc" McCoy...
...only recently paroled from Huntsville Penitentiary.
He is believed to be traveling with his wife, Carol Ainsley McCoy.
Stay tuned for further details.
How you doing there, Harold?
Do I have to take it off again?
The radio, off.
Come on, work!
Give me the news!
Can't trust a thing nowadays.
TeII you something. One of these days, you're gonna have to trust somebody.
I trust.
You want to see what I trust?
"In God I trust."
It's the words on the back of every bill.
Just keep that up, Doc, and it won't matter how far we get away.
'Cause there won't be anything left between us.
You understand that?
Pull over.
Yes, sir.
Yeah. I'd like to have a radio.
One of those portables.
All right, sir. We got them from $15 to $55.
Take your pick.
-A $15 job. -All right, sir.
...Beacon City bank robbery last week...
...where they, along with two accomplices, made off with more than three quarters--
That'll be, $15.95 and 60 cents tax, sir.
I'll get your change.
Want your change, sir?
Now we got troubIe. Let's clear the car.
Yes, sir, can I help you?
I want a shotgun, 12-gauge pump.
-How about this one right here? -Yeah, that's fine. Wrap it up.
Sir, you'll have to sign this form here.
And let me have a pack of those doubIe-ought bucks.
What are you going to do, knock a wall down?
Sir, you'll have to... have to fill out these forms here, sir.
You know what this is, don't you, mister?
All right, now wrap that up. Let's go.
I don't know where they went to.
Operator, get me the police.
There's this car here, and the man's in there, too.
You might...
...try down here or up there. I don't know.
Call Willie up. That lady right there.
Hold it! Right there!
Get those guns out on the street.
Kick them over.
Now, lay down in that gutter!
In the gutter!
You, keep your face down!
What the hell's the matter with you?
Hang a "U"
Punch it, baby.
Go ahead.
In there.
-How much to Dallas? -Sixteen dollars.
Hey, dummy!
How you doing, Slim?
Where you going?
How much did you pay for that thing?
Come on, let's go.
Here, Harold.
Have a rib bone.
Have another rib.
Christ, Rudy... ruined my skirt.
Goddamn it, what'd you do that for? Jesus!
Know why I did that?
It makes me feel good.
Stop it.
Rudy! Goddamn it!
Have one yourself.
You have one.
-Have a bone, Harold. -Have a French fry.
Have a rib, Harold.
Poor Harold.
Those are good ribs.
-Wait a minute. -Have some French fries.
Wait a minute!
I don't like this game, anymore.
You hear me?
You! You!
Authorities are reportedly on the lookout for Doc McCoy and his wife, Carol.
The couple is reported traveling in a late-model, gray Mercury sedan.
The pair is wanted for the recent bank robbery in Beacon City, Texas...
...which netted the thieves $750,000.
In the course of the robbery, two men were killed.
The holdup money is still missing.
Good evening.
Two hamburgers.
A milkshake and two coffees.
-What kind of milkshake? -Chocolate.
-How about some fries? -Why not?
Roll it up part way, please.
She made us.
There's that goddamn gray Merc.
Punch it!
Punch it, baby!
Help me shove these back.
It's been ten minutes. Come on out of there.
You okay?
I guess so. I don't know.
WeII, it looks kind of deep.
No scar.
Don't scratch. It's liabIe to give you an infection.
What did I tell you?
It's not a game.
It's all a game.
-There's something I want-- -I don't want to hear it.
Listen! It's hard enough for me as it is!
The things you said before....
You might be right.
Ain't gonna mean anything if we don't make it together.
I don't think we can make it.
I think if we ever get out of this dump, I'll just split.
We've made it together so far.
We've come a lot of miles but we're not close to anything.
I always thought jails made people hard.
Not you, boy. I mean, you're just not tough enough to forget about Beynon.
I chose you, not him, you know that? Not that it makes any difference.
We pick up or we leave it.
We leave it here, there's no other way.
No more about him.
Whatever happens... more about him.
$8 a day, in advance. House rules.
Checking-out time is 1:00 p.m.
Oh, no. Would you please carry my kitty for me?
-Cat? -Yeah.
What's its name?
Poor Little Harold.
-That's a strange name for a pussy. -Yeah.
That's why it's kind of hard to figure.
Don't hold for it. You gotta let 'em run.
Dumb those goddamn horse trainers try to rate them.
Just breaks their heart.
All right to put the pussy on the bed?
The Lord loves a cheerful giver.
Okay, now, "house ruIe."
You got two choices.
-You can live or you can die. -Yes, sir.
What...what do I have to do?
You have to do what I tell you to do.
Yes, sir.
You do that and you not onIy get to live, but you'll make a few dollars.
Yes, sir.
Now, I'm expecting Doc McCoy.
-You know Doc McCoy? -Yes, sir.
Then you're gonna let me know the minute he gets here.
Yes, sir.
That's all.
Rudy showed up with a broad.
Laughlin's in El Paso.
Rudy's there.
Sure, Doc, I can do it for you.
Just like old times, ain't it?
It's a nervous way to live.
Hello, Jimmy.
Oh, good to see you, Doc.
-How's your family? -Growing fast all the time.
Well, I got it all here for you.
Departure and arrival.
All except the $500.
-I get any calls? -No, sir.
My oId lady will be here in about five minutes.
I want you to get some food and take it to the room.
Just sandwiches?
Yeah, that's all right.
When she comes, she'll have some luggage.
Have that boy take it up to the room.
WeII, he took the day off.
Do it yourself.
I can't, Doc. I can't leave the desk.
You'll be in 318, Doc, till 11:00 p.m.
Nobody else is on the floor. You're by yourseIf.
All right.
Answer it.
Doc McCoy just got in.
Yes, sir.
Get up and get dressed.
Are you ready?
What are you doing?
-I'm coming in with you. -No.
Come on, honey.
Come on, baby.
What's the big hurry?
I'm hurrying!
Five fours.
What's the matter?
He's a juicer.
His wife and kid are always with him to keep him off the horses...
...and to keep him off the sauce.
So what?
So they're not here. He sent them away.
Get your ass in gear, baby, and let's go.
-Move it. -Okay.
Who is it?
It's your food, ma'am. I brought up the sandwiches.
Just leave them outside the door. I'm not dressed right now.
I can't do that, ma'am.
You must pay now 'cause I have to pay the boy that went out to get the food.
Listen, you're just gonna have to wait a minute. My husband's in the shower.
He'll be right out. Just wait a second.
Come on, it's me, open up.
I don't remember.
Listen, you old bastard...
...tell me what I want to hear, or I'm gonna rip...
...these fingers clear up to your elbows.
Are you gonna tell me?
-McCoy's in.... -What room is he in?
-He's in 318. -What? 318.
You better not be lying to me, you old fool.
Down the hall, Max. Around the rear.
Oh, my God.
Bang, bang.
Where's Rudy?
Have you seen Rudy?
No, I haven't seen Rudy, you dumb broad.
Operator. Get me the police!
Don't do it! Don't!
Just run away.! Run away!
-Drive! -Sure thing, mister.
-Get in there. -Whatever you say.
Want me to go, too?
-Hey, are you hurt? -No.
Straight ahead.
Hang in there, now, folks.
Hey, how was that one?
Oh, that was fine. Just fine.
Where are we heading?
We're going to Mexico.
Can you find a nice, quiet place?
Get us through?
Why in the hell not?
And don't hit any more cars.
I don't reckon you're gonna shoot me, are you?
I kind of doubt it.
Well, that's fine.
Now don't you worry, I'll cooperate.
Shoot, I've been in troubIe with the law myseIf.
Can I ask you a personal question?
Are you kids married?
I'm glad.
Damn, you know...
...that's the problem in this goddamned world.
There ain't no morals.
Kids figure if they ain't living together, they ain't living.
Buenas tardes.
Chihuahua City. Building materials.
You know, if I was you kids, what I'd do?
I'd quit this running around the country.
You know, get a little bit of money together...
...and I'd buy a place and settle down, and raise a family.
I've been married for 35 years.
Same old gal. Man, she's a tough old hide.
Yeah, everything I am, I owe to her.
Pull over, over here, would you?
Okay, whatever you say.
Now what?
Let's get out a spell.
How much money did you make last year?
I reckon about $5,000.
Suppose I give you $10,000 for that truck of yours?
You serious?
I am.
And I keep my mouth shut...
...and I don't say nothing about the truck...
...and I never seen neither one of the two of you?
That's what I want.
How about $20,000?
How about $30,000?
Goddamn, ma'am, you got a deal.
Pay the man, honey.
Thank you, ma'am.
Now, you'll have to walk on back to the border.
Oh, that's all right. Don't worry about me.
I hope you find what you're looking for.
Vaya con Dios.
You too, ma'am.
Take care, you hear?
Goddamn it!
Come on.
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