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Gertrud CD1

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You're still here.
l'm leaving in a moment.
Are you going to the office tonight?
Yes - board meeting.
l'll probably go to the opera and sit in my usual corner.
-What's playing? -Fidelio.
Come here. Let's talk a bit.
-l have something to tell you. -Yes?
l do. Has mother been here today?
She has to get her monthly allowance.
ls that what you wanted to tell me?
No. Come here. Sit down.
Tell me, Gertrud.
How would you like to be a cabinet minister's wife?
Which cabinet minister wants to marry me?
Minister Kanning.
That's the news. There's been talk you'd be cabinet minister.
You were never known as one of the government's warmest supporters.
Not really, but l imagine a little opposition
in the government couldn't hurt.
And you'll be that little opposition?
On the way home l met the musical genius -
Erhard Jansson. lsn't that his name?
Erland Jansson. lf that's who you mean.
Yes, yes. Erland Jansson. ls he really a genius?
-That's what they say. -But what do you think?
You know music so well.
-Do you know who l also met? -No.
Gabriel Lidman. l didn't mean to hurt you.
-l know that. -l asked him to come visit us.
-ls he going to? -That's what he said.
-He has been away a long time. -Yes, 2 years.
-Three. -There you go.
Here are some letters. Bills, l suppose.
Thank you.
There's a picture of Lidman in the newspaper.
May l see it?
lt looks just like him.
Yes. He hasn't changed much.
Did you tell him that you're giving the celebration speech?
He knew already.
l look forward to seeing him again.
Why did you break it off with him?
Let's not talk about it.
No, no - that chapter of your life has been forgotten.
You said it's over and l believe you.
l've always thought your relationship to Gabriel
was not my concern.
You were a free and independent woman.
You were an artist and he was a famous poet.
-lt's another story. -ls it?
Yes, of course. What are you laughing about?
l'm just smiling, thinking about all the poor human beings
who allow themselves to love,
whether they're artists or famous people or not.
Have you seen my large briefcase?
Yes. lt's out in the hall.
Thank you.
How beautiful you are, Gertrud.
l got this mirror from Gabriel Lidman.
lt should have been in the bedroom, so that l would have
something to look at when l woke in the morning.
-Yes, that's what he said. -Yes, l know.
Later l received something else from him - a bit less rococo -
and now his mirror hangs here - with you - in your room.
May l kiss you, Gertrud?
-lt gets dark early now. -l should probably go.
l seek your lips and you give me your cheek
and the door to your room has been locked up to me
for more than a month.
l used to be welcome there.
l often lie awake, thinking of you.
l've thought you might be in love with someone else
and l've wondered who it could be.
Damn it. Mamma's here.
Good afternoon.
-Good afternoon, Gustav. -Good afternoon, little Mamma.
Those stairs! Good afternoon, sweet Gertrud.
Good afternoon, mother-in-law.
-Come and sit down. -Thank you.
-Mamma, you're late today. -l was snoozing over a book.
Even when you're old, you still like to keep up.
-What was the book? -What was it... l've forgotten.
-Who wrote it? -l don't remember,
but it was an artistic book.
-What was it about? -God knows. l've forgotten.
Not that l understand what they write these days.
Would you like a cup of tea, mother-in-law?
Thank you, my sweet. l'd rather have a glass of port.
-Gladly. -Thank you.
Dear Gertrud, she is truly a sweet and good wife to you.
-Yes, she is. -l tell that to everyone.
-Do people ask you? -Ask? No one asks.
But people gossip, you know.
Since you've been married, not a soul has said a word against her.
Up 'til now in any case.
And that old story with her and him...what was his name?
-Lidman. -That was just gossip, of course.
Of course.
They say you're going to be a cabinet minister?
That's what they say.
What does one get a year for that?
One has to sacrifice for one's country.
Bless you. You'll regret it.
Think of your father, my son, think of what he sacrificed.
What did he get out of it? A couple of medals.
No, Gustav, mind your law firm and stop thinking
of the fatherland. That's my advice.
Mamma, l'll become a cabinet minister because l want to.
Gertrud's coming to the court ball, isn't she?
She's completely indifferent to it.
-lf you please. -Thank you.
What do you think about becoming a cabinet minister's wife?
What shall l say, it hasn't been decided yet.
The Minister of State will call at five o'clock.
Listen, let's not forget, you have to have your money.
l'll get it.
Can't you get your mother to go?
l've something l want to discuss with you, something serious.
Mamma dear, unfortunately, l have a meeting
and Gertrud has to leave.
lt's past four-thirty. And l have so much to do.
Listen, you didn't get your money.
-Thank you. Goodbye, Gustav. -Goodbye, Mamma.
Goodbye, little Gertrud.
Goodbye, mother-in-law.
What's on your mind?
Something l wanted to tell you for a long time
and l dare not put it off any longer.
This will hurt you.
Gustav, l'll not be a cabinet minister's wife.
What are you saying?
l no longer want to be your wife.
Gertrud, what do you mean?
Remember what you said when you gave me the ring.
lf the day ever came when one of us wanted to be free,
then the other must step aside.
-Do you remember that? -Yes, l remember.
l felt a little sorrow then.
l thought we should be together our entire lives.
When l saw how much you loved me,
l came to you and said l would be yours.
l wouldn't have had it any other way for the whole world.
And now you want to leave me.
Gertrud, l don't understand.
Gustav. So much has changed. We've changed.
l love you, Gertrud.
Love - such a big word.
There's so much you love.
You love power and honor, you love yourself,
your intellectual life, your books,
your Havana cigars,
and l am sure you loved me at times.
How can you say such a thing?
You know,
when we sit here in the evening,
do you realize you can sit for hours on end,
staring into space without saying a word?
l have many things to think about.
-Things? -Yes, my cases, my work.
Your work. There we have it,
you think about your work.
-You believe it is indifference? -lt's worse than indifference.
lt's a lack of feeling.
A woman loves her husband above all,
but for him, work comes first.
lsn't that the nature of the universe?
Naturally, it's a man's nature to work, to create.
But work mustn't exile the woman from his thoughts.
l feel this way often, as if l have no husband at all,
as if l'm just atmosphere for you.
What more do you want to get off your chest?
That you, in a very humiliating way, show me
how little l mean to you.
Am l absolutely nothing to you?
You never guess my wishes or my thoughts.
Whether l am happy or sad is completely uninteresting to you.
l understand your reproach for being absorbed in my work.
The man l'm with must be completely mine.
l must come before everything.
l don't want to be an occasional plaything.
Yes but, sweet Gertrud, love alone
is not enough in a man's life.
That would be ridiculous for a man.
Perhaps it would,
but see for yourself how little l mean to you
and how insignificant the void becomes when l leave now.
Gertrud, what are you hiding from me?
ls there someone else?
You may call it that, if you want.
-Then you're admitting it. -Yes.
-Has it already happened? -No.
But it will happen then?
Gertrud, you're driving me crazy.
Oh, no. The woman that can drive you crazy doesn't exist.
You don't believe that either.
Who is he?
You don't think l'd answer that, do you?
ls it someone who wants to marry you?
Perhaps l will sing again as before and fend for myself.
Gertrud - Who is it?
l can only tell you that he doesn't belong to our circle.
Where did you meet him?
Will you leave and not come back?
No, my friend, but l feel l had to tell you now.
We can speak again about the how and why,
but tomorrow we have to go to the celebration.
lf you could just explain how this has happened.
Things are easier when one understands.
What more can l explain? l don't understand it myself.
All l know is that love has me in its clutches.
And it doesn't mean anything to you to tell me this?
lt's as if you're resigning a position.
l have suffered day and night, wondering how l should tell you.
Gertrud - l can't take this.
You took it easier than l had feared.
lt went easier for both of us.
And where will you go now?
As l've told you - tonight l'm going to the opera.
Goodbye, Gustav.
-Have you been waiting long? -Yes, too long.
Forgive me, darling.
l'll try.
Do you love me?
You have to say it.
-l love you. -Say it again.
l love you.
l love you.
We must talk seriously about this.
What l can ever be to you?
Let me go my way. l can never be yours anyway.
You are everything to me,
-my life of desire and sorrow. -Sorrow?
Yes, much to my sorrow l must love you as l do,
though l don't understand you.
l'm nothing more than a whim for you.
You sent me roses.
That was after your first concert,
two roses and a card,
and l never received an answer - not one bit of thanks.
But l still received more roses.
And when we met...Remember our first kiss?
l remember many kisses, a rain of kisses,
kisses that went through my bones,
kisses that made me gasp for breath.
l couldn't get you out of my mind.
When l saw you at the concert l had to have you.
And when l ask you to be mine completely, you retreat
and yet you still say l mean everything to you.
lt is you, and do you know how you became so?
l had never heard your voice.
l had to hear you speak to know whether it was you l had to love.
So l went to see you.
l wonder how l had the courage.
Lucky l was home.
Yes, come in.
Eternal winged child and god
Once again my heart obeys your stern call
Yes again l've become lonely
in the midst of your satisfied flock
Here your ardent harshness
may yet bring me happiness
Darkness has formed a pearl
Night has borne a dream
Hidden shall l reside within
Dazzling, white and tender
The song must sound in the heart
Painfully sweet and cruel
While my sparkling pearl
Grows in its dark room
How beautifully you sang. As if l had never heard the song before.
l'm tired.
l was out on the town last night.
As usual. ls that necessary to be an artist?
l don't know. l know only that l have to.
Some of us wasted away the night together.
We ended up at a bar where we played cards
with a couple of con men. They took all our money.
Nice types - well - poetic justice.
Did you play too?
l sat mostly, half-asleep, and meanwhile worked on a motif.
l still have it in my head.
l could make a symphony out of it,
if l could pull myself together.
You shouldn't go out like that. You're destroying yourself.
You'll stay home tonight, won't you?
-l've been invited out. -With whom?
A guy l know. He's arranged an apartment for a girl he likes.
Her name is Constance.
lt'll be christened this evening. l'm going.
Don't go.
Why shouldn't l?
Because l'm asking you not to.
l also asked you something once that you could've given me.
Erland, there's so much music in you that wants to get out
into the world, out among people.
The way you live, it'll die, perhaps soon,
perhaps sooner than you think.
Your inspirations from a smelly bar after a sleepless night -
Erland, they're worthless.
Erland - l beg you -
beg you as if l were begging for my life. Don't go.
l live as l want and must live.
lt's in my blood.
Even if l did promise you to stay home, l'd go anyway.
Then it is better that you promise nothing.
l live hard because l like to.
Tomorrow is a new beginning.
Gabriel Lidman the great poet, has returned home
and will be honored tomorrow.
He turns 50 as if it were some feat to turn 50.
So we'll see each other. l'll be there too.
-ls your husband coming as well? -Yes.
The politician.
And now he'll be a cabinet minister.
Why does he bother?
You're speaking about a man you don't know.
l'm sorry.
Before l left home, l had a long talk with him.
That's why you had to wait.
Today l have set myself free. Now l am a free woman.
-Does that mean? -Yes.
You said l could never be yours...
but Erland, l can be.
From now on l'm completely yours.
-l dreamt something last night. -What did you dream?
l was running naked through the streets, dogs chasing me.
And when they caught me, l awoke.
And l realized we two are completely alone in the world.
Give me your mouth.
Your wonderful mouth.
Where do we go now?
Your place. Come.
Gertrud. Do you dare?
l mean, if...
Erland - l love you, Erland,
and if you ask me if l dare,
then l will answer you, yes, l dare.
l dare for l believe in you.
Do you care about me?
l can never, never care about anyone else.
l just couldn't imagine living not having been with you.
Strange woman.
Who are you, really?
-l am many things. -Who?
The morning dew, dripping from the leaves of the tree.
White clouds sailing where, no one knows.
Who else are you?
l am the moon. l am the sky.
And what else?
Yes, l am a mouth.
A mouth seeking another's mouth.
Sounds like a dream.
lt is a dream. Life is a dream.
-Life? -Yes.
Life is a long, long chain of dreams,
drifting into one another.
-And the mouth you spoke of? -A dream.
And the mouth you seek?
Also a dream.
Play something.
-What shall l play? -A nocturne.
No, your own.
Coming home from the office so many thoughts
raced through my head.
How a person can dream his life away,
while others busily rush around .
Slowly and helplessly, life slips through our hands,
whatever we do.
l thought how the dearest and sweetest in my own life
was now slipping through my hands
without my being able to understand why
or explain how it had happened.
l was reminded of an old verse. lt went:
''Pay attention to the treasure God has sent you,
don't let it slip through your hands.''
We're never attentive enough
to what we possess and loathe to lose .
l longed for my wife,
longed to walk again side-by-side through the streets
with her arms in mine,
as so many times before
when we were happy.
Then l thought l'd go meet her at the opera.
May l help you with something?
l am here to pick up my wife.
She may have left before the last act.
Mrs. Kanning was not here at all this evening.
-Are you sure? -Yes, l've been here all evening.
-Do you know my wife? -l should know your wife.
She has sung here.
There you are.
Oh, Erland
here, with you, l'm alive again.
l can't tell you how happy l am.
-Are you quite yourself again? -Yes.
Now we shall live together.
Do you think we could live together?
l love you. Erland
all my love awaits you now.
You'll not go to Constance's party now, will you?
ln Florabakken.
Lights ablaze today we carry
The fire burns clearly as your words
Our torches burn in your honor
Be welcomed to your native soil.
See us hoist the golden candles
Widely traveled, lofty free spirit.
Hear our pleas from the young hearts of the nation
Give us new works from your hand
Lights ablaze today we carry
The fire burns clearly as words of truth
Our free thoughts are our honor
We'll fight proudly for all we believe
We will exorcize the power of winter's might
That's the goal for our future
See us emerge from the paths of life
Amid hope's beautiful fiery glow.
Dear Gabriel Lidman.
We are gathered here on behalf of the students and youth
to honor you as the great poet of love.
Most young people today have been raised by parents
who were married in church and lived an ordinary life,
a life having nothing to do with love.
These past generations' idea of sexuality
as something sordid and simple,
has always been foreign to you.
Their doctrine of love is that true love
is only thinkable with a union of heart and mind.
Your hymns to love describe two people completely devoted
to each other in a love-giving and intimate life
together, in perfect warmth and tenderness.
Let me cite the following lines:
''He held fast to her mouth,
''still deeper they sank into each other.
''He felt as if he were on a journey in space
''in the white moonlight, a red star, first faint
''and about to end, then stronger and closer.
''lt grew and enlarged into a flaming well of fire.
''He burned without pain and the flames
''swallowed his tongue like sour wine.''
ln erotic ecstasy, people find infinity and eternity.
This is the greatest part of your erotic idea.
This is love without borders.
To this idea of love, all humankind is created and called.
Two things for me have always been
and still are more important than anything else:
these two things are Love and Thought.
You've spoken about love.
As far as thoughts go, we should have courage
to think good thoughts,
for good thoughts bring us to the summit of truth,
and truth is the only thing worthwhile.
This thinking can lead to the truth,
pure truth without predisposition.
ln your search for this truth,
be true to yourselves and don't compromise.
Have courage to think good thoughts.
Remember the words of the French philosopher:
''A true soul need not hide his thoughts.''
Thank you.
Yes, we are coming - listen to our voices
You shall know, your words have weight
Speak strong and clear, so no one forgets
the fight for the nation's new open generation
Our minds are young and full of vigor,
pure wills made from hard steel
We shall reach every goal for which we strive
Show us the way to yet greater goals
Honorable Vice-Chancellor. Ladies and gentlemen.
lt is a great honor to be asked to give a speech tonight
in tribute to my old friend Gabriel Lidman.
Gabriel Lidman is the aristocrat among our poets.
The most outstanding trait in his character is honesty,
honesty in the great and the small.
He derides the mediocre, even when it hides
beneath a noble and proper veneer.
His essence is curiosity, captivating curiosity
in his exceedingly subdued appearance.
When he speaks, it is with such tranquillity,
one is forced to listen.
He never becomes pathetic.
Do you feel all right?
The torches make it warm here.
His speech can be colored with light but caustic irony
which does not sting.
He loves stillness,
inspirational stillness...
Do you feel ill?
Lidman has cultivated succinctness as an artistic form.
He never writes a word too many.
Each sentence is well considered and as sharp as a razor.
He shuns vague speech, sentimentality,
false pathos and the unextraordinary.
You can sit here undisturbed.
Would you like the door to the main hall closed?
Yes, please close it.
A Professor Nygren wishes to see Mrs. Kanning.
-ls that you, Axel? -Yes.
-l thought you were in Paris. -l was,
but l had an errand here at home, then Lidman. You understand.
lt was nice of you to come on a sick call.
Yes, l heard you had a terrible headache.
Look here. l have some perfectly splendid tablets
that take away headaches - though they're large.
-What kind are they? -They're a Viennese concoction.
-From Paris? -Yes, all of Paris knows them.
You can hold the powder. Could l get a glass of cold water?
Of course. l'll get it from there.
Professor Nygren is here, go back to the celebration.
Fine, if Mrs. Kanning thinks so. Then...
Yes, and l am most grateful for your care.
lt was my pleasure to be of assistance.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Just think, l already feel better.
Axel, it is so good to see you again. You have not changed.
Neither have you the same magic illumination.
The last time we spoke you were working on a book.
Yes. On free will. l'm still working on it.
l'm glad you still believe in free will.
My father was a sad fatalist.
He taught us that everything in life is predetermined.
l remember what you said will is a choice.
But my father said there's no such thing as choice.
One doesn't choose, he said, not his wife or his children.
One gets them and one has them, but doesn't choose them.
Fate decides everything.
Then you know your life's destiny.
l'll choose my own husbands. Thank you.
-Plural? -Yes. You were in Paris.
-What did you do down there? -Studied.
-Psychology? -Yes, and psychiatry.
Lots of things are happening in those fields.
-lt must be exciting. -lt is. Some of us meet
in the evening and work further on our own.
-How? -We hypnotize each other,
we experiment with thought transference,
and we've found a lady who has a sixth sense.
We're really happy to have her around.
Otherwise, we discuss and argue until we're blue in the face.
-About what? -Everything possible.
Psychoses and neuroses, dreams and symbols.
How l envy you.
Come to Paris and join our group. You'd like it.
l'm sure l would, but -
That, that's the dream l had the other night.
Attorney Kanning has finished his speech,
so he'll be here any moment.
lt was nice to see you again, Axel.
lt's too bad you have to go back so soon.
Good gracious. Gertrud, you look better now.
l feel much better now,
thanks to some wonderful pills Axel gave me.
-Thank you. -Don't mention it.
The important thing is that they helped.
-Goodbye and be well! -Goodbye, Axel.
Hope to see you again soon.
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