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Subtitles for George of the Jungle 2 2003.

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George of the Jungle 2 2003

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George, George, George of the Jungle
George, George, George of the Jungle
George, George, George of the Jungle
Strong as he can be
Watch out for that tree
George, George, George of the Jungle
Lives a life that's free
Watch out for that tree
When he gets in a scrape
He makes his escape with help from his friend an ape named Ape
And his elephant Shep can fetch a log
He's man's best friend is George's dog
He's George, George, George of the Jungle
Swing from tree to tree
Watch out for that tree
George, George, George of the Jungle
Lives a life that's free
Watch out for that tree
Now George was a king and a daddy too
There's just too much for poor George to do
Though George loved Ursula with all his heart
Her momma's evil plots broke them apart
There was lying and thieving and stealing and cheating
But their true love just can't be beaten
So find his kisskin unhypnotised
Now George is the king from 9-5
George, George, George of the Jungle
Friend to you and me
Watch out for that tree
Hear him holler, swing and sing
All the animals come to the jungle king
So grab a vine and swing in time
lf you smack a tree just pay no mind
Like George, George, George of the Jungle
George, George, George of the Jungle
George, George, George of the Jungle
Strong as he can be
Watch out for that tree
Watch out for that... tree
George, George, George of the Jungle
Watch out for that tree
The jungle to the untrained eye looks the same as in our first movie,
but things have changed,
and it's not just because we're using a different set,
domestic bliss has broken out over the Bukuvu,
parenthood has found that defender of the innocent,
and all-around good guy, George of the Jungle.
George, George, George of the Jungle
Watch out for that tree
And as our story begins,
our popular potent potentate has produced a prince.
Huh? Wait a minute!
Who the heck are you?!
Me, new George. Studio too cheap to pay Brendan Fraser.
- Let's go, Dad. - How did you get the part?
- New George just lucky, l guess. - Hey, dad, check it out.
Let's play fetch with Shep.
- Shep!
Here we go, boy. Fetch!
Fetch stick, Shep.
Come on, Shep.
Now that the prince is turning five,
George is grooming his son to be the heir to the throne.
George, that's grooming him to be heir, not grooming his hair.
- Oh. - Oh, yeah.
While George was preparing his son,
Ursula the love of his life,
and the heiress who gave up everything to be his jungle queen,
was wondering why George wasn't home for lunch.
Why isn't George home for lunch?
But George couldn't go home for lunch
because he had to attend to a very important matter.
George pretty good at coconut ball.
Hit me!
But suddenly the game was interrupted by an urgent bongo gram.
l said, an urgent bongo gram.
George really late for lunch.
George, George, George of the Jungle
Strong as he can be
Watch out for that... tree
Sorry George late, but George had important royal duty to attend to.
ln other words, you were playing coconut ball.
George score winning goal.
Ursula come and try out for cheerleader?
l tried, but the gorillas turned me down because l wasn't pretty enough.
- You look pretty to me. - You should tell the gorillas.
George promise tonight spend whole night with Ursula. OK?
Can George give Junior vine swinging lesson?
Vine swinging's a little dangerous.
- Must be from your side of family. - Vine surfing is much cooler.
What dangerous about swinging? Swinging fun.
- George show you. - Maybe that's not such a good idea.
Why? lt easy.
George, watch out for that...
For the first time in history,
George didn't hit the tree he was aiming at,
but that didn't stop him from hitting... the second tree.
And, in case you were worried,
the new George takes a tree as well as Brendan Fraser.
While George was sliding down the tree,
Ape has been in Las Vegas becoming a different sort of swinger.
But while pursuing his singing career,
the lure of the cards has proven too much for our travelling troubadour.
You got to learn to play it right
You got to know when to hold 'em
Know when to fold 'em
lf you wouldn't mind, could you stop singing?
Cut the cards.
Welcome to Las Vegas, baby.
And they say humans are more evolved.
Meanwhile, back in the jungle,
George was taking care of some serious jungle business.
George, the sink's stuffed again.
Well, kind of serious.
Don't worry, George fix.
George, you better answer the bird.
Animals in big fight.
George know he promise Ursula he see her tonight,
OK if George go to help animals?
lf George can come home early, would Ursula still go out with George?
George, George, George of the Jungle
George, George, George of the Jungle
Watch out for that...
Stop the movie!
That's how animals usually sound, right?
ln our movie the animals are all going to talk,
- so you humans don't miss a thing. - Where's your team now?
Anyone know how to fix sink?
For the convenience of you animals we've added subtitles,
so you can follow along too.
This is all their fault.
The birds keep dropping their zug-zug on us.
lt's disgusting! l gotta wear a hat!
Why not make zug-zug treaty?
Zug-zug treaty?
Yes, zug-zug treaty.
This is Disney, if we're gonna do a zug-zug joke,
we're gonna make it educational.
We make treaty and get everyone to go zug-zug in separate areas.
- That's a good idea. - Now you can play coconut ball.
- George can't stay. - And why not, George?
Have evening planned with Ursula.
When lions ruled the jungle, we never neglected our subjects,
why are you neglecting us?
- George in love. - You've gotta be kidding me.
Get outta here.
Run home to your family.
Never trust anyone without fangs.
George didn't impress his bachelor pals,
but he did manage to impress his wife.
George lucky man.
He's got Ursula and Junior...
..and really strong head.
Honey, l wouldn't worry about Junior swinging.
He's the son of the greatest swinger of all time,
how could he not learn how to swing?
That make George happy.
Sorry about sink.
lt's not your fault,
it's just the way things are sometimes.
Sure Ursula like being here with George?
How can you say that?
Then Ursula think things be OK, right?
Cos George rather not be king than lose Ursula.
Oh, don't be silly, everything's fine.
George hope so, cos he love Ursula more than there are stars in sky.
And George have special surprise to cheer Ursula up.
Ursula, dance with George.
Like a simple question looking for an answer
Now l am, now l am, listening to some inner call
Swimming blindly to pull myself upon your shore
What if l don't find you when l have landed?
Would you leave me here to die on your shores flat dead?
l think l know why the dog howls at the moon
l think l know why the dog howls at the moon
l said
When l'm with you...
George and Ursula were in love.
Little did they know that someone was approaching,
who was going to change their lives for ever,
someone so malevolent, so Machiavellian, so...
Well, for you kids, let's just say really, really mean.
Stay still, l don't want to fall off.
Yes, it was Beatrice Stanhope, Ursula's mother.
lt's the man who would be your son-in-law.
Yes, that's Ursula's foppish former fiancÚ, Lyle Van de Groot.
You remember the graceful Van de Groot from the first movie.
Was it really necessary to show that scene?
lt seems the vengeful, venal Van de Groot
had bought the casino Ape was gambling in.
Lyle had finally come up with the perfect plan
to destroy George by stealing the deed to Ape Mountain.
Are you sure Ape has the deed?
lt is, after all, called Ape Mountain.
And as soon as l have cheated the ape out of the deed,
and driven that half-wit George off of his land, bulldozers roll,
driving Ursula right back into my waiting arms.
When they see my gifts,
they'll miss civilisation so much they'll beg me to take them back.
l've gotta go. What did he say?
He said hold on. l'm going to...
Oh, l've had it!
Are you sure we're going in the right direction?
Why, yes. We remember from the first movie.
lt's very important l get to Ape Mountain today.
lt's my grandson's fifth birthday.
l'm taking him and Ursula back to civilisation.
What did he say?
He was admiring your luggage.
Oh, well, whatever.
And he wondered why you want to take your grandson out of the jungle.
l'm not having him grow up here an illiterate savage.
Someone help! Put me down! Help!
Sorry, we can't kill Beatrice.
lf she dies, we have no story.
And if we have no story, George couldn't disappoint his wife again
by being late for his own son's birthday party.
l wonder what's keeping your father.
Guess we may as well get started.
Now remember, sweetie, you can wish for anything you want.
Except your grandmother, because she's already here.
- Mother! - Darling.
Hello, Junior. Well, where's that husband of yours?
Shouldn't he be at his own son's birthday party?
He's running late.
How could he possibly be running late? This is the jungle.
Traffic back up on the Bukuvu Expressway?
George sorry he's late, but zug-zug treaty broke down and had to step in.
Hello, old Mrs Ursula.
Beatrice cunningly connived to tempt Ursula and Junior back home
using a ploy that has worked since the beginning of time.
l have gifts for you.
Mother, you shouldn't have.
George also make present.
Cool! Thanks, Dad.
Whoa! Cool, a spear!
- That's nice. - Yeah.
How'd you like to play with this?
You just flip the switch and it can do anything you want.
That not look so hard.
Beatrice put in motion her gift-giving gambit
to get Ursula to come home.
Meanwhile, George demonstrated why he was no William Tell.
- And neither was his aimless son. - Stay there. OK. Good. OK.
OK, aim. Good.
See gorilla? OK.
Now throw. Throw.
But a coconut wasn't enough to nullify the muddled mind of our hero,
George continued to be torn by the conflict between home and throne.
Come on, George. Ya have to supervise the oo-oo feather picking.
Sorry, George can't. Promise Ursula he stay home.
But no king has ever missed oo-oo feather picking.
At least not when lions ruled.
Face it. He doesn't care about us anymore.
- George. - Old Mrs Ursula.
Come talk.
George, do you love your wife and your son?
George love Ursula and Junior very much.
And George sorry George late for Junior's birthday party.
l understand perfectly.
You don't have enough time for your subjects or family
Which is why you can see how much happier Ursula and Junior would be
if they came back to San Francisco.
Ursula's lonely.
She misses her friends and someplace to wear lovely dresses.
Junior needs to live in civilisation and go to school with other children.
What do you think George should do?
George should let them go.
As much as she tried to resist,
the once opulent Ursula was tempted by the bangles and baubles.
Feeling dazed and confused,
or more dazed and confused than normal,
George sought professional help.
George know Tookie trying, but need talk to brother Ape.
Maybe Tookie fly to get brother Ape?
Then George just talk more.
While Tookie was winging his way to Las Vegas, he...
l said Las Vegas!
Ape found himself with problems of his own.
lf you're gonna play the game, boy
You got to learn to play it right
You got to know when to hold 'em
Know when to fold...
l've had more pleasure listening to alligators sing
than you, ya stupid bum!
While Ape was busy strangling his pestering poker partner,
Tookie's tuckered mind began to wander.
Another mimosa, Mr Tookie-Tookie?
Oh, Tookie, you cad.
As ourjungle jet-setter flew to visit his primate pal,
Ursula confronted Beatrice for befuddling her handsome hubby.
Mother. l'd appreciate it if you wouldn't play with George's mind.
Well, there really isn't much to play with, but alright.
Ursula, l know you're unhappy here.
You can't fool your mother.
l'll admit there are certain things l miss about home,
but l love George and l am staying here.
So deal with it. OK?
- Hello. - Ursula's definitely weakening.
lf l can just get her back to civilisation and to you -
That is, if you've got your obsession with her under control?
Of course l have it under control.
Obsession,... a strong word.
Have you got the deed from Ape yet?
No, but l'll have it tonight.
And when l do, bulldozers will roll.
Roll! l have a foolproof plan.
He did. Because in a demonstration of despicable dishonesty,
Lyle had entered the poker game.
See if you can figure out which one he is.
You foolish fowl. What are you doing here?
George is suffering deep psychological damage
over whether Ursula's happy and if he's a good husband and king,
and he's in need of my immediate advice and counsel?
ln a moment! l'm sitting on a great hand here!
Yes, the gambling bug had bit our normally guarded gorilla.
l'll take three. Maybe my luck will change.
But luck wasn't in the cards for our poker-playing primate.
As the game progressed,
there was a strange sense in the room
that Ape was about to be cheated out of the deed.
l'd like to stay in, but l have nothing left to bet. l'm broke.
Maybe you have something of value?
Stocks, bonds, real estate... in Africa?
l'm afraid not.
Don't you own....
Oh, what's it called, Ape Mountain?
No, the deed belongs to the legendary George of the Jungle.
Perhaps you've heard of him?
So, what are you holding, Nostril-damus?
There. Just four queens.
Well, l'm holding four Lyles.
But don't you worry your pretty little hairy head about it.
You can work off the debt performing in my club... for the next 1 7 years.
lt turns out the big ape didn't have the deed.
How could Ape not own Ape Mountain?
That's like saying the Rockefellers don't own Rockefeller Center.
- They don't! - Oh.
lt turns out your idiot son-in-law has it.
But where does he keep it?
Let me ask him.
George, where do you keep the deed to Ape Mountain?
George hide in butt flap.
Enchanting. He keeps it in his underwear.
How do we get him and his underwear back here... so l can take it?
Ape can't come talk to George because broke? ln big trouble?
George must go Vegas to help.
Thrilled that George was leaving, Beatrice beamed like a Cheshire cat.
George is coming.
What's he doing with all that luggage?
Hey, he's leaving.
lt's comments like that which justify why l eat you.
Now l know why they call you Really Mean Lion.
Oh, yeah.
Last time he left, the jungle nearly fell apart.
lt's so obvious, George only wants to be with his own kind now.
But don't worry, l'll take care of you.
Unaware of the threat home and abroad,
George and his extended jungle family took off on their first trip.
Look. Look.
Las Vegas!
Anxious to speak to his brethren, Ape,
but not wanting to stand out like a simian from the sticks,
George made a stop.
New George look pretty good in Armani, too.
Farklempt at finally finding each other again,
George and his brother, Ape, had a big emotional reunion.
- Hi. - Hello.
Oh, come on, you can do better than that.
Oh, George! Please!
Let it off.
George so happy to see brother, Ape.
Me, too. What are you doing here?
George here to help. Tookie say Ape in trouble.
Broke. Busted. No Benjamins.
Broke? lt's all a big misunderstanding.
l'm perfectly fine. That's... why l'm giving away all my furniture.
George happy Ape perfectly fine. Only wish George perfectly fine.
What's the matter?
Ursula and animals think George spend too much time with other.
George so upset, think about taking off neck crown.
Look, l understand your concern. And if l return...
When l return, l'll coordinate your schedule to everyone's satisfaction.
- lt's just a question of balance. - George good at balance.
George worried about Ursula.
She's lonely and she worried she not cook or clean as well as Ape.
Well, she might have a point there.
George worried she miss civilisation more than she miss George.
Don't be ridiculous! Ursula adores you.
She's probably just suffering from the five-year itch.
- What George do? - What any husband would do.
Get her a nice present to help scratch it.
A... backscratcher.
To help with itch.
As the jungle king demonstrated the many uses of his gift,
his arch animal enemy was back in the jungle
trying to take over his throne.
George of the Jungle has deserted you.
lf you elect me your king,
l promise to make every Tuesday ''Meatless Tuesday.''
- But if you don't make me king... - Oh, l'm scared! have no idea what a mean lion l can really be.
As the Mean Lion schemed against him,
his perfidious plotters in Las Vegas
put the finishing touches on their perspicacious plan.
Better turn off the alarm.
The old witch says he keeps the deed in his underwear.
- That's disgusting. - At least it'll be easy to find.
These look familiar.
Obviously he was planning to stay for a while.
You would think at some point, Ursula would recommend a zebra pattern.
Unaware of the deadly denizens determined to destroy him...
Well, that's a change of pace.
..our accidental tourist took his family backstage at Circus Circus.
As George gleefully greeted his performing pals,...
..Ursula wondered if she'd ever come first.
George, this is Rocky. He's very honoured to meet you.
Why do they call him Rocky?
Because when he gets nervous, he does that.
George... honoured... to... meet... Rocky... too.
He says he was born in a cage, but he wants to return home with you
and learn to become a real jungle kangaroo.
Cage is not good for animals.
George, kangaroos live in Australia,
we can't bring Rocky back to the Bukuvu.
Tell him we're really sorry.
Don't worry, George, he won't bother you again.
While our simple simian was being stalked by a star-struck kangaroo,
Lyle and the women were still searching our simple simian's shorts.
What now? lt'll take us years to go through the rest of these.
And it would have, too,
had the precise, practical, pragmatic Ursula not labelled them.
Oo-oo feathers.
Hyena burger.
Wait a second. Deed.
Lyle immediately dispatched a dastardly disciple to the jungle,
who enjoyed evicting the animals.
ln every other story the king of the jungle is a lion not a human.
And so, as is my birthright,
l now declare myself king of the jungle!
- This is really bad! - Tuesdays are still meatless, right?
You can't be king without the amulet.
Then l'll just have to get it back, won't l?
We need George. Where's George?
George's friends were worried.
While Lyle celebrated getting the deed in a typically mature fashion.
l have the deed
l have the deed
This is the deed l have
l have the deed
Getting the deed is only half the battle.
lt means nothing unless you get Ursula to fall in love with you.
- Are you prepared for tonight? - l'm prepared.
And so was Ape,
because they had all come to see the swinging songster perform.
Now, when l count to three,
you will awaken and feel refreshed, and remember nothing.
One. Two. Three.
lce cream? But l'm lactose intolerant!
Remember, l am Armando,
and l can hypnotise anyone to do anything! Good night!
The Conrad Jupiter's Hotel and Casino is proud to present
the selected song stylings of the one and only Ape!
Here he comes
Walking down the street
He gets the funniest looks from everyone he meets
Hey, hey, l'm a monkey
And people say l monkey around
Well, l'm too busy singing to put anybody down
l'm just trying to be friendly
Come and watch me sing and play
l'm the young generation
And l've got something to say
Hey, hey l'm the monkey
Hey, hey, l'm a monkey
Hey, hey, l'm a monkey
Hey, hey l'm the monkey
Yeah! Hey! Yeah!
Hey, hey, l'm a monkey
Yeah! Thank you. Thank you.
- Thank you. Girls. - You were wonderful
Ape will be back in a few minutes with his tribute to Tony Orlando.
lt's from the gentleman over there.
Beatrice, you're looking lovely.
Ursula, what a small world.
You remember my son-in-law, George.
l do. George.
Clearly the best man won. But no hard feelings. Shake.
What are you doing here?
Last time we saw you, you tried to have George killed,
Ape captured, and dragged me off to marry you.
That actually wasn't me, kitten, that was the altitude sickness.
lt just so happens, l have my doctor here, Dr Kerner.
ln my opinion Lyle was not responsible for his actions
due to the lack of oxygen in the Bukuvu Mountains.
You knew l was gonna be here?
You're fired.
l didn't know that you were gonna be here.
l ran into the Lords of Oompah
practising your favourite song, l Wanna Know What Love ls.
What's that?
Wait a minute. That not Ursula's favourite song.
This Ursula's favourite song.
One banana, two banana.
- We're dead meat. - l thought l was making progress.
That ape has a better chance with her than you do.
He does? What have you heard?
lt's time we brought in some reinforcements.
- Here's your towels, Angels. - Thanks, Charlie.
- Hey, don't hog the Choco-Blast. - Mmm.
l'll give you it if Courtney gives up the Funky Monkey.
Haven't you seen enough funky monkeys?
- l've missed you guys. - And we've missed you.
Speaking of things you've missed, Lyle's looking amazing.
You're right. He's such a catch.
He's charming, rich, sensitive.
And is equally at home with small animals and children.
Are you reading that?
l can't believe my mother flew you here just to tell me about Lyle.
Your mother didn't send us here. We're worried about you.
Yeah, l mean, a fling any of us could understand.
And would gladly have traded places with you.
- We're concerned you'll change. - Come on. l haven't changed a bit.
l can't believe l just did that. l guess l have changed.
You belong here. Your whole identity will get swallowed up by George,
and the Ursula we know and love will disappear.
You deserve a husband who'd rather spend time with you than a gorilla.
But l love George.
Doesn't mean he's right for you. You and Lyle have more in common.
She's right. You should be with someone who's refined, polished,
someone who cares about your feelings.
George doesn't know how to make you happy.
Look, what's this great present he gets you? A backscratcher.
And where did he take you on your first day back in civilisation?
Backstage at Circus Circus.
Can you believe his lack of feeling?
You've been isolated from all your friends,
hungry for human companionship, and he brings you to an animal show.
How selfish.
This man doesn't love you, darling, he hardly knows you.
lt'll be so wonderful when you're finally home.
The opera opens next month.
And we can go to the Canyon Ranch to have some kind of total makeover.
And there's that wonderful charity cruise for some kind of poor people.
Oh, yeah.
- Wait a second. - What?
l... am the luckiest woman in the whole world.
So he isn't the greatest retail shopper.
l have a man l love and a child l adore,
and he gives me what all of you pray for.
l want my George.
What do we do now?
l don't know.
Oh, look to your left.
l think l have an idea.
Yes, in a brilliantly desperate attempt
to bring Ursula and Lyle together,
Our masterminding major-domo mother-in-law
has hired Armando to hypnotise Ursula into forgetting George.
When you awaken, the name George of the Jungle
will forever be stricken from your memory.
Hey. Sorry l'm late.
There was a fat lady in a wheelchair hogging the handicap spot.
His face will be blank.
You will not recognise him.
He will mean absolutely nothing to you.
Oh, yes. Ursula, your husband is Lyle Van de Groot.
One. Two. Three.
lt took two movies and a crooked hypnotist,
but the lecherous Lyle Van de Groot had finally gotten his wish.
Ursula was, in a manner of speaking, his wife.
Turn the phone around, you idiot!
This George, George looking for Ursula.
Oh, she's here with Junior.
She doesn't love you anymore. She's left you for Lyle.
Ursula leave George?
Yes. She's with Lyle now.
George want to tell her that George stop being king if she take him back.
Too late. You should have thought of that when you had no time for her.
The people she misses are here. She lives here now.
Face it, George,
your experiment with having a family has been a failure.
You're not fit to be a husband or a father.
Go back to the animals where you belong.
Goodbye, Ursula.
Come on, dear, we don't wanna miss our flight.
Everything's so foggy.
- Lyle's my husband? - Yes, darling.
You've been under a lot of stress lately.
- Hold your father's hand. - You're not my father!
Not polite kick Daddy!
Having heedlessly hewn our hero's heavy heart into hittle hieces...
l mean, little pieces,
the vengeful Van de Groot tried to impress his pilfered princess Ursula
with a dazzling display of animal magnetism.
Come here.
See, honey, horses are my friends.
Kind of. Maybe ''friend'' is too strong.
Are you sure Lyle's my husband?
See, honey, horses love me. Come here.
Horses... love... me!
Horses love me!
You guys ready to go for a ride?
How'd you ever let me marry that guy?
While they tried to figure out why Ursula was married to an idiot,
Lyle's bulldozers were arriving to clear the animals out of the Bukuvu.
Locked up by the Mean Lion to keep him from contacting his former king,
the tactile Tookie-Tookie had been plotting his escape.
George can't live without Ursula, so George going to get her back.
Mean Lion crown himself king? Animals kicked off land?
Need George to save animals?! Have two days?! Ape!
We have to go right away.
l should've told you earlier, but l have some gambling debts
that l have to work off for a little while.
- How little? - 1 7 years.
George think maybe that might be too late.
When we get home, Ape can take out loan from Bukuvu Credit Union.
George, these aren't nice people.
George won't go without Ape.
Future of jungle and George depends on it.
- Alright, George. - Yeah!
Yes. Yes.
Must get wife and son, who don't want me, and amulet to lead troops.
Then the question is, how to get the two of us up to San Francisco?
Better make that three of us.
Come on! Come on! Jungle boogie. Go, go, go!
Going somewhere?
Who are you, Xena, Princess of Vegas?
We'll see how funny you are in a cage at the Van de Groot Zoo.
ln case you've forgotten, you still owe us 1 7 years of employment.
- Get moving. - Run!
Rocky, get hopping.
Come on. Let's get 'em.
- Excuse me. - George sorry.
Thank you. Excuse me.
- Outta the way! - Move!
Look out!
Quick, George!
Outta the way. Let's go.
Watch out, George!
Yeah, that way.
l'll get backup!
Watch out for that... !
Hey, you! Stop!
Call the police! And Animal Control!
- What now, Ape? - Oh, dear.
Back away from the edge of the building.
- Come on, guys. Up here. - There they are.
Don't move.
You're surrounded.
You have no choice but to surrender.
We'll send a man down to cut off any escape.
l'm sorry, old chum, we did everything we could.
George have idea. Just do like George!
Ape! Jump! Come on! Go!
George, l've been away from the jungle a very long time!
George catch you!
Don't make any sudden moves!
Don't you think that's beneath us?
Good kick, Rocky!
- Don't do it! - Here goes!
- What are they doing? - Whoo!
Do not swing on the ladder!
We're going to find a safe place to land.
Do not swing. You're destabilising the helicopter.
We gotta land.
Oh, this is lovely.
This best swing George ever had!
Because George and his jungle buddy are swinging together?
No, because not possible for George to hit....
Yes fans, we've also included the Empire State Building.
At least the Las Vegas version.
Watch out for that... !
You didn't think we were gonna pass up this parody.
George! Come on! You can do it! Come on!
Now! Again! Swing over!
Thanks forjoining us. ln a bizarre case of life imitating art,
tonight's drama over Las Vegas
has reached the very heights of the Empire State Building.
Our correspondent...
Something about that ape feels really familiar.
lt's King Kong.
l thought King Kong was in black and white.
Would you believe Hollywood? They colourised it.
Reach! Reach! Grab me! Come on!
Got you! Pull!
Units are arriving on the scene to get you down.
- So got any other ideas? - Follow George.
Meanwhile, that dastardly duo of damsels, Sally and Kowalski,
were searching every nook and cranny.
That's cranny, not granny!
As halfway around the world,
an advancing army prepared to invade the Bukuvu.
And in San Francisco, Ursula pondered her present predicament.
l always had the fantasy that when l kissed the man l love,
l'd hear church bells ringing.
Church bells ringing?
And fireworks.
Loud, spectacular,
take-your-breath-away, Fourth of July fireworks.
With Lyle, there's just...
So much for fantasy.
l can't help feeling that something's missing.
That somewhere out there, something's waiting for me.
Sorry to surprise Ursula.
George can't live without Ursula.
George madly in love.
Look,... l don't know who you are, but l'm married,... unfortunately.
George Ursula's husband.
Ursula more confused than George.
But no time to talk. Bukuvu in trouble. Must get back.
George put Ursula first then jungle.
Listen. l've never heard of the Bukuvu and Lyle's my husband.
Though l have to admit, you are quite attractive.
And have the sinewy arms of a god!
But l'm old-fashioned and take my marriage vows very seriously.
Then can l have him?
Sorry, George love Ursula more than anything in the world.
Ursula mean everything to George.
- Do you have any brothers at home? - l have brother Ape.
Oooh,... an ape.
Can you give him my phone number?
Having deposited his dipsy darling with Ape,
George nervously swung in to see if his son still remembered him.
l missed you so much.
George realise something.
lf Junior want to surf and not swing it's OK with George,
because George love Junior so much, nothing else matters.
Come here.
l love you too, Dad.
But l think you better talk to Mom, because she's been acting strange.
Come on!
l'll take the stairs.
So with his devoted son and dormant wife,
George headed back to his homeland.
After a tip from Brendan Fraser, who was cramped during the first picture,
this time he made sure to get a bigger crate.
- Dad, l'm afraid. - Hmm.
What are we gonna do about Mom?
George not know.
But Ursula not recognise George even before George level her.
What Ape think?
Either we should check the crate for pods,
or she's in some sort of hypnotic trance. She doesn't know who you are.
Upon arrival, George whistled for Shep to take them home.
Hey, boy! Over here, boy!
Come on! Come on, Shep! Come on, Shep!
Come on, boy! Come On! That's a good boy.
See if you can spot our discreet product placement.
That's my Shep.
The elephant's wearing New Balance.
Go, Shep! Go!
Go, boy! That's it!
l tell you, George, it's good to be home.
Maybe Tookie wrong and Mean Lion not king.
Jungle not look different.
- Not different? Look at the signs, George! The signs!
But George missed the signs.
Signs even an illiterate warthog would've noticed.
Because there was a big problem.
Lyle's maniacal machinery was moving ever closer to Ape Mountain.
Meanwhile, the cowardly constituents scampered,
as our fearless hero ran after them beseeching them to stand and fight.
Don't run! lf we work together, we can win.
George still king.
l'm the king!
You know you're not the king.
You've had a narcissistic personality since you were a cub.
And there's no reason that the rest of us should have to suffer for it.
lf you really care about Bukuvu,
then better idea we have a bone-crushing fight
for kingdom afterwards.
When we still have kingdom. What Mean Lion think?
Eat fur, Jungle boy!
Yes! Get him!
And they would've had their big, bone-crushing fight for the kingdom
had it not been for the trick Ape taught him as kids.
The ear, George!
There. See.
George wish life always this easy.
Yeah, Dad!
- Well done, George. - Alright, who's with George?
Why should we follow you? You care more about your family than us.
Sure George care about family.
Even half of family sleeping through best part of movie.
But you've always been George's brothers and sisters.
Don't you remember?
We took first steps together.
And you taught me how to swim.
And you were with me first time we read Playape Magazine.
So George beg you, not as king, but as brother,
to join him and save homeland.
OK, George try something completely different.
We few. We happy few.
We band of brothers.
For he today that sheds his fur with George,
shall be George's brother.
And other animals shall think themselves cursed they were not here.
And when we get old, ye will remember with great pride
what feats ye did today.
Land all we have. George king.
And king ask animals to join him and save homeland!
Then, George fight alone.
Feeling more alone than Siegfried without Roy,
our dauntless, daring, defiant jungle gunslinger
went out to save the Bukuvu.
But soon his friends joined him.
Like The Magnificent Seven, if they hadn't been magnificent,
and had consisted of a dim king, an elephant who thought he was a dog,
an ape, a bird, a little monkey and a kangaroo.
They marched, flew and hopped out to meet the enemy.
And, just between you and me,... it didn't look good.
Guess just us.
But luckily for George,
after a delayed reaction to his insouciant iambic pentameter,
the jungle's vacillating varmints
joined the fight with their potent potentate.
For those without a thesaurus...
After a delayed reaction to his speech,
the other animals joined the brouhaha with their king.
lmagining the cold steel of the deleterious 'dozers
separating his upper half from his lower,
he ordered his troops back in a slow and orderly retreat.
Let's go!
George realised the only way to win was to fight fire with... coconuts?!
So he called in the heavy artillery.
Nice shooting!
Oh, no! Not elephant zug-zug!
Good shot!
With Shep down, George felt the need to rally his troops.
Don't worry!
George not know meaning of word defeat!
Not know meaning of most words, but especially defeat!
And George will stand here just as long as George's name is... Herb.
But Herb, l mean George,
quickly realised that a deadly 'dozer
was heading to destroy the tree house and his still dozing wife.
George not hit women, so appreciate it if women not hit George.
George realise that to save tree house,
Bukuvu and entire jungle lifestyle, George now have to hit woman.
But, in name of sportsmanship, George give woman fighting chance.
Note to George, rethink sportsmanship.
Having finally defeated the pugnacious pair,
lndiana George found himself with an even bigger bugaboo,
how to turn off the bulldozer?
What this do?
Didn't stop.
Tree house. Not good.
Move, animals!
George son swung!
We did it, Dad. We saved the jungle.
Can we join your little celebration?
Yes, it was Ursula's meddling, mendacious, mock mate,
who, along with Beatrice, had tracked her back to the Bukuvu.
We've come to take my daughter and grandson home.
You're not my father!
l was expecting that, that's why l wore shin guards.
lngrowing toenail!
Now, George, you may think you've won the war,
but there'll be more bulldozers.
You give me back Ursula and Junior and l'll give you back the deed.
George love Ursula and Junior.
George, l'm sorry, it's no use.
Lyle's my husband, Junior and l should be with him.
- l'm sorry. - That's right.
Take it easy, Jungle Head.
- Come along. Let's go. - No!
Don't let Lyle take me, Dad. l wanna stay with you.
Alright. OK!
Tell 'em to back off, or Mighty Joe Old gets it here.
George appreciate what gorillas do for George,
but George not want anyone to die for him.
Sound advice, doofus.
You've used your head for more than just cracking coconuts.
Tell 'em to back off. Way off!
l want you to have this.
Somehow, l think it belongs to you in this world.
Oh, really. Must l be forced to endure this drivel?
Take Ursula and Junior and let's get on with it.
No problem. l'll get right on it.
Thanks for watching my family for me.
What George do? George love animals and jungle,
but more than anything, George love Ursula and Junior.
So what are you waiting for? Get after them!
Go on!
Classic moment of Western movie,
where hero holds bad guy up in air, then humiliates with tree wedgie.
George! Un-wedgie me.
That was so nice.
Ursula know George?
Well, of course. You're my husband.
She know George!
As it turned out a kiss from George was stronger than any hypnotic spell.
Hard to resist kiss from George.
Would you take your hands off of my wife, please,
whom you have unhypnotised.
l haven't been this disappointed since sixth grade
when my sister stole my Shaun Cassidy lunch box.
George confused.
Shaun Cassidy was a popular TV character in the late '70s
along with Parker Stevenson.
l followed both their careers.
Not confused about Shaun Cassidy.
George confused about unhypnotising.
Would you like me to explain?
That's what l'm here for.
We've all been wondering about that.
Let's not start in, OK?
l speak for everyone including the audience
when l say this constant stream of annoying alliteration is annoying!
What are you gonna do about that?
Come on! That hurts!
Anyone else have any critiques or comments?
But before we can end our movie with the traditional jungle wedding scene,
George still had one more official duty.
Helping Ursula bring her friends out of their hypnotic trance.
But l still don't recognise him! Stan?
Stan? ls that you? Stan?
- Hello. - And you're a big hairy ape.
So domestic bliss has once again returned to the Bukuvu.
And with Beatrice's full blessing,
George and Ursula decided to renew their vows.
George want everyone to know, George no longer available all hours.
From nine to five, George belong to animals.
From five to nine, George belong to Junior.
But at all times, George belong to Ursula.
And Ursula will wear neck crown.
Because without his queen, George could not be king, or anything else.
Jolly good.
So all's well that ends well
for that defender of the innocent, protector of the weak,
and all around good guy, George of the Jungle.
And now that George has learned to balance his time,
he has vowed never to be late for lunch again.
Coming through!
Go, Dad!
Hi, Mom. Watch this!
That's my boy! Jungle surfing not so hard.
George, watch out for that...
George, George, George of the Jungle
George, George, George of the Jungle
George, George, George of the Jungle
George, George, George of the Jungle
George, George, George of the Jungle
George, George, George of the Jungle
George, George, George of the Jungle
Strong as he can be
27R, take one.
27R, take 41 .
Thanks, sweetie. Here's the one.
27R, take 222!
Watch out for that tree
George, George, George of the Jungle
Lives a life that's free
Watch out for that tree
Look out!
Are you OK, Shep?
When he gets in a scrape
He makes his escape with help from his friend an ape named Ape
And his elephant Shep can fetch a log
He's man's best friend is George's dog
What the...?!
He's George, George, George of the Jungle
Strong as he can be
Watch out for that tree
George, George, George of the Jungle
Friend to you and me
Oh, dear. Sorry.
Watch out for that tree
Hear him holler, swing and sing
All the animals come to the jungle king
So grab a vine and swing in time
lf you strike a tree just pay no mind
Like George, George, George of the Jungle
George, George, George of the Jungle
George, George, George of the Jungle
George, George, George of the Jungle
George of the Jungle
George, George, George of the Jungle
George, George, George of the Jungle
George, George, George of the Jungle
George, George, George of the Jungle
George, George, George of the Jungle
Strong as he can be
Watch out for that tree
George, George, George of the Jungle
Lives a life that's free
Watch out for that tree
When he gets in a scrape
He makes his escape with help from his friend an ape named Ape
And his elephant Shep can fetch a log
He's man's best friend is George's dog
He's George, George, George of the Jungle
Strong as he can be
Watch out for that tree
George, George, George of the Jungle
Friend to you and me
Watch out for that tree
Hear him holler, swing and sing
All the animals come to the jungle king
So grab a vine and swing in time
lf you strike a tree just pay no mind
Like George, George, George of the Jungle
George, George, George of the Jungle
George, George, George of the Jungle
George, George, George of the Jungle
George of the Jungle
George of the Jungle
George of the Jungle
George of the Jungle
George, George, George of the Jungle
Swing from tree to tree
Watch out for that tree
And so that ends the movie.
And, as always, everyone winds up happy except for me.
But who cares about a narrator?
Well, fine, just leave me alone.
Go out with your boyfriend or your girlfriend or your best friend
or your husband or your wife.
Just go, l said.
Go on. Nobody cares about these credits anyway.
Contractually, we have to show the credits.
Who are you?
l'm the narrator from Mulan.
it's really nice to meet you.
George, George, George of the Jungle
Watch out for that tree
Subtitles by lMS
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