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We get to see the lead actress|in the buff.
Switch off the cell phone.|You always forget.
I'm fucking stoned, man.
Could you shut up?|The film's starting.
One, two, three, yeah...
Come on! Get the hell outta here!|We're closed. Please.
Where to now?
Let's hit the road!
-Got any uppers?|-No.
Got no mom to nag you?
That goes for everybody!|Finish off, now!
Everybody out!|Sleepy guy, too.
And you.|Catch ya later.
Come on, let's go.
Please, let's go.|Everybody knows we're going. OK?
Cool, man.
Just let me through.|Thanks.
Here's to us then, guys!
-Last one over at Downs?|-Not me.
I got my taxi shift now.|I'm out of speed.
See you later, then.
Shit! You kept me out again.
Juan Carlitos,|nobody forced you.
Worry makes your|hair fall out.
Enough's enough. Two weeks|solid boozing and no apartment.
It's bugging me too, you know?
Great fun! Getting the bus|to crash over at Peke's,
the middle of nowhere.
Your aunt's is downtown.
No fucking house to go to?
All right!
That jaw would almost|poke someone's eye out.
Get the fuck outta here!
Hey, it's day already.
Crash on the sofa, man.
-But my aunt gets back at one.|-Yes!
-Don't eat that.|-Why?
For someone special is it?
Yeah, for the cats.
You're such a bozo!
This is great wine.
You get spoiled.
Shouldn't you have|gone by now?
-Mass is at 9.|-It's Saint Jonas day.
"Never rise before ten|on Saint Jonas day."
Jonas has got a nerve.
Gotta find an apartment.
We were just having a snack,|but we're off now.
Don't know whyyou're|so eager to go.
I told you you could stay|as long as you want.
Anyhow, now you know finding|an apartment isn't easy.
There are too many|people in this city.
No, a lot won't rent|their houses.
Your apartment's empty.
Oh, Juan Carlos!
I told you before|that the apartment
is for my son.
God willing,|when I go to the otherworld,
this will be yours.|You are my Godson!
Don't start!|He'll stay in Africa.
Don't say that!
He'll get over all that|about taking care of blacks.
-Juan Carlos and I gotta be going.|-Yeah, bye Auntie.
You had wine|with your breakfast?
I was up very early.
What does your cousin|do in Africa?
He went as avolunteer|with an NGO two years ago.
But he met a spunky black lady,|and they set up a beach bar.
And she expects him back!
Is it a big house?
When I was little, they rented it to|a Mormon familywith lots of kids.
A big apartment in the center|and it's empty!
Empty and abandoned.
It reminds her of my cousin,|so she doesn't go.
Know what a squatter is?
What? Are you crazy?
Just skip the bullshit.|Ifwe occupy it,
we're doing nothing wrong.
And we'd save a bunch.
Saving?|You've got balls!
But she won't know a thing.
Look, let's get the keys,|make copies and bring them back.
But what about the neighbors?
They'll just think that|we've rented the house.
And if she finds out,
what can she do?|Send you to jail?
Fuck, what a crazy idea!
But we'd have to leave it
-as we found it.|-Man, you bet!
And if there's extra space,|we could get extra cash
-renting it out.|-No way.
Only us two then, OK?
Let's go get the keys?
Wait, you're going too fast.
Come on, let's go!
Ifyou want to send a free letter,|this is what you do:
Put his name on the back|and yours on the front,
stick it in a post box|without a stamp.
The Post Office will return|it to the sender.
So your pal gets|the letter free, no prob.
But it onlyworks if|it's in the same city.
Man, of course.
After that college band!
-Are you sure it's this door?|-Yeah.
-Stuck! Hasn't been opened in ages.|-Like your aunt's pussy.
Cool!|That's it!
You kids.
Who are you?
Morning,|we're your new neighbors.
I'm Etelvino Garcia,|President of the Community.
Well, I have to say,
I'm glad it's been rented.|An empty apartment
is like gold|for squatters and hippies.
But I thought it was for one|of Eugenia's family.
Yeah, that's true.
You see, this is her son.
I'll be damned!
Sorry, I remembered you|with more hair.
Were you in Africa?
Yes, last week|he got back from...
From Wakanda.
Jesus, Wakanda!
So what's the situation|there these days?
What situation?
I mean how the different tribes|are getting along,
Iike the legendary Yakundi.
The Wakanda decolonization|was a complete mess.
Well, like all these damned things;|one day things just explode.
Etelvino, where's|your table manners?
We are still|at the damn table!
The wife.
Well, boys, we'll chat another day.|And welcome!
Thanks. Bye.
Fucking hurry up.
That's it.
That's it? That bit of|plastic stops the meter?
It's what it says here.
-So we trust a fanzine?|-Who else?
What a cool place!
Strange we ended up together.|You were a dickhead at Uni.
-When do you start classes?|-Monday.
The toilet tank's busted.
I'll call the plumber.
Do you really have to study|for those sorry state exams?
And do you have to enroll|in the "New lmage Study Center?"
I don't have to.
My old man insisted on it.
I plan to skip all of it.
That way I'll have time|for mywriting.
So you're going|to some writing class?
You joking? And get lectures from|some frustrated writer?
He who can, does.|He who can't teaches.
The sofa can go here.
the video and TV there.
I was gonna put them|in my room.
Piss off! Do I have steal one|orwhat? Typical only child.
It was connected yesterday.|Your mom got the number?
Not necessary.|She can reach me on the cell phone.
Yes, that's right.|But listen,
right now I can't talk.|Your name?
And could you call later?|Yeah.
Okay, thanks.
-Who was it?|-Nobody, wrong number.
Wrong number?|Why ask him to call later?
Yes, mom.|Who else would it be?
Fucking great here.
It's got sirloin|on the cheap menu.
Poor fish!
-How's the moving going?|-Pretty good.
Hey, you'll have to wait.
But ifyou stare out those|with the coffee, they might go.
Couple of beers while|you're waiting?
Make them pitchers.|They're on him.
A bit of thanks|for cool organization, huh?
Nobody suspects anything yet.
The bore next door even|gave me letter box keys.
Two guys in that place|is suspicious.
-Be better to share.|-You think?
but it'd have to be|someone trustworthy.
-Short-stay people.|-Students.
Think of the cash
we'd get ifwe rented|three rooms.
What about damage?
What gets broken, gets fixed, jinx.|We'll have the dough.
It'll look like|the fairies have been.
I don't know.
Just so you feel relaxed,
we'll share out the cash|at the end.
-You keep it ifyou want.|-Of course I will.
-How do we find people?|-Don't worry.
-A load of people answered my ad.|-Bastard!
Right, guys,
I can start taking your order.
Sirloin steak!
The sirloin's gone|like hot cakes.
But we've got hake.
So much for sirloin!
These guys that are into|sabotage really get me.
I sent off for a fanzine
and theywrote telling me|to replywith the same stamp.
The guy had used sticky tape.
So I only had to peel it off,
rub out the postmark|with alcohol,
and then glue the stamp on.|Fucking jokers!
That's twenty pesetas|for half an hour's work.
And they talk about fruit|pickers getting exploited!
Hey! Where the fuck|are you going?
Here, the round one|is the street door.
-Where's Edorta?|-In his room.
Here's the keys you asked for.
The main street door.
Why colored ones?
Sorry, I didn't realize.
Well, these weigh less.
Because they're crap!
Hey, the other rooms|are bigger and
-as you were first...|-I like small rooms.
Here's the living room.
-I'm Juan Carlos.|-James.
Plays in a great group.|The name was...?
Are the gigs well paid?
No. You usuallyjust get|free booze.
So it's free.
I mean so where do you get|the money
to live?
I give guitar classes.
-It pays verywell.|-Doesn't that make a noise?
Your farts make more.
You're out mornings,|so he can do 'em then.
Right, James,|the room is...
35,000 a month.
Two months up front.
Two months?|That's a lot.
It's absolutely necessary.
Well, then,
what the hell!
No problem.
Hey, but we do get|the deposit back, don't we?
Hold on a sec.
This guy's a case.|Don't encourage him.
What? He seems pretty cool to me.|Anyway, you got that girl in.
Gloria studies journalism|and seems very serious.
But we can still|talk about this?
No, no, good.|That's it.
You get the serious chick,|I get the music lessons.
What? Friends of Edorta?|ln the room at the back.
My love life is great.
My friends are great.
Not to mention the family.
Everything's fine.
Work's great.
Unemployment's great.
When I look to the future,
it seems great.
Everything's going great.
My life's going great.
I am so happy.
Everything's going great.
My life's going great.
I'm so happy.
Drugs are just great.
The booze goes down great.
My health is listed|on the stock exchange.
Jesus, things are great.
Problems are just great.
My conscience is just great.
I always sleep carefree.
Better than great.
But what are you doing?
I have to return it today.|Got all the holes I need.
You're crazy!
-Who could it be?|-Must be Gloriawith her stuff.
I hearyou've got|some extra rooms.
James, buddy.
Hi, I'm Lucia. And you?
-Hi, I'm...|-Alvaro!
An art degree|doesn't guarantee you ajob.
But I'll be studying|what I like.
I didn't think you studied much|in Art School.
You get a lot of assignments|to do at home though.
Hey! What a beautiful stone!
Don't touch it.|You'll demagnetize it.
-Hey, Luciawhere are you from?|-From here.
But your parents|live someplace else?
No, they live here too,
but they agreed to give me|more money so I can be independent.
Cool way to get independence.
So you won't mind coughing up|two months for the deposit.
Sure, no problem.
Christ!|That'll be Gloria.
Looks like we'll have|to let her go.
Sure looks that way.
-I'm Gloria.|-I was afraid you were.
Sorry about the appearance,|but I just left work.
You're too late for the room.
Late? But I arranged|with Juan Carlos to move in
at 3:30 today.
Sorry, but it's 3:45.
Are you joking?
Living together is no joke,
and I'm getting bad vibes.
No means no. "Full house."
Some people have no manners.
Thought you said|there was no color around here.
Look to port! That chick's been|winking her pussy at us big time.
Bars aren't the only place|a normal guy can meet girls.
Yeah, but I'm not into paying.
Just don't count on me|foryour nightly outings.
Saturdaywe're having a party,|so you can stay home.
You crazy?|They'll wreck the apartment.
No way!
I've gotta stop|fooling around.
Oh, come on, baldy.
Chill out, man.|We can do what the hell we want.
What do you wanna do?|Fuck around all your life?
I thought you wanted to write.
To write about life,|first you gotta live it a bit.
Anyway, to each his own.
You do your studying.|That's cool by me.
So can I have first shot|at Lucia?
That's enough!|She seems very nice.
Don't talk about women|like they're merchandize.
There's some tasty merchandize|in your porno videos.
What're you talking about?
I been checking out|your collection.
You're kinky, man. Nearly all|of them are pissing videos.
Let's go|before the next round.
With a full bladder|you just gotta be dangerous.
Look, smartass,|see who the mini-skirt's with.
Bald fucker!
What's he got you haven't?
Coke, I'll bet.
Juan Carlos, your mom.
Hello, mom!
I switch the cellular off|at home.
Hello?|Juan Carlos, your mom.
Fine thanks, studying.
I wish I had a girl.|Think I don't like girls?
Hello?|Juan Carlos! Your mom!
I told you|I don't want visits.
Specially not Eugenia.
I thought you hadn't spoken|in years.
No idea if that paper|is available here.
Dad's done the transfer.|No need to get him.
Yes, okay. Bye mom.
I have a daughter|who vomits everything.
She wants to be a model.
What the fuck's this?
It would be better to get operated|than stop eating.
Lunchtime and they put on|shit like this.
James, man.
The series!|There's a hot chick in it.
What're you watching?
Nothing. Just real people|and their real lives.
-Looking great. Going out?|-I'm off to an exhibition.
Pizza again?
That's not food.|We should make a meal.
Sounds good to me.
Dinneryes, party no.
So how shall we organize it?
Get Higinio|to make us dinner
at his restaurant.|Cut all the crap.
The guywho always stares|at my tits? What a great idea!
Or one of these joints where|the waitresses show their tits.
I'm off to lbiza|for the holiday.
The weekend after I could.
India, lbiza...
What about Woodstock?
Oh, Woodstock!|Fucking great!
So that's what was getting|on my nerves!
Edorta, pal!
Edorta, pal!
Stop the messages!
Heard about the dinner?
-What dinner?|-Saturday after next,
Lucia's making dinner.
Pretty cool.
Jesus! Every fucker's|got a cell phone these days.
They cut off communication.
TV's unbelievable.
These street interview programs|are fucking incredible!
You could be an old bag|or deaf and dumb.
Howeveryou answer their stupid|questions, they'll show it.
The truth is...
myjob's confidential and...
I'd fucking hate it|if they showed my face on TV.
I thought it over|in case they catch me one day.
It's not about vice.
Yeah, of course.|Talk about screwing and you're on.
it doesn't go out if it's private,|like what I heard about the King.
Cut! Cut!
How was your holiday?
Fine,|it just wasn't very sunny.
-Do you like Dijon mustard?|-I've never tried it.
What you gonna make?|Hot dogs?
No, it's for the salad.
-It adds a bit of spice.|-Great.
Why don't you watch|where you're going?
-Lucia!|-What are you doing here?
Doing my bachelor shopping,|you know.
Juan Carlos, my roommate.
Hi. How are you?
Pleased to meet you.
-You weren't at the show?|-No, I didn't go.
I helped them set it up.
All that inauguration|shit really sucks.
Let me have a look at you.
Well, well, well.
Sí señorita!
It's seven, I gotta go.
Great to see you.|Let's get together some day.
Well, Juan Pedro, see you.
And remember: Don't drink...
...and drive.
He's so cute.
You got more paper?|Have we run out already?
So what about the tank?
I forgot.|Monday I'll phone the plumber.
Anyhow, we'll have to get|better organized.
We'll end up as servants|before we know it.
That's 12,025.
Don't worry.|I'll get this for now.
Got a25?
My contribution.
Are we having dinner?
It's almost ready.
-Wine or go on with beer?|-Eh...
Wine! Wine!
A bit more!
A bit more! A bit more!
That's it, thanks.
What a lush.|He's had a liquid breakfast.
He gets more than you think.
Yeah? He's totally trashed.
I'll finish the table.
Thanks, Juan Carlos,|you're a gem.
It's not working.
No, I'm trying it,|it's not working.
Works great till|I hit the pig,
but the gun falls|into the puddle.
-It always falls in the puddle.|-Hey, Edorta...
We're going to eat now.
Call you later.
Hey, what's the video game?
It's an educational program.|Teaches how to kill people.
What you lookin' at?
-To the apartment!|-To the apartment!
To the apartment!
Bon appetit!
Do you like the wine?
It's very nice.
I much prefer ayoung wine
to an older, heavier one.
It's fucking good.
-Ah! Sauce is pretty hot.|-But it's good.
Yeah, it's good.|Just a bit hot.
There's a few things|I wanted to say.
They're installing|Canal Satellite Monday.
We paid the deposit,
but we all have to share|the monthly charge.
I also wanted to say that it's time|we organized the house chores.
I can do the list.
-What house chores?|-Well,
bathroom, kitchen,|shopping and cooking.
Keep on eating downstairs|and you'll get covered in spots.
Don't put me on no list.|I'm not gonna use the kitchen.
And the bathroom?
Those that don't like it dirty|can clean it.
This guy's rota|would fit on a post-it.
It's for me.
-You got Chinese?|-Yeah.
I saw the second course,
and decided to get|spring rolls.
Thataboy.|Way to go.
And no way|am I gonna pay for TV.
Even if I watched it.
I hate unilateral decisions,
even if they're majority.
I'm going to my room with this.|Bon appetit.
Very nice salad, eh.
I'll get the next course.
But first we have to do|some figuring.
Because of Edorta, we have to|go quarters on the dinner.
What dinner?
The one you're eating.
I thought it was on you.
What? I said I would make it,|not pay for it as well.
What? You're tight|as an asshole!
12,000! Didn't you even|steal anything, rookies?
Stop complaining. We went|a long way to get it cheaper.
And 1,800 for a taxi!
So you went to FIELDS|and got a taxi back?
Yeah!|Let's all go to the fields!
Look. Count me out.
Count me out too.
Take it easy!
That guywas smart.|Ifyou want to be boss,
set up an NGO, get some sucker|volunteers, but give me a break.
Sit down. You said enough.
Well, well.
Sharing with four guys!
They're a load of punks.
-Jesus, the champagne!|-Shit!
Sorry, Edorta,|any spring rolls going?
I just left a couple of hot ones|in the john.
People put up with|crappy relationships.
Todayyou even get to try out|washing machines.
Can I not return a partner|if he doesn't work?
I don't think about it now.
I leave work, take off my glasses,|let down my hair,
put one of these bras on
that shrink men's brains
and then go to try out|washing machines!
Hi, Marta, it's me.
Can we meet later?
I'll tell you about it.|I'm upset.
See you after class.
-You're going out too?|-Yes.
-Do you like going to the movies?|-Of course.
I'm going on the weekend.
There's a Somalian film that|won the San Sebastian festival.
I'm really into|Third World films.
I mean, non-Western films.
With subtitles and not much dialogue|you may get bored.
Not at all. I just love films|with not much dialogue.
The one's about feelings,|you know what I mean.
Hello, son!|How are we doin'?
And the pretty girl?|Not a Yakundi is she?
Hello. How are you?
I was reading the National|Geographic and I wondered...
-What city in Wakandawere you in?|-In Wakanda.
Fuckin' A.|In the capital!
Weren't you a cooperativist?
Isn't Wakanda capital|really industrialized?
There's lots of poverty too.
Yes, the big North-South contrasts.|And in the big city,
which race is the majority?
Eh, the black one.
What a comedian.
I know there aren't manywhites.
I meant if Yakundi supremacy|is reflected in the capital?
The fact is I worked|in an NGO
only forwhites,|some Monetary Fund setup.
Hardly met blacks.
Jesus, what a shame.
I'm sorry,|but we're in a bit of a hurry.
I'd go for that!
Higinio, have you ever|been in Africa?
Black Africa I mean.
You mean "The Africa?"
That brothel in Aranda?|Yeah, I been there a few times.
But now the broads are from Europe.|Them Austro-Hungarian fillies.
What you would call black broads,
there ain't none left.
Coming to James' gig Friday?
-Don't know. Depends.|-Depends on what?
So you finally made it|with Frida Kahlo?
-If I'm lucky, I'll tell you.|-Ifyou're lucky.
You can make awig|with her sideburns.
All these foryou?
Yeah, why?
No reason.
Maybe I can have an advance|from the kitty.
What do you think?
I can't write coherentlywith a pen,|I need a computer.
We agreed to keep it|for things that got busted.
So what's got busted so far?
We'll have to re-paper|that weirdo,
Edorta's room.
You been caught out.
-He heard you.|-He and his friends are dangerous.
I think they're into|violent video games.
What violent video games?
You're losing it, dumbo.|Keep to the subject.
You gonna give me an advance?|I gotta go hi-tech.
What are you doing?
I got a project and|no space in my room.
-You don't mind, do you?|-No, on the contrary.
I'm so tired.
I don't feel like going out.|And it's Friday.
You gonna chat to that|guy about Wakanda?
No, no way.
What about a film?
I can't.
I've got a class dinner|I can't get out of.
But I'll leave early.
I'll stay home then,|waiting foryou.
Ooops! Silly me!
Don't worry about it.
We have to re-paper|the living room.
Soriano, we need coffee|in the machine.
-So who's this coffee for?|-Here.
Thanks, Fitipaldi.
There's some sexy butts|in here.
And the article for|my pal's magazine?
I'm doing it.|On the research...
...and all that.
You know everybody, so who's|she with the Doraemon T shirt?
-She's got a boyfriend.|-Same old story. Got a boyfriend.
Okay, Alboroto.
I've gotta go and work.|Maybe see you in Downs.
I'll be off straight home.|Gotta do the article.
-Sure. See you.|-See you and be good.
Calling me a liar?|You're the liar.
I only gave my opinion.
You do what you like,|but don't insult me.
Ifyou want my opinion,|you're a sonofabitch.
What's my mom got to do|with all this?
In this program|it's absolutely...
Sorry, we've run of time|for this fascinating subject,
tide changes.
Holy shit!
I'll drop this and we'll go.
A baseball bat'd never|blow up a car.
I say Molotov Cocktails.
-See you.|-See you.
Having the security guy|shit himself is a great idea.
With the Molotov|he'd only get fried first.
First things first.
We still have to get|the gun into the bush.
Open your mouth.
Go, go for it!
Here, drink!|Drink my urine!
Will you bring me a beer?
James! James!
-It's my friend. Did you see us?|-It was fucking great.
-Fucking hurry up!|-Come with me.
Rock is dead music for oldies.|Life has other music.
In the belly ofyour old lady,|Bum, bum, bum!
-Like your first club.|-You got it.
I live in an 8th floor2a,|the same as an 8-1a and a 4-3a.
The juxtaposition of squares|is a part of electronic music.
It's a structure on which you build|the landscape you want.
-What the fuck you want.|-Clear enough, is it not?
Like you said before,|club culture is more, more...
Is a different buzz.
Hey! Shut up, will you?|We're fucking.
-Ever had panties thrown at you?|-Yeah.
Man, the "Irish Rover" is here.
-Anyone for poison?|-What is it? Speed or coke?
Speed. Just in from Bilbao.|Loads of it.
I have to go home,|but go on, just a mini.
Small?|The length of a shirtsleeve!
Mister butcher,|give me a good slice.
Not lunch meat,|something else.
I've come prepared
to fill up the backpack|with all kinds of samples,
to go and live it up.
I take everything.|I take everything.
I take everything.
Juan Carlos?
Sorry to wake you|up this late.
But we got carried away.
Well, ifyou wake me up,|must be for a good cause.
I would say so.
This sort of situation|makes me a bit...
Take it easy.
Do you have any condoms?
Of course, hold on.
Don't move.
You tell me, I'll get 'em.
On the left|as you go into my room.
In an orange piggy bank|on the shelf there's 3 or 4.
Juan Carlos,|I've found them!
Thanks very much.
Juanillo, nice one!
Mine are finished.
Yeah, of course.
Bye then.
Bye, bitch!
Ladies and gents,|looks like it's already drizzling.
It's freezing!
It sure is.
It's raining over the Sadar,|ladies and gents.
Search, search.
-Who is it?|-Leaflet distributor.
This is cool!
Fuck...|I'm as high as a kite.
That's a mighty spliff.
My girlfriend'll be sucking|on my spliff
when I get home.
I forgot.|I been kicked out.
Hey, I couldn't crash in your pad|a couple of days?
What pad?
I live in a squat.
All the better.|One more, what the hell.
-There's a load of us.|-I'm used to that.
In the can we were four|in a two-man cell.
Yeah. But I can't|bring just anyone.
Can't even have a party.|They're a load of boring hippies.
All right,
I get your drift.
I'm cool to go and get trashed with,|but I ask a favor,
I'm out in the fucking street.
You getting angry?
Getting angry?
You never seen me|get angry, kid.
It's okay.
I'll go home.
What the hell,|it is my house.
And when my lady opens the door,|bang, bang.
She'll soon change her tune.
That will solve nothing.
Fucksakes, it was ajoke.
Forget it,|I'll get it together.
But two good belts|are headin' herway.
Shit, I had it with this.
-Whose custard's this?|-Lucia's and it's old.
She made it for the dinner.
Can I eat it?
I guess. Ifyou dare.
Not bad.
Bit acidic.
This is madness!|Not even one clean cup.
-Take the sausage pack.|-Don't be silly.
Everything's full of grease.
We got a hard time last night|with all that moaning.
That's out of order.
I just said the place is a dump.|Anyway,
wasn't it your turn?
Everyone here does what|theywant, me included.
I'm gonna go and study.|Fuck all you fishballs.
You're the fishball,|Yakundi!
-Sorry, Lucia.|-What's up?
This custard's good.|You're a good cook.
Are you out ofyour mind,|James? God!
I'm so hungry|I'd eat Dumbo's ears.
No. Look who's there.
Fucking Yakundi!
MacDonalds has got superheroes.
What's in the burgers|if they give that trash away?
Let's have a pizza.
-What do you want?|-I'll just have a salad.
-Are you not hungry?|-I'm broke.
Someone around here|is tight as an asshole.
And the cash|for the apartment?
I told you I'm keeping it.
In summerwe'll see|what the damage is.
-Why so negative?|-Not negative, realistic.
Just Edorta is reason|enough to worry.
His friends were talking|about a gun
hidden in a bush.
Yeah, the bush between Lucia's|legs and her boyfriend's dick.
-What boyfriend?|-Her smartass teacher.
Who, foryour information,|has an attic studio in our house.
Why do you think she moved in.|After the brush!
I knew I'd seen the bastard.
And you thought|you had it made.
-Fucker! You got that slut in.|-I got her in?
You got balls. You manipulate|things so I get the blame always.
Whateveryou say. But I just wish|we'd chosen the fat girl.
Hi, what a coincidence.
Didn't know you worked here.
-Hi, Martin.|-Hi.
-Wanna tea? It's very relaxing.|-No, thanks.
What about toasted wholemeal bread?|Good foryou.
Fucking no!
Shit, we're gonna get fried!
No more barbecues.
-Hi, Juan Luis!|-Hi.
-An olive?|-No, thanks.
Eh, the other day|with the condoms...
-I got some strange vibes.|-Strange?
Yeah, strange.
I felt you wanted to make it|with Lucia.
-No?|-Not at all.
-Why do you say that?|-Come on. It's logical.
You're crashed out,|you got an early morning hard-on,
you're woken up
by a half-naked chick|asking for condoms.
What are you gonna think?|You'd scored.
I think it's very sad
that specially|you art teachers
just show off and|screw your students.
You're a real jerk.
What's it to you?
How do you know it wasn't me|who screwed him?
-True, it was a blatant come-on.|-?What?
You must be desperate|to put up with that!
Well, we won't|botheryou again.
We know where the condoms are.
Look at them.|Acting out in front of everybody.
Film them!|So their parents see them.
What with rents so high, where are|young people expected to go?
All I know is that|in good weather, you see them
there, downtown,|coupling like dogs in heat.
Better lying on the grass|than drugged-up in an empty lot.
-Don't you think?|-I do not.
When they're drugged,|they're not upsetting anyone.
Where are you taking it?
Upstairs. E...?
-Esther.|-Yeah, Esther.
-Come on, come on.|-What?
Hey, I need to go|to the toilet.
-At the end turn right.|-Thanks.
Hey, how can you|sit on this?
I've got an article.|Is the editor here?
The editor here?
No, he's not here.
The article that's late?
Was due in last week.|But I been busy.
I'll have a computer|for the next one.
I did a"to be continued"|story too. Hope you don't mind.
Not at all.|Won't go in till Christmas.
-Yesterdaywas the deadline.|-What?
Nobody told me.|Don't writers get any say?
Look on the bright side.
Now you'll be able to finish|your story.
Yeah, because|"to be continued"...
means you didn't|know how to end it.
Ifyou don't, just say|it was a dream.
What do you know?|I got lots of great ideas.
You could be fooling me.
Only three pages!
Manolo, don't be too hard|on the boy.
By the way,
there's grants|for fantastic stories.
Right, down to business.
What can I do foryou?|500 flyers in full color.
Tell you what.|One day this'll be worth millions.
You ain't getting rich|on my back, buster.
What's got into|the new Grisham?
He's a dreamer.
Careful!|Fuck, it had to be you.
-What were you doing there?|-After the exams I've got holidays.
I'm off to Bilbao|on a cultural trip.
-What you got there?|-Just something I bought.
Let's see.
You got a Play Station 2?
So it's okay foryou|to raid the kitty?
You joking?|I bought it with my savings.
-Drugs affect the brain.|-I'll affect your brain!
I'm getting sick|ofyour cockiness.
It's my money|and it's my house.
What about the idea?
Hey, guys!
An exclusive!|Wanna see the menu?
Exclusive!|Before I get photocopies.
You're avoiding me.|Lately I've hardly seen you.
I've gotta photocopy|some notes too.
-Not coming?|-No. We'll have a talk later.
If I feel like it.
Conjugal problems have we?
Like oil and water.
-Hey, Edorta.|-What the fuck is it?
Can I have this month's rent?|I have to pay bills.
Mine's in an account|Juan Carlos gave me.
Pity.|Couldn't you loan me some?
Oh, yeah? You're landlords,|so you sort it out.
-Hey, Alboroto!|-Gorgeous!
-Esther's looking foryou.|-I'm meeting friends.
-Tell her I'll see her in the After.|-All right, see you then.
-Bye.|-See you.
If there's no better offer.
Haven't we met before?
Hey, Alboroto.|Have you met Vanesa?
But don't bother.
A whisky sour.
Can I have some candy?|Where are you from?
Maretto, Wisconsin.
Very playful!
You play tag in Maretto?
Trick or treat, fucker!
Fucking hell. What are you doing|with these pumpkins?
Don't you see it's just|yankee-exported fashion?
Rafa, they're American.
Jesus, I've put|my big foot in it.
-Off to the other bar.|-I'll go with you.
No, you're with your friend.
Hey, wait Lewinsky!|Gimme a sweet!
Thanks. Trick or treat?
Fuck, is it "trap or treat"|or"trick or treat?"
They always translate it different.|What was it in "Halloween?"
I don't have a clue.|Go to hell.
Okay. Okay.|So you don't want a blast then?
A blast?|I'll blast your fucking head off.
All right!|I'll have a tiny one.
Et tu, Brutus.
Right, happy hour|is about to begin.
Thanks, honey.
Ifyou invite someone to drugs,|they get ever so nice.
That girl works with me|and never talked to me.
Last weekend, she got|really smashed at my expense.
Monday she shows up desperate|for my restorative agents.
The usual: half a spoon|of codeine syrup...
Then she's back wanting|an ingredients list.
Says "she wants to know|what she puts in her body."
What a fucking cow!
Ifyou beg for pills at 7am,|don't ask what's in 'em.
Hey, louder.|Let's have more noise!
Know whose car this is?
Yeah, it's ours.|But cool it.
We're gonna have a drink.|Back in 20 minutes.
If there are no women.
You still think it's funny?
Hold on, pal, I'll help you.
What you doin' to my car?
Rafa, that'll do!
Yeah, when I start,|I can't stop.
Can't that animal|be stopped?
What is it?
Take that!
And that, you bastard!
Do you have any soccer games?
My roommates aren't soccerers.
Do you say soccerers?
If they don't like soccer|they're called "faggots."
Motherfucking faggots.|What a bunch ofweirdos!
Take that!
-You killed me!|-Fuck you, cunt!
Gibraltar for the Spanish!
By the way,
you know I'm a musician?
-You play music?|-Played cymbals in myvillage.
Can't read it, but I got|the rhythm like the "gitanos."
Know what a"gitano" is?
What's up?|Got a rolling paper?
Can't you ask for one?
Got a rolling paper?
This guy's a real clown.
Okay, guys.
I'm going back to bed.|I'm gonna get fortywinks.
Fortywanks more like!
Got any papers?
I dunno. Look in myjacket.
Ifyou can't stop jerking off,
at least don't take all|the toilet paper, sickos.
Fuck! You must be the|lady of the house.
-Who's this guy?|-Friend of mine.
-What's he doing in underwear?|-He's staying here.
Your guy's always in a kimono.
"The night shelters neon smiles,|curves of lecherous symmetry..."
Gimme that, Rafa!
"The night sweats blood,|rips life apart."
"Stories like Rafa's."
But I'm in this!
-Give me that!|-Get off!
"The day took Rafa's dad away,|the night sent awoman."
Hey, this is true.
You have to give me rights|for this.
Take it easy!
Did you write that?
"...lecherous symmetry?"
How pedantic.
Go to hell.
What a character!
-I made the joint.|-It's not very symmetrical.
Nothing to nibble, eh?
Have to go shopping.
You got someone crashing there?
This house is amazing.|Completely out of control.
Look who's talking.|Go cut your ear off.
See you John-Paul,|the Pope who loves all.
This apartment has gone nuts.
I thought maybe, ifyou wanted,
we could look|for somewhere together.
Jesus, and these metal strips?
To make it happier.
Now it's sad with spirals.
More like a coffin|than a chair.
You said we should look|for a place. Forwhat?
A place to live, of course.
You and me?
No. For the moment for me.
Living together puts a strain|on relationships.
-People start taking liberties.|-Yeah.
Like you putting|my kimono on every day.
That must be James' student.|I'll go up to the studio.
Off again when|we start to talk?
You're in a bad mood.|I'll be back when you calm down.
Don't come back.
I don't want to be with a guy|who doesn't respect me.
Be with a guy?
Sorry, darling,|we screwed four times, period.
How can you be such a pig?
Why don't you take a pill|foryour period?
Fucker! I neverwant to see you,|not even in a painting!
Women get really unbearable|when they get the menses.
What's "the menses?"
Shit! Shit!
Shit! I hate this house.
I look in the mirror|and I'm happy.
And I think of no one|except myself.
I read books only I understand.
I've got tapes where|I've recorded myvoice.
Locked in my house,|it's all the same to me.
I don't need anyone anymore.
I'll never go out again.
I take cold baths all the time.
I cut myselfwith razor blades.
I lie on the floor of my room.
I see my body decomposing.
Locked away in my house.
It's all the same to me.
Lucia, seriously,
the state of the kitchen|is disgusting.
What's it to you?|You never go in.
No, and I don't give a fuck|ifyou wanna live in shit.
But with the filth in there,
-I have a cockroach invasion.|-What do I care?
Get a life!
Okay, fine.
Just lend me this.
See ifyou care.
-What are you gonna do?|-Seal off the kitchen.
Ah, nice one.
Don't get even one?|Close off, seal, nail up!
No kitchen!|Get it, thicko?
Ah, hold on a sec then.
Get a move on!
What the hell...?
-What you doing?|-Sealing it off.
Why should you mind?|You never use it.
Stop, or I'll call the cops.
Right! Or Starsky and Hutch.
Done! So not one bug gets out.
I don't believe it!
What the hell you doing?
Putting up a tent|my student gave me.
I can see that. Why?
To sleep dry.|There are more leaks than pots.
I'll get it!
Hello, son, how's things?
Look, it doesn't bother me.
I've been listening all morning|to tribal rhythms
you learned in Africa.|They're great.
But mywife's back.
She says could you play|a bit quieter.
Or something from here.|Like a paso doble.
Now that you're here,|there's water dripping from above.
I'm sorry to hear that.
Because it could be my fault.
-Come here.|-There's a leak in my bathroom.
Sure! Sure!
Go fix it, then, shitface!
You hoodlum!
Hey, I borrowed the T-shirt|'cos I'm gonna hit town!
-You don't mind?|-No, not at all.
Down the hatch!
What the fuck are you watching?|The X Files?
That series is|a piece of shit.
They're always going on|about Martians and crap like that.
But screwing?|They never screw.
Know what I saw as a kid|and was cool?
The Love Boat.
I heard it was very good.
That was a real|floating bordello.
When the folks got on board,|Julie came up and asked them:
"So you've come alone,|have you?"
She put a cross|on the singles
and found them a floozy|that same night.
Now she was a real pro|as a hostess, man!
-you got a bone to pick with me?|-No.
What's eating you?|You're pissed 'cos I had the balls
to walk in here.
You probably think|like my mother.
She says, "Fish and guests|stink after three days."
My mom's a real cow!
I know that my presence in the house|is a symbiotic relation.
What have you got here?
Shit, man!|Shall we put it on?
No, leave it.
The sucker's flipped his lid.
They guy's sick, man.
Selling kid's crap as cult|objects is the best business.
I contacted a collector of|American Pez dispensers by lnternet.
The one flavor he couldn't|get there was cherry.
So I send him cherry candy I bought|in the corner shop for 5 pesetas,
and he sends me models|you can't get here.
I make a bundle selling them|in my shop.
Like this Spiderman...
Good, eh?
A bit of barter|is where it's at.
And the further apart,|the better.
I can tell you.
Touch and you pay.
-Excuse me, it's just that...|-I'm in a hurry today.
Hey, Alboroto!
-Hi.|-What do you want?
Have we been cut off?
I'd cut something off|that fucker upstairs.
Has something happened|with Fede?
He said my chairwas crap.
I did just as he said,|but it hasn't been chosen.
What a bastard!
Doesn't even talk to me|in class.
Don't talk about classes.|I'm doing so badly
theywon't allow|me to do the exams.
Shit, it's overwith.
Yeah, it's all overwith.
Take it easy.
Hey! That's disgusting!|How could you?
A girl in panties jumps on me,|I thought I could.
A bald dwarf like you|thinking he can have me?
I'd sooner be the filling|in aJames and Rafa sandwich.
Get out of here!
And here!
Stick it up your ass!
Where're you going?|Goofing around somewhere?
Another day of time-wasting.
Ifwork was so good,|the rich'd keep it.
-Idiot!|-Fucking smartass.
The idiot's your dad,|slaving away foryou.
Watch it!|Leave my old man outta this.
-You just can't get laid.|-Yeah, who's talking.
I was porking awayyesterday.
Your steady?|ls that getting laid?
-With your girlfriend?|-She isn't.
Just now and again.|And we can mess around.
Yeah. You can mess around.
I'll flatten you.
as you're off|to the Carribean...
-What's this about the Caribbean?|-I found the ticket.
Give me that!
Son of a bitch!|So that was your cultural trip?
It's my money, my house.
You live here rent-free.|I should boot you out.
Go on. I'll tell 'em|how you're cheating them.
The worst thing you can be|in this life is a fucking grass.
So shake hands;|real men don't argue over money.
Go shit yourself!
Get your rocks off|in the Carribbean, huh?
Or if it's golden showers|you're into, they're game.
Sexual tourism they call it.
I been calling you.
Hi. How's life?
Terrible.|Hey, let's get a taxi, whatever,
but to yours.|Mine's a rat-infested hell.
It's just not possible today.
Still got the hump? Or do you want|the in-depth discussion?
I just want you to fuck off.
You're making a big deal out of|this. Let's just sit down and talk.
Sorry, they're waiting for me.
I'll call you someday|if I have nothing better to do.
The night chronicler!
Long time no see!|Where ya been?
Pulled a chick orwhat?
Leave it!
It's crap.
Hey, pal! Got anything to eat?
Go to hell!
Life's a bitch!
Hi, mom, how are you?
Yes, Auntie's fine.|I saw heryesterday.
Yes, they've started|putting up the lights.
Xmas starts earlier|in the big stores.
I don't know. The 23rd or24th.|See how tired I am after the exam.
What do you mean no seats?|They always put more buses on.
Yes, okay.|I have to go. Okay.
Fuck you!|You busted my Discman.
Edorta, let's go!
What's all this?|I'm a sick person.
Go jerk off!
Juan Carlos.
I wanted aword.
-What's wrong?|-I'm leaving.
-Fine by me.|-I don't care what you think.
You have to return my deposit.
I'm on myway out,|but I'll give it to you next week.
Next week is Christmas|and you'll be with the family.
Forget me!
Juan Carlos!
What a racket!
I want my money!
I can't give it to you now.
Something's come up.
If she's getting it,|I want mine too.
-You going too?|-No, where?
So do I have to return it?
You dumb suckers! He's spent it|on a trip to the Caribbean!
-What do you mean?|-We never paid a deposit or rent.
Golden shower boy here
is conning the lot ofyou.
I rent out my aunt's house.|Is that bad?
I don't care whose house it is,|just give me my money!
Who slammed the door?
-What've you terrorists done?|-What the hell's going on?
What a blast!
I'll stay here. Shells never|fall twice in the same spot.
Shit, the camping gas!
You live with freaks?
You had to go and do it.
It shook the whole building.
Anybody got a light?
Who gave you permission|to enter, prick?
Take it easy.|We'll sort this out.
Careful! Careful!|I've got balls like peaches.
Flavor or size?
Less fucking around and get down|to it. It's taken you two hours.
Sure it's not a problem?
I'll "convince" my girlfriend to|let you crash till you find a place.
But don't touch the gas,|oryou'll get a couple of belts.
A couple ofwhat?
This guy's a comedian.
Wait, I'll help you.
No, no. You don't have to.
You'll do yourself an injury.|Don't be a fool.
Here we go again.
We're not the only ones|living in shit.
So James goes with Rafa.|Incredible, man.
Birds of a feather|flock together.
Hey, I'm sorry|about your exams.
Well, just opening my books|might have helped.
A fine mess you two made.
You almost went to jail directly|without passing GO.
Hey, are you sure it's okay|to keep my things here?
Man, of course.
But don't leave 'em long.|I seen the merchandise
and there's some|pretty tastyvideos.
Merry Christmas to everybody!
I've got no choice
but to tell my aunt everything.|She'll disinherit me.
At least I've got somewhere|for the moment.
The john doesn't make you barf.
Listen, Alvaro, I dunno,
maybe you can come too.
Thanks, but we couldn't|live together before,
so with the old lady?
I want to pay myway.
Yeah, buy a computer|and get professional.
Careful oryou'll become|an adult.
Maybe when my hair falls out|like yours.
You son of a bitch!
Let's go.
-Bye, Higinio.|-Bye, you two.
And thanks|for the generous tips.
Fucking Santa Claus.
Jesus, it's started to snow.
I think I'll go that way.
-Well, you know where I am.|-In cat-piss-land.
-Look afteryourself.|-And you.
Good evening.|Live from the Jauja neighborhood
where about an hour ago|a bodywas found...
It's that fat thing! a state of decomposition.
Eugenia Perez Sanchez appears|to have died forty days ago...
It's my aunt!
The woman lived alone|with her eight cats,
and it was the smell of the corpse|and the excrement...
Holy shit!|Fucking great!
Oh, my poor aunt.
What do you mean poor aunt?|Life goes on!
Has it dropped?|We've got a house.
How do you mean?
It wasn't too bad.
But these movies|where nothing happens...
One comes in, says something,|then another, I dunno.
A bit wacky, wasn't it?
But you do get|some good laughs.
Oh, well...
I'm not really|one of them film buffs.
My thing is customer service.
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