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Subtitles for Genroku Chushingura 1941 CD2.

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Genroku Chushingura 1941 CD2

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THE 47 RONIN Part 2
Executive Producer SHINTARO SHIRAI
OriginaI Story by SEIKA MAYAMA
Photography by KOHEI SUGIYAMA
March 1701 at Edo castIe.
Lord Asano brought his sword down on Kira...
after being repeatedIy insuIted.
He was ordered to commit seppuku...
and his house was aboIished...
whiIe no charge was Iaid against Lord Kira.
The news shocked the Asano cIan.
ChamberIain Oishi yieIded the Ako castIe...
and vowed deep in his heart to avenge his wronged Lord.
He pretended he wanted to restore the house...
in order to shieId his reaI intention.
To his surprise, pubIic opinion sided with him.
If Asano house couId be restored...
his revenge couIdn't be justified. It worried him.
Just then Lord Tsunatoyo was in Edo.
Emperor's advisor konoe wants to hire Oishi...
so he asked me to heIp restore Asano cIan.
His messenger came here.
But former Asano vassaIs want to avenge their Lord...
headed by Oishi, don't they?
Even I have heard it, sire.
If I ask the shogun...
Asano house wiII be restored.
So I'm hesitating aII the more.
Sages said...
respecting our ancestors is the first step of fiIiaI duty.
I may venture to say this...
but I think we must step over this teaching now.
PIease teII me.
I Iectured on Japanese history to you.
You must have seized the essence of it by now.
We're not Chinese.
Before the teaching...
we shouId be samurai of Japan.
WeII said.
You're right.
We must act Iike samurai first...
then foIIow the teachings of the sages.
If the shogun...
permits restoration of Asano house...
there wiII be no revenge.
Oishi wiII Iose his excuse for revenge.
What happened?
The messenger of Konoe is here...
paying his respects on his way back.
His master agreed to convey your words.
May I answer him about it?
Enough! I've an idea of my own.
Brother. Is he the Lord?
Is he master of this pIace?
I heard he is a bookworm, but he is no mouse.
He is not Iike other masters.
I'm new here, but since you asked me...
I gave you a chance to speak.
It's an important occasion.
PIease behave yourseIf.
I know.
It's you?
You there.
You served the Asano cIan once, didn't you?
Who is the man with you?
He insisted on seeing a Noh stage today.
He is my brother, Sukeyemon.
Your brother?
He was an Asano vassaI, wasn't he?
Does he know Kira is joining the party?
Sukeyemon, you are?
What was your position in the Asano cIan?
I was of no account-- a man with a pittance.
No, you were not.
You represented Lord Asano sometimes.
You were not an underIing.
Come cIoser. I'II offer you sake.
I beg you to excuse me.
Come, taIk with me.
There's stiII time before Kira appears.
Hesitate to join me?
FrankIy, yes.
I guess a drink offered by Daiymo won't be so tasty.
Interesting. You're so straightforward.
Then just taIk a whiIe.
You're wrong if you think...
the rat caIIed Kira wouId stay in Edo.
He couId be f ar away in Yonezawa any day...
where his son Lord Uesugi ruIes...
with his IoyaI men.
It couId be any minute.
No use gIaring at him after that.
Here in your paIace...
you're in a position to say anything.
Is that so?
I can see how stubborn Oishi is, too.
Letting my words go...
and thinking what'II be done.
But I say he's making one mistake.
Oishi's Oishi, we're us.
I don't beIieve Oishi changed so suddenIy.
Must be a good reason.
I onIy know his behavior is a fact.
Oishi changed.
So...wiII you?
You know something...
about a wooden tub?
If the hoop Ioosens so does the whoIe tub.
You can't expect to fiII it again.
if you have something hidden in mind...
don't think the ideas are yours aIone.
If you avenge your Lord...
it wiII encourage many samurai.
I won't meddIe with you.
As samurai I won't thwart your pIan.
We must heIp each other.
It is the samurai code.
He has enough time and thinks many things.
I'm not asking you...
mereIy out of curiosity.
We're enjoying peace now.
No more samurai spirit.
I beg you to teII me...
your reaI intention.
I know you're determined not to teII...
but I'm eager to know.
Look at my eyes, Sukeyemon.
I want to beIieve you are aII IoyaI samurai.
Then pIease teII me one thing.
I hear the shogun is a suspicious man...
and hates popuIar Lords.
Over 20 houses were aboIished.
AII with good reputations.
III-f amed houses remain intact.
When my Lord Asano drew his sword in Edo castIe...
you were aIso present...
and invoIved in the judgment.
Asano's house cut off...
and no charge on Kira.
You overIooked it.
Is it because you'd be...
suspected by the shogun if you cared?
Brother! Too much!
Wait. Sukeyemon, continue. I'II Iisten.
Nothing more.
If onIy you, a direct grandson of Ieyasu...
wouId have put in a word...
Lord Asano may not have died that way.
And now...
you're mentioning our knighthood.
It's onIy your wiIIfuIness.
Maybe you're right.
I won't ask you any more.
You must have eIaborated...
a secret pIan untiI now.
I shouId have known you won't teII me.
I've no right to ask you, I suppose.
TroubIe is, Konoe is urging me to appeaI...
to the shogun for Asano...
in the intention of...
acquiring Oishi.
Oishi has been appeaIing for the restoration.
If his appeaI...
is received by the shogun...
you can't attack Kira, no matter how you wish.
My Lord.
You can't Iet it pass if Oishi's intending revenge...
whiIe he's appeaIing on the other hand.
Then you wouId-- I'm going to ask the shogun.
My Lord, I have something--
Lord Kira is arriving. Ready to receive him.
Are you out of your mind?
Let go!
No chance after today.
We can't bIoodstain the paIace.
Isn't there any other way?
Let me go!
I can't Iet him Iive on!
You aIso owe a Iot to Asano. Don't stop me.
I won't, but I have an idea. I'II heIp you.
Kira is on stage tonight. Mark him then.
Let me go.
Aiming at Kira? FooI!
Putting Oishi and others in a diIemma?
PIease Iet me go, or I'II have to--
No matter who--
Have you gone mad?
Is it onIy Kira's Iife you want?
If you offer his head...
and Asano's anger appeased?
Why is this?
Why not do it in a big way?
That way you can hoId your head high...
faiI or not.
WhiIe appeaIing for the restoration...
aiming for Kira's death.
It wiII misIead the thought of the peopIe.
Don't you understand?
Why don't you consider Oishi's feeIings?
He's drinking...
his bitter sake.
After he's submitted the appeaI.
Oishi must be IoneIy.
He must be sad.
You inexperienced men can never understand him.
Even if Kira dies...
a naturaI death...
it does not matter.
Just so you do your best to avenge Lord Asano.
And your action stands to reason.
kiIIing that miserabIe oId man is of secondary importance.
I think this way about vengeance.
It is to do your duty heart and souI for revenge.
And the resuIt shouId not be criticized.
You want to be deaf to reason?
You want to work against Oishi and others?
I was wrong!
It's my turn.
Have you decided?
We brought an important message.
Wait. Come this way.
I can do it.
We don't need the formaI greeting...
for such a brief meeting.
koshatei was aIIowed to recIaim his power...
after what happened in March Iast year.
He aIso received 300 Goku...
but before Master Asano returned...
he was ordered confined.
Koshatei is confined...
before Master Asano has returned...
he has been confined...
It's time you shouId stop...
I've Ied a Ioose Iife.
You must have...
wondered why.
Even though it was a Iie.
To appeaI the restoration of Asano...
was my misjudgment.
I shouId not have done so.
But if I had been given a fief...
we wouId have Iost the reason...
to raid Kira.
the peopIe sympathized with us.
We couId not have revenged Kira.
Our Iate Lord wouId not have forgiven us.
Even if I had committed seppuku in front of his grave.
We've suffered.
Your intention was understood by the peopIe.
Thank you.
AII we have to do is raid Kira.
We're not afraid of anything.
PIease teII my intention...
to your Lord.
Lady Asano's residence December 14, 1702
On the day of the Lord's death.
And such a fuss!
ThoughtIess peopIe they are.
They're young girIs.
Happy about New Year.
They can't conceaI their joy.
AII I have to do is pray for his souI.
Oh, you're the maid from Ako.
I see your trip here is rather sudden.
I appreciate your care and service.
How's my Iady's feeIings?
She'd be happy to see you.
WiII you teII our Iady, Godayu?
Oishi, the former Ako chamberIain's here.
He wishes to saIute Lady Asano.
Is it aII right for you to handIe this matter...
on your own decision?
I see no reason why I shouId deny him.
Do you not remember...
since Lord Asano's death...
reIatives of Lady Asano...
have been suffering?
Even to reIatives remote as her cousins...
and many others, too.
Suffering has not yet stopped.
Don't show him in.
If former Ako vassaIs...
attack Lord Kira...
it wiII cause annoy ance...
to Lady Asano's reIatives.
Now the appeaI's turned down.
Why shouId he come at a time Iike this?
What if seeing him affects the shogun?
I see your feeIings as being of Iong service.
I've my stand as a vassaI of this Miyoshi house.
Where's Oishi?
Our Iady wiII see him.
Lady Toda, wait.
Our Iady is here.
Nice to see you.
You're too far. Come cIoser.
We haven't met for so Iong being far apart.
Three years now?
I'm gIad to see you...
as weII as before.
I'd Iike to say so, but everything's been changed.
I deepIy sympathize with you, my Iady.
You must have been suffering since then, too.
There is a worn-out Iook about you.
Have a drink first.
You came aII the way in the snow.
I'd appreciate it.
Some more?
No, aIthough I'm a sake Iover.
PIease take some food then.
Take them as you do the enemy.
Your words make my sake bitter.
But I don't think you've come...
for an ordinary job at this season.
Nothing is so pitiabIe as a masterIess samurai.
OnIy a few can get aIong.
AII the rest are worn-out shadows of their past.
Can't even support their famiIies.
These peopIe ask me for heIp, saying this and that.
I was once a chamberIain...
and spokesman for my Lord.
I cannot Iook away, and so I am here.
Then some hot-bIooded men fuss...
wanting to seize the chance to raid their target.
Rather than starve, they'd Iike to get revenge...
and be on the Iips of the masses.
I pity them.
I hate to be intrusive...
but I hear rumors that come next spring...
Lord Kira wiII go into retirement at Yonezawa.
His son's domain.
I've heard that, too.
The Kira famiIy is afraid of us...
and pIotting many things, I suppose.
Are you Ietting Kira...
go into retirement?
Too Iate after he has run...
into his son's domain.
UnIess you raid him at his Edo residence.
Things are not that simpIe...
I'm afraid.
ReaIIy think so?
As a true samurai?
Kira's aged, and anything can happen, even today.
We have oId men among us Iike Horibe and Hazama.
They can't be sure of tomorrow.
Too much for me to care...
about that far.
Trying to excuse and discourage the IoyaI ones?
Enough, Toda.
I can't bear it any Ionger.
No matter what...
he is our former chamberIain.
Restrain words of dishonor.
I feeI so sorry for our Lord now.
His spIeen destroyed himseIf, as weII as his cIan.
His vassaIs became...
He was a fooI, trying to kiII Lord Kira imprudentIy.
PeopIe wiII make a jest of him eternaIIy.
That is--
Before he died...
he said he didn't have a chance to teII you.
But Oishi must be confused if he hears about this.
When I heard it...
I thought he counted on you aIone.
And he regretted you were away from him.
I stiII remember his every word.
But no one wants to avenge him now.
I heard what peopIe are saying.
They caII him a careIess man or a testy man.
AIthough he had brought himseIf to his death...
I feeI sorry for him.
I didn't mean to compIain.
I'II bid you fareweII.
May I ask you a favor?
Today's the 14th.
May I offer incense to my Lord in parting?
I'm sorry, but I'm afraid not.
I do not mind, but...
I don't think our Lord wouId be pIeased if you do.
Lady Toda.
Overcome with ennui...
I made poems.
They are unskiIIfuI ones...
but I wiII be happy...
if my Iady...
wiII see them.
FareweII, Lady Toda.
Are you asIeep, my Iady?
Who is it?
It's Toda.
I'm sorry to interrupt your sIeep, but--
Something I must teII you now.
I was feeIing that I wanted to taIk with you myseIf.
Have you not sIept, then?
Matter of fact, no.
I couIdn't beIieve Oishi yesterday.
I stayed awake wondering aII night.
He came here on our Lord's death day.
But he acted as if he wanted to discourage us.
It was not Iike him.
I feeI the same way.
As he Ieft...
he handed me this for you to have a Iook...
when you feeI Iike it.
Said they're onIy poems.
It has weighed on my mind untiI now.
Open it.
This is the account book since Ako...
has been in Oishi's custody.
DetaiIs of use are kept...
for the former vassaIs of the house.
I wonder--
Lady Toda.
Lady Toda.
Report from the front gate.
Someone in strange garments threw in this thing...
without teIIing who it was.
This is from Yoshida, a former vassaI at Ako.
Read it for me.
Last night, 47 men headed by Oishi...
raided Kira's residence.
Oishi and men?
They attacked in two parties:
from the front and the rear...
as they had so pIanned.
They raided Kira's chamber...
but his bed was empty...
and onIy his sword was Ieft.
They searched everywhere, but...
Kira was nowhere in sight.
They missed him?
After searching three times...
they heard a voice from...
behind the chamber, in a shed.
Takebayashi and Hazama broke the door.
They kiIIed the man inside who was Kira for certain.
They Iooked for the scar on his back...
where our Lord brought...
his sword of rage. It was there, it was Kira.
The head.
I have brought the head...
of Kira.
Our enemy, my Lord.
Since what happened...
at Pine Corridor Iast March...
to revenge your humiIiation...
we, who owed our Lord...
in aII ways of Iife gathered...
in determination.
How we Iooked forward to this day.
Through various hardships.
HumiIiated, despised.
Some Iacked daiIy meaIs.
Some impatient braves couIdn't bear...
OId men or sick men--
they hated to die of age or disease.
They wanted to die for IoyaIty.
Success was their second importance.
I suppressed them...
and finaIIy succeeded...
in raiding Kira's pIace.
We brought his head here.
I hope it wiII satisfy your resentment now.
I report representing 47 IoyaI samurai.
Ever since the unhappy accident...
I feeI for you aII and thank you on the Lord's behaIf.
You saw many hardships.
Our Lord must appreciate what you have done.
From so oId and to so young...
good of you to have accompIished it with me.
Let me express my thanks to you aII.
Now that we've done what we shouId...
I want you to go to the officiaIs.
Report aII that happened since Iast night.
What's wrong?
I must stay with the others.
AII that is Ieft for us is...
to commit seppuku.
I wish to stay here with my comrades.
How we have succeeded with heaven's bIessing.
No hurry in dying.
What are you--
We saw many hardships...
in order to show...
true samurai spirit.
It's easy to commit seppuku now.
After aII, we've vioIated the Iaw.
We must respect the Iaw.
We must obey it as good citizens.
We shouId caImIy wait for the Iaw's judgment.
It is the onIy way Ieft for us.
This way we can take our stand as samurai, I think.
I understand. I'm gIad to do my job.
Ako vassaIs had been kept in the custody...
of the house of Lord Hosokawa and other daimyos.
And the judgment had not been made for some time.
After 50 days sentenced to seppuku.
Time: February 3, 1703.
PIace: Lord Hosokawa's mansion
No, sire. I cannot do it.
I beg you to ask someone eIse.
You've been visiting the Atago shrine...
praying for the Iife of Ako men.
I know your feeIings.
But the messenger wiII come any day.
I don't want to surprise them.
Ex cuse me. There are some fIowers...
sent from Lady Asano...
for the former vassaIs.
Asking your permission to present them.
What shaII we do?
FIowers from Lady Asano for Ako men?
She must have heard of the judgment.
She meant to bid fareweII...
with the fIowers.
It's such a tender thought of Lady Asano's.
take those fIowers to Oishi and others.
Under the circumstances...
they'II know what is coming...
when they see it.
I see.
How sweet of her.
Hurry, Denyemon.
From our Lady Asano?
How beautifuI!
A fareweII gift for us?
So that we couId surmise a judgment on us.
In return for your kindness toward us untiI now...
we wiII entertain you.
SpIendid idea.
I'II do my best.
I'II take the first show.
No, I'm the first. I wiII sing.
I'm afraid we wouId upset captious oId men.
Never mind. Our Iast fuss.
to the thoughtfuIness of our Iady.
Let us bid fareweII.
I mean, say thanks for the fIowers.
We couIdn't miss Mr. Hara's dance.
Mr. Hara!
Here I am !
How skiIIfuI!
PIay your fIute, Juroza.
I want to express our gratitude...
for your kindness...
to your Lord since we came here.
How nice.
I have a favor to ask you.
CouId I have some tea?
Someone prepare tea.
Now aII seems...
to have been settIed at Iast.
You've been very kind aII the way.
I don't know what to say.
PIease have some tea.
Thank you.
What I said was about this boy.
This son of mine.
Your kin?
Not my reaI son.
His f ather and I are friends since chiIdhood.
His f ather is not very weII off nowadays.
But he wishes his son to become a fine samurai...
and wants him to spend even a haIf day with you.
To teach him...
the way of samurai.
I pity him, so I am asking you a f avor.
Presuming he's my son.
I want you to Iet him serve you today.
Do you pIay samisen?
Your fingers show you do.
I Iearned a IittIe whiIe working to be a page.
I appreciate your kind care, but...
I don't think we can accept.
I don't know what is on your mind.
But you went too f ar.
PIease, I apoIogize. She is a woman.
You are right.
But she was driven by the stress of circumstances.
So she disguised herseIf as a man...
and tried to serve you.
What a woman needs for--
I imagine there's someone she wants to be near.
I won't scoId you. Say it.
Who is it?
It's Isogai.
PIease Iet me.
It wiII be the Iast.
I mean the nightingaIe.
If you care for the girI so much...
send her a Ietter.
Too Iate if you've gone to the grave.
I dare not.
I used her to approach the enemy.
She's nothing now.
Think of a girI's heart whom you once promised to marry.
PIease stop despising me.
A stubborn youth.
The messenger was sent.
When was it?
Sometime Iast JuIy.
He was on a mission of investigation...
which I Iearned Iater.
I remember he wrote to me In Kyoto about that time.
He said being singIe was...
disadvantageous and was Iooking for someone.
He said to become a respectabIe samurai.
He was Iooking for a good reIation.
He was sincere in proposing to marry her.
That was how he asked her father for her.
My friend Ioved the man deepIy, too.
Son-in-Iaw to be proud of.
Money he had been saving...
and even soId his armor...
he Ioved so much.
He spent them aII to prepare for the wedding.
He engaged the best houseboat on the river...
and heId a big feast on it.
But no sign of the groom...
on the very day of the wedding.
He was not at home, either.
CompIeteIy missing.
The oId man was so straight-minded and raged...
in so much disappointment.
He heard about the men who raided Kira Iast December...
and he found Isogai's name.
He cried and cried...
that it was his son-in-Iaw to be.
I couIdn't stand watching my father that way.
So I came here disguised Iike this.
PIease permit me to see him.
PIease do not...
overestimate us.
PeopIe are caIIing us nowadays...
as if we were the incomparabIe IoyaI samurai.
Out of the sentimentaIism of a young girI--
forgetting the past--
isn't that the way you are now?
It's a fickIe feeIing of yours.
He is the man who betrayed you.
The man who put you to shame.
You shouId resent him for the rest of your Iife.
You don't know a woman.
It's a crueI thing to say.
I just want to know one thing as a woman...
and as a human being.
His reaI heart.
Was I onIy a tooI of his pIan?
Did he not Iove me at aII?
Or did he do it for his mission?
That's the onIy thing I want to know.
do me a favor.
I'm sorry, but wiII you sacrifice yourseIf?
For the sake of my men.
Isogai is prepared...
and nothing wiII confuse him now.
But he is young.
If he met you and heard your words...
he might f aiI at the most important moment.
It's not so hard for a man to rise for justice...
but keeping it up is...
much harder than one wouId think.
I don't want him upset at this Iast moment.
You're young, and you've everything before you.
Forget him and Iive a happy Iife.
Bear the bitterness you feIt...
on the wedding day.
PIease despise Isogai to the end.
Look down on him.
Is samurai honor so important?
You onIy think about his honor.
What about my Iasting humiIiation?
Must I Iive with the doubt...
that he may not have Ioved me?
Otomeda's daughter.
I'II expIain Iater. Something?
Omino, I can't accept it.
Isogai is to bIame for fooIing you.
But there are times one is forced to.
As you have come here dressed as a man.
It may have been...
your inevitabIe ruse.
I suggest that you Ieave the matter as it is.
You'd better go.
TeII me.
You can torture peopIe for a shift?
I feeI so sad.
A Iie isn't a Iie if turned to the truth in the end.
My Iie, to fooI peopIe in a man's disguise...
wiII turn to the truth if I see him.
I can change his Iie into the truth, too.
Change his Iie into the truth?
PIease Iet me see Isogai.
The messenger has aIready Ieft the castIe.
PIease be ready.
WiII you pIease teII Isogai to come here?
Isogai's here.
Come in.
I'd rather stay here.
Do you know the daughter of Otomeda?
I haven't the sIightest idea.
The messenger is sent from the castIe.
Not that. I'm asking you about Omino.
I don't know her.
They're waiting for you.
It is time now we shouId get ready.
The messenger--
Don't be confused.
Take out the paper you keep in your bosom.
You must have a pIectrum...
that you treasure there.
I'd Iike to see the crest on it.
The reason I sent you down from upstairs...
was because of the pIectrum.
You are young and hungry for affection.
I've no intention of reproaching you for that.
But we have an important thing to do.
If it made you...
waver in your resoIution when you Iooked at it.
That was why I did it for your sake.
Take it out. I want to see it.
PIease spare him now. I beg you.
He kept it cIose to his body;
even untiI now. I feeI so happy knowing it.
No need to ask him more than that.
You teII me not to ask?
WiII you Iet him off without asking?
It's I who have to beg you.
TeII your f ather I'm his son-in-Iaw.
Just teII him so.
I'II bid f areweII, Omino.
Lord Asano in charge of ceremony...
resorted to an outrageous deed and was punished.
No steps were taken on Lord Kira.
CIaiming the revenge for their Lord, 47 men...
headed by Oishi...
banded together and raided Kira's residence.
Their act was insoIent defiance of the shogunate.
So they are sentenced to seppuku.
No matter how heavy...
the punishment may be, we deserve it.
Be it decapitation or death by hanging.
We are gratefuI we are ordered to seppuku.
Hear this unofficiaI message.
Kira's son has been deprived of his fief.
House aboIished.
And he is to be confined to the house of Suwo.
For your information.
my Lord wishes to express his regret.
That it has come to this...
despite his efforts.
His regret is deep.
Since matters have come to pass...
I'II give you my Lord's message:
to quietIy prepare yourseIves as brave men.
Did you hear, men?
You've taken every possibIe care since we came.
We aII are deepIy gratefuI.
PIease give our regards to Lord Hosokawa.
Here's something my Lord offers you.
PIease take your time in preparation.
I cannot find a word...
to express our gratitude.
ChamberIain... and aII you honorabIe men.
Omino, why did you do this?
As I toId you a whiIe ago...
I have made it the truth.
The Iie for convenience's sake.
The house that drove my f ather out.
The reason I came here in a man's disguise was that...
I intended to the end...
to show the truth this way.
Too hasty.
As we toId our Lord what happened today...
he was moved.
His anger toward your f ather has abated.
He even ordered to make him a vassaI again.
I'II caII a doctor.
No, no. Thank you, but no.
Then the Iie wiII remain a Iie.
If my f ather heard of my death, he'd die too.
OnIy by ending our famiIy...
we can carry out the chamberIain's request.
For the sake of IoyaI samurai...
we wouId gIadIy sacrifice ourseIves.
PIease aboIish the famiIy of Otomeda.
I beg you to.
PIease commit seppuku with composure.
I wiII foIIow you soon.
It's time, Isogai. Don't deIay.
After you.
You go first.
I have my responsibiIity untiI the Iast moment...
in making certain that aII keep in step.
Gengoyemon kataoka has committed seppuku.
Junai Onodera is next.
Jurozayemon Isogai has committed seppuku.
Chuzayemon Yoshida has committed seppuku.
It seems that they aII died...
without being disgracefuI.
We've carried out our intention.
Kuranosuke Oishi.
My turn. Excuse me.
(c) 1942 SHOCHIKU Co., Ltd.
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