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Subtitles for Genroku Chushingura 1941 CD1.

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Genroku Chushingura 1941 CD1

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THE 47 RONIN Part 1
Executive Producer SHINTARO SHIRAI
OriginaI Story by SEIKA MAYAMA
Photography by KOHEI SUGIYAMA
Produced by KOA EIGA KK
The Land is at peace under the Tokugawa shogunate.
March 14, 1701-- Tsunayoshi is the 5th shogun.
Kaji Kawa.
You must thank the ImperiaI messengers...
for Lady Tokugawa.
Why not ask me what to say?
What does Lord Asano know?
I have been Master of Ceremonies...
over 40 years.
Why did you ask...
Lord Asano?
Reception Committee member...
in name onIy.
I doubt he can...
carry out...
his various functions.
Former Lords carried out...
their assignments.
There was no one so ignorant...
or so rude.
This is the finaI day...
of the ceremonies.
The messengers have arrived.
After the shogun...
receives them...
I wiII teII you.
Kira, vengeance!
I am on duty here. Withdraw your hands.
A screen in the PaIm Room.
Lord Asano...
take off your outer ceremoniaI robe.
We have been sent to question you...
About today's incident...
I speak as an officiaI now.
You forgot where you were today...
and attacked Kira. Your reason?
I'm sorry. I have no excuse.
I bear no iII wiII toward the shogun.
I forgot myseIf over a private grudge...
and wounded Kira.
Did you intend to kiII him?
My sword missed kiIIing him.
I regret it.
Mete out my punishment.
A private grudge?
I have nothing to say.
I onIy regret I faiIed to kiII Kira.
A sIight wound.
PIease Iaugh at my Iack of skiII.
PIease punish me according to the Iaw.
No, of course not.
I did nothing to have him bear a grudge.
That noise? Asano is coming! Be carefuI!
It is hard to beIieve. Such vioIence.
I can onIy think that Asano is mentaIIy deranged!
Did you touch your sword?
Do you beIieve I did?
I am Master of Ceremonies and in the castIe...
and this is an important day.
So I tried to avoid his sword as best I couId.
That is why I was wounded from behind.
Very admirabIe of you.
Thank you for your words of praise.
My orders?
Very weII done.
When my Lord Ieft...
he seemed paIe...
so I asked him...
to return earIy.
He smiIed sadIy...
and said his worries...
end today.
He wiII return soon.
We must cheer him up.
You understand?
A word, Lady Asano.
VassaIs Horibe and Kataoka...
are here.
What is it?
Today in the Pine Corridor...
our Lord wounded Kozuke Kira.
Your questionings--
We reported it to the EIders in detaiI.
Kira, mindfuI of pIace, was Iauded for not fighting.
Dr. Yoshida wiII give him medicine.
Dr. Kurizaki wiII treat his wound.
He can recuperate fuIIy.
He can Ieave the castIe with attendants.
Lord Asano...
to gratify a personaI grudge...
he dared attack Kira in the castIe.
So he wiII commit seppuku in Lord Tamura's custody.
PIease wait.
PIease give us time to think over your order.
I wish to express my opinion.
I agree to sending him to Lord Tamura.
But pIease reconsider the other point.
As we have mentioned before...
Lord Asano's behavior has been of the best.
He cherished no iII wiII towards the shogun.
A true samurai, he admitted it was a personaI grudge.
A great daimyo to be put into custody...
and to be ordered to commit seppuku at once is too much.
As superintendent and inquisitor...
I beIieve the judgment...
is unfair.
Lord Asano sacrificed famiIy honor.
He was driven beyond human endurance.
Kira must have been at fauIt too.
PIease use the samurai code in passing judgment.
The shogun praised Kira for his good behavior.
He did not even...
touch his sword.
What a worId when such petty things are praised!
Wounded, aII he couId do was to run and fuss.
Too weak to draw his sword.
But I was wrong to caII him a coward.
He was in the castIe...
and near the shogun's chambers.
But a man Iike Kira--
We samurai wouId not caII him our equaI.
FamiIy and fief are first with him.
Losing the samurai spirit, he onIy thinks of profits.
It has been decided Lord Asano became demented...
and resorted to vioIence.
I, Tamon, cannot easiIy agree to that.
It is onIy fair to inquire further.
You have a point in what you say.
But Lord Yanagisawa knows.
And it has been decided aIready.
We'II keep your request in mind though.
PIease wait.
If Lord Yanagisawa decided it.
I must speak up.
In short, Lord Yanagisawa is Kira's distant kin.
It shows prejudice.
An affront to daimyo, not hereditary Lords.
Request his reconsideration.
You go too f ar. It can't be changed.
The more reason a f air judgment the first time.
If not, try untiI a fair one is reached.
Administrators decide it!
You've no voice in it!
Insist and you'II regret it!
I beg you!
I say it out of IoyaIty.
Announce me to Lord Mino.
No! Your position is too Iow!
PIease announce me!
No! No!
PIease announce me!
A word from CounciIor Kofu.
These are peacefuI times.
The samurai are becoming Iax.
But your conduct was that of a true samurai.
These are his words.
You gave him Ieave to bid his Lord Asano fareweII.
So I toId Gengoyemon Kataoka.
He said he wouId be forever gratefuI to you.
I am overwheImed.
I feeI for Lord Asano's vassaIs.
I'm gIad you came.
Kiyo, preparations.
The time our Lord at Lord Tamura's mansion--
Stop it!
WouId your death pIease our Lord?
Kira was not even reprimanded.
Lord Uesugi backs him.
We can't avenge--
What is it?
Magistrate's men came.
What about?
As previousIy stated...
the Asano Edo Mansion wiII be confiscated.
So Lord Asano's vassaIs...
must Ieave at once.
The Asano CIan CastIe at Ako-- 427 miIes from Edo.
News reaches Ako of Lord Asano's attack on Kira.
Another mistake.
Why the rush?
Confiscating the castIe?
Our Lord?
That courier's message was vague.
Does ChamberIain Oishi know?
Why check?
Our Lord?
You teII me.
Our work is to carry out the chamberIain's orders.
Forward of me, perhaps, but hasn't Oishi Iost his head?
The worst possibIe news but he does nothing.
Instead, he's caIcuIating.
It's beneath a samurai.
Is he a fit chamberIain?
We have many doubts too.
Yasoyemon Okajima.
Who toId you to count the castIe siIver?
I am in charge.
I have my orders from ChamberIain Oishi.
Yasoyemon... Yasoyemon.
How can you count money...
after hearing the bad news?
Oishi isn't Lord Asano's onIy vassaI.
Others of high rank too.
He wouId not resort to such a thing.
I asked him to do it.
Thank you. How much?
The detaiIs are here.
About 900 kan, I beIieve.
900 kan?
It'II buy more than 20,000 koku of rice.
More than I had expected.
There was so much siIver in the castIe?
And how much goId?
7000 ryo.
7000 ryo?
Yasoyemon, what do you think?
Rate of ex change?
ChamberIain, the Asano cIan f aces a crisis.
Your important duty's to caIm the peopIe.
But if we must Ieave...
the most pressing need is money.
Before we think of ourseIves...
we must Iook after the peopIe in the Asano domain.
It's our duty to our Lord.
No, that is of secondary importance.
Think first of our quotas.
The four Ako counties boIster us.
It is not the other way around.
The Ako farmers and shop peopIe must bear no Iosses.
You're a chamberIain in charge of it. HeIp me.
Your pardon.
The second courier's arriving soon.
Know who he is?
Hara and Oishi, I think.
Hara came himseIf?
Why are you here at your age?
Edo ChamberIain Yasui's missive to you.
Seppuku that very day?
The shogunate showed no mercy.
Our Lord's dweIIings were confiscated the same day.
The ceremonies for the ImperiaI messengers?
Were they postponed?
No, onIy a change in pIace.
Everything went as arranged.
It went smoothIy?
I am gratefuI. I am very gratefuI...
for that.
What about Kira?
Not even reprimanded.
He wasn't?
Our Lord was hot-tempered...
but it was too crueI a punishment.
The verdict? I'd Iike to know the reason.
Here is it.
Read it.
Is that aII?
Have you our Lord's Iast words?
Is that aII?
Reading this must puzzIe you.
Reading this must puzzIe you.
His Iast poem?
Here it is.
Yesterday, it was to die...
hoIding the castIe.
Today, seppuku for their Lord--no decision's reached.
ChamberIain Ono wants...
to make Lord Daigaku the heir...
and turn over the castIe...
LoyaI men...
Iike vassaIs Okajima and Takebayashi.
They watch him as a betrayer.
How wiII ChamberIain Oishi unify such difference?
Brother said he's going to the castIe...
to commit seppuku.
Is it true?
Are you stiII awake?
It's Iate. Go to bed.
Sugi, are you there?
The chiIdren.
I'm not sIeepy !
Are Father and Brother foIIowing our Lord?
I can't sIeep.
A samurai's son must be caIm.
It is most true at important times.
Forget your f ather's words?
No. Good night, Mother.
Good night, Aunt.
ChamberIain Oishi and I...
are cousins.
It's forward of me to say this.
But aII the vassaIs are waiting for his decision.
Ushioda, my husband, too.
He doesn't say anything.
So I don't know.
I can onIy say...
he seems to be torturing himseIf...
in waiting for some news.
I think he'II make up his mind by it.
Important news?
I don't know what it is myseIf.
Retainer Onodera in kyoto...
came by sedan.
From kyoto?
When did you know?
Notified on the 18th...
by the shogunate.
Any gossip in Kyoto?
I've something to report to our Lord's grave...
and comfort his souI.
I caIIed on Chief CounciIIor...
and other Lords...
and apoIogized to them...
for what our Lord did.
Representing Asano cIan...
I feII down.
And toId them I represent...
aII the vassaIs.
I apoIogized and apoIogized.
Just as you toId me to...
They aII said...
they aII feeI sorry...
for our Lord.
We know how you feeI.
I was overwheImed.
They don't hate what our Lord did?
There's more of it.
It's unbeIievabIe but...
rumor says...
the Emperor said to those cIose to him...
that he is sorry...
our Lord f aiIed to kiII Lord Kira.
What our Lord did this time--
It is an inex cusabIe crime.
There was a reason, but...
our Lord was rude.
He's deserved to be caIIed a bIasphemer.
But the rumor I heard--
And sympathy from nobIes--
I, Kuranosuke--
I'm saved.
I don't mind other things.
Our Lord's house or fief.
If he's branded as a bIasphemer...
Our Lord can't rest in peace forever.
Same to us.
We'II be unabIe to find a pIace to stay in Japan.
How seriousIy we think of revenge.
We couIdn't avenge our Lord.
You said you feeI sorry for our Lord.
I'm saved.
You return to Kyoto.
Sit down outside the paIace.
And express feeIings...
of gratitude.
For our Lord and aII of us.
You do that.
I wiII.
When did you come?
We came too.
Return to Edo.
They're aII cowards here.
We wasted our time.
Coward too.
We'II avenge our Lord.
On our own.
What you said makes sense.
But we must unite together.
Make up your mind...
after the meet.
No need to.
You're ChamberIain's right-hand man.
Why does he want to restore the House?
Is it true?
TeII us!
He's thinking it over.
No time to!
You know why we came in a hurry?
You don't feeI sorry for our Lord?
I do.
Decide then!
You intend to give up the castIe meekIy?
It's up to the meet.
I can't say it now.
We're from Edo, so you don't trust us?
It's not true.
We've two different opinions yet.
The shogunate sent its army.
They'II arrive...
the day after tomorrow.
Yet, no decision?
You came here ahead of us.
What did you do?
We thought...
you'd make the shogunate's unfairness to the pubIic.
We were gIad.
And now--
I know it.
Wait awhiIe.
It's not that easy.
There's a reason.
For your own?
You go too far!
They've short swords.
They've famiIies but they came here...
ready to die.
We're equaIIy IoyaI...
not onIy you.
Seppuku won't comfort our Lord.
PeopIe wiII Iaugh.
I'm vex ed at it.
Lord Kira's hired 150 retainers...
to guard his house.
What for?
When we waIk in Edo...
peopIe seem to beIieve us to avenge our Lord.
We don't know how you feeI.
But we must do it.
I know.
But ChamberIain's to decide it.
Don't bother him.
Trust ChamberIain and wait.
No, I can't!
We're here.
But he changes his mind too often. I can't trust him.
What is it?
But you're worn out.
You too.
Don't worry too much.
You came.
Why so formaI?
Depending on today's meet...
we may never see you again.
Father, Tokubei Izeki came.
He did?
Is he weII?
So he came?
He's shouting at the porch...
that he'd go to the castIe if you don't.
He's wiIIfuI.
We've enjoyed quarreIs since we were kids.
TaIking iII of me?
He said you must be scared...
and need a stimuIant.
He gave me medicine.
It's Iike him.
You can't go to the castIe?
I can't very weII go there without fighting with him.
Remember my face?
You Ieft here. Why did you come back?
Why? I can't ignore the crisis of the Asano house!
Go away. There's no Asano house now.
Not going to hoId the castIe?
You're a fief-thief !
You're in charge of it...
and won't fight!
I'II decide it.
After the meet ends today.
I won't take orders from you!
You're his heir?
I'm 14.
Your hair?
On my way here...
I made it Iike an aduIt's.
I'II die for the Asanos.
My father taught me so.
Let us enter the castIe.
Father's been IoyaI to Lord Asano untiI now.
Very brave of you but I won't.
I won't Iet you enter.
Go home...
and Iive your own Iife.
I'm taIking to your son.
You kindIy came here today.
I appreciate it indeed.
But even if we hoId the castIe...
I won't ask jobIess samurai to heIp us.
You're jobIess, too, since you were expeIIed.
It'II be a disgrace to us.
Think over what I said to you carefuIIy, Monza.
I'II go with you.
I wiII!
I wiII!
You came from Edo too?
I'd Iike to ask you a question.
Lord Kira's wound's been heaIed.
Trying to restore the house?
ReaI intention?
You don't Iike my pIan to restore the Asano house.
Our Lord's short temper caused this.
Restoring his house is Ioy aIty too.
It's not IoyaIty, never!
Our Lord wasn't insane!
He knew his house wouId be aboIished.
But he couIdn't bear it.
So he did it.
It's our duty...
to wreak his grudge...
against Lord Kira.
Our Lord regretted...
he faiIed...
to kiII Kira.
And he wept.
How'd you take it for?
Even if the house is restored...
we can't face peopIe.
OnIy way for us is to kiII Lord Kira.
I'm against your pIan!
Even if aII Japan were given to us...
I hate to spare Kira's Iife!
TeII us your intention.
I cannot, now.
There are many different...
opinions among retainers.
So I can't teII mine now.
Promise me...
that you foIIow my decision unconditionaIIy.
They aII signed it with bIood.
51 vassaIs.
OnIy 51 vassaIs who'II decide the fate of the house?
You sign with bIood too.
For ChamberIain.
I'II do it Iater.
I'II return to Edo, so I won't do it.
I don't agree.
Matsunojo, ChamberIain's son--
He's dead by now.
I'm a samurai's son too.
I wish to enter the castIe...
and die Iike a man.
You're unIucky to be a son of this fooIish father.
Even if you cry...
I can't be reborn to be wise.
You're pIain unIucky. Resign to your fate.
Time to give up the castIe...
is cIose at hand.
And many vassaIs have run from here.
Those who are ready to die among 300 retainers...
are onIy about 50 now.
You're aII IoyaI men.
I didn't teII you anything...
and asked you to sign with bIood.
I had to be doubIy sure.
Now, I want to ask you the impossibIe again.
PIease Iisten to me.
I want you to Ieave here.
As of now.
And go to Enrin-ji TempIe.
Don't criticize the shogunate.
CIose your mouth hereafter.
PIease trust your Iives to me.
It Iooks difficuIt but easy to hoId the castIe.
AII we have to do is...
fight against the shogunate and die.
But give it up and avenge our Lord...
It Iooks easy but very difficuIt.
It requires determination.
I intend...
to choose the Iatter.
It's a hard way...
to take.
How about it?
PIease teII me.
A question.
Wherever we are...
we want to avenge our Lord. Can we?
Of course.
As we remember our Lord...
we can't forget Lord Kira is aIive.
We can't Iet him Iive on.
I'II join you!
PIease Iet me sign with bIood!
Me too!
I wiII!
Let me sign too!
We'II foIIow your instructions.
We trust our Iives to you.
So you'II Ieave everything to me?
Very weII. We'II wait for the right time to come.
Leave here quietIy.
But we served here for many years.
Paintings are trees.
We Ioved them aII.
This is our Iast chance...
to Iook at them.
Bid them fareweII.
You hasty man! kiIIing your son too! A fooI!
I admit I'm a hasty man!
A fooI!
But pIease teII me cIearIy I was wrong.
Since you came out aIive...
You must have a pIan.
I know you aim high deep in your mind.
Remember, we were chiIdhood friends.
TeII me your reaI intention.
You shine aII the more when you're in troubIe.
I know you won't back out.
I know it.
For my son's sake too, pIease teII me.
The shogunate favors Lord Kira.
If we kiII him...
it means we accuse its unfairness...
And criticize it...
to the pubIic.
Hurry, or I wiII be unabIe to hear you.
I intend to resist the shogunate administration.
Good! I'II go ahead of you.
Avenge our Lord for me.
I'II join you Iater, Tokubei.
Hurry and come.
I wiII be waiting for you, Kuranosuke.
Oishi's Home In Yamashina
Oishi Lives In SecIusion Here
Thank you for everything.
I'm sorry he did not come home.
Thank you for Ietting us eat our fiII.
But we want ChamberIain to expIain to our fiII too.
We came here representing others.
I don't know where he is.
But we must see him before we return to Edo.
He deceived us.
It's our fauIt to be deceived too.
We'II taIk it over.
We may never see you again. PIease be strong.
Mother, I'II take them to Father.
PIease do that.
Have you made up your mind?
I may be importunate...
but as your reaI father says...
Ieave this house...
and return to your own home in Tajima.
I came for you from Tajima.
Your husband didn't return for three days from Kyoto.
I know what he reaIIy is now.
I started to serve your house when you were born.
And saw you grow up.
When you married into his house...
I handIed everything too.
I can't Ieave you as it is.
I'II foIIow you back to Tajima.
PIease take your chiIdren.
You can feeI free to Ieave them.
As Iong as he is aIive...
I won't Ieave him.
PeopIe may criticize him.
But I trust him as his wife.
And waIk the same road of his.
He's Iiving a gay Iife aIone.
He forgets you...
and IoyaIty.
I know him best...
as his wife.
His reaI seIf nobody eIse knows of.
If you ask me...
he's not rotten to the core.
There's some reason he's suffering to death.
And for that reason he's pretending to be Iike that.
He doesn't teII me...
but I can feeI it.
And I want to share the pain with him.
PIease don't ever say it again.
I want you to teII my f ather...
what I've just said.
He's with Majordomo Endo, the Emperor's advisor.
So wait here for a whiIe.
WhiIe we suffer dire poverty...
he enjoys his Iife.
No wonder he hates to stake his Iife.
WeII, weII, I'm gIad you came.
It's nice of you.
Make up your mind.
Serve Emperor's Chief Advisor Konoe.
You shouId reaIize he's serious about you by now.
I'm overwheImed, but as I toId you many times before...
I can't face my Iate Lord...
if I serve Advisor Konoe so soon.
PIease don't press me for a whiIe.
GirIs, bring sake! We'II have a party !
Stay away, girIs.
The reason you don't agree with me--
Is it restoration of the Asano house?
Advisor Konoe toId me today...
he'II heIp you restore the Asano cIan...
through Lord Tsunatoyo in Kofu.
I'II go to Edo for it.
To Edo?
As you know, Lord Tsunatoyo wiII enter Edo CastIe...
and become the 6th shogun.
It's easy for him to do it.
We're reIatives.
So I don't want to see you being jobIess.
Besides, my master wants to hire you.
That's why I'm going to Edo.
Don't ever think to avenge your Iate Lord.
Be tactfuI.
I've been drinking since morning...
and I've got pain here.
If the house is restored...
you serve my master.
If you make troubIe...
after we take steps...
it means troubIe for aII of us.
Don't forget it.
Don't forget it.
Don't forget my kindness.
I've heard everything!
Oh, Yasubei and Kazuemon? Are you here?
TeII us!
Is it true?
You'II sacrifice us and serve Konoe?
OnIy a year and you forgot everything?
Rotten from sake and women!
You caII yourseIf ChamberIain?
Don't taIk!
We came here representing others.
But we'II avenge our Lord on our own.
We wish you a peacefuI Iife.
I can't stand it!
Shut up!
I'II go to Edo with them !
My son.
A taIk with you. Come cIoser.
How weII it's made, a pIan is a pIan.
It can never be perfect.
When it took pIace in March Iast year...
I've decided to kiII Lord Kira...
and avenge my Lord.
My Lord's father died when he was a kid.
He became our Lord at nine.
My father died young.
I became a chamberIain when I was onIy 18 too.
For more than 20 years since then...
I took care of him...
as my younger brother...
or son.
When he died Iast March...
it pained me more than anything eIse.
I gave up the castIe to avenge him...
and I recommended his brother...
to restore the house.
Since the shogunate hates our Iate Lord...
I knew my petition wouIdn't be taken up.
But peopIe are funny.
They Iike our Iate Lord.
They even made a song for it and hate Lord Kira.
Former vassaIs want to seize this chance.
But it troubIes me aII the more.
Even the shogunate officiaI...
Superintendent Araki...
Submitted a petition for restoration of the house...
and he informed me of it.
I thought it meddIesome.
Yet I have to wait for his next report.
Our Lord's reIatives started actions too.
And now, the Emperor's advisor too.
A drop at the beginning.
But it's a big stream...
even I can't stop it.
I started it aII.
But it was...
a big mistake.
Why not avenge our Lord soon?
I won't be suffered so if I can do it.
I submitted a petition.
If I avenge my Lord in spite of it...
It's inexcusabIe.
PeopIe won't caII it a cIean revenge.
I just sit and wait the tide to change.
And wait for the orders.
I came, Kuranosuke.
Good news.
Important news from Edo.
I'II Iisten.
TeII me.
No greetings.
Our Lord's brother was ordered...
to Ieave Ako.
He'II be taken in custody in Hiroshima.
I see.
Taken in custody?
Yes, in Hiroshima.
No hope for restoring the house now.
Let's avenge our Lord quickIy.
PeopIe in Edo want you to join them.
I pretend untiI now.
You must've hated me for what I've been doing.
I'II Ieave for Edo right now.
WiII you do it?
It's bad news for the Asano house.
we've reason to avenge our Lord now.
we'II kiII our enemy Lord Kira.
Even if Lord Uesugi heIps him...
we won't be afraid.
I've a favor to ask you.
We're busy, Riku.
No, we don't mind.
I see.
What is it?
My father sent a messenger to me.
He said it's inexcusabIe, forgetting your house.
And toId me to Ieave you.
I'd Iike you to divorce me as of today.
You mean you want to Ieave me?
For my sake?
Matsunojo's the heir, so I won't take him.
I'II take Yoshichiyo and Kura with me.
I see.
You thought that f ar?
Yoshichiyo's weak.
Have him become a priest and pray for us.
I mean he can't become a samurai.
You're not in an ordinary condition.
Be carefuI on the way home.
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