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Gendai Yakuza (Kinji Fukasaku 1972)

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TOEl Presents
My name is Isamu Okita.
I like fights and girls but not gambling.
They say my birthday date is bad.
It's August 15, 1945.
The day Japan lost the war. So I share the fate.
Who cares!
I couldn't choose my birthday.
Mom had me without asking.
I was born fatherless.
Mom worked, leaving me in a shack.
She walked the streets.
When I was older, she peddled hotchpotch.
Maybe she was too old for hooking.
When drunk, she was a slut.
He's my son.
Isamu, care for a bite?
I beat up many guys in my life.
My mom, too.
The memory makes me sick.
Not long after that, she died.
She was drunk when she fell in the river.
They sent me to reform school twice.
Then I led a street gang.
We swindledpeople,
hooked girls and sold them to a brothel.
The town was the territory ofthe Tskigawa Gang.
They wanted a share ofour loot.
I was scared, but, by nature I hate arrogant guys.
I refused them.
Don't go!
Shut up!
You're no pals.
I'll do it alone!
I came to make us even! Get out!
Save my life!
Even in prison, gangsters were arrogant.
All right. Hey!
Now you want to greet me?
Bunta Sugawara
Kyosuke Machida Mayumi Nagisa
All right. Next!
Hey! You!
His name was Tsniguchi.
We'd been together for five years, but
he never spoke.
Where you from?
Got any place to go?
My home is in Kawasaki. Come with me.
What's up?
Your wife?
Be happy, Romeo!
The town changed drastically.
Streets were filled with gangsters before, but
now with straightpeople.
Young guys, too.
They had long hair like chicks.
The streets where we loafed changed.
The times seemed good.
The bathhouse I raided was over there.
It had turned into a sauna.
"Princess Sauna"
What's wrong?
Nothing. It feels great!
I was in the pen.
So soon?
How long must I wait?
Finish him!
Don't bother us again!
You playing a hero?
Damn hick!
Stop! Fight outside!
I never thought you'd welcome me.
Sorry. We didn't know.
How do you make money?
Somehow or other.
What happened to Takigawa?
He's still a boss.
The cops are watching him, so he's quiet.
We're quiet, too.
He took care of us last year, but not anymore.
He made use of you while you made money.
Don't depend on gangsters.
Get what you want with your own hands.
By the way I was having a nice time when you came.
Can you get me someone? A handy one?
Sure! Leave it to me.
I can take care of you.
The room available?
Here she comes!
You're late.
He's upstairs. Make him happy.
In advance.
Don't make me wait!
How many panties are you wearing?
You're hasty.
Don't I know you?
Is that a compliment?
Come on!
I know you.
So what? Let me take you.
I remember.
Damn you! What's the big idea?
Let me go!
Strip her!
It was the day I came to town from the country.
Mom made lunch for me.
You ate it!
Run without paying?
Who'd do that? How much?
100,000 yen.
What? For a few bottles of beer?
It's a bargain.
You raped me, and sold me to a brothel.
So what?
I paid for it in the pen.
Then give me back my cherry!
You can't. So pay me!
Don't scream, slut!
What's up?
You raped me here.
Say something!
Stupid punk!
Such a rat shattered my future.
Damn you!
I'm sorry.
Too late to regret it.
How's your mom?
Fine in her home village.
My mom...
never made lunch for me.
Who would, for scum like you.
You must be.
Call it quits. Get dressed,
Oh, you.
I hated to bother you.
I enjoyed the show.
I won't fight you.
I want to be your buddy.
Bullshit! You tailed me like a cop.
My name is Kizaki. I was kicked out of my gang.
So you want to be a thief?
That's not my game.
I've got a better idea.
We're going to have our own territory.
Our own territory?
You like that, don't you?
Kizaki's idea interested me.
He was in the underground. He was well informed.
Two bosses are competing here.
One is Takigawa, as you know.
The other is Yato. He runs the entertainment racket.
He used to be a street mobster.
He's quiet now, acting like a businessman.
Maybe he only looks that way.
Takigawa makes money by gambling,
running illicit sauna baths
and disreputable bars where they fleece suckers.
But he keeps low.
Anyway, the gangsters are quiet - there's no trouble.
That's why he shuts out the punks.
So they're hungry, looking for chances for easy money.
What if we send them into the Takigawa territory?
He's afraid of a bad reputation, so he can't fight.
It's our chance.
Let's get one thing clear...
Who's boss, you or me?
I'm not for it.
You are.
It's interesting.
What's up?
This is no place for you. Beat it!
Coffee for us!
It's you!
You're still at it.
Boss of punks!
Take my advice. Get out quietly.
Damn asses!
Street gang?
The boss mustn't know!
Go get them!
Get moving!
Pull back!
Chase them!
Don't let them go!
Takigawa's men? What's up?
Let's get them.
This is our territory.
It's against the code to run wild here.
You aren't protecting the punks, are you?
I'm Boss here.
You can't talk to me that way.
They've got no guts.
We saved your asses.
Say something.
That's okay. Let them go.
No more trouble in my territory.
Is he the boss of the Yato Gang?
He's a lot better than Takigawa.
He's like this building.
He looks big and arrogant.
I don't like him.
Damn fools!
You were scared and ran back?
I'm sorry.
I thought it's not the time to fight the Yato Gang.
Damn Yato!
Don't let one or two punks bother us. Get them!
Pull back!
Split up! Run!
This way! Chase them!
It's you.
Have you seen the punks?
Close the door behind you.
That way.
Thanks. Honestly, we're...
I know.
You invited me when we were released from the pen.
If she hadn't been waiting,
I'd have been running wild with you.
I would've done it.
To tell the truth, it was me who cut her face.
I thought she had another guy.
But she waited for me.
I was a fool. So was she.
All I can do is run an eatery.
Anyway, I left the underworld.
I can't join you and risk my life in a gang war.
I see.
I won't bother you.
Thanks for the drink.
We were worried.
They can't get me.
No one was caught?
Good. Let's plan the next raid.
Damn you!
Cut it out!
You can't handle it, can you?
Stay back!
Take my advice.
Go home.
Go home!
Get a doctor!
Stand watch!
Take him.
Finally they beat you. Serves you right!
He was shot.
Don't move him.
What are you waiting for? Get an ambulance!
No! They'd send him to jail.
Too bad!
I'll get a doctor. Put him to bed.
Gently, gently...
Something to wear!
Quick! Examine him!
It's serious.
I can't operate here.
Do it here!
I know you don't have a license.
Get moving!
If he dies, I'll report you!
He needs blood.
Take mine! It's type O.
Takigawa's men...
Will they raid us?
Get an ambulance.
You can't move him.
Be quiet!
They won't come yet.
Keep calm and wait here for me.
Where are you going?
Don't look beaten.
I have an idea.
I won't be long.
Damn it!
Don't worry.
We're safe.
Yato's backing us.
I asked him...
to let us join his gang.
He liked the way we fought. He agreed.
Takigawa can't lay a hand on us.
Mr. Yato is here to see you.
Please come in.
How's the wound?
Stay in bed.
You just stopped bleeding.
Shut up.
Don't push your own idea.
I disagree.
What are you saying?
I don't belong to anybody.
I didn't, and I won't.
Sorry, but forget it.
Why? You want to be killed?
I said, shut up!
You're really a stupid daredevil.
Listen carefully.
Your big talk can't help you.
No matter what you say,
without me, you'd die tonight.
Look at yourself.
Even if you're called names, you can't raise a finger.
Let go of me!
Look what you've done!
He passed out, that's all.
Kizaki, how do you explain all this?
I'm sorry.
He's got a fever.
I'll bring him later to apologize.
Tell him when he wakes up.
Thank you.
You let them join your group?
A gang war can't do you any good.
The cops won't hold still.
It's time to stop.
You may have complaints, but they're just punks.
Now that they joined us, if you don't compromise,
things will be worse than ever.
In the end, wejoined the Yato Gang, and
made peace with Tskigawa.
Two fish back to back turn to face to face.
Ridiculous! Whose silly idea?
Tskigawa didn't like this reconciliation.
But he didn't have the guts to fight Yato.
It's not thatjoining the Yato Gang brought nothing good.
This part ofthe city became my territory.
Gambling parties made money too.
But I didn't enjoy it.
I had no chance to fight.
I didn't like to sit back and watch.
All I could do was make love.
Many girls came and went. Love didn't last.
Sometimes I ran into a good one.
Go in.
What's your name?
How' you doing?
What a beauty!
Name's Yukari.
You ever gamble?
Go ahead.
But I'm afraid.
Anything wrong?
Your new love?
A geisha last time.
A sauna hostess before that...
None of your business!
Beat it!
How can you say that?
Who saved your life?
My blood is in your veins.
Now you fall in love with her?
Shut up!
What are you?
A whore at a bar!
Stay away!
Everybody has red blood.
A whore's blood isn't any different! Ass!
Take her to the clinic!
Sorry for the disturbance. The game will continue.
I'm sorry.
It wasn't nice.
Not when we have customers.
Aren't you in?
You're in.
What do you want?
Don't be mean.
I'm worried.
What a mess! It's unbelievable!
Is it a woman's room?
By the way...
Why didn't you attack me that time?
Usually women try to kill me.
That's right.
I should have.
You wouldn't have been able to kill me, though.
Don't stay in bed so long.
Get up when I talk to you!
If you lay me, pay me.
Because I'm a whore.
You still angry?
I was joking.
I don't like it.
I don't like these things.
Girls, gangsters, everything!
I want to have some fun.
As I look back,
they already started to destroy us.
Takigawa planned it.
Welcome to Tokyo.
Thank you.
Owada of the Saiei from Kobe?
He visited Takigawa with his men.
I see.
Takigawa asked for his cooperation.
Owada wants a foothold in Tokyo.
It benefits them both.
What'll they do next?
Anyway, tell our men to be careful.
Sorry. Please pull back.
Look! It's Takigawa.
Girls are mean here.
I miss Kobe.
They're flirting with the geisha!
Blow the horn!
Be quiet!
We're free to pass!
Go through!
Damn hicks!
Let go of me!
What did you say?
Damn punk!
You bumped into my car!
You started it!
Come on!
Stop it!
That's enough!
This is Mr. Owada of the Saiei Group.
Saiei Group?
Hot-blooded young men!
You know them?
The guys we talked about.
I see.
The rumor was right.
Who cares about the Saiei Group?
Strangers can't talk big here.
You owe me an apology.
Answer me!
You can't say that!
Shut up!
Stop it!
Go back in peace tonight.
We'll discuss it later.
Will you ask Boss Yato what to do?
You stepped on a mine!
Forget it.
The Saiei mob grabbed western Japan. They want Tokyo, too.
And you challenged him!
I understand.
But it's done.
We can't get away.
It's our lives at stake.
Now what?
I heard it.
Cut off a finger.
You're to blame this time.
Apologize to the Saiei Gang.
Speak up!
Don't you understand?
They started the fight.
Why must we apologize?
Gangsters have their own code.
For your own sake, do as I say.
You can't live otherwise.
What if I say no?
No more friendship.
No more?
If you disobey, leave me.
Fine! I'll leave you!
I didn't ask to join you.
Damn ingrate! You'll never know!
Stop it.
This is my last friendly advice:
Leave town separately.
Or you'll all be killed.
That's their usual way.
This is the way groups of thugs are headed now.
How long are you holding me?
I'll kill him. It'll save us.
Let him alone.
It's too late.
He's a real daredevil.
Miyahara, were we like him before?
Let me see.
Maybe worse.
Good old days!
Let's go.
All right.
Kizaki, gather all our money.
Let's say goodbye to this dingy office.
You mean...
We aren't going to run away.
We'll start a guerrilla war.
Our enemy is the Saiei mob.
Get moving!
Damn Saiei punks! They ignore us.
Their target is us.
Sooner or later...
What's funny?
Jiro's photos.
Who's she?
It's the end.
What is?
There's nothing we can do.
Let's go to a small town and start over again.
To run away?
To survive.
It's a lie.
We'll die on the street in the end.
An underdog forgets how to bite its enemy.
So do you.
Once you learn how to run, you can never fight back.
You're quickly spending your nine lives.
These were my pals when I was a punk. We were ten in all.
We fought the Takigawa Gang, but they fled. Never returned.
None of them became a big name.
Only I still remain in the underworld.
Because I never yielded.
I wasted my time.
I'll back out.
I can't get along with you anymore.
This is all the money.
Let's divide it. I'll take my share.
You think you can leave us so simply?
You'll beat me up?
You aren't the type to beat up your pal.
If you were, you wouldn't have destroyed your own gang.
"An underdog forgets how to bite its enemy."
It's you. I'm busy now.
Where do you live?
Why ask that?
Tell me.
The deserted factory. Only for a short time.
We must stop them now.
Or we'll be laughed at.
Kill Owada.
No. Takigawa.
Kill him, then talk with Owada.
That's the only way.
I'll do it.
You have another job.
I'll be going.
It's me.
What? Takigawa shot?
A while ago, when he was with his men.
I see. Yato's smart.
What's up?
Yato's here.
Interesting. I'll see him.
Send him in.
Keep calm.
Yato, what do you want?
Mr. Owada, will you make peace now?
After you killed Takigawa?
Takigawa's territory is yours now.
You captured a fortress to advance into eastern Japan.
You got a reward for coming from Osaka.
You talk straight to me.
Anything else to say?
About the street gang.
The leader will apologize.
So please spare his life.
Don't try to fool us.
You kicked him out of your gang. Why help him?
Shut up!
My Yato Gang is different from street mobsters.
How different?
You don't understand.
But Mr. Owada does.
You're a lot better than Takigawa.
Good! I like it.
You're the first man to challenge me.
All right. Let's make peace.
Get up, buddy!
What's up?
They're coming!
Damn it!
What'll we do?
Stupid! We'll fight! What else?
Load our guns!
They joined forces!
Stop there!
Don't come any closer.
Show yourself! I want to talk!
What is it?
I came to save your lives. Surrender.
Stop resisting.
What if I say no?
Then all of you will die!
Fine! Come on! We're ready!
I know how you feel.
But think of your buddies once in a while.
They're just kids.
It's a pity to make them die with you.
What's up?
I don't want to die!
I'll cut off a finger as a token of apology.
Damn it!
Yasuo! Cut it off!
Your fingers are a worthless gesture!
Give it to me!
A finger or two can't settle this problem.
Keep the promise!
Save his life!
It's just a greeting.
You ruined my face!
It hurts!
To the hospital!
The End
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