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Subtitles for Geisha A 1953.

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Geisha A 1953

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DAIEI presents
From the novel by: KAWAGUCHI Matsutaro
Script: YODA Yoshitaka
Camera: MIYAGAWA Kazuo
Sound: OTANI Iwao
Music: SAITO Ichiro
Sets: KOIKE Kazumi
Lighting: OKAMOTO Ken'ichi
Editing: MIYATA Mitsuzo
Miyoharu, a geisha: KOGURE Michiyo
Eiko, her maiko: WAKAO Ayako
Saeki, her servant: SUGAI Ichiro
Kusuda, a businessman: KAWAZU Seizaburo
Sawamoto, Eiko's father: SHINDO Eitaro
Ogawa, the spurned lover: TANAKA Haruo
Kanzaki, the corrupt civil servant: KOSHIBA Kanji
Kokichi, the handyman: ISHIHARA Sumao
Imanishi: DATE Saburo
Okimi, the madame: NANIWA Chieko
Direction: MIZOGUCHI Kenji
Buy my crickets!
I also have some eels!
And rock candy!
Lies! Do you want your father to disown you?
I hate useless men like you!
How dare you come here again...
You still owe the manager for 3 months' tea house fees!
The pleasure districts are reserved for people who can pay.
I want to marry you.
You are not just a geisha to me.
I don't want to get married.
Then your promise... it was a lie?
A geisha's lie is not a lie.
It is a cornerstone of the profession.
By agreeing to all our customers' requests, do we not entertain them?
What are you doing? Stop!
Go home and stop snivelling.
Work to pay off your debts.
Then we will meet again.
I shall not forget what you just said!
Don't forget your shoes!
Who does he think he is, this hooligan?
You certainly put him in his place!
He is only the son of a bad father.
Eiko, is that you?
- Is the Elder Sister here? - Yes. Why?
Who is it?
The daughter of Ochiyo, your old colleague who died the other day.
Tell her to come in.
- Very well, enter! - Thank you.
What's happened?
Since my mother died, my uncle has been horrible to me.
- He says that she left nothing... - Come with me.
She didn't leave me a penny...
and since the funeral was expensive,
and my mother was only a concubine,
he says I must sleep with him to repay it.
How dare he?
The Elder Sister here paid for everything in remembrance of their friendship!
Be quiet!
Eiko, tell me why you came to see me.
To ask you to help me to become an apprentice-geisha.
To become a maiko?
If I remain with my uncle, bad things will happen to me.
I prefer to be like mother...
The life of a maiko, you know...
it is not as rosy as you might think!
- How old are you? - 16 years.
- What is your family name? - The same as my mother.
Your father... Mister Sawamoto, what became of him?
I didn't see him at the funeral.
I'm afraid that he is sick and his business is failing.
He lives in Nishijin.
Isn't this what I said would happen?
When Ochiyo agreed to be his common-law wife,
Sawamoto had the wind in his sails
and everyone envied her...
but no one knows what the future holds.
Tell me...
Do you know elementary music and the dancing?
Mother taught me.
Stand up.
Turn around.
Pretty figure...
Then... do you agree to teach her?
I can't send her back to her uncle.
But she is not a stray kitten.
Since she has a father, I need his consent.
That's good. I'll arrange it right away.
Kokichi, can you go there?
Do you remember this former customer, Mr. Sawamoto?
It shouldn't be difficult to find him.
How did she dare go to Miyoharu?
What cheek!
I've not had any relations with Miyoharu for a long time now...
and she was no more than a geisha to me.
How could Eiko make such a spectacle of herself?
And she didn't even ask for my opinion!
That doesn't matter now. Do you agree to be her guarantor?
Since she is the daughter of a respected former client,
my mistress wants to observe all the formalities.
And you, as her father,
should, at least, know where she lives....
Don't rush me!
You can see what a state I'm in.
Let me do that...
I'm sick and my business is going badly...
I have enough to worry about.
Please understand that I am unable to pay for my daughter.
But I'm not just a messenger boy,
I can't go back without your agreement.
I understand your position,
but I don't want to interfere in Eiko's future.
And I won't sign your paper.
Henceforth, I want to break off all relations with her.
Now leave me alone!
The boss will not be able to take care of her with respectability.
We absolutely must have his signature.
How many years have you worked in Gion?
I know that, but he won't listen.
This Sawamoto can behave as he likes... but she is his daughter!
That's what I said to him!
That bitter old man!
I'm very sorry!
I expected that he'd refuse to be guarantor.
Elder Sister, without his guarantee...
are you really unable to take me on?
I have no one else to turn to.
Even though it is hard, I don't have a choice.
I will hold firm.
Do you really have no one to take care of you?
Since my mind is made up, you don't need a guarantor.
Please... I want to become a maiko.
Help me.
I will work hard and will become a true maiko, just like on the postcards.
It's easy to say, but the reality is harder. Can you handle it?
To become a geisha like your mother, is very difficult, you know that?
I will endure anything!
- Are you sure? - Certain.
Saeki, listen!
I am going to teach her.
Indeed? Thank's splendid.
As you well know,
visitors to Japan are crazy for the Fujiyama and geishas
who are, for them, the symbols of Japanese beauty.
However, of all these geishas,
the most beautiful and most emblematic
are the young dancers of Gion, the maiko.
Just like No theatre and the tea ceremony,
they are part of Japan's renowned
cultural heritage.
Therefore you must apply yourselves to study
every day, with pride and dignity,
because you will be one day be symbols of Japanese beauty.
Not like that! Bend the elbow higher.
She has had only one year of training,
but she performs the duties perfectly.
She will not embarrass you, and therefore can begin work.
How quickly the time passes!
Is it really a year since she started?
I could introduce her...
customers today are less keen on protocol than they were.
On the other hand, she still needs impeccable manners.
I was a maiko, I know this.
But that won't be sufficient.
She must be very beautiful, and well dressed,
if she is to compete with girls from wealthier houses.
Without the appropriate presentation, no one will hire her for their parties.
I know.
It's why I want to stack the odds in her favour.
Let's see...
at least 300,000 yen is necessary.
Exactly, I wanted to ask you to help me.
Don't joke! You really should have saved it up yourself!
I'm not joking, Madame...
If I had the money, would I put myself through such embarrassment?
I am not so rich either.
But, since it is for you,
I shall try to find the means...
Please! You will have all my gratitude.
It's fortunate for you!
I am surprised too!
Girls on their introduction are always first to arrive!
You can't have slept much With all this excitement.
To sell you better, I am going to make you all beautiful.
Don't fall in love, it's bad for business.
Instead ask the gods to find you a good protector.
Thank you very much.
From today you will be called Miyoei,
thus you become apprentice to the Mistress.
You must never forget it.
You know how much this kimono costs, this belt...
and all accessories including the combs...
and the sandals that you're wearing?
More than 200,000 yen, you know.
Even if you work hard, and attend many parties,
you won't earn a third of that sum.
Which gives you an idea...
of how much the Mistress has done for you.
Saeki and Kokichi, this is for you.
Elder Sister, thank you for everything.
In every Tea House, you will greet the manager very politely.
It is she who will recommend you to her customers.
Speak respectfully!
Miyoharu has a junior...
It is Miyoei!
Miyoharu has a junior...
It is Miyoei.
She is beautiful!
What a vision of loveliness!
Be grateful to your Elder Sister!
Your timing is perfect. Mr. Kusuda's son just got here.
- The manager of Kusuda Motors? - Go in and welcome him.
I understand. Thank you.
- Thank you for your kindness. - Congratulations!
She is beautiful!
It's not very complicated.
You only have to sign it, like so!
It is not as simple as you say.
It's business worth 80 million.
A minor head of department like me can't approve such a deal alone!
It is impossible.
Kusuda and I have heard that you will be the next director.
That depends on headquarters.
Also the fact that I can get you a new refrigerator.
- You embarrass me... - Don't worry about it...
Then I accept.
Make good use of it!
I was a joking.
If I have to haunt you from beyond the grave, I will make you sign.
You are terrible!
- Can we begin? - Yes, go ahead.
- They are ready. - We'll be right with you!
Mr. Kusuda...
Miyoharu brought her maiko with her.
She would like to present her to you.
Excellent! Let's hurry!
- Where are you? - Thank you very much!
Quickly, come on up.
Thank you for your patronage, Madame!
- Sit down quickly! - Good evening! Thank you very much!
- Is this her? - Thank you for your kindness.
Beautiful slip of a girl! What is your name?
She's new at this so please be kind.
Thank you for everything.
What do you think of her? Rather pretty, isn't she?
Mr. Kusuda, this gentleman...?
Don't you know him? Mr. Kanzaki, a friend from the Ministry.
I am Miyoharu. Delighted.
- Do I have something on my face? - No, nothing.
Bravo! You drink well!
A third for the hips!
Mr. Kusuda, don't make her drink too much.
Why not? It's to celebrate her début.
Go ahead, drink! Your Elder Sister is old-style.
- If you listen to her you will lose out. - Thank you very much.
Pretend to drink!
I question it in vain
It doesn't answer
It is the cuckoo
Of the mountain...
- Manager! - Yes?
Tell me!
Does Miyoharu have a lover?
Is it Mr. Kusuda who wants to know?
After all these years or hiring her!
No, you misunderstand! He's interested in the maiko.
- In Miyoei? - Yes.
He's depraved! He knows that this is her début!
I know. I asked you if Miyoharu has a man?
A patron? No.
- Truly? - Yes. it's true.
I'm finalizing my shock tactics.
Watch out!
You are impossible! Get along!
Make sure you don't fall!
How embarrassing!
Intoxicated on the evening of her début!
- I never expected that! - I am sorry!
I'm going to undress.
What a fool!
Can you see what a state you're in?
I didn't know that sake had such terrible effects!
It's the customer's fault that I'm drunk.
I though it was part of my job.
I drank to excess out of professional conscience.
You are indeed a "post-war!"
And you, a "pre-war"!
- What do you mean...? - That you are old-school!
I would like some water!
In a minute.
Thank you very much.
Someone delivered a package for you a little while back.
I put it there.
Ah good?
Thank you for everything.
Sit down.
It is your father's début gift.
Someone must have told him about it...
It is only a cotton kimono, but it's the thought that counts.
He hasn't forgotten you.
If that were true, he would have tried harder when mother died.
It is too late now.
You say that...
because you drank too much.
You are going to have heaps of engagements from now on.
You will meet many people, of all sorts.
Some will have succeeded, others will be failures.
Even though his business is going badly,
your father sent this gift. Not only to thank me,
but also to tell you that he loves you.
You may enjoy being a "post-war", but don't forget your duties and honour.
Duties, that are they? Honour..?
I don't feel well!
My goodness, come quickly!
What a disaster!
The new Constitution established the fundamental rights of the people.
Therefore, your liberty is guaranteed.
- Teacher! - Yes?
If a customer wants to make love by force, during an engagement,
is it also an attack on our rights?
In principle, yes.
Therefore it's a violation of the Constitution.
In that case, isn't it correct that
one should make a complaint?
What a question! Don't you understand my position?
Don't speak of such things here. Instead, go to see a lawyer.
Miyoei, tell me...
Do you know what it means to take a patron?
No, what does it mean?
You really don't know?
I don't think so.
It is as if one got married. One becomes his lover.
Why are you telling me this?
It's necessary that I take a patron.
If he pleases you, what is the problem?
He is an old man of 62 years!
62 years!
You just have to refuse!
Impossible! It is Madame who requires it of me.
How come?
She is also your mother!
Exactly, so it is even more difficult to refuse!
She also took a patron when she was a maiko,
to become a more accomplished geisha. It is the rule, apparently.
I pleaded that I didn't want to, but there's nothing I can do.
Her friends say that I'll do well from it, although it will be hard to begin with.
A patron! For Miyoei?
Mr. Kusuda is very interested in her.
But she has only just started!
It is much too soon...
You don't say! You are indeed too old-fashioned!
Make her take a patron soon. Your life will be much easier!
That's true, nevertheless...
He is the heir to Kusuda Motors.
What complaint could she have?
Let me arrange it and all will be well.
Listen, Madame...
the young are not as we were.
They have their ideas and they hold on to them dearly.
If a suitor doesn't please them, they won't tolerate him.
You waste your time listening to them.
You incur great expense looking after this girl.
And there is the money I lent you when she made her début.
You will have to repay me one day.
In fact, I didn't want to tell you...
but it was Mr. Kusuda...
who lent it to me.
- The same man? - That's him.
But it was... it was you who I came to!
How did you think I would get so much?
You pleaded so beautifully that I, in turn, had to plead with Mr. Kusuda.
I even had to promise him the girl.
How could you...?
Besides, the root issue is that...
you should never have taken her on. You don't have a patron.
Instead of carrying this burden, you should take a lover yourself.
I'm too old.
You're joking! You are still young! Think about it!
Yes, we're fine here.
At Mme. Yoshikimi's?
Both of them? I understand.
Mr. Kusuda waits you at the Yoshikimi house.
Eiko, go on ahead.
OK, I'm going.
- Good evening. - Welcome!
- Good evening Madame! - Welcome!
Are you going to the dance festival on the 15th?
Will you go to Tokyo?
I would like to...
You should go. Mr. Kusuda wishes to take you.
Truly? That's wonderful!
Not that way! Today, you are in the pavilion.
It is so hot! You should change your clothes!
- No, I'm fine like this. - Indeed?
Good evening!
Thank you.
I'll leave you.
And Mr. Kusuda..?
- He is upstairs. - Ah good?
It has been a while...
Do you remember me?
Of course, yes!
It sounds very lively upstairs.
Kusuda likes to amuse himself with young people.
When one is having fun, one feels young again.
I don't share his tastes.
Because you are still young.
Maybe that's it.
Perhaps that's why I prefer my women more like you.
How charming! Thank you very much!
You flatter me!
It is a shame not to have a patron at your age.
There is no "why"!
I don't see shame in it.
Stop this insolence at once!
Mr. Kusuda is one of the best clients in this district.
Is that so? In that case, I shall study him closely.
Think about it?
I will answer you when I have considered it. Thank you very much.
I need a shamisen.
A shamisen.
I was surprised to find Mr. Kanzaki all alone.
You know... he is a very important customer of Mr. Kusuda's.
You must raise your tone with him.
It appears that he felt love at first sight for you.
- You're joking! - Not at all! It's true!
And Miyoei, that did you say to her?
Hey well, I must say that we don't think alike.
I don't understand the young.
Did she refuse?
She didn't let anything slip.
She could even be in love with Mr. Kusuda.
- How long have you been there? - For a little while.
Why are you looking at me like that?
You are a strange one.
Don't move. I wish to study you.
To study me?
Mr. Kusuda,
Miyoharu wants to come with you to Tokyo.
Indeed? Very well!
- Miyoei, you can come too! - Can I?
No problem! Miyoharu will be with you.
Let's have a drink and go to sleep.
I can't sleep!
It is my first journey in Tokyo.
I am too excited to sleep.
I am going to stay up.
Then go and chat with Mr. Kusuda.
He's in the restaurant-car.
Here, take him this.
Oh no! Back at work I am of service,
but here, I'm a "lady."
What cheek!
The man will come to serve us!
It's father!
Here you are..!
Mr. Sawamoto!
- It's been a long time... - Are you well?
I saw you at Kyoto station,
but I didn't dare speak to you.
But then, since you take care of my daughter, I swallowed my pride...
She is so grown up. I hardly recognised her.
I'm going.
But your father is here!
Let her go.
Poverty gnaws at me and rots my whole, stinking body.
Thank you, thank you so much.
Don't be dispirited!
If you obsess about your poverty you will never achieve anything!
I know, but I am crippled by debt.
I run right and left.
This time, a bright star leads me to flee my creditors.
I have the faint prospect of a loan
from someone I am going to see, in Tokyo.
Ah, thank you very much.
If that doesn't work out, I'll have to throw myself under a train.
Kyoto is finished for me.
Ah good?
Hello, Mr. Kanzaki?
I'm still waiting for your answer...
Have you come to any decision?
So you will let me know tomorrow?
That's great.
Where are you at the moment?
In the office? Sorry to bother you so late.
Hurry up then! I'm waiting for you.
I brought the Kyoto girls along.
Miyoharu and Miyoei... I assure you!
Well? Was the dancing good?
Yes, very good.
Are you taking Miyoei to Ginza?
I'll take her for a drink in a bar that I know.
Do you genuinely care for her, Mr. Kusuda?
What's up with you all of a sudden?
If she is just a diversion for you,
please leave her be.
She is an impetuous character.
I feel like a mother who's marrying off her daughter.
If you are serious, I would be most delighted.
You seem so serious that I am incapable of answering.
Good, don't worry. I'm going to speak to her.
I made you wait...
What's this! Where do you plan to go in this get-up?
- To Ginza, to a bar. - You are incredible!
It's my uniform.
If I put on a plain kimono, I am just a banal woman.
With this outfit, everyone will see that I am a maiko of Gion.
In times like these, it's necessary to touch people's hearts.
- I give in! - Shameless girl!
Your colleague is here, sir.
Thank you for making the effort.
What a nightmare! I've killed myself getting here.
I believe it!
I am exhausted!
I see! Go take a bath then...
rid yourselves of the office sweat...
and come back ready for pleasure...
- Show the gentleman... - That way.
Come here a minute.
Do you understand?
You spend the night with Mr. Kanzaki.
What? That's not why I came to Tokyo!
You've got to be joking! Mme. Yoshikimi should have spoken to you!
No, not a word.
That's the reason I brought you to Tokyo.
And now you speak of misunderstandings!
You ask too much of me!
You spring it on me here, out of the blue!
I am upset by this too.
If you refuse, all my plans are for nothing.
Just this once, stop being so independent.
See to it that I don't lose face.
For me...
it is a matter of life and death.
You only have to close your eyes!
In exchange, I guarantee your future.
I will become your patron, if you want.
But nevertheless...
I implore it of you.
Ah, Mr. Kanzaki!
I brought you your beloved.
Thank you for the other day.
Still seductive, I see!
Is there anything else you have to say, Kusuda?
No, indeed not!
Mr. Kanzaki is tired. Take good care of him.
And you, Mr. Kanzaki, don't burn too much weight off her!
Good night!
There she is!
Do you really want to go to Ginza in this outfit?
- Of course! - What an innocent!
What's the matter?
Don't you want to wear it?
- What do you want? - Come closer!
My hair!
Elder Sister!
Do you want a taste? This cheese is very good.
Elder Sister!
Eiko, what happened to him?
What did you do!?
I am sorry.
Are Miyoharu and Miyoe here to apologise?
Miyoharu came alone, so I sent her away without seeing her.
I can't apologise enough.
It's the first time that this has ever happened to me!
If I let something like this pass,
I shall be the laughing stock of the district.
They must apologise, the rules are very strict...
But I hope to continue seeing you as before...
Don't speak of Miyoei now.
The problem is Miyoharu. She humiliated Mr. Kanzaki.
The boss is furious.
How come? Miyoharu refused Mr. Kanzaki.
Because of her insolence,
we lost a contract for 80 million.
If that order doesn't come,
we will be very close to bankruptcy.
Without this order,
the factory can't work and the situation is catastrophic.
Is it really that serious?
We invested a lot of money in this project,
in order to secure the contract.
You know that as well as we do!
Do you understand?
I follow you.
Mr. Kanzaki is freezing us out.
He wants nothing more to do with us.
Does he still want Miyoharu, despite all this?
It would seem so...
Then all is not lost. I shall arrange it personally.
- You will? - I shall!
- Do you swear it? - I swear!
He wouldn't even see me.
The doctor told to me that he will need a month in hospital.
Your bite seriously injured him!
I regret what I did.
But it was the only way to defend myself.
So you are not attracted to Mr. Kusuda after all?
Why then, did you go to Tokyo?
Forgive me! I'm sorry!
Hello... yes, she is here.
Wait a moment.
It's Mme. Yoshikimi.
Is that you, Madame?
I am very sorry indeed...
Of course. I am on my way.
Let me go and apologise.
Not today!
A customer of the pleasure districts can ask anything.
If a geisha can't handle such a situation with tact, who can?
On this occasion, you should have let him do it and kept your mouth shut.
This is not a routine job! He is a very important customer.
I am too ashamed to show my face in public.
What do you intend to do about it?
I am sorry.
That is not sufficient!
You and Miyoei are a pretty pair!
It appears that you humiliated Mr. Kanzaki.
How much longer are you planning to embarrass me?
Please... it is too much to ask of me.
You should have told me in advance. And after, with all the commotion...
You are not a child anymore!
Is this the behaviour that one expects of a geisha?
Aren't you making a mockery of your years of training?
And to whom do you owe your success?
Couldn't you repay me just a little?
You know that just one word from me is law here in Gion...
Of course I know that!
If a geisha doesn't please you, she doesn't work in Gion.
Think hard! You know what you are letting yourself in for!
You are the one who is most at fault for this.
As for Miyoei, we shall speak of her again when Kusuda recovers.
I can't allow the situation with Mr. Kanzaki to continue.
If you take care of his needs, and thus help Mr. Kusuda,
I will ask him to forget all this
and I shall continue to employ you, just as before. What do you say?
But Madame,
if I don't like him, it is not so simple...
That kind of attitude is fine for the rich.
Try putting on such airs when you don't have a penny!
Don't forget your debt.
The 300,000 yen loaned by Mr. Kusuda for Miyoei's début...
How do you intend to earn it? Will you return it to me?
I'm going to do my best to repay you.
I am pleased to hear it.
Don't come back here until you have settled this business.
Good evening.
Elder Sister, I'm ready for work.
What a disaster!
Shall I dress you?
Yes, that's correct.
She is ready to leave.
Ah indeed?
Who was it?
Mme. Okano doesn't want Eiko.
Her party has been cancelled.
I'll get it.
This is Miyoharu.
Is it you, Mme. Otomo?
So you don't need me, is that right?
Good evening!
I am from the Mantomi house...
It's about your engagement for tonight...
I am most sorry, but...
It's just that my manager says...
It useless to come, is that it?
That's right. I am very sorry.
Thank you very much! Goodbye!
That's exactly how it happened ...
Ouch! You bit me for real!
Send the biter to me! I would like to party with her!
- Impossible! - Why?
She is on holiday. Yoshiharu too.
Mme. Yoshikimi is furious and forbids hiring them.
One tea-house manager can't restrict the trade of others.
District Office regulation.
That's worthless. Mme. Yoshikimi is too powerful.
The other managers wouldn't dare affront her.
That's harsh!
We've spoken enough of that! Let's dance!
It's the Festival soon...
if we aren't allowed to work,
we can't even go there to sell ice creams.
Elder Sister,
I am going to see Mme. Yoshikimi
to accept Mr. Kusuda's offer.
Are you mad!
Don't speak such foolishness!
I've thought a lot since...
about what you did that evening.
Of course, you were wrong to wound a customer,
but I understand completely how you felt.
Is Miyoharu there?
- Enter! Come right in! - Thank you very much!
What's the matter?
I wanted to hire you for a reconciliation, but you were on vacation...?
You seem in good spirits! You are hardly recognisable.
After you spurned me,
I started working like a mad.
As a result, I'm earning a fortune.
Tell me, you must be stony broke...
Would you like me to help you? How much do you need?
Thank you very much. Maybe, some other time.
As much as you could want...
I can give you as much money as you want.
Now, it is money that excites me.
And it is you that made me this way.
Wait, a gift... an ice cream. It is very cold...
As cold as you.
It is the waltz of the geishas...
The waltz of the memory...
When a geisha smiles...
It costs you a fortune...
Elder Sister!
Throw that away!
Miyoei, have courage!
Don't let it get you down.
Hold fast!
Don't give up on yourself, Miyoei!
Thank you very much.
Good evening!
Good evening, sir!
Is Miss Miyoharu there?
Who is it?
It is you, Mr. Sawamoto!
What luck to find you at home so late!
I feared you would be out.
Enter, I pray you.
Is Miyoei well?
Is she at an engagement?
Not exactly...
Excuse the inconvenience.
Your home is very pretty...
you live much better than I do.
Here... a modest gift...
Thank you very much.
You know...
It is nothing special.
By the way, Miss Miyoharu...
I have something to ask you.
If it is impossible, too bad for me.
Is it about money?
Didn't it work out in Tokyo?
It turned out I was mistaken and they wouldn't lend me anything.
I have no further recourse than you.
The stock from my shop has been seized
and the landlord is hunting me.
I must find...
50 or 100 thousand yen at the very least.
Otherwise, I have no choice but to hang myself.
So? Can you not help me?
Do you believe me rich?
If I was, I would gladly help you...
but that amount is impossible!
I understand...
But you should be able to share, at least.
Thanks to you, Eiko has acquired a certain renown...
and she must earn well for you.
I am not without entitlement to this small service from you...
What do you mean by that?
You have a nerve!
After refusing to be Eiko's guarantor,
aren't you ashamed to bother me?
That was then...
Today, I am completely ruined.
To be honest, Eiko and I can't work anymore.
How come?
There was a small problem.
Take this ring, this comb and this watch.
It is everything that I can give you.
Use them well.
Indeed? Thank you. I am most grateful.
Now stop skulking like a coward,
and counting on your daughter's charity.
Thank you.
You aren't very talkative.
I'll go as soon as the much-awaited lady arrives.
Have a little patience.
Not need for that, you are fine.
What kindness...
You're getting me confused!
I had to beg Mr. Kanzaki to go...
to House Nakanishi, in Kiya-cho, another district!
It is absolutely essential to arrange it for tonight,
or it is bankruptcy for my company.
I'll not move an inch from this spot until Miyoharu arrives,
even if you have to drag her here.
I will stay here until I see her.
I understand.
Go to Nakanishi. I promise to bring her to you.
- Truly? - Trust me.
I'm not joking!
She will come. I can do it.
Yes, it's me.
Who's that! Is it you, Madame?
Well good evening.
Eiko..! Is she there?
She came to apologise.
She asked me to take her to see Mr. Kusuda...
but I must seek your approval.
Maybe I should keep Eiko with me tonight...
That's out of the question...
send her back to me immediately.
Then come to see me for a moment...
Will you do that?
Listen... you are required at House Nakanishi, in Kiya-cho...
...for Mr. Kanzaki.
I need to discuss it with you.
I shall keep Eiko here until you arrive.
My dear, call Mme. Yoshikimi.
Is that Mme. Yoshikimi's?
One moment, I beg you.
Is it you, Madame?
Very well, I shall come to see you...
In exchange, you must send Eiko back here immediately.
Good. I will see you at House Nakanishi, in Kiya-cho.
Yes, I'll leave immediately. Thank you.
My dear, get me ready quickly.
Idiot! Are you proud of yourself? Go home!
- She's here. - Indeed? Thank you.
Is she here? Where?
Quickly! Hurry up!
We'll do all that later!
- Madame, I thank you. - Thank you for coming.
Thank you. Thank you very much.
He thinks only of you. He's losing sleep!
What a story!
Take a glass.
You are providential indeed. We are saved.
And will you forgive Miyoei?
Because you do this! From tomorrow, you will regain your customers.
Empty your glass! Empty it quickly!
That's it!
Who is it?
It is I... Miyoharu.
I knew you would come...
I'm returning Miss Miyoharu's clothes.
Thank you, that's kind.
- Where is she? - She left just before noon.
With whom?
I don't know...
But tonight, you are both required
for the Festival.
Eiko too?
- At what time? - 6 o'clock.
I'm off. Goodbye.
Don't just stand there. We have to get you ready.
Eiko, get moving!
It's me.
Welcome back!
- Wait, this is for you. - Thank you very much.
- Mme. Yoshikimi wants you tonight. - I know.
Eiko, are you getting ready?
Come here.
Didn't you want a summer purse?
I also bought you some sandals.
And this summer belt Isn't it splendid?
Do you like it?
Where did you find the money?
You don't have to worry about that.
You spent the night at Yoshikimi's...
Not very astonishing for a geisha...
If you spent the night, with a man you don't like,
substituting for me,
I shall stop being a maiko!
What are you saying?
I didn't do anything of the kind!
You liar!
It's all a lie!
The symbols of Kyoto! The Japanese beauties! Lies!
Those who sell themselves succeed...
and the misfits like me are boycotted.
If I ever have to sell myself to survive, I shall resign!
You should resign, too!
Be quiet, insolent girl! How dare you say that?
It is not insolence, I respect you too much!
If you want to resign, don't hesitate!
But afterwards, what will you do? Return to your uncle?
Will you go to your father? Just try it!
Listen to me, Eiko.
Myself, I am broken by the dark side of this profession.
It is too late for me...
But for you, it is different. I want to protect you, to keep you clean.
The world is hard, you know...
It's difficult to follow the righteous path you choose.
But I am resolved to help you on that path, as best I can.
I am all alone, without parents, brothers or sisters.
I carry much tenderness within me...
To tell you the truth, Eiko...
I didn't want to speak to you of this,
but your father came here the other evening.
I did everything I could to help him.
It was a matter of life and death for him...
But I also did it because he is your father.
A lonely man, even if he is rich or influential,
suffers in his solitude.
Take our case, for example.
When we were banished from work,
we comforted each other, didn't we?
You know, Eiko,
you are not a stranger to me.
You are my family.
Do you understand?
Elder Sister!
Did you understand?
Mind your hair!
You should see yourself!
From today, I am your patron.
Let's go! Your makeup needs doing!
You just wait to see the jewellery that I'm going to get you!
The whole district will be astonished!
Mme. Otomo?
Yes. At 8 o'clock? Thank you.
Mme. Mantomi?
10 o'clock. Is that alright?
Did you hear?
Yes, it's okay. You can accept.
Tonight, it's the Festival. We have work!
I'm late, I beg your pardon.
Can I help?
Subtitles: NiX for Fileheaven
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