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Gaz Bar Blues CD2

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For God's sake! You'll drive me mad!
- What's that tick? - A pitcher's motion.
- I'd put him on Valium pretty quick.
- Your kid's car.
- Where is he? - I dunno.
His Chicoutimi pal called me to get it in Laurentian park.
- When? - Last night.
You would've worried.
Any news?
- None. He went to play music. Never says where.
How much do I owe you? - It's OK. Some othertime.
Where should I put it? - By the fence.
- He must be fine or he'd call.
- I just don't get you guys!
You take care of the pumps. I'll call 911 and the police.
Bloody hell.
- It's not the end of the world. It's just 3 hours.
- This is silly.
- Make an effort.
- Listen, Nathalie...
I'm 55. I worked all my life to raise a family. I know effort.
It's humiliating to be sent here for crafts and cold baths.
- It's not arts and crafts. It's coordination exercises.
- Do something for me? - What?
- Find Guy.
- I'll call his girlfriends.
Shall I get you at noon? - No, I'll walk back...
Practice my coordination.
- There's a letter from Réjean.
- Right, Joe. I already got enough bad news.
(Réjean): Hi. I'm fine. Can't say the same for Berlin.
It's insane here. People are obsessed with cash.
The Reunification looks like a garage sale.
The wall's not falling, it's being chipped away;
pieces of graffiti for sale.
They got to it, chiselling away
the bottom 6'in a week.
Now they have to do the top with ladders.
Honeymoon's over.
I had a fight with Erika.
She thinks East Berliners bring only moroseness
when they come west. She can go to hell
with her blasé friends
at her pretentious bar. I hate it there, so...
I rarely see Erika. We're growing distant.
She starts work at 3;00 am.
When she gets back, I'm off shooting pickauers.
I've come to hate them,
and their chiselling.
The hammering drives me nuts.
It's constant and irritating.
The omnipresent picking.
For relief, I go to East Berlin. It's mellower. The beer's cheap.
People can be disappointing.
In the end, maybe the fall of the wall means nothing.
See you soon. Réjean.
- What's he say? - No idea.
It's full of pointless swearing.
- He makes sense. It's the way he says it.
- He's beside himself.
- It's the selenoid. - Right.
- What do you know? - I've done mechanics.
- It's his carburator. I told him to go get one and I'd change it.
- It's worth more than the car!
- I don't drink. I went to severance meetings...
- What a wreck!
The driver's mangled?
- We don't know.
Good night.
- Dad? Inspector's here. I didn't realize.
I washed the windows but didn't check the oil.
- Darn it.
- He wants to see you.
- Here, take this.
Good evening. - Paul Gobeil, regional inspector.
Not very impressive, Mr Brochu. - He's young. In training.
- Not your underage employee. I mean that.
Makes the company look bad.
- I get your point, but those people are regulars.
I can't barthem, they're customers.
They buy cigarettes, soft drinks, etc.
- And we sell gas. Look at that.
Women, cigarettes...
One guy's drinking. They're laughing...
It's more like a pub than a gas station.
I'm putting this in my report.
- They'll leave soon.
- This is no good. Nothing has improved here.
You flout company standards.
What about the wrecks? It looks like a scrap yard.
I'll park overthere and write my report.
- What does he want? - He's an inspector.
- Damn. - Come on, guys. Let's go.
- He can go to hell. This is our place.
- We're leaving and so are you.
- Jesus Christ!
- G'night, Boss. - Good night.
- Got the gin? - Yeah.
- Snack truck's not here? - No.
- That jerk's late.
Any sign of Guy?
- The cops are on it.
- No fatal accidents in the paper.
They're gonna put balloons
in the steering that inflate in a crash.
What if you're smoking?
The balloon pops, or you burn your face? Doesn't say.
- Hi. How're you?
- Time to go.
- You're mad? - Look at your car.
I feared the worst. - Sorry.
I didn't do it to hurt you.
This Chicago band asked me to stay 3 nights.
It was packed. I had to. - They had no phone?
- I know I should've called. (service bell ringing)
The show was held over.
He's really mad.
- Hasn't slept in 3 days.
- Whatcha doing? - Getting ready forwork.
- Your shift was last Saturday. Too late.
- You're wiped out. I'll work doubles.
- You'll do no such thing. You're fired.
I've had it.
Go play music in the Saguenay, join Réjean in Berlin, whatever.
But count me out.
Get out.
- Regular's 56.4 and Super's 59.7.
- I can't match 56 cents!
I should close. - Yoyo was there.
- No wonder self-serve's popular. Everyone here's on welfare!
makes 'em think they're working, saving money. It'll take over.
Right? - You got a theory for everything!
- Not only that! It's cheaper because the overhead's lower.
It's true! They hire teenagers at $4 an hour.
It's computerized and automatic.
Kids know about computers, eh, Alain?
Everything'll be computerized soon.
(service bell ringing) - I'll go.
- You're so stupid, Joe.
You just blindly recite the papers.
Everyone comes here! You got no car,
yet you're here 12 hours a day. Why?
You'd rather be here with us than alone at home.
Where'll you go when they change this place for a 3' x 3' box
with a kid operating
the goddamn computer?
The time will drag, eh Joe? Nowhere to chat or drink coffee.
(blow out) Drat!
The air's too fast for bikes!
- I told you to post a drawing to warn people.
- Alain.
Go get an innertube.
Is she gonna move?
Don't just stand there. Come in!
Move it!
Here's a nice new one.
Careful inflating it. I'll show you how.
You can't blow it out every time, eh?
(Réjean): Hello.
Things are better now. I left Erika's.
I fled to East Berlin. I feel better on this side
of the wall. I like the houses, the faces,
the ambient air. It's like everything's painted grey.
People know how to live. The old folks
take theirtime.
It's like our place. But it won't last long.
They keep opening the wall.
People come and bother us.
I wish they'd stop pick-axing. I can hear it from here.
I'd better not step on a box of dynamite.
It'll be ugly.
I like this side the way it is.
The other day,
I wanted to make up with Erika
but she was too knocked out to talk. I left. Weird.
We're always drunk, but at different times.
Things seem senseless.
Don't understand what's in or around me.
I want out.
At the pub, people talk.
I may not speak German,
but I can see they're furious.
Easterners think they were royally screwed
for 40 years. Then overnight, they're told
Communism's over. It was no good.
Their efforts were misplaced. They despise
the fall of the wall.
Forty years of shit and spy-on-thy-neighbour.
Then they're told, "On to the next thing."
Dunno how I'd react to being made obsolete.
Anyway, gotta find a way to stop it,
bring things to a halt. It won't be pretty. Bye.
- What's that? - Carrier's Vandura.
- Easy. His valves snap. - Most of them do here.
- You're right on.
How about the pizza delivery? - Sure thing.
- You went to Italy forthis?
So, Nelson?
- What was it? - Never heard that one.
Gimme a hint.
- Four-cylinder.
- I know that! That's no hint!
- It's European.
- A sputtering Renault 12? - Volkswagen.
- What? No way.
- Diesel Rabbit. - You owe me $11.
- Diesels don't count. - A bet's a bet. Loser pays.
- Sneak. This fell on the ground.
- No, it didn't. - Damn liar!
- Maybe a bit. - How's that?
Falling is falling. - I picked it right up!
- So you take it. - What a whiner.
- I'm not whining! I'll eat it. I better not hit any stones.
- Let me see that. Come on.
This is fine. Here.
- Pete, cut the crap.
- Now what? - You switched!
- You're a pain. Just eat and shut up. (service bell ringing)
- Fill 'er up. I really gotta piss.
- Hi, Michaud. - Nelson.
- No way he's holding his dick. - Perfect.
- You're busted, rat!
- Stealing on my shift? Know the punishment?
- Come on, guys. I don't want to steal.
I just can't help it. I won't do it again.
You've cured me.
- Stop snivelling or it'll be worse.
- How much do you deserve? - Guys...
Please, no. Not that.
- How much?
- Half an hour?
- No. One hour, in 4 shots.
You better do all 4 or yourwife and kids'll know you're a thief.
OK, Nelson.
- How about something else? I'm allergic to cold.
- Get in.
- Get in, it'll refresh your mind.
- Don't tell the boss. - Too late forthat.
- Wasn't there pizza?
Little fucker.
Lost, Coyote?
- Cruising around. I'm allowed.
- Go somewhere else! - Sure thing.
(service bell ringing)
(TV): There's been another arrest.
In Berlin, police apprehended a young Québécois
trying to rebuild the wall, no less.
Réjean Brochu, 28, was arrested last night
following complaints. The young man,
was inebriated and alone during the arrest.
A decision is still pending.
Canadian authorities
are handling the situation. Brochu has no prior record.
- I'm just helping you! I'm working for you!
This wall must not fall! This wall must not fall!
- Yeah, I know.
- Réjean?
- The Embassy put him on a plane. He arrives tomorrow.
- Did you see this? It's no joke!
"A Canadian citizen" - Réjean -
"was arrested yesterday in a state of delirium-"
- OK, that's enough.
- What?
For once, it's someone we know, and he's not a thug!
- Why Réjean?
Why's he in the paper? - He went nuts.
- He's not nuts.
- Can't hold his liquor. It's not a federal case.
- Gimme a quarter. - Not now, Dan.
- I'm back. - Come on.
- Any news of your brother? - Dad'll get him tomorrow.
- Alain, gimme your keys.
- What're you doing? - Don't ask.
- It's between us. - For his own good.
- But that's senseless! - Want 25c? Sit on that.
I gotta tell you a couple things.
- Stop staring, I'm not crazy.
- Looked pretty dumb on TV.
- I went on a 3-week bender and ended up losing it.
- Thought you could rebuild the wall by yourself?
- 'Course not. - So why'd you do it?
- It was symbolic.
- Explain it to me, I'm lost.
- OK.
They're all revelling, but they don't realize what's in store.
- And you do?
- Look, Dad... Berlin is like gas stations.
The West, snazzy self-serve.
The East, shabby, like yours. The big guys win, understand?
- You think I'm an imbecile?
All those detours end with that?
The world's changing and I'm lagging.
You think I'm blind?
- No, but why bother changing unless it makes you happy?
You don't have to.
- Go rest, you're tired.
- Where're you going? - To work.
Any phone calls?
- Yeah, two.
Your supervisors called. You've been playing hooky.
- What?
- The principal wants to know why Alain's been absent.
The rehab director asks if you're forfeiting your place.
Seems you neverwent.
You've an appointment tomorrow. I'll drive you before work.
- You need to rest. - No...
You rest, Alain'll go to school, and I'll go in to work.
G'night, Dad.
- You hate the station. That's why you got sick.
- I'm not sick, I'm fine.
Don't you worry.
I'll leave sooner next time.
- Good night.
- See you later. - Right.
- Oh, boy! If it ain't the Concrete King!
- Hello, Mr Savard. - Building underthe influence?
- Let's get one thing straight.
I won't talk about what happened. OK?
- Not even the girl?
- What girl? - A looker.
- Yeah, quite a looker. - So?
How was it?
- How was what?
- Stop bluffing. German girls must be fine.
- Quite something. She had no French, me no German.
We did it in English. - You're such a pain!
- It's true!
(service bell ringing) - Watch out.
Company inspector.
- So?
- He's on the boss's case.
- Not asking about the oil, or if that'll be all?
- Depends. Don't wanna be pushy.
- Not big on cleaning either.
- Whadya know? Some dust. Here, go wild.
- We're miscommunicating.
- Right.
Come on, shine it up! Go ahead.
- Let go, or else your dad'll regret it.
- Was that a threat? Are you trying to scare me?
Don't read newspapers? I'm nuts! Read all about it.
Don't you know I'm dangerous? Come on, get over here!
C'mere, pal!
Listen, Paul Gobeil of 122 des Érables.
My dad's bone tired. If you ever pester him, I'll come after you,
and show you the meaning of "regret".
- So?
- Nothing much. It's been quiet.
- Nothing ever happens.
- Any mail?
- What's that doodad?
- Pottery.
- What's it for?
- Ashtray. I thought, while we're at it,
let's make something useful. A big ashtray.
- Can I try it?
- That's what it's for.
- Well...
Works great.
- All the rage. Everyone wants one. I'll have to work nights.
- Jesus! I forgot Michaud!
(Michaud): Dan! Dan!
Alright, Dan, you can get off.
- Dan, get off!
- I'd love to help you but...
I don't get it. This is math? - Yeah.
- Your multiplication... - Hold up!
The cash!
Come on!
- Hand yours over.
- C'mon, hand it over!
- Don't hurt him!
- Shut up! I call the shots!
- Let my son go!
It's the just the cops.
Look at me.
- Stand up straight, fuck! - Look!
- Stay in your cars, fuckers!
What're they doing here?
- Coyote?
- You shut up!
- Let him go. Listen...
I'll take his place, OK?
- No way.
- I won't cause trouble.
- You're slow!
- Take me instead!
Damn you, Coyote!
Take me!
- Non, non, no!
- Nobody move, for fuck's sake!
- Come on! Get him out of there.
- We're going out.
You walk straight, kid.
- You're not going with him.
Not with him, no way. - Move,
or I'll blow his head off. - Listen...
- Move! - Listen to me...
We'll take my car... and go together. Let him go.
I'll take his place. We'll both leave in the car. It'll be fine!
- OK... OK. But don't screw with me.
- Behind the counter, son.
And don't move. Here.
We'll be fine. Stay there.
- We're coming out!
No stunts!
Let me through or I'll shoot!
Move aside! Back off!
I'll waste him!
I will, motherfuckers!
Back off! You back off!
Clearthe parking lot!
- Send a bus, someone got shot.
- How's Alain feeling? - Just fine.
Little nipper's tough.
You should've seen the gun that was pointed at him.
He's just a kid!
- What's on your mind?
- The list.
- What list?
Your mental list? - My list of mistakes.
It's long. - Come on, Dad.
- Want to hearthem?
I fired Guy, and he moved out.
Réjean was so fed up, he went to Berlin.
Almost went crazy.
And today...
Alain almost got killed, a bullet in the head.
I try to keep my boys near me, at work.
I'm losing them one by one.
- Let's go in.
- No, you go...
I'll join you.
- Don't fret here alone in the dark.
- That's your image of me? An old man,
fretting in the dark? - Not at all.
I picture you at the Games. - The Québec Games?
- Rememberwhen I won the 400 meters?
I didn't know you'd come.
Leaving the turn before the final sprint...
I heard my name.
I saw you by the track,
yelling, "Don't look back, they're way behind!"
In your overalls, smoking.
I heard you.
I ran as fast as I could.
I felt someone pass me on the left.
It was you,
running with your cigarette, saying, "Great, Nathalie!
You're in front. You'll win!"
You were so hyped, you beat me.
- I did that?
- That, and much more.
You've done enough. Stop worrying about us.
- Only you had no coach.
- There's a $5 cover!
- Thank you!
And the livin'is easy
Fish are jumping
And the cotton is high
Yo daddy's rich
Yo daddy's rich
And yo mama's good lookin'...
(CIosed for good. F. Brochu)
- Not taking anything?
- Nothing much to take.
- Maybe not.
- If you want anything, help yourself, Gaston.
I'll empty the safe.
- It depended on the day.
- What did?
- Some days, you could take something good.
- Certainly not money. - Heck, no!
We sure had fun sometimes.
- What was that?
- We rounded up a gang of crazy guys here.
- Want me to cry?
- Guess I'll take this.
- That's fine.
Keep in touch.
- Right.
G'night, Boss. - Good night, Gaston.
- So it's true? - What's true?
- The boss locked up for good.
- Come on, no way. He can't do that.
- Sure he can. He already has.
- Where is everyone?
Wanna try the corner store?
- Sure.
- He's left off pitching motions in favour of making real moves.
Subtitling DVD, CNST, Montreal
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