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Subtitles for Gauyat Sandiu Haplui - Saviour of the Soul.

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Gauyat Sandiu Haplui - Saviour of the Soul

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He's wearing a bullet proof vest!
Shoot him in the head!
Although you saved me from jail
We're still not out of danger
The day we joined the Green Dragon Society
We two seem to have been imprisoned for life
But the jail of the Green Dragon Society,
is too big for us to escape
In these 20 years, I've done many successful cases
But the failure of the assassination of Princess Yuki
was caused by my wrong judgement
I know the rules of our society pretty well
I've made many contributions,
but no matter how many contributions I made
they don't compensate my fault
You've been tailing me for 3 months, what do you want?
We both work for a master
Mine is a client
Remember, I'm a city soldier
I'm May Yiu
Release the princess now
I won't remember the name of a dead person
My fate and my eyes...
are ruined by this woman
I've never begged you, right?
Kill her for my sake!
Then, I can die at ease
I'll do it!
My good student!
A good master will not treat his fellows badly
My life, is my deposit
Silver Fox, I'll pay the rest in my next life
See you!
Master, this grave is especially prepared for you
Die in peace
Sorry, I'm late
May I know...
May I know what you are looking for?
Be patient!
You'll see the greatest invention of the world soon
Siu Chuen, what're you talking about?
May's sister is testing her new invention now
It's called "Suffocate bullets"
I'm successful now!
The gas tube exploded!
How are you, sister
Is it dangerous?
Stay back!
Let me use my "dagger bomb"
Stand behind the yellow line
Is it a prize?
Don't look at me
From my experience
This is a natural retreat
This is not related to my new invention
Do you agree?
Softer please!
I'm hurt by a grenade,
not a needle
This is the information sent by the police
Who do you think murdered Old Eagle?
The only one it could be...
is his best friend
His name is Silver Fox
Silver Fox?
May, please don't take this case!
You're still young,
quit your job and get married
Some time ago... someone told me the same thing
When I worked in the office
I dreamt of an exciting life
Later, I met you and May
Then started my life as a city soldier
After all these years...
I hope to have an ordinary life
You won't understand!
If I ask, from the sun and the moon,
which one will you choose?
I'll choose cake
Don't you understand? Is it too difficult to understand?
Both of us can't understand what we are talking about
One is attentive
the other active
You can't stay together
Sister, Siu Chuen gave me a ring
He asked me to marry him
Maybe, I'm only the secret admirer
Actually, Ching hasn't mentioned...
his love to me
Maybe, he doesn't like me
Do you love the concubine?
Damn it!
Why are you so happy?
I won't tell you
Because it'll be useless for you to know it
Ask May to tell you then
Do you know the murderer of Old Eagle?
Guess again
I can foresee something
The case of Old Eagle will be a trouble!
If any of us die
The one left should take care of May
My God! What a big mouth?
You are like a nosy bitch!
I'm serious
Although they are not involved in that case
Take my advice,
don't let them stay with you so often
You've killed Old Eagle indirectly
If Silver Fox would know
they are so close to you
They'll be in deep shit!
What a horrible scream?
We've to pick Siu Chuen's sister up now
Where is your sister?
Behind the door
Are you kidding?
She'll be the wall paper definitely! I'm leaving
Tonight is the right time
Some experts say it's the best time to propose in a full moon night
If May receives my ring, she'll be very happy
She'll be eager to know where our marriage will be held
St. John or Po Lin Temple?
Brother Ching, you're too selfish!
After your marriage with May,
Siu Chuen will become lonely! How poor is he!
It doesn't matter!
We'll treat him some nutritious soup
What'd you like to drink?
I want something to drink
The soup of the day is the best
You want soup now?
Would you want herbal tea too?
Why not buy some snacks too?
Palms, cakes, etc
Ok, I'll buy some
Thank you
Don't you think tonight is especially romantic?
Really? I don't think so
We've been here many times
I think tonight is especially romantic!
Thank you,
you finally show your affection to me
What are you doing?
Did you notice...
the wooden chair we are sitting on is rather special?
What? Nothing special!
No, there is some black mark
Who made it?
This is a box!
Who left this here?
May, it's yours
Thank you
Soft drink
Why do you have a red face?
Because I haven't eaten soup...
or cakes
Do you understand?
One gets a red face from lack of soup and cake
But I want to cook some soup for you in the future!
Ching is so difficult to understand!
You'll get a red face if you don't eat cakes
What do you think?
Give me some more time please
I have to go to the toilet
It's mine, the ring is mine
Marry me
That's it! I'll say it in english too
You can talk in English too
"You are the one that I want Oh! Oh! Oh!"
"You are the one that I want Marry me, ok?"
Do you understand what I'm saying?
You don't need to understand
This is just one method of proposing
Maybe, I have to use another method
You want me to marry you?
It's not that easy! Can you wait?
What? 3 to 7 years?
It doesn't matter,
the most important thing is to marry me
I'll do what you want
Are you brother Ching?
Are you the sister of Siu Chuen?
Why are you so short?
Don't lie to me!
May, wake up!
Wake up!
Siu Chuen...
Follow me
I'll send you to a hospital
We don't have the time
Ask Ching to take care of Wai Heung
Take care
Siu Chuen!
Siu Chuen!
If you don't want them to be in danger,
leave them
You're Silver Fox's target
When will I stop hiding?
He can't defeat us if we work together, right?
If you don't listen to me, you'll regret it
Sorry, I can't promise you
Only this way...
can I keep Ching out of danger
No! May won't love Siu Chuen
Let us send you to Macau
Why do you want to stay in Hong Kong alone?
Shut up! I won't go back to Macau
My brother promised me, after this semester,
If I have a good report, he'd take me to Hong Kong
Aren't you listening? He promised me
After the case of your brother, I'll take you back to Hong Kong
Why should I listen to you? You don't have the right to control me
Who do you think you are?
If your brother was still alive,
I'd have been your sister-in-law
My brother didn't mention you before
He didn't mention any sister-in-law
My brother won't marry you
You idiot!
I'd marry your brother
You liar!
You are jealous
I know you love your brother
He belonged to you, he should not love the other one
But there are many kinds of love
Your love is between brother and sister
The love between your brother and me is the love of romance
The love between Ching and me...
is a kind of friendship
Liar! Ours is beyond friendship!
You can cheat her,
but don't drag me down
Tell her!
Tell her we are not just friends
Tell her!
Don't you want to tell the truth?
Tell her!
We are not just friends!
I don't know!
Since she doesn't know, just tell her!
We're not just friends!
Why don't you face the world?
is not true!
We are friends since childhood
I know everything of you
When you smoke, I'll light the cigarette for you
You get married...
why didn't Chuen tell me?
Didn't he tell you?
If he told me, I'd have killed myself
Silver Fox doesn't have a chance!
What are you talking about?
Where are you going?
I don't want to listen to your bull shit!
Siu Chuen was my fiance
He was the man I loved most
The tear is for myself
I can't help it!
Well, let me forget Siu Chuen first
I'll meet you later
Hope I'll still remember you
Only this way you'll be safe
If you are upset now,
I'll be more upset
What are you murmuring?
Don't cry!
Brother said you'd take care of me
You want to live with me?
You'd learn how to take care of yourself
I'm a city soldier
I don't want any burden
This is the first time...
I've seen a man's eyes filled with sorrow
From that day,
the lives of Wai Heung and me changed a lot
She is no longer a simple pupil
She is an assistant of a city soldier
In this year,
I've learnt how to take care of myself
Also I've experienced...
Many first times with Ching
Our first time of hand in hand
Our first embrace...
Get up!
How can you be my assistant?
I can do it!
Damn you! Watch me!
I'll teach you a lesson!
From that day onwards, every time I go with him
My heart beats very fast
Isn't it called first love?
I wonder what kind of first love Ching is having
In this year, every time thinking of May,
he'll play his sword for 45 minutes
He's so good at swordfighting!
If he was born in the past,
he'd have been a romantic swordsman
When will he play the sword for me?
What is called love, what is righteousness?
It's you again!
Why do you call so many times a day?
You call at least 3 times per day!
Is it funny to do so?
I don't know May's address!
You're a devil!
You'll bring bad luck to me!
I wonder what's my bad luck this time
Oh my dress!
Am I your enemy?
Do you want revenge now?
You always get me in trouble!
If it was burnt a little bit lower, I could make trousers of it
Now it's just a waste!
You want to know where May is? Let me trap him!
Who's calling?
Oh my face!
Can it be trust?
Tomorrow is my 12th birthday,
will Ching celebrate with me?
Tomorrow is a very important day for you
Your lover will leave a kiss on your face
Happy Birthday!
Why is there 5000$ left here?
Wai Heung, tonight is a very important moment for us
I'll bring you to a very decent place
Take the money on the table and dress up
I'll pick you up at six
Wai Heung
I'm coming
Are you ready?
I'm coming
Oh, you?
What's wrong?
I don't want you to disturb me anymore
You really want to know where May is?
What do you mean?
I'm going to tell you
You'll tell me?
I'm a lady
Don't touch me
I'm sorry
Please tell me now
Today is an important day for May
Being her sister, I'm so glad
Is she going to marry?
She wants to cover her identity, she is called Madam of Pets
Tonight, she'll choose her husband from a kung-fu competition
Take her address
If you have the guts, go and take her yourself
No! She won't marry anyone except me! You liar!
I won't cheat you
Don't you believe?
Just stay here and have some snack
I tell you, you don't have a choice
Trust it or not,
you have to find out yourself
Moreover, it's the truth
You are in my trap now
Where is brother Ching?
He is going to marry, he won't dine with you tonight
What are you talking about?
Oh! Thank God!
My sister will be in peace from now on
I don't believe you
Trust it or not,
it's not up to you
The maids are beautiful
The maids are pretty,
I think the Madam looks even better
Don't you know that...
All competitors tonight must be under 40
What? I look older than I am
I'm only 28
How can you talk to Mr. Ford this way
Go away!
Grannie, before the competition
Ford kicked over 20 people away
He is quite good for our Madam
Invitation please
Sorry, I don't have one
So you can't get in
I have one, but I forgot to bring it
No invitation, no entry
Why are there
so many competitors?
Sure! If anyone marries the Madam of Pets
He is marrying the greatest doctor of the world
You know, she is the best doctor
If you can't marry her
You can still drink the Tin-chi water
Which is good for health
I've got so many VIP cards, so I'm VIP
Save it
No invitation card, no entry
You have principles, don't you?
I'm leaving!
I'm the friend of Madam
May! I'm Ching...
Watch out...
If you keep fooling around
I'll kill you!
I'm a friend of Madam!
We are friends since childhood
Look at you, I can tell you are lying
The Madam is...
called May?
Isn't she?
We can't tell her name so easily
The competition will start soon, guard here
If anyone wants to mess up
Kill him!
Got it!
Get lost
Get lost!
Madam's here!
I'm Ford, it's my pleasure to meet you Madam
How are you?
To express my sincerity to you
I'll be the first one to take the challenge
Who'll come and fight with me?
among the competitors,
Ford is the best one
I see
1 , 2, 3, Magic!
Isn't it great?
Can I go in?
Don't you know you're in great danger?
I think you are a guest,
so I show you some respect
But Grannie gave an order that,
I don't have to respect you any longer
So what does that mean?
Just try, I'll show you
Don't look down upon the women of our Palace
We are...
especially trained!
I had to teach you a good lesson
Mr. Ford has defeated all competitors
Who else would like to challenge him?
I came on time!
I defeated all these useless men
According to the rules,
the winner gets to marry the Madam
No way!
I'm thinking of your own good
Sure! Check the woman before fighting!
How can you risk your life...
without knowing how she looks?
What kind of bullshit is this? Who are you
I'll tell you the truth!
Madam is living with me
Since when?
It's a long story!
What are you talking about?
We have 2 daughters
And she's pregnant again, for 24 months!
Bull shit!
I recognize the dagger! May, it's you!
Although you use a different dagger,
I can tell it's you by the smell
A strange smell!
This dagger is for cutting the tough skin of my feet
So, is the smell strong?
Grannie shouldn't laugh!
Don't mess up here!
Do you know who I am?
My enemy of course!
Don't you think you are my lover
May is my woman
Can't you see...
her looking at me with love?
Get him!
How smart is he!
I'll do it!
How is it?
I pretended I was attacked!
This is a useful strategy!
Am I smart?
Do you know...
it's hard for me to find you?
What have I done wrong? Why don't you come to see me?
I know!
The death of Siu Chuen impressed you
But you wouldn't have chosen your husband in such cheap way
If the pirate won
You'd have lived in the ship!
I think you're mistaken
I'm not May
If you want me to trust you,
Leave your gauze to let me see your face
If you want me to leave my gauze
You'd have to defeat all the competitors
That's our rule!
I won't change anything I set
He came in this hall,
so I give him this chance
you have your own reasons
Do you want to marry May?
I'll beat you!
I'll chop your fingers off!
I've warned you
I'd beat you!
Go back!
Your beard!
He's the Romeo of this century!
I've tried so hard to defeat Ford
I think our marriage...
Grab his woman!
Get lost!
Do you know...
the result of removing my gauze
To marry you!
Your sister has told me!
I can't guess...
It'll be so romantic here
You are even more beautiful than before!
I can't match you, sorry
I'm leaving!
Wait! How can you leave?
Don't force me!
Well, I won't push you if you don't want to take the responsibility
I won't beg anyone
Why do you want to do that?
I thought you were my woman
If you want to kill yourself,
Kill me first
I'm sorry!
You liar!
I'll take all your cards, so you can't cheat anymore
I'm late for some personal business
Brother Ching!
Don't cry!
Happy birthday!
Eventhough he kissed my forehead,
I'm so happy
Now, I'm 16 years old, when I become taller,
he can't kiss my forehead
But my lips
I remember May used to come to our house
around this time every year
She'd plant the Jasmin for us
Because she knows that Siu Chuen loved Jasmin most
Give me the pot
Don't you know,
my brother loved this flower most
Every Summer,
he used to bring me one
Actually, I love Jasmin
I don't know why,
everyone thinks of Siu Chuen when seeing Jasmin
Instead of thinking of me
Look! There are more Jasmin over there
How beautiful!
A miracle!
My jinx!
Don't go
Tell me where May is!
Look her up in the Yellow Pages!
Don't go!
I'll kill you!
Go to hell!
Suffocate Bullets?
Where is May! Tell me!
If you don't tell me, I'll kill you
The Suffocate Bullet?
So why do you ask me?
It's me!
Drunk again!
Have a look please!
Wake up!
Are you conscious now?
I'm leaving, thank you
Wai Heung, leaving without any notice is my style
I hope you won't blame me
Cause I've finally tracked down May
I have to find her
I've got a very long journey ahead
So, it's not convenient to bring you along
I know...
you are a strong girl
You can take care of yourself
I'll come back, take care
What is love,
what is righteousness?
what is liar?
It's me!
We are successful!
Ching is going to New York now
Just a phone number can...
drive him away
How can he dream that
the real May is just next to him
So, you don't have to worry now
Even if Silver Fox comes back, he can't find Ching
Come out!
Silver Fox!
Thank you for your call
I know where is she now!
You harlot, you always disclose my location
Don't you know it's dangerous?
What sort of danger?
Try my Thunder Bomb!
You're hurt!
Why're you still here?
I beg you
I said you are my jinx!
Don't come close to me!
May is so stupid to set such a trap!
How can you be trapped! Jinx?
Leave me alone
Or I'll teach you good lesson
Tell me where she is! Hurry up
Please... Don't come to me
OK! Then you come out
Tell me where she is
OK... OK...!
But you must leave me alone after I tell you
You've got it, right?
Not very clear
Bastard! You'd call the ambulance for me
Poor me
Where are you, Brother Ching?
Listen, Silver Fox has been back
It's very dangerous for you to stay alone
You go to May, I'll come back at once
May? Where is she?
You mean over the Jasmin?
Ask me to stay with her?
Why don't you call her yourself?
Don't ask too much
The line is busy!
Go and tell her for me
That's all
It'll be faster taking a shortcut
Sister May...
Sister May...
Sister May...
Who are you?
What are you doing here?
Where is May?
Silver Fox, I've waited for you for one year
Now, we'll take revenge for Siu Chuen
I'll use your life to pay for my eye
A metal tailing machine
Super dagger!
I'll let you try my Horrible Angel
Are you ok?
How are you?
Don't go!
What are you doing? It's a gun!
May, why is there smoke coming from his body?
Brother Ching, be careful!
Don't let him stick to your body!
Don't worry, he is under control now
No, I'm under his control!
You like it? Go ahead!
Watch out!
I want to break your bones
Let me go! I'm hurting!
Pussy! Please let me down!
Wai Heung!
She was hit twice by my "Horrible Angel"
She has 24 hours left
After that, she'll lose control
And becomes my slave, forever
May Yiu, I have to find you
Hey, this is a hospital!
You can't go in!
Call the doctor for me!
You can't go in!
Brother Ching?
Brother Ching!
You're awake!
Why don't you go in?
May has told me that
when she's forgotten Siu Chuen, she'll come to me
If she wants to see me
She'll find me
May doesn't love brother at all
When she was unconscious
She was calling your name
Calling me?
Do you know?
Every time I look at your window
I think: what are the people inside thinking about...
if they see...
those Jasmin
Now, I know
This year
Every time I see you through the window
I hope to be with you
I see Wai preparing your dinner
I hope I'd be the one cooking
But it was too late!
Will you remember me?
I will...
You have to remember, what does May look like
If I become a Horrible Angel
You'd destroy me
It's useless for you to point at me
She's a vegetable now
I can only extend her life
I can't make her recover
Stop saying that to me
Or I'll kill you
Don't you believe me?
It's you
Why you are here?
Oh my god!
Jinx! What do you want?
Follow me!
How can I save her? Tell me!
Go ahead!
I beg you
Please let me die in peace
You shot me, you know?
Everyone knows that you are an Encyclopedia
Tell me! How to save May?
Lock the door!
But you'd save me first
I'm a human being
My blood is flooding out
What do you want?
Ok, I'll stop the bleeding
With my finger
No, I'll tell you
Go ahead!
Or I'll help you again
Ok, I'll tell you
To make her conscious, one would...
The frozen water of Tin Chi in the Pet Palace
Frozen water of Tin Chi?
Can I buy some at K-Mart?
Get lost!
It can only make her conscious
To save her from Horrible Angel,
only one doctor...
can do it!
Who is it?
It's the Lady of Pets
Where are you going?
Oh my Suffocate Bullets! Where are they?
He stole them, for sure
What'll I do now?
Shit! May and Ching have gone
They must have gone to Pet Palace
I have to call the police
Lady of Pets?
Lady, Lady...
How dare you enter our palace without permission?
I want to see you, Madam
Please call her out!
Madam will not see you!
Please ask her to come out!
You want to see her? Defeat me first!
So big!
Poor eye sight!
Suffocate Bullets! Let's go!
You'd blame yourself!
How are you?
You give me up because of this woman?
I've found my woman
Please save her!
Save her!
Why do you think I'd save her?
You abandon our Lady
We won't save you two
Get lost!
I want to beg for mercy
So, I won't leave even you scold me
I just want you to save my woman
Your woman
Kick her out!
Please don't be angry with her
I can't think of any other way
So I have to beg you
Please save her
You want me to save her?
Ok, I'll give you a chance
Kneel down in front of me and beg me
Maybe, I'll consider your proposal
Come on
Kneel down!
Even if you promise to save me
I haven't promised to let you save me
He is my man, I won't let him kneel in front of me
So he won't kneel down in front of another woman
If you don't do it, she'll die
I'll give you 6 hours to think it over
After that,
the Horrible Angel will be in effect
Then, whatever you do will be useless
Please remind me
I have to see Ching lose his woman
I won't let you see it!
I'll make you blind first!
Leave her alone!
Leave her alone?
Ok! Beg me
Beg me, I'll let her go,
and I may save her
Come and beg for mercy
No! Don't do that!
Brother Ching!
You can save her now
I won't
Have you ever been rejected?
I'll let you taste...
the bitter fruit of being rejected
I know it now...
It's bitter to be rejected
I won't blame her
Because I've done something wrong
it's just fair to her
I asked her not to push me some day before
I don't want to push her now
Since she doesn't want to save you
Let it be!
Let's go
I have no way to save May
But I can...
stay with May forever...
I can see through the window in this house
The excellent smell of the Jasmin
The Jasmin is quite beautiful tonight
Can't you feel that, this place is especially romantic
Don't you feel it?
The moon exquisitely full tonight
Why is there a ring?
A wedding ring
Who left this here?
It's mine!
I want to propose
Marry me!
Why do you cry?
I miss this! Time is so short
I'll leave you soon
I won't let you leave me
I've opened all the gas pipes
When you start to become a Horrible Angel
I'll blow up the house
We'll be burnt together
In my dictionary
There is no perfect ending
Wai Heung!
How are you?
How are you?
Are you ok?
I was worried no one would attend our wedding
You've come at the right time
Your corpse is my wedding gift
What a big mouth!
I'll kill you
I've prepared well
Let me eat this nutrition food first,
come on
My God!
Every injection will...
increase the effect
Come again!
Shall I see how much you can stand?
But all will be effective...
after 24 hours
So it doesn't matter how much I was shot
Come on!
Ok, I'll attack
I'll catch you
Why do you hide inside?
I'm locked
Locked? Ok! Attack!
You love chasing people? Watch me!
Go to hell!
Come again?
Hey, you'd not bash your head against the wall eventhough you've lost
You want to get out by breaking through the mirror?
Stop dreaming!
Hold it!
Don't go
I can't stand it
I can't stand it anymore
Come and help me! Brother Ching!
I'm coming!
Pull hard!
I'm pulling!
I've got it!
4 Horrible Angels! Burn in hell!
My God! Superman!
Why do you fly so slowly?
Punch in!
I'm faster!
Finally she will become my slave
Wake up, May!
Counter attack! She is not May!
Brother Ching
Attack him, now!
Brother Ching
Go through May, then she'll be your slave!
Let's go
Go! Forget about me!
Lady of Pets?
I'll go to hell with you
Brother Ching!
Go! Forget about me!
Brother Ching!
Pull her out!
Don't pull me out!
Brother Ching...
Save him! Save him now!
Brother Ching!
Don't go!
Brother Ching!
What do you want?
Why do you do that to us?
You'll never be hurt by the Horrible Angel...
after taking this
Why do you have to save me?
I want you to be miserable after losing Ching!
I won't...
let you die together
Brother Ching
Brother Ching!
Brother Ching!
Thank you for saving May
How dare you cheat Madam! Arrest him
Let's go
Stop! Let them go!
Madam isn't that stupid
But she wants the perfect couple to flee away
Perfect couple?
But Ching is injured by the Horrible Angel!
Madam's administered the cure...
to May already
Brother Ching won't die
That was the last time...
I saw them
They never came back
Many years later, someone told me
They were seen in Tibet once
We'll remember you forever, Siu Chuen
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Game of Death 1978
Gamera daikaij kuchu kessen
Gandhi CD1
Gandhi CD2
Gang Related
Gangs Of New York (2002)
Gangster Number One
Garage Days
Garage Olimpo (1999)
Garden Of Heaven (2003)
Garden State
Gardens Of Stone
Gardens Of Stone 1987 25fps
Garfield the movie
Gas Food Lodging 1992
Gaslight 1940
Gate Keeper ep1
Gate Keeper ep2
Gathering Storm The
Gattaca (1997) CD1
Gattaca (1997) CD2
Gauyat Sandiu Haplui - Saviour of the Soul
Gaz Bar Blues CD1
Gaz Bar Blues CD2
Geboren In Absurdistan
Geisha A 1953
Geisha House The CD1
Geisha House The CD2
Gendai Yakuza (Kinji Fukasaku 1972)
Gendarme a New York Le
General The
Generals Daughter The
Generation X Cops
Genroku Chushingura 1941 CD1
Genroku Chushingura 1941 CD2
Gentlemans Agreement (Elia Kazan 1947) CD1
Gentlemans Agreement (Elia Kazan 1947) CD2
Gentlemen Prefer Blondes
George Washington
George of the Jungle 2 2003
Gertrud CD1
Gertrud CD2
Get Carter 1971
Get Carter 2000
Get Real
Get Shorty
Getaway The 1972
Getting Any (Takeshi Kitano)
Geung si sin sang (1985) - Mr Vampire 23976fps
Ggot Seom (Flower Island)
Ghost Busters
Ghost Dog - The Way of the Samurai
Ghost In The Shell 2 - Innocence 2004
Ghost Ship
Ghost World
Ghost and the Darkness The
Ghost in the shell
Ghost of Kasane 1957
Ghostbusters 2
Ghosts Of Edendale The 2003
Ghosts Of Mars
Ghoul The
Ghoulies II
Giardino dei Finzi-Contini 1970
Gift The 2000
Gigi 1958
Ginger Snaps 2 Unleashed
Ginger Snaps Back 2004
Ginger and Cinnamon - Dillo con parole mie
Ginger e Fred - Fellini (1986) CD1
Ginger e Fred - Fellini (1986) CD2
Gioconda La
Girl Interrupted UK 25 FPS
Girl Next Door
Girl from Wilko The (Andrzej Wajda 1979) CD1
Girl from Wilko The (Andrzej Wajda 1979) CD2
Girl on the Bridge The
Gladiator 2000
Gleaners and I The
Glengarry Glen Ross CD1
Glengarry Glen Ross CD2
Gloire de mon pere La (1990 aka My Fathers Glory)
Gloomy Sunday
Gloria CD1
Gloria CD2
Go-Con! Japanese Love Culture 2000
Go 2001 Isao Yukisada - Keymaker CD1
Go 2001 Isao Yukisada - Keymaker CD2
Goalkeeper The (2000)
God Of Cookery The
God of gamblers 1989 CD1
God of gamblers 1989 CD2
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Godfather 3 The
Godfather The
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Godfather The Part 2 CD1
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Godfather part 3
Godfathers Of Mondo The 2003
Gods Must Be Crazy The 1980
Gods and Generals CD1
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Godzilla Mothra and King Ghidorah 2001
Godzilla against mechagodzilla
Gohatto 1999
Going My Way CD1
Going My Way CD2
Gold Rush
Golden Child The CD1
Golden Child The CD2
Golden Voyage Of Sinbad The
Gone in 60 Seconds
Gone with the Wind 1939
Gone with the Wind CD1
Gone with the Wind CD3
Gone with the Wind CD4
Good Advice
Good Boy
Good Boy 2003
Good Cop The
Good Earth The - Victor Fleming 1937 CD1
Good Earth The - Victor Fleming 1937 CD2
Good Morning Vietnam
Good Son The
Good Thief The (2002)
Good Work (1999)
Good bye Lenin 2003
Good the Bad and the Ugly The
Goodbye Girl The
Goodbye Mr Chips (1939)
Gospel of John CD1
Gospel of John CD2
Gothika 2003
Gotter der Pest 1970
Goutes d eau sur pierres brulantes 1999
Goya - Carlos Saura 1999
Goyokin - The gold of the Shogun 1969
Gozu (23976fps)
Graduation Day
Gran Vida La - (Living It Up) 2000
Grand Restaurant Le 1966
Grande Illusion La
Grande Strada Azzurra La) CD1
Grande Strada Azzurra La) CD2
Grapes of Death The
Grapes of Wrath The CD1
Grapes of Wrath The CD2
Grave Of The Fireflies CD1
Grave Of The Fireflies CD2
Graveyard Of Honour
Grease 1978 CD1
Grease 1978 CD2
Grease 2
Great Dictator The CD1
Great Dictator The CD2
Great Escape The (1963) CD1
Great Escape The (1963) CD2
Great Expectations 1998
Great Gatsby The (Jack Clayton 1974)
Great Race The
Great Silence The
Great White Hope The 1970
Great Ziegfeld The CD1
Great Ziegfeld The CD2
Green Card
Green Dragon 2001
Green Fish (1997) CD1
Green Fish (1997) CD2
Green Mile The
Gregorys Girl
Gremlins 2 The New Batch CD1
Gremlins 2 The New Batch CD2
Grey Gardens (1975)
Grey Zone The
Greystoke The Legend of Tanzan CD1
Greystoke The Legend of Tanzan CD2
Grifters The
Grinch The - Jim Carrey
Grind 2003
Gronne Slagtere De 2003
Grosse Pointe Blank (1997) CD1
Grosse Pointe Blank (1997) CD2
Groundhog Day
Grudge The
Grudge The CD1
Grudge The CD2
Guadalcanal Diary
Guarding Tess 1994
Guess Whos Coming To Dinner CD1
Guess Whos Coming To Dinner CD2
Guest House Paradiso
Guilty As Sin 1993 25fps
Guilty By Association 2003
Guilty By Suspicion (2003)
Guinevere 1999
Gullivers Travels 1939
Gun Crazy - A Woman From Nowhere
Gun Crazy Vol 2 Beyond the Law
Gunfight at the O K Corral 1957 CD1
Gunfight at the O K Corral 1957 CD2
Gung Ho
Guns And Talks CD1
Guns And Talks CD2
Guns Of Navarone The
Guru The
Guts Of A Beauty (1986)
Guy Thing A
Guys And Dolls
Guys The
Gypsy (Mervyn LeRoy 1962) CD1
Gypsy (Mervyn LeRoy 1962) CD2