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Garage Olimpo (1999)

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Excuse me.
Good Morning.
Good Morning.
- Good Morning. Hello, how are you?
Fine, thanks.
So, when are we going to the movies?
Right, tomorrow, Always "tomorrow".
- Don't you believe me? - No.
Never lose hope!
- Good morning. - I'll call her.
Close the door, asshole.
Your friend is here.
I know.
Your father doesn't like your doing that!
But you are not telling anything.
- Hello. - Hello.
Why didn't you go to class today?
I didn't feel well.
Did you bring the psicology book?
No, it weighted a lot, I'll bring it tomorrow.
I'm going to the bathroom.
Do you know what could happen if my father comes and I'm not here?
Come on, stay.
Let's study together.
We have to go to the cinema. Please, Caro.
Why we "have"? What's up? What's up with you?
- Hello, daughter. - Hi dad!
Are you tired? - Yes, today I am.
- Oh! poor dad! - Hello, Ana!
For example "party".
Do you know how to write "party"?
The "P" goes first. But you write it small because it's not a proper noun.
- The "A", that you already know - Yes.
- Yes, like that. - Like this.
- The "R"? - Yes, I know that one.
- Do you know it? - Yes.
- ¿Do you know how to write it? - Yes.
That one is more like a "B".
- OK, remember to always draw the "E" lower.
That way, you can tell this is a Capital letter and these are small letters.
Try to follow the line.
- Do you see the lines?, do you want me to mark them stronger? - No, I see them fine.
For example. That's a line.
"I went to see my daughter. I took breakfast with my wife."
"Then we went to build the walls of our house."
"Luckily, we are almost there. The situation is not too good."
"But we are anxious to finish so we can be with my wife and my daughter."
"Today my brother-in-law help me to finish sooner."
"I think that in a couple of weeks I'll finish it."
It's good. Very good. Would you hand it to me so I can correct it?
Thank you.
- Hey, Ramón, what happened to you there? - Well, I burnt it.
- What was it? - A tattoo, some initials.
A girlfriend that I had.
Well, she left with other guy.
- And I buurnt it. - Did it hurt?
Yes, it hurt me.
I burnt it with ammoniac and dry ice.
Very good.
You already know how to write your own name.
Yes. It's the first time I sign, It's the first time I came to school.
If it was up to me, I would go elementary, to know how to read.
I'll be coming here and teaching you.
Well. Thank you.
They're patrolling every night. Checking house by house.
You shouldn't go to the suburbs. It's very dangerous.
What could happen to me?. Everybody knows me there.
I think that you shouldn't go anymore.
Stay put, We have a car next to us. Open your eyes. Four guys inside.
There. They're gone.
I know this neighbourhood. I don't want to know where you live.
I'll see you at the stadium.
Where did you get all these clothes?
It is almost new.
Where I work there are a lot of rich people.
They use it once and then they give it away.
There are have's and have-not's. Thanks for your company.
Move your feet. This is not your home.
Do you want to see a picture of my girlfriend?
What are you doing with that? Give it back to me!
¿Are you crazy? ¿What are you doing with my picture?
Let's do this. I keep your picture and I give you one of mine.
You're cuter in the picture.
It doesn't amount to keeping a girl's picture in your wallet for her to be your girlfriend, Felix.
And pay the rent. It's 15th already.
Maria Fabiani?
It's here.
Armed people in my house?
Who are you? Where is my daughter?
Are you policemen? Argentinian Army! What do you want?
We are going to take your daughter to ask her some questions, madam.
Where are you taking her? Sir! Where are you taking her?
If you cared so much about your daughter, you should have started caring long before.
Get down. Come on. Where are you going? Get up.
Get down, get up, down, up, down, up, down, up.
We'll be alone, you and I.
He says he's a renter. Look up his picture.
Why did you remove your moustache? In order to confuse to us?
You look again and I kill you.
The year that I've got the ID I wore a moustache.
- When were you born? - March 3 of 1947.
And who lives next door?
It's the other renter. It's two of us.
What does he do? Does he steal?
He is a mechanic. He works in a garage.
Walk, piece of shit.
We're done. Let's get going.
So this is the famous little teacher?
Come on.
Get up. Come on. Let her go.
Calm down, mom, nothing is going to happen to me.
Where do you take her?
Where do you take her?
Where do you take her?
Please, where do you take her?
Police Station 23, madam.
Get off.
Tiger, this is the teacher.
Look down.
She's going to be AO1.
Maria Fabiani.
War name?
War name?
Are you deaf?
Maria Fabiani.
Did you have a nickname when you were a kid? Take her to the operating room.
Texas, do you hear me? You have to go to Pampa 20513G. It's a couple. They're unarmed.
- Yes, sir. - Come on, come on. Move.
For you, this is the world of sounds. From now on, you're not going to see ever more. Never more.
And if you see something, I'm going to remove your eyes with a spoon.
Take of your clothes, baby.
Take of your clothes, or I'll break every one of your bones.
So you are the poor's teacher?
- Commissioner. - Yes, coming.
It could have been a lieutenant, or not. Maybe he wasn't.
But they were from the army!
But they lie. The rebels cand lie.
They were from the army!
And how do you know they were from the army? Please, keep your voice down.
- Good Morning. - Good Morning.
I brought clothes and food for my husband...
No, madam! I 've already told you that your husband is not here...
I am sure that they brought him here.
They told that they were bringing him here...
Could you be so kind to check your list again?
No, madam. I've already checked a thousand times.
Your husband is not here.
I remembered new things.
I want to file another report.
- Vasquez. - Yes, Commisioner.
- Please, file another report for the lady - Yes, sir.
If they've told you they were from the army I suggest you go to the commando.
I want to file a report.
Pablo Gomez, metalurgic worker, kidnapped on October 28th.
It was my house.
There were many of them, and they were armed.
- How many? - A lot.
They hit him. Taken him They said they were from the army.
- How long ago did they take him? - About 3 weeks and two days.
- What did they said? - That they were bringing him to Police Station 23.
I'm going to try at the other ones.
Tiger! Tiger! Emergency in the operating room.
Is she dead?
Untie her.
Get off.
What happened?
For 10 hours giving it to her and she doesn't speak. Not a word.
What does the table says for 90 pounds?
15,000 volts.
15,000. And how many did you give her?
I was doing OK, I... Well, she didn't speak... so I have to...
There's a reason for the table to be there.
OK. She's stable. You can continue.
Don't give her water.
Big. It has two bedrooms. But, it is old.
We'll have to repaint it. You're going to like it. It has a big garden.
Didn't you wanted a swimming pool? Well, we'll build a swimming pool.
Hey, Texas! Texas, do you hear me?
See what that asshole wants. - Do you hear me?
I hear you soldier. Luckily I don't see you, but I hear you. What do you want?
Tell your boss that the motherfucker...
...that you brought yesterday swallowed a pill.
I'll call you later.
What are you saying?
Cyanide, Texas, cyanide!
Tell me, Texas... Where do you have your eyes when you check them?
In your ass, right?
I've checked him, Texas. He must had had it in his teeth.
Where did he have it?
In the neck of his shirt.
We'll have to star all over! All over!
Come, come. Get closer that I want to show you a little thing.
What the fuck do you want now?
I've made him spit it.
You are motherfucking asshole, Felix!
Here it is.
Hey, little bird!
You are not gong to die when you decide it.
We are the ones that decide when it is time to die. Here we are God!
Hey, Félix, I've finished my shift. Your turn now.
What did you leave me?
A chick that didn't said a word. I was 10 hours working on her.
Not a shout. She retains air down here I don't know how she does it.
Maybe yoga. Go.
What size are you?
Take them off.
As if you are going to need them...
Water, water, water.
You can drink water now. You're loaded as a battery.
Maria, what are you doing here?
What did they do to you?
They've caught you too?
They brought us for a control check. What did they do to you?
We have to go, Felix. They are going to kill us.
We can't go.
They're going to kill us. Did they do anything to you?
No, I've already told you. It's only a control check.
You have 15 minutes to make her talk. Come to my office when you're finished.
Son of a bitch! Son of a bitch!
Stay put!
If you talk you're saved.
Tell me where you were going to meet your friends.
If I bring here one of them, you're saved.
I'm not going to talk.
It's a personal favor.
- What? Do you know her? - Yes.
It's hard, isn't it? When you know them.
But my shift is over.
Are you sure, sergeant?
Let's see who is this chick that is worth so much!
Listen carefully!
One pause every quarter of hour. The machine is already set up according to the table.
If you put one finger on her, I fucking kill you.
Ok, calm down soldier! I am the one doing the favor.
Who's next?
Literature professor. Ideologic subversive.
This one, we know him.
Blanquita, militant. She knows.
This one makes trouble at the suburbs.
Law student, Blanquita's friend, militant.
I'm going to wash all those strange ideas out of your head.
No. Again.
Good! It seems that you know them.
What's up? Are you thirsty?
Yes, I'm thirsty.
You can't drink yet.
If you drink right now, do you know what's going to happen? You're going to end like a fried chicken.
Where is my mom?
That renter, that lives in your house and has all that stuff in his room. Who is he?
I don't know. Does my mom know that I am here?
- Your mom? Little frenchy? - Yes.
What the fuck do I care about your mom.
- You are... ¿How old are you? - 18.
18. You finished high school, right?
- Do you speak french like your mom? - No.
- So you don't speak french. What about italian? - Yes. No.
How come? You do speak italian. Say something in french.
So, sergeant?
Nothing. She doesn't want to speak, soldier. Give 5 more minutes and I'll make her talk.
Go away.
This chick doesn't know anything It doesn't have a single piece of info.
a pleasure, miss.
You have to collaborate more, if you want me to help you.
Do you know where I am going now? Up. There we gather all of us.
We analyze the results, and see who gave us useful information.
The one that gave us useful info goes away.
Do you know where he goes?
I'm leaving. It's over.
Felix! Do you want me to tell you something?
Do you want to know where we should've met? At the stadium. Behind the goal.
That match you're listening First half is over now.
We had to met at the starting whistle.
There's no one now. Now I can tell you.
I don't know their names. How to find them. Where they live.
- That's not useful. - I know.
Dress up. Quickly. Let's see if I come back.
Come on.
Come on.
Prisoners, may I have you attention.
We've decided to legalize all 20 of you.
All of you are at the disposal of the national government.
To be judged by the Federal Justice.
While you wait for your trial you're going to be transferred to a penitentiary in Rawson.
Now, we are going to vaccinate you as required by the penitentiary's regulations.
Once you're there you will be allowed to see your family once a month. I am clear?
Sir, why doesn't my brother come with me?
Your has some little things to tell us. You're going to see him later.
I don't feel well!
You were saved by him.
Put the bandage on. If you see the face of any of them you're dead, understood?
Follow my orders.
How I was supposed to know that he was still there?
After the initial whistle all had to leave. Why did you stay?
I waited for you, I wanted to see you.
How do you hook him up?
A01 sung the number.
Just in case you go out, mi name is Francisco Hoffman.
I'm Maria Fabiani.
If I've listen to you again I'm going to rip your tongue off.
Do you want me to kill you, son of a bitch? Do you want me to kill you?
Interrogate him when the operating room is free.
- After that, do all the paperwork, ok? - Yes, sir.
- Did you find anything? - No.
Take off the handcuffs.
Do you know where are we going? Down. I'm going to plug 220v in your balls...
...till they are as small as raisins.
Stop it, stop it. Don't touch me. I've got an address to give you.
- What address? - 327 Falucho.
- Who is there? - Four guys.
- And who assures me that they're still there? - They are going to be there.
Who's there! Lower your weapon! Lower your weapon!
Don't look! Against the wall!
Look down!
Nice group of terrorists!
- We are from Garage Olimpo! - And I am Mario Kempes.
- Check it. - Shut up, assholes.
- Where are you from? - Garage Olimpo. GT4.
What are you lookin at! Lower your head!.
Check them.
Do you read me, sir.
Give of a description of them.
- Name - Felix. - Felix. - Felix.
Sideburns. White.
- 6 ft. - 6 ft.
Afirmative. Apparently they didnt ask for liberated zone. That created the confusion.
Where the fuck are you from?
Athletic Club. GT7.
Didn't they warn you?
- How many prisioners at charge? - Two of them.
Francisco! No, no!
- This is the data? - This was the data.
And the other. The other comes with me.
Ok, guys. It's over. Let's go. Two days for nothing.
Let's go.
Go. Go. Pull a little.
- Go. Raise it. - Slow. That's it.
I've brought you the beer that you like.
We have to celebrate that you're alive.
- Did you see my mom? - Yes.
- How is she? - Fine.
- does she know that I'm here? - No.
I'm going to bring you something to hang.
I'm going to get you some blankets.
- Eh? - Get up.
I'm dirty, Felix.
Do you realize that I'm the only one you have in here?
What's the fucking matter? Walk!
Sew it well.
Sew it as well as you can.
The most important thing here is not to show your fear.
You have to fake it. Fake it all the time.
Happiness. Despair. Sadness. Fake it with the body.
Now, There is a problem.
No, no, no. Don't look at me.
The problem is the eyes.
You can fake it with your eyes And they know it.
That's why they're always looking for your glance. To know if you're lying.
I'm going to kill you all!
Get off me!
Get off me! Fucking son of a bitch!
What the fuck did you do, Texas?
He's full of blood. Clean him up.
I've already did my job. I've brought him alive. Now it's on you.
- You also tied him wrong. You're useless. - Go fuck yourself!
Everybody get out. Quickly.
Get out.
You're going to work.
You're going to swill down the corridor, the cell, everything.
Do not talk with anybody. Make me look good.
I hear you.
You're the army's chaplain. You have to help me.
The army took mi husband, and I can't find him anywhere.
- Gloria de Gomez. - No. Your husband's name.
Pablo Gomez, metalurgic worker.
Describe me what happened.
They took him from my house on October 28th at 6PM...
...they messed up everything and pushed me to the floor and hit me...
...and ask me questions...
...they hit me hard and made hard questions...
...the only thing I wanted was to see my husband. but they said don't look! don't look...
...but I saw everyone's face.
- Would you recognize them? - Yes.
Look. I can't find him right now.
What you should do is make a list of names of your husband's friends.
So we can find who saw him last...
...and help us locate him.
In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.
Don't say anything. They ask for names.
- They ask for names. - Next.
Don't say anything. They ask for names.
Send Nene to the operating room. Quickly!
What? You can't do it by yourself, fag?
- Are you afraid? - Yes.
It's ugly to be afraid, isn't it? Have you suffered hunger?
A few times.
- I've suffered it many times - Is that right?
I don't want to suffer it again because of people like you.
While we are here, you'll always have something to eat, motherfucker.
- It broke up. Find what it has. - I can't.
- How come you can't? - I can't.
I can fix an air conditioning, a car, a dishwasher.
but I will not fix the machine.
I can't.
So you don't fix it?
Do you want me to fix it?
With this, even the dead talk.
Stop it, Felix. Give it to me. I'll fix it.
Two minutes.
I'll start with this.
Take the clubs to the car.
If you want, we can have dinner together...
Another time. I need you to do me a great favor.
You know that you can ask me anything.
- I'm so happy to see you. Do you need money? - No.
They've broke in my house. They were many. They were armed.
They have taken Maria...
...they make me see one official from the army,..
...They told me they were taking her to Police Station 23, but it's not true.
I've the right to know where she is, if she needs me.
You knew that Maria was into politics, right?
What's that have to do with anything? They must tell me where she is!
- What politics have to do with this! - And what can I do?
Look, Juan Carlos, tell what to do,...
...tell me whom I must see, and I'll will not bother you any longer.
Diana, didn't do anything, she will be soon home.
Do you realize what are you saying to me?
What if she did do something?
Are you telling me that if I don't have any news, I will not see her again?
That's what you are telling me, Juan Carlos?
Tell whom I must talk to and I will not bother you again,...
...I promise.
But I do want to see you.
Help me.
I can't help you, Diana.
- Which one? - That one.
Good appetite. Get closer, you already know me.
No, keep eating, keep eating.
- Do you have any other relatives? - No.
Your father?
He died.
So you mother is the only owner of the house.
You are cute. Felix has good taste.
But you know what? Here nobody is of a single person.
And now that I think about it, I never was with an italian.
Texas! Hurry up You have a date.
Right!, you stay eating chicken with the chick...
..while I bet my head outside. - So what's your problem?
we are Turkish and I. There's nobody else. What are we going to do?
Your problem. You're one of the gang.
If you don't move, I'll write in the report: ''Texas didn't went out...
...because he's lazy and it's afraid." - Give me the address.
1948 Luis Maria Campo 8th 30.
How many?
four, and they are armed.
You have 20 minutes to solve it,...
...or else everyone will leave.
Felix, Your italian is pretty. Take care of her.
- What did he said? - Nothing.
It's good.
- I like it more cooked. - Me too.
Hello, Diana. Please, forgive my delay.
I've got to go, I'm in a huurry, Gloria...
I've got some news, Diana.
A foreign journalist wants to talk with us.
We have a date at 4 o'clock in San Martin and Cordoba.
- I can't go. I can't go now. - What's up with you?
Nothing, we'll talk tomorrow. Bye.
- who washer? - Nobody, a neighbour.
Good. Please, sign here.
This is yours.
Count it, please.
It is not necessary.
We know each other for a long time, there is trust.
It's a house custom. Please, count it.
Are you sure you want to sell it? Your house is worth much more.
I need the money.
- Now I want to see my daughter. - We're going.
Good day. Good day.
Remove your bandage.
You gave us Hoffman. That gives you the right to a call.
- Do you want to talk? - Yes.
- What do you have there? - I'm menstruating.
- No, no. What do you have there? - Cotton.
Let's see. Give it to me.
- Who gave it to you? - I don't know. I was bandaged.
What's up?
Nobody answers.
Hang up. Bad luck. Some other time.
I don't like the talking ones.
It's not good to talk.
Please, give me the passport back.
We gave it to your daughter Where are you going?
We are going back to Italy. I don't want to have anything to do with this country.
you're doing right. You have to have guts to live here.
Is very far from here?
It's here.
Here is your daughter.
- Where? - I'll show you.
I want to inform you that we decided to legalize you.
From now on, the 20 of you will depend...
..on the national government.
While you wait for your trial you'll be transferred to a penitentiary in Rawson.
You will now be vaccinated according to the penitentiary's requirements.
Let's see.
- Where is my mom? - Working, she'll come later.
I don't believe you.
Do not touch me with your filthy hands! Get off me.
Hey, Vibora. You lost one.
Why did you went out without permission?
Send someone to cover me. I can't take it anymore.
So it's not true the thing about the penitentiary.
That's what they say, but I don't buy it.
Where do they take them?
I don't know, but not to a penitentiary.
Nor their homes.
What's happening here? What are you whispering like two rats?
We are fixing the tubes that were burnt.
There are several that look new but are burnt.
- What's up with him? - I don't know.
- Did he eat? - Yes, he must have a belly ache.
If he cries too much we send him back.
- Edu! - Put him in bed.
All right.
Look, Edu, another bathroom!.
I've told you that the house was big.
My love.
What's up?
There is somebody.
- What are you doing here? - What are you doing here?...
This is my house.
Is that right? I live here and have never seen you before.
Wait for me downstairs.
The day I saw this room I knew that it belonged to a thief.
Wait for me downstairs, please.
I have all the papers. This house is now mine.
- What about the mother? - You have till tomorrow to move out.
Where did you take her?
You can stay tonight if you want to. But tomorrow I'll move in.
And tomorrow, Felix, I don't want you here
N24, transfer. Who is interrogating?
Hueso still? OK, N04: Who has him?
It's not good anymore, N04. He lost all contacts.
- N21, ¿éste es el cura, no? - - Si, señor.
And you what... Leave his corpse in the suburbs.
B02 and A03. You can leave. Felix, you stay.
Close the door, please.
Stand up, Felix.
Stand straight, Felix.
B02 and A03. B02 falls from the 6th floor...
...and A03 dies pluugged to the 220v electrical network.
Tell me something, what for do we bring them here?
- To interrogate them. - To interrogate them. Very good.
What's the only thing we don't want while we are interrogating them?
Kill them.
Understood? I don't want personal initiatives. Am I clear?
Yes, sir.
From today you're going out to the street.
- And if keep on like this, you know where the girl is going to end. Am I clear? - Yes, sir.
- Leave it open, Felix. - I'll handle it.
Remove your bandage.
I moved.
Your mother gave it to me, she wanted me to have it as a souvenir.
I've already told you! She can't know anything.
You know what?
They took me out to the street. They say I made mistakes..
Now I go to seek people.
I'm going to be outside all day long.
Are you afraid of bein alone?
I'm afraid that something will happen to you.
You know what?
If you were outside, you wouldn't be with me.
Felix. Felix.
What can I do to get out of here?
You have to behave.
Bring me real flowers.
These plastic ones ore too sad.
What's with this one?, does it work or not?
The carburator must be changed The rest is perfect.
Change it, and paint it blue.
Hasta mañana.
Hey, Nene, do you have a cigarette?
No. But today I'll get some.
I'll get some for you.
Are you too desperate?
You wanted to escape? Nobody escapes from here, little bird.
You're so wrong.
It's a shame that Felix will miss you.
Look who's back! The little bird that wanted to fly.
Do you know where little birds like you go?
On your knees. They go to heaven.
1.. 2.. 3.. 4.. 5.. 6.. 7.. 8.. 9..
Were you scared?
1.. 2.. 3.. 4.. 5.. 6.. 7.. 8..
1.. 2.. 3.. 4.. 5.. 6.. 7..
My god!, my god!
Here are the flowers that you asked me.
Why did you leave? Why did you wanted to escape?
Why did you wanted to escape?, son of a bitch! Why?
huh? Why? You wanted to dump me.
I'm doing everything I can to save you...
...and you want to dump me, son of a bitch.
Do you want to dump me? Do you want to dump me?
Why do you want to dump me? Alone! You wanted to leave alone!
You'll never leave this place Never.
What can it cost to you, son of a bitch? What cant it cost you to shoot me?
Tonight I'm asking you out.
Come on, hurry.
What are you looking at?
Put this on.
Let's go.
- Good afternoon, sir. - Good afternoon.
Good afternoon.
How it is going?
All right, sir.
- Any news? - yes, your daughter's friend came by.
- Ana? - Yes, sir.
- Hi, daughter. - Hi, dad.
- Are you tired? - Yes, today I am...
- Poor dad. - Hello, Ana.
I promise you that if you let me go to the movies...
...when I come back I will make you a beautiful foot massage.
- Come on, come on! - No, the movies...
Come on, come on. Please, please.
Ok, go. But you're here by 11,30.
- 11,30! - 11,30.
11,30 is already too late.
- Do you have money for the taxi? - Yes.
- See you later. - Bye, Ana.
What's for eating?
There's meat, chicken and a salad.
Keep the chicken. Serve the rest.
I'll eat later
Nobody's there.
What's hapening?
Go to see her, Felix.
She doesn't answer, go to see her. I need to know if my mom is alright.
And what if tomorrow I'm dead?
I told you I'm going to talk with Tiger.
Do you understand?
We have to return in a while.
Let's stay outside, Felix.
I can't, we have to return. It's already too late.
This group,...
...put them here.
Quickly, quickly.
Prisoners, please take attention.
I'm informing you...
...that your situation is going to be legalized.
From now on, you legally depend on the national government.
for that reason...
...We are transferring you to several nation's penintiaries.
At due time, we will inform your relatives.
- When? - We will inform them.
For security reasons, we can't telling anything now.
The party is over, Felix. Your baby is being transferred.
- Who gave the order? - The General.
- Where is Tiger? - He was blown up to shit.
Is this the soldier who went out with a prisoner without authorizarion?
Yes, my general.
- Wait in the office. - Remove your shoes.
Snake, vaccinate her.
Didn't you hear me? Iove said to the office.
Come in.
Between 1976 and 1982, during Argentina's military dictatorship...
...thousands of citizens where thrown out, alive, to the see.
Today, the persons responsible for these crime, walk freely in the streets.
Translated by El-Muro
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