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Gang Related

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I keep thinking about Hawaii, right now.
My heart's in Hawaii.
How the hell can your heart be in Hawaii when you've never been there?
You mean there's no place you'd rather be than here?
I'm just saying I don't know how you can think about Hawaii right now.
If I was in Hawaii right now, I wouldn't think about being here.
See the difference?
I'm not in Hawaii. I'm here, right?
I don't want to be here. I want to be in Hawaii.
But I can't be in Hawaii.
Therefore, I think about it so as not to get depressed about being here.
But I'm here.
- I don't want to be here. - Right.
But I can't be anyplace else, 'cause all I see is this shit.
Now, how do you get around that? That's what I'm asking you.
It's time.
No more Hawaii. Focus on this.
- Aloha. - Aloha my ass, Divinci.
Left at the corner.
What's up?
Hope you don't mind me checking for weapons.
- Yeah. I do mind. - Yeah.
What the fuck do I want a man's hands on my body for?
Hold it.
Okay, check him.
Check good.
There's a lot of good hiding spots on this body.
- Watch out. That's the loot. - He's got nothin'.
So, what you got?
Not bad at all.
Any more where this came from?
Then maybe we talk again.
Told you there was a lot of good hiding places on this body.
Bet you got a lot of good hiding spots on that body, too.
Come on, man, hurry up!
Let's go! Let's go!
Wake up.
Get out of the street before you get run over.
Other way, Joe.
Forget it. I don't think you'd feel it anyway.
- What the fuck? - Keeping some late hours?
Come on, man! What the fuck are my neighbors gonna think?
I apologize. I understand your concerns.
You must also understand that, unlike a bank...
...I cannot rely on a late fee as sufficient encouragement to repay one's debts.
Therefore, I am forced to hire the likes of Mr. Cutlass Supreme...
...whom, I might add, contributes significantly to my overhead.
I'm the real loser here, and I'm concerned about your sincerity... repaying the $27,942 gambling debt...
...that is one week past due.
What can you do to reassure me of your good intentions?
I can make your life fucking miserable, that's what I can do.
Look at me.
Do I have a wife and three kids?
Do I have a good job at IBM? Am I a handsome guy?
No, no and no.
I loan money at excessively high interest rates... pricks like you who can't control their urge... lose big money playing cards. Then I have to stay up all night...
...trying to convince them that I have needs, too.
The point of which is, I already have a fucking miserable life... don't threaten me, you lousy bag of cat shit.
You fuckin'...
All I'm asking is that you be responsible.
Is that unreasonable?
That's $4,000.
That's all I got.
I'm proportionally reassured.
You purchased yourself an extension.
Another day, another body. Where do you want to start?
- A hit? - Yeah. It looks like it.
Could be gang related.
Happened some time last night. 2:00, 3:00 in the morning.
Got an African-American male.
Looks like he's in his 30s, but even that's a guess.
Half his head is on the upholstery.
- Got any witnesses? - Sure. Hundreds.
Fucking animals!
- Shotgun shells, 12-gauge. - Three shotgun shells, 12-gauge.
Hey, Divinci. Heard you got a gang related, you lucky guy.
- Yeah, one less drugstore on the street. - The world's a safer place.
- Thanks. - No problem.
Blond like Mel Gibson?
Want to go for a ride?
Why, did you get it?
As of last night, partner, I have enough to make the down.
Picture me under some swaying palms, sipping on a mai tai.
You got primary on the drug related this morning on 27th?
We're working on it right now.
- Who's your second? - Rodriguez.
- In my office, both of you. - Why?
Let me finish this.
No, no, no. Come on. Come on!
Detectives Divinci and Rodriguez...
...this is Richard Simms. He's with the DEA.
He wants to ask you some questions about your case.
- What's the occasion? - You get an ID on the victim?
- Still waiting on the prints. - Car was registered to...
Anchor Imports. '81 El Dorado, black.
- Lf you got this, what do you want with us? - The man in the car was Lionel Hudd.
How does he know that? What the hell's going on here, Captain?
Hudd was DEA, undercover.
He was working a case on syndicate distribution of narcotics...
...but every dealer we tagged kept getting killed.
We finally got a lead on a girl.
Hudd was a friend of mine, and I'm gonna nail the son of a bitch who killed him.
...we're gonna do everything we can to help you.
- A cop's a cop, right? - That's right.
- Fucking dumb fuck. What a dumb fuck! - All right, just calm down.
Why didn't you fucking frisk him?
- Calm down for a second. - You didn't think to fuckin' search him?
Just calm down! You hear me?
- You killed a fucking cop! - Calm the fuck down!
Calm the fuck down! Goddamn son of a bitch!
Get your fucking hands off me, fucker.
You just calm the fuck down! You understand me?
You fucking understand me?
I want you to shut up and fucking listen to me for a second.
They could be watching us right now, you asshole.
Let me go.
Get in the fucking car.
Now look, there's no fucking reason to panic.
No fucking reason to panic? This ain't no fucking reason to panic?
Stop being an idiot. All right?
We're the cops on this case. This is our case.
- We're gonna find the fucking killer. - We are the fucking killers!
Since when does that matter?
All they want is someone to go down for the crime. Right?
Do we care who goes down for the crime? Fuck, no.
As long as someone goes down for the crime.
It's a slot that's gotta be filled.
"Slot to be filled."
Frank, we killed a fucking cop.
- That doesn't bother you? - Of course it bothers me.
What the hell you want me to do? Turn myself in? I'm not gonna do that.
Look, this is a risk we take every goddamn day.
Somebody might pop us, especially undercover like that.
So somebody got popped. He got popped. It happens.
"It happens." He's a fucking cop!
You don't get popped by cops when you're a cop!
I patted him down. He had no badge. He had no gun.
What the fuck was I supposed to do? How was I supposed to fucking know?
You patted him down? You couldn't feel a fucking wire?
No. He had no badge, nothing. I'm telling you, he was a fucking idiot.
But we got to start thinking about us here, man.
The important thing is not to lose control of this case.
Whatever evidence there is, it's got to go through us.
We lay down a trail, we make it nice and logical.
We're the teachers and two and two can add up to five if it's our classroom.
So what are you saying?
- You're saying we stick this to somebody? - Yeah.
Evidence points to wherever the fuck we want it to point.
Too fucking weird.
We can provide so much fucking evidence...
...that even the asshole we pick will think he fucking killed him.
- So you got an asshole in mind? - Don't worry.
"Don't worry."
We'll find a killer. There's lots of them out there.
Come on.
What the fuck did I do now?
What the fuck is all this for?
Do we look like fucking track stars to you? We're here to fucking run?
- Yo, man, that ain't my gun. - Never is, is it?
- It ain't my fucking gun. - It's got your fucking prints.
Know somethin'? You know what? Whatever.
Where were you last Friday night?
Friday night?
- Last Friday night? - Come on, am I fucking talking to myself?
Where were you last Friday night?
Whatever the hell I was supposed to have done happened last Friday night?
You better have a good alibi, James, or it's good ali-bye-bye.
I was in jail all night. Check it out.
Y'all ain't got nothin' on me! So y'all can just let me go right now.
What's up?
Freeze! Police!
Shut the fuck up!
Get down! Get on the fucking ground right now!
Down on the fucking ground!
- Shut the fuck up! - Here, take them!
God damn it! My fucking shoulder!
That's the last motherfucking time I open the goddamn door!
Ain't my gun.
That's funny, it's got your fingerprints on it.
- Fuck! I never seen that gun... - Get the fuck down!
Where were you Friday night?
Fuck you. I wanna talk to a lawyer.
A lawyer? What are you, stupid?
You think a hotshot lawyer will come in here and save your ass? Hell, no.
All the evidence we have points to you, Cortez.
Did you say last Friday night?
Yeah, that's right.
Intensive care, you pendejo fucking gutter shits.
And Thursday night and Saturday, too. I just fucking got out this morning.
Shit! All right, all right, all right.
- I ain't gonna fight you. - I know you're not gonna fucking fight.
Ain't my gun.
- That's what they all say. - I wish it was.
No better gun than a Smitty & Wes, .44 mag.
With the serial numbers filed off.
Got any bullets?
- Who did I kill? - Where were you last Friday night?
- You mean, what's my alibi, right? - Yeah, yeah, yeah.
I was breaking and entering.
Jewelry store on Seventh and Front about 9:00.
Not even close to your jurisdiction. And I got the rocks to prove it.
Sorry I can't help you guys...
...but one to five is way better than 10 to life.
You know what I'm saying?
Look, this is our case, not the goddamn DEA's.
It's been three days.
Look, we're not fucking magicians here. It's only three days.
This is a big goddamn murder case. We need a little time.
When a federal undercover officer goes down...'s never a fucking murder case.
Look, I don't like the DEA on my ass any more than you like them on yours...
...but this is personal for them, and they want answers.
Forget your other cases and get me something, anything I can give to them.
The last thing I want is the goddamn FBI on my back, too.
All right, we got a few leads. We'll follow up.
I can't hold them off much longer.
This is bullshit.
And you both know it. No disrespect...
...but this is no way to run a fucking investigation!
Let me tell you both something.
If you don't solve this quick, they're gonna start asking why.
And they'll want to blame somebody in this department.
Get something fuckin' fast, or turn over what you've got and get out of the way.
That's it, baby!
I think this is breaking and entering, isn't it?
I work homicide. I don't work that shit.
Did you learn anything you didn't already know?
Yeah. You surprise me sometimes.
I think you're just a hard case, and I discover you got a heart of gold.
Organ donor?
That's really nice.
- Too bad they'll never use your best parts. - I'll make sure you get them.
Thank you. I appreciate that.
I just think it's real nice, that's all.
I'm surprised we got something in common besides...
...what we got in common.
What's so interesting out there?
I'm just thinking, that's all.
About us?
What if I was thinking about us?
- Don't waste your time. - What if I was?
- Where's it gonna get us? - Maybe I got plans.
Yeah, I don't want to hear them.
Plans just make you think that something's gonna get better.
I'm fine. I don't need to get screwed up waiting for something good to happen.
I want you to know that love is important to me.
- Me, too. - But more important is Ioyalty...
...'cause Ioyalty is about respect.
And I'm Ioyal to you... I am Ioyal to my partner.
We are closer than blood, and I trust him with my life.
Why are you telling me?
'Cause when you asked me if I was thinking about us and I said I wasn't...
...I want you to know...
...I do.
God damn it!
Fucking idiot!
Get out of here.
What do we have here?
Where were you last Friday night?
What's your name?
Your name. Your name.
What's your name?
Where'd you get the gun, Joe?
It was in your pocket, your coat pocket.
Must carry it for protection, Joe?
I don't know.
Sure you do, Joe.
Everybody needs protection.
Especially a guy like you who lives on the street.
Go ahead and put it away, Joe.
You don't have to worry about me. I'm not gonna hurt you.
Put it in your pocket.
Wake up.
Joe, wake up. You might wanna look at something.
Out the window, Joe.
Come on. Look out the window.
This is where it happened, Joe. You remember?
This is where you killed him. Right here.
Look, look, Joe.
This is where you did it. Do you remember?
Remember how you pulled the gun out and shot him in the head?
I don't.
You will.
Come on, Joe. Time to get up.
Time to get up, Joe.
Come on. Get those photographs.
Get up, Joe.
Shit, this fucker smells.
I want you to look at something here. There's the guy. There's the car.
Tell me how you shot him.
Come on, Joe. Bring that booze over here.
Remember, and I'll give you something to drink.
You've got to remember how you saw him driving towards you...
...and you were in the street...
...and you were afraid that he was gonna hit you... you shot him... protect yourself, Joe, Right?
You remember now, don't you, Joe?
The gun, Joe?
Where do you keep the gun, Joe?
Where do you keep the gun, Joe?
There you go, Joe.
I know it's tough to remember things you don't want to remember, Joe.
Okay, Joe.
Now, tell me...
...what happened?
How did it happen, Joe?
- You saw him driving towards you. - Saw him driving towards me.
-You were In the street. -I was In the street.
Then what did you do?
You ran.
I ran.
I dldn't mean to.
He was gonna hit me. I was really scared.
- That's why you shot him. - That's why I shot him.
- I didn't mean to. - It's all right, you gotta protect yourself.
I was really scared.
That's why I...
You shot hlm.
Hell of a shot, Joe.
You're doing the right thing for yourself, Joe.
- You got it? - Yep.
All right.
Hey, baby.
What are you doing here? It's the middle of the day.
Just talk.
Since when?
I need you to do something.
Good. I need the money.
No, it's not one of those deals. Something else altogether.
- Where you going? - I got perishables, baby.
Know the guy we did the deal with the other night? He's dead.
- What? - Yeah. Somebody popped him that night.
Probably when he was unloading the stuff. I don't know.
- Look, does anybody think that... - Don't worry about that.
They can't connect us. Besides, we got the guy who did it.
You scared the hell out of me.
- But I need you to do one thing for me. - Yeah, what?
It's simple.
He'll be second from the left. Don't fuck up.
- Second from the left. - And what am I supposed to say?
You look at them, and then you look at the man...
...and you say, "It's him."
- And I ask you if you're sure. - And you say, "Absolutely. No question."
And this is all I have to do?
He confessed. You ID him, he's going straight to the can.
Okay, but this is it. I'm not doing anything more.
It's a done deal. Will you quit complaining? Come on.
All the way In, down to rlght there. All the way down, now.
-Stop and face front. -Turn around.
Llft your heads. Look stralght.
Okay, Miss Webb.
Now, take your time.
Try to remember his face.
I know him.
If you can identify the man...
- No, I know him. - Choose him for us.
- No, I fucking know him. - What's the problem?
Do you see him up there?
You don't understand.
Just pick the asshole out.
No talklng.
Number two!
Number two, Jimmy.
- I can't believe this shit. -Step forward. The rest of you go on out.
What the hell was that about?
I know him! He hangs around my building in the alley.
People who hang around your neighborhood aren't capable of killing?
You don't live in a great neighborhood!
- Sign the goddamn paper. - What paper?
When you pick a guy out of a lineup, you gotta sign a paper that says so...
...or they'll think we made the shit up.
Yeah? Why would they think something like that?
Just sign it.
I thought you said all I had to do was pick him out.
This is just part of it. You sign it, and you're finished.
- How come you're so sure he did it? - Jesus fucking Christ.
- He confessed. - Bullshit!
- Lady, we got the confession on paper. - He didn't do it!
Yeah? How the hell you know that? Were you with him at the time?
Are you gonna be his goddamn alibi?
- She was probably blowing him. - Better him than you.
- I can't afford you. - Shut the fuck up!
Now, look...
This is what they call an open-and-shut case.
He did the kill, and he's going fuckin' down!
Don't make the mistake of thinking you know the right fucking thing to do.
Now just sign the goddamn thing!
Bring him down here.
Damn, man, you smell him?
He wouldn't give us his last name.
He signed a confession, but he wouldn't give you his last name?
He couldn't remember it. What can I say? The guy's a head case.
- You run the prints? - Yeah. No priors.
Ballistics match?
You know, you guys are funny.
A.44 was used in commission. We found a fucking.44 on him.
It doesn't take a rocket scientist here, guys. He did it.
- Went down pretty quick. - It's our street.
- I think they did a hell of a job. - God damn it!
Some goddamn piece of shit blows him away for nothing!
I'm sorry.
Hudd was too good for this to happen. I just didn't think he'd go down this way.
It was good work.
I appreciate it.
Do me a favor. Make sure this one sticks.
I don't want these DEA assholes back in here.
Word is he killed a DEA undercover.
Word is he signed a confession.
Word is everyone's entitled to a defense, no matter how guilty they...
- Okay, Judy. - He's detoxing.
I gave him something to help him through it.
Can I talk to him?
Joe, can you hear me?
Joe, I'm Elliot Goff.
Hi. I'm your attorney.
You understand what I'm saying to you?
And it was just two hours later, on that same Friday night...
...when the defendant, Clyde Dunner...
...entered the home of George and Carol Beeman...
...a.44 caliber pistol in his hand.
He entered that house with one thing in mind... kill George and Carol.
Why? Because those were the two people...
...he blamed for the breakup of his marriage to Carol's sister, Paula.
George and Carol were watching a movie.
They were sitting on their couch watching television...
...when the defendant entered the living room...
...and opened fire.
George was killed instantly, hit in the face, and Carol died later...
...three bullet wounds to her chest.
And then the defendant, in an effort to cover up his crime...
...doused them both with lighter fluid...
...and set the house on fire.
Carol was still alive.
Ladies and gentlemen of the jury...
...we will prove to you beyond any reasonable doubt...
...that the defendant, Clyde David Dunner, is guilty of two counts of murder... the first degree.
The defense may now proceed.
- Jesus Christ! - I don't know where.
- What's wrong? - They can't find the murder weapon.
- What are you talking about? - They can't find the goddamn gun!
- They lost it or something. Misplaced it. - What?
I don't have a goddamn case without the goddamn gun!
The fingerprints, the ballistics, everything. I have to have the fucking gun.
That murdering piece of slime is gonna go free without the.44.
How the fuck can they lose it?
Yes. Eden, I want to speak to Capt. Henderson.
You used the Dunner gun?
- I can't believe it! - This is not my fuck-up.
Why didn't you use the fucking gun from the Kennedy murder?
Listen, our shooting was supposed to be gang related and unsolved.
Only because we popped a goddamn undercover cop...
...did we need to find a fucking.44 for evidence.
Otherwise, we would've never needed it, so don't point your finger at me.
All right, okay? All fuckin' right. Fine.
But you explain to me how we got the same gun...
...for two murders by two different fucking killers?
And it's supposed to be in police custody.
All right. Don't explain it. It's their fuck-up.
They lost the goddamn evidence.
Ballistics are already complete in the Dunner's case.
All we need is another gun.
All my merchandise is in top condition. Untraceable.
We'll take the.44.
Hi, Joe. I'm Elliot. We met the other...
You weren't in good shape.
You look better now. Have a seat. We have to talk.
About what I did?
Yeah. Sit down.
Before we get started, I want to go over a couple of things with you first.
Now, Joe is your first name. I assume that's "Joseph."
What about Doe?
Is that what you told the officers your last name was?
I don't think so.
What did you tell them your last name was?
I don't remember.
Is Doe your last name?
Do you know what your last name is?
I would tell you if I could remember.
Joe Smith? Joe Jones? Joe DiMaggio?
All right. Okay.
Do you have any family?
Do you have any friends?
I don't know.
Joe, you...
You don't know very much about yourself, do you?
But you remember the night you shot the man in the car?
Because I can.
I'm sorry, I'm not...
...much help.
When you approached the suspect in his apartment...
...did you identify yourself as a police officer?
- And did the suspect respond? - Yes, he did.
In what way?
He shot through the door.
He fired six times until his gun was empty. Ladies and gentlemen...
...I would like to show you the weapon that he used.
A Smith & Wesson.44 caliber revolver.
The same weapon...
...he used to viciously murder George and Carol Beeman.
I would like to enter it into court records at this time.
Thank you. Bailiff?
Thank you, Mr. Divinci.
At this time, the prosecution would like to recall Mr. Steven J. Allen.
Call Steven J. Allen.
Could you remind the court as to what you do, please?
Sure. I'm a lab technician for the police department.
One of my duties is to examine weapons used in violent crimes.
I tested the defendant's revolver and matched the bullets fired... those removed from the body of the deceased.
That ain't my gun!
I must remind the defendant he is not to speak out.
- That ain't my gun! - Order in the court!
That ain't my fucking gun!
They're trying to fucking frame me! That ain't my fucking gun!
- We gotta put the right gun back. - We can't put it back.
Without that gun, they won't convict Joe.
Without that, they'll let Clyde back out!
I don't give a fuck about Clyde! I give a fuck about us right now!
Look, it's like you said. He signed a confession, right?
It's an open-and-shut case.
I swear to God, Frank...
...if we let Clyde get back on the streets, he's gonna kill again.
How'd that little piece of fuckin' puke know that wasn't his damn gun?
Tell me that!
I don't think he knows his own mother, but he knows his own fucking gun?
I don't think that's important right now.
I know it's not important!
- Open up. - Sorry, Divinci, can't do it.
What do you mean you can't? I gotta check something.
- You got written permission? - Since fuckin' when?
Since an hour ago, when he ripped me a new asshole big as a three-car garage.
Okay, what's the problem?
Something about missing evidence. Who the hell knows?
All I know is I want to transfer the hell out of here.
- What are we supposed to do? - How should I know?
Ask the fucking chief, all right? Policy ain't my department.
Thanks a lot.
Whenever you're ready.
Yes, we would like to plead not guilty... the charge of murder for reason of insanity.
- But I did it. - Let me handle this.
I signed the confession.
Don't worry, I'm the attorney. All right? Let me handle it.
Your Honor, can we have a moment, please?
Counsel may approach the bench.
My colleague's client has admitted to the killing.
I don't see any reason to go through a trial...
...when it is obvious that the man would like to plead guilty.
I don't agree.
If he wants to plead guilty, you have to let him.
- Not if he's not of sound mind. - Come on, Elliot!
- I think he's crazy. - Sure. Of course he is.
You think he's putting it on.
That's DA's standard procedure. But I don't think he is.
So I'm standing by the not guilty...
...because I believe he's incapable of sound judgment.
- Have you had a psychiatrist look at him? - Yes, Your Honor.
I think you'll see that my diagnosis is not without warrant.
I'll review the findings and make my decision tomorrow.
- Thank you, Your Honor. - Thank you.
Besides, I hear there's a good chance of beating the charges for lack of evidence.
Nobody can connect us to the evidence. We're clean there.
The most important one is the DEA mess, anyway.
Once that's finished, we're completely in the clear.
You know we can't do this anymore, Frank.
Yeah. I guess.
No. No fucking "I guess." That's it.
No more!
Good while it lasted, though.
$100,000 a piece for a few nights' work?
- That's not bad. - You know, Frank...
...I think maybe what we did wasn't right.
- I mean... - Come on, man.
Think about it.
Look, we took out a few scumbags. That's it, right?
Nobody's ever gonna miss those shitheads anyway.
They were all garbage.
None of them had a sheet less than a mile long.
Drugs, extortion, assault.
They were all guilty and still on the street, and you know that.
All except the cop.
Except the cop.
That's just part of the job.
It could have easily happened to you or me.
But that's just fucking it. We are fucking cops.
- We fucked up, man. - We fucked up once.
Once out of 10.
Come on, that's not bad.
All right, I'm sorry, okay? I'm sorry.
The guy was in the wrong place at the wrong fuckin' time.
What do you want me to say? I'm not going down for it.
I know.
I mean, all I want in life is a goddamn fishing boat...
...a couple of drinks, a beach and some Hawaiian music.
That's not much to ask for 20 years putting murdering assholes behind bars, is it?
It's just not fair. That's all I'm saying.
And for a while, we made it fair.
And quit thinking you're a bad guy. You're not a fucking bad guy.
All right?
You made one mistake. Let it go.
- I guess you're right. - Damn right, I'm right.
I just get worried, that's all.
Worry. It's natural. You should be worried a little bit.
Shit, if you didn't worry, I'd be worried.
Just don't ever lose your sense of humor.
"Sense of humor."
They're all garbage.
Nothing wrong with taking out the garbage.
A lot of people don't know that.
The defendant will stand and face the jury.
What is your verdict?
We find the defendant, Clyde David Dunner, not guilty.
Fuckin' A, man.
Thank you! Thank you!
And you haven't seen him any time since then?
All right.
- We gotta talk. - Could you hold on one second, please?
Calm down. I heard. Clyde walked, right?
No. Joe's going to fucking trial.
Judge found him mentally unfit to plead.
His lawyer pleads not guilty by reason of insanity.
- You're fuckin' kidding me. - I love to make people laugh.
That's my life's work.
Did you hear the one about the two cops who popped a DEA agent?
I'll call you right back.
Divinci. It's Gardner.
Sorry to call you so late, but...
...I got a really stressed out woman here.
Said she needs to talk to you about a murder.
I told her I couldn't call you at home, but she insists that it's very important.
You know, it's the "life and death" thing.
What's her name?
All right. Tell her to wait. I'll be right there. Shit.
- What the hell are you doing? - I got to go down to the station.
Now? Jesus, what time is it?
Go back to sleep.
Frank, this is no way to repair our marriage, you know?
Yeah, I know.
Approximate weight?
Color of hair?
Gardner, this her?
How do you do?
This way.
- Frank, this guy came... - Not now.
I thought you said all I had to do was pick him out...
...and that was all.
- What are you talking about? - Look! They want me in court!
This is not what you promised, Frank.
I can't go to court. I can't do this, Frank.
I cannot go to court. I can't do this. I'm getting out of here. I gotta go.
You're not getting out of here. Get in. Shut up.
- I can't do this, Frank! - Calm the fuck down!
- No! I told you I can't do this! - I warned you about this!
Calm the fuck down for a second! This was not supposed to happen!
Just calm down! Let me think for a second!
Fine. Think. Think away.
Think away. All right.
Here. They want you to be a witness. That's all, okay?
There's nothing to worry about.
You saw something happen.
What, Frank? What did I see?
I will tell you everything you gotta know.
I will tell you exactly what to say.
Just like another stage.
It's like dancing.
Hi, Joe.
You look much better.
Jail has been good for me.
Trial date is set for Thursday. I just wanted to go over...
I've been thinking about what I did, and I don't think that it's right...
...that I should try getting off.
Excuse me?
I wanna plead guilty.
I killed a man. I should be punished.
I'm a little surprised.
Nobody ever wants to be punished for what they've done.
That is a totally new concept for me, believe me.
But listen, I still think our defense is reasonable.
I don't believe, under the condition you were in...
...that you were responsible for your actions.
Then why was I carrying a gun? I had no right to carry a gun.
If you hadn't been, you might be dead.
And he might still be alive.
I underst...
Can I think about this, please?
I've made up my mind.
No, I didn't know him.
- I used to see him in the neighborhood. - Where were you standing?
What if she takes off?
Then we got no goddamn witness puts him at the scene.
Yeah, but what if she testifies and nobody fuckin' believes her?
Perjury, maybe.
That's a 50-50.
They might believe her.
She's a fucking stripper, for Christ's sake.
- Nobody's gonna believe her. - Look, she's got... What the fuck?
I don't believe her when she tells the truth.
- We got two bodies out here. - So?
- Three more in the house. - So?
I just wondered if you're gonna be the primary on this.
Yeah, we're coming. Just give us some room.
Come on!
Look, Frank, she could blow this whole thing.
She could tie us in. That would be it, we'd be fucked.
All right.
If it looks like she's gonna crumble, we'll take steps.
What steps?
One more chalk outline in the city, more or less.
- Who's gonna notice? - Shit, Frank.
Come on, man. You think I like this?
You know, you just can't go around killing everybody.
Wait just a second.
Look around. What do we got?
We got two stiffs on the pavement, shot to shit, three more inside.
That's five chalk outlines in one day... one deal, in one neighborhood, in one city.
Just let me fill you in on some fuckin' statistics here, okay?
We're not killing everybody!
Look, it's strictly last resort, all right?
Let's not kid ourselves.
Push comes to shove, somebody's going down.
If you got another candidate, I'm willing to listen.
Come on. Let's do some work.
- What? - There's a body here.
He's dead.
- There's the other one. - He's dead, too.
In the last few weeks, we've gotten hundreds...
... and hundreds of phone calls and paper and mall...
- Hello? - Cynthia Webb?
This is Richard Stein with the District Attorney's office.
... from women who say that thelr husbands control, manlpulate...
... threaten, and terrorlze them. And thls Is 1996, rlght?
Miss Webb?
Any chance we could get together today?
I'm really busy today.
It won't take long. You gonna be home around 2:00?
Yeah. 2:00 is fine.
Mr. McCall is on the terrace.
Mr. Baylor is here.
- Arthur. - Nathan, how are you?
Good, Arthur. Thanks. Would you like some coffee?
No, I'm fine. Thank you.
Thank you.
This is all a bit of a mystery.
You certainly got my attention with your phone call.
What's this all about?
Is there something here you want me to see?
My God.
God damn it.
- Divinci? - Yeah.
- Richard Stein, DA's office. - Stein! Sure, sure, DA's office, yeah.
Sorry about that. I didn't expect this.
- What are you doing here? - I've got to talk with Cynthia Webb.
She's a witness in...
- Aren't you and Rodriguez on this one? - Yeah, yeah, we're on this case.
Yeah, that's why I'm here. Got to go over the details, you know?
- Yeah, me, too. - Yeah.
- Is she in? - No.
- Don't know where the hell she is. - I was supposed to meet her at 2:00.
- Do you know her? - What do you mean?
I just mean...
- What? - She's not in, and you were inside.
The legal scenario. She's a witness in a murder case, all right?
You know, they don't answer a knock, and the door's open...'s been my experience...
You know, I wanted to make sure there were no bodies lying around.
- Don't tell on me. - No, no, of course not.
Great, man. Good to see you.
Think I'll wait. She might be stuck in traffic or something.
If she does show up, you let me know, all right?
- Because I need to talk to her. - Of course.
All right. I'll see you in court.
- Right. - All right.
Yeah, it's open.
- Elliot Goff? - Yeah?
- Arthur Baylor? - Yes.
Sorry. God, Arthur Baylor. Hello.
- Would you like... You're here to see me? - Yes.
I waited till 3:00, but she never showed.
So what are you telling me? That she missed the appointment?
Forgot you were coming? What?
My guess? She split.
She split? Our witness split?
Can't we keep our evidence and witnesses from disappearing around here?
I mean, what do I have to do, lock them in the trunk of my car?
What the fuck is going on?
I want that bitch back here and on the stand or in jail!
I'll find her. All right?
- I'll find her. - Great. Thanks.
So why do you think he'd go there?
- We need to talk. - Just a second.
Not just a second. Now!
What do you want, Divinci? Look, I got a witness took off.
I gotta get her back. I ain't got no time.
You're the police. What you coming to me for?
Don't ask me the fucking questions here. Your job is to find her.
- Where have I seen her before? - She dances.
Yeah, right.
So why'd she leave?
What the fuck is with the questions?
Look, I heard what the fuck you said. Now, you want me to find her?
You need to tell me why the fuck she left, so I know where not to look, all right?
All right, she's supposed to testify. She got scared.
She thinks somebody might try to kill her.
That's why I want you to find her.
Because if someone's trying to pop her, I don't want anyone knowing where she is.
So how long I got?
- You got two days. - Two fucking days, man?
Just find her, pus-head.
Sure, Detective.
I always like to help out the fucking police whenever possible.
Isn't that Arthur Baylor?
What the hell is he doing here?
Hear ye, hear ye, all rise.
Face the flag and recognize the principles for which it stands.
Criminal Court, Department G, is now in session.
The Honorable Howard W. Pine presiding.
Please be seated and come to order.
The People v. Joe Doe... case number C9524705.
Before we proceed...
...I must ask the defense if there's anything this court should be made aware of.
Yes, Your Honor. I have joined the defense... the representation of Mr. William Daine McCall...
...otherwise known to this court as Joe Doe.
I represented the McCall family for several years...
...before Mr. McCall disappeared seven years ago.
It was assumed that he had died...
...but since he has reappeared under these tragic circumstances...
...I would ask the court for a continuance to allow the defense to prepare... the light of his real identity now being known.
How long do you need?
One week should be sufficient.
Any objection to a week's continuance by the state?
I don't...
...believe so, your Honor.
Then I grant a one-week's continuance.
We'll start the proceedings next Monday morning.
... when It was dlscovered the man who confessed...
... to kllllng an undercover DEA agent...
... was actually hlmself thought dead for seven years.
The man who slgned the confesslon as Joe Doe...
... Is actually WIIIlam Dalne McCall, brother of Nathan McCall.
Both are sons of the founder of McCall Internatlonal...
... a corporatlon Involved In telecommunlcatlons...
... computer deslgn and development and other related Industrles.
The net worth of both men Is estlmated at over $1 bllllon.
"William McCall shunned the business world...
"...and turned his life to medicine...
"...receiving his medical degree from Harvard in 1969.
"Once again, he turned his back on the established norm...
"...and spent several years in Africa...
"...performing organ transplants for the poor."
This is who you picked? This is who you fucking picked?
You picked a surgeon who performs transplants on the poor in Africa?
He was living on the fucking streets!
How was I supposed to know he's a goddamn doctor?
He's not a fucking doctor. You picked a saint to pin a murder on!
When we pick them, we sure do pick them.
Why didn't you get the Pope and pin it on him?
Here: "Disappeared seven years ago on September 19th...
"...two weeks after the tragic death of his wife and two young children...
" a multiple-vehicle accident.
"At the same time, it was assumed that he had returned to Africa...
"...but that was never confirmed.
"What Mr. McCall has been doing for seven years...
" now the mystery that the court will try to help unravel."
- Let's just think about it for a second. - Yeah, let's.
What's the worst-case scenario?
What, are you joking me?
- No. - Are you playing?
What's worse than what we've done that could still happen?
Or what's worse if this doesn't work out, blows up in our face...
...we go to jail, sent to the electric chair, then we die, then we go to fucking hell?
Worse than that?
Will you work with me here?
Excuse me, I'm having a bad morning. Maybe you could excuse me.
Would you repeat the question?
All right, Doc walks.
There's nothing to connect us to the evidence.
There's one person who can connect us to him.
I don't even want to argue about it anymore.
Let's just fucking kill her.
All right, let's do it.
We need to talk.
- Man, are you fucking with me? - I'm not fucking with you.
- Are you fucking with me? - Hold on. You don't know?
- Know what? - This isn't good.
- What? - You're a cop, and you don't even know.
Come on, knock it off. What?
The cops got her.
Ain't that a bitch? You a cop, and you got to come to me to find out?
This is a crazy fucking world we're living in, man.
What fucking cops? What cops?
I don't know what cops!
All I know is my people went to her sister's house...
...and she had already left.
Her sister said cops took her. I figured it was you.
- Shit. - What an asshole!
You're a good judge of character.
Look, she's our goddamn witness...
...and if she's in custody, somebody better fucking tell me!
Try to get at me as soon as you can. All right.
Anything? Nothing.
Nobody knows nothing.
DA doesn't know anything. The DEA doesn't know shit from shinola.
If she's being held by the police, we'd know.
Unless she said something.
No, she didn't say anything, or we wouldn't be sitting here.
It was that piece of shit.
What, Manny?
Don't ever lie to me again.
It's time to go.
Hear ye, hear ye, all rlse.
Face the flag and recognlze the prlnclples for whlch It stands.
The Crlmlnal Court, Department G, Is now In sesslon.
The Honorable Howard W. Plne Is presldlng.
Please be seated and come to order.
The People v. William McCall...
... In case number 9524705.
...when he pulled this gun and fired at agent Hudd...
...killing him instantly.
Let the record show that this is the weapon used in the crime:
A Smith & Wesson.44-caliber handgun.
All these.44s are starting to look the same to me.
So when you arrested the defendant, did he deny having killed Agent Hudd?
Can you describe the defendant's condition at the time of his arrest?
He was drunk.
We could smell the booze on him, but we drew blood, and he did not object.
We have the blood test report showing...
...that he had four times the legal limit to drive.
But you knew that this was the man that you were looking for?
- Yes, sir. - Based on what?
Based on his description.
And who provided you with that description?
A Miss Cynthia...
I don't know. I'm not sure.
I believe her name is Cynthia Webb.
Cynthia Webb.
At least...
...based on the statement filed the night she picked him out of the lineup.
Now, is that name familiar to you?
Yes, that's her.
And where did you find Miss Webb?
On the same street. Same area.
And she agreed to pick the defendant out of the lineup?
Were you aware that Miss Webb disappeared...
...after she was served with a subpoena?
Yes. My partner and I...
...tried to contact her about the case...
...but we were unsuccessful in our attempts.
Thank you, Detective. That's all the questions I have.
I'm gonna tell you right now, you did a great job.
Don't come down on yourself.
To justice in all its forms.
We're not out of the woods yet, buddy.
Without Miss Webb, there's no place they can go.
We still got the confession, the gun, the ballistics...
...and I don't care about all this African doctor crap.
The man is a fucking drunk.
He's been a fucking drunk for seven goddamn years.
Let's have a drink for drunks.
To drunks.
I just wish I knew where the fuck she was.
...I think we'll have to rely on his confession...
...for a description of what happened, because he's never gonna take the stand.
DA's office.
- They found Cynthia Webb. - What? Where?
- I don't know. - When?
- I don't know. - Who the hell was that?
I don't know, I don't know. They hung up.
What the hell is going on around here?
I don't know.
You don't need to say nothing, but are you really a doctor?
I was.
- A surgeon. - No shit!
No shit! Really?
A surgeon?
I know I'm nobody to judge, but you must've been a smart guy.
What the hell are you doing in here?
I had an affair with another woman.
A nurse at the hospital that I worked at.
It was...
I don't remember much about her, except that my wife found out about it.
We had a fight.
She left the house, she took the kids.
She was hysterical.
I should've done something...
...gone after them, I don't know.
They died in a car accident about a mile from the house.
I never told anybody that.
Your Honor, the people would like to call Miss Cynthia Webb to the stand.
The court calls Cynthia Webb.
Raise your right hand.
Do you swear to tell the truth, the whole truth...
...and nothing but the truth, so help you God?
- Sure. - I know her.
- She's the woman who identified you. - No, no, I mean, I know her.
- How? - I don't know.
I think I lived near her.
Could you please state your name for the court?
Cynthia Webb.
Do you recognize the man that you identified in a police lineup?
- Yes. - Is he anywhere in this courtroom?
Is it the defendant, Mr. McCall?
Could you please describe for us what you saw on the night of June 14?
I was comlng out of thls all-nlght mlnl-mart.
How sure are you...
...that the man you saw with the gun is the defendant?
I'm sure.
Thank you.
No further questions.
Miss Webb...
Is it "Miss"?
Miss Webb...
...had you ever seen the defendant before that night you just described?
Do you know what perjury is?
- When you lie. - When you lie under oath in a court of law.
Do you know what the penalty for that is?
- You go to jail. - Yes.
...did you ever see the defendant before that night?
Objection. The witness answered that question, Your Honor.
I'm just trying to give the witness the opportunity to remember...
...if she ever saw Mr. McCall...
...any other time before the night in question.
Miss Webb, do you understand the consequences of perjury?
- Yes. - Let's get on with it then.
What did you buy when you went into the mini-mart?
- What did I buy? - You remembered seeing Mr. McCall.
You remembered a gunshot and the car crash.
I just wondered if you remembered what you bought in the mini-mart.
- Shampoo, I think. - That's all?
- Yeah. - Where do you live?
435617th street, No. 4.
Is that close to this mini-mart?
Close? Sort of.
How far would you say?
- I don't really know. - Is it walking distance?
- Not really. - Did you walk there that night or drive?
- I drove. - You drove?
But when you left the mini-mart, you said you walked along the street.
- Yes. - How far?
- To the corner. - Objection, Your Honor.
I don't see the point to this line of reasoning.
- Is there a point? - Yes, Your Honor.
Since this is the only witness...
...I'm just trying to establish what the scene was like that night.
- Try to get there as quickly as possible. - Thank you, sir.
How far from the corner was this mini-mart?
I mean, was it in the middle of the block?
Close to the corner?
- In the middle, I think. - So you walked all the way to the corner?
- I assume you were going back to your car? - Yes.
Any reason you parked so far away?
There were a lot of cars on the street that night.
Any other people on the street?
Lots of cars, no people.
Any traffic?
I don't really remember.
So you were the only person who saw Joe on the street that night?
I didn't see anybody else.
So you heard a gunshot.
You heard a car crash.
You saw Joe running past with a gun in his hand.
What did you do then? Call the police, 911?
I went home.
You went home? Straight home?
So you're sure it was Joe you saw that night?
When you went home?
When you went home, you saw Joe?
- No. - Objection, Your Honor.
The defense is trying to confuse the witness.
I'm not trying to confuse the witness. The witness is trying to confuse this court.
And I have witnesses who will refute her testimony...
...who were on the corner the night of the shooting...
...who never saw Miss Webb, who never heard a gunshot...
...who never saw Joe running past.
Now, Miss Webb saw Joe outside of her building that night...
...because he lives in the alley next door. Isn't that true?
- Objection! - When I referred to the defendant as Joe... knew exactly who I was talking about, didn't you?
Now, this trial is The People v. WIIIlam McCall...
...not "Joe."
The name Joe has never been mentioned in this trial... how did you know who I was talking about?
Miss Webb?
How do you know the defendant as Joe?
He lived in the alley next to my apartment building.
Why did you lie to this court?
I don't know.
Are you afraid of somebody?
- I don't know. - Are you trying to protect somebody?
I don't know.
Answer the questions, Miss Webb, or I'll be forced to cite you for contempt.
- She didn't talk. - Don't hold your breath.
- Do you think she's gonna talk? - I know she's gonna talk.
We can make it look gang related.
The problem is, we're gonna need another gun.
The problem is, she's in fucking jail. That's the goddamn problem.
Since when is being in jail ever a guarantee of a long life?
Just get another gun.
Wake up, Manny. Get up.
- I didn't do anything. - Everything's fine, everything's fine.
I just came to apologize, but I need a little privacy here.
Come on, come on, come on. Move!
I need a favor.
I need you to bail somebody out of jail.
Bail's $25,000.
- You gotta be kidding. - Now, look, I want her out tonight.
I do not want you to tell her who.
- It's a surprise. - So how am I supposed to pay for this?
You know, they don't take American Express.
I know you know how to get rid of this.
There's a lot more than $25,000 here.
You keep the change. But I want her out in two hours.
Otherwise, I'll come back and nail you for possession.
How'd you get to be such a prick?
Asshole. I got your DNA.
Did you get the gun?
Yeah, I got it.
What's with you? You all right? Everything okay?
- What? - Are you kidding me?
- What? What? - We're going to kill a witness...
...who's in jail because we killed a fucking DEA agent.
This kind of shit troubles me. I'm sorry, Frank.
Take off the fucking dress and get back in the game, will you?
Shake it off. Come on.
We got to do what we got to do. That's it.
I know. We got to do what we got to do.
That's right.
Let's just get it over with.
I don't understand. Why can't you tell me who bailed me out?
The man comes to me and tells me to bail you out.
He gives me cash, I do it. It's what I do for a living.
I bail people out of jail, all right? You stay with me.
Was he a cop?
Right. Cops bail people out all the time.
Ain't there some kind of dichotomy in that shit for you?
I don't like this.
Look, you can either stay here in jail, or you can come with me.
- Shit, the choice is yours. - Just tell me, what did he look like?
You are a stripper, right?
Guys fall in love with your type all the time...
...but they don't know how to get close. You know?
Baby, somebody wants you to owe them something.
You take that shit or leave it.
This is the last time, Frank.
The last time we kill somebody.
Yeah. It's the last time.
I mean...
...eleven is enough.
Eleven dead bodies is enough.
I get the picture.
Damn, man.
Why'd you have to go and kill Hudd?
What's going on here?
What's the matter? You mad at me or something?
Why did we have to start killing people, man?
None of this shit would have never happened if you...
...hadn't started killing people.
Look, drug dealers don't qualify as people.
Never did, never will.
Now, what the hell's wrong with you?
What's the matter? You're worried about where the money went, is that it?
I'm just sick of it.
Sick of it all.
That's all.
I'm all right.
I need some fresh air.
What's going on, man?
Just talk to me, all right?
Just fucking talk to me.
I don't know.
...I owe some people some money...
...and I don't know how I'm going to pay them back.
I got problems.
You know, Frank...
Why can't we just forget this shit?
Why can't we just get the fuck out of here?
Maybe leave the country or something.
- What are you doing? - Take off your fucking shirt!
What are you talking about?
Just take off your shirt now.
If there's nothing to worry about, then I'll apologize.
But I'm not gonna argue.
- Now take off your fucking shirt. Now! - I can't believe this shit!
After all we've been through, you don't trust me?
After all this shit you got me into, you don't trust me?
Take off your shirt.
Or what?
Or you'll shoot me?
Is that what you'll do, Frank?
Kill me? Me, too?
Then shoot.
I'll ask you one more motherfucking time. Now take off the goddamn shirt.
Take it off!
I can't fucking believe you. I can't believe you.
I'm sorry, man.
You're right.
I don't know what the fuck, man. I'm just...
I'm fucking nervous, man, like you.
Come on, forget it, all right?
It's this fucking thing, I'm telling you, it's this fucking thing.
I can't believe you did that.
Really, man. Let's just do it.
Let's just get it over with.
I'm sorry, man.
Look, I know I'm gonna feel a whole lot better when she's dead.
Then we're off the hook.
What the fuck are you doing?
You fucking asshole! You fucking asshole!
You fucking rat! You fucking rat!
- Yeah, I'm a fucking rat! - Fucking A!
Yeah, I fucking ratted you out!
Simms knows everything.
Go ahead. I don't give a fuck.
Go ahead, blow my brains out. I deserve to fucking die.
Fucking A right you do, man!
Get out of the car.
Get out of the car now.
This is why you can never lose your sense of humor.
I hate my fucking life.
I hate my fucking life!
I hate it!
Guess we caught you at a bad time.
But we all have problems.
Fuck you, motherfucker!
Divinci must've figured it out.
I didn't think he'd kill his own partner, though.
He's an animal.
The recorder's busted up...
...but we might be able to salvage some of the tape.
I want him, you understand me?
I don't care what it takes. I want that son of a bitch.
Who the fuck are you?
Miss Webb...
...we'd like you to come with us.
- Who set it up? - I don't know.
- It was Divinci, wasn't it? - I don't know.
Which one pulled the trigger, Divinci or Rodriguez?
- I don't know. - Detective Rodriguez is dead.
He was shot in the head last night.
Rodriguez was wearing a recorder. Divinci found it.
- You can do addition, can't you? - You are so full of shit.
Just tell us what you know.
- Look, where's Divinci? - We don't know.
- But we're gonna find him. - You're gonna find him? Yeah, right.
I don't know a fucking thing.
- Listen! - Back off!
Hooper, get her out of here.
Get a copy of the tape to Baylor.
Make sure it doesn't come from us.
Your attorney is here.
What attorney?
Hi, Cynthia.
- Sit down, please. - I got nothing to say.
Yes. So I'm told.
Forget It. Same shlt.
Let's just get It over wlth. I'll feel a whole lot better when she's dead.
Then we're off the hook.
Come herel You fucklng ratl
Yeah, I am. I'm a fucklng ratl
I framed you, Frank. I fucklng framed you.
Slmms knows everythlng.
-I fucklng should dle. -Yeah...
I think you know my client is innocent.
That's all I care about, my client.
But I understand why you're scared.
You're already facing perjury charges, and my guess is that...'re in this a lot deeper.
But I'm not after you.
I get nothing if you go to jail.
But I think that if I help you... could help my client.
- How? - Sit down, please.
William... Joe...
...didn't really do it, did he?
No, he didn't.
No goddamn way. I'm won't grant that whore immunity.
She lied on the stand. She's protecting somebody.
And she's involved.
- I want them all. - All right.
Before I leave, I want to remind you of something.
You have shit for a case.
If you cared about seeing justice for your dead comrade... wouldn't blow this deal.
Immunity for her testimony is a small price for a bad cop.
And that's the only way she's gonna talk.
And William McCall walks right now. All charges dropped.
If what she says is any good, I'll deal. If it isn't, nobody goes anywhere.
Cynthia, sit down, please.
- How does it feel to be a free man again? - Do you have any comments, sir?
Sorry, no more questions. No more questions.
Thank you.
Thank you!
Guess you had no choice.
You had to do the right thing.
Baby, look at you.
What do you want?
What do I want?
You're asking me what I want?
Are you gonna grant me three wishes?
Let's see...
...I don't know what to ask for.
Money would be nice.
Love would be better.
But a little fucking Ioyalty... can never get enough of that.
We'll start with money.
That's all I've got.
- They'll catch you. - No. They don't got a clue, baby.
You know why? 'Cause I'm following my heart...
...and they don't know where that is.
What about your plans?
Why don't you tell me about your fucking plans?
Maybe I'd like to hear them now.
Once a Ioyalty's broken, baby, you can never get it back.
You should not have told them.
There are a lot of things in my life that I shouldn't have done.
But that is not fucking one of them!
Move out of my way!
Let me tell you something.
The only difference between a witness and a liar... just one of them knows what he's doing.
- Shit! - Manny, lock the door.
Lock it!
You scared the shit out of me.
One more favor.
Now, since when did I become such a good fucking friend?
Look, I'm thinking of taking a little time off.
Think you can get me a car tonight?
Yeah, man.
I can do that.
But you know you're hot as hell right now, right?
And drivers that don't talk...
...don't come cheap.
I got the money.
Make it happen.
Dr. Travls, you have a vlsltor In Room 4.
Dr. Travls, a vlsltor In Room 4.
Dr. Florence, please dlal 112.
-Dr. Florence, dlal 112. - You want to do the op. Report?
- Not if you do. - How did you close?
There you go, man.
Leather seats, mini-bar, CD player.
What more could you ask for?
Better not be a setup.
You want me to hold your hand, too?
Walk me to the car.
- I guess I'll let you live. - You're a real prince.
Give me my money, man.
- You never saw me. - Yeah, don't I wish that was true. Go on!
Thank you, sir.
Have a nice trip, shit.
Go south.
Get on the Interstate.
Don't break the speed limit.
You know, that's the thing about life.
You can never, ever lose your sense of humor.
Without it, you got nothing.
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