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Gandhi CD1

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[INFORMATION] [AUTHOR] [SOURCE] [PRG] [FILEPATH] [DELAY] [CD TRACK] [COMMENT] [END INFORMATION] [SUBTITLE] [COLF]&HFFFFFF,[STYLE]no,[SIZE]18,[FONT]Arial 00:01:57.70,00:02:00.19 There are more than yesterday. 00:02:21.97,00:02:25.84 He will be saying prayers in[br]the garden. Just follow the others. 00:02:26.73,00:02:30.90 He will be saying prayers in[br]the garden. Just follow the others. 00:03:45.55,00:03:48.31 Brother, Bapu is already[br]late for prayers. 00:03:51.23,00:03:52.09 Oh, God! 00:04:44.45,00:04:47.62 The object of this massive tribute... 00:04:48.16,00:04:49.87 ...died as he had always lived: 00:04:50.12,00:04:51.12 A private man... 00:04:51.33,00:04:52.44 ...without wealth... 00:04:52.66,00:04:54.08 ...without property... 00:04:54.33,00:04:56.79 ...without official title or office. 00:04:57.79,00:04:59.29 Mahatma Gandhi... 00:04:59.50,00:05:01.34 ...was not the commander of armies... 00:05:01.59,00:05:04.13 ...nor a ruler of vast lands. 00:05:04.76,00:05:07.33 He could not boast[br]any scientific achievement... 00:05:07.55,00:05:09.30 ...or artistic gift. 00:05:09.72,00:05:10.75 Yet men... 00:05:11.10,00:05:15.73 ...governments, dignitaries[br]from all over the world... 00:05:15.94,00:05:17.85 ...have joined hands today[br]to pay homage... 00:05:18.06,00:05:20.73 this little brown man[br]in the loincloth... 00:05:20.94,00:05:23.82 ...who led his country to freedom. 00:05:24.90,00:05:27.03 In the words of[br]General George C. Marshall... 00:05:27.91,00:05:30.31 ...the American secretary of state: 00:05:30.91,00:05:33.75 '' Mahatma Gandhi has become[br]the spokesman... 00:05:34.04,00:05:36.87 ...for the conscience of all mankind. 00:05:37.42,00:05:38.67 He was a man... 00:05:38.88,00:05:40.38 ...who made humility... 00:05:40.96,00:05:42.21 ...and simple truth... 00:05:42.75,00:05:45.47 ...more powerful than empires.'' 00:05:45.72,00:05:47.63 And Albert Einstein added: 00:05:48.09,00:05:52.51 ''Generations to come will scarce[br]believe that such a one as this... 00:05:52.76,00:05:54.89 ...ever in flesh and blood... 00:05:55.77,00:05:57.93 ...walked upon this earth.'' 00:06:41.52,00:06:42.36 Tell me... 00:06:43.15,00:06:45.03 you think about hell? 00:06:46.15,00:06:48.19 No, neither do I. 00:06:48.40,00:06:50.49 But this man here... 00:06:50.74,00:06:54.12 a Christian, and he's written[br]that in order to believe-- 00:06:58.29,00:06:59.40 Excuse me, sir. 00:06:59.62,00:07:02.08 How long have you been[br]in South Africa? 00:07:02.58,00:07:03.42 A week. 00:07:03.63,00:07:06.09 I don't know how you got a ticket. 00:07:07.05,00:07:09.13 Just what are you doing[br]in this car, coolie? 00:07:09.97,00:07:12.18 Why, I have a ticket. 00:07:12.64,00:07:14.68 A first-class ticket. 00:07:15.81,00:07:18.52 -How did you get it?[br]-I sent for it in the post. 00:07:18.77,00:07:20.02 I'm an attorney.[br]I didn't-- 00:07:20.27,00:07:22.43 There are no coloured attorneys[br]in South Africa. 00:07:22.69,00:07:23.86 Sit where you belong! 00:07:24.06,00:07:26.22 I'll take your luggage back, sir. 00:07:26.48,00:07:28.36 Just a moment, please. 00:07:29.24,00:07:30.32 You see? 00:07:31.20,00:07:34.03 Mohandas K. Gandhi, attorney at law. 00:07:34.24,00:07:37.37 I'm going to conduct a case[br]for an Indian trading firm. 00:07:37.62,00:07:42.29 Didn't you hear me? There are no[br]coloured attorneys in South Africa. 00:07:42.54,00:07:44.87 I was called to the bar in London... 00:07:45.34,00:07:48.34 ...and enrolled at[br]the High Court of Chancery. 00:07:48.55,00:07:50.47 I am, therefore, an attorney. 00:07:50.72,00:07:53.21 And since I am,[br]in your eyes, coloured... 00:07:53.68,00:07:55.72 ...I think we can deduce[br]that there is at least... 00:07:55.93,00:07:57.81 coloured attorney[br]in South Africa. 00:07:58.89,00:08:00.98 Smart bloody Kaffir! 00:08:01.23,00:08:02.26 Throw him out. 00:08:02.52,00:08:04.84 Just move your black ass[br]back to third class... 00:08:05.11,00:08:07.48 ...or I'll have you thrown off[br]at the next station. 00:08:07.73,00:08:09.48 But I always go first class! 00:09:19.01,00:09:21.06 But you're a rich man.[br]Why put up with it? 00:09:21.35,00:09:23.67 Yes, I am rich. But I am Indian. 00:09:23.89,00:09:26.22 I do not expect[br]to travel first class. 00:09:26.44,00:09:28.85 -In England, I was a poor student.[br]-That was England. 00:09:29.06,00:09:30.73 This is part of England's Empire. 00:09:30.94,00:09:35.70 Mr. Gandhi, you look at Mr. Khan and[br]you see a successful Muslim trader. 00:09:35.95,00:09:38.74 Most South Africans see him[br]simply as an Indian. 00:09:38.99,00:09:42.69 And the vast majority of Indians,[br]mostly Hindus, like yourself... 00:09:42.91,00:09:45.87 ...were brought here to[br]work mines and harvest crops. 00:09:46.12,00:09:48.58 Most Europeans don't want them[br]doing anything else. 00:09:48.83,00:09:50.21 But that is very unchristian-- 00:09:50.46,00:09:52.67 Mr. Gandhi, in this country... 00:09:52.92,00:09:56.71 ...Indians are not allowed to walk[br]along the pavement with a Christian. 00:09:59.68,00:10:02.89 You mean, you employ Mr. Baker[br]as your attorney... 00:10:03.14,00:10:04.72 ...but you can't walk down[br]the street with him? 00:10:05.27,00:10:06.47 Well, I can. 00:10:06.98,00:10:09.94 But I risk being kicked[br]into the gutter by someone... 00:10:10.15,00:10:12.77 ...less holy than Mr. Baker. 00:10:22.87,00:10:24.74 Well, then it must be fought. 00:10:25.00,00:10:27.32 We are children of God[br]like everyone else. 00:10:27.54,00:10:28.82 Allah be praised! 00:10:29.08,00:10:31.54 And what battalions[br]will you call upon? 00:10:35.88,00:10:37.47 I will write to the press... 00:10:37.67,00:10:39.92 and in England. 00:10:40.39,00:10:41.50 I will use the courts. 00:10:41.76,00:10:44.17 You'll cause a lot of trouble.[br]Our position is-- 00:10:44.39,00:10:46.96 We are members of the Empire. 00:10:48.35,00:10:51.19 And we come from[br]an ancient civilization. 00:10:51.81,00:10:55.03 Why should we not walk on[br]the pavements like other men? 00:10:55.28,00:10:59.32 I rather like the idea of[br]an Indian barrister in South Africa. 00:10:59.65,00:11:03.61 I'm sure our community could[br]keep you in work for some time... 00:11:03.87,00:11:06.58 ...even if you caused[br]a good deal of trouble. 00:11:07.95,00:11:11.57 Especially if you caused[br]a good deal of trouble. 00:11:31.14,00:11:34.15 There's the English reporter.[br]I told you he'd come. 00:11:35.98,00:11:39.60 You also said your article[br]would draw a thousand people. 00:11:42.07,00:11:45.49 At least some of the Hindus[br]brought their wives. 00:11:45.70,00:11:49.32 No, I asked my wife[br]to organize that. 00:11:50.75,00:11:52.29 Some of them are leaving. 00:12:01.47,00:12:03.01 '' Ladies and gentlemen: 00:12:03.26,00:12:07.43 We have asked you to gather here[br]to help us proclaim our right... 00:12:07.64,00:12:10.81 be treated as equal citizens[br]of the Empire. 00:12:11.43,00:12:13.10 We do not seek conflict. 00:12:13.85,00:12:17.31 We know the strength of[br]the forces arrayed against us... 00:12:17.69,00:12:22.40 ...know that because of them,[br]we can only use peaceful means. 00:12:22.65,00:12:25.95 But we are determined[br]that justice will be done. 00:12:27.83,00:12:31.33 The symbol of our status[br]is embodied in this pass... 00:12:31.54,00:12:33.86 ...which we must carry[br]at all times... 00:12:34.12,00:12:36.96 ...but which no European[br]even has to have. 00:12:37.21,00:12:40.05 The first step towards[br]changing our status... 00:12:40.46,00:12:43.43 to eliminate[br]this difference between us.'' 00:12:51.77,00:12:52.68 Now? 00:12:58.11,00:13:02.28 You write brilliantly, but you have[br]much to learn about handling men. 00:13:04.82,00:13:06.82 ''We do not want to ignite... 00:13:07.95,00:13:10.44 ...the fear or hatred of anyone. 00:13:11.37,00:13:12.40 But we ask you... 00:13:13.25,00:13:15.87 ...Hindu, Muslim and Sikh... 00:13:16.12,00:13:18.92 help us light up the sky... 00:13:19.50,00:13:22.46 ...and the minds of[br]the British authorities... 00:13:22.67,00:13:25.84 ...with our defiance[br]of this injustice.'' 00:13:28.01,00:13:32.06 We will now burn the passes of[br]our committee and its supporters. 00:13:33.43,00:13:36.44 We ask you to put[br]your passes on the fire-- 00:13:36.64,00:13:37.98 You bloody dog! 00:13:44.15,00:13:45.07 Those passes... 00:13:45.74,00:13:47.66 ...are government property! 00:13:48.41,00:13:52.16 And I will arrest the first man[br]who tries to burn one! 00:14:03.80,00:14:05.05 Take him away. 00:14:27.03,00:14:28.14 You little... 00:14:28.74,00:14:29.77 ...Sammy... 00:14:30.41,00:14:31.27 ...bastard! 00:14:33.28,00:14:35.78 Now! Are there any more? 00:14:36.12,00:14:39.21 If you want this kind of trouble,[br]you can have it. 00:15:03.23,00:15:04.32 Let me go! 00:15:05.86,00:15:07.36 Let me go! 00:15:26.46,00:15:27.58 Stop. 00:15:46.82,00:15:49.14 The London papers have[br]arrived from the Cape. 00:15:49.36,00:15:50.78 The worst was the Daily Mail. 00:15:50.99,00:15:52.32 They said the burning of passes-- 00:15:52.53,00:15:55.66 -Ask Mr. Herzog to see me.[br]---was the most significant act... 00:15:55.87,00:15:59.12 colonial affairs since[br]the Declaration of Independence. 00:15:59.33,00:16:01.62 They'll find we're better[br]prepared this time. 00:16:01.87,00:16:05.00 Mr. Gandhi will find[br]he's on a long hiding to nothing. 00:16:06.63,00:16:09.59 ''A High Court judge confirmed[br]that Mr. Gandhi... 00:16:09.84,00:16:13.22 ...would've been within his rights[br]to prosecute for assault... 00:16:13.43,00:16:16.55 ...since neither he nor Mr. Khan[br]resisted arrest.'' 00:16:16.85,00:16:18.52 I told you about English law. 00:16:18.77,00:16:21.69 As I told you about English policemen. 00:16:22.60,00:16:23.98 Yes? 00:16:25.23,00:16:27.90 We're very pleased[br]to have you back, Papa. 00:16:28.27,00:16:30.40 And I am glad to be back. 00:16:30.61,00:16:31.44 Come. 00:16:33.41,00:16:35.03 Mind your face. 00:16:41.71,00:16:44.79 Tomorrow I'll tell you about[br]my days in a police hospital. 00:16:46.38,00:16:47.41 Come, come. 00:16:53.26,00:16:56.55 Just like proper English gentlemen.[br]I'm proud of them. 00:16:56.80,00:17:00.06 They're boys and they're Indian. 00:17:02.02,00:17:05.89 Will you take this off?[br]It pinches every time I speak. 00:17:12.03,00:17:13.61 I've got it. 00:17:22.00,00:17:23.62 You'd be Gandhi. 00:17:25.21,00:17:26.71 I thought you'd be bigger. 00:17:28.13,00:17:30.42 -I'm sorry.[br]-No, that's all right. 00:17:31.59,00:17:33.55 My name is Charlie Andrews, sir. 00:17:33.76,00:17:35.04 I've come from India. 00:17:36.80,00:17:38.85 I've read a great deal about you. 00:17:39.47,00:17:41.01 Some of it good, I hope. 00:17:43.10,00:17:44.48 Would you care to walk? 00:17:46.85,00:17:48.56 You're a clergyman? 00:17:48.77,00:17:50.69 I met some remarkable people in India. 00:17:50.90,00:17:53.94 And when I read what you were doing,[br]I wanted to help. 00:17:54.15,00:17:56.07 -Does that surprise you?[br]-Not anymore. 00:17:56.40,00:17:58.07 At first, I was amazed... 00:17:58.49,00:18:00.98 ...but when you're fighting[br]in a just cause... 00:18:01.20,00:18:05.54 ...people seem to pop up, like you,[br]right out of the pavement. 00:18:06.12,00:18:08.67 Even when it's dangerous or.... 00:18:11.75,00:18:13.38 Hey, look what's coming! 00:18:13.67,00:18:16.80 A white shepherd leading[br]a brown Sammy! 00:18:18.13,00:18:19.64 Perhaps we should.... 00:18:20.18,00:18:21.43 Doesn't the New Testament say: 00:18:21.64,00:18:25.09 '' If your enemy strikes you on[br]the right cheek, offer him the left''? 00:18:25.31,00:18:27.85 The phrase was used metaphorically.[br]I don't think our Lord-- 00:18:28.06,00:18:29.31 I'm not so sure. 00:18:29.52,00:18:31.98 I have thought about it a great deal. 00:18:32.19,00:18:34.23 I suspect He meant[br]you must show courage... 00:18:34.69,00:18:37.57 willing to take a blow,[br]several blows, to show... 00:18:37.78,00:18:40.45 won't strike back,[br]nor will you be turned aside. 00:18:40.66,00:18:44.58 And when you do that, it calls on[br]something in human nature... 00:18:44.79,00:18:48.40 ...that makes his hatred for you[br]decrease and his respect increase. 00:18:48.67,00:18:51.96 I think Christ grasped that,[br]and I have seen it work. 00:18:52.42,00:18:53.42 Good morning. 00:18:53.67,00:18:56.00 Get off the pavement,[br]you bloody coon. 00:18:56.26,00:18:57.54 -Yeah, get off.[br]-Kaffir! 00:18:59.34,00:19:00.84 Colin, what you doing? 00:19:01.09,00:19:01.96 Nothing. 00:19:02.18,00:19:04.06 Come out where I can see you! 00:19:08.39,00:19:10.31 I said, what you doing? 00:19:10.81,00:19:13.57 We were just trying[br]to clean up the neighbourhood. 00:19:13.77,00:19:17.15 You're late for work.[br]I thought you'd gone 1 0 minutes ago. 00:19:17.53,00:19:19.15 Get on! 00:19:25.08,00:19:27.29 You'll find there's room for us all. 00:19:35.21,00:19:37.67 -That was lucky.[br]-I thought you were a man of God. 00:19:37.88,00:19:40.01 I am, but I'm not[br]so egotistical as to think... 00:19:40.22,00:19:42.14 ...He plans His day[br]around my dilemmas. 00:19:46.26,00:19:48.48 You could call it[br]a communal farm, I suppose. 00:19:48.68,00:19:51.18 But you've all come[br]to the same conclusions. 00:19:51.39,00:19:53.94 Our Gita, the Muslim's Koran,[br]your Bible. 00:19:54.15,00:19:57.36 It's always the simple things[br]that catch your breath. 00:19:57.82,00:19:59.94 '' Love thy neighbour as thyself.'' 00:20:01.03,00:20:02.11 Not always practised... 00:20:02.32,00:20:05.70 ...but it's something we Hindus[br]could learn a lot from. 00:20:05.95,00:20:08.62 That's the kind of thing[br]you'll be seeking on this farm? 00:20:08.87,00:20:10.29 Well, we shall try. 00:20:10.54,00:20:12.37 Bad news, I'm afraid. 00:20:12.58,00:20:15.29 They're going to change the pass laws. 00:20:19.84,00:20:21.04 It's taken time... 00:20:21.42,00:20:23.55 ...but it needed to be done fairly. 00:20:24.34,00:20:27.18 We didn't want to create an injustice[br]simply because Mr. Gandhi... 00:20:27.39,00:20:29.96 ...was abusing our[br]existing legislation. 00:20:30.31,00:20:32.77 Just one moment, sir, please. 00:20:35.15,00:20:36.94 I beg your pardon. 00:20:38.78,00:20:40.06 But on a short trip... 00:20:40.28,00:20:44.20 ...I wouldn't spend too much time[br]on the Indian question, Mr. Walker. 00:20:44.49,00:20:46.20 It's a tiny factor[br]in South Africa. 00:20:48.87,00:20:50.83 Well, it is news at the moment. 00:20:51.04,00:20:53.83 I plan to report on[br]the condition of the mines here... 00:20:54.08,00:20:56.46 well as the economy.[br]-Good. 00:20:56.67,00:20:58.46 But I would like to meet[br]this Mr. Gand-eye. 00:20:58.75,00:21:00.21 Gandhi. 00:21:02.05,00:21:04.68 Of course.[br]We Westerners have a weakness... 00:21:04.88,00:21:07.76 ...for these spiritually inclined[br]men of India. 00:21:08.72,00:21:10.88 But as an old lawyer,[br]let me warn you. 00:21:11.14,00:21:14.06 Mr. Gandhi is as shrewd a man[br]as you will ever meet... 00:21:14.27,00:21:16.94 ...however otherworldly he may seem. 00:21:17.36,00:21:20.07 But I'm sure you're enough[br]of a reporter to see that. 00:21:20.28,00:21:23.07 I hope so.[br]Thank you for your time, sir. 00:21:27.45,00:21:30.16 So it's not spiritualism[br]or nationalism. 00:21:30.41,00:21:34.58 We're not resisting anything but the[br]idea that people can't live together. 00:21:34.79,00:21:35.99 You see? 00:21:36.88,00:21:38.59 Hindus, Muslims... 00:21:38.84,00:21:40.71 ...Sikhs, Jews... 00:21:41.50,00:21:42.51 ...even Christians. 00:21:43.09,00:21:45.22 Mr. Walker of the New York Times. 00:21:45.43,00:21:46.37 How you doing? 00:21:48.05,00:21:51.22 Without a paper,[br]a journal of some kind... 00:21:51.43,00:21:53.31 cannot unite a community. 00:21:53.56,00:21:56.64 You belong to a[br]very important profession. 00:21:59.15,00:22:02.68 And what do you think an important[br]professional should write... 00:22:02.90,00:22:06.44 ...about your response to[br]General Smuts' newest legislation? 00:22:06.91,00:22:08.45 I don't know. 00:22:08.70,00:22:10.99 I'm still searching for a response. 00:22:11.24,00:22:13.04 You will respect the law? 00:22:14.00,00:22:18.63 There are unjust laws[br]as there are unjust men. 00:22:19.29,00:22:22.05 You're a small minority to take on[br]the South African government... 00:22:22.25,00:22:23.84 ...not to mention the British Empire. 00:22:24.09,00:22:27.47 If you are a minority of one... 00:22:27.84,00:22:30.08 ...the truth is the truth. 00:22:31.93,00:22:33.21 Herman Kallenbach... 00:22:33.47,00:22:36.43 ...our chief carpenter,[br]also our chief benefactor. 00:22:36.64,00:22:38.35 Vince Walker, New York Times. 00:22:38.60,00:22:40.52 This is quite a place[br]you've got here. 00:22:41.27,00:22:43.73 And you call it an ashram? 00:22:43.94,00:22:46.86 That's right.[br]The word only means ''community.'' 00:22:47.07,00:22:50.37 But it could stand for[br]''village'' or ''the world.'' 00:22:50.62,00:22:52.86 You're an ambitious man, Mr. Gandhi. 00:22:53.12,00:22:54.79 I hope not. 00:22:57.66,00:23:01.62 I hear that you also prepare[br]the meals and clean the toilets. 00:23:01.88,00:23:04.59 -Is that part of the experiment?[br]-Ba! 00:23:05.92,00:23:09.34 We will need another place set[br]for Mr. Walker's driver. 00:23:10.22,00:23:11.76 I will tell Tara. 00:23:13.56,00:23:17.48 Yes, it's one way to learn[br]that each man's labour... 00:23:17.68,00:23:19.44 as important as another's. 00:23:19.64,00:23:21.86 While you're doing it,[br]cleaning the toilet... 00:23:22.11,00:23:24.32 ...seems far more important[br]than the law. 00:23:24.90,00:23:26.53 Please, come and join us. 00:23:26.78,00:23:29.53 You'll need something before[br]your journey back. 00:23:29.86,00:23:32.95 -Would you excuse me, please?[br]-Yeah, sure. 00:23:43.04,00:23:44.42 What is it? 00:23:45.50,00:23:48.13 Sora was sent to tell me I must... 00:23:48.84,00:23:50.59 ...rake and cover the latrine. 00:23:50.84,00:23:51.96 That's right. 00:23:52.30,00:23:54.01 Everyone takes their turn. 00:23:54.30,00:23:55.64 It is the work of untouchables! 00:23:55.93,00:23:58.77 In this place,[br]there are no untouchables... 00:23:58.98,00:24:00.89 ...and no work is beneath any of us. 00:24:01.73,00:24:02.84 I'm your wife! 00:24:03.10,00:24:04.81 All the more reason. 00:24:07.65,00:24:09.11 As you command. 00:24:11.95,00:24:15.45 The others may follow you,[br]but you forget... 00:24:15.99,00:24:18.12 ...I knew you when you were a boy. 00:24:18.37,00:24:19.91 It's not me. 00:24:20.87,00:24:22.62 It's the principle. 00:24:22.96,00:24:26.54 And you will do it with joy[br]or not do it at all. 00:24:27.59,00:24:29.46 Not at all then. 00:24:33.47,00:24:35.51 All right then, go.[br]You don't belong here! 00:24:35.72,00:24:39.56 Go and leave the ashram altogether.[br]We don't want you! 00:24:40.39,00:24:41.51 Have you no shame? 00:24:41.73,00:24:43.19 I'm your wife! 00:24:55.28,00:24:57.61 Where do you expect me to go? 00:24:59.33,00:25:01.37 What's the matter with me? 00:25:09.25,00:25:10.63 You're human. 00:25:12.80,00:25:14.51 Only human. 00:25:16.97,00:25:19.10 And it's even harder[br]for those of us... 00:25:19.31,00:25:23.06 ...who do not even want to be[br]as good as you do. 00:25:27.11,00:25:28.57 I apologize. 00:25:34.82,00:25:37.28 I must get back to that reporter. 00:25:38.95,00:25:40.58 And I must... 00:25:41.41,00:25:44.79 ...rake and cover the latrine. 00:26:10.98,00:26:13.07 I want to welcome you all. 00:26:14.65,00:26:16.28 Every one of you. 00:26:16.91,00:26:19.87 We have no secrets. 00:26:27.25,00:26:30.00 Let us begin by being clear... 00:26:30.21,00:26:32.96 ...about General Smuts' new law. 00:26:34.05,00:26:37.09 All Indians must now[br]be fingerprinted... 00:26:37.30,00:26:38.25 criminals. 00:26:38.64,00:26:40.26 Men and women. 00:26:40.51,00:26:44.52 No marriage other than a Christian[br]marriage is considered valid. 00:26:44.72,00:26:46.27 Under this act... 00:26:46.73,00:26:49.27 ...our wives and mothers are whores. 00:26:50.02,00:26:53.15 And every man here is a bastard. 00:26:57.61,00:27:00.07 He has become quite good at this. 00:27:02.58,00:27:04.87 And a policeman... 00:27:05.70,00:27:08.37 ...passing an Indian dwelling... 00:27:08.58,00:27:10.46 ...I will not call them homes... 00:27:10.71,00:27:14.63 ...may enter and demand the card of any[br]Indian woman whose dwelling it is. 00:27:14.84,00:27:16.84 Goddamn them! 00:27:18.26,00:27:19.43 Understand... 00:27:20.47,00:27:23.39 ...he does not have to[br]stand at the door. 00:27:24.81,00:27:26.01 He may enter. 00:27:26.27,00:27:27.55 I will not allow it! 00:27:28.10,00:27:30.56 I swear to Allah. 00:27:30.90,00:27:35.28 I'll kill the man who offers[br]that insult to my home and my wife... 00:27:35.82,00:27:38.19 ...and let them hang me! 00:27:41.99,00:27:46.33 I say: Talk means nothing! 00:27:46.83,00:27:51.12 Kill a few officials before[br]they disgrace one Indian woman. 00:27:51.42,00:27:54.95 Then they might think twice[br]about such laws. 00:27:55.21,00:27:59.22 In that cause,[br]I would be willing to die! 00:28:07.77,00:28:10.39 I praise such courage. 00:28:10.60,00:28:13.40 I need such courage... 00:28:13.61,00:28:16.90 ...because, in this cause,[br]I too am prepared to die. 00:28:17.15,00:28:18.61 But, my friend... 00:28:19.40,00:28:23.99 ...there is no cause for which[br]I am prepared to kill. 00:28:25.12,00:28:26.83 Whatever they do to us... 00:28:27.04,00:28:29.04 ...we will attack no one... 00:28:29.25,00:28:31.21 ...kill no one. 00:28:31.46,00:28:35.29 But we will not give[br]our fingerprints, not one of us. 00:28:36.13,00:28:40.26 They will imprison us. They will fine[br]us. They will seize our possessions. 00:28:40.97,00:28:43.76 But they cannot take away[br]our self-respect... 00:28:43.97,00:28:45.47 ...if we do not give it to them. 00:28:45.68,00:28:47.72 Have you been to prison? 00:28:48.43,00:28:51.18 They beat us and torture us.[br]I say-- 00:28:51.64,00:28:54.48 I am asking you to fight. 00:28:55.36,00:28:59.36 To fight against their anger,[br]not to provoke it. 00:29:00.57,00:29:04.49 We will not strike a blow. 00:29:05.41,00:29:07.65 But we will receive them. 00:29:07.87,00:29:09.37 And through our pain... 00:29:09.95,00:29:13.00 ...we will make them see[br]their injustice. 00:29:13.21,00:29:14.87 And it will hurt... 00:29:15.46,00:29:17.50 all fighting hurts. 00:29:19.13,00:29:21.01 But we cannot lose. 00:29:21.80,00:29:23.34 We cannot. 00:29:25.39,00:29:27.60 They may torture my body... 00:29:28.30,00:29:30.46 ...break my bones... 00:29:30.68,00:29:32.35 ...even kill me. 00:29:32.73,00:29:33.89 Then... 00:29:34.60,00:29:36.98 ...they will have my dead body... 00:29:37.94,00:29:40.52 ...not my obedience. 00:30:00.50,00:30:03.42 We are Hindu and Muslim... 00:30:04.30,00:30:07.01 ...children of God, each one of us. 00:30:08.43,00:30:12.02 Let us take a solemn oath[br]in His name... 00:30:12.81,00:30:14.85 ...that, come what may... 00:30:16.06,00:30:19.40 ...we will not submit to this law. 00:31:00.15,00:31:05.11 God save our gracious King 00:31:05.32,00:31:10.45 God save our noble King 00:31:10.95,00:31:14.70 God save our King 00:32:15.64,00:32:18.27 These men are contracted labourers. 00:32:18.48,00:32:19.85 They belong in the mines. 00:32:20.10,00:32:22.51 You put their comrades in jail. 00:32:22.73,00:32:23.56 When you free them... 00:32:24.27,00:32:26.11 ...they will go back to work. 00:32:26.98,00:32:28.36 I've warned you. 00:32:29.15,00:32:30.65 We've warned each other. 00:32:40.46,00:32:42.58 I don't think that's very good. 00:33:27.59,00:33:29.83 Steady, steady. 00:33:30.09,00:33:31.20 Stop! 00:33:42.31,00:33:45.10 At the canter, charge! 00:33:47.98,00:33:49.15 We should lie down. 00:33:49.40,00:33:50.23 Down! 00:33:51.74,00:33:54.23 The horses won't trample on us.[br]Lie down! 00:34:33.28,00:34:36.53 Follow me! Follow me! 00:34:56.84,00:34:58.43 Now what the hell do we do? 00:34:58.76,00:35:00.72 Let them march. 00:35:03.64,00:35:07.02 In our own sweet time,[br]in our own sweet way... 00:35:07.39,00:35:09.02 ...we'll get them. 00:35:12.52,00:35:13.53 One law! 00:35:13.73,00:35:14.65 One king! 00:35:14.90,00:35:15.93 One law! 00:35:16.15,00:35:17.40 One king! 00:35:22.20,00:35:26.25 Some of you may be rejoicing that[br]Mr. Gandhi has been put into prison. 00:35:27.54,00:35:31.16 But I would ask you, assembled[br]here in this house of God... 00:35:31.75,00:35:35.34 recognize that we are[br]witnessing something new... 00:35:35.59,00:35:38.80 ...something so unexpected,[br]so unusual... 00:35:39.05,00:35:41.80 ...that it is not surprising[br]the government is at a loss. 00:35:43.51,00:35:45.92 What Mr. Gandhi has forced us to do... 00:35:46.14,00:35:48.81 ask questions about ourselves. 00:35:50.19,00:35:54.23 As Christians, those are[br]difficult questions to answer. 00:35:55.94,00:36:00.91 How do we treat men[br]who defy an unjust law... 00:36:02.07,00:36:03.87 ...who will not fight... 00:36:04.58,00:36:06.70 ...but will not comply? 00:36:07.37,00:36:10.25 As Christians, or as people[br]who have not heard the word-- 00:36:24.51,00:36:26.64 They're sparing no one, I see. 00:36:28.02,00:36:30.85 No, you were the surprise. 00:36:31.14,00:36:33.10 It has been all over the prison. 00:36:33.36,00:36:35.68 We thought they'd be too afraid[br]of the English press. 00:36:35.90,00:36:37.65 So did I. 00:36:46.99,00:36:50.08 I don't know who they've[br]left out there to do the work. 00:36:51.41,00:36:52.45 Have they touched the women? 00:36:52.71,00:36:57.00 My wife publicly defied the law.[br]They've arrested her and four others. 00:36:57.25,00:36:59.13 It split the government. 00:36:59.34,00:37:01.83 Well, that's one victory. 00:37:02.05,00:37:05.59 If we hold firm,[br]it won't be the last. 00:37:05.80,00:37:06.89 Don't worry. 00:37:07.14,00:37:09.93 I've never seen men so determined. 00:37:10.18,00:37:12.48 You have given them a way to fight. 00:37:17.69,00:37:18.72 Gandhi! 00:37:19.44,00:37:20.78 I want Gandhi! 00:37:21.03,00:37:22.95 Which Sammy is it? 00:38:04.36,00:38:05.70 Mr. Gandhi. 00:38:07.45,00:38:09.77 I thought we might have[br]a little talk. 00:38:11.37,00:38:12.91 Thank you, Daniels. 00:38:16.17,00:38:18.17 Will you have a glass of sherry? 00:38:18.96,00:38:20.34 Thank you, no. 00:38:20.71,00:38:21.71 Perhaps some tea? 00:38:22.05,00:38:23.84 I dined at the prison. 00:38:28.51,00:38:31.09 Please, do come and sit down. 00:38:47.16,00:38:50.69 I've more or less decided to ask[br]the House to repeal the act... 00:38:50.91,00:38:53.40 ...that you have taken[br]such exception to. 00:38:53.75,00:38:58.21 Well, if you asked, General Smuts,[br]I'm sure it will be done. 00:38:58.67,00:39:00.71 It's not quite that simple. 00:39:00.92,00:39:03.00 Somehow, I expected not. 00:39:03.25,00:39:06.01 I thought of calling for[br]a royal commission... 00:39:06.26,00:39:08.42 investigate the new legislation. 00:39:09.26,00:39:12.68 I think I could guarantee they would[br]recommend the act be repealed. 00:39:13.35,00:39:14.89 I congratulate them. 00:39:15.10,00:39:16.69 But they might also recommend... 00:39:17.73,00:39:21.23 ...that all future Indian immigration[br]be severely restricted... 00:39:22.02,00:39:23.65 ...even stopped. 00:39:31.95,00:39:36.16 Immigration was not an issue[br]on which we fought. 00:39:36.37,00:39:39.71 It would be wrong of us[br]to make it one, now that we.... 00:39:41.33,00:39:43.80 We are in a position of advantage. 00:39:50.84,00:39:54.26 I'm ordering the release of all[br]prisoners within the next 24 hours. 00:39:55.39,00:39:58.10 You yourself are free[br]as from this moment. 00:40:06.69,00:40:08.19 Assuming we are in agreement. 00:40:08.99,00:40:10.61 Yes, yes. 00:40:10.86,00:40:15.41 It's just that in these clothes,[br]I would prefer to go by taxi. 00:40:15.70,00:40:16.79 All right. Fine. 00:40:19.08,00:40:20.62 I'm afraid I have no money. 00:40:23.13,00:40:24.38 Neither have I. 00:40:25.80,00:40:27.88 I'm awfully sorry. 00:40:28.47,00:40:29.30 Daniels... 00:40:29.55,00:40:32.68 ...will you lend Mr. Gandhi[br]a shilling for a taxi? 00:40:33.55,00:40:34.97 I beg your pardon, sir? 00:40:36.06,00:40:38.10 How far will you be going, Gandhi? 00:40:38.35,00:40:42.90 Now that this is settled, I'd thought[br]seriously of going back to India. 00:40:43.73,00:40:46.98 But a shilling will do splendidly[br]for the moment. 00:40:55.41,00:40:56.61 Thank you. 00:41:02.12,00:41:04.50 I'm obliged, Mr. Daniels... 00:41:04.75,00:41:07.33 ...but I can find my own way out. 00:41:24.56,00:41:25.90 Guard of honour! 00:41:27.65,00:41:28.82 Guard of honour! 00:41:29.07,00:41:30.86 Attention! 00:41:43.92,00:41:46.41 Present arms! 00:41:51.88,00:41:54.63 -My God, he loves it![br]-I'm sure he hates it. 00:41:55.09,00:41:58.10 Generals' reputations are[br]being made in France today... 00:41:58.30,00:41:59.97 ...fighting on the Western front. 00:42:01.47,00:42:04.19 Not as military governors in India. 00:42:05.60,00:42:06.98 What the devil's going on back there? 00:42:08.06,00:42:10.94 Must be that Indian who made[br]all that fuss in Africa. 00:42:11.19,00:42:13.11 My cabin boy told me he was onboard. 00:42:14.45,00:42:15.70 There he is. 00:42:18.37,00:42:20.53 God, he's dressed like a coolie! 00:42:20.99,00:42:22.33 I thought he was a lawyer. 00:42:22.66,00:42:26.11 Mr. Gandhi, have you refused[br]to wear European clothes? 00:42:26.37,00:42:27.96 No, I haven't refused. 00:42:28.21,00:42:31.30 I simply wanted to dress the way[br]my comrades in prison dress. 00:42:31.55,00:42:33.26 Will you support the war effort? 00:42:33.47,00:42:38.29 If I wish to enjoy the benefits[br]and protection of the British Empire... 00:42:38.55,00:42:42.06 would be wrong of me[br]not to help in its defence. 00:42:42.27,00:42:44.48 Now that you're back in India,[br]what will you do? 00:42:44.73,00:42:46.01 I don't know. 00:42:46.27,00:42:48.02 -I don't know.[br]-One more question. 00:42:48.27,00:42:51.97 As an Indian woman, how could you[br]accept the indignity of prison? 00:42:52.23,00:42:55.24 My dignity comes[br]from following my husband. 00:42:55.49,00:42:56.77 Thank you very much. 00:43:03.75,00:43:06.41 Just a few words, then we'll[br]get you to civilization. 00:43:06.67,00:43:07.78 May I? 00:43:19.26,00:43:21.01 I'm glad to be home... 00:43:26.56,00:43:28.48 ...and I thank you for your greeting. 00:43:47.33,00:43:48.61 I'll follow with your wife. 00:43:48.87,00:43:50.58 Don't worry.[br]Everything's arranged. 00:43:54.80,00:43:55.75 Who's that young man? 00:43:56.01,00:43:57.29 That's young Nehru. 00:43:57.51,00:44:00.08 He's got his father's intellect,[br]his mother's good looks... 00:44:00.34,00:44:01.76 ...and the devil's own charm. 00:44:02.01,00:44:05.55 If they don't ruin him at Cambridge--[br]Wave, wave! 00:44:06.31,00:44:07.73 He might amount to something. 00:44:13.23,00:44:18.11 I must say, when I first saw you as[br]a bumbling lawyer here in Bombay... 00:44:18.36,00:44:20.57 ...I never thought I'd greet you[br]as a national hero. 00:44:20.91,00:44:22.70 I'm hardly that, Mr. Patel. 00:44:22.99,00:44:24.58 Yes, you are! 00:44:24.78,00:44:27.70 It's been 200 years[br]since an Indian cocked a snook... 00:44:27.95,00:44:30.20 the British Empire[br]and got away with it. 00:44:30.42,00:44:35.13 And stop calling me Mr. Patel.[br]You're not a junior clerk anymore. 00:44:59.99,00:45:04.20 The new military governor of the[br]Northwest Province was on that ship. 00:45:04.49,00:45:06.70 Too bad you came back third class. 00:45:06.91,00:45:08.37 He might have been impressed... 00:45:08.62,00:45:12.07 a successful barrister[br]who'd outmaneuvered General Smuts. 00:45:13.63,00:45:15.04 Yes, I'm sure. 00:45:25.97,00:45:28.52 Are you involved too, Mrs. Nehru? 00:45:29.27,00:45:32.97 No. I leave practical matters[br]to my husband... 00:45:33.23,00:45:35.52 ...and revolution to my son. 00:45:35.81,00:45:39.68 Mr. Gandhi, I'd like you to meet[br]Mr. Jinnah, our joint host... 00:45:39.98,00:45:41.95 ...member of congress and leader[br]of the Muslim League.... 00:45:42.20,00:45:43.53 How do you do? 00:45:43.78,00:45:45.91 And Mr. Prakash, who, I fear... 00:45:46.12,00:45:49.45 awaiting trial for sedition[br]and inducement to murder. 00:45:50.50,00:45:53.07 I have not actually pulled[br]the trigger, Mr. Gandhi. 00:45:53.33,00:45:54.53 I have simply written... 00:45:54.75,00:45:58.09 ...if an Englishman kills an Indian[br]for disobeying his law... 00:45:58.34,00:46:00.26 is an Indian's duty[br]to kill an Englishman... 00:46:00.51,00:46:03.05 ...for enforcing his law[br]in a land that is not his. 00:46:03.51,00:46:06.93 It's a clever argument. It may not[br]produce the end you desire. 00:46:07.18,00:46:11.52 We hope you'll join us in our[br]struggle for home rule, Mr. Gandhi. 00:46:11.73,00:46:15.77 Excuse me. May l, Mohan?[br]There's someone I'd like him to meet. 00:46:16.02,00:46:17.05 Excuse me. 00:46:19.36,00:46:20.90 Sorry to rush you. 00:46:22.28,00:46:24.82 He told the press[br]he'd support the British in the war. 00:46:25.03,00:46:26.74 That's nonviolence for you. 00:46:28.53,00:46:29.48 You know, Mohan... 00:46:30.08,00:46:32.24 I have a confession to make. 00:46:32.70,00:46:35.20 I didn't decide to come[br]to South Africa. 00:46:35.42,00:46:37.42 Professor Gokhale sent me. 00:46:39.17,00:46:41.55 We are trying[br]to make a nation, Gandhi. 00:46:41.80,00:46:44.47 But the British keep trying[br]to break us up... 00:46:44.76,00:46:48.43 ...into religions,[br]principalities, provinces. 00:46:49.26,00:46:51.75 What you were writing[br]in South Africa... 00:46:52.06,00:46:53.52 ...that's what we need here. 00:46:53.77,00:46:55.98 I have so much to learn about India. 00:46:56.19,00:47:00.14 And I have to begin my practice again.[br]One needs money to run a journal. 00:47:00.40,00:47:03.74 Nonsense. Go on, Charlie.[br]This is Indian talk. 00:47:04.19,00:47:06.91 We want none of you imperialists here. 00:47:07.70,00:47:10.91 All right, I'll go[br]and write my report to the viceroy. 00:47:11.24,00:47:13.57 You go and find a pretty Hindu woman... 00:47:13.87,00:47:15.71 ...and convert her to Christianity. 00:47:16.16,00:47:18.71 That's as much mischief[br]as you're allowed. 00:47:20.25,00:47:22.83 Come, let's find a quiet corner. 00:47:24.01,00:47:26.80 Now, you forget about your practice. 00:47:27.13,00:47:29.09 You have other things to do. 00:47:30.05,00:47:33.50 India has many men[br]with too much wealth. 00:47:33.93,00:47:37.88 And it's their privilege to nourish[br]the effort of the few... 00:47:38.14,00:47:41.98 ...who can raise India[br]from servitude and apathy. 00:47:42.44,00:47:43.90 I'll see to it. 00:47:44.23,00:47:45.69 You begin your journal. 00:47:46.03,00:47:47.20 I have little to say. 00:47:47.57,00:47:49.28 Come, let's sit down. 00:47:49.53,00:47:51.53 India is an alien country to me. 00:47:51.91,00:47:53.16 Change that. 00:47:54.20,00:47:56.61 Go and find India. 00:47:56.87,00:47:58.25 Not what you see here... 00:47:58.46,00:48:01.03 ...but the real India. 00:48:01.63,00:48:04.12 You'll see what needs to be said... 00:48:04.80,00:48:07.12 ...what we need to hear. 00:48:13.60,00:48:16.01 When I saw you in that tunic, I knew. 00:48:18.14,00:48:20.94 I knew I could die in peace. 00:48:22.36,00:48:25.15 Make India proud of herself. 00:51:52.15,00:51:54.61 Charlie, please.[br]You're both being foolish. 00:51:54.82,00:51:57.90 But the air is lovely.[br]Anyway, there's no room in there. 00:51:58.15,00:52:00.65 Please! Come in. 00:52:01.28,00:52:02.66 No violence, please. 00:52:02.91,00:52:06.20 Let me hang on with two hands[br]or I will fall. 00:52:06.45,00:52:07.74 Englishman, sahib! 00:52:08.16,00:52:09.87 Come, there is room up here! 00:52:12.84,00:52:14.00 Put your foot on the window. 00:52:14.25,00:52:15.54 Come! 00:52:22.39,00:52:25.68 -What are you doing?[br]-I'm going nearer to God. 00:52:28.18,00:52:29.64 Charlie! Be careful! 00:52:30.10,00:52:32.06 Let go. Let go! 00:52:33.11,00:52:34.61 -Let go![br]-Oh, dear! 00:52:47.41,00:52:48.28 Hello. 00:52:50.46,00:52:53.25 You see?[br]It is most comfortable. 00:52:53.50,00:52:54.88 Sahib? 00:52:56.09,00:52:57.12 Are you a Christian? 00:52:58.01,00:52:59.59 Yes, I'm a Christian. 00:52:59.84,00:53:01.38 I know a Christian. 00:53:02.14,00:53:04.05 She drinks blood. 00:53:05.26,00:53:07.31 Blood of Christ. Every Sunday. 00:53:11.85,00:53:12.69 Charlie! 00:53:17.28,00:53:19.28 It's all right, sahib.[br]It's very safe. 00:53:20.07,00:53:21.35 Bend! 00:53:24.91,00:53:28.83 Pray to God, sahib.[br]Now is when it is best to be Hindu. 00:53:29.70,00:53:31.79 I agree with Jinnah. 00:53:32.29,00:53:35.99 Now that the Americans are in,[br]the war will be over soon. 00:53:36.25,00:53:38.66 The Germans are worn out as it is. 00:53:39.17,00:53:41.22 And our first act should be... 00:53:41.88,00:53:44.51 convene[br]a congress party convention... 00:53:45.01,00:53:47.22 ...and demand independence. 00:53:47.47,00:53:50.64 And we will speak[br]with one voice, united. 00:53:52.52,00:53:54.02 And we should invite Gandhi. 00:53:54.27,00:53:56.02 What the devil's happened to him? 00:53:56.61,00:53:58.40 He's discovering India. 00:53:58.61,00:54:01.36 Which is better than[br]making trouble where it matters. 00:54:01.61,00:54:04.57 Invite him, let him say his piece[br]about South Africa... 00:54:04.82,00:54:06.98 ...then let him slip into oblivion. 00:54:37.19,00:54:38.36 Insurgents. 00:54:38.65,00:54:40.28 They've derailed a troop train. 00:54:41.99,00:54:43.70 Keep clear![br]Come on. 00:54:49.78,00:54:52.08 They've killed an English soldier. 00:54:59.88,00:55:02.76 We were asked for toleration. 00:55:03.26,00:55:06.05 We were asked for patience. 00:55:06.38,00:55:08.22 Some of us gave it... 00:55:08.47,00:55:10.60 ...and some did not. 00:55:12.02,00:55:14.48 Their war is over. 00:55:15.44,00:55:17.90 And those of us who supported it... 00:55:18.15,00:55:20.64 ...and those of us who refused... 00:55:20.90,00:55:24.24 ...must forget our differences. 00:55:24.74,00:55:27.78 And there can be no excuses... 00:55:27.99,00:55:30.28 ...from the British now. 00:55:30.53,00:55:32.41 India wants... 00:55:32.62,00:55:34.04 ...home rule. 00:55:34.29,00:55:35.37 India... 00:55:35.62,00:55:37.62 ...demands home rule! 00:55:54.10,00:55:55.81 Congratulations. 00:56:06.44,00:56:08.91 And let no one question... 00:56:09.11,00:56:11.12 ...that Mr. Jinnah speaks... 00:56:11.37,00:56:13.52 ...not just for the Muslims... 00:56:13.79,00:56:14.82 ...but for all India! 00:56:21.88,00:56:23.25 And now... 00:56:23.46,00:56:25.79 ...I'm going to introduce to you... 00:56:26.01,00:56:27.97 ...a man whose writings... 00:56:28.22,00:56:30.30 ...we are all becoming familiar with. 00:56:30.51,00:56:34.64 A man who stood in high esteem[br]with our own beloved Gokhale. 00:56:34.89,00:56:39.31 A man whose accomplishments in[br]South Africa will always be remembered. 00:56:39.60,00:56:41.60 Mr. Mohandas Gandhi! 00:56:43.77,00:56:45.86 Your journal has made great impact. 00:56:46.07,00:56:48.39 I'm flattered by Mr. Patel. 00:56:48.65,00:56:51.70 I would be even more flattered[br]if what he said were true. 00:56:51.95,00:56:53.15 But it is true. 00:56:53.41,00:56:55.79 I read it. Often! 00:57:07.71,00:57:11.22 Since I returned from South Africa... 00:57:13.26,00:57:16.14 ...I've travelled over much of India. 00:57:16.89,00:57:20.89 And I know that I could travel[br]for many more years... 00:57:21.19,00:57:24.36 ...and still only see[br]a small part of her. 00:57:25.07,00:57:27.22 And yet, I already know... 00:57:27.53,00:57:29.36 ...that what we say here... 00:57:29.61,00:57:33.40 ...means nothing to[br]the masses of our country. 00:57:34.03,00:57:37.57 Here, we make speeches[br]for each other... 00:57:38.33,00:57:42.37 ...and those English liberal magazines[br]that may grant us a few lines. 00:57:45.09,00:57:47.05 But the people of India... 00:57:47.30,00:57:48.58 ...are... 00:57:49.30,00:57:50.58 ...untouched. 00:57:51.55,00:57:54.72 Their politics are confined to bread... 00:57:55.05,00:57:56.39 ...and salt. 00:57:56.89,00:57:59.02 Illiterate they may be,[br]but they're not blind. 00:57:59.27,00:58:02.52 They see no reason to give their[br]Ioyalty to rich and powerful men... 00:58:02.81,00:58:05.90 ...who simply want to take over[br]the role of the British... 00:58:06.11,00:58:07.94 the name of freedom. 00:58:09.65,00:58:12.49 This congress tells the world... 00:58:12.70,00:58:14.85 represents India. 00:58:15.95,00:58:17.23 My brothers... 00:58:17.70,00:58:18.79 ...India... 00:58:18.99,00:58:22.50 7 00,000 villages... 00:58:23.92,00:58:25.63 ...not a few hundred lawyers in Delhi... 00:58:26.71,00:58:28.29 ...and Bombay. 00:58:29.00,00:58:31.72 Until we stand in the fields... 00:58:31.92,00:58:35.84 ...with the millions that toil[br]each day under the hot sun... 00:58:36.72,00:58:39.89 ...we will not represent India. 00:58:40.10,00:58:43.80 Nor will we ever be able[br]to challenge the British... 00:58:44.39,00:58:46.10 one nation. 00:59:03.37,00:59:04.96 Have you read his magazine? 00:59:05.58,00:59:06.70 No. 00:59:07.46,00:59:09.04 But I think I'm going to. 00:59:13.63,00:59:15.09 Pull over. 00:59:15.30,00:59:16.89 This can't be the way. 00:59:17.18,00:59:20.80 Yes, I'm sure this is[br]the direction India is taking. 00:59:22.02,00:59:24.81 To think I almost got[br]excited by Mr. Jinnah... 00:59:25.02,00:59:27.10 ...when all this was awaiting me. 00:59:46.33,00:59:48.08 We're looking for Mr. Gandhi. 00:59:51.17,00:59:53.71 -You'll find him under that tree.[br]-Thank you. 00:59:54.80,00:59:57.18 I'm anxious to meet this new force. 00:59:57.63,01:00:00.80 I try to live like an Indian,[br]as you see. 01:00:01.05,01:00:03.10 It's stupid, of course. 01:00:03.35,01:00:04.89 Because in our country... 01:00:05.10,01:00:07.64 is the British who decide[br]how an Indian lives... 01:00:08.52,01:00:10.76 ...what he may buy, what he may sell. 01:00:10.98,01:00:12.77 And from their luxury... 01:00:13.02,01:00:16.78 the midst[br]of our terrible poverty... 01:00:17.70,01:00:21.31 ...they instruct us on[br]what is justice, what is sedition. 01:00:21.57,01:00:25.58 So it's only natural[br]that our best young minds... 01:00:25.83,01:00:28.67 ...assume an air of Eastern dignity... 01:00:28.92,01:00:30.58 ...while greedily assimilating... 01:00:30.79,01:00:34.63 ...every Western weakness as quickly[br]as they can acquire it. 01:00:37.97,01:00:39.68 If we have home rule... 01:00:40.43,01:00:41.51 ...that'll change. 01:00:45.64,01:00:46.51 Would you, please? 01:00:48.60,01:00:51.23 Why should the British[br]grant us home rule? 01:00:53.19,01:00:55.77 We must take[br]the peelings to the goats. 01:00:56.36,01:01:00.78 We only make wild speeches or[br]perform even wilder acts of terrorism. 01:01:01.28,01:01:02.66 We've bred an army of anarchists... 01:01:02.87,01:01:06.24 ...but not one group that can[br]fight the British anywhere. 01:01:06.49,01:01:08.37 Hello! Hello! 01:01:08.62,01:01:10.46 But I thought you were[br]against fighting. 01:01:10.71,01:01:13.88 Now just spread it around. 01:01:14.09,01:01:15.63 There you are. 01:01:16.00,01:01:19.67 They like the new peelings[br]mixed in with the rotting ones. 01:01:21.84,01:01:24.97 Where there's injustice,[br]I always believed in fighting. 01:01:25.81,01:01:29.56 The question is, do you fight[br]to change things or to punish? 01:01:29.77,01:01:33.61 I've found we're all such sinners,[br]we should leave punishment to God. 01:01:33.86,01:01:36.48 And if we really want[br]to change things... 01:01:37.11,01:01:39.24 ...there are better ways[br]of doing it... 01:01:39.49,01:01:42.86 ...than derailing trains[br]or slashing someone with a sword. 01:01:43.07,01:01:44.82 The fire is ready. 01:01:45.99,01:01:48.08 You see, even here... 01:01:49.29,01:01:51.08 ...we live under tyranny. 01:01:57.63,01:02:00.38 What did I tell you?[br]Look at him! 01:02:01.09,01:02:03.50 I can see the British shaking now. 01:02:21.07,01:02:22.82 Hello! 01:02:23.07,01:02:25.91 I'm looking for Mr. Gandhi. 01:02:28.08,01:02:31.58 I've been trying to speak[br]to you for a long time. 01:02:33.92,01:02:35.50 Our crops. 01:02:35.75,01:02:37.50 We cannot sell them. 01:02:38.84,01:02:40.21 We have no money. 01:02:40.71,01:02:43.55 But the landlords still[br]demand the same rent. 01:02:45.14,01:02:47.60 We have nothing left. 01:03:30.72,01:03:33.48 Mr. Taylor, sir. Up here! 01:03:45.78,01:03:47.06 Jesus! 01:03:48.24,01:03:50.08 What the hell is going on? 01:03:50.78,01:03:52.45 I don't know, sir. 01:03:57.46,01:03:58.92 The agent got a telegram. 01:03:59.13,01:04:02.88 And it just said, '' He is coming,''[br]and gave the time of the train. 01:04:08.68,01:04:11.00 Who the hell is '' he''? 01:04:12.31,01:04:13.17 I don't know, sir. 01:04:37.54,01:04:39.42 Out of the way.[br]Come on, you! 01:04:44.38,01:04:48.47 -Who the devil are you?[br]-My name is Mohandas K. Gandhi. 01:04:48.68,01:04:50.47 Whoever you are,[br]we don't want you here. 01:04:51.26,01:04:53.72 I suggest you get back on[br]that train before it leaves. 01:04:54.43,01:04:55.89 They seem to want me. 01:04:56.14,01:04:57.17 Now, look here. 01:04:57.43,01:04:59.35 I'll put you under arrest[br]if you'd prefer. 01:05:00.40,01:05:01.56 On what charge? 01:05:05.94,01:05:07.53 I don't want any trouble. 01:05:07.74,01:05:12.37 I'm an Indian travelling in my own[br]country. I see no reason for trouble. 01:05:14.99,01:05:17.12 Well, there had better not be. 01:05:21.50,01:05:23.38 Make way for the officer. 01:05:42.81,01:05:44.44 For years... 01:05:44.98,01:05:47.19 ...the landlords have ordered us... 01:05:47.40,01:05:48.74 grow indigo... 01:05:49.44,01:05:50.95 ...for dyeing cloth. 01:05:51.82,01:05:55.69 Always, they took part[br]of the crop as rent. 01:05:56.70,01:05:57.79 But now... 01:05:58.37,01:06:02.42 ...everyone buys their cloth[br]from England. 01:06:02.62,01:06:03.82 So no one wants... 01:06:04.42,01:06:06.54 ...our indigo. 01:06:07.13,01:06:08.21 The landlords... 01:06:08.55,01:06:11.30 ...say we must pay our rent... 01:06:11.55,01:06:12.97 cash. 01:06:14.93,01:06:16.35 What we could... 01:06:16.81,01:06:18.43 ...we sold. 01:06:18.68,01:06:21.48 The police have taken the rest. 01:06:22.31,01:06:23.23 There is... 01:06:23.56,01:06:25.72 food. 01:06:26.82,01:06:28.86 I understand. 01:06:31.32,01:06:32.70 The landlords are British? 01:06:43.21,01:06:45.13 What we can do, we will try to do. 01:07:05.35,01:07:06.35 Shukla... 01:07:06.94,01:07:09.10 all Champaran like this? 01:07:09.77,01:07:11.23 Yes, Bapu. 01:07:11.57,01:07:13.24 The whole region. 01:07:13.74,01:07:14.90 Hundreds. 01:07:15.11,01:07:16.03 Thousands. 01:07:18.78,01:07:21.11 Some landlords have tried to help. 01:07:21.62,01:07:23.50 But what can they do? 01:07:38.39,01:07:41.18 -Are you Mr. M.K. Gandhi?[br]-Yes. 01:07:41.39,01:07:43.43 I'm sorry, you're under arrest. 01:07:44.31,01:07:45.69 I'm not sorry at all. 01:07:56.07,01:07:58.53 Who did you say[br]would be buying the drinks? 01:08:01.95,01:08:03.45 Oh, no! 01:08:09.79,01:08:13.55 Wouldn't you know, that's the best[br]innings I've had since Oxford. 01:08:13.84,01:08:15.47 India's full of grief, old man. 01:08:15.84,01:08:16.68 I've got no idea. 01:08:16.93,01:08:20.68 All I know is there's a riot or[br]something at Motihari in Champaran. 01:08:20.93,01:08:22.13 The whole company's ordered out. 01:08:40.12,01:08:41.83 I would like to see the prisoner. 01:08:53.88,01:08:55.46 On the left, sir. 01:09:05.39,01:09:06.98 Shades of South Africa. 01:09:07.23,01:09:08.31 Not quite. 01:09:08.69,01:09:10.27 They're only holding me... 01:09:10.48,01:09:12.61 ...until the magistrate's hearing. 01:09:12.86,01:09:14.86 Then it will be prison. 01:09:17.57,01:09:19.28 Did they take your clothes? 01:09:20.91,01:09:22.57 These are my clothes now. 01:09:24.53,01:09:27.66 You always had[br]a puritanical streak, Mohan. 01:09:28.41,01:09:30.25 If I want to be one with them... 01:09:30.67,01:09:32.21 ...I have to live like them. 01:09:32.42,01:09:33.75 Yes, I think you do. 01:09:34.88,01:09:37.04 But thank God we all don't. 01:09:37.30,01:09:39.26 My puritanism runs in a different way. 01:09:39.51,01:09:41.47 I'm far too modest for such a display. 01:09:47.85,01:09:50.94 Couldn't I be let in with[br]the prisoner? I am a clergyman. 01:10:04.57,01:10:06.08 They're calling you '' Bapu.'' 01:10:06.37,01:10:07.99 I thought it meant ''father.'' 01:10:08.66,01:10:10.12 It does. 01:10:11.12,01:10:13.17 We must be getting old, Charlie. 01:10:16.25,01:10:17.71 What do you want me to do? 01:10:21.26,01:10:22.97 I think that you can help us most... 01:10:23.18,01:10:26.60 taking that assignment[br]you've been offered in Fiji. 01:10:29.81,01:10:31.69 I have to be sure-- 01:10:32.31,01:10:34.35 They have to be sure[br]that what we do... 01:10:34.56,01:10:37.82 ...can be done by Indians alone. 01:10:49.62,01:10:51.20 But you know the strategy. 01:10:51.41,01:10:54.71 The world is full of people who[br]will despise what's happening here. 01:10:55.00,01:10:56.67 It is their strength that we need. 01:10:56.88,01:10:58.25 Before you go... 01:10:59.17,01:11:02.47 could start us[br]in the right direction. 01:11:12.14,01:11:14.06 I must leave from Calcutta... 01:11:15.19,01:11:16.86 ...and soon. 01:11:19.61,01:11:21.28 Say goodbye to Ba for me. 01:11:26.28,01:11:27.28 Well, I.... 01:11:29.03,01:11:31.49 There are no goodbyes for us, Charlie. 01:11:32.54,01:11:35.62 Wherever you are,[br]you will always be in my heart. 01:11:56.77,01:11:58.44 I'm going to clear the courtroom. 01:11:58.77,01:12:00.02 I'm not sure we'd be able to. 01:12:00.23,01:12:02.56 It is a first hearing.[br]It's supposed to be public. 01:12:02.82,01:12:04.61 And he's a lawyer. 01:12:05.82,01:12:07.53 I don't know where[br]they found the nerve. 01:12:07.82,01:12:10.83 I don't either, but the troops[br]won't be here till tomorrow. 01:12:11.16,01:12:13.48 How did the press get here[br]before the military? 01:12:13.83,01:12:16.50 That English clergyman sent[br]a number of telegrams yesterday. 01:12:16.75,01:12:20.04 I understand one of them[br]even went to the viceroy. 01:12:33.47,01:12:35.35 You have been ordered[br]out of the province... 01:12:35.60,01:12:38.14 ...on the grounds[br]of disturbing the peace. 01:12:44.86,01:12:46.95 With respect, I refuse to go. 01:12:49.82,01:12:52.20 Do you want to go to jail? 01:12:52.45,01:12:53.65 As you wish. 01:12:59.08,01:13:00.03 All right. 01:13:01.29,01:13:03.04 I will release you on bail... 01:13:03.29,01:13:07.16 ...of 1 00 rupees[br]until I reach a sentence. 01:13:10.09,01:13:12.30 I refuse to pay 1 00 rupees. 01:13:22.69,01:13:24.65 Then I will grant release on bail... 01:13:24.90,01:13:28.65 ...without payment[br]until I reach a decision. 01:13:54.93,01:13:56.05 Gandhiji! Gandhiji! 01:14:02.60,01:14:03.86 We are from Bihar. 01:14:04.40,01:14:06.61 We received a cable[br]from an old friend... 01:14:06.82,01:14:08.53 ...who was at Cambridge with us. 01:14:08.74,01:14:10.07 His name is Nehru. 01:14:10.32,01:14:12.36 -I believe you know him.[br]-Indeed. 01:14:12.66,01:14:16.03 He tells us you need help,[br]and we have come to give it. 01:14:18.08,01:14:22.67 I want to document coldly, rationally,[br]what is being done here. 01:14:22.96,01:14:24.24 It may take months. 01:14:24.50,01:14:26.04 We have no pressing engagements. 01:14:26.29,01:14:28.92 You will have to live[br]with the peasants. 01:14:29.51,01:14:31.22 There will be risks. 01:14:50.19,01:14:52.07 I don't know what[br]this country's coming to. 01:14:52.32,01:14:53.35 But good God, man! 01:14:53.61,01:14:57.40 You yourself raised the rent simply[br]to finance a hunting expedition. 01:14:58.58,01:15:01.96 And some of these others:[br]beatings, illegal seizures... 01:15:02.21,01:15:04.25 ...demanding services without pay. 01:15:04.50,01:15:06.82 Even refusing them water. 01:15:07.38,01:15:08.80 In India! 01:15:09.05,01:15:11.59 Nobody knows what it is to try[br]to get these people to work. 01:15:11.97,01:15:13.97 You've made this half-naked[br]whatever-he-is... 01:15:14.22,01:15:15.80 ...into an international hero. 01:15:16.85,01:15:20.93 ''One Ione man, marching dusty roads,[br]armed only with honesty... 01:15:21.18,01:15:24.63 ...and a bamboo staff, doing battle[br]with the British Empire.'' 01:15:24.89,01:15:28.15 At home, children are[br]writing essays about him. 01:15:29.90,01:15:32.53 What do they want? 01:15:32.78,01:15:33.98 Gareth! 01:15:35.41,01:15:36.69 Yes, sir. 01:15:36.95,01:15:39.11 There's a rebate on rents paid. 01:15:39.66,01:15:42.04 They're to be free to grow crops[br]of their own choice. 01:15:42.54,01:15:46.71 And a commission, part Indian,[br]to hear grievances. 01:15:50.09,01:15:53.09 That would satisfy him? 01:15:53.59,01:15:55.09 And His Majesty's government. 01:15:55.97,01:15:58.51 It only needs your signature[br]for the landlords. 01:16:07.73,01:16:10.05 It'll be worth it[br]to see the back of him. 01:16:13.57,01:16:15.07 Thank you, sir. 01:16:16.32,01:16:19.16 -We're too damned liberal.[br]-Perhaps. 01:16:20.20,01:16:24.25 At least this has made the government[br]see some sense about what men... 01:16:24.50,01:16:28.08 Mr. Gandhi should be allowed,[br]and what they should be denied. 01:16:43.01,01:16:44.89 Where is Mr. Gandhi? 01:16:45.60,01:16:47.93 He said he preferred to walk, sir. 01:16:48.19,01:16:51.97 I followed him most of the way.[br]He's just turned the corner. 01:16:52.48,01:16:54.48 He came third class. 01:16:55.36,01:16:58.03 God, give me patience. 01:17:02.99,01:17:04.83 My house is honoured. 01:17:05.08,01:17:06.62 The honour is ours. 01:17:06.83,01:17:09.54 I'd like you to meet[br]Dr. Kallenbach, an old friend. 01:17:09.75,01:17:13.88 He's interested in flowers. I told[br]him he could wander your garden. 01:17:14.38,01:17:17.34 I'll send for my gardener.[br]You'll have plenty to discuss. 01:17:17.59,01:17:19.09 Thank you. 01:17:23.14,01:17:25.68 Gentlemen, the hero of Champaran. 01:17:25.93,01:17:28.26 Only the stubborn man of Champaran. 01:17:28.52,01:17:30.60 Mr. Patel you know. 01:17:30.85,01:17:33.43 Maulana Azad, my colleague[br]and a fellow Muslim... 01:17:33.65,01:17:36.48 ...and just recently[br]released from prison. 01:17:38.36,01:17:39.74 Mr. Kripalani. 01:17:40.86,01:17:44.12 And of course, you know Mr. Nehru. 01:17:44.99,01:17:47.24 I'm beginning to know Mr. Nehru. 01:17:47.50,01:17:49.58 Please sit down. Do sit down. 01:17:49.83,01:17:54.21 Gentlemen, I've asked you to come[br]here through Mr. Jinnah's kindness... 01:17:54.42,01:17:57.26 ...because I've had the chance[br]to see the legislation. 01:17:57.46,01:17:59.62 And it is exactly as was rumoured. 01:18:00.05,01:18:03.39 Arrest without warrant,[br]and automatic imprisonment... 01:18:03.60,01:18:06.17 ...for possession of materials[br]considered seditious. 01:18:06.60,01:18:09.93 And your writings[br]are specifically listed. 01:18:10.48,01:18:12.48 So much for helping them[br]in the Great War. 01:18:12.69,01:18:16.31 There is only one answer:[br]Direct action on a scale... 01:18:16.57,01:18:18.32 ...they can never handle. 01:18:19.32,01:18:20.78 I don't think so. 01:18:21.24,01:18:24.77 Terrorism would only justify[br]their repression. 01:18:25.66,01:18:28.12 And what kind of leaders[br]would it throw up? 01:18:29.45,01:18:32.21 Are they men that we'd want[br]at the head of our country? 01:18:32.46,01:18:35.50 I too have read[br]Mr. Gandhi's writings... 01:18:35.75,01:18:39.37 ...but I'd rather be ruled by an[br]Indian terrorist than an English one. 01:18:39.59,01:18:41.97 And I don't intend to submit[br]to that kind of law. 01:18:42.18,01:18:44.30 I must say, it seems to me... 01:18:44.55,01:18:49.38 ...that it's gone beyond remedies[br]like passive resistance. 01:18:50.27,01:18:51.52 If I may... 01:18:51.73,01:18:55.23 ...l, for one, have never[br]advocated passive anything. 01:18:57.77,01:18:58.64 I'm with Mr. Jinnah. 01:18:58.90,01:19:01.23 We must never submit to such laws... 01:19:01.70,01:19:02.95 ...ever. 01:19:04.03,01:19:09.11 And I think our resistance must be[br]active and provocative. 01:19:11.37,01:19:12.40 May I? 01:19:14.71,01:19:18.41 I want to embarrass all those[br]who wish to treat us as slaves. 01:19:20.13,01:19:21.51 Thank you. 01:19:24.93,01:19:26.51 All of them. 01:19:27.18,01:19:29.42 -Forgive my stupid illustration.[br]-Allow me. 01:19:29.68,01:19:31.35 No, please. 01:19:31.56,01:19:33.69 But I want to change their minds... 01:19:33.89,01:19:37.35 ...not kill them[br]for weaknesses we all possess. 01:19:40.15,01:19:42.53 And what resistance would you offer? 01:19:43.28,01:19:46.95 The law is due[br]to take effect from April 6. 01:19:47.45,01:19:49.12 I want to call upon the nation... 01:19:49.37,01:19:53.15 make that a day of[br]prayer and fasting. 01:19:53.41,01:19:54.50 A general strike? 01:19:55.92,01:19:58.54 I mean a day of prayer and fasting. 01:19:58.79,01:20:02.25 Of course, no work could be done.[br]No buses. 01:20:03.26,01:20:04.51 No trains. 01:20:04.76,01:20:06.18 No factories. 01:20:06.43,01:20:07.38 No administration. 01:20:09.22,01:20:10.93 The country would stop. 01:20:12.39,01:20:14.93 My God, it would terrify them! 01:20:15.81,01:20:17.97 350 million people at prayer? 01:20:18.69,01:20:21.40 Even the English newspapers[br]would have to report that... 01:20:21.78,01:20:23.44 ...and explain why. 01:20:23.69,01:20:26.24 -But could we get people to do it?[br]-Why not? 01:20:27.16,01:20:29.48 Champaran stirred the whole country. 01:20:30.91,01:20:32.62 Thank you. 01:20:33.12,01:20:35.04 They're calling you '' Mahatma.'' 01:20:35.96,01:20:37.42 ''Great Soul.'' 01:20:38.54,01:20:42.63 Fortunately, such news comes[br]very slowly to where I live. 01:20:45.13,01:20:47.88 I think if we all worked[br]to publicize it... 01:20:48.13,01:20:49.33 ...all of congress... 01:20:49.93,01:20:51.68 ...every avenue we know.... 01:20:52.01,01:20:56.39 I could get articles printed in most[br]of the papers in Delhi and Bombay. 01:21:07.07,01:21:10.16 Only civilians will visit.[br]Don't you think so, Your Highness? 01:21:10.37,01:21:13.24 Of course, the army will[br]always be Ioyal. 01:21:13.45,01:21:16.33 I'll have you know,[br]we've got 500 troops. 01:21:19.62,01:21:23.41 They'll be damn hungry by morning,[br]I'll tell you that. 01:21:30.43,01:21:31.85 Mr. Kinnoch. 01:21:32.55,01:21:34.51 Sir, I'm afraid it's confirmed. 01:21:35.60,01:21:36.88 Nothing's working, sir. 01:21:37.14,01:21:39.81 The buses, the trains, the markets. 01:21:40.19,01:21:42.94 There's not even any ordinary[br]civilian staff here, sir. 01:21:43.27,01:21:45.73 Is it simply Delhi and Bombay? 01:21:45.98,01:21:49.20 Karachi, Calcutta, Madras, Bangalore.[br]It's total. 01:21:49.65,01:21:51.45 The army had to take over[br]the telegraph... 01:21:53.78,01:21:55.45 ...or we'd be cut off from the world. 01:22:01.33,01:22:02.96 I can't believe it. 01:22:03.17,01:22:05.74 He's going to sell his own paper[br]tomorrow in Bombay, sir. 01:22:06.00,01:22:09.38 They've called for a parade[br]on Victoria Road. 01:22:10.22,01:22:11.08 Arrest him. 01:22:18.43,01:22:20.84 He's to go to the visitors' room. 01:22:39.16,01:22:40.33 Bapu. 01:22:41.37,01:22:42.96 You too? 01:22:44.29,01:22:47.34 It seems less formal than Mahatma. 01:22:55.72,01:22:59.06 Since your arrest,[br]the riots have hardly stopped. 01:22:59.72,01:23:02.13 Not big, but they keep breaking out. 01:23:02.39,01:23:03.90 I run to stop them. 01:23:04.65,01:23:08.82 And Patel and Kripalani,[br]they're never at rest. 01:23:09.94,01:23:13.61 But some English civilians[br]have been killed. 01:23:16.62,01:23:19.58 And the army is attacking[br]crowds with clubs. 01:23:21.50,01:23:23.12 Sometimes worse. 01:23:29.00,01:23:30.92 Maybe I'm wrong. 01:23:31.63,01:23:33.96 Maybe we're not ready yet. 01:23:35.18,01:23:37.59 In South Africa,[br]our numbers were small. 01:23:42.89,01:23:46.15 The government's afraid.[br]They don't know what to do. 01:23:46.86,01:23:49.48 They're more afraid[br]of terrorism than of you. 01:23:49.98,01:23:54.32 The viceroy's agreed to your release[br]if you will speak for nonviolence. 01:23:57.28,01:24:00.08 I've never spoken for anything else. 01:24:25.98,01:24:27.26 England... 01:24:27.60,01:24:29.27 so powerful. 01:24:30.15,01:24:31.35 Its army... 01:24:31.57,01:24:32.77 ...and its navy... 01:24:33.57,01:24:35.57 ...all its modern weapons.... 01:24:36.70,01:24:38.82 But when a great power like that... 01:24:39.78,01:24:41.87 ...strikes defenceless people... 01:24:42.66,01:24:45.54 shows its brutality... 01:24:45.79,01:24:46.82 ...its own weakness. 01:24:47.08,01:24:49.92 Especially when those people[br]do not strike back. 01:25:18.91,01:25:21.06 Fighting back will not work. 01:25:21.32,01:25:23.54 And that is why the Mahatma... 01:25:24.41,01:25:27.33 ...begs us to take[br]the course of nonviolence. 01:25:58.53,01:26:01.28 Back away! Back away! 01:26:10.96,01:26:12.54 But if we riot... 01:26:13.17,01:26:14.75 ...if we fight back... 01:26:16.59,01:26:18.17 ...we become the vandals... 01:26:18.42,01:26:19.84 ...and they become the law. 01:26:20.93,01:26:25.47 If we bear their blows,[br]they are the vandals. 01:26:26.72,01:26:29.10 God and His law are on our-- 01:26:59.42,01:27:01.97 Front rank, kneel in position!
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