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Game The

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Financial times 100 index of 11points just above the key 38 hundred levels
As for the rest of your stocks skating 9th points to 25 to 32...
The yard capital aren't losing 7 weaker frame weighing on the market
Thank you Ilsa
Have a nice day
If you are on time this morning according to this
San Francisco's freeways are
Well tell me what we're supposed to do
I mean you may be perched on majority shares
But we all get fucked at the actual crash...
That old man is going to sink us
Soon as I have Baer /Grant's P and L report in hand
I will be speed dialing your number
Is that a promise?
I'm sorry I'm not aware of that term
Well what do I do if Anson calls about substantiation procedure?
Take evasive actions have your secretary say you're in a meeting
Thank you Jack
-Yes Maria -invitations
-um hum -the museum gala
-No -the Fitswilliam botanical annual fundraiser
-No -the Hinchburger wedding
Hinchburger wedding...
tuxidos and droning conversations I don't think so no
I'll send your regrets
Honestly why must I bother
You don't know about society Maria
You don't have the satisfaction of avoiding it
-Yes -I have an Elizabeth on line 3
Your ex-wife
I know who it is
Take a message
Oh happy birthday sir
Thank you Maggie
I don't like her
I wouldn't even mention the following but he was very insistent...
-It's obviously some sort of prank -what?
Well a gentleman called requesting to have lunch with you...
I tried to assure him that you're very busy
-What's his name? -A Mr. Seymour Butts
'Under the Bleachers by Seymore Butts
I'm sorry?
Cancel my lunch, make a reservation to City Club for myself and Mr. Butts...
My usual table
Maria put the reservation under my name
-You ready to order sir -no I'm still waiting
This was ice tea?
-Boo! -Conrad what a surprise
Happy birthday Nickie
Seymore Butts, I'll never get tired of that one
That's why it's a classic This is nice restaurant...
-They give me free jacket -I'm sure they're gonna want it back
-I remember being here a long time ago -You I took you here once
No I used to buy crystal-meth from the maitre d'
-Oh really? -in college
Which college?
Miss me?
As much as that's possible...
-You look good -So do you
Think I was worried
Worried about me?
how long has it been since Mom's funeral 2, 3 years
-I thought you quit -I did. it didn't take
well you can't smoke here
I'm with you
It's illegal to smoke in restaurants in California
Fuck California
how are you?
Couldn't be better
We're divorced, she remarried a pediatrician or a gynecologist...
or pediatric gynecologist lives in uh... Sausalito
That's too bad
I liked her
And what about you?
What you don't keep track of me anymore?
not since family week at rehab
So what brings you to town Conrad...
Everything all right?
-Need anything? -Nope
No I don't need anything from you I just...
have myself laying naked on the beach near Bisa
and all the sudden it click
October 12th...
Nickie's birthday
October 11th
This is for you
You shouldn't have
What do you get for the man who has... everything
Consumer Recreation Services well I do have golf clubs
Call that number
To make your life... fun
You know what that is that you've seen other people have...
It's an entertainment service
An escort service?
A profound life experience
-sorry oh put this napkin -no that's all right, just...
Tell me you'd call
-I said I would -No you didn't
You still on medication
Why would you say that?
You gentlemen ready to order?
I didn't mean it the way it sounded
I'm not on anything I'm not even seeing a shrink
and I feel great
Do you mind?
I think you'll like this I did
That was the best thing that ever happened to me
I'll call them
Do it... for you
I said I'll call ok? all right I'll call
It's just that Uh... I hate surprises
I know
Happy birthday to you Happy birthday to you...
-Happy birthday Mr. Van Orton -Mr. Van Orton
Happy birthday to you
Someones got to fly to Seattle and drive a stake through Anson's heart...
-Have you seen the profitability report? -You can imagine how much more unhappy I am
-So you're gonna deal with Anson? -That's correct
We're furious
Sleep well Nicholas
I will
Good night Ilsa
Dinner's in the oven
Thank you Oh I saw Conrad today
Did you? How is he?
He's Okay
I think he's in one of those...
personal improvement cults or something
Well send my love if you see him again
-Happy birthday -Goodnight
From companies that defaulted on their payments...
the FCC expects to receive more than 500 million dollars in bids...
as the licenses eagerly soar
Elizabeth good evening
Happy birthday Nickie
Eleven Forty
You almost missed it this year
Have you had a nice birthday?
Does Rose Kennedy have a black dress?
And went not once but twice through the spanking machine
Can only imagine
How are you?
Connie asked me the same thing today
Connie really?
I always liked your brother
-I just thought this might be difficult for you -just another birthday
Because of your father...
That's right he was 48, wasn't he?
I hadn't really thought about it until now
Why do I call?
I honestly don't know...
Please send Dr. Mel and Rachel my best
She has a little brother on the way
We did the ultra sound
Offical nuclear family
You must be very pleased
We are
We are very pleased
Well, it's good to talk with you
I guess I should let you go
Take care of yourself
You too Nicholas I mean that
I really do
uh huh, be well, bye
A proposal to encourage small businesses to provide their employees...
with health insurance is now being debated...
by Washington legislators...
the bill which a type is a small business help lands
to those of larger corporations is receiving an initial support
from the number of key Republican leaders
However Democratic lawmakers...
are voicing serious concerns about
claiming that it would under mind local officials...
I just wanna make sure that we understand each other...
Once you get it down on paper then you can count on my full support
-We understand -thank you
We'll talk soon
Well you shouldn't feel this reflects negatively on now
-I can feel that it was negatively done on me -I received this...
Just a moment
I'm sorry you feel that way
I understand
We hope we haven't caused you any inconvenience
Thank you for choosing C. R. S.
Mr. Feingold could you assist this gentleman
Oh yeah... Sure
Jim Feingold VP Engineering Data Analysis
I don't know exactly how this works my brother sent me this card as a gift
Oh here we go, yeah
All right excellent well... Um let's get started
Yeah, I'm sorry about the, you know all this, hullabaloo here...
We're uh... well we're still moving
You mind holding that
Thank you very much
Thank you
Are you hungry
-New Moon Cafe? -no, thank you
Gift from Conrad Van Orton
What is?
Well your brother was a client with our London branch
We do a sort of informal scoring...
and his numbers are outstanding
-You sure you're not hungry -No thank you, I'll be fine
Now need to fill out the these forms
There's an application...
and then a...
Couple of psych-tests there MNPI and PAP...
Oh uh... for the financial questionnaire
Don't answer anything you don't feel like
We'll run our TRW
I sometimes heard small animals true or false?
I feel guilty when I masturbate
Well I don't write the questions I just review the answers
What is this for?
Well, to give us an overall sense of your capability
No what is this for? what are you selling?
-Oh, it's a game -a game?
Specifically tailored to each participant
Think of it as a great vacation except you don't go to it
it comes to you
What... what kind of vacation?
Its different every time
Humor me with specifics
We provide...
whatevers lacking
And what if nothing is lacking?
May I make two suggestions?
You really think that I'll participate without knowing any...
First, admit to yourself that it sounds intriguing...
Second, you don't have to decide today...
Take the silly test fill out the stupid forms...
One day, your game begins you either love it or hate it, decide then
You know we... we are like...
an experiential Book-of-the-Month-Club
You can drop out at any time with no further obligations
That was my sales pitch
How long will this take?
About an hour for those another hour for the physical
It's a cursory examination
turn-your-head-caugh sort of thing you'll be out of here in no time
-Mr. Sutherland called about the Baer /Grant Publishing -Cancel it push it back to Wednesday
-Grants say they'll go back tomorrow -Tomorrow?
How much longer is this going to take?
Shouldn't be long we're almost done
You said that two hours ago
-All right put it back until tomorrow -selection...
before the following emotional responses
you have 0. 9seconds to continue your emotional
Reaction time for the factor
Would you make a selection before the following emotional responses
You have 0. 9seconds to continue...
Is this thing end?
I'm sorry to keep you here waiting
Well don't worry it's been just terrific spending my entire day with your
Well, it's all down to this
This is an insurance company requirement it states that you're aware...
that the game exists and that you're willing to participate in said game...
so on and so forth our guarantee that the payment's entirely...
at your brother's discretion as a gift it's dependent on your satisfaction
Does that mean that if I'm not happy he doesn't have to pay
Thats never happened we've never had an unsatisfied customer
I think you mean dissatisfied
That's right your left-brain word fetishist
Initials, initials and you sign there
in blood
Just kidding
All right now your copy will be at the front desk in this folder
And I'll... keep the pen
We'll let you know
-What about Monday or Tuesday? -No, that's bad for me
-Well, how about tonight? -I'm working all this evening
Wednesday is the only possibility right now
-Do you wanna do dinner? -Okay
By the way, I went to C. R. S.
Really? What did you think?
Well they seemed just a little bit disorganized
Well, when I did it in London they've been around awhile
Are you gonna do this?
No, I haven't decided yet
telling you it's the way to getting in on the ground floor
for the next Disneyland
C. R. S. won't go public their family owned
Stranger things have happened
No, they haven't actually
They opened here
"The game " in San Francisco?
See? They're doing fine without any of us
-How are you James? Good evening -Good evening sir
Get new members here?
Believe so sir
Put the next round on me
Got you sir
No, no, no
Iast time I played Pebble I swore I'd never pick up another club again
Speaking about games...
Couldn't help to overhear you talking about C. R. S.
Well, the reason I mentioned is...
I took the test today the Montgomery street office
You did? Kudos
So, yours hasn't started yet?
No, not yet that was one of the questions I had for you
-What is it? -Oh, what is it
The eternal question
You know I envy you
I wish I could go back and do it for the first time all over again
Here's to... new experiences
Hmm, if you'll excuse me I got to go
Good night Ted
nice to meet you
So, you played recently?
Oh, about a year ago
I was working in Los Angeles
Oh, I heard the London office is very good too...
It sounds like lot of fantasy role playing nonsense though
You wanna know what it is?
What it's all about?
John chapter 9 verse 25
I um...
-haven't been to Sunday school in a long time -Whereas once I was blind
now I can see...
Good night Nicholas
Best of luck
If the Baer /Grant meeting...
is not held tomorrow...
may as well not be held at all
When Mr. Van Orton boards his plane on the morrow...
He'll have every agreement and addendum in the complete closing
flawlessly revised
So you will miss another opera you would of have slept during anyway
We now have an opportunity to show our clients
how well we will rise to his exhilarating challenge
-Yes -Nicholas Van Orton?
-Who is this this? -This is Cynthia from C. R. S.
-How did you get this number? -We've finished processing your
-Look, I'm in a meeting right now -I'm afraid it was rejected
-I beg your pardon? -You shouldn't feel this reflects negatively on you...
we hope we haven't caused you any inconvenience
-Uh, this is ridiculous -Thank you for speaking to C. R. S.
Anything wrong?
Uh.. No no nothing's...
you may hang up or press tab for more options
Oh, this is Conrad Leave a message
Yes, Connie it's Nicholas give me a ring when you get in
Oh, uh... regarding your birthday present Um... things are a little crazy right now
I don't even know if I can fit it in my schedule
But we'll talk about it at dinner tomorrow
Thanks, bye
... the resulting rise of unemployment are decline...
into buyable small businesses
Meanwhile Republican leaders argue...
that this passage would be the very stimulant...
that a sluggish economy needs
no one has expressed an opinion...
as to how it will impact on pampered existence of Nicholas Van Orton
for one thing on which both Democrats and Republicans seem to agree...
is that most Americans have a serious doubts about the Economic future
a recent pole suggests the staggering 57% of American workers believe...
there is a very real chance they will be unemployed...
within the next 5 to 7 years
But what does that matter to a bloated millionaire fat cat like you...
and now for financial news stock markets rose both domestically...
and abroad today after the announcement of...
stronger than expected earnings by several high tech companies
but dipped again reacting to report Nicholas Van Orton has sneezed
Are you gonna spend the rest of the evening prying at that clown's mouth?
I... I... I don't...
Its frustrating for me if you don't pay attention
What is this?
This is your game Nicholas and welcome to it
I'm here to let you in on a few ground rules
You received the very first key and others will follow
You'll never know where you'll find them or how you'll need to use it
so keep your eyes open
How do you.. You can see me?
Let us save the questions to afterwards
How does this work?
There's a tiny camera looking at you...
right now
It's impossible
You're right, impossible
You're having a conversation with you television
It's miniaturized
You know how dangerous that it?
-Mr. Van Orton? -and in domestic news, sunny California... -Yes, Ilsa whats is it?
-Is everything all right? -Fine
... in the petroleum processing plant yesterday
-I finished for the evening will you be needing anything else? -... in sunny California...
No, I won't Ilsa thank you Good night
-... under control of major -... good night then -that broke out
in a petroleum processing plant yesterday
Several weeks...
-Who was that? -Never mind who that is
-You wanna know how a camera got into you home don't you? -Yes, I would
Co... Colder
Wa... wa... warm?
Write this number down
It's a 24hour Consumer Recreation Services hotline
For emergencies only
But don't call asking what the object of the game is
figuring that out...
is the object of the game
Good luck and congratulations on choosing
C... R... S...
Great to have the American ambassador expelled after the incident...
Who the states department responded quickly with a forward apology
An announcement with the ambassadors will be immediate voluntary...
May I help you?
What is it?
Thank you
Can you help me out?
I need some toilet paper I ran out
Just just go out to the next stall
Come on help me out
Didn't expect to see you here
I wanted to wish you luck
Been up all night
I checked it...
I appreciate that Sam why don't you go home and get some sleep
-You're sure you don't want me along? -no I'll be fine
Hmm, nice shirt
Don't ask
All these years...
the first time ever you stepped forward in these offices...
it's to ask me to step down
You promised to meet the projections, Anson...
a dollar sixty per shares is what you said...
I don't think this visit comes as a surprise
-Projections were far too optimistic -Admittedly, yes
Our E. P. S. was 150 last quarter we're up 8cents
The expectations were 10 and this case the expectations meant everything
Will you really hold me to it over pennies
My stock is falling I don't know about yours...
those pennies are costing millions
Give me, give me next quarter
If you still feel this way vote your shares
Today is what counts, Anson
You... you intractable son of bitch
Your father could see you know
Your father was a friend
Your friends!
God damn it I've watched you grew up
Because you went fishing with my father I should sit on my hands...
-while you're throwing my money away -I...
I'm not finished
You misspoke before when you said you're stepping down
I am firing you
Action is taken confidence is restored...
The stock goes up
There's no Baer /Grant Publishing
No Baer /Grant Publishing without...
Anson Baer
Where's Stewart Grant? he's probably out there sailing...
and enjoying his golden years wondering where the hell you are Anson
I'm sorry...
you failed
I have prepared severance package that is more than...
Valid until...
this evening
I could fight you with this
If I leave without your signature...
this agreement begins to disintegrate
and if it's shrink options narrow
and your compensation will be shriveled
think it's in your...
best interest, Anson
Well, I guess this is your...
Iucky day
My lawyers will be in touch with you
Excuse me has Conrad Van Orton left a message?
-I'll check on it right away Mr. Van Orton -Thank you
-Oh, I'm so sorry -Here -Please, don't do that
I'm so sorry I wasn't even looking
I'm really having a bad day
How about a bad month
You did almost exactly the same thing to me when I was here last week
Don't do that
Just get me some a some napkins and uh some soda water
Iooks like the uh...
cleaning's gonna mean more than the suit
I don't think so
-It was an accident, sir -Terrific
I said I was sorry
Mr. Van Orton is a valued customer
Fine then you kiss his ass
Don't you talk to me like that
I apologized, I offered to help what do you want me to do?
Clean out your locker
You heard me
I'm terribly sorry Mr. Van Orton
If you're not too uncomfortable will
this table suit you for complimentary meal?
Be fine
-I'll fetch your waiter -Thank you
Check sir
-Miss, pardon me, miss -Oh great it's you
I don't know how this works but you have something for me
I... uh
I received this note -What're you babbling about psycho
I need to know what is going on
You wanna know whats going on I'm going on my second job this month now
Iooks like I'm going on unemployment
-Maybe I should try to explain -Don't explain, just fuck off
Son of a bitch!
I am, I'm trying to I'm apologizing
Jesus, what is this?
-what's with him? -I don't know, he just he fell down
Can you hear me?
-Do you know what to do? -I don't even know if he's breathing
Move your head
Don't stand there get help
Hey, hey, it's ok
How do we know he's real?
He's pissing his pants, mister Is that real enough for you?
Help me god
He's turning blue
Police! Police!
You will have to fill this forms out
I don't know this man
-Here what do you need -Can't get involved in this
-Hey, I might have to detain you -Detain me?
-The reports gotta be filled out -She can do the reports
Ride with your wife We'll meet at the hospital
-The hospital? -Two blocks away
She's not my wife
Let's go
This is insane
10 minutes ago, I'm about to enjoy a quiet little dinner...
and received this note
-He's breathing, isn't he? -Yes
Is the siren entirely necessary?
Let's just talk to someone who can get this over with shall we?
Hang on
They need your drivers license number
Oh, no you've got to be kidding
What is uh...
This was what I was trying to explain to you...
This is a uh
a game
A what?
It's a company
They plan elaborate pranks
Things like this
I don't really understand it myself
what are you talking about? this is a
The lights, they went out
Hundred people ran away
What you mean the guy who just
pissed himself and turned blue was
sorry about that
you should be
why're they involving you?
There's gotta be a...
a flashlight
oh great
I thought that guy was going to die gave him a mouth to mouth...
I'll see you around
-How do you know that's the way? -I don't
Where did you all go you motherfucking frat boys
You'd better hide
My brother got me this gift certificate to this company...
Why? I got the key out of this uh...
out of the mouth of this uh
wooden clown
Never mind
I didn't like this
There's no signal
What is the going rate for a trapped-in-elevator-adventure?
Well don't even think about it
Why not?
Read what the sign says
"Warning do not attempt to open if the elevator stops
" use an emergency...
-Phone? -Phone...
if there was one
we'll wait for help, so...
Iet's just just wait for help
Okay, I'll give you a boost
You get up, you go first
This is not an attempt to be gallant if I don't lift you...
how are you going to get up there?
I don't know, you pull me up
It's easier my way come on step up
Oh please
I'm not wearing any underwear
Okay, there I said it
We can use this like a ladder
My hero, let's go
I don't think so
Thank you
Damn it! My briefcase!
I'll wait
Not as if anybody can open it
Wait a minute this is C. R. S.
What's C. R. S.?
This is the company that I was telling you about
The one that gave me a gift certificate
this is their building
We'll wait we'll wait for the security to come...
and we'll just explain
They'll love that!
Explain for both of us!
we don't wanna draw it don't draw any attentions...
-just out for a stoll -Run!
We can't fit down there!
Are you trying to ditch me?!
-Hey! you're a grown man I'm not responsible for -I'm not the one who started running
Well I'm not the one that started this...
-Go up there! -I'm going
So where's your modesty around the pet dogs
Hey! Shut up! Stupid fucking dogs
Let me guess
I go first
There goes a thousand dollars
Your shoes cost a thousand dollars?
That one did
Come on
It's right there
Meals Miles
It should be here
Fire escape
Yeah, it's classic
Why me
Who are you?
Nicholas Van Orton
What are you a czar or something?
All right
I think...
if we...
drop from here...
the garbage will break our fall
I think not
Be careful!
What the fuck are you looking at?
Table for two please
Where're we going?
That tall bright building
It's right near there
Everything okay, miss?
How are you doing?
San Francisco's finest...
Is there some place I could throw this?
There's a waste basket beside the desk
Think I have a fresh sweat shirt for you somewhere
That would be great
You know, you've never even asked me my name
Well uh... maitre d'said you're name was Christine
All right
I guess I'll call you a cab
You got a shower in your office?
You an athlete or something?
No, I'm an investment banker
I move money from one place to another
Actually, would you mind if I just
quickly rinsed off?
-Is there a towel I could use? -Yeah, it's behind the door
-Oh, I'll just be a second -No problem
Listen, I know the owner of the city club and I'd be happy to give him a call...
if you'd like
Don't, it was a shitty job anyway I overreacted
I uh...
I have a confession to make
Someone gave me 400 bucks to spill drinks on you as a
practical joke
And what did they say?
Well they said 300, I said 4...
they said the guy in the gray flannel suit
I think I said the uh...
attractive guy in the gray flannel suit?
Mr. Van Orton
-Hello -Mr. Van Orton, it's Maria.
-I thought I should call -what time is it?
It's 11 o'clock
I took the liberty of rescheduling your meeting with Alison and
No no no I'll be in there in an hour
Can you, I left my briefcase at 1019 Montgomery Street
Could you check with the Losts and Founds please
-Anson Baers in town at the Ritz Carlton -Really?
-He's requesting dinner tonight -Well, we'll see about that
And the Hotel Niko called to say...
they have your American Express card at the front desk
You left it there last night?
-Should I send someone? -No, just give me the number
-555-1111 -Call you back
Good morning Hotel Niko
Yes, this is Nicholas Van Orton I'm told you have my American Express card
Yes, Mr. Van Orton everything's in order...
the concierges has arranged for the wine and flowers in the room
Has he?
And a young woman phoned to say that she's on route...
but running a little late
Did the young woman leave her name?
I'm sure I don't know
Of course you don't
Thank you
Sorry my fault
Ah, Mr. Van Orton
Welcome back
Here we go
Have we met?
I believe so
If you'll just sign here...
on the signature card
Thank you
My key?
Don't I get a key?
Didn't I give you one last night?
No, I don't think so
Cute, that's very cute
This way sir
Have a nice day
House keeping
Could you come back a little later?
Where the fuck is he?
Why are you following me?
What are you talking about
I'm not following you I'm just driving it
-whatever I'm doing -Is Anson Baer the game? -is none of your business
Is that what this is all about?
Yo buddy, back off just back off huh?
Oh, that's cute that's really cute
I suppose the game uses real bullets, huh?
All right I'm a private investigator
Sombody hired me to keep tabs on you
Who hired you?!
Who hired you?!
-Mr. Van Orton -Maria, get hold of Sutherland
Have him meet me at the Ritz Carlton
I'm on my way
-What's happening? -Follow me Sam
Ah, Nicholas!
It's unexpected
Have you really believed
that just because you publish children's books...
people's gonna care about my reputation
You could have pictures of me...
wearing nipple rings butt fucking captain kangaroo...
the only thing they care about is the stock!
And whether that stock is up or down...
-Daddy? -it's all right, its all right
And the fact that you bring Conrad into this juvenile game
is unconscionable
-Are you finished? -No! I'm not finished!
I'd like you to meet my attorney Samuel Sutherland...
I think the two of you have got something to talk about
Oh, we've met this morning
I signed the determination contract for Baer /Grant...
I accepted your settlement Nicholas
You were right
I'm going sailing you know sailing
You're welcome to join our lunch maybe...
we can straighten this out
You remember my wife Mary Carol and my daughter-in-law Kaliegh
Please uh...
accept my...
misguided uh...
How concerned should I be?
It was a misunderstanding
It looks a lot like you
Well, you should see what they do with the nightly news
Can I ask you to do me a favor?
You know you can
Find out about a company called Consumer Recreation Services
Sounds like they make tennis rackets
What do you know?
Well, they gave me a waiver
-What is this? -It's a..
I don't believe it it's invisible ink
Your joking
This is what I'm dealing with I'm being toyed with by...
by a bunch of depraved children, this...
Are you ok?
Tell me not to worry
You don't have to worry
I promise
I'll call you later
Maria, the other night,
Iast night
got a taxi for a young woman named Christine...
What's the company that we use?
United Taxi Company
United Taxi...
then you call United find out who the driver was...
where they took her
I have a gun!
on a chess board get up and tell you where to go...
and you just have some kind of mushroom and your mind is moving on...
go on a...
I think sure not...
when logic and proportion have fallen...
and the white knight is talking backwards and my red queens are...
remember that the dog on sale...
-Mr. Van Orton -Are you all right?
What do you mean? what's happened?
The house, you haven't seen the house?
What's wrong?
There's been a break in now lock your door...
-Stay inside, just lock your door -Oh, be careful
-911 emergency -Yes, I need the police
-There's been a break in to my house -Stay on the line and give me your address
My address is 2210 Broadway
It's the biggest house on the street
-Now sir, you said it was a break in? -Yes, yes, there's been a break in
Are you sure they're gone?
Are you sure there's not still someone somewhere in the house?
Get her out!
Are you still there?
-Meet me in your car -Hello?
All right What happened?
Conrad, where're we going?
Just wait!
What are you doing?
With the facts
I can't trust a room service in the hotel
I sure as hell can't trust the fucking car
C. R. S.! who do you think!
Jesus! To think what I almost got you into
What are you saying?
Oh, I'm so fucked
They just fuck you! And they fuck you! And they fuck you!
And just when you think it's all over that's when the real fucking starts!
All right calm down just take a breath
They won't stop Nick
I paid the bill I gave them their fucking money
They won't leave me alone!
What're they doing to you?
I'm a goddamned human pinata
Calm down!
-And why're they keep playing if you've already paid? -I don't know
I don't know
I paid them more to make it stop!
They did this
It's a flat tire
How do you know?!
Get a grip on yourself will you? we'll figure it out!
Okay, okay
The phone doesn't work I can't get a signal
-You know how to change a tire? -No, don't you?
It can't be that hard
I don't think we should be out in the open like this
Hit the teletrack it's lift-left compartment
You're with them
You're doing this you're part of it
Who's are these?
I don't know about those somebody put them in the car
You're behind the whole thing aren't you?
What are you talking about? You brought them to me
These were in your car!
Now right there in your fucking car!
Listen to what you're saying
You're not gonna control this conversation!
Why would I ever do what you're describing?!
Because you resent me
Stop being emotional
-It kills you that I'm living my life -Lower your voice! Conrad!
What?! You're afraid somebody's gonna witness the scene?!
Get back in there! Get back to your fucking house!
-Will you stop it?! -I'm calling the cops
You're just so afraid that somebody's gonna see
what a manipulated fucking control freak you are!
What is wrong with you?! what are you on?
Oh, I'm sorry Nick...
I'm sorry I didn't live up to your expectations
Ah, Bullshit
I'm not you, I'll never be you I don't wanna be you
There you go again!
I'm your brother!
-Always push the responsibility out on me -For Christ's sakes! I'm your brother!
-All I ever tried to do is help you -I don't want your help!
-Nobody asked you to play Dad! -No! You don't say that
Did I have a choice?!
Did I have a choice?!
I don't want your help!
-Nobody asked you to play Dad! -Did I have a choice?!
Did I have a choice?!
2210 Broadway
Hey buddy, you missed a turn
Do you hear me?
You missed a turn back...
No no no Stop the car!
Stop the car!
Thank you
Open the door
Unlock the door
Open, the goddamn door!
am a very wealthy man
And whatever they're paying you...
I'll double it
What are you out of your fucking mind?
It's a game
It's game
Here we are
-Detective I'm Sam Sutherland -Tim Folly
.. You know where we're going?
It's this way
14th floor
Management for the building says the space hasn't been officially rented yet
The county recorder has no listing for a Consumer...
Recreation Service or any derivation thereof
Drivers they're still looking for the cab...
as soon as they find it they'll pull the plates in the V. I. N
Have you spoken to your brother?
He hasn't called me back yet No
What about the house?
The graffiti was an oil-based marine marking solution...
illegal in the states
It's not impossible to trace but it'll take time
The photo...
the gun...
the clown...
the ambulance...
it's all pending
Breaking and entering we've got solid
Malicious mischief, vandalism harassment
But that's all
Illegal surveillance...
wreckless endangerment...
Attempted murder...
Except, you said you hired these guys...
That's irrelevant
Now look
It's our job to tell you what we've got...
so far, we don't have motive
What was my father like, Ilsa?
Why do you ask?
I don't know
All the time I've known you you've never once asked about him
I guess he was just on my mind
Your mother loved your father very much
I think he's just worked too hard
Was he uh...
I mean...
What I remember most...
was that his manner was so...
You could spend time in a room...
and not even know that he'd been there the whole time...
No, what I mean is...
Before he...
What happened?
Nobody expected it
I wonder how much of him there is in me?
Not much, I think
Was mother worried about him?
Nobody ever worried about your father
It's Maria
-I found the address you wanted from United Taxi -Yeah, give it to me
It's on the Patraro Hill...
Who are you?
Christine, is she here?
She's sleeping
Amian, who is it?
What're you doing here?
Can we talk?
-Hi -Hi
Didn't think I'd ever see you again
What can you tell me about these?
Is this you?
Where did you get them?
My hotel room
Was in my hotel room
Are you telling me that this is not you?
What makes you um...
Think this is me?
Well um...
the bra, The red bra
What I thought that...
Can I sit down for a...?
Are you all right?
You're not all right are you?
Is it this contest thing that you're in still or...?
I'm sorry I am being a nuisance I should go
No, it's ok we can talk
I'll put some clothes on me I'll be right back
Do you have an aspirin?
can I get you something to drink with this?
Is this you?
oh, yeah That's a first reunion
Show it to me
What's wrong
Take the picture out of the frame...
and show it to me
All right
They're watching
Not here
They can see here
Smoke detector
What do you say we uh...
Let's go for a drive or something we could...
-No no I am tired of this I am god damn tired of this -We'll go for a drink there's a
Who do you people think you are?
Who do you think you are? come on out of there!
-Nicholas, please -Let's go, right now
Come on just come on out of there right now!
Now you've done it
So what are they going to do?
Get away from the window
What is this?
Wake up, it's a fucking con
Get in, get in!
You all right?
Hold on
Get out of the car
I could've handed you to them
-And they find me now they... -Get out of the goddamn car!
You don't have a choice!
No one else's gonna tell you what's going on!
You wanna know
cause if I'm gone you never will
I can't believe they didn't take the time to get the fucking house right
-Who are they? -I don't know nobody does I'm an employee
Then what good are you?!
I know things like who you can trust and...
-that your brother was in it from beginning -That's a lie
Yeah? I was your waitress on your birthday
Connie told me about C. R. S. that day
ever seen me in there before?
I mean it wasn't his fault I guess he thought it was his only way up
They fleeced him real good
How, how did they get to him?
Same thing to him they did to you
What are you talking about?
They checked your accounts
That night in your office...
I got the number to your private line...
and modem that gave CRS remote access to your computer
You gave him everything else
You took their tests, handwriting, voice samples, psychyinfos...
They used it all to figure out your passwords
and Feingold the...
the guy who signed you up...
he did 5 years for hacking City Bank
They only had to keep you distracted...
while they broke into your financial network
transferred your holdings into dummy accounts
Overseas operator please
why else would they be willing to shoot at us
Alamine Bank Zurich Switzerland
Beause they're finished with you
Live dead the same
Long as you disappear
Yes blue-two-backslash 9 6 9 0 D as in David
That's right
The balance?
That's impossible
They already got it Nicholas
They got everything
You've reached the Sutherlands Please leave a message
As you get this message, Sam I have checked them all, I don't know how
But they have drained my accounts
They're trying to kill me...
Now you call the cops I got one of them right here...
We'll make her to testify
I know how this sounds...
But you call me...
on my cellular...
And you be careful
Cut your card in half so...
my treat
You take 2 sugars right?
Never mind
-My name's not Christine it's I mean it's not my real name -Who fucking cares?
It is just money you should be glad you're alive
I'd rather not talk about it right now
-All I mean is someone like you... -How many times have you done this?
-I'm curious -What?
These scams
Con games, how many?
Well, whatever nickle dime bullshit you pulled in the past...
this is more than just me
This is pension plans
this is 600 million dollars
Nick, it's Sam
I got your message
I was disturbed to say the least
So what are we gonna do?
I'm been on the phone for an hour already
Nicholas, your funds are intact...
Nothings been touched
What are you talking about? I checked on it myself
Who is it?
-I made the calls -Nothing's changed
I'm telling you not one cent is unaccount
Who is it?
My attorney says that nothing is missing
He's in on it
I don't know what the hell is happening but stay where you are
-ntil I get there -Sutherlands in on it
Nicholas I have another call
Give me your precise location
Got to get out of here
How did they get to him?
Why did
I wouldn't worry about it
What do you mean?
It's out of your hands
Cellurar calls can be intercepted
Those calls you made...
To B of A
-France, -B of A -Switzerland, -France -Switzerland...
You were talking to us
You were talking to us
Filled in the blanks
-access codes, -passwords -access codes -passwords...
-stuff even your lawyer didn't have -stuff your lawyer didn't have
we have it now so we're done
Bye Nicholas
Things have happened
-It's important that... -sh, sy, sh!!
No money, no identification no passport
what happened to you?
Where to begin
-It's complicated -it always is
I was on holiday alone and I was robbed by two men
And what hotel were you staying at?
I don't remember
Have you gone to the police?
I don't speak Spanish
And I just need enough to get out of here
oh, we'll help with the local law enforcement if you wanted to bother...
As far as money is concerned...
Can I make a suggestion?...
You say you were mugged?
And they didn't take that watch...
How much is the watch like that worth?
A couple of hundred at least...
Man with a watch like that doesn't necessarily have the passport problem
Excuse me?
Can I be attentioned please?
Thank you
Anybody here going to San Francisco? I need a ride
I've got 18 dollars and 70.. 78cents
For a ride to San Francisco
-Keep the change -Thanks pal
Conrad Van Orton Could you ring his room please?
one moment please
-Is there a problem? -You're here for Conrad Van Orton
-Yes -I'm the hotel manager
Pleasure to meet you Where's my brother?
-Will you come with me sir? -Wait a minute, is there a trouble
Sir, this is a private matter for you
There were some complaints by other guests, damage to his room...
We did the best we could to accomodate his behavior
-His behavior? -Yes, sir
There was an incident a few days ago A nervous breakdown, they said
The police took him, They left this address in case anyone came
It's a hospital in Napa
Terribly sorry for him
I need to borrow your car
What happened to you? I mean...
Look at you...
Look at me what happened tonight?
I don't know
I have these things I have to worry
I need your car
Of course you can have it if you need it
Can't I get you something to eat?
You know you're the only person...
that I can trust
Everyone else...
If Sam Sutherland calls you...
You don't tell me, talk to me You lie to him
And whatever else happens before he speaks...
Ok, coffee...
english muffin...
and your water
This bottle...
is open Who opened this bottle?
Yeah, I opened it
I don't want an opened bottle I want a unopened bottle
I don't want ice like this I want just a glass...
Nickie, talk to me
You're scaring me...
I don't even know what you're saying
I'm sorry Liz I don't mean it
I'm sorry
You know I've been...
thinking last couple of days
I've had some... some spare time
And I wanted to tell you
I understand why you left me
And I know that I...
resented it
I want to apologize to you
for shutting you out...
and not being there
And I hope that you can forgive me
Yes I...
You've been on the go for days
There's nothing to forgive
pain sets in
the on set of a migrating pain...
If this sounds all too familiar...
is here at last
Oh no
you bastards
For nearly a decade doctors have been prescribing...
How did you find me here?
Tigering strong that has...
two things...
He's an actor
So if you trust your doctor...
trust taggering
He's an actor on television
Can't explain now
Can I borrow your yellow pages
Cafe, past Chinatown
Get out of the car fucker
Open the door and leave it running
You're making a mistake here
Now get the fuck out of the car
Get the fuck out of the car
I am extremely fragile...
right now
New Moon Cafe
He does commercials
Do you know how many customers we have?
Hundreds, thousands
I know he ordered from you He went to the Montgomery Street 1019...
Is there anybody here that can help me?
He's an actor
If I blow these people you have here upon you...
Hey! Why are you taking my picture?
We were hoping he would auditon today
He'd really be perfect for this part
Oh, this will break his heart
Well is there any place we can contact him?
Well, his beepers here on the table
He took the kids to the zoo
The zoo? That's very very sweet
Which zoo?
Oh, it's the one with the White Tiger
Lyno Fisher, I love your work
Ok, please... Look I uh...
I got my kids
Get rid of them
Guys uh.. guys come on snack time...
One more snacks
Here, go, go, go
It was just a job
Nothing personal
You know I mean... Play my part...
-Provise a little, I mean -I need to talk to who's in charge
Nobody knows
and nobody gets a big picture...
Hey, Tammy, Alex cut it out Damn it, why do they do that?
Offices are empty I need to find out where they are
They own the whole building
They just move from floor to floor
And you work for them right?
You can get me in
-No, I can't -Oh, yes you can
You can tell them the police called You got to speak to someone...
Tell them I'm gonna blow the whistle on them
What whistle? There's no fucking whistle
This is very dangerous
I don't think you understand
Right now...
I am...
Michael, guys Come on, we're leaving
Well we're here
Drive in
What're you gonna do anyway
You won't get your money back
I don't care about money I'm pulling back the curtain
I wanna meet the wizard
He's eyeing us like Tiffany towers
Pull in somewhere where they won't see you
Stand staff Mr.
-You're not allowed to be here -They called me back
I got a fitting
He's with me
-You don't need me -Shut up
-Get in this -Oh my God
Cuff him to the rail
What floor?
You're fucked, you're both they're gonna listen!
-I told you they hired me over the phone -Where did you pick up your checks?
-It was a different floor -guess?
Like you know we're on this way sort of
I don't know
All right, take it easy
Say you're surprised
Oh fuck
what are you doing here?
Back from the dead
Nicholas you're not about to shoot anyone
Turn around
You're gonna come with me
Everybody down!
All right what do you think you're doing?
You tell me!
Who's behind this?
Who did this to me?
-What do you mean why? -Who is responsible for this? -How deluded can you be?
It wasn't you...
It wasn't personal...
It could've been any asshole with a couple of hundred million in the bank
Get on my radio, all right? You get your boss...
You tell them I'm gonna shoot somebody
Who am I gonna call Nicholas they won't do it
oh yes they will you get somebody up here...
because I'm gonna kill you
They don't care about me Nicholas They'll let me die...
You're not in a position to threaten anyone
Where'd you get that?
-That gun, that's not an automatic -What the fuck are you talking about
We all had an automatic Where did you get the gun?
This is my gun
But we've searched the house
Well I guess you missed this didn't you?
This is fake
It's a part of your game
-Don't you start with me now -No no listen to me
-Don't you fucking start with me -I'm telling you the truth now...
this is all "the game "
Bullshit, all right bullshit I know what happened to that guy...
they shot that guy Feingold whoever they killed him
-Think about it what'd you see? -I saw them kill him
No, what'd you really really see? This whole time, special effects...
squibs squibs like in the movies Nicholas, Nicholas listen
Damn it, he's got a real gun with the goddamned bullets...
ok ok I'll put it down
Feingold, Mr. Fisher he's on the other side of that door...
He's an actor
You're trying to kill me
No one's trying to kill you Nicholas Please put that gun down...
You're about to make the biggest mistakes of your life...
Nicholas, I mean there's always a safety net the taxi, there was a driver at my house
it's that they shot at us with blanks
It's not true
It is It's what you hired us for
They're waiting on the other side of that door
with champaign
Please goddamn it
Conrad Conrad's there
It's your birthday party
You stop lying!
Let me show you
Don't you move
He's got a gun get back from the door
You shot him
Someone call an ambulance!
He's dead
We thought you knew
How did you let this get so out of hand
He wouldn't listen to me at all
Almost through this it's over
Aren't your responsibility
Never let them mark and take over
I'm sorry
He could of killed him
I had a walkie-talkie
I used walkie-talkie
We're going to jail
We're all going to jail for the rest of our lives
Oh god
We've got him
We have him there he came on right on target
Standby for further medical treatments
Keep everyone back until we clear away the breakaway glass
Mr. Van Orton don't open your eyes
Breakaway glass but it can still cut you
Just gonna take a look at you
I'm gonna take your pulse
Just take it easy it was a quite a fall
Happy birthday Nickie
What is this?
It's your birthday present
I hurt you with something really I'm such an asshole
Ladies and gentlmen my brother Nicholas Van Orton
Amazing I justed wanted to tell you
This was the best ever
Thank god you jumped because if you didn't...
I was supposed to throw you off
I have to head home I just wanted to say goodbye
sweet dreams
Thanks Mal for coming
I'm sorry about your car...
I left it at the zoo
No problem
Happy birthday, Nicholas
I'll call you I really will
Nicholas, I haven't a clue what this is all about...
Your taste in champaign is execellent as always
It was great entrance
Yes and I want you to know that what happened on Sunday was...
Oh, no no
I've never been happier my whole life
I thank you
and my wife thanks you
Thank you for coming
Thank you Sam
What's this?
the bill...
The bill?
Keep the pen
Thank you...
You wanna split?
Oh god, yes please I'll take you up on that
Oh my god
Thank you, Connie
What happened to that um...
What was her name um...
She said something about catching a plane
I just saw her out front waiting for a cab
I um...
I didn't have chance to say goodbye
Thank you I... I... I... um...
You know, I never did ask you your name did I?
So you um... catching a plane or?
Yeah, we have a gig starting next week in Austrailia so...
Gonna sheer some more sheep
Just a walk on this time
Well when you get back...
Maybe dinner, we gotta have some dinner
You don't know anything about me
No, I don't
So you tell me
-Well, what... -Where you're from?
O... Oklahoma
I've been doing this way too long
You know uh...
Would you like to
have a coffee with me at the airport?
one pill makes you larger and one pill makes you small
and the ones that mother gives you
don't do anything at all
Go ask goddess...
when she's 10feet tall
And if you go chasing rabbits
and you know you're going to fall
tell him I'll hook her smoking caterpillar
has given you the call
call Alice...
when she was just small
when the men on the chess board
get up and tell you where to go
and you just have some kind of mushroom
and your mind is moving on
go ask Alice
I think she'll know
when logic and proportion have fallen so all be dead
and the white knight is talking backwards
and my red queens all in her head
that the dog have said...
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