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Gam Gai (2002)

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Hong Kong, 2003
Hong Kong, 2046
You found him yet?
No... the Peak is a huge place
He sounded quite unstable over the phone
Careful with what you say to him
Also... don't ever tell him who you are
I know, I know--- you talk too much as a 90-yr-old
Tung Chee Hwa Memorial?
Probably a dead end street
We have to invest in the Hong Kong Dollars!
Just sell all US Dollars and buy HKD...
Delete one year...
Delete two years...
Might as well delete them all!
Nah, one year is good enough
But I've only known Lucy for two months
Hey! My pills...
What are you doing with my pills, old lady?
Pardon me! I'm supposed to look 35! I spent millions on plastic surgery
Which part of me looks like an old lady?
Which part of you doesn't?
You sound like one, you walk like one
And you smell like one
Gimme a break, I'm over 80 years old
I knew it! Why looking 35 anyway?
You can't fool anyone
So easy to rip off an old granny
Just give me back my pills
Don't take these pills
It will wipe out your memory
That is exactly what I want to do
My girlfriend dumped me
I've been dumped more times than I can count
You've been dumped too?
It's no big deal young man
Looking back on all my years, even the saddest one offers sweet memories
Let me tell you about the year 2003
That's the toughest year for Hong Kong people to swallow
This chicken looks like you
How much is it?
It's got a huge breast!
Go to hell!
This is a temple for god's sake! What' you think you're doing?
It was an accident...
What's going on?
Wow, fat boy, you really scored
But it slipped! No kidding.
How about a New Year cash pocket?
Just one pocket?!
She deserves more! Her cup size is 34C!
Bad number. , out... another bad number. out ,
Good number. in! ,
All the best numbers are here
Remember... Don't worry, there won't be any mix up
Excuse me... coming through --- pardon me---
Hey, mister, got a light?
Thank you!
What's going on?
Please give Kum a lucky number and a happy new year
Better be a lucky one!
Number 4--- bad luck!
Here we go again --- come on, lucky number---
Number 10, good enough! Thank you!
Kum... What number did you get?
The best number of course
I'm gonna be rich n' famous!
Someone is taking pictures there
Is it a movie star?
I know him! Who's he?
The new Secretary for Home Affairs Dr Patrick Ho
His wife was once a famous star
Dr. Ho too become famous having made history that day
Like all former Secretaries. Ho came to , draw the number of luck for Hong Kong
But since I took all good numbers reserved
for him. he scored the lowest of the low! ,
We... we all try our best for Hong Kong...
I win!
You're winning too much! Get up before everyone starts to hate you
Hurry, hurry...
Fanny... Yes
Bring in all the gifts from the outside
Son of a bitch!
Watch you mouth
My in-law doesn't know that I was an escort
Try to act like a lady
Fresh chick on the farm!
Congratulations! I'm so happy!
Here, $500 a pop... nope, $1000 a pop! This is the last pop!
It feels like the good old days working in the night club
But we're wearing the real jewels tonight and no more dildos
How about Karaoke? Okedoke. Karoke! ,
But it's late!
Darn. it's because of this new hairdo. ,, it took me hours to set
I could have popped 3 customers and made a bundle
Quite a dress you get there
You notice?! It's some ltalian designer called Ferfanla something
You dressed well too back then stealing all my limelight
How come you breasts get so big and soft?
Perhaps you want some noodles?
No thanks, I'm full
BB Lin. , what happened to your Big Breasts?!
Go away!
How come these breasts ... is one sided?
My mother-in-law!
Congratulations, ma'am!
Honest to god, this one breast you still got is in mint condition!
Let's play mahjong!
I haven't played in a long time
How about $120 for a game?
Why is everybody going to the toilet all of a sudden?
Or am I waging too little?
Gimme a bowl of crab meat noodle
But the banquet is starting, ma'am
But I want noodles! I am hungry now!
They're serving shark's fin! Come eat
You crapping or what?
Cut the crap and grow up, girl
You are like a sister to me
You too shall get married and settle down one day
It's the best number in this temple!
It says you're getting married this year
That's crazy! With whom?
Just find someone! Or you'll be cursed
But you've just say I got the best number!
It's a curse
You sure you're any making sense here?!
Reading fortune sticks is a very complicated science
I am Mr. Wong, not Mr. Wrong
If it didn't come true. come , kick my ass next year!
So I shall get married this year?
To be an eligible potential bride ---
--- I shall become someone proper
Starting with getting myself a proper job
Kum, stocking up condoms?
Kum, I saw your new pornsite!
Kum, great costume! Let's do more role-play at your place later tonight
Forget to tell you, this is buy-one-get-one-free
I'm only here to buy Pomlemon drink
It's on the other aisle. Kum! ,
A bit further...
I thought I was a low-key prostitute
Turns out. I was red hot ,
Subject to popular demand, I returned to my improper trade
Mr. Chow!
You've scared me--- what are you doing here so late?
It's Chinese Valentine's day today
Since we are both lonesome singles, I've come to cook you a good meal
Let's have some good family fun together
Let me help you
No need, just go take off your clothes! I'll fetch you when I'm done
Kum, you're like my soul mate, but fate keeps us apart
That's quite a presumption --- Afraid to be stuck with me?
No. but I don't want to be , a burden to you
Those who sail together have acquainted for a hundred years
Those who sleep together have acquainted for a thousand
What we've been through in bed practically makes us husband and wife
Let's drink to that
You're so strange today
You served me dinner and read me poetry
What's up with you?
A loving man in a loveless world can love be endured?
Endure what?
Oh... my stomach is feeling funny...
Mr. Chow, you done?... Hurry!
Did you wash your hands before you cook or what?... Quick!
Use this first, I just took a dump and it stinks inside!
You must be kidding!
Why don't you turn on the ventilator?
I'll crap in the kitchen, don't you come in!
You've scared me twice tonight!
Let's do something kinky tonight Like what?
It's a new SM mask
Put it on... you look better already
I feel like an astronaut
It's so much fun Already too much, Mr. Chow
I can't hear you
Let's take turn wearing it
Wait for me in bed with your eyes shut
You're really strange tonight
Still not done yet? Almost!
You're panting hard and coughing too! Perhaps we should stop
Don't talk, keep going!
Let's have a break, or someone will die---
Let's take a break
What's that smell?
So smoky---
What have you done?
You're out of your mind!
Why are you burning coal in my house?
What's wrong with you?
Mr. Chow, are you trying to kill yourself?
I just want to have fun before I die
You want me to die with you?
No, you won't
With the mask on, you would be okay
You're so silly--- there's nothing that can't be resolved
Business at my diner is hitting rock bottom
I owe people tons of money
Only death can rid me of my troubles
I have some savings, I can lend you a bit
Really? No wonder---
It's always dark before the sun comes up
Kum, you're one in a million
I promise to you, I'll never let you down
I'll make you a business partner you will become a boss
A boss?
No one would hire me anyway. this way, I can hire myself
Yes! I'll help you!
You are so kind!
Are you getting your second wind?
Just to return your favor!
Let's strike while it's still hot
Mr. Chow.
I'm dying...
Is it good?
New Suicide Venue: Charcoal Grilling at One-Chick-Brothel
I finally become the boss of Chow's Diner
Unfortunately, the first customer I served was SARS
How dare you shaving your legs in the public!
But the latest research says that body hair carries the most germs!
Armpit too?! You becoming a woman or what?
Rather be a living woman than a dead man
Got to wash hands for 15 seconds... ,,,,,,,,,
I'm so very clean!
Not a strand of hair left I'm snow white clean!!
/I'm silky n' smooth n' creamy like lard
I could have made the best of custard tart
So you became a boss, that's cool
Not really...when SARS attacked, every thing went into a coma
Many people died too
People died?
Yes! SARS was a real killer.
How can people die from SARS? I too have caught it several times this year
One pill usually takes care of it
I was talking about 40 odd years ago!
Next thing you' gonna say is cancer killed too
Of course cancer killed!
Back then...
Everybody went crazy
Hong Kong is under the attack of SARS
12 more people died of SARS today
5 had no complications with any other diseases
31 more cases are confirmed with SARS infection today
Antibody to the virus is still not found in any human subjects
One Cathay Pacific flight attendant was confirmed with SARS infection
The death toll continues to rise steadily
With the addition of 6 new deaths reported yesterday---
The overall fatality rate is reaching 6%
I've got customer!
Don't close the shop till I get back
4 minutes and 48...4 minutes and 49...
4 minutes and 50...4 minutes and 51...
No rush, take it easy
You... aren't you...
I work part-time in the diner downstairs
Sorry to keep you waiting
Don't you remember me?
Sure, you're one of my regulars!
Scrub your shoes on the sterilizing mat before you come in
Better be safe than sorry
This way please --- and your name?
I am Chan
Nice place Can I take your temperature?
You don't mind, do you?
Let me take yours too...
I have my own...
Your thermometer is nice
D.I.Y.? Sure
37.3 degrees Celsius
I win, 97 degrees, Fahrenheit
We are both fine then! Let's take a shower
With germs everywhere, I'd better shampoo your hair too
Take off your glasses
Be careful with my eyes Of course.
In the meantime. can we start , Sure
Please scrub my back Okay
Are you comfy? Very...
Do you want a head massage? Yes... and no!
I can't see clearly with you wearing this
What do you want to see?
Which hand of yours is holding the scrub? Right hand
How about using your left and hold the faucet with your right?
What are you doing?
How come you don't have any hair? I've shaved it off
Fatty's chicken is shedding quills
Fatso's dog is barking for a meal
Fatty explodes all the way
She calls the police and makes Fatso pay're quite a bathroom singer!
I sing in public toilets too got quite a reputation for that!
Really? Keep singing!
Fatty's chicken is shedding quills
Fatso's dog is barking for a meal
Fatty explodes all the way
She calls the police and makes Fatso pay
Don't just watch me, bathe me
Let me scrub you down there then
Can you use the side with sponge?
Feel better now? Much better
Come here What are we doing the Saran wrap?
Who knows if sweats won't transmit SARS? TRUE
It's much safer this way right? Right
You can even lose weight Quite right
Let's switch side Why?
Why don't you stand there and I'll wrap myself towards you
With the Saran wrap and the anti-SARS soup
we're all set to have safe sex
Soup?... I haven't had soup in a long time, my dear wife
So you are into husband and wife?
Why not wrap it down there too, honey? Be Careful
Don't break it though
No, you need a lot of wrapping down there
It's too tight! I'll loosen it up...
How come...
--- I don't see any hair here?
How come you are hairless?
What's wrong?
I am really tired... can I rest for a while?
But I'm ready for---
That was quick!
The SARS outbreak at the Amoy Garden Complex is escalating
185 residents have been infected so far
The Health Department quarantined Amoy's contaminated
Block E at 6am today---
...imposing a 10 days segregation to all Block E residents
All access to the building is denied Mother...
Amoy is quarantined! How can I go home?!
Home? I live in Amoy Garden Block E!
Amoy Block E?!!! Why didn't you tell me earlier?
What're you doing in my bathroom?!!!
Gotta look for hair
Don't ruin my bathroom! Come out!
C'mon out!!
What happened to your hair?
Let's make a deal, I'll take you as a regular after you're cured
If I can't see it, perhaps I can taste it!
Where can I find hair?!
Don't crap in my toilet or you'll pass me your SARS virus
Don't give me any SARS crap!
C'mon out!!
This isn't body hair!
Help! Someone's crapping!
I need some time to think about how to rescue my mum!
How about $500 a day for room and board without sex!
Let me stay, I know you're very kind...
I slept with him already
If he is indeed a carrier. it wouldn't , help even if I threw him out now
Above all, he's paying more than what the diner can earn...
Black bean ribs on rice to go, please
You want the soup of the day as well?
We have anti-SARS pig lungs soup today
I'll have iced tea
Black bean ribs on rice...
--- and iced tea to go!
That's the doctor who took care of granny last year!
You recognize him with the mask on?
It's him! His hospital is now a SARS ward!
Let's go!
Keep the change
Sorry, I'll wait outside
Bloody, now I have to sterilize the whole place all over again
I'm sorry to have troubled you
No, not at all
Doc, do you live nearby? How come I've never seen you?
Well, I can't return home these days and I've rented a place around here to crash
I saw you guys on TV
You guys don't go home for fear of infecting your family
There's no one left inside. , come eat inside
Come--- I'd rather not trouble your staff
You chicken shit! I don't want to die...
I believe that the disease can only be transmitted by droplets
Thank you
I'll have soup ready for you tomorrow too
Cold drinks kind of weaken your lungs
If you're making soup with pig's lungs, make sure it's clean and fully cooked
How about cleaning it with diluted bleach ---
He has some pretty eyes... wonder if he has buck teeth
Get me pig's lungs tomorrow!
What's this pain all over?
Am I infected?
Perhaps some Vitamin C can suppress it
Gimme your wallet!
Gimme money!
Nah... Let's try Bruce Lee
One. two. three... ,,
We're living in different ends of the world
You live your own life, and I live mine
If we ever get to run into each other on the street one day
We might nod to one another...
...and then, fall speechless
Because I might no longer know you
All I have in my mind is that...
...I miss you
Who made me fall in love so deeply...
...made me as gentle as clear water...
...offered me tranquility...
...freed me from my constrains...
...reminded me of my innocent dreams
...redeemed my heart and soul...
...and let me fall asleep in peace
What are you doing?
Why did you rub my armpit with brandy?!
Brandy can boost your hair growth
Let's wait n' see
You, pervert!
I'm dying here, and you're putting a nail to my coffin?!
Gimme a break! Go find yourself a hairy chick!
You're sick?
I am dying!
I could be having SARS...
Don't die, honey...
Don't leave me!
I have an idea!
Wait for me. I will be back soon! ,
Get in! Keep quiet!
Kum!... you keep quiet!
What is it? Kum...
What are you doing?
I've brought you Hong Kong's best SARS doctor. Dr Man Ko! ,
Why cover his head with a plastic bag?
Not just one! Here's another one!
Take it off!
And one more from the convenient store!
Let me take it off
You're not the Dr Ko I saw on TV! Dr Ko ain't handsome!
I'm Dr Ko. W. Man: not Ko. F. Man ,,,
But it says Ko, F. Man on your clinic door!
It says Ko, W. Man!
F. for Forever Man, W for Water Man!
What 'you doing?... Pardon me. excuse me ,
Hurry up and let him go, you troublemaker!
Can't you see she is very sick? You're a doctor! Go help her!
Get into the room...Go diagnose her!
Excellent! Lots of ear wax...
Good girl...
Lots of eye crust...
Okay... good girl...
Lots of snort too...
Turn over
Hold still, let me feel the stomach
Got any diarrhea?
Of course not! Smelt your own stool?
Smelt others?
You're nuts! I've never!
Tasted your own stool?
Hell, no!
Tasted the others?
You think I'm crazy? Of course I didn't!!!
Hold... good girl!
Hold her
I'm going to take her temperature
Wow!! Pretty Girl! Yeah!!
Why do you have to stick it there?
Why are you blowing into my ass?!
I have to blow your hair out of my way
But she is hairless
Is this a prank or what?! Are you two are in this together?!
Are you really a doctor?! Of course I am
Where did you go to school? Hong Kong University!
I have a PHD degree! I am a veterinarian!
You mean vegetarian?
Veterinarian, not vegetarian!!
What is that? Animal Doctor, stupid!
Who's stupid?!
Yet. I'm still a doctor , I can identify a common cold
She didn't cough throughout the examination
It isn't SARS, just a cold
By the way...
Your gun looks exactly like a dummy, but your love for your wife is so very real
You're fine then!
Happy Diner!
Pork chop on rice and the soup of the day to go please
Doctor Mask?
I'll wait outside Oke-doke!
Pork chop on rice!
Extra slice of pork chop and an extra large bowl of soup!
Please sit...
Here's the soup--- I cleaned the pig lungs very well
I cooked it with bleach!
Just kidding... but it's extremely cooked
Come have a seat
Thanks Have some soup.
You guys must be exhausted?
It's been very tense for all of us at the hospital
It's like we are going to snap anytime
I used to be a masseuse
Let me give you a back rub
It will loosen you up
No need...
Boss! Pork chop on rice
So fast? You sure it's cooked?
Is it hot enough?
It's micro-waved
I'll give you a massage next time then
My wife... used to give me massages once in a while
But you don't see her lately
You've got to release your stress
A good meal will do just that
I forgot to pay you last time
How much? No need
My treat
My compliment to the ground zero medical workers
Finish the soup first
Since then, he dropped by almost every night
I did the talking most of the time
And he just listened
I thought we got to know each other really well
But I'm not sure if the feeling is mutual
Ooch?! That hurts!
What are you doing?
How come your hair still hasn't grown?
Pervert! You've almost torn off my skin!
That's impossible
Let me see
You bloody pervert!!!
Let go! I don't want to go down with you!
Don't go! I'll find work! Please don't leave me!
I have done this before I married you
If I can do it, what do you care?
Just wait a little, we will be okay soon
I doubt if the loan sharks will wait for you
Let go! Don't go!
Don't what?
Don't be a prostitute!
But I do that for a living
No husbands would want their wife to prostitute
I can't lose you, please...
Did your wife become a prostitute?
We've gone through so much to be together
Don't you give up now!
Her hair?
Why did you leave me with only a single strand of hair?
Your wife left you
She became a prostitute
And left you a single hair
What am I saying?!
I can't lose you, honey...
He's such a sad soul
I really wanted to help
While I was off-air...
A friend and I talked over the issue of Vitamin C
We've come up with an idea that when classes resume...
We can sponsor a bottle of Vitamin-C to each student
The Health authority thinks that...
During the epidemic, Radio Cheng inspired movements like
A mask for a citizen
An orange for a senior
& A bottle (of Vitamin C) for a kid
He also inspired me on how to help Chan find his wife
I too started a movement called A strand of hair for a bowl of soup
I placed an ad on the Escort Chicks' Website asking my peers to show up
With a strand of her body hair in her hand...
--- any woman would be entitled to a free bowl of soup
I could have never guessed that so many sisters turned up...
...under the scrutiny of public eyes just for a bowl of soup
Obviously, it was a really difficult time for everyone
Hey grandpa, you're a man! It says a hair for a soup!
I have hair
Sorry, female only, tell your wife to come
I don't have a wife
Granny, why are you here?
To trade some soup
But granny, you've got to be in the sex trade to join this queue
Go home, granny, your hair is no good here
It's been taken so long... Anyone working there?!
I came here soon as I get up this morning and I still am in the queue
How much longer do I have to wait?
The soup smells good and it makes my stomach grind---
Do you know her at all?
It's you!
She was here this morning for the soup!
Excuse us
Thank you, any more soup tomorrow?
No more!...We've given out more than 500 servings
Lucky I thickened the soup with corn flour or we won't last
Sorry, we are done here
I'm not here for the soup
I am the person you're looking for
We found her! C'mon in! Hey, is she the one?
Get up, she could be your wife!
You know him?
Don't you?
Get up...
Do you know him?
Thank you for all you've done
I was only trying my luck --- but here you are!
How come you always go missing?
He does? Not you?
He has looked for me many times
But he can't recognize me
Every time, I send him back to the psychiatric hospital
And soon, he manages to escape again
We've been doing this over and over again for a few years already
Missy, keep stroking my hair. it feels good
You can keep these biscuits
Don't mess around, okay?
Missy, keep stoking my hair. it feels good
Perhaps you should trade your handbag for my biscuits
You can't chew on your handbag
Over there...Hello!
Forever Man. , I am back! I've got biscuits!
F. Man is for Forever Man. , W. Man is for Water Man
I graduated from HKU...
You are mocking Forever Man! Where did he go?
F. Man is for Forever Man. , W. Man is for Water Man
Where are you hiding him? Say it!
I have a PHD degree Spit it out!
I am a veterinarian
Thank you
The Department of Health announced today...
2 private hospital workers are diagnosed with SARS
The number of infected medical workers continues to rise everyday
Over 300 cases have been reported so far
The sudden influx of patients is costing enormous pressure on the medical staff
Its administration is seeking relief from hiring temporary staff
--- The first case of death to public hospital medical staff......
---who contracted the disease at work occurred today---
Doctor Mask?
Are you closed?
No, not at all...Iet me cook for you
Gimme a few minutes--- what would you like?
I'm not hungry
I just want to release the stress
Your muscles are so tight
You sure are all stressed out--- Been staying up all night?
You should find some time to see your family
Like those medics reported on TV---
They stood by the windows to wave at their family downstairs
You should try that
Want me to press harder?
You okay?
What happened?
Zero lnfection
The Health Department announced no newfound infection today
The accumulative total of the infected remains at 1755
Hong Kong finally triumphs after 3 months of struggling against the epidemic
WHO officially announced the removal of
Hong Kong from the list of infected areas
Just when the SARS epidemic is dying down
Another infected doctor at the lCU
passed away after being admitted a week ago
Adding one more lament to Hong Kong ---
The funeral of Doctor M.K.Chau took place at the
Hong Kong Funeral Home today
Nearly a thousand people attended the ceremony---
The July 1st Demonstration started at around 3pm
Demonstrators were led by several elected democratic representatives
Giant slogans against the legislation of the Code 23 were seen everywhere
Chief Executive accepted Security Secretary Regina Yip's resignation today
Financial Secretary Antony Leung resigns Effects immediately
What happened to Hong Kong afterwards?
Now you see why we should keep our memory?
But you know what Hongkongers are gifted at?
They're gifted at forgetting
You don't need those pills, stupid
Back then after the SARS epidemic, they invited some soccer players over
The 1 1 soccer players deserted Hong Kong right after the match
But then we got 1.1 billions of comrades hopping over
I can tell fortune too
I can see that you're going to meet the love of your life
Her prediction is usually very accurate
Take my sister for example...
You've accounted all the way to October
What about the marriage prediction from the temple?
Did it deliver or not?
It did
Right on the October first the National Day
But then, I'd rather it didn't
Hi, boss!
A sappy!
The two of us were destined to be nemeses
You've grown pretty
What brings you here all of a sudden?
I've just arrived from the mainland
Can I stay here for one night? No sex
No way!
We're family...
Since when?
You've never acted like one unless you need help!
Look, it's raining outside
Let me in and talk later
You must go when the rain stops
Nice place you've got here, cousin
Have you eaten yet?
Yes I have I had some veggie dumplings
I can tell by the cabbage stuck between your teeth
You should have told me early on!
It still there?
I've been looking for you for some time
Lucky me, I spotted your webpage on the net
I came all the way just to see you
Why bother? You can get a room in a motel or a hooker down the street
It's been 10 years already, cousin --- don't sulk anymore
See my hand, I'm divorced
Come on
Should I congratulate you then?
To tell the truth, I've been quite happy since the divorce
So why are you here?
I have a business proposition
What kind of business?
Then I'd have to go all the way back to 1980
Granny, stop teasing me! 1980?
Don't think you can finish by evening... perhaps I should go take a leak now
I'm afraid I might not remember what to say when you return
But I really need to pee... Just speak faster then
That would take at least 45 minutes
Year 1980
Someone get the door!
Is it Quincy? Yes it is!
C'mon in!
Come meet your Uncle
So here you are
Go put your stuff in Kum's room
Go on, it's just down there behind the curtains
Don't touch my cards
Don't bother me, I'm studying!
I am changing! Don't come in!
Told you not to come in!
Kum, I'm your cousin Quincy!
You see, we have two Mahjong games and eight players talking out there
It's noisy as hell
Then I spot you through the curtain and see you doing nothing
So I come in for refuge
What are you doing?
Uncle told me that I can use the upper bunk
Don't tell me you're living here!
I know, I might cause you inconvenience
But hey, blood is thicker than water
I depend on you to sacrifice just a little
Enough... you talk as much as my teacher!
Cousin, you're quite an observer
I've earned exactly an education degree and I was an honored student
What a coincident!
I earn a living after classes and I have the honor in school as...
I don't think you really know what Beauty means
I'll explain to you later
Your perfume stinks like shit today!
You stink more!
Wanna order, jailbaits?
Bug off, ninja turtle!
Yo, let's get out of here!
But the fish-balls here are yummy!
Four orders of fish-balls with long thick noodles
Long and thick, huh? That will suit you just fine
I was meant to pay you a compliment!
Hey! Four bowls of fish ball noodles!
I'm going to take a leak
Everyone says fish-balls makes good money
Perhaps I should try starting my own shop!
Cousin, you work here?
I am following your suit joining the fish-ball trade
But this is a fish-ball stall. , not a Fish-Ball Parlor!
Is there a difference?
Are you done yet?
Take this---
Cousin, how about getting me a job at your parlor?
They only hire young girls!
Are you saying sexual discrimination still exists in Hong Kong?!
You won't understand
Move over!
Hey, watch where you're going!
You four-eyed chick
Your skirt's too short to cover the acnes on your thighs -
you've scored an SD or what?
It's you who score, Cyst-head!
I shouldn't have been polite with you
I think the both of you owe her an apology!
I don't think so!
Then you think wrong!
And that reveals your lack of education ---
--- your lack of cultivation lack of manners. ,
Iack of knowledge, lack of discipline...
Iack of parenting, lack of a home...
Hang in there
You're pretty tough
To a real man like me. , this is very minor pain
What doesn't kill me would only make me stronger
You're such a cool guy
But don't stand up for me again when I get bullied next time
Those boys are brutal
No way! Blood is thicker than water
Love is... Enough...
However. , if you're feeling a wee bit guilty
There's this one thing you can do...
Do what?
Just guess
You are such a money-grubber!
Not exactly
I just want to start a business of my own someday
A chicken farm for you?
I passed by the market a few days ago
I notice that eggs are dirt cheap but chickens are darn expensive
So I thought, what if I hatch the chicks out of the eggs?
I can raise them and make a big profit selling them!
You are a genius!
All you need is this -
Knowledge is fortune --- I'm a new immigrant,
but I don't need to be a hick my whole life
Career is the most important thing for men
Depend on no one but your self! That's where respect comes from
Cousin, I know you will make it!
Quincy works hard n' Quincy eats tart!
Cool! Do it again!
Quincy works hard n' Quincy eats tart!
How come I can't follow?
I'll do it slow. follow me ,
Quincy-works-hard and Quincy eats tart!
Quincy works hard n' Quincy eats tart!
Get out of bed!
Let me sleep a bit more
No way! You have the college entrance exam today!
Let me sleep... I'll fail it anyway
There is this saying, You can only succeed if you try
You haven't even tired. how do , you know you're going to fail?
And without failures to learn from. , how can you ever succeed?
What are you doing?
Helping you change!
Get me my glasses first
Here, take it
That's quick!
Get up!
I'm still very sleepy
Let's go!
I want to pee...
The toilet is that way, go!
Hurry up! It's almost time!
It's almost time! Run faster!
What's up, cousin?
I twisted my ankle
Let's go home n' fix my foot...
No way!
Persist and you'll win!
I will carry you!
But I'm heavy
Come on!
What is it. cousin? ,
I hurt my back...
What are we going to do?
Don't worry about me! Go take your exam!
I don't think I can make it...
Okay... Quick!
Just for you, I'll try to get at least one point
Bye, cousin!
You didn't twisted your ankle, you liar! See ya!
Keep going!
I did it!
Did you watch the Phoenix?
Yep! Chow Yun-Fat and Dodo Cheng are in it
They kissed for an entire minute!
They were drooling all the way!
Darn right! So much saliva!
Let's try it ourselves
One. two. three! ,,
Wash your hands for dinner
And remember to rinse your mouth too
Stop watching, dinner is ready
You can't sleep?
What about you?
Why did my dad ask to speak to you in private just now?
Uncle asked me to move out
It was only just one kiss!! He doesn't need to do that
Nah... Uncle said I'd need to pay rent if I continue to stay
Why is he being such an ass?
Don't worry, I'll help you pay
That's not necessary, I've been planning to move out anyways
Why? Where are you moving to?
This guy from my village gets me a job in an electronic shop
I will stay at the attic with him
You move. I move ,
I'll move to Tsim Sha Tsui to be closer to my work
You've got a new job?
I've just turned legal at 18... getting old
But now I can work full-time as a nightclub hostess to make more money!
More money? Congratulation! Thanks
Well then. remember to visit , me when your are free
Of course I will
Don't forget
Take care of yourself
You take care too You take care
Take care You take care
Take me to the Christmas Buffet--- Take me there by your Mercedes---
No more room! But I'm so skinny
There's no room left, just go away!
I can sit on your lap
I can manage Just go...
But I drank 2 bottles of brandy as you told me to
Here is $200 for a buffet on your own
I even performed Kung-Fu Just leave us alone
Kum, there's really no more seat
Go away! No seat for you Bye!
But you've promised to take me if l drank 2 bottles of brandy, you liars!
It's Christmas eve...and where am I supposed to go now?
Bastards, I really want to go to a Christmas Buffet!
I even entertained you with Drunken-Fist!
You don't like it?...Impossible!
Let me show you again!
What the hell?
Cousin, this way!
Up here!
Come up!
Go up? How?
Watch me fly like Superman!
I'll leave as soon as I'm done with the cleanup
Don't stay too late, okay? Of course
Are you still drinking? Stop it, I can't carry you if you are wasted
Then I will jump down
Stop talking silly!
Lighten up, it's Christmas eve!
See that? The lights are beautiful!
So what? I still don't get to the Christmas Buffet
And I'm starving ---
Forget about the buffet
I'll let you in on some good news I earned my firstbucket of gold!
Really? Yes!
A friend and I sold some electronics in China a while ago
We made 80 grand!
Yeah? I make that in a month
I know you are good at what you do
And your job pays well! I would do it too I could
But there're times when I really want to quit
Why quit when the money is so good?
Make as much as you can when you're young
You talk just like Madam A so very old school
People with insight all talk alike, take Chairman Deng for example
He had this saying:
It doesn't matter if you're a black chicken or a white chicken
Make good money and you're the good chicken
I make good money, but I wasn't invited to the Christmas Buffet--- that's sad!
Stop whining about the Christmas Buffet
Come here. take a look... see how , pretty it is across the harbor?
Look at all the skyscrapers, all the big houses on the Peak
Hong Kong has everything!
How can a rich. successful , person not be happy here?
No...not me, I just want to go back to be a teenager
I can go to school and also work as a Fish-Ball Girl! That's fab!
Everyone shall always seek to excel herself
How much can you make as a Fish-Ball Girl after school?
A club hostess makes a hell lot more! That's true!
Come, press this button
Which one? This one!
I can't see it Here!
It's so beautiful! Amazing!
This project took me a fortnight to finish
Think of it as my Christmas gift to you
But I didn't get you anything, cousin ---
Well --- it's your thought of giving that counts

I'm pregnant
You idiot! I shouldn't be stepping on your back if you're pregnant
I was hoping you'd save me the cost of an abortion
Get yourself together! Who's the father?
How would I know?
Cousin! Cousin...
Cousin! Here to see me?
Is your shop going down?
I'm just planning to cash in everything here and start something big in China
You leaving? Yes. the sooner the better ,
The Mainland is opening up now and it has
one billion potential customers there
If you earn a dollar from each of them you'll be set for life!
Are you ever coming back here?
Sure. if there's business to do ,
Hey mister, everything here is in mint condition
Check it out, I'll give you a discount
This Rolex is not bad. is it real? ,
It sure is, I can offer you a good price Let me have a look
But I just gave it to you last month!
See?! She can prove that it's real since she bought it
You two must be in this together
Just make me an offer!
Cousin. don't be so sentimental ,
It's only a watch, we can always get another one
Are you okay?
Cousin, are you okay? --- What's going on?
Cousin, are you alright?
This watch has sentimental value. , how can you sell it just like this?
If you like this watch that much, I can sell it back to you
Cousin, don't get mad
All successful entrepreneurs cut themselves off from their family
People with big goals will not be hindered by small things
Don't you agree?
What if you need money badly in the future
will you sell your wife and kids too?
I won't sell my wife... but I might consider selling the kid
Even if you sell one, you can always have another one
Gotta get back to work
Mister, everything must go, all in mint condition!
Have a look mister...
Cousin... Kum!
If you want a kid that much, I can give you one
Sounds good
Genuine watches imported from Japan
Come check them out! Cousin!
My business partner was conspiring with the local officials against me all along
I was smart to leave before they came after me
Or else...I am in Jail by now
Now that you've lost everything, you'll have to start from scratches again
It's alright, I'm single and I have no burden
I would be in real trouble if I do have wife and kids
Maybe your wife is willing to strive against the hardship with you
I don't want to drag others down with me
And how come you're so careless?
You won't be able to work for months!
Do you know who the father is?
Just take it as an lmmaculate Conception
You've got to find yourself a rich guy and hold him responsible
Actually, I've found this American Chinese named Richard
He has his own business
Is he loaded?
That's great
You can move over to the States after the child is born
I'm not going with him:, he shall take the kid, but I'm staying
You sure you want to?
It's up to you, the kid is yours anyway
It's getting late --- Check please!
Let me take care of the bill Again?
Wow, your purse is always full of bills, just like a magic bag!
My purse carries only small fortunes
Your big fortune is up there!
How much is it? 65.8
Got change for this? Sure
Cousin. next time it's on me ,
Cousin Yeah?
Gimme your hand
Come touch the baby
I wish you'd become a strong and smart kid
And be nice to your mum, okay?
Say bye-bye
Bye-bye now, be good
Get some rest, you look tired
It's unfortunate today that you're poor
But some day your pocket will become full
Sooner or later, you'll have more than you can lose
Hey Boss!
Happy New Year!
Happy New Year, boss!
Sorry to keep you waiting, boss
Here are our finest girls the best snake handlers
Got just the right snake for her to fiddle!
I'll pick you up at the hotel lobby tomorrow morning at 9
Okay? Okay
See you tomorrow Bye
Come stay out of the rain
Aren't you staying in the same hotel as your friends?
They're staying at the Regent I can't afford that
When I gave you a massage just now, I noticed you've put on quite some weight
And you've become quite a masseuse
You're looking good in a suit You're looking great too
Found your 2nd bucket of gold yet?
Fortune comes and goes... I'm still the same old me
But you guys're just talking about your realestate in Shanghai
You must be doing well
I'm only the middle man who earns commission
Which hotel are you staying at?
Let's go to your place
You sure no one will get jealous?
You spotted this right? I got married last year
You see, everyone needs a bit of connection doing business in China
My wife's family is in the military which gives me a lot of leeway in China
I'll ride a taxi home myself
I thought we've agreed to go to your place
It's a rare coincidence, let's catch up
I can stay to keep you company
Who needs your company?
I can save up on lodging as well
No kidding?! Free sex and accommodation?
C'mon, we are family
Which makes ripping me off an easy task?
It's been over ten years---
Quincy, you really haven't change a bit
No sex, only a nightcap--- just for tonight...
Why are you here?
I, Quincy Fung, has been doing just one thing throughout my life
That is. business ,
I have a business proposition
The only thing you've been doing is to screw me over again and again!
Don't be so bitter, lying and cheating is in my nature I practically con everyone
My dear cousin all you need is to close this
deal and you'll never have to work again
Let's get married
I'm for real
Didn't I said okay?
I'd need you l.D. number
Good! And we'll register online first thing tomorrow morning
Shall I act excited? Fine
Gonna take a shower now. , see you in a bit
Are you still in the bathroom?
Think it's that easy to get married, silly?
Go get ready for the customers!
Kum, are you really closing down your brothel?
I'm getting married, I quit?
So is it true or not?
Morning, Mr. and Mrs. Chan
Kum. at last--- , Congratulations, Boss!
You're so fortunate to be able to get married at such an old age
I hope you're not closing down this diner as well, are you?
What are you talking about?
Kum, since you're quitting, why don't you pass on your clientale to me
Who told you I'm quiting?
Your husband Quincy Fung!
You're up?
Are you nuts? Starting this gossip about a marriage?
What do you mean by gossip?! It is an announcement!
Didn't you give me your word last night?
We consummated the marriage, remember?
Are you really for real?
Of course. I'm for real! ,
Why did you ask me to come up here?
To freeze my ass?
Remember this rooftop?
No, I don't
I do
I also remember that you like fried crab, roast duck, stinky tofu, fishballs...
It's not like you to blow a fortune, cousin
We are cousins --- I mean husband and wife
Tonight the two of us should wine and dine
Be honest, Quincy why did you come back?
I'll leave now if you don't spit it out
Marry me
Nothing can be this perfect
Yes, it can! Marry me
What are you screwing me for this time?
When did I ever screw you over in the past 20 years?
Pardon me!!! I've never!
You screwed me over every time you're back
Gimme a break Kum!
Just bear with me one last time, please
I left home at 19 and came to live with your family
I made my 1st bucket of gold on this rooftop
I've gone through numerous businesses
Pirating, smuggling, you name it
I've made fortunes. I've hit rock bottoms ,
For business. , I was married and divorced
During my prime, I was busy dining out with all kinds of Chinese officials...
When Chairmen Deng passed away
I even got to attend his funeral in the People's Hall
In my darkest time, I spent 66 days in the Qin Zheng Prison
Life is just a dream
It's better off not to be sobber
Just marry me
I promise, you'll have no more worries
What do you say?..So it's a deal
Done! Come on out! ...Thanks for coming
Cousin. , Hong Kong is so convenient now
Marriage License officers even make house call these days
Can I borrow a pen...Where do I sign?
Mr. Quincy Fung, Ms. Kum Yu
According to the Marriage Law of Hong Kong
marriage is an act of voluntary Matrimony
In the absence of a religious ceremony---
--- signing before me and other witnesses will still bear you as man and wife
What are you doing? What the---?
Are you okay? What's taking you so long?
I'm thinking of a wedding banquet
You don't want one?
No --- let's just talk about it tomorrow
Hurry up, I'm waiting --- Let's do it one more time!
Right, 888021
Transfer confirmed?... Okay, thanks
Why don't you sleep more?
It really doesn't matter whether we throw a banquet or not
There's something I want to tell you
19 years ago...
Kum. Iet's talk that over later. ,, come sign this for me
What's this--- in English? Can't understand any of it
Just sign it, I'm giving you some money
You're acting weird, what is this?
Just make sure you sign it the exact same way you do on a cheque
There... we are now officially divorced
It's a marriage, not a divorce --- You've slept too much or what?
It's a divorce now that you've just signed the paper
What is this?
Divorce paper
Why are we getting a divorce?
What's this all about, Quincy?!
What's going on?
I'll tell you later
Tell what?
That's quick
It's for me...
Remember, we are already divorced They shouldn't be able to bother you
Who're they?
Coming... Who's that?
Mr. Quincy Fung? This is he
We're from the White Collar Crime Bureau
Please come with us in regards to a case of commercial fraud
Okay, just let me pack a little
What's going on, Quincy? It's okay, they're mistaken
What fraud? And this lady is...
My ex-wife I'm here just to visit her
What's happening Quincy?
It's done
All settled, completely settled.
I'll go with you
No--- wait here and prepare dinner for me
Go back in. it's fine ,
You sure you wanna sell all your gold?
I want to get a good lawyer for cousin
I've never seen you so depressed before
Why don't you just pawn your gold to me instead?
No, thanks
I want you to give Ms. Kum a good price okay?
The prediction you've got in the temple is darn accurate
You really did get married once
Accurate my foot! The legal fee is dragging me down to bankruptcy
How much do you have in your account?
After cashing out...should be $3.80
Stay cool, money goes then money comes
Request being processed
Please wait---
Balance HK$9,754,623.85 ,,,,,,
How come you have a seven-digit account?
What the... you're rich! --- You have 9 millions in your account!!!
What's going on?
Cousin! Over here!
Sorry, l... Gimme a couple of minutes okay?
Just couple of minutes okay?
Hurry up Thanks
Who are these people?
Hong Kong cops and Mainland cops
I have to leave for a while
Where are you going?
Don't worry, I've been cooperative, they will let me back soon
Have you got the money?
The 9 million...
Lower your voice, keep it a secret
And keep it tight
Did you steal the money? Why did you do that?
I deserve that money!
But I know I won't get off easily
Why did you ask me to marry you? So you can hide your money?
That's one reason
And the other?
The other?
Because...You're my only family
I'm not your only family
You also have a son
Remember the time when I was pregnant...
I was carrying your child
You always said that I lied to you... But you are the biggest liar of all
Let's go
Listen, find our son!
He can keep you company when I'm not around
Take this with you, just in case
You still have the Rolex?!
What's wrong with you guys?!!
Sorry, just a second...
Keep it and give it to our son as gift
Remember to look for our son!
Tell him I love him!
I love you!
Have you met your son afterwards?
Yeah. I have--- ,
--- but not in 2003. Iet's not talk about it ,
You see, having memory is a good thing
Otherwise I wouldn't have that much to tell
I've overcome all the bad times. , how much worse can yours be?
You know how to appreciate because you've suffered
Hong Kong history's just the same
Fireworks started
Why are they having fireworks?
Besides being dumped you're also dumb
Today is the 50th anniversary of Hong Kong's Handover
Oh yeah!
I met my son later on
But I didn't tell him who I am
He has his own life to live
But I ask someone --- to give him the watch
Are you cold, granny? Put on my scarf
You're welcome
It's windy here
My grandson should be grown by now
You have a grandson too?
I've decided get Lucy back
It doesn't matter how bad she's gonna treat me
It's worth a memory, right?
Actually, before we broke up, we planned to go to the premier of 2046 tonight
That movie is finally showing
It wasn't easy for the director to finish the film
I think I remember now
Wonder if old folks like Tony Leung and Faye Wong are attending the premiere?
Can you get me their autographs?
By the way, granny, we've spent the whole day together---
--- but I don't even know your name
My last name is Ma, first name is...
Grand Ma
What's wrong, Grand Ma?
What did you say?
What are you doing, Grand Ma?
I'm really in a hurry, Grand Ma
I've really got to go, please keep the scarf
Bye, Grand Ma
Bye, Grand Ma!
How can there be such a coincidence?
How can he happen to ask for my name ---
--- and I happened to get him to call me Grand-ma
If anyone knows about what happened, they'd probably start calling me a genius!
And I've got the scarf too...
Dear Hong Kong citizens
Chief Executive Lau!
I know you are all ready to celebrate...
...the 50th anniversary of the Handover of Hong Kong
The success of Hong Kong is not a miracle---
--- nor is it the result of my personal achievement
It is the collective effort of all Hong Kong people
Because the kind. the honest. and the ,, down-to-earth are God permitted
The kind and the honest are god-permitted How can anyone deny...
I still know your songs--- wonder when you will release an album again...
Last night, US President Tom Cruise called me to discuss---
--- the re-establishment of the bond---
... between Hong Kong Dollars and US Dollars
I've decided a new exchange rate...
--- that is. 1HKD to 7.8USD ,
No wonder I love you forever
You're a singer, but you've also made yourself a governor
You are superb!
Also, the annual yield of Mongkok Oil Field
has become the 3rd highest in the world
Unemployment rate has remained zero for 5 years in a row
There is unlimited wealth in our treasury
That means, in the next 20 years, everyone is exempted from taxation
No kidding? It's so touching!
Thank you! Andy!
Above all, everyone is also entitled to free education...
...housing, medical & elderly benefits throughout your life
In short, as long as you are a citizen of Hong Kong, you are set for life
It's unbelie-bolo
I've been your Chief Executive for 8 consecutive terms already
I really, really, really, really--- hope...
...that all citizens can elect the right successor to my job for the next term
But before that...
--- I want to present a present for all of you
Please close your eyes
When you open your eyes again...
You'll be able to see the Hong Kong that is best remembered by you
Live today, it is where tomorrow's memory begins
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Guys And Dolls
Guys The
Gypsy (Mervyn LeRoy 1962) CD1
Gypsy (Mervyn LeRoy 1962) CD2