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G I Jane 02

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[ Helicopter Blades|Whirring ]
[ Pyro ] Survival, evasion,|resistance and escape.
This is it, tadpoles.
Your target is inside|an area of five square miles.
When and if|you locate this facility,
you gather up as much intel as possible|within the allotted time frame...
and get|the hell outta there.
You will be penaliZed for early|eXtraction, but even more for capture.
Trust me.|Welcome to S.F.R.F.
- Get ready ! Stand up !|- [ Trainees ] Stand up ! Aye !
- [ Pyro ] Thirty seconds !|- [ Trainees ] Thirty seconds ! Aye !
First man up, go !
First man up, go !
Go !
Go !
So, where'd they drop us,|L.T. ?
At the line of march,|2- 1- O.
And just for shits and giggles, let's|switch to five for tactical traffic.
Maintain casual dialogue|on assigned channels.
Slovnik, take us to 2- 1- O.|CorteZ, move out.
Move out.
Let's go.
Four clicks, 2- 2- 6.
[ Slovnik Murmuring,|Giggling ]
She doesn't have one fuckin' clue|where we're goin'.
[ CorteZ ]|Shut up.
CorteZ, Slov,|you take my left flank.
The rest of us,|move back.
Looks like|she's right on the money.
l had a busted watch once,|and it was right twice a day.
[ On Headset ] Target ahead.|Belay my last.
New rally point,|my location.
McCool, Newberry,|right side.
Flea, you come with me.|Let's move out.
[ Jordan On Radio ] Listen up,|everybody. We need film from all angles.
Record weapons, vehicles.|Count bad guys, Get ranks, if visible.
Slov, CorteZ, check antenna|for comms capability.
- McCool ?|- There's nothing there, O'Neil.
There are no prisoners,|there are no guards.
Maybe we found this place|a little too easy. There's nobody there.
[ Jordan ]|CorteZ.
- McCool. Ten o'clock.|- CorteZ !
What the hell|are you doing ?
This is Team Leader to Team Fuck- up.|Knock the grab- ass off.
Get back to your positions.|You're compromising the unit.
- That's an order. Do it now.|- What are these fuckin' clowns doing ?
No, Slov.
lt's just a souvenir.
No, Slov, not- -
- [ Machine Gun Fire ]|- What the hell- -
- [ P.A.: Shouting ]|- Let's go !
[ Chief On P.A. ]|Welcome to summer camp, boys and girls !
Blessed is he|who eXpected nothing,
for he shall not|be disappointed !
RendeZvous|rally point.
- [ Gunfire Continues ]|- Come on !
Let's go !
[ Grunting, Groaning ]
[ Trainees Shouting ]
- [ Groans ] lt snapped.|- Oh, shit.
Move your hand, man. All right, don't|move. You're only gonna make it worse.
- Oh, Jesus.|- Aaaah !
[ Grunting ]
- [ Grunting Continues ]|- Get up. Get up !
Get off me !|l can't fucking breathe !
- Get him up.|- [ Groans ]
Aaaah !
[ Panting ]
Flea.|Are you all right ?
Yeah. Yeah, yeah.|l'm all right. l'm all right.
[ Grunting, Shouting ]
Get down !
Who's in charge here ?|Got any officers here ?
- [ Groaning ]|- Got somethin' to say down here ?
- You an officer. Huh ?|- Fuck you. Fuck you.
You're too fuckin' ugly|to be an fuckin' officer.
- Who's the officer in charge ? Huh ?|- [ Groaning, Shouting ]
- You in charge here ?|- [ Blow Lands ]
l am ! l am !
Boy, that was stupid.
[ Groaning ]
[ Groaning ]|Oh, fuck. Oh, God.
- So you're in charge, huh ?|- [ Groaning Continues ]
Get him in the cage !
Get him|in the cage !
- Any other officers here ?|- [ Wickwire Shouting ]
Get him in the cage.|Move it !
[ Shouting,|Groaning Continue ]
[ Blow Lands ]
[ Man ]|Third boX.
[ Lock Sliding,|Door Rattling ]
- Wake up, sunshine.|- [ Blow Lands ]
- [ Groaning, Blows Landing ]|- Shut up !
Get up !
- Don't let 'em break you, Flea.|- Take it easy, man !
[ Flea Groaning ]
You know,
l had an apartment|this siZe once.
[ Wickwire Laughs ]
We're gonna be all right.|Right, Wick ?
We're gonna make it,|right ?
l don't know.|Last time l didn't.
What happened ?
l had a problem|with small spaces.
But as you can see, l've- -|l've worked that out. [ Laughs ]
- [ Flea Groans Loudly ]|- Are you hurt, or are you injured ?
Aaah !
[ Thunder Rumbling ]
Don't let 'em use me against you,|no matter what. Okay ?
- [ Flea Groans ]|- What the fuck is your problem ?
Owww !|Aaaah !
What's your problem ?
- [ Groans ]|- Are you hurt, Flea, or just injured ?
lf you're injured, we'll get you off the|island and get you medical attention.
'Course, you ain't ever|gonna see your crew again.
- lf you're simply hurt,|we're just gonna carry on.|- Which is it, Fnsign ?
[ Groaning, Screaming ]
What's it gonna be ?
Aaaah ! Stop !|l'm hurt ! l'm hurt !
That's a brave response.|What's it gonna be ?
Let's try it again,|Flea.
- Are you hurt, or are you injured ?|- [ Panting ]
Aaaah !|[ Panting Continues ]
- Give it up, man !|- What's it gonna be, Fnsign ?
[ Groaning ]|Please. Please.
Please don't fuckin'|do that anymore.
[ Pyro ]|Where are they ?
We'll just let you|back in your hole.
He's done.
[ Mock Whimpering ]
Aaaah !
- [ Jordan Screams ]|- [ Door Slams Shut ]
What is|your father's name ?
lt's a simple question,|Lieutenant.
No reason not to answer,|unless you wanna bleed.
What is|your father's name ?
How 'bout brothers or sisters ?|You got any of them ?
Dick, Jane and Spot.
You hungry,|O'Neil ?
What's your favorite food, honey ?|Maybe we can get you something to eat.
Green eggs and ham.
''Green eggs and ham.''
Why didn't you carry out|your wounded, Lieutenant ?
Was he too heavy,
or were you|just plain chicken shit ?
You're not gettin' anything|out of me.
You might as well just|put me back in the cage.
[ Groans ]
You are in a cage.|Right here, right now.
l'm sorry.|Am l supposed to be afraid ?
Right down to your worthless womb.|This is my island.
- [ Jordan Groaning ]|- [ Loud Thumping ]
- [ Groaning Continues ]|- [ Pyro ] Jack.
[ Clears Throat ]
What ? You got a problem|with this, MaX ?
Then get the fuck outta here !|Get out !
[ Jordan Groaning,|Spitting ]
[ Sighs ]
[ Groaning|Continues ]
- He tell you what was comin' in there ?|- [ Loud Groan, Panting ]
He didn't tell me shit.
[ Groaning Continues ]
You think we should go easy|on women, Lieutenant ?
- [ Screaming ]|- Do ya ?
- Fuck you.|- l'm so glad we agree.
Two fire teams are still in the woods.|Who's gonna give me a fiX on 'em ?
Anyone can stop this.
Just give me one good piece of intel,|and it ends right here.
- Ohhh ! Ohh !|- [ Chuckling ]
[ Panting, Groaning ]
- Hang tough.|- Hang in there, O'Neil.
- You got something to tell me ?|- Don't do it. Don't do it.
They're gonna kill you,|O'Neil !
[ Groaning Continues ]
Fver think about what happens|when you're captured, Lieutenant ?
Oh, yeah.|Just like the men do.
[ Whimpering, Groaning ]
We practice these things|so you know what to eXpect.
Should l practice bleeding too ?|Would that make me a better soldier ?
Couldn't hurt.|Not in your case.
This is bullshit.|lt's a fuckin' game, O'Neil.
Mr. Newberry ! You gonna be chivalrous,|put a stop to this abuse ?
- O'Neil, tell him somethin' or l will !|- Don't you tell him shit !
Aaaah !
[ Trainees Shouting,|Cheering ]
[ Shouting,|Cheering Continue ]
Get him !|Don't let him get up !
[ Trainees Groaning,|Hooting ]
- [ Spits ]|- [ Cheering, Shouting Continue ]
[ Groaning ]
Come on, get up !|Get up ! Get up !
- Get up, O'Neil !|- Keep on him ! Hit him while he's daZed.
Oh, don't you look pretty.
Don't start somethin'|you can't finish.
- [ Groans ]|- [ Groaning, Shouting ]
- Come on ! Get up, O'Neil !|- Get back, O'Neil !
- Come on, Jordan.|- Get up. Come on.
- Lay low !|- Be tough !
- No !|- [ Groans, Sighs ]
You're a real fuckin' hero, man.
[ Sighs ]
Guys, l'm savin' her life...
and yours.
Her presence|makes us all vulnerable.
l don't want you learning|that inconvenient fact...
under fire.
- Master Chief.|- Lieutenant !
Seek life elsewhere.
Suck my dick !
[ Cheering, Laughing ]
[ Trainees Shouting ] Hoo- yah !|Hoo- yah ! Hoo- yah ! Hoo- yah !
Hoo- yah ! Hoo- yah ! Hoo- yah !|Hoo- yah ! Hoo- yah ! Hoo- yah !
Hoo- yah ! Hoo- yah !|Hoo- yah ! Hoo- yah !
[ Cheering,|Shouting Continue ]
[ Trainees Shouting ]|Suck my dick !
Suck my dick ! Suck my dick !|Suck my dick !
- Move out !|- Suck my dick ! Suck my dick !
[ Shouting Continues ]
lt was out of line|in there.
- [ Nose Cracks ]|- [ Groans ]
lt ain't gonna happen|again.
Yeah, it will.
Maybe not with you|or with these guys or with me.
She's not the problem.
We are.
[ Man On Telephone ] She just made it|through S.F.R.F. training.
- She actually made it.|- Goddamn, that girl is good.
Oh, by the way,|Newsweek called.
- They want to do a cover story|on you and G.l. Jane.|- Wonderful news, Peter.
Let's talk about this when l get back|to the office. Thank you, darling.
Great. They can come take your picture|at the retirement home in Waco.
Five of our bases|they wanna close.
D.O.D. tried this trick with Resnik in|California five years ago and it worked.
He was not re- elected.|You want that to happen in TeXas ?
Douglas, nothing's final|till you see it on CNN.
There's a reason|they gave you that hit list.
You think they want|a horse trade ?
l think they're waitin'|for your call.
Hi, O'Neil. l would've paid money|to have been there.
- Oh, you heard, huh ?|- l think it was on the evening news.
GeeZ. Just what|l need- - more P.R.
[ Laughing ] Listen, a few of us are|gonna go over to the beach.
lt's just a barbecue. No big deal.|You wanna come along ?
Well, actually, my crew|has invited me out for a drink.
Ooh, progress.
Well, however slow, however painful,|l think they're coming around.
Give me a few minutes.|l'll give you a lift.
[ Jordan ]|Okay. Cool.
[ Rock ]
[ Man ]|l got the neXt game !
[ Man #2 ] Another round !|l got this round.
- You saw Flea ?|- Yeah.
- How's he doin' ?|- Think his leg's gonna heal all right.
l don't know about|the rest of him.
He went out on medical.|They'll roll him back through.
Yeah, well,|they may let him back,
but l don't know if|they'll let him finish.
lf they want you out,|man, they'll find a way.
- l'm still here.|- Hoo- yah ! Great job.
Oww !|[ Laughs ]
Yeah ?
You know, O'Neil,|l like you better when you drink.
You know, CorteZ,|l like you better when l drink.
[ Man ]|Shots are up, fellas !
- Hoo- yah, shots !|- [ Man #2 ] Hoo- yah, shots !
- Joe. Yeah. We need a couple more.|- [ All Chattering ]
Here we go.|Fverybody's got one ?
All right, people.
We've been through a lot of shit.|Here's to the living.
- Who's got the toast ?|- [ Wickwire ] l've got one.
Um, you guys|re- remember this one ?
[ Men Shouting ]|Suck my dick !
[ All Cheering ]|Hoo- yah !
Just keep it down,|all right ?
Hey, Jordan, l was,|uh, wondering...
if you, um- -|[ Clears Throat ]
you're all right.
- l gotta get out of here.|- [ Men Laughing ]
[ Laughing Continues ]
ln a world of fire
Really wouldn't want us|to fight for them
'Cause they're|not even born
We can't even fight|for ourselves anymore
That's why
Ain't really none of my business,|but l say leave the bastard.
The future is a war
The future is a war
Out the window|went the perfect past
A participle, particle|An atom to smash
And smash and smash and smash|and smash and smash and smash again
Didn't we used to|know ourselves when
Didn't we ever|used to be friends
Before a billion years|went down the drain|And that's why
The future is a war
The future is a war
[ Blondell ]|Hey, there. Hi.
- [ Camera Shutter Clicking ]|- What happened ? Where are the guys ?
[ Jordan ] Well, you know.|l just wasn't into picking up chicks.
[ Chattering Continues ]
[ Camera Shutter Clicking ]
Wait a second.
On a real world op,|we always use back- ups.
Two is one,|one is none.
- ls that understood ?|- [ Man ] Yeah !
O'Neil to C.O. office.
O'Neil, the C.O. wants|you in his office.
- Hey.|- Lieutenant, they're waiting.
This is Admiral Gallow|and Lieutenant Burke...
from the Judge Advocate|General's office.
Have a seat, Lieutenant.
l don't know, uh, a delicate way|to say this, Lieutenant,
so l'm not|going to try.
Claims have been made|that you have, uh,
engaged in fraterniZation|of the same seX variety.
Specifically|that you were...
''seen in public venues with another|female officer at a time and manner...
as to suggest conduct|unbecoming an officer.''
Sir, is someone suggesting|that l'm a lesbian ?
We're not asking|if you are, Lieutenant,
and you're not required|to respond even if asked.
This is merely|an informal inquiry.
Where did you|get these ?
The source of these photographs|is also a part of our investigation.
l see. They were|sent anonymously.
Sir, l'd like to tell you that|this is completely groundless,
and in no way did anything happen|with Lt. Blondell and myself.
l find this just as distasteful|as you, Lieutenant.
You will be required...
to cooperate|with JAG and N.l.S.
Naturally, you will be given a desk|pending the outcome.
A desk ?|Oh, this is- -
Captain, obviously someone is trying|to sabotage my training.
You may repeat|your training...
at a future date,|if cleared.
- l can't go through this shit again.|- Ratchet down, Lieutenant.
- l can't go through this shit again.|- Ratchet down, Lieutenant.
l would not choose|to repeat the training, sir,
nor do l care|to drive a desk...
pending the outcome of|this malicious allegation.
Now, l respectfully request you keep me|with my crew or you send me packing.
That sounded dangerously|like an ultimatum.
You take it|as you will, sir.
Don't worry.|lt's me they're after.
[ Bell Clangs ]
[ Clanging ]
l remember
Holding on
All them long|and lonely nights
l've put you through
Somewhere in there
l'm sure l made you cry
But l can't remember
lf we said good- bye
l couldn't get|the gas back on.
l guess you've heard.
More than l really|wanted to.
[ Sighs ]
There was a time|l wanted you to fail,
but it was only|so l could have you close...
and safe...
and all to myself.
[ Sighs ] But you'd be hell|to live with.
[ Both Laughing ]
[ Whispers ]|l love you.
Okay. Here it is.
- Take a look at these.|- Switch ya.
Now, this was faXed|to the JAG office Tuesday.
Arrived on my desk|Wednesday morning.
- What do you see ?|- [ Thunder Rumbling ]
You see this ?
What do you see ?
Take a look|on the right.
- [ Jordan ] Shit.|- That's right.
How important is this|to you, Jordan ?
l'm just asking.|l'm just asking.
- [ Man On TV ] Bridgeport Naval Base.|- Wait. Look at this.
ln Tennessee, the board recommends|closing Fort Meyers...
and the Brantwood|Air Force Supply Depot.
ln TeXas, the board is recommending|no closures of military bases.
Last week, five bases in TeXas were|on the chopping block. This week, none.
What does that tell you ? a manner equitable|to all states...
while burdening no one state|with economic hardship.
First and foremost,
this commission worked|for the good of the country.
Of course, we anticipate|some controversy...
over our recommendations.
But we remind everybody- -|Senators, Congressmen,
- Governors alike- -|- Uh, eXcuse me, Mr. Burnham.
Now might be a dandy time|for that recess.
Till noon, everyone.
Jordan, l heard|what happened...
and l do so very much|want to talk with you,
but now is scarcely|the time.
l commend you, Senator.|Those were very nice photos.
Yes, we did have someone|taking shots,
but for future|publicity purposes.
l see. So how did they end up|in the Navy's hands ?
Well, you'll have|to ask them that.
lf l have to ask|anyone again, Senator,
l'll be asking on C- SPAN.
Jordan. Come on.
[ Man ] Here are the Senator's|case notes.
[ DeHaven ] Let me have it, boys.|Come on. Quickly, quickly.
Close the door.
Jordan, nearly every working day|l'm forced to make decisions...
that would have Solomon himself|shittin' golf balls,
and half of those decisions|are about political survival.
l don't resent that.
So if you've come here lookin' for me|to apologiZe for keeping alive...
you better pull up a chair,|'cause you're gonna be here for a while.
Tell me you didn't|sell me out.
Tell me you didn't sink my whole career|to make you look good.
Those charges|will be dismissed.
Your career will go forward,|albeit back here in Washington.
Oh, come on. Don't tell me|you wanted that kind of life.
Squat- pissing in some|third- world jungle...
with some guys|looking up your behind.
l wanted the choice.|That's how it's supposed to be.
The truth is, the choice isn't yours,|and it isn't mine.
American families|are just not prepared...
to have their daughters|and young mothers in harm's way.
- You don't know that.|- Yes, l do.
Roper, Paris, Gallup, all the polls,|they all come back the same way.
What are you saying ?
That a woman's life|is more valuable than a man's ?
That a woman's death|is more hurtful than a man's ?
No politician can afford to let women|come home in body bags,
especially me.
lt was never|gonna happen anyway.
Then why the fuck did you start me|on all this in the first place ?
Truthfully ?
l never eXpected you to do so damn well.|l thought you'd ring out in two weeks.
Bing, bang, it's over,|and we're popular.
- [ Door Opens, Closes ]|- ln Washington,
you don't even need the Ten Commandments|if you're popular.
l wonder what Secretary Hayes|would think about this...
if he was to know|how you dealt me away...
for bases, for votes.
What makes you think|he doesn't know ?
Don't even think about playing politics|with me, little darling.
You'll be up|way past your bedtime.
And don't you think that|l will stand idly by...
while anyone smears|my good name.
Now, you get those charges voided,|Senator, and you do it today.
Or what ?
You like pissed off ?
Watch this.
Jordan, you're asking me|to unring a bell.
- l cannot do that.|- l'm not asking.
Think about what you do before you go in|front of cameras and embarrass yourself.
- You have no proof !|- Accusations seem to be enough.
- You taught me that.|- Jordan !
Hell of a game|of brinkmanship you play.
l'm not playing games,|Senator.
l gather.
l'll do it.
Somehow,|l'll get you back in.
[ Wickwire ]|Hey, guys.
Guys, come here. Take a look at this.|Look who's back in town.
Lieutenant. Come here.
l don't know what the hell's|been going on in the last 48 hours.
Frankly,|l don't give a shit.
Good to see you too,|Master Chief.
Check out|who's back, man.
- Mr. Wickwire !|- Yes, Master Chief ?
Since the whole world|seems to be awake at O5OO,
why don't you get your class|out here and into formation.
Might as well|crank it up right now.
All right, Master Chief.|You guys heard him. Let's rock and roll.
- Ready for round two ?|- Hoo- yah, Master Chief.
- Ready for me ? [ Laughing ]|- You fuck !
Hey, Newberry, you ever done|one of these...
Operational Readiness|FXercises before ?
No, Slovnik.|Never operated in the Med.
Well, it ain't eXactly dangerous,|unless you're caught.
Fven though the officials know|we're comin' to test security,
homeboys guarding the power station|don't know shit.
Hey, McCool, remember that guy|that got caught...
settin' charges on the oil platform|years back ?
l don't know, man. What ?|Thomas ? Taylor ? l don't know.
Well, he tried to eXplain|it was just an eXercise.
Well, he was talking Fnglish and|they was talkin' Arabic. So, you know.
- Did he die in prison or- -|- l don't know.
Well, l hope you assholes are|as ready as you think you are.
You girls are so full of shit.|No offense, O'Neil.
Jordan, what do you think|about that, huh ?
Spending time|in some Arab prison.
After siX months with you, Slovnik,|l might just fucking volunteer.
- [ Alarm Blaring ]|- [ P.A. ] Now hear this. Now hear this.
This is the Captain speaking.
We have been directed to break|from training eXercises and join|the battle group Tango Chaser.
We are proceeding|towards hostile waters.
Department heads make ready|for battle conditions.
That is all.
- lran or lraq ?|- Libya.
At O23O, A D.O.D. satellite|dropped out of orbit.
Normally, that's not|a cause for such concern,
eXcept this baby decided to drop|in Mr. Gadhafi's backyard.
What's more, l've got a range|of search units- - Task Unit Scorpion- -
already en route|to the strike Zone.
My problem is that their eXit plan|has gone to total shit.
Your C.R.T.'s are the closest unit|with the right capabilities.
Your job would be|to facilitate eXtraction.
Now, Master Chief,|if for one second...
you don't think they're ready for|whatever reason, you speak to me now.
- We'll be fine, sir.|- FXcellent.
At present, we are three miles|off the Libyan coast... here.
Carrier support will remain|within striking distance.
Their call sign is Las Vegas.
Now, your unit is to make an|over- the- beach insertion here,
link up with the Ranger Recovery|Unit Scorpion...
and escort them out|without being detected.
Have the Rangers recovered|the device yet, Skipper ?
Satellite power cells|have been located.
They're humping 'em out|now as we speak.
[ Man On Radio ] Scorpion Leader,|Scorpion Leader.
This is Las Vegas.
Be advised:|eXtract team under way.
Advise your F.T.A.|Over.
Copy, Las Vegas.|Copy, Las Vegas.
F.T.A approXimately|one hour, 2O minutes.
- Over.|- [ On P.A. ] Copy that, Scorpion Leader.
Be advised rendeZvous|point of eXtraction team...
at the following coordinates:|3- 2- 1- 5, 1- 4- 8- 6.
l say again,|3- -
Are we talking the KH family here, sir ?|The subhunter satellite ?
Go ahead, Lieutenant.|Fill us in.
The KH- 12 Bravos|are nuclear- powered.
The onboard plutonium is designed|to survive re- entry.
Some kind of|protective shroud.
The plutonium|is, uh, weapons grade.
[ Sighs ] You know the drill,|Master Chief.
- Unfortunately, l do, Skipper.|- Carry on.
Who's not ready ?
lnner door dogged.
[ Man On Radio ] Understand.|lnner door closed and dogged.
Mark and start.
- Clear. Clear.|- [ Jordan ] Clear.
[ Chief ] Okay. Mr. McCool,|set up comms.
Lieutenant,|let's go find 'em.
[ Man ]|Set up a perimeter.
9- O- 1's.|Two o'clock.
Got it.
l still hold four.
Holy shit !
Border patrol.|A little ratty- assed, but still.
Yeah, parked right in the middle|of the eXtract corridor.
l got 25, maybe 3O with miXed weapons- -|AK's, SKS's,
a couple RPG's.
Scorpion's gonna need|to be redirected.
Mr. Wickwire, come in.
Do you read me,|Mr. Wickwire ?
- l can't raise the beach. You got 'em ?|- Stand by.
Wick, you copy ?|Wick.
Negative. l'll keep eyes on you.|Fall back, Radio Chaser.
No, Lieutenant.|l got the better eyeball. You go back.
- Chief, l think that l- -|- Lieutenant, go.
Roger that.
Wait a minute. Take cover.|Take cover and freeZe.
You got a vehicle coming towards you,|coming up the hill.
Stand fast.|He might blow right by ya.
[ Sighs ]|Nope, we're not that lucky.
Stay down.
[ Fngine Off ]
Lieutenant,|if this goes down,
make it silent.
Control your breathing.
Comin' at ya.
Twenty- five feet.
He's a big boy. You're gonna have|to take him from behind.
Fifteen.|Movin' to your left.
Ten feet.|Right behind ya.
[ Man Shouting|Native Language ]
[ Speaking Native Language ]
He's turned around.
- You want me to do it ?|- [ Jordan ] Negative.
l'll do what l have to do,|but it's my call.
- [ Gun Cocks ]|- Here he comes.
Fight feet.|SiX.
- He's got ya. l'm taking him.|- No.
Fuck !
- [ Men Shouting ]|- Clear out. Get back to the beach.
Go ! Go !
[ Gunshot Fchoes ]
- That's the Chief.|- [ Gunfire ]
[ Gunfire Continues ]
Chaser, this is Chaser Alpha.|Do you read me ?
Chaser, this is Chaser Alpha.|Do you read me ?
- Comm to Chaser. Do you got 'em ?|- Copy that, Chaser.
This is your lucky day, L.T.|Stand by, Chaser.
Hostile activity,|this location.
l say again, this location too hot.|[ Panting ]
Request you advise coordinates|for new eXtract.
- Over.|- O'Neil, slow down. Slow down.
Chaser Alpha,|loud and clear.
Will relay your traffic|to Las Vegas control. Over.
Also request gunship support|for eXtraction.
Location to follow.|Over.
[ Man On Radio ] Roger that, Chaser|Alpha. Will relay priority to Las Vegas.
Give me the coordinates when|you got 'em. We're outta here, guys.
We gotta get those boats|out to sea.
lf we don't get those boats back|to the eXtract site, wherever that is,
Scorpion's mission goes down.
Leave one boat with my team.|l'll wait for the Chief.
- [ Men Shouting ]|- [ Gunfire ]
[ Gunfire Continues ]
RPG's.|He's fucked.
Sounds like Chief's|running a little late.
We gotta go. O'Neil, retrace|your tracks. CorteZ, pick up the rear.
- We're going back in there|for body parts ?|- You're damn right we are.
Do the headwork with me.
lf he's on the run, he's not coming back|this way to lead them to us.
Right ?|Now look here.
lf we're here,|and l left the Chief here,
l think he's gonna|make his way southwest,
down this wash|and out to sea.
lf we hump it, we can get there|and knock out any pursuit.
You work this out with the Chief|ahead of time, O'Neil,
or are you just clairvoyant ?
No, but it's what l'd do.
l don't know. lt sounds|like a fucking crapshoot.
- Hash.|- What's up ?
Take three boats, wait for|new eXtraction location from Las Vegas.
- Roger that.|- The rest, we're gonna stay,|make sure the Chief gets out.
[ Man On Radio ] This is Las Vegas.|Message to follow.
New eXtract at O- 2- 6- 87- 5- 2.
l say again,|O- 2- 6- 87- 5- 2.
- Over.|- Copy, Las Vegas.
But those boats will be there|this time, correct ? Over.
That's a roger.|Sorry for the last.
lt won't happen again.|This is Las Vegas, out.
Yeah, Scorpion, out.
Let's go.
Here ?
l think it's perfect for a parallel|ambush. We can suck them right in.
Yeah. Let's do it.
Wickwire.|Come in, Wickwire.
[ Jordan ]|What ya got, CorteZ ?
O'Neil, it's Wick.
- Can you read my mind ?|What do you think ?|- l don't see any other way.
There was foliage back to the south that|was good cover, but that's high ground.
l think he'd|just be trapped.
- [ Sighs ] l don't know, Wick. Shit.|- [ Gunfire ]
[ Gunfire Continues ]
Well, l see the Chief, and he's got|a boatload of trouble comin' our way.
Boys, let's get ready|to rock and roll.
[ Gunfire, FXplosions ]
Hold it, guys. Don't get trigger happy.|l got him at 3O yards.
Keep comin', baby.|Keep comin'.
[ Panting ]|Come on.
Twenty yards. Come on, Chief. We're|suckin' 'em- - We're suckin' 'em in.
[ Wickwire ] Hold 'em up.|Hold 'em up.
- He's hit ! He's down !|- He's hit ! Gotta blow it now !
Negative, Slovnik.|He's in the kill Zone.
Las Vegas, this is Chaser Alpha.|We have heavy, hostile- -
Repeat, immediate eXtraction.
- [ Groans ]|- [ Slovnik ] He's hit again !
Fire, fire !|Fire, fire ! Cover him !
Fire, fire, fire, fire,|fire, fire, fire, fire !
This is Chaser Alpha|to Las Vegas ! Come in !
- McCool, l'm going in !|- Shit ! Wick, give her some cover !
- Yah- hoo !|- She made it !
Come on, come on,|come on !
Got ya !
Got ya !
McCool !
[ Wickwire ] Newberry, give me smoke !|Get him out of here !
- Let's go !|- Whoo- hoo !
Stay down !|Stay down !
That's it ! Let's fall back !|Fall back ! We're finished.
[ Gunfire Continues ]
- Your guys ?|- Sounds like the right area.
[ Gunfire Continues ]
Christ !
- Over here ! Move, move, move !|- Give me a hand !
[ Shouting ]
Let's go ! Let's go !|Take the airwaves ! Stay down, Chief !
- Break it off !|- Come on ! Get in there !
- [ Man ] Four heartbeat !|- Push it ! Push it ! Push it !
- SiX heartbeat !|- l'm looking for an l.V.
- l'm trying to find an l.V. here.|- [ Screaming ]
He's alive !|Give me some room !
- Slovnik, give me some room !|- [ Man ] All aboard !
All bodies in !|Let's get the hell out of Dodge !
- What a goat fuck.|- [ Wickwire ] How's the Chief doin' ?
He's all right.
Hey, O'Neil ! l'd go to war|with you any day.
l'll never live|this one down.
[ Man On Radio ] Tango- Niner, are you|boys en route with cargo ? Over.
[ Jordan ]|Sundown, this is Team Leader.
We have the cargo|safely in hand,
and just tell whoever's listening|that we're coming home.
Tango- Niner out.
- Welcome aboard.|- Thank you, Master Chief.
- Welcome aboard, sir.|- Thank you, Master Chief.
- Welcome aboard, sir.|- Thank you, Master Chief.
- Welcome aboard, Sergeant.|- Thank you, Master Chief.
Welcome aboard, sir.
Welcome aboard, ma'am.
- [ Bell Clangs ]|- [ Cheering ]
[ Cheering,|Clanging Continue ]
l remember
Holding on to you
All them long|and lonely nights
l've put you through
Somewhere in there
Somewhere in there
[ Salem ] Welcome to the SFALS|C.R.T. selection program.
You have volunteered for|the most intensive military|training known to man.
Attention !
l now turn you over|to my Command Master Chief...
John James Urgayle.
l recall|all those nights
[ Chief ] l never saw|a wild thing sorry for itself.
A bird will fall|froZen dead from a bough...
without ever having|felt sorry for itself.
[ Pyro ] Boat crews,|stand by your boats !
- Move your asses !|- [ Men Shouting ]
Was l just off somewhere
Just to hide
But l can't remember
lf we said good- bye
l only miss you here
Fvery now and then
Like the soft breeZe|blowing on
Through my curtains
Fach November
l break down and cry
But l can't remember
lf we said good- bye
l can't remember
lf we said good- bye
l can't remember
lf we said good- bye
Good- bye
The future is a war
The future is a war
Out the window went|the perfect past
A participle, particle|An atom to smash
And smash and smash and smash|and smash and smash and smash again
Didn't we used to|know ourselves when
Didn't we ever|used to be friends
Before a billion years|went down the drain|And that's why
The future is a war
The future is a war
Losin' already|Losin' everything
We got swastikas|hidden in magaZines
Sewed in the label|of your slave- labor clothes
Sewed in the label|of your slave- labor clothes
And that's why
The future is a war
The future is a war
Men prove worthy|of our fears
Their strength diminishes|more every year
As they side with the enemy|and throw down their spears
Leaving women and children|alone right here to face
The future
That's why
The future is a war
The future is a war
The future is a war
The future is a war
The future is a war
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