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G I Jane 01

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[ Man ] Of course, women have always|been a vital link...
in the lifeline that supplies|combat units.
The last few years have brought|real progress...
in the interests of women in|all aspects of naval service.
What's more, the Navy has instituted|special sensitivity courses...
for all its male recruits,|demonstrating even more progress- -
Whoa, whoa, whoa,|Mr. Hayes.
lf a cannibal used a knife and fork,|would you call that progress too ?
[ Observers Laughing ]
Well, perhaps, if l could just finish,|Madame Chairman, your questions- -
Oh, l'm just an old dame|without much time left,
so you'll pardon me|if l jump right in here.
l'm deeply concerned over the Navy's|seemingly incontrovertible attitude...
toward women in the military.
- Case in point: the Lark Report.|- [ Murmuring ]
Uh, Madame Chairman, this is|an internal document of the U.S. Navy.
The Navy's analysis of that F- 14 crash|at Coronado last year.
Female aviator,|it just so happens.
You were party to this report.|Am l right ?
l am really not prepared|to go into an in- depth- -
lf you are vying for the office|of the Secretary of the Navy, Mr. Hayes,
l'd like to think|you were prepared for anything.
[ Observers Murmuring ]
Fspecially if you're lookin'|for my confirmation.
l'm struck by the ill- spirited|tenor of your report:
degrading remarks|by other aviators,
innuendo about her performance|in unrelated situations.
There's even a reference here to|her seXual activity the weekend prior.
[ Hayes ] These are not|unrelated circumstances.
ln my seven years|on this committee,
l have never seen a downed aviator|treated like this, never.
l'm deeply disturbed|by this report, Mr. Hayes.
Not just what it bodes|for the future of women in the Navy,
but your future as well.
Do you eXpect to take criticism|for using this confirmation hearing...
as a pulpit|for women's rights ?
Look, nearly one- quarter of|all jobs in the U.S. military...
are still to this day off- limits|to women, and that has gotta change !
What about those that say women|aren't suited for all jobs,|they're physically weaker ?
How strong do you have to be|to pull a trigger ?
That was quick.|Yeah, she did great.
Are you kidding ?|She's always great.
Private meeting.|That's what we want.
Are you worried about the neXt round|of base closures, Senator ?
- As long as it doesn't affect me.|- Defense boys already called.
[ Sighs ] They want|a private meeting with you.
l'll act surprised.
Senator, this is a contingency program|for 1OO percent integration.
lf female candidates measure up|in a series of test cases,
the D.O.D. will support full|integration within three year's time.
We get our man. You get|your gender- blind Navy, Senator.
Surely you're not gonna|balk at that.
l have to pick|the test cases.
The Navy'll want approval|over the women.
- So l'll approve their approval.|- [ Chuckling ] Come on, Senator.
Let's concentrate on the steak|and not the peas.
lf women measure up to the men, they've|got the job. That's what's on the table.
You're not having|second thoughts, are you ?
- Well, Doug ?|- Congratulations, Mr. Secretary.
So, what program ?
l'd go C.R.T.|Combined Reconnaissance Team.
SFALS.|SiXty percent dropout rate.
No woman's gonna last a week.|l don't care who she is.
Then l suggest|we start there.
[ Hayes ]|Good work.
[ Man ] Hostile activity.|Mined area.
l say again:|hostile activity, mined area.
Maintaining holding action.
- Carrying one wounded.|- [ Phone Ringing ]
FXtracting to new location|secondary P.Z. Over.
Bravo SiX, this is Avalanche.
Negative|on secondary rendeZvous.
Strongly suggest new location.|Over.
[ Bravo SiX ] Stand by, Avalanche.|Will consult team leader.
[ Static Over Headphones ]
- [ Avalanche ] Bravo SiX.|- Go to sea level.
Say again your last.|Over.
Bravo SiX, this is Avalanche.
Bravo SiX.
- We've lost the horiZon.|- Bravo SiX.
- You didn't account for that ?|- Yes, sir, we did,
but we didn't count on the SFAL unit|being delayed for five hours...
and then eXfiltrating|this close to this high terrain.
But Keyhole- 5 will be L.O.S.|in 18 minutes, sir.
Launch base will need|that much time to key their gear.
Advise launch base|accordingly, Goldstein. Now.
Sir, l'd recommend against it.|These are skilled operators.
They've grasped their problem by now and|will take action to get back on- line.
lt's just a glitch|in the net changeover, sir.
l'll have it ironed out|momentarily.
Advise launch base,|Goldstein.
Something to add,|Lieutenant ?
lf we keep the primary satellite|the unit can negotiate its way|down to this plateau here.
Reestablish comms.|lt's a clear shot.
What about those two areas inland ?|That's closer to their position.
But that's behind them.
They'll wanna keep moving|seaward, sir, yet find a spot...
that gives 'em the line of sight|on the satellite.
This plateau here.|That's where l'd head, sir.
Last l checked, you were a topographic|analyst, not an operations specialist.
- Why don't you just let it- -|- lf they have wounded,
they might be inclined|to stay put.
Wait till the new bird|comes into L.O.S.
But they also know the tides are|slipping out under their recovery sub.
They'll hump their wounded out. They'll|reach this plateau in ten minutes.
Make that nine now.
We can't switch the net, sir.|We'll be listening for them...
on the wrong channel|with the wrong crypto.
Give it eXactly nine minutes.
[ Phone Ringing ]
Okay, let's see|what the cat dragged in.
They've preapproved|all these candidates.
Top scores, marksmanship.
Distance runner. Took fifth place|in some intra- service marathon. Age 287.
Perfect, till they do|a chromosome check.
Some impressive|fitness reps here.
Holder of several records|for female power- lifting.
ls this the face you want to see|on the cover of Newsweek ?
She looks like the wife|of a Russian beet farmer.
l like this one.
Triathlon, winter sports,|Olympic contender,
winner of the Arlie Burke|essay contest, works lntel.
- Too much of a think- tank soldier.|- No, no, show me, show me.
Well, this really is|top drawer...
with silk stockings inside.
- We've waited about as long as we dare.|- Do it.
Change the net.
Launch base,|this is N.l.C. control.
We're going to conduct|a net changeover...
to Keyhole- 5 at|the following coordinates.
This is Bravo SiX.|Still got siX heartbeats here...
holding on some kind of plateau.
l say again, siX passengers|looking for a ride home.
- We're good to go.|- Belay my last.
Copy that. Maintain perimeter.|Advise further hostile status.
- That was good headwork, Lieutenant.|- Well, thank you, sir.
l'm glad we could get|involved and do some good.
Now the problem is,|lntel officers don't get involved.
We monitor, analyZe.
You need to learn|the fine art of detachment, Lieutenant.
[ Woman ] FXcuse me, there's a call|from the Sec Nav's office.
- l'll take it inside.|- No, sir, eXcuse me.
Lieutenant O'Neil,|the call's for you.
l'll take it inside.
[ Woman ] Thanks for holding.|l'll put you through.
[ Clock Ticking, Chiming ]
l'm thinking about redoing|the place.
lt's beginning to remind me|of an old whorehouse over the years.
- Good evening, ma'am.|- Good evening, Lieutenant.
Ma'am, may l ask|what this is regarding ?
- Didn't they tell you ?|- No, ma'am.
Well, this'll be a toot.|You read, l'll pour.
[ Liquid Pouring ]
lt's just a test case, Jordan,
but if things work out,|if you can go the distance,
it could well change the military's|official policy on women in combat.
Or, actually,|its official non- policy.
Begging your pardon,|Senator,
but you do understand this|involves SFAL training ?
l do.|l also understand...
that you applied for active duty|during the Gulf War and got turned down.
Yes, ma'am, there was an lntel slot|available aboard the U.S.S. Polk,
but they told me that submarines|had no bathroom facilities for women.
- Did that piss you off ?|- Yes, ma'am, it did.
Good. l like pissed off.
- Sit down, Lieutenant.|- Yes, ma'am.
Have you got a man ?
- Ma'am ?|- At home ?
Fiance. Steady beau. You know,|some kind of solid heteroseXual.
l hate askin', but l don't want|this thing blowin' up in our faces...
if you happen to be battin'|for the other side.
Yes, ma'am, there's someone.
Well, wonderful.
Honey, come on. l survived jump school,|dive school and three brothers.
l think l can take care|of myself.
The only thing that scares me|are the seXual politics.
l'm just not interested in being|some poster girl for women's rights.
- What ?|- Hmm ?
- What ?|- What ?
You don't have anything|to say about this ?
l guess l don't.
Honey, this is just|a career opportunity.
- You don't want me sleeping|my way to the top, do you ?|- But the SFALS, babe ?
These guys are world- class warriors.|They see you coming- -
- l mean- -|- l'm aware they may not want me there.
- ''May not'' ?|- Yes.
They will eat corn flakes|out of your skull. Okay ?
To tell you the truth,
l don't get it.
l mean, you're doing|shit- hot at lntel.
Why do you wanna go off|and play soldier girl for ?
[ Sighs ]
Royce, we're the same age.|We entered the Navy the same month.
Which one of us|is wearing more ribbons ?
Oh, come on. This is just 'cause|l got lucky during the Gulf War.
Yes, thank you. Operational eXperience|is a key to advancement.
Yet anyone with tits can't be on a sub,|can't be a SFAL, and don't even think- -
Hey, whoa, whoa.|lf you made up your mind to do it, go.
You always do what you wanna do anyway.|Don't ask my permission.
You wanna go off and live|with a bunch of cock- swinging|commandos for three months- -
Three months ?
What if l make this and go operational|for three years ? What then ?
Oh, man, did l just miss|a decade or something ?
Will l wait if you go off to war ?|ls that what you're asking me ?
Yeah, something like that.|FXactly like that.
l didn't know l was gonna have to decide|the rest of my life tonight, Jordan.
Maybe we should just|let this happen.
Get your dick back in here.
Don't ask me to tell you how l'm gonna|feel in three years. l don't know.
l mean, neither do you.
Right up until you said that,|l thought l did.
[ Sighs ]
[ Sighs ]
[ Thunder Rumbling ]
[ Trainees Shouting ]
Carry on.
[ Trainees ]|Put it down ! Here we go !
[ Trainees Shouting ]
Lieutenant O'Neil|reporting for training, sir.
Yes, of course.
Please, Lieutenant,|have a seat.
Thank you, sir.
Would you care for a beverage ?|Tea ? Soda ?
- l'm fine, sir.|- You sure ?
Well, we're still coming to|terms with the eXact protocol...
for the integration|of our SFAL C.R.T. training.
- Barber was my neXt stop, sir. l- -|- Don't worry about it.
As long as it's off your collar, out of|your eyes, that's all l'm going to ask.
Sir, l'm not looking|for any special treatment.
We're not trying to change|your seX, Lieutenant.
You'll have a separate bed,|a separate head.
lf you have any special medical needs,|inform the infirmary.
lf your classmates or a superior|acts in a harassing...
or otherwise unbecoming manner,
you are to inform me|immediately,
so that l can deal with it|immediately.
lt may not always run smooth,
but we're trying to make it|as painless as possible.
Thank you, sir, but l eXpect|a certain amount of pain.
- Any questions ?|- None at this time, sir.
Then we're done, Lieutenant.
Yes, sir.
Permission to speak, sir ?
l'm not here to make|some kind of statement.
l care about completing the training|and getting operational eXperience,
just like everyone else,|l suspect.
lf you were like everyone else,|Lieutenant,
l suspect we wouldn't be|making statements...
about not making statements,
would we ?
- Dismissed.|- Aye- aye, sir.
Come on.
Average woman, 25 percent body fat.|Twenty- five.
That's a quarter fat, man.|l mean, think about that.
lf she pulls her own weight,|l got no problem with it.
No split- tail's getting through|this program. No way, Jose.
[ Chattering ]
Oh, man, doesn't she know|it's rude to point ?
- Whoo- hoo !|- [ Man Whistles ]
Look, l don't know what she did|to get in here. l hate to speculate.
l know l petitioned for two years|to get into this program.
Two years of letter writing,|two years of pulling strings,
and l finally get here,|and it's gone co- ed ?
Flite combat unit.|Whose genius idea was that ?
That's bullshit. l mean, they can't do|what we can. How's it happen ?
All l'm sayin' is one night, Lord. Give|me one night, and l'll set her straight.
[ Together ] Slovnik's feeling good|like a hard man should.
Stow it, gentlemen.|You heard the policy.
Attention on deck !
[ Bugle ]
Stand easy.
Welcome to SFAL C.R.T.|selection program.
You have volunteered for|the most intensive military training...
known to man.
You are all proven operators|within the spec ops community.
Army Delta,|Marine Force Recon,
Naval intel community,
and so on.
ln spite of your eXpertise,
many of you will not successfully|negotiate this program.
Those that do will eXperience|an operational tempo...
that far eXceeds that of any unit|within the U.S. arsenal.
That is all|that is to be said...
about the special nature|of the C.R.T. training program.
l now turn you over...
to my Command Master Chief|John James Urgayle.
Attention !
[ Chief ]|lnstructors, stand easy.
l never saw a wild thing|sorry for itself.
A bird will fall froZen dead|from a bough...
without ever having felt|sorry for itself.
[ Snickers ]
The ebb and flow|of the Atlantic tides,
the drift of the continents,
the very position of the sun|along its ecliptic.
These are just a few of the things|l control in my world.
- ls that clear ?|- Yes, Command Master Chief !
- ls that clear ?|- Yes, Command Master Chief !
lnstructor Pyro.
Aye- aye, Master Chief.
Boat crews, stand by your boats.|Move your asses !
[ Shouting ]
Get 'em up high !|Move your asses !
Get 'em up high !
Forward, double time !|Hut !
[ Shouting ]
[ Pyro ] Hold them up, girls.|Come on. Don't you embarrass me.
Get that up !
What are you people, handicapped ?|Get your feet up ! Move it !
This day hasn't even begun !|Move it around !
Move the boat around !
Prepare to down boat !
Down boat, and don't you bruise|my sensitive fanny !
l will run your butt|all the way to the beach !
l have had better boat rides|by your mothers !
Worm sperm,|every damn one of you !
lnstructor, get these spoon- chested|pencil- necks out of my face !
[ Pyro ]|All yours, Master Chief.
[ lnstructor Johns ] Take a good look|at your new home.
Clarkson, get your boat crews !|Fall out by the fenders now !
Move it, move it,|move it, move it !
[ Trainees Shouting ]
SiXty percent of you|will not pass this course !
How do l know ? Because that is|an historical fact !
Now for the bad news !
l always like to get|one quitter on the first day !
And until l do,|that first day does not end !
- [ Shouting ]|- Look around ! Look to your right !
Look to your left.|l just wonder who it's gonna be.
Who's got the hair|to stick it out ?
Come on ! Be a part|of your crew's solution !
[ Screaming ]
- There's one goin' down !|- What are you doing on your knees ?
- Stamm, are you hurt ?|- No !
You wanna quit ? Then get the fuck up,|Stamm ! Get back on that fender !
- Get up, guy !|What the hell is going on ?|- Flea. Flea, you all right ?
- What the fuck you doin' with him ?|- Whoo- hoo !
- What's your name, pancake ?|- Flea ! l mean, Montgomery, sir !
Don't call me sir, moron.|l work for a living.
- How many names you got anyway ?|- lt's F. Lee Montgomery, but that|just gets whittled down to Flea.
- Are you my quitter, Mr. Flea ?|- No, sir, Master Chief !
Nothin' to be ashamed of, sir.|Do you wanna quit ?
Not me, Master Chief !|l'm full of joy !
What the hell is going on|down there ?
Move that fender !
Class !|Class, stand in line !
[ Johns ]|Drop down, bent over push- ups !
Quit playing with your hair,|O'Neil, and drop down !
- lf you can't do these right,|O'Neil, do 'em on your knees !|- l like these just fine, sir.
- [ Shouting ]|- Down !
Half a night, Lord.|Just give me half a night.
- CorteZ, stow the shit !|- l'm just having a seXual fantasy here !
[ Chief ] You have to be harder|than the average man...
to even get in|this program !
But l know some of you are already|thinking seriously about quitting !
[ Pyro ]|Get in this program, Stamm !
Come on !|You don't need this abuse !
Stamm, l think l have a quitter !|Do l have a quitter ?
Be ashamed for the rest|of your fucking lives !
Go !
Get out of that water !
Roll ! Right there !
Roll !
Pain is your friend,|your ally !
lt will tell you|when you are seriously injured !
lt will keep you awake|and angry...
and remind you to finish|the job...
and get the hell home !
But you know the best thing|about pain ?
l don't know !
lt lets you know|you're not dead yet !
[ Pyro ] l've seen Girl Scouts|move quicker than this !
You people are pathetic !|Down boat !
Mr. Wickwire,|you have four minutes...
to secure swim gear|and down chow !
Your entire class will|be severely penaliZed... [ Fades ]
[ Trainees Shouting ]
[ Pyro ] Get your asses going !|Get moving !
Goddamn it, what the fuck are you doing|sitting in my chair ?
Get the hell out of here !
Scrape your plates !|Get the hell out of here !
Get your ass up ! Get your ass up !|Get it up, boy !
[ Shouting ]
Get the hell out of here !
Scrape the plates|and get the hell out of here !
l want you to stroll !|Drop down !
Bear crawl, goddamn it ! What the hell's|wrong with you, shithead ?
l love the way you walk
l'm treated by your walk
l love the way you walk|to that beat
l got my eyes on you
[ Pyro ] All right, sewer trout,|everybody out !
Move it out !
Get in line|and get up here, people !
Keep the whole line long !
Move it, move it, move it !
Get on line !|Get on line right here !
- Get on line !|- All right, fall in ! Dress it up !
Get ready|for your med check !
They're all yours,|Lieutenant.
What's your name ?
- Newberry.|- What day of the week is it, Newberry ?
- lt's fucking cold.|That's what day of the week it is.|- Follow my finger.
That's good.
- What's your name ?|- McCool.
- Uh- huh. Where are you from ?|- San Diego.
San Diego.|Follow my finger.
- What's your name ?|- O'Neil.
All right,|follow my finger, O'Neil.
- Let me see your fingertips. Cold ?|- Yeah.
Way to gut it out,|Lieutenant.
[ Pyro ] All right, corpsmen, they're|gonna live. Get the hell out of there.
Class, fall out for chow.
Move. l said move, goddamn it ! What|do you want to do, take another swim ?
Maybe we don't want|chow tonight.
Move your girlie butts !
[ Chief ] After you pack grits, report|to Alpha barracks on the double.
Get them dick- skinning hands out of my|garbage cans. What the hell's goin' on ?
l told you, get your chow|and report to Alpha barracks !
lf you feel|you cannot carry on- -
lf you now care to admit|that you are woefully out of your depth,
that bell is your salvation.
Strike it three times,|and you're out.
Free to get a hot shower|and a good night's sleep.
l know you're saying|to yourself,
''l'm an eXperienced operator.
''l've put up with|19 straight hours of this.
Do l really need|another 12 weeks ?''
lf you don't know the answer to|that question, you do not belong here.
- Back up, guys. Back up.|- That's all right,
'cause this program|is not for everyone.
Just step up to the bell,|save us all a lot of trouble.
Go ahead.|Any takers ?
Goin' once.
[ Grunting ]
- Goin' twice.|- [ Grunting Continues ]
All right,|welcome to a brand- new day.
- [ Trainees Groaning ]|- [ lnstructor ] l was lost
- Come on, now !|- [ Together ] ln a world of light
- l always did|- l did it, y'all !
- What was right|- Hang on !
But now l sing
A different song
- [ Groaning, Sniffling ]|- And l found joy
- ln doing it wrong|- Sing it !
l found a friend
- Yeah !|- ln Satan
- l found a friend|- Uh- huh !
- ln Satan|- Stamm, don't do it, Stamm !
- l found a friend|- Come on, Stamm ! Don't quit !
- Come on, Stamm !|- [ Gargling ]
[ Shouting Continues ]
[ Bell Clangs|Three Times ]
[ Spits, Grunts ]
There goes Stamm.
- Slow day at the office.|- Dropped on request.
ln no less than 5OO|neatly printed words,
tell me why you love|the United States Navy.
There will be no time limit|for this evolution.
[ Thunder Rumbling ]
Put that pencil down. Get your fucking|feet together and sit up straight !
You will write|when l tell you to write.
[ Thunder Rumbling ]
When l come back,|l'll be countin' open eyes. Begin.
[ Opera ]
[ Thunder Rumbling ]
[ Woman Singing|ln ltalian ]
[ Snoring ]
[ Opera Continues ]
Master Chief.|Rock and roll.
Favorable weather conditions|for the neXt evolution.
Are you ready, Lieutenant ?
Pencils down !|On your feet ! Get up !
Are you ready|for the neXt evolution ?
Hoo- yah, lnstructor Pyro !
[ Together ]|Hoo- hah !
Hoo- hah !
Hoo- hah !
Hoo- hah !
Class, halt !
Right face !
Sling arms !
- Fall out ! Close it in !|- [ Pyro ] Fvenin', cupcakes.
Twelve minutes or less. That's all|you need to know about this course.
Group one: Newberry,
Hampton, McCool, Wickwire,|Slovnik and Fngland.
Group two: Miller, Flea, Powell,|Ayres, CorteZ and O'Neil.
You will find a white step|that is mandated female aid, O'Neil.
You will find and use them|on every barrier obstacle.
- Sergeant, l don't wanna use any step.|- Keep your mouth shut !
- l wanna go through|like the rest of the guys !|- Shut your fucking hole !
Group three: Marshall, DeLuise,|Brown, Simons, Flynn and Stow.
[ Johns ]|Group one, stand by !
Bust 'em !
[ Trainees Shouting ]|Hoo- yah !
Group two, stand by !
- Bust 'em !|- [ Shouting ]
Group three, stand by !|Bust 'em !
Move, move, move, move,|move, move !
[ Trainees Shouting ]
[ Gunfire ]
[ Shouting Continues ]
- Move it ! Keep moving !|- Faster !
[ Shouting Continues ]
[ lnstructor Shouting ]
O'Neil, let's go !|Let's move it on down !
[ lnstructor ] You want me|to get you a dress ?
- Keep it moving ! Let's go !|- Do you squat when you pee ?
Come on !
- Go, go, go ! Go !|- This way !
- Go, go, go !|- Keep it clear ! Move it !
- [ Screaming ]|- Flea !
Let's move ! Let's run !
[ Shouting Continues ]
Move, move, move !
lnto the tunnel !|Now !
[ Grunting ]
Get up ! Come on !
CorteZ, get over here !|Drop down. Come on !
Come on ! Come on, Flea !
Come on !|[ Grunting ]
- Come on !|- Go !
- That's it !|- Help me up, Jordan.
[ Grunts ]|Come on.
[ Loud Grunt ]
Grab my hand.|Give me your hand.
- [ Grunting ]|- Why don't you quit, O'Neil ?
Quit now.
[ Johns On Megaphone ] Let's go,|children. Come on. Let's go, CorteZ.
lt pays to be a winner.|Come on, move your fat ass.
Oh, this would be a fine time to quit,|wouldn't it, gentlemen ?
How many quitters we got ?|Come on ! Move it !
Get on up here, mud muffins. Come on.|You guys look like sea slugs.
O'Neil ! What are you|waitin' for, girl ?
Get your fine fanny|down here !
Come on, move it !|Move it, O'Neil !
- [ FXplosion ]|- [ Johns ] Oh, my God !
O'Neil just tripped the trip wire !|Thank you very much !
She is responsible for|killing the entire class.
- Hoo- yah, O'Neil !|- [ All Trainees ] Hoo- yah, O'Neil !
Newberry: 13:O8.
CorteZ: 13:1O.
Hampton: 13:15.|Blake: 13:22.
Presley: 13:487.
Pretty boy:|14 minutes flat.
- You are the blue- ribbon loser.|- [ Yawns ]
These siX have failed|the ''O'' course.
- These siX will run the course again.|- [ Trainee ] No, don't do it !
- Come on, man ! Hang in there !|- [ Trainees Shouting ]
Come on !
[ Clangs Three Times ]
Anybody else ?
All right.
The rest of you wanna- bes have two hours|before the neXt evolution.
l strongly suggest|you spend it in your racks...
or sick bay.
- Mr. Wickwire.|- Ten- hut !
Muster back here|at O8OO...
in your greens.
Haul out !
Class ! As you were.
Sergeant CorteZ,
however brief your stay|with this command might be,
there are two words you will learn|to put together:
Team... mate.
Carry on.
- Wickwire, you heard him.|What are you waitin' for ?|- Fall out. Move it !
[ Trainees Shouting ]
- Hoo- yah !|- Hoo- yah !
What do we have here,|you hesitant bunch of harlots ?
You thinkin' about ringin' that bell ?|Don't think ! Move !
Come on, somebody ring that bell|for me, please !
Come on, honey bun, walk !|Get your bell- bangin' balls a- rollin' !
You can be home|curled up in bed...
- [ Bell Clangs ]|- in less than four hours !
- Ring that bell !|- [ Bell Clangs ]
That is music to my ears.|l'm gettin' emotional here.
Anybody else ?
What's the matter,|O'Neil ?
Come on.
Come on.
l'd like to see|the Master Chief.
Lieutenant O'Neil requests|to speak to the Master Chief.
- He's not home.|- [ Sighs ]
FXcuse me, Master Chief.
CorteZ finished ahead of me in group|two, but he failed and l didn't. Why ?
lnstructor Pyro,|educate the lieutenant.
You received an automatic|3O- second deduction...
which put you|under the wire.
lt's called gender- norming,|O'Neil.
lt's standard procedure|for all females in physical training.
What ''all females,''|if l'm the only one ?
l think l should have|the choice.
Stand at attention.
Lieutenant O'Neil, when l want|your opinion, l'll give it to ya.
[ Grunting ]
Did you take this matter up|with my Command Master Chief ?
l believe you instructed me to come|directly to you, sir,
if l felt l was being|mistreated in any way.
[ Door Shuts ]
All right, Lieutenant.
l want names.|l want specific grievances.
Permission|to speak frankly, sir ?
lt's you, sir.
- lt started the moment l came here.|- Oh ? Really ?
lt's the double standard.
The separate quarters,|the deferential treatment.
lt's the way you practically pulled|my chair out for me when we first met.
Because l was civil,|now you're complainin' ?
l can't afford civility, sir.
How am l supposed to fit in when|you've got me set up as an outsider ?
You've given me|a different set of rules.
The answer is, l can't.
Why don't you just issue me a|pink petticoat to wear around the base ?
Did you just have|a brain fart ?
Begging your pardon,|sir ?
Did you|just waltZ in here...
and bark at your|commanding officer ?
lf so, l regard that|as a bona fide brain fart,
and l resent it|when people fart inside my office.
l think you've resented me|from the start, sir.
What l resent,|Lieutenant,
is some politician...
using my base|as a test tube...
for her grand|social eXperiment.
What l resent...
is the sensitivity|training...
that is now mandatory|for my men,
the OB- GYN|l have to keep on staff...
just so someone can keep track|of your personal Pap smears.
But most of all,|what l resent...
is your perfume,
however subtle it may be,
competin' with the aroma|of my fine $3.59 cigar,
which l will put out|this instant...
if the phallic nature of it|happens to offend...
your goddamned|fragile sensibilities !
- Does it ?|- No, sir.
''No, sir,'' what ?
The shape|doesn't bother me, sir.
Just the goddamned|sweet stench.
[ Chuckles ]
One standard.
Just treat me the same.|No better, no worse.
You're gonna get|everything you want, O'Neil.
Let's just see if you want|what you're gonna get.
Hoo- yah, sir.
[ Pop ]
Hey- -|[ Clears Throat ]
Hello ?
Anybody here ?
Just didn't wanna|tell you
Oh, see, this way l'm
Havin' fun|with my new song
Wild circumstance
Who would've guessed
Forced my hand
- [ Clippers BuZZing ]|- When l was homeless
Just didn't understand
lf you saw me
Holding his hand
l fell
From your grace
lsn't that insane
l'm jealous
l didn't wanna tell you
To your face
But l left claims
That you couldn't refuse
Your friends will see
l knew you'd get the word|eventually
l'd rather have them
Tell you
lt's just as well
The bitch is gone
- [ FXplosion ]|- [ Machine Gun Fire ]
Grab your sacks !|Get in line now ! Move !
- Who the hell do you think|you are, coming in here ?|- Guess l'm your roommate.
- [ Trainees Shouting ]|- N- - N- - No. You can't stay here.
- You can't sleep here right neXt to me.|- The C.O. says l can.
No- - Come here.|Come here !
CorteZ, come here,|goddang it !
Lookit. Girlfriend bring all her stuff|in here like she think she gonna- -
- Hey !|- Shit ! This is TampaX !
- Stand at attention !|- This is not gonna happen.
[ Wickwire ]|Stand at attention !
Mr. Wickwire,|in your leisure time...
make out a schedule that rotates|head and shower usage.
Yes, Master Chief.
Anything else we can do|for your celebrity career, Lieutenant ?
- That'll be all- -|- You now have eXactly|one minute to muster !
[ Wickwire ] lf even one of you|Van Winkle wanna- bes are late,
l will personally see|none of you sleep for a week !
Let me get this straight:|We're sharing the same fucking head ?
Listen, you moron,|l am here to stay.
lf you don't wanna be in my life,|move out or ring out.
- That's it. Fnd of file.|- You got one minute|to put your fuckin' clothes on.
- What about the tampons ?|- Hey, hey, hey.
- Don't you care about tampons ?|- Get over yourself, Slovnik.
- Put your clothes on. Let's go !|- Nice.
- Here we go.|- [ Trainees Responding ] Here we go !
[ Chanting Continues ]
[ Shutter Clicking ]
[ Chanting ] Pick 'em up !|Put 'em down !
- [ Chamber ]|- [ Chattering, Laughing ]
l'll have another one.
Thanks a lot.
Oh, congratulations,|Mr. Secretary.
Say hello to the President|for me, will you ?
So, what was the deal you made|with the devil ? l mean, DeHaven.
- Oooh.|- Didn't you hear ?
Fffective immediately,|all vessels in the Navy...
can no longer|be referred to as ''she.''
- [ All Laughing ]|- We're to call it ''it.''
- Royce, we need a fourth.|- Yes, sir.
- You're it.|- Thank you, sir.
- Hello !|- Congratulations on the new job.
- You'll make a fine- -|- [ Whispers ] Mr. Secretary, sir.
Oh, man.
Not playing down to the abilities|of your superior officer, are you ?
No, sir. Snooker's just|not my game.
Too many balls|on the table.
Distracting, isn't it ? That one|pink ball right in the middle.
- Who's got a cigar ?|- Didn't know you smoked, sir.
l don't. l just want to chew|the hell out of it.
Uh, ''The woman, identity unknown,|is believed to be...
''the first female candidate for|the elite Navy SFALS training program.
Her presence could signal a shift|in the military's- - ''
These were supposed to have been|discreet test cases.
That was|the agreement.
Suppose this lady's getting friendly|with the press ?
lt's DeHaven. Had to be. She is gonna|milk this cow on all four tits.
ln the last two hours my office|has received 14 requests for interviews.
No interviews.|That's the last thing we need.
Where is she in the training,|this woman ?
We'll have that information|for you before the night's out.
lt's my understanding that she just|finished the P.T. phase of her training.
She made it|through hell week.
Won't last one week,|huh ?
So, have you been monitoring|this situation for us, Commander ?
No, sir. l just made|some unofficial inquiries.
Well, make it official.
l want a brief back in my office|once a week.
G.l. Jane. Why don't they just get it|over with and call her Joan of Arc ?
[ Chuckling ]
Your shot, Gary.
[ Horn Honking ]
Pardon me, sir. Phone call|from Senator DeHaven.
Captain Salem here.
Are you in the habit of lettin'|photographers traipse around your base,
snapping their fill ?
These are supposed to be|discreet test cases.
Senator, they stand out on a|public highway using telephoto lenses.
There is nothin'|l can do about it,
unless you want me to infringe|on their civil liberties,
which l'll be glad to do if you'll just|trim a little fat off the Constitution.
Did you just mouth off to a senior|member of the Senate Arms Committee ?
l'll give you points for style,|just nothin' for smarts.
- l was just eXplaining- -|- From this point forward,|l want all press matters...
coordinated via my office.
Let me handle the R.P.M.
l'll be goddamned if l'm gonna watch|Hayes pull flowers out of his ass...
and take credit|for this one.
l'll be sure to pass your request along|to my chain of command.
Now, how's my girl|doin', anyway ?
You need to know|what it feels like to drown...
in order|to avoid panic...
and perhaps gain those few seconds|that just might save your life.
The natural tendency|toward premature panic...
is what makes this such an effective|interrogation technique.
Mama told me|not to come
Mama told me|not to come
[ Grunting ]
That ain't the way|to have fun, no
Uh- uh
Carb 15.|Military designator: M4.
Nothing more than a chopped- down|version of the M16 assault rifle.
By taking the proper|precautions,
this weapon can be considered|water- resistant.
Many techniques have been developed|to seal the muZZle of the weapon.
- Nothing, however, surpasses|the technique developed in my time.|- CraZy. Wild.
- Shut up, Slovnik.|- Mama told me not to come
Mama told me|not to come
[ Groans ]
She said, That ain't the way|to have fun, no
Boat siX: Wickwire, McCool, Flea,|CorteZ, Slovnik and O'Neil.
- Oh, come on.|- [ Murmuring ]
Somebody got a problem|with my organiZational skills ?
Fine by me,|Master Chief.
No problem here,|Master Chief.
That ain't the way|to have fun, no
That ain't the way|to have fun
Stand by. Prepare to hit the surf.|Move !
Boat four,|answer me this:
When l see the sea once more,|will the sea have seen or not seen me ?
This will be|a graded eXercise.
On my mark.|Stand by.
Mark !
- CorteZ, done.|- Time !
Weapons on the table.
ls it hot out here,|or is it just me ?
[ Mouths Words ]
- Kind of tender ?|- lt's okay.
Mmm. This ?
- [ Groans ] A little bit.|- Okay, you can get dressed.
Try to get as much air on those|abrasions on your back as you can.
lt's called amenorrhea|when you lose your period.
lt's because you drop body fat, but|not at all unusual for female athletes.
Okay, you got tendinitis|in your right knee...
and, uh, that is standard issue|jungle rot on your left foot.
- [ Sighs ] Lovely.|- So, you're quite a mess.
Let's fiX me up|and get me back out there.
- Hey, Jordan !|- Whoa ! Ladies !
lf l follow you home,|would you have premarital seX with me ?
Slovnik ! You're barkin' up|the wrong dress. They ain't your type.
Shit fire|and save matches.
[ Reporters Shouting|Simultaneously ]
Goddamn three- ring circus|around here. Shit.
[ Grunting, Panting ]
[ lnstructor ]|You trying to be bad ?
You could be home curled up,|playin' with electrical toys !
- [ Bell Clanging ]|- Go on !
Lieutenant,|why are you doing this ?
- Do you ask the men the same question ?|- As a matter of fact, l do.
- And what do they say ?|- 'Cause l get to blow shit up.
Well, there you go.
- [ Rain Falling ]|- [ lnstructor ] On my mark. Stand by !
- [ Weapons Clicking ]|- Mark !
- O'Neil, done.|- CorteZ, done.
- Does it work, Lieutenant ?|- [ Rifle Cocks ]
Well done, Lieutenant.
[ Bell Clanging ]
[ TV Reporter ] The Navy is still|declining to release the woman's name,
but Senator DeHaven's office|is confirming that G.l. Jane...
has outlasted many of her male|counterparts in the elite Navy program,
said to be one of|the most grueling anywhere.
said to be one of|the most grueling anywhere.
Joining us now on Washington Tonight,|for the feminist perspective- -
[ FXhaling Sharply ]
[ Chief ]|CoXswain, hard a- port !
- Line it up ! Move it over !|- Come about !
Straighten 'er out !
- Line 'er up !|- Stay on your line ! Get ready !
- Whoo !|- Come on ! Move aft !
Get up there !|Let's go, go, go !
Hoo- fucking- yah ! lt's like having seX|in a car crash ! Whoo- hoo !
Okay, McCool, get up there.|Hoo- yah, baby !
Come on, O'Neil.|Get on up here.
Let's go.|Use your arms ! God !
- Come on, O'Neil !|- Cut her loose !
Let her go !
Well, hoo- yah. About time|we dropped some dead weight.
We don't leave|our people behind !
What the hell you waitin' for ?|Get with your crew ! Get in there !
Let's go !|Let's go !
Come on, go !|You're swimmin' home !
- Wanna pick 'em back up ?|- Let's go home.
[ All Grunting ]
Well, this is bullshit.
Now they're hammering me|just because she's in my boat crew.
lf you'd kept your mouth shut, we|wouldn't be out here in the first place.
Had a grandfather|wanted to be a Navy man.
He wanted to fire them big guns|off them big- ass battleships.
Navy says to him, ''No. You can only do|one thing on a battleship, son.
That's cook.''
l'm not talkin' about|1OO years ago, either.
l'm talkin' the United States Navy,|middle of World War Two.
You know the reason|they gave him ?
The reason why they told my grandfather|he couldn't fight for his country ?
'Cause Negroes|can't see at night.
Bad night vision.
[ Flea ] Damn, McCool.|That's unbelievable.
Thank God|times have changed.
Have they ?
So, you see, O'Neil,
l know where|you're coming from.
To them you're just the new nigger|on the block, that's all.
- You just moved in a little too early.|- Thanks, man.
The lsraelis|tried it.
Women in combat.
Seems the men couldn't get used|to the sight of women blown open.
They'd linger over|the wounded females,
often trying to save those|who obviously couldn't be saved,
often to the detriment|of the mission.
You were given|the Navy Cross, right ?
Can l ask|what you got it for ?
Since it bears|on this conversation,
l got it for pulling a 24O- pound man|out of a burning tank.
So when a man tries to rescue|another man, he's a hero,
but when he tries to rescue a woman,|he's just gone soft.
Could you have|pulled that man clear ?
You couldn't even haul your own|body weight out of the water today.
Permission to get dressed,|Master Chief.
Mr. Fngland went out|with a stress fracture.
l'm moving Mr. Wickwire to boat five.|That puts you in charge of siX.
Why not McCool ?|He's the same rank ?
Because you were commissioned a month|earlier. Makes you senior officer.
Remember,|there are no bad crews,
only bad leaders.
[ Sighs ]
[ Royce ] ln the more academically|oriented evolution,
she's receiving|better marks than most.
Plus, she's outlasted|4O percent of her peers.
- With dual standards.|- Actually, no, sir.
She's been going head- to- head|with the men for some time now.
So she's lasted eight weeks.|That's wonderful.
Joan of Arc|meets Supergirl.
With S.F.R.F. training|coming up neXt week, sir.
Commander, we'd like to see|more detail in your reports.
Let's include|more background information.
Past training reps; medical history;|any grievances she previously filed.
Understood ?
Um, actually,|not completely, sir.
Am- - Am l being asked to provide|ammunition against this woman...
in case the outcome isn't|what the Navy eXpects, sir ?
Absolutely not. We're simply|documenting as thoroughly as possible,
in the event this turns|into a legal matter.
Don't read anything|Machiavellian into it, Commander.
l'll try not to, sir.
Take your leave,|Commander.
Thank you.
Loganville. Wilmington.|Coronado. Bedsford.
This is deeper|than we thought.
[ Sighs ]|Look at TeXas.
l count four- -|no, five bases.
We may not have to suffer|DeHaven much longer.
She stands to lose 6,OOO military,|4,OOO civilian jobs,
maybe 35O million|in lost revenue per annum.
Re- election's|siX months off.
The D.O.D.'s put her|out of business.
- [ Men Laughing ]|- [ Vacuum Cleaner Running ]
[ Men Conversing ]
People in Washington are scope- locked|on what's happening down there.
- Know how they're talking about you ?|- l saw a newspaper.
That's the public side.|Privately, it's all being documented.
l mean everything, right down|to your breakfast and bra siZe.
Why are you|telling me this ?
Big symbols|make big targets, Jordan.
There's a lot of people|who don't want to see you finish.
How about you, Royce ?
Do you want|to see me finish ?
Look, l'm just trying|to warn you. All right ?
Get you thinkin' about|where this might be headed in case- -
Well, let me|just warn you.
l'm gonna go through|with this,
and the more everybody fucks with me,|the more l wanna gut it out.
So don't you eXpect me back|anytime soon.
Look, that is not|what l want, Jordan.
l mean- -|Goddamn it.
lt is, but it isn't.|Do you understand ?
Still having a hard time|making decisions ?
[ Sighs ]
Jordan, just|watch your siX, okay ?
[ Sighs ]
l gotta go, Royce.
Wait a second.|Don't- -
[ Dial Tone ]
[ Sighs ]
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