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Subtitles for Farscape - The Peacekeeper Wars (Part 1).

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Farscape - The Peacekeeper Wars (Part 1)

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You did it, John.
All fighting has stopped.
There's no more dying.
And all of a sudden,
three is not such a scary number.
But no matter how wonderful this is,
I will not accept it
as a trade-off for losing you.
I've got you.
Thank you ever so for your kind assistance.
Always anxious to lend a hand to a Dominar.
So often I've proclaimed having a belly full of Crichton and Aeryn.
Never thought it would be so literal.
What did you call their species again?
This is Crichton. He is called a Human.
And Aeryn, Sebacean. Definitely Sebacean.
Rygel, do you have all the pieces?
>From under every rock, every crevice,
I sifted the bottom sand with my bare hands!
Look at my nails!
Caa'ta, the Leviathan ship has returned.
Their transport pod is approaching.
Order the concealment canopy lowered.
Sir, another deep-space contact from Peacekeeper Strategic Command.
It's Grand Chancellor Maryk again.
Grand Chancellor.
Where the Hedsmana in my orders did you find the phrase
"preemptive attack"?
The Scarrans are massing
for an impending onslaught we all know is coming!
A conflict we are ill situated to win.
By challenging them before they are prepared, we have a fighting chance.
- You were sent to gather surveillance and... - With all due respect, sir,
I was sent here to perish
at the vanguard of this inevitable conflict.
I simply refuse to participate on their terms or yours!
Because of your actions,
the Scarran Empire has declared war against us.
Do you know what that means, Scorpius?
We are now officially engaged
in the last war of our era!
- D'Argo! - Chiana!
- Your eyes. - I can see again.
- What happened? How? - He, He gave me n-new eyes.
- We found one, yes. - Stark and I found a Diagnosan.
What's wrong with him?
Nothing's wrong with him! He's fine.
Grunschlk, I thought you were dead.
Me? Hardly at all.
Those crystals are people's lives.
Stop waving that thing around.
This had better work.
You're lucky to have him, mate.
Diagnosans, they're at a premium.
Especially now that there's a war on.
What war?
The Peacekeepers and the Scarrans have declared war against each other.
Do the Peacekeepers know what they're getting into?
The Scarrans didn't give 'em much choice.
They were already taking the galaxy by force. System by system.
A galaxy-wide war.
The Scarran vanguard has breached our defense perimeter.
We've drawn them in sufficiently. The trap is set.
Captain, initiate the plan exactly as I instructed.
All pilots, deactivate targeting in-flight systems.
We fly manual from here.
Fly straight in.
Their targeting telemetrics will be corrupted
at least two degrees off center by the ambient magnetics.
You dared them to hit you.
Red Team, move close to my left flank. Vlue Team, likewise.
Upon signal,
execute tier attack on lead Scarran Dreadnought.
All armada ships now taking heavy fire, sir.
Only for the moment. Stay positioned.
And... fire!
Lower your weapons.
How long?
About 60 solar days.
Still on the water planet.
Put your weapons down now!
Bad guys?
Yes and no. They did help us put you back together.
Put us back together?
They said it was an accident. You were crystallized.
Last warning.
- You said yes. - I did?
- Sixty days. Any regrets? - No. It's going really well.
Hey, we're gonna get married!
Sir, you were absolutely correct.
Their pilots and gunners were no match for ours.
- Scorpius? - Prepare to withdraw.
The rest of the armada is to continue to engage the enemy, covering our escape.
But, sir, we're winning.
- Without this carrier, all remaining units... - My orders are clear.
Sir, you're asking us to withdraw our troops,
our ships, our...
Close hangars!
Wait for maximum speed.
He is alive, Sikozu.
John Crichton is alive.
One more time.
Begin again.
For the 89th time.
Once upon a time, there was a boy named John.
And John was an astronaut.
He lived in a faraway place called Earth.
Which is so far away, you've never heard of it.
One day when John was out doing astronaut things,
a big blue wormhole gobbled him up and spat him out
at the far end of the universe.
- Things were looking grim in Mudville - Canaveral?
Till our hero met an amazing living ship,
made some nice new friends
and he hooked up with his dream girl.
We could've lived happily ever after, but the Peacekeepers
raped, chased and tortured us for years on end.
Then two months ago, we got our asses shot off again.
This time it was the Scarrans, big reptiles. Oooh!
And Moya, our living ship,
limped her way to your happy planet for a little R&R.
Because we figure, it's empty! Hey, no one is gonna bother us.
We're gonna have a baby!
- Will you marry me? - Yes.
Next thing, me and the future Mrs. Crichton
are having a private moment when you guys fly by.
Boom bada-bing, squiggly line, squiggly line.
Crystallized. And it's two months later.
Scorpius has powered off his onboard beacon.
We have no way of tracking him.
Broadcast this order. Highest priority.
The instant his command carrier is spotted, it is to be fired upon.
No hailing, no offer to surrender.
I want this coward Scorpius and all who fly with him
erased from existence!
Aye, Chancellor.
Scorpius is many things, Maryk. None of them good.
But a coward? Never.
He has initiated this war, and then turned and run!
How do you define cowardice, Grayza?
Grand Chancellor,
please consider my counsel on this carefully.
Hatred of the Scarrans
is Scorpius' sole consistent trait.
There is something else.
Perhaps. But my orders stand.
- Funny how? - Different.
Different how? Like ice cream cucumber different?
I don't know. That's why I'm here.
All right. Everything is gonna be okay.
Do you know why?
Because we're done. We're checking out.
Next Ferengi we see, we run. No questions later.
>From this moment on, my one concern, my life
is you and our baby.
Are you sure?
- What? - Is she all right? The baby all right?
Doc says he doesn't know what you're talking about. There is no baby.
What? Whoa, whoa! What do you mean, no baby?
Ah, if there was a little passenger before,
it ain't aboard the train no more.
Doc says you never were pregnant.
- I was. - She was!
She was preg... You were pregnant?
I was pregnant!
There is no baby. No. Nothing.
We were in pieces, thousands of pieces.
Rygel said he got every single piece off of the ocean floor.
- Rygel. - He was very thorough.
We made sure of it.
Even carried the pieces up in his stomach
to make sure he didn't drop them.
Congratulations, mate. You are a mother!
- Oh, no! - It's all right.
The wee babe is doing just fine.
Yes, but it's doing just fine inside me!
This is not happening.
- Do something. - Hands off, missy.
The fee. The fee is going up.
You take it out of him, and you put it back in her.
Whatever it takes.
Won't do it.
Won't? I want this thing removed immediately.
It's not a thing!
Fine. I want this miracle of life out of me!
All right.
At the end of the first quadmester.
The baby's too small now. Fragile.
First quadmester? Give me a drink!
Hey, princess, the nar's in your stomach? Drad.
- What does it feel like? - You tell me.
Weeber eggs? I hate them.
Well, apparently babies love them.
Actually, Rygel, what does it really feel like?
Like having a parasite,
a large parasite that's growing!
Okay, what did we do to piss off the locals?
- They're paranoid. - No, wrong, not paranoid.
I've been talking to many of them.
Stark our ambassador? No wonder they're avoiding us.
What's their problem then?
- Fear. Abject fear. - Of what?
Their fear extends to the point of not talking about their fear.
Perfect. Let's not exacerbated it by staying any longer.
D'Argo, beyond that concealment canopy is Armageddon.
Do we really wanna fly into that right now?
I'll ask 'em if we can stay. They're not gonna like it.
So what should we do in the meantime?
We get married.
You will make a beautiful bride. I will see to it.
- Emperor Staleek. - What is it?
We have received a deep-space comm cipher.
- We receive tens of thousands... - This is from a most unexpected source.
With a most unexpected message.
It is about John Crichton.
The sender knows the Human's current location.
An out-of-the-way water planet. No defenses to speak of.
- Do the Peacekeepers have him? - Not yet.
Your source, is it reliable?
At the moment, impeccable.
Have a course plotted.
We will send a full battle contingent.
A full contingent for one man?
Not for the man.
For the knowledge he possesses.
It's very generous of you to do this for us.
It is the first time I have presided over the union of soldiers.
We're not soldiers.
In fact, he's the only one carrying a gun.
Either way, your petition to remain among us is being denied.
On conclusion of your sermon, you will all leave.
If you don't mind my asking, who are you hiding from?
Aeryn's coming! The bride! The bride!
Come on!
- Okay, are you relaxed? - I am relaxed.
- I've heard the key is being relaxed. - I am relaxed.
- Stand here. Stand. - What about me?
You're right here.
- Good. - Okay, perfect.
What are you doing? No, no!
Oh, she looks so...
You look great.
- You owe me. - I know.
Is there a particular invocation you would like me to use?
Yeah, um...
Dearly beloved.
"Dearly beloved."
We are gathered here.
"We are gathered here."
Beneath this magnificent...
Command Carrier.
Lies. All lies!
They seem to know exactly where we are.
How, if the concealment canopy is still in place?
They know because we have been betrayed.
Stark, go with them. Witchiepoo, you go as well.
- What should we do? - Convince them it's not our fault!
Hide Rygel. Guard it with your life.
It's not our fault. It's not our fault.
We knew nothing about this. Crichton will fix it.
- He'll fix it. I assure you. - Come on, old woman.
Now, that's familiar. Why do I know that?
Eidelons. Of course!
Eidelons. You're Eidelons.
Yes, we are.
You know who it's gonna be, don't you?
I know who it is.
Come on, "D," bet me. How much?
You're on your own, my friend.
Hello, John.
Easy money.
Apologies if this is a bad time,
but I believe we need to talk.
How did you find me?
- I would prefer to be called Albert. - No.
Invisible sidekicks that only I talk to get called Harvey.
How the hell did Scorpius find me?
Scorpius is like God.
He does not play dice with the universe.
He has a great plan, John.
But his mysteries unfold slowly.
Perhaps they will be answered
when the proper tribute is provided to him.
The wormhole!
Or in your case,
the wormhole weapon!
Listen up, Strangelove,
I can find wormholes, sense when they will open.
Push comes to shove, I can even navigate one.
But I cannot make a wormhole weapon!
That is true, John. But you do know where to obtain the knowledge.
It does not take an Einstein to figure that out, huh?
Make sure he gets that message.
So how have you been, Crichton?
- I'm good, Bob. You? The wife? The kids? - Busy.
Yeah. I hear business is booming.
You're right. The Scarrans and Peacekeepers are at war.
And the Scarrans will prevail
unless you help us build a wormhole weapon.
Gee, that all sounds reasonable, Bob.
Only two problems. No matter what you may believe, I can't do it.
Just as important, I don't think Peacekeepers are any better than the Scarrans.
So make sure you validate your parking... on the way out.
You will find no serenity during this conflict, Crichton.
Examine your choices.
You are not listening.
Wormholes, no! Weapons, no!
Killing, no.
Crichton, no.
You want to see it?
The thing you've been chasing my ass all over the universe for.
Torturing me, my wife, my friends for.
- You wanna see it? - Yes.
- Say please. - Please.
- Pretty please. - Pretty please.
- With a cherry on top. - With a cherry on top.
Happy birthday. Now get out of my sight.
D'Argo, D'Argo, a miracle!
Eidelons, Jool, Arnessk, peace!
Okay, what's he talking about?
Eidelons, Jool, Arnessk, peace!
Thank you. Please.
We are the last Eidelons.
- All others hunted to extinction. - Hunted?
Our ancestors possessed the means to influence peace.
A gift that sadly has not survived to our generation.
I'm familiar with the history.
Then you would also know that 12,000 cycles ago
their great temple was destroyed,
the conciliators were murdered,
and all outposts of our species, slaughtered.
Arnessk was the center of our spiritual power.
The sight of the long-lost great temple,
upon which this very edifice is modeled.
However, today, Arnessk is a barren and lifeless world.
Perhaps not. We've been there.
These images are part of a data upload transmitted by Jool
before we left her on Arnessk.
I have more in the archives if you require.
Undoubtedly you will recall...
Except not you because you weren't there.
It was right after Crichton realized that he loved you more than anything.
- And you were as frizbot as a... - Shh.
Hmm? Oh! Arnessk.
These ancient Eidelons were not long dead as everyone assumed.
Just suspended in time for 12,000 cycles.
When we reversed the device that was holding them,
back they came into existence.
Right after I went swimming with the creature from the black lagoon.
That sounds exciting.
There is no doubt that today's Eidelons are a direct descendent
of the ancient peacemaking Eidelons of Arnessk.
They have a unique ability tied to their physiology.
Which is latent in our host Eidelons.
Why can't their ancestors reignite that ability?
Thus recreating the greatest peacemaking race in history!
Am I going insane or is the crazy lady starting to make sense?
- Yes. But I thought we were finished. - So did I.
What happened to "run first, no questions later"?
Scorpius. We wake up and he finds us before we have our first cup of coffee.
- This is not our fight. - I agree.
But as long as there's a war on, everyone's after me
'cause I'm the winner-take-all weapon guy.
- Every time we get involved... I know. People die.
We out of options?
This Eidelon education program.
- What are the odds it'll work? - Not good.
Not good is the best odds we ever get.
The most exciting aspect is the possibility
of learning how to influence peace in others.
Noble aspiration, High Priestess.
We have discussed it amongst ourselves,
and would be most appreciative if you would transport
Pikal and Caa'ta to Arnessk for an introductory delegation.
- But we can take many more. - As I have repeatedly said...
Centuries of hiding do not melt away suddenly, Pikal.
We remain skeptical about your motives.
And that's just on our side.
I know a little something of the Leviathans
and their symbiotic Pilots.
Peaceful to a fault, if I recall.
To Moya or myself, violence is less than an option.
Then I have a simple query.
These beings that you ferry, do you trust them?
Then I entrust Caa'ta and Pikal to your care.
Tissue transferal conductor.
The doc hasn't got all the bits,
but you'll probably find everything you need up on your ship.
And the doctor will give you detailed instructions.
That's unacceptable. He's coming with us.
No, I'm sorry. The doctor and I do not travel into Peacekeeper territory.
We have some previous issues with them.
Aeryn, this is a relatively simple procedure.
My baby is in a Hynerian. It's nowhere near simple.
Of course it is.
This part attaches to Rygel, the other part to you.
Before you know it, the baby's transferred.
So elegantly designed. Anyone can use it. Good luck.
- What? Where are you going? - Not with you.
Why not?
These Eidelons have just absorbed a thunderbolt revelation.
I know more about their ancient culture than they do.
They can benefit from my instructions until you return.
Can I do it myself?
What the hell is he doing here?
- We were invited. - Just stay there.
I've thought this through. We need him.
I don't like it. Well, blame me.
I do blame you. I don't like it!
I don't like it either. But we are currently flying
through Peacekeeper controlled space during a war
and he is a Command Carrier officer.
Actually my most recent commission
was commander of a full Peacekeeper armada.
Uh-huh. Among other things!
He knows all the current pass codes.
I'll keep him away.
I hope so.
Oh, Aeryn, Rygel, off-limits.
- Good morning, Commander. - Morning, Pilot.
Moya looks beautiful. How much did you miss us?
We have received a message that appears to have been hailing for some time.
First Arnessk.
I have enough of a fix that we can begin our journey.
I will find the exact location from Moya's data banks as we grow closer.
Excellent, Pilot. Proceed.
- Their message? - Sure, Pilot. Who is it?
Apparently the Royal Palace of Hyneria
coming from someone named Bishaan.
What is really happening there, Bishaan?
It is this damned war.
The Scarrans have already taken our outer territories. Millions are dead.
You are a direct descendent of the royal lineage.
If our people will unite under anyone, it will be under you.
Cousin Rygel, you are welcome to return to Hyneria.
You must returnl
If Bishaan thinks I'll return to a shared throne,
he is beyond diluted.
You're not going anywhere. You rest.
Some mother you're going to make.
Ship-wide announcement for our new guests.
Prepare for starburst, people.
- Chiana, Chiana! - In here.
Blessed Eidelon, may I enter the room and...
What is it exactly about these guys
that makes you so faasbotten?
Are you serious? The Eidelons are remarkable negotiators.
The Scarrans aren't gonna be reasoned with.
But they will if...
If what?
- Is he propositioning me? - No.
That's a very special gland.
- In a weird place. - It's an antenna to feelings.
An inner eye. Am I right, Pikal?
Yes. And our history leads us to believe
substantially more.
It gets bigger?
Not that we know. However, it vibrates.
We used to be able to create an energy field
that had a calming effect on individuals,
allowing them to see reason.
Yeah, but your little, limp thing.
It can't do the trick anymore.
Unfortunately not.
We've really gotta get married.
She has a good strong kick.
Perhaps to remind you that you're needed on the command deck.
There is nothing to be done at the moment.
You know the situation.
Situations change.
We are outnumbered, out-gunned,
and our populace has grown averse to hardship.
What are you trying to say?
More to the point, what are you not saying?
We have now lost every single battle since the start of the war.
I seek your opinion
on a truce.
The Scarrans will accept no truce.
Only surrender.
A surrender then.
When all is lost... only.
What are the signs,
my dear Grayza,
that all is lost?
A military leader who broaches surrender.
Crichton has departed the water planet.
My contact has provided approximate coordinates to his destination.
Fearful flight or purposeful journey?
He seeks the means to end this conflict.
- Wormhole weapon. - Unknown.
Though he does now have a traveling companion.
- Scorpius. - How well do they guard Crichton?
The Leviathan travels unescorted.
Though Peacekeepers now protect the water planet,
they have left.
Order the remainder of our battle contingent
to engage the enemy there.
Defeat them.
Then subdue the inhabitants.
And this Decimator?
To follow Crichton,
and settle old scores.
Any good vibes from the Eidelons yet?
Caa'ta is suspicious.
Imagine finding out your 12,000-cycle old relatives are still alive.
I once thought my Aunt Ruth was dead.
You can't believe the stuff we found in her closet.
- Do you think they can do it? - I don't know.
Think the Eidelons can stop this war?
If they can't,
we get to find another galaxy to live in.
John, between you and me.
- Lf this doesn't work, can you... - No, I can't.
Ohhh, by Hedsmana's sight, why me?
You're a Dominar. It has to count for something.
Carry their baby. Marry them off.
What next? Let them move in?
Forget about it. This is all wrong.
Stop! You are ruining my wedding.
- What? - You're pointing a gun at the baby.
I've traveled with the two of you for quite a while now.
Known you since you first met.
Over the cycles, there were times
when it looked like you were gonna kill each other.
Other times we couldn't have got you off each other
with a fire hose!
Sounds like a marriage to me.
upon my pronouncement,
may these two be joined as one
and evermore let nothing come be...
Pilot! What the hell is that?
We're under attack by Tregans!
You, hide.
Reporting multiple harpoon strikes.
Each with a hauling line attached.
- Can Moya free herself? - There are too manyl
The Tregan ship is already pulling us in.
We're still in Peacekeeper territory. Most likely they're mercenaries.
- What does that mean for us? - They're probably less likely to take prisoners.
I've counted at least seven two-man craft coming towards us.
They'll attempt to incapacitate Pilot
and cripple Moya's vital systems.
One way or another, this will all be over in half an hour.
- These guys work for the Peacekeepers? - Quite likely.
Right. You're with me. I wanna hear those pass codes.
If the Dark Lord here can't convince them we're a Peacekeeper vessel,
make sure you have an outstanding plan "B."
We'll protect neurocluster.
Chiana, Sikozu, go find Caa'ta and Pikal
and keep them safe.
- What about me? - How best can you help?
- I can stay out of your way. - Excellent.
This may not go as smoothly as you'd hoped.
What? You don't do improv?
When I received the signal you were still alive,
my departure from Peacekeeper service was less than sanctioned.
Meaning what?
You there, hold position.
We're about to find out.
Do you know who I am?
I take it, you are sentries for this sector, yes?
I wasn't informed you were out here, sir.
Nor do you know it now, lest it cost you your life.
In special service to the Grand Chancellor,
I order you to release and vacate this ship.
That won't happen.
And you are?
Chief of my vessel.
Our orders are to commandeer any ship
not broadcasting a Peacekeeper ident.
My mission would be jeopardized by advertising such a beacon.
Your mission is more than jeopardized.
It is over!
Who is in charge here? Whom should I be addressing?
And who is going to take the blame?
Chief, release the harpoons.
On Scorpius' authority.
Your command code, sir.
767 decahelot.
Scorpius, it is an honor to meet you face-to-face.
That's a damn nice set of body armor.
Does that come in blue?
What the hell did you do when you left the fatherland?
- Kill the goose that lays the golden egg? - Deserted my post.
What? For little ol' me?
It's amazing what a man will do when he's in love.
Pilot, anything you can do to help?
- Not without killing you also. - Hold that thought and be ready to duck.
- Who's taking fire? - Who isn't?
You all right?
Other than being shot at by the Electric Mayhem, I'm fantastic!
You must stay hidden.
And you?
Your sensitivity is of much more value
when we are meeting our ancestors.
It is my function to assure your safe arrival.
- But... - There is no time to argue.
Three of them heading parallel to us.
You can see that?
I can with my new eyes.
Son of a bitch!
- Pilot, stay down! - I can't!
We have to get outta here before Pilot gets shot.
What we need is the release transmitter.
- Where is that? - Over there with the head Treg.
Fine. Surrender or die!
You enjoy this, don't you, Crichton?
You know this species?
Then dead is okay.
You never struck me as the type who would want children.
You either, huh?
He wants it so badly. So I do.
You'll come around when you see the little guy in person.
I hope so.
All right, lover boy, get ready to cover me.
Are you having fun yet, John?
You call that covering fire?
No more Tregans aboard.
That's good news, Pilot.
However, they're still reeling us in.
- Because we can't release the harpoons. - Why not?
'Cause somebody sent the transmitter down the abyss.
This transmitter, what does it look like?
A star-shaped medallion.
- Pilot? - All lines disengaged.
We're free!
Ooh! Guess they figured out their captain's dead.
Pilot, can Moya starburst?
She will try.
That's our girl.
This is not good. Rygel? Rygel?
Don't get your knickers in a twist.
The baby is all right.
I'm terribly upset I failed to detect the Tregans.
1812, pipe down.
I was so preoccupied with other duties, they snuck up on us.
That's all right, Pilot. You're a few thousand mistakes behind the rest of us.
Hey, Pilot, how much is this gonna slow us down getting to Arnessk?
The answer, Commander,
is not at all.
Okay, I'm lost.
Not lost.
- Your business? - Hiya, Jool.
- You. - Me.
- Crichton. You? - Crichton.
- You are crazy. - I knew you wouldn't forget me.
The more we were apart, the more I knew you'd realize
that you are meant to be with...
- Jool. - Get your own fantasy, they're having my baby.
And it goes without saying you show deference and respect.
- Absolutely. - Please, don't embarrass me.
Excellent acoustics, are they not?
Perhaps you'd care to lead us in prayer.
Apologies, Hierarch Yondalao. I was explaining to them...
So you are the pilgrims who purport to be our heirs?
Not us. Just him. Go.
We understood all of our descendants to be gone.
Though we trace ourselves to your lineage, my people
have lost the ability, but not the desire to influence peace.
Troubling. And exhilarating.
I shall confer with the other conciliators
and notify you when the matter can be assessed.
I told you this was a waste of time.
Myths are rarely satisfying upon examination.
Hierarch, please.
You know me.
I know these travelers. They are honorable.
Why do you send them away?
I do not. I simply require time to examine the issue.
But, but with great respect. What is there to examine?
Pikal is an Eidelon like you.
We have awakened from 12,000 cycles of sleep.
What pertinence can we have to your galaxy now?
But the war. The deaths, the slaughters!
Peacekeepers, do your duty!
The horror!
May I speak?
The Peacekeeper shall be heard.
We apologize for invading your sanctuary.
And we understand you have reason for caution.
But what could be more pertinent in this time,
or any, than the ability to inspire peace?
Even if he's Eidelon,
how can this one supplicant help that cause?
You are few here, and Pikal's people are many.
With your instruction, they could become
a great force for peace.
Though the Peacekeeper provides sound counsel,
I still sustain reservations that must be meditated upon.
Peacekeepers, clear the temple.
Can you believe this?
Somebody wants us to be Peacekeepers.
Are you assassin?
No! I'm just the guy without a brain.
The Lion here would like some courage.
Tin Man, he needs a heart. Toto here just wants an easy birth.
And Dorothy here, she is just looking for a way home.
Now we're not gonna be here tomorrow so I suggest
you take a long hard look at our broomstick.
He is your heir! An Eidelon.
As youths, we open our faces to the universe,
absorbing the joy and anguish all creatures feel.
Then upon maturation, we step to the altar
to receive Hora Dalay:
The ability to encourage rationality
and tranquility in others.
The capacity to influence others toward peace
carries great responsibility.
Do you accept this burden for the rest of your days?
It's going to work. With training,
Pikal and his kind, should be able to stop the war.
- No wormholes. - Exactly what I was thinking, John Crichton.
Can we go back to Moya now? I'm starving.
In a microt. Go and get Stark.
- Is it just me or is he getting bigger? - It's a geometric pregnancy.
Please tell me that means we're gonna have a mathematician.
A soldier more likely.
But we will be having it sooner than you think.
How sooner?
With genetic modifications
put into someone born into a battle unit like myself,
essentially we're going to be parents
in a matter of solar days.
- We don't have a name. - Already picked one.
Well, what?
- Excuse me? - Do you not like it?
Uh, boy or girl?
Either. It works for both.
You just made a joke.
Soldiers don't have a sense of humor, John.
You better have my dinner ready when I get back on that ship now.
Is there nothing they can do?
Then order retreat from Alentro Quadrant.
Have Commander Spreddic regroup
in defense of our nearest outposts.
Sir, how have the Scarrans moved so quickly
through our forward positions?
Because they have been planning this for many cycles,
And you have a design to turn it around?
Of course.
In due time.
Thank you for your assistance, Aeryn.
Independent verification
of hull integrity is invaluable to Moya and me.
- It's the least I could do. - Lf you'll close the thermal-imaging ports,
I'll begin cycling to numistatic distance
calibration, completing our harpoon repairs.
Back so soon?
Why don't you tell Scorpius that continuously asking me
will not change my opinion?
Peace is still a better option
than trying to build a wormhole weapon.
Not spoken like a true soldier.
Depends on your definition.
With all due respect,
Crichton is your inferior.
So why would you bear his child?
You should leave, Sikozu. And I mean off this ship.
I did not mean to offend.
When I first met Scorpius,
I naturally assumed I was his superior.
I have since learned there is a reservoir to his abilities
that continually overshadows my own.
Same with Crichton.
You view Crichton as your superior?
No, as my equal.
Sikozu, perhaps your under and over estimations
of yourself are meaningless.
Perhaps you're just meant to be together.
Interesting these Eidelons.
Yep. Tell me about it, Bob.
Despite the fable around them,
these Eidelons can only affect peace
when the combatants are willing to let them get near them.
Am I detecting a little professional jealousy?
The Scarrans for certain will destroy these Peacemakers
long before they can get close enough to have any impact.
Great! Then you won't mind them doing their thing.
Fine! But do yours at the same time.
Me making weapons
is just a means to your ends.
God! What is it you really want, Scorpius?
Privacy achieved during peace will always be challenged.
However, if ascended during conflict,
it can last a lifetime.
You wanna say that in English?
We've been hit.
I have a highly-developed survival sense.
It's telling me to leave.
John, it's a Scarran warship
closing in on the planet at maximum speed.
Stryker or Dreadnaught?
Neither. Something new and much faster.
How much time we got?
More like how little.
I'm on my way to get you now.
Hey, where the hell do you think you're going?
To remove as much of our presence as possible.
The Scarrans will be hard enough on these Eidelons as it is.
Don't worry about it.
We're taking them with us.
- Everyone has to go. - That is impossible.
Jool, will you explain to him what is going on?
- He knows. - Hierarch, listen.
These are not chirpy Saturday morning Sleestaks coming.
The decision has been made.
The big hand says I don't have time to argue.
And the little hand says, Pikal, it is time to go.
He is not yet prepared to instruct others.
His education must continue.
We came here because we need conciliators.
There is an entire planet of his people waiting.
How the hell are we supposed to bring them up to speed?
I will instruct them.
Fine. Fine.
Jool, you should come as well.
I can't. I belong here.
You always made the best mistakes.
This is not good.
No dren!
This frelling thing is supposed to get the baby out of me.
I don't think so.
- Not you, them! - Who them? What?
You wanna worry about someone? Worry about me.
The Eidelons.
What about them?
Their good give in peace. Their good sleep in peace.
Their good die in peace!
- Why aren't we moving? - Ask Pilot.
The Scarrans are close enough to have targeted us.
Initiate starburst.
Moya refuses. Before she has time to fully power up, we will be hit.
Any ideas for a diversion? Scarran vessel.
The inhabitants of Arnessk are peaceful. We have no weapons and pose no threat.
Do you wish to land?
- What are they doing? - Deciding how savage they want to be.
- Okay, come on. - You'll be safe in here.
- Pilot, we can't just sit here. - Moya's got to take the risk. Pilot?
At this range? It's suicide!
Scarran vessel, please respond.
Bad feeling.
Jool, can you hear us?
Get away from the temple. Now, Jool!
The Scarrans have fired.
- Evasive! - No time!
Son of a bitch. Not us.
Crew of Leviathan, you must immediately abandon ship
and surrender to the Scarran Imperial Forces.
Noncompliance with this command will result
in the immediate annihilation of your ship.
- Repeat, noncompliance with this command - We're cursed.
Will result in the immediate annihilation of your ship.
Everything we touch.
Prepare for emergency starburst!
- Crew of Leviathan... - Shouldn't I stay here?
If anyone stays behind the Scarrans will destroy Moya. Come on!
But I'm pregnant!
Let's do it.
I cross-connected the power drive and the fuel system so we can detonate ourselves
should we choose.
"D," last chance to bail.
I'm fairly certain they can't pierce Moya's invisibility shield.
But you give us the signal, we'll be there.
We hope.
Good fortune. Now, get out of the way.
Well, when this idiot plan dies, I would say
I am the first one you rescue.
Ask Aeryn.
Rescue Yondalao first.
Isn't he supposed to be rescuing us?
Yeah, how about that?
We stride onto the ship
and you convince the Scarrans to smoke the peace pipe.
They are a species unfamiliar to me.
I must first sense their fears and desires through proximity.
You're about to get all the proximity you can handle. Scarran vessels straight ahead.
Probe the Leviathan.
If you discover any life other than its pilot,
annihilate the vessel.
Oh, I must've overlooked this.
- You lived among the Scarrans. - Most of my life.
Assisted their dying rituals. Passage to the other side.
- Then you know their psyche. - As much as possible.
Assist me with that knowledge.
Welcome to my flagship.
That was a temple you nuked down there.
An act of precaution.
Requisite in times of war.
As is truth-seeking.
The Luxan and Nebari who are traveling with you?
Gone... a short while before we came.
Strange. I always assumed His Highness was male.
A tumor. Not long to live.
I would agree.
Take the Hynerian to separate barracks.
Stop it. Let go of me!
I find it troubling that Humans and Sebaceans can propagate together,
and intriguing.
How could you know that he was pregnant with their child?
The same way I knew to find you here.
- A traitor. - But who?
Ah, they say one traitor
can always recognize another.
If you hadn't facilitated Crichton's earlier escape,
there would be peace now.
With you the Supreme Ruler?
A position I know you dream of, Scorpius.
You, John Crichton, are alive for one reason only.
I will have the wormhole technology you possess.
If not, War Minister Ahkna will pleasure herself
torturing the Hynerian
and the abomination in his belly.
You have one arn to decide.
Here, here.
It's not ready.
They have Rygel and the sand is trickling though the hourglass.
- We can't give them wormhole weapons. - They don't know that.
And I can give them the middle finger.
You don't know what you're doing.
I never do.
You, give them nothing!
Let's make a deal.
One power source.
Two compartments, forward and last.
More intense, and smaller.
And here.
That's it.
I'll be able to stop 'em cold with three perfect shots.
Why three? You usually slay me with just one.
Rygel's invited us to Hyneria.
Thought I could do some work with my hands.
Plant some food, make some wine.
Hey, Godzilla, let's get this over with.
- You have something to give me? - Yeah.
I got something you don't get very often. The truth.
- I can't give you wormhole weapons. - Then you will die.
You're asking for a kilo of pure wormhole technology which I don't have!
But I can take you to a guy that does.
In exchange, you give me Rygel.
Undamaged, free and clear.
Give me the coordinates!
It doesn't work like that.
You are immune to the probing.
'Cause I always speak the truth.
Okay, here's how it works.
We go in my module
down a wormhole to the source of ultimate power.
It's a two-seater. Me and one other.
It's the only safe way to get there.
The emperor will never go alone with you in your craft!
I will accompany him.
Yes, always good to see who wears the britches in a relationship.
Set a course to rejoin the battle group at the water planet.
We shall leave as soon as I return.
It's a question of balls. The ball's in his court.
How would they react?
I see. If faced with such a moral choice,
the Scarrans would still choose to slaughter innocents.
A conundrum: How to tap into their morality. I must think.
- Is there progress? - A great deal.
- I will soon be able to influence their passions. - Excellent.
In the temple, you said, "Peacekeepers, do your duty."
What did you mean?
I had forgotten that you had forgotten.
At the dawn of our period of usefulness, 27,000 cycles ago,
we developed need of a guard, a race no one had quarrel with.
A force to insure harmony prevailed
once negotiations had finished.
Apparently your forebears attempted to carry on
once we vanished.
However, lacking our mediation abilities,
they kept peace the only way they could:
At the muzzle of a weapon.
And that's why they're hated.
It wasn't such at the beginning.
We took great care to choose a species no one had met before.
We found your kind primitive, barely clothed.
Far removed on the galaxy's outer spiral.
Having brought some of you back,
your evolution was accelerated with generous alterations
until you became our trusted acolytes.
The emperor wants this one maintained.
However, I would consider it a personal favor
should he die of explainable causes.
I grow weary.
We'll stop for coffee on the way back.
There is a problem?
Take your hand off me.
You know what you have to do, John.
Yeah, I know exactly what I have to do.
Just crash the module. No more Staleek.
No more Crichton.
No more Aeryn. No more anyone.
Do you think War Minister Psycho-Drama's gonna be a kindler, gentler soul?
Somebody else's problem. But you would've done your duty.
Get your hand off me.
Please take your hand off me.
Get your hand off me.
We shall return to my ship. There is no wormhole here.
We're catching the 7:15 to Enlightenment. It's just a little late.
I have been informed you plot escape.
- We are prisoners with no weapons. - None here.
But perhaps out there.
I promise you. You will never be reunited with your baby.
I'm sure your mother wished the same thing.
How brave you are.
Ordinance Officer, fire!
- D'Argo! - They know where we are!
You can stop now. You've proved your point.
The Luxans are like Peacekeepers.
Soon to be enslaved or dead.
Enshrine their souls, end their suffering
and guide the passage of D'Argo and Chiana
to their place of rest.
Cannot a Luxan survive in space?
Quarter arn. Maybe a little longer.
Scarran brutality surprises me.
They will be difficult to influence.
The Scarran blood that runs through my veins
knows more than you'll ever know.
The first scent of interference, you'll be as dead as D'Argo.
And then the...
There is only one path out of this prison.
We must fight our way out!
This is the source of your knowledge?
That and the back of cereal boxes.
Cinch up your diaper, big boy.
The first time is always the worst.
This is normal?
No. The module's overweighted. We got a big bubba in 2-V.
Last chance, John. Veer into the wall of the wormhole.
It'll be over fast.
Nope. Child's gonna have a father.
I hope it's a boy.
Boy, girl, either is fine.
Buckle up.
Check it out. I'm Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer.
You have violated our trust.
He has my family.
Unimportant to the greater agenda.
They are my greater agenda.
- Why have you brought him here? - Who is this creature?
You can call him Einstein. I suggest you do it nicely.
Staleek, he can wrap time round his little finger.
The whoo-doo voodoo is not gonna work.
Einstein, do you possess the knowledge of wormholes?
Can these wormholes be made into weapons?
- Then you will give me that power! - No.
Hang on. I can find a wormhole, and fly down one.
With the rudimentary knowledge we have given you.
Can I make a weapon?
You cannot.
Why not?
Because no one should have that power.
Listen up.
This is your universe.
This is your universe on wormholes.
You mess with the natural order, you destroy multiple time lines.
I will have that power!
Humbling, ain't it?
Returning here was wrong.
I have to protect the people I love.
And you owe me for putting that crap in my head.
It may soon be prudent to remove it.
Amen. I wanna be blond again.
You truly cannot create wormhole weapons.
We should get back before Rygel damages your wife.
Absolutely not.
Our best opportunity is when or if
Crichton walks through those doors, we must try to escape!
Not without my child.
A disagreement past its time.
- You should be dead. - And how was your day?
I saw a wreckage on the way in.
They killed Chiana and D'Argo.
Is Yondalao good to go?
Apparently not.
Well, Staleek's gonna give us Rygel.
You've traded ultimate power for an unborn offspring.
No. I gave it to him. You know why?
Because he's such a nice guy!
But the funny thing is I don't have anything to give.
So, Chiana and D'Argo,
me being chased around the galaxy for years,
everything, it's all for nothing.
Your ranting aside, we still have no way out.
I wouldn't be so sure.
You have to do something.
Time to transfer the baby.
When I am ordered.
However, I can give you something
to eliminate the pain completely.
Oh, that would be great. Hurry!
Whose orders override mine?
War Minister Ahkna. I had no choice.
You will die when I order it.
If I knew my word was useless...
The Luxan stealth craft, I discovered and destroyed.
The presence of Scorpius who has already betrayed you once,
and the constant ability of these creatures to plague us with resistance.
Add these up, and they should die for our own security.
Scorpius is a commander in our enemy's armada.
Officer Sun a former pilot.
Who knows what information may be coerced from them!
- It's not worth the risk. - Stop seeing Vitubian vipers in every shadow.
And never countermand my orders again!
Here, have him!
Did they do anything to you?
This maintains my portion of the accord.
Beyond this, I promise nothing.
With deference, Your Eminence.
- Who are you? - Hierarch Yondalao.
Triumvirate Council.
Eidelon faction of neutrality.
There is no such thing as neutrality.
You travel with my prisoners, you are a prisoner.
Emperor Staleek, you wish power,
acknowledgement of your personal intelligence,
and to gain acceptance
in the upper echelon of civilizations.
What do you know of my aims?
Only that there are many paths to accomplish them.
War is our path.
At the peace table, we know how we're viewed:
Brutish, ignorant.
Then what greater victory than to prove them wrong?
And without the loss of a single Scarran...
I am listening.
Now you will tell me this one Human holds such fascination
that Scorpius would desert,
the Scarran emperor would pursue.
And we would all tremble at the power of his magical wormholes.
Did you not tell me Crichton was powerless?
His doomsday weapon a myth?
That was my belief.
This moment, however, is not without opportunity.
Knowing the emperor's whereabouts
allows us to negotiate a peace proposal
before our position becomes so eroded
as to be laughable.
Yes, my love. Of course.
It also gives us the opportunity to surprise the Scarran leader
and decapitate his empire.
The sudden chaos in their ranks might tip the balance.
And if that fails?
No, I will not be remembered by history
as the commander under whom Peacekeeperdom fell.
No, my love. You will not.
Because despite your station, you are weak.
I say again that which I have said before.
Death is preferable to subjugation under Scarran rule.
They must be defeated.
Not quite the Luxan greeting, but...
- What are you doing here? - Right now?
Saving your life.
Jothee, shouldn't we be running?
Our concealment technology is three generations beyond yours.
We could pull up beside 'em and they wouldn't know we're here.
So, you're in command now.
- He's a cleaver. - Cleaver?
- Field officer. - Which means he's got brains.
The rest of us just like to fight.
What are you doing here?
We've been following the emperor for quite some time.
And then, there you were.
We gotta take the crown head out,
but his ship is pretty well impenetrable.
One would think.
Is this accurate?
Looks like we could take him out in four shots.
Yes, that sounds quite reasonable.
Absolutely. We're walking into Federationville here.
You cross the T's.
You dot the lower case J's, and we're good to go.
Emperor, could you review the accord
- that you wish all of us to agree to? - Of course.
At the core of the matter is the perception
that Crichton can create wormhole weapons.
If I propose an armistice to the Peacekeepers
with Crichton by my side,
they will naturally assume
he has bestowed a military edge upon the Scarran Empire.
The Grand Chancellor is no gambler.
He would indeed choose peace over a war
he knows he would lose.
Being benevolent, I will then propose an accord
which favors us in mining rights and trade balance, whilst
allowing complete self-rule of all Peacekeeper territories.
And I'm out, right?
You shall be released upon the signing.
And a great many lives will be saved by everybody sim...
Do you really wish
to broker peace with an enemy you are certain to destroy?
What is this?
It is the proper course of action.
If your kind has a prayer for the dying,
fill your mind with it now that you may be comforted.
He's passing over. The secret of peace is lost.
It's not good. Stark, give him last rites.
Oh, I cannot. I'm beneath him.
Astro Boy, you can take his power, protect his gift.
Oh, no, I cannot.
Stark, you can!
You're a Stykara. I've seen you do amazing things.
When you pass someone over, you take what they know.
- Help him help us. - Quickly before he dies.
No, I cannot!
Aeryn, help me!
No, no!
No, no!
My mask! Don't touch me!
- What have we done? - I don't know.
Something good or something very bad.
Hey, hey.
We're gonna have to transfer the baby now.
- Can you remember what to do? - I think so.
- You stay with him. Where's the transfer kit? - Over there.
- Where? - There!
- It's gas. - What?
- You gotta be kiddin' me! - They're entombing us.
Saleek, this is very unoriginal.
What does this do?
- Paralytic embalming agent. - Stark.
Preserves living tissue without harming the brain.
Scarrans use it on specimens they wish to dissect
whilst they're still alive.
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Frasier 02x03 - Commentary by Director David Lee and Writer Joe Keenan
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Friends - 3x11 - The One Where Chandler Cant Remember
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Friends - 3x16 - The One the Morning After
Friends - 3x17 - The One Without the Ski Trip
Friends - 3x18 - The One With the Hypnosis Tape
Friends - 3x19 - The One With the Tiny T-Shirt
Friends - 3x20 - The One With the Dollhouse
Friends - 3x21 - The One With a Chick and a Duck
Friends - 3x22 - The One With the Screamer
Friends - 3x23 - The One With Rosss Thing
Friends - 3x24 - The One With Ultimate Fighting Champ
Friends - 3x25 - The One at the Beach
Friends - 4x01 - The One With the Jellyfish
Friends - 4x02 - The One With the Cat
Friends - 4x03 - The One With the Cuffs
Friends - 4x04 - The One With the Ballroom Dancing
Friends - 4x05 - The One With Joeys New Girlfriend
Friends - 4x06 - The One With the Dirty Girl
Friends - 4x07 - The One Where Chandler Crosses
Friends - 4x08 - The One With Chandler in a Box
Friends - 4x09 - The One Where They are Going
Friends - 4x10 - The One With the Girl from
Friends - 4x11 - The One With Phoebes Uterus
Friends - 4x12 - The One With the Embryos
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Friends - 4x14 - The One With Joeys Dirty Day
Friends - 4x15 - The One With All the Rugby
Friends - 4x16 - The One With the Fake Party
Friends - 4x17 - The One With the Free Porn
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Friends - 5x03 - The One Hundreth
Friends - 5x04 - The One Where Phoebe Hates PBS
Friends - 5x05 - The One With the Kips
Friends - 5x06 - The One With the Yeti
Friends - 5x07 - The One Where Ross Moves In
Friends - 5x08 - The One With All the Thanksgivins
Friends - 5x09 - The One With Rosss Sandwich
Friends - 5x10 - The One With the Inappropiate Sister
Friends - 5x11 - The One With All the Resolutions
Friends - 5x12 - The One With Chandlers Work Laugh
Friends - 5x13 - The One With Joeys Bag
Friends - 5x14 - The One Where Everyone Finds Out
Friends - 5x15 - The One With the Girl Who Hits Joey
Friends - 5x16 - The One With the Cop
Friends - 5x17 - The One With Rachels
Friends - 5x18 - The One Where Rachel Smokes
Friends - 5x19 - The One Where Ross Cant Flirt
Friends - 5x20 - The One With the Ride-Along
Friends - 5x21 - The One With the Ball
Friends - 5x22 - The One With Joeys Big Break
Friends - 5x23 - The One in Vegas
Friends - 6x01 - The One After Vegas
Friends - 6x02 - The One Where Ross Hugs Rachel
Friends - 6x03 - The One With Rosss Denial
Friends - 6x04 - The One Where Joey Loses His
Friends - 6x05 - The One With Joeys Porsche
Friends - 6x06 - The One On the Last Night
Friends - 6x07 - The One Where Phoebe Runs
Friends - 6x08 - The One With Rosss Teeth
Friends - 6x15
Friends 7x01 - The One with Monicas Thunder
Friends 7x02 - The One With Rachels Book
Friends 7x03 - The One With Phoebes Cookies
Friends 7x04 - The One With Rachels Assistant
Friends 7x05 - The One With The Engagement Picture
Friends 7x06 - The One With The Nap Partners
Friends 7x07 - The One with Rosss Library Book
Friends 7x08 - The One Where Chandler Doesnt Like Dogs
Friends 7x09 - The One With All the Candy
Friends 7x10 - The One With The Holiday Armadillo
Friends 7x11 - The One With All The Cheesecakes
Friends 7x12 - The One Where They are Up All Night
Friends 7x13 - The One Where Rosita Dies
Friends 7x14 - The One Where They All Turn Thirty
Friends 7x15 - The One With Joeys New Brain
Friends 7x16 - The One With the Truth About London
Friends 7x17 - The One With the Cheap Wedding Dress
Friends 7x18 - The One With Joeys Award
Friends 7x19 - The One With Ross and Monicas Cousin
Friends 7x20 - The One With Rachels Kisses
Friends 7x21 - The One With the Vows
Friends 7x22 - The One With Chandlers Dad
Friends 7x23 - The One With Monica and Chandlers Wedding Part 1
Friends 7x24 - The One With Monica and Chandlers Wedding Part 2
Friends 9x01 - The One Where No One Proposes
Friends 9x02 - The One Where Emma Cries
Friends 9x03 - The One With The Pediatrician
Friends 9x04 - The One With The Sharks
Friends 9x05 - The One With Phoebes Birthday Dinner
Friends 9x06 - The One With The Male Nanny
Friends 9x07 - The One With Rosss Inappropriate Song
Friends 9x08 - The One With Rachels Other Sister
Friends 9x09 - The One With Rachels Phone Number
Friends 9x10 - The One With Christmas In Tulsa
Friends 9x11 - The One Where Rachel Goes Back To Work
Friends 9x12 - The One With Phoebes Rats
Friends 9x13 - The One Where Monica Sings
Friends 9x14 - The One With The Blind Dates
Friends 9x15 - The One With The Mugging
Friends 9x16 - The One With The Boob Job
Friends 9x17 - The One With The Memorial Service
Friends 9x18 - The One With The Lottery
Friends 9x19 - The One With Rachels Dream
Friends 9x20 - The One With The Soap Opera Party
Friends 9x21 - The One With The Fertility Test
Friends 9x22 - The One With The Donor
Friends 9x23-24 - The One In Barbados 1 2)
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