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Family Man The

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[ Plane Engine Droning ]
[ People Chattering ]
[ Woman ]|This will be the final|boarding call for flight 2...
to London, Heathrow.
[ Sighs ]|I'm not even|gonna say it, Kate.
Then it'll be|like I never left.
Okay ?
I have a really bad feeling|about this.
About the plane ?
You think it's gonna crash ?|Don't say that.
No. Look, I know that|we've talked about this|a thousand times,
and we agreed that|going to London was|the right thing to do.
But in my heart...|this feels wrong.
Don't go, Jack.|You mean don't go at all ?
Well, what--|what about my internship ?
Believe me, I know--|I know what an incredible|opportunity this is for you.
For us, Kate.|Right, for us.
But I'm afraid that|if you get on that plane--|Look.
We're at the airport.|Nobody ever thinks clearly|at the airport.
So we should just trust|the decision we already made.
You've been accepted|to one of the best law schools|in the country.
I've got this internship|at Barclay's Bank.|We have a great plan, honey.
You wanna do something|great, Jack ?
Let's flush the plan.|Let's start our lives|right now, today.
I mean, I have no idea|what this life is gonna|look like,
but I know that it has|the both of us in it, |and I choose us.
The plan doesn't|make us great, Jack.
What we have together, |that's what makes us great.
- I love you, Kate.|- I love you too. I do.
And one year in London|is not gonna change that.
A hundred years|couldn't change that.
Experts are predicting|a mild rally in the bond market.
[ Continues Indistinctly ]
[ Woman ]|Last night was incredible.|Huh ?
I said, last night was great.
You are|an amazing lover.
Thanks.|You're not bad yourself.
- I wanna see you again.|- I'd like that too.
Tonight.|It's Christmas eve, Jack.
So ? I'll pour|eggnog over you.|[ Laughing ]
- [ Growls ]|- I have to go visit|my parents out in Jersey.
Jersey ? Do you have|any idea what the traffic's|gonna be like ?
That's why I'm taking|the train.
It was nice|meeting you, Jack.
## [ "La Donna EMobile" ]
[ Singing Along With CD ]| #Sempre un amabile #
# Leggiadro viso #
# Inpianto o in riso #
# Emenzognero #
# La donna e mobil #
# Qualpiuma al vento #
# Muta d'accento #
# Edipensier #
# Edipensier #
## [ Luciano Pavarotti|Vocalizing ]
# No #
## [ Vocalizing Along ]
## [ Humming ]
# Bomp, bomp, bomp|bomp, bomp-bomp #
# Bomp, bomp, bomp|bomp, bomp-bomp #
# Bomp, bomp, bomp|bahrump, bomp-bomp ##
[ Elevator Bell Dings ]
Mrs. Peterson.|Hello, Jack.
You don't have to stop|singing on my account.|Oh, it's because I'm shy, Betty.
So, when are you gonna leave|that old corpse, Mr. Peterson, |and run away with me ?
You know you could never|satisfy me the way he does.
Ah.|[ Elevator Bell Dings ]
Merry Christmas, |Mr. Campbell.
How'd you make out|this year, Tony ?
About four grand, |and a bottle of 25-year-old|Scotch from 9D.
I'm putting it all in|commercial paper like you said.
Good, but just until|the deutsche mark turns.
- Thank you, Mr. Campbell.|- All right.
Good morning, Joe.|Merry Christmas, sir.
Campbell wants|these available.|Thanks, Adelle.
Better you than me.
If Med Tech shares fall|any lower than 43,
we're in trouble|with the stock valuations.
So for God's sake, |please watch what you say|to your institutional customers.
We still have almost a full day|of trading before zero hour, |and I don't want any trouble.
[ Sighs ]|A penny for|your thoughts, Alan.
Hmm ? Oh, God, I'm sorry.
Jack, I was thinking about, |you know, Dee and the kids.
I promised|I'd be home for dinner.|It's Christmas eve, Jack.
- Oh, is that tonight ?|- [ Polite Laughter ]
You think I like being|here on Christmas eve, Alan ?
No. Well, maybe.
[ Laughter ]|Okay.
Okay, maybe I do have|a touch of tunnel vision|this holiday season.
But in two days|we're going to announce...
one of the largest mergers|in U.S. corporate history.
When a deal like this turns up, |you get on it and you ride it|till it's over.
You don't ask it|for a vacation.
December 26. After that|there'll be so much money|floating around here,
it'll be like Christmas|every day.
December 26, people. If you'd|like to celebrate that day, |you all have my blessing.
- You're right. I'm sorry.|- I don't want you to be sorry.|I want you to be excited.
I want my gift to you|to be the first gift you open|this year. You know why ?
- [ Stammering ]|- Because my gift comes|with ten zeroes.
You're right.|I'm focused. I'm there.
Good man. Everybody, |turn to page 12|in your prospectus.
[ All Chattering Indistinctly ]
You have six messages.|Two of them are imperative.|Whoa. I'm going home.
I'm not even here now.|Good night. Merry Christmas.|Merry Christmas.
It's only 8:30.|I'm disappointed. Got some|last-minute shopping to do ?
You too ? This holiday's about|giving. I'm giving everything|I've got to this deal.
So in a way, I'm more|Christmassy than anybody.|You're my role model, Jack.
Oh, and Oxford called.|Ooh, my suits are ready.
- Mm-hmm.|- Care for a Lifesaver ?
No, thank you.|Help yourself.
Kate Reynolds.|Her assistant said you could|reach her at home after 8:00.
Kate Reynolds was|my girlfriend in college.
I almost married her.|[ Chuckles ]|You ?
Married ?|Almost married.
And almost a broker|at E.F. Hutton.|Excuse me ?
She didn't want me|to go to London.
We're standing at the airport|saying good-bye, |and she asked me to stay.
So you left her.
- Wasn't easy.|- Oh, stop it.|I'm getting all weepy.
I took the road|less traveled, Adelle.
And look where it took ya.|I'm gonna get this gal|on the phone.
Nope.|You almost married|this woman.
You're not even curious|why she called ?
She's probably just having|a fit of nostalgia.
Lonely Christmas eve. Called|the one that got away. Why|call her back and mislead her ?
This happened|a very, very long time ago.
8:35 on Christmas eve.
Jack Campbell still|at his desk.
Now there's|a Hallmark moment for you.
Peter, I don't see you|rushing home to trim the tree.
That's because|I'm a heartless bastard|who only cares about money.
Well, you know what ?|God love you for that.
Got a call|from Terry Haight.
Bob Thomas is nervous.
That'll happen when you're|about to spend $130 billion|on some aspirin.
Somebody's gotta|nurse him through this.
Why are you staring|at my breasts, Peter ?
I need you, tiger.|Where is he ?
- Aspen.|- Call Aunt Irma and tell her|I won't be able to make it.
You're a credit|to capitalism, Jack.
Hey, Peter, let me|ask you a question.
An old girlfriend|calls you out of the blue|on Christmas eve.
- What do you do ?|- You suddenly having trouble|getting dates ?
- Yeah.|- Leave it in the past.
Old flames are like|old tax returns--
put 'em in the file cabinet|for three years, and then|you cut 'em loose.
I'll leave from my office|tomorrow in the afternoon.
Call the group.|Schedule an emergency|strategy session for noon.
That'll be a nice|little holiday treat.
Good night, Frank.|Hey, Mr. Campbell.
Why didn't you call down ?|I would have had Joe|get your ride.
I'm thinking I'll walk tonight.|It's a nice night for it.
I'll send your car|home for you.|That'll be fine.
- And Merry Christmas|to you, sir.|- To you too.
Eggnog ?|Yeah, dairy case.|Five dollar.
Hey, yo. Y'all|do the lotto here, right ?|Y'all do the lotto here ?
Yeah.|Cool. 'Cause I got a winner, |baby. I got a winner.
Certified, good as gold. I know|lotto keep a lot of brothers|down, but not Cash Money.
Don't do me none, son, |'cause I'd be like--
Bang on the lottery !|You know what I mean ?|It's all good.
Relax, son. Relax.|I got you four numbers.|Check it. Bust it.
6, 14, 16, 49.|That's a winner, son.
$238, B.|Cheddar coming.
Give me my money.|I'm sorry. Your ticket bad.|You draw in the lines.
What are you talking about, B. ?|You draw in the lines with|a pencil. I know about this.
Yo, buster, |check the ticket, son.|No, you get out.
Yo, you ain't even looked|at the ticket. You looking|at me, son. Check the ticket.
You get out now !|You take the ticket|somewhere else !
Next customer in line !
You get out or I call 9-1-1.
Oh, my God !
Check the ticket, stupid.
Look at the ticket.|Shit, now I'm gonna|make you call God.
That's my word. You best|check that ticket, fool!|Let me see the ticket.
Was I talking to you ?
Maybe I'll buy it from you.|You know, make a little|business deal.
Stupid-ass white boy in|$2,000 suit gets capped trying|to be a hero. News at 11:00.
That's what you wanna see ?|You wanna see Cash up in here ?|You want me to set it, son ?
Do you wanna die ?
Do you wanna die ?
Do you want to die ?
Look, I'm talking about|a business deal.
Okay ? I buy the ticket|from you for $200.
I take it to a store where|the guy behind the counter|doesn't have a death wish.
I just made myself|a quick $38.
Like I said, it's--
it's just a business deal.
All right. Yeah.
All right.
You blew it, B.|You blew it.
The ticket was real.|Damn, you had your chance too.
Come on, Jack.|Let's get out of here.
How'd you know my name|was Jack ?
I call|all you guys Jack.
Here. Nice doing|business with ya.
Hey. Hey, um--
What do you want to carry|that gun around for anyway ?
You're just gonna wind up|doing something you regret.
You're talking|to the wrong person|about regrets, Jack.
I mean, there must be|programs out there|and, um, opportunities.
Wait a minute.|Are you actually trying|to save me ?
This is bananas.
This man thinks|I need to be saved, yo !
Well, everybody|needs something.
Yeah ? Well, what|do you need, Jack ?
Me ?|You just said, |everybody needs something.
I got everything I need.
Wow. It must be great|being you.
I'm not saying that you'd be|able to do it without some hard|work, some honest hard work,
and possibly some medicine.
You know, I'm gonna|really enjoy this.
You just remember that|you did this, Jack, okay ?
You brought this|on yourself.
Merry Christmas.|[ Chuckles ]
Mmm, ten more minutes, Jack.
It's Christmas.
#Jingle bells|Santa smells|Rudolph laid an egg #
- # La, la, la, la, la, la|la, la, la, la, la, la ## |- Never mind.
- [ Woman ] Who's here ?|- Rise and shine.
Don't you think|we should open some presents ?
- I think you should give Mama|five more minutes in bed.|- Come on, Dad. Get up.
Can we do that ?|Yea !|It's Christmas !
- It's Christmas !|- Look, your sister's|jumping on the bed.
What is this dog|doing on the bed?|He needs to get off the bed.
Did Santa come ?|I don't know.|We'll have to go see.
- Let's go see the presents.|- You wanna get some presents ?
Mommy just needs|to wake up.
Jack. Strong coffee.
Oh, Jack.|Merry Christmas, dear.
Lorraine. Ed.
Hey, Jack, you old bird dog.|Merry Christmas to ya.
Talk to him. One day a year|away from the Ponderosa.
- I don't think|that's asking too much.|- This is who I am.
Tell her, Jack, for God's sake.|You're the only one around here|that gets me.
- I need some eggnog.|- 'Course you do, sweet thing.|Almost 8:00 in the morning.
Excuse me.|Where you going, |Jack ?
Josh, Annie, giddyup !|Where's my car ?|Where's my Ferrari ?
What ?|Where's my Ferrari ?
What the hell are you talking--|What's he talking about ?|You got a Ferrari ?
Let me borrow your car|and then I promise|I'll have it returned.
My Caddy ?|Drive your own damn car.
Oh, just let him borrow|your precious Cadillac, |for God sakes.
There's a perfectly|good minivan sitting out there|in the driveway. Here.
What the hell's wrong|with him anyway ?
- Tony, thank God !|- Sorry, pal. Entrance is for|residents and guests only.
What ? What are|you talking about ?
Jack Campbell, penthouse "C."|What's the matter with you ?|Uh-huh.
Mrs. Peterson, I think|there's something wrong|with our man Tony here.
Who is this man ?
Oh, come on.|What is going on|with you two this morning ?
Is this like a, uh--|a Christmas joke ?
"Who is this man ?"|Well, we're on the co-op board|together, Betty.
And we fought side by side|for garbage disposals.
And every morning we exchange|quasi-sexual witty banter.
Okay ?|Shall I call the cops ?|I'm gonna call the cops.
No, I'm gonna call the cops !|You're scaring me.
- No, no, no, no.|- Thank you for not|calling the cops.
Now, I'm going upstairs, |I'm gonna get some sleep.|Then I'll be fine.
Sleep you shall.|Noblesse oblige isn't dead.|Not yet anyway.
Let's, um--Let's get you|some help. Surely there's a|shelter somewhere in this city.
A shelter ?
Hey, hey, are you|smacked out of your head ?
I'm the richest man in|this building ! I've got twice|the square footage you have !
And I'm going upstairs.|Take a walk, pal.
Oh, not cool.|Not cool !
You wanna get cute ?|Get cute.
I'm gonna go to my office.|I'm gonna file a complaint|to the manager of the building.
I'm gonna have you fired, Tony.|And, Mrs. Peterson, you're on|notice with the co-op board !
So you better just stop|whatever this is|that you're doing !
[ Engine Not Starting ]
Oh, yeah.|Oh. Oh, yeah.
Oh, come on !|[ Starts ]
Frank, you won't believe|what's been happening to me.|Is Adelle here yet ?
Hold it right there.|Where's Mintz ?
The building is closed, pal.|You have to come back tomorrow.
Frank, why do I feel|the need to remind you that|I'm Jack Campbell, President ?
I don't care who you are.|It's Christmas, and like I told|you, the building is closed.
I don't think|you heard me correctly.
I'm Jack Campbell.
Jack Campbell !
President !
Have a nice holiday, man.
[ Tires Screeching ]
## [ CD: "La Donna EMobile" ]
- That's my car !|- Hi, Jack.
- You stole my car.|- I know this whole thing is|really bizarre to you...
and you're feeling|quite shocked, but just hop in.
I'll explain everything|to you, okay ?
Come on.
Come on.
You're probably gonna|wanna buckle up, Jack.|This thing moves.
## [ Ends ]
- What's happening to me ?|- Breathe into the bag, Jack.
This kind of thing makes|a lot of guys have to throw up.|I seen it happen before.
So if you feel the urge, |you roll down the window|and do it out there.
[ Groaning ]|Try not to get|so worked up, Jack.
After all, you brought|this on yourself.
Brought what on myself ?|I didn't do anything !
" I got everything I need."|That sound familiar ?
You mean 'cause you thought|I was cocky, I'm now on|a permanent acid trip ?
Bag yourself, Jack.
[ Screaming ]
Oh, my God! Ah !
The way you intervened|in that store last night, you|did a good thing there, Jack.
I mean, it was|incredibly impressive all|the way across the board...
Oh, God !|to the upper echelons|of the organization.
Please just tell me|what's happening to me|in plain English...
without the mumbo-jumbo.
This is a glimpse, Jack.|A glimpse ?
I--A glimpse of what ?
You're gonna have to|figure that out for yourself|and you got plenty of time.
- How much time ?|- As much time as it takes,
which in your case is probably|gonna be considerable.
Okay, look, look. I-I-I|just want my life back, okay ?
Now, what's it gonna take ?|You wanna talk turkey ?
Let's talk turkey.|How much money ?
- It doesn't work like that, |and I can't tell you why.|- Why not ?
Because you have to figure|this thing out for yourself.
Are you listening to me ?|Figure it out, figure it out.|Figure out what ?
- Let it come to you, man.|- I don't have time for this|right now.
- I'm in the middle of a deal.|- Well, you're working on|a new deal now, baby.
What's this ?|Open it.
What is it, |some kind of a signal ?
[ Bell Dings ]|Will you come|whenever I ring it ?
Now you gotta|get out of the car, Jack.
But what do I do ?|I'm sorry. I can't spend|any more time with you.
I got some other business|I gotta take care of.|No, y-y-you did this to me.
You can't just|leave me like this.
Okay. Look, you wanna|get some air ? Let's get|outside, get some air.
We'll walk and I'll explain|everything to you, okay ?
- Thanks, man.|- Sure.
Excuse me. Do you know|where Merrison Street is ?
[ Chuckles ]|Jeannie.
I found Jack.|Oh, there you are, stranger.
Where you been ?
[ Sighs ]
You look terrible.|Truth is, I expected you.
Kate called and asked|if I knew where you were, so--
Oh, I put the Barcalounger|in the center of the room.|It's throwing everybody off.
What do you think ?
It's a great room.|Great room.
You and me, buddy, |we know how to live, huh ?
Come on.
Come on, Jack.|Come on--
Whoo !|[ Laughing ]
Come on, buddy.|Take your seat.
Are you okay ?
I mean, you take off Christmas|morning and you don't tell|anyone where you're going.
- We're friends ?|- Talk to me.
I'm having kind of|a bad day.
You know, I read somewhere|that the suicide rate doubles|during the holiday.
What am I saying that for ?|You don't wanna hear that.|Come on.
Is it--|Is it trouble at work ?
I--I don't think so.
Well, it's not Kate, |is it ?
You see, huh ?|It's like we're inside|each other's heads.
Kate's my wife.|[ Chuckles ]
Just keep saying it over|and over again, Jack, |like a mantra. Keep saying it.
Look, you know, |you fit the profile exactly--
in your 30s, house, kids, |financial responsibilities.
You start thinking|this isn't the life|I dreamt about.
Where's the romance, |you know ?
Where's the joie de vivre ?
Suddenly every lingerie ad|in the Newark Star-Ledger...
represents a life|that you can't have.
It's just two kids, |right ?
Come on. Come on.
All right, sometimes|it feels like you gave up|the whole world. I know that.
But look what you got.|Look at that:|four bedrooms,
two-and-a-half baths, |a partially finished basement.
And good kids.|Look. You know what ?
You probably don't wanna|hear this right now.
But remember last summer when|I almost had that thing with|Arnie, Jr.'s speech therapist ?
You remember what|you said to me ?
You said, " Don't screw up|the best thing in your life...
just because|you're a little unsure|about who you are."
Okay ?
Go get 'em, tiger.
Could you hold on|a second?
Um, never mind because--|because he just walked in.
Thank you. Thank you.
Do you... have any idea|what you put us through today ?
You walk out of here|at 7:30 in the morning.
You don't tell me|where you're going, |or even that you're going.
And I don't see you|till hours later ?
I called all of our friends.|I had the state troopers|looking for you.
I was on the phone|with the hospital, |for God's sakes.
What kind of man leaves his|family Christmas morning without|a word about where he's going ?
What kind of a man|does that, Jack ?|I don't know.
Could you--Could you please|stop yelling at me ?
Where were you ?|I was in the city.
The city ?|New York City ?
Yeah.|Why ?
Because that's where I live.|Don't start, Jack.|Don't.
Look, you don't understand.
I--I--I woke up|this morning here.
And this is very strange|because...
this isn't my house.
[ Groans ]|And those aren't my kids.|I'm not Dad.
I-I-I'm not a dad.|You're not my wife.
You know what, Jack.|It's not funny this time...
because I am really mad.
I mean, really mad.|I mean it.
I don't even--|[ Bell Dinging ]
What's that ?
I like it.|Thanks, Dad.
That's mine. Hey, |I need that back.
She took my bell.
You missed the whole thing--
the pancakes|and the presents.
You spent six hours|putting that bike together|for Annie,
and then you didn't even|get to see the look on her face|when she opened it.
You missed Christmas, Jack.
I'm sorry.
[ Sniffles ]|You know, we don't even|have enough time for this.
And at least you're okay.|I'm okay, we're okay.
But you've gotta get dressed|for the Thompson party.|And you are not wearing that.
I don't care how hilarious|you think it is.
Party ? No, I'm not|going to a party.
You look forward|to this party all year.|What is it with you today ?
Believe me, Kate.|I really don't think|that going to a party...
is the right move for me|at the present time.
Okay, fine. You know what ?|Then you just do|whatever you wanna do.
What are you doing ?|Telling my mother she doesn't|have to stay with the kids.
Why not ?|Because you'll be here.
I'll be ready in ten minutes.|[ Sighs ]
[ Groans ]
This is--This is|just subpar.
# Oh, the weather outside|is frightful #|[ Barks ]
Lance, here you go.
[ Doorbell Chimes ]|Excuse me.
# Let it snow, let it snow|Let it snow #
# It doesn't show|signs of stopping ##
Kate. Jack.|Evelyn.
Come in. Hey, everybody, |Kate and Jack are here.
[ All ]|Hey !|Jeannie.
Merry Christmas.|Merry Christmas.
Jack, |Merry Christmas.
So, like the dress ?|Oh, it's lovely.
I thought|I saw you notice it|at the kids' recital.
It's lovely.|It's lovely.
There he is.
Hey, Jack.|Happy holidays, man.|Yeah.
Jack, come on over.
Hey, Jack.|Cheers, baby.
You guys see Van Horn|last night ?|Thirty-two points.
That kid's gonna take|the Nets to the championship.|The Nets ? Are you kidding ?
They suck.
But they're due.|They're certainly due.
So, tomorrow's|the big day, Jackie.
Okay. Why ?
My triple bypass.
I'm going|under the knife tomorrow.|I told you that, right ?
Triple bypass.|Yeah.
You really think you|should be eating all that ?|Eh.
Figure I'm going in|for a cleaning tomorrow.
Might as well load up|on the fried stuff tonight, |right ?
That's good thinking, Bill.|Have another drink.
Some fried pork, |mashed potatoes.|He'll be dead by morning.
- How 'bout a cigar, Jack ?|- Oh, no, thank you.|I'm cutting down.
- Come on. They're|American made, not Cuban.|- Oh, really ?
Come on.
Very nice.|I thought you'd like 'em.
Mm. Mmm !
How 'bout you, Arnie ?|I'm all right. Thanks.
Finger food ?|No, thank you.|I'm fine.
Come on.|Soon as I put 'em down, |you're gonna grab a couple.
You always do.|No, I'm okay.
Let me. They will melt|in your mouth.
Good ?|Fabulous.
At the end of this whole thing, |she made me this|hand-embroidered sweater.
It was really lovely.|[ Jeannie ]|How nice.
So I'm slipping it on and|I notice that she's misspelled|the word "lawyers. "
Uh-oh.|I spent the entire day|walking around...
with a sweater that said, |" Nonprofit layers|do it for free."
So you're a lawyer ?
A nonprofit lawyer ?
- You don't get paid at all ?|Nobody makes a dime ?|-Jack ?
"Any hoo--"
[ Barks ]
[ Growling ]
I better go wake my mom.|There you go.
Uh, I don't think so.
- She's your dog, Jack.|- No, she's not.
You're right.|She's the kids' dog.
Maybe we should go wake Josh|and make him walk her.|[ Chuckles ]
If you take a dump sometime|in this century, then we could|go home where it's warm.
If I can even remember|how to get home.
You remember, |don't you, girl ?
[ Josh Crying ]
[ Crying Continues ]
Hello ?| ## [ Rock Playing Faintly ]
# Am I hard enough|Am I rough enough #
#Am I rich enough #
Hello ?| # I'm not too blind #
# To see #
- Hey !|- What ?
Oh. That baby's crying.
And ?
Don't give me that look, |Jack. Tuesday's your day|and you know it.
And listen, try and get Josh|to day care on time, okay ?
# You're a pretty, pretty|pretty, pretty #
# Such a pretty girl ##
[ Coos ]
All right.
[ Groans ]
Holy Mother of God !
Ohh !
[ Josh Expels Gas ]
[ Coos ]
You're not really|my dad, are you ?
No, I'm not.
I work on Wall Street, |you know, with|the big buildings.
I live in an apartment|with a doorman.
And I can buy|almost anything I want.
This isn't my life.|It's just a glimpse.
Where's my real dad ?
I don't know.|But don't worry.
He loves you, and I'm sure|he'll be back very soon.
What are you doing ?
They did a pretty good job.
Who did ?
The aliens|in the mother ship.
You look just like him.
Oh, thanks.
Slightly better looking|though, right ?
Oh, no, you're not gonna|start crying, are you ?
I don't think I could|really deal with that right now.
Do you like kids ?
On a case by case basis.
Do you know how|to make chocolate milk ?
I--I think I could|figure it out.
Promise you won't kidnap|me and my brother...
and plant stuff|in our brains ?
Welcome to Earth.
[ Man Singing On Tape ]| # We're going to the zoo|zoo, zoo #
# Look at all the crocodiles|swimming in the--## |[ Engine Off ]
This is where babies go|when their parents|are at work.
Just push the red button.
Do I get a receipt|or something ?
I have winter camping|till 4:00 and ballet class|until 5:30.
5:30. Okay.|And try not to be late...
'cause kids don't like to be|the last one picked up.|Got it. Good tip.
- Hey, Annie.|Where do I go now ?|- Big Ed's.
Big Ed's Tires ?|Why ?
- 'Cause you work there.|- You mean I sell tires.
That's what I do.|I'm a tire salesman.
Good Lord !
- Morning, Jack.|- Hi.
- Good morning, Jack.|- Hi.
Hey, Jack.
## [ "Sleigh Ride" ]
Jack, my boy.
Hey, guess who I played|bridge with two nights ago.
Hell, you'll never guess.
One Sydney Potter.|That's Sydney Potter, |C.E.O., Buy Rite Transport.
Only the third biggest|trucking outfit in the state.
"Any hoo, " he's looking|for a new parts supplier.
We can handle volume|like that, now can't we, Jack ?
I'm gonna have to|get back to you on that, Ed.
Right on.|[ Clicks Tongue ]
Right on.
Excuse me. Uh, do I--|do I have a private office|somewhere in the building ?
Sure, Jack.
Where is it ?
Oh, uh, it's--
it's right back--|right back there.
Thank you.|Yeah.
[ Groans ]
Oh, no.
You must've needed this|every day.
[ Sighs ]
[ Cup Clatters On Floor ]
What are you smiling about ?
Eighty-eight ?
I was in London in 1988.
You never went to London.
[ Woman Over P.A., Loudly ]|Jack, you're needed in mag|wheels. Customer waiting.
I was the number one|junior sales associate|for E.F. Hutton in 1988.
Did you know that ?|Uh, no.|No, I didn't.
That's great.
That's the kind of thing|you could really build on, |you know ?
Uh-huh. Yeah.|I mean, sales has always been|a feeder for M&A. Always.
Well, look, here we are.|The mag wheels. Mag wheels.
Hey, Jack, um, |are you sure you're okay ?
Well, I'm just|a little confused right now|about why I work here.
Uh--|[ Chuckles ]
I just started here|last Tuesday, so--
[ Woman On TV ]|The closing tip was|a mildly bullish plus-76.
Much of the market's action|today was fueled by the latest|round of merger mania...
to hit Wall Street...
when Global Health Systems|and Med Tech Pharmaceutical|announced their intentions...
to join forces in a massive|$122 billion stock swap deal,
the largest ever|in the health care industry.
When asked about the possible|anti-competitive implications,
Global chairman Bob Thomas|referred reporters...
to P.K. Lassiter & Company|president Alan Mintz, |the architect behind the deal.
- That's my deal !|- Ironically, Mintz first met|Thomas at a Lamaze class.
While coaching their pregnant|wives, Mintz and Thomas...|What ?
struck up a dialog, |and two months later, |the deal with Med Tech was born.
He wasn't the architect !|I'm the architect !
Labor department officials|announced today that 275,000|new jobs have been created.
The kids are asleep.|[ Chuckles ]
The kids, hon.|Honey.
Sweetheart, I said|the kids are asleep.
That's just great.|Those little monkeys|can be a real handful.
Hey, I was watching that.
Not tonight.| ## [ Stereo ]
[ Chuckles ]
Please leave|my socks alone.|[ Laughing ]
Wait.|[ Chuckles ]
- You want me.|- That is the general idea, |yeah.
Oh, well, maybe we should|grab a bottle of wine first.
[ Laughs ]|Kind of break the ice.
Yeah, that's very funny.|Look, it's 10:30.
By 11:00 you're gonna be|snoring like a monster,
but that's very sweet.
I'll remember that|for next time.
Whatever you say...|honey.
[ Chuckling ]|Yeah.
#Strange what desire|will make foolish people do #
# I never dreamed|that I'd need somebody #
# Like you #
Oh, God, you're beautiful.
Thanks, Jack.
No, I'm serious.
You're really stunning.
This is good stuff.|I want you to keep this up.
You were always|a very pretty girl in college.|There's no question about that.
But this--
[ Sighs ]|You've really grown|into a beautiful woman.
How can you do that ?
What ?
Look at me like you|haven't seen me every day|for the last 13 years.
Okay, wait. Don't move.|Don't look.
Stay right there.|[ Chuckling ]
I got something.
# The world was on fire #
# No one could save me|but you #
[ Whispering ]|Good night, sweetheart.
#Strange what desire #
# Will make foolish people do ##
## [ Stops ]
Okay, we're almost|out of here.
Mary Janes, Mommy.|You promised.
That's right.|I did promise.|Okay. All right.
We're gonna stop|at the kids' shoe|department first,
and then I gotta|pick up my watch|from the battery store.
Then I'm gonna go|to the linen store.
Why don't we go|to all the stores ?
Every single store|in this god forsaken|shopping mall.
Wouldn't that|be exciting ?
You know what ?|Why don't I take the kids,
and you just stay here|and hang out|in the men's department ?
Come on, hon.
It's perfect|for your frame.
Why don't you try it on ?
I might want to take|an inch out of the back.|Okay.
Lengthen the sleeve.
You look amazing|in that suit.
I mean, really--|wow !
Off the charts, great.
It's an unbelievable thing.
Wearing this suit|actually makes me feel|like a better person.
I'm gonna buy it.
It's $2, 400.
Are you out of your mind ?|Come on, let's go.
She got those shoes.|Those shoes were $25.
Come on.|Take it off, all right ?
We'll go to the food court|and get one of those|funnel cakes you like.
Daddy's a crazy guy.
[ Whispers ]|No.
Do you have any idea|what my life is like ?
- Excuse me ?|- I wake up in the morning|covered in dog saliva.
I drop the kids off,
spend eight hours|selling tires retail.
Retail, Kate.
I pick the kids up, |walk the dog,
which, by the way, |carries the added bonus...
of carting away|her monstrous crap.
I play with the kids, |take out the garbage,
get six hours of sleep|if I'm lucky.
Then everything starts|all over again.
So what's in it for me ?
Wh-Where are my Mary Janes ?
You know, it's sad to hear|that your life is such|a disappointment to you.
I can't believe it isn't|a disappointment to you!
Jesus, Kate, I could|have been a thousand times|the man I became.
I could have been|one of the richest--|Forbes--
How could you do this to me ?|How could you let me give up|on my dreams like this ?
Really, I want to know.
Who are you ?
All right, look.|I'm sorry.
[ Clears Throat ]|I'm sorry I was such|a saint before...
and I'm such a prick now !
But maybe I'm just not...
the same guy that I was|when we got married.
You know what ?|Maybe you're not.
Because the Jack Campbell|I married would not need|a $2, 400 suit...
to feel better|about his life.
But I'm telling you, |if that's what it's|gonna take, then buy it.
Jesus !|We 'll take the money out|of the kids' college fund.
Forget it.|We'll get a funnel cake.
It'll be the highlight|of my week.
Listen, I'm really sorry|about that back in the store.
I don't want to fight|with you.
I just sometimes wonder|how we ended up here, |you know.
I mean, back in college, |d-did you see us here ?
Life has thrown us|a few surprises.|I'll give you that.
It really has, hasn't it ?
Yeah. So, if you had to, |what would you say|was the biggest surprise ?
Just out of curiosity.|I'm just asking.
- Well, Annie, for one.|- Surprise, we're pregnant.
Yeah, that must have been.
I mean, that--that was.|That was a very|unexpected moment.
- What are you gonna do ?|- I think it turned out|all right, don't you ?
Yeah.|I really like Annie.
Well, good, Jack.|Maybe we'll keep her.
No, I love her.|I love Annie.
I'm just--
We had a lot of good times, |didn't we ?
Do you remember|the place on Charles Street|where we used to go ?
Charles Street ?
In the village ?
When we were living|in Greenwich Village.
Yeah. Yeah, yeah.|Great times. Great place.
Why did we ever leave ?
You can't really raise a kid|in an apartment in the village.
Then there was the whole trek|out to the hospital.|That didn't help either.
You were great. I mean, |surviving the heart attack|was one thing.
- You had a heart attack ?|- Hey, Jack, stop that.
'Cause I am--|I'm still mad at you.
Who knows what would|have happened if you hadn't|stepped in at the store ?
That's why I work|for Big Ed.
That's why I work|for Big Ed. Yeah.
So we had a baby, |Big Ed had a heart attack.
Bought that house, |and I've been working|for him ever since.
Sayonara, Wall Street.
Our life in a nutshell.
If you want to|look at it that way.
How would you look at it ?
A great success story.
What do you say, Jack ?|Show 'em how to do it, baby.|Jack, we need a strike.
- Damn !|-Jesus, Jack.|What are you doing ?
It's a league match.|Where's your follow through ?|Where's your stance ?
You know what ?|I'm doing the best I can.
It's okay, Jack.
[ Arnie ]|Why am I so competitive|all the time ?
You can still|pick up that spare.|Crack 'em, Jack !
Here we go.|Hurt 'em.
You're Jack Campbell.|You're better than the sport.
You shot the rapids in Kanai.|You ran with the bulls|in Pamplona.
You've jumped out of an airplane|over the Mojave Desert, |for Christ's sake.
You can do this.|You can do this.
You can do this.|You can do this.
Yes ! Victorious !
Ha-ha ? Ah-ha ?|[ Laughing ]
Huh ? All right!
High five !
You're up.|Go get 'em.
Hi, Jack.
Evelyn, right ?|[ Laughs ]|Very funny.
I saw you on lane 20.|You got the flu|or something ?
Something like that, |yeah.
Need a nurse ?
Are you a nurse ?
If that's what you want.
Hey, wait a minute.
Um, don't run away.
Are we--
Are we what, Jack ?
Is there something|going on between us ?
Are we finally|being honest ?
It would help me|if we were.
Okay. You're right.
We've been dancing|around this for years.
[ Sighs ]|Here goes.
When I get dressed|for a party, and I know|you're gonna be there,
let's just say|I don't go strapless|because my husband likes it.
I've got six sets|of snow tires piled up|in my garage,
and I won't even drive|in the snow.
And our kids|just happen to be...
in the same ballet class|every year.
So, if you're asking|whether I'd like it|to be more,
the answer's yes.
Kate would never|have to know.
Do I have your number ?
Steve's out of town|with the kids this weekend.
Why don't you|just stop by ?
Hey, Jack.|You're all flushed.
I feel good.|Guess that 71 took|a lot out of you.
No. I just saw|Evelyn Thompson.
She's relentless.
She wants to have|an affair with me.
- She said that ?|- Pretty much.
What is it about you ?
So... if you would write|her exact address down there.
You have a pen ? Please.|Whoa, whoa, whoa.|Hold on a second.
You're not actually thinking|about cheating on Kate ?
Well, it wouldn't really|be cheating, Arnie.
It's complicated.
It's complicated.
Maybe I haven't been as good|a consigliere as you've been|to me, but hear me out on this.
A little flirtation|is harmless,
but you're dealing|with fire here, man.
The Fidelity Bank and Trust|is a tough creditor.
You make a deposit|somewhere else, they|close your account...
forever, all right ?
Arnie, I don't want|your head to explode,
but I'm telling you, |those rules don't apply to me.
I-I'm not even--
I'm not talking about rules.|I'm talking about--
There isn't a guy|in Union County who wouldn't|give his left nut...
to be with Kate, |all right ?
She's amazing, and you're|gonna fuck it up.
Just think about that, |all right ?
Hey, honey.|How was the game ?
Long and boring|and generally pretty sad.
Arnie seemed to enjoy it.
Sort of.
Hey, where's|that chocolate cake ?
- Do you mean|this chocolate cake ?|- That's my piece.
I was saving it because I|got nauseated by that precooked|mini-mall rotisserie chicken.
Mmm. Mmm.|It's good.
Give me that cake.
No way.
Come on.|I'm sorry.
It's too important to me.
# Ta-da ##
I want that cake !
You want this cake ?|I want it.
Thank you.
It's good, right ?|Mm-hmm.
Oh, God !
Are the kids asleep ?
[ Chuckling ]
[ Whispering ]|Say it to me, Jack.|What ?
You know what I|like to hear.
I know, baby.|I know what you|like to hear.
Tell me.|Tell me, tell me.
You're a bad girl, baby.|You make me so hot.
What ?
Not it ?
Nice, Jack.
What ?|Sweeping me off my feet.
You make me hot.
[ Arnie On Video ]|What do you say, everyone ?
This is a little birthday|party for Katie.|Happy birthday, Katie.
Good to see you kids|still together.|Hello, kids.
Happy birthday.|Very exciting.|Evelyn, you look tremendous.
Thank you.|Look what happens|when I do that.
Jack ? The man.|Yes. Yes.
Do you have anything|to say to your lovely wife|on the day of her birth ?
You happy she was born ?|Hey, hey !|Today's your birthday ?
That's funny, Jack.|You know what ?
Wow, your birthday.|It's--You're my wife.
You are my wife.|Today is your birthday.|[ Kate Laughing ]
Well, actually, |I do have one thing|that I want to say to you.
And God, |I hope you like it.
Bill ?
- Oh, no.|-[ Arnie ] Yes.|You hit it, Bill.
You wore that shirt last year, |by the way. Just so you know.
# Many guys|have come to you #
- # With a line|that wasn't true #|- Oh !
# And you passed them by #
# Passed them by #
# Now you're in the centering|and their lines|don't mean a thing #
# Why don't you|let me try #
# Let me try #
# Now, I don't wear|a diamond ring #
# I don't even have|a song to sing #
# All I know is|la-la-la-la|la-la-la-la-la #
# Means I love you #
# La-la-la-la|la-la-la-la-la #
# Means I love you #
## [ Piano Continues ]
[ Crowd ]|Ahh !
[ Woman ]|Sweet.
# The things I am saying|are true-ooh-ooh #
# And the way I|explain it to you #|[ Chuckling ]
[ Man ]|Get down, Jack.| # Yes, to you #
# Listen to me|La-la-la-la #
# La-la-la-la-la|means #
# I love you #
# Ohh #
# La-la-la-la|la-la-la-la-la #
# Means I love you ##
Happy birthday, |sweetheart.|[ Cheering ]
[ Arnie ]|Yeah.
Yeah, Jack !|[ Crowd Applauding ]
[ Arnie ]|There's love in the air.
He loves her.|It's official.|There's love.
[ Growls ]
[ Alarm Ringing ]
Mmm. Come on, |it's time to get up, honey.
Go, go.|[ Sighs ]
Good morning, Joshie.
[ Coughs ]
Happy anniversary, honey.
Now, listen, before you|do whatever crazy stunt|you've got planned,
I want you|to open mine first.
Maybe I should wait.
No ! Come on !|Come on, come on, come on.|Open it.
Zeena ?
I found it|at an outlet store.
Look, I know it's a knock off, |but I think it's gonna|look great on you.
Ah, enjoy it, sweetheart.
[ Giggling ]
Yeah, uh--You're probably|expecting something from me.
Um, here's the thing.
I hadn't really planned|on giving you your|anniversary gift...
until tonight.
You know, anniversary's|good all day.
What are you talking about ?|You can never wait all day.
You can't even wait|till it's light out.|Come on !
I know. I know.|That's me. It's true.
And--But, um,
it's funny.
You forgot.
You actually forgot|our anniversary.
I'll fix it.|I'll go out right now|and I'll get you something.
I'll make it right.
Let me know if|there's enough chocolate|in there, sweetheart.
Mm, not bad.|Good.
I should have warned you.
Dad always does|something really special|for the anniversary.
Like what ?|One year he had a star|named after her.
He had a star|named after her ?
Well, that's nice, |but isn't that|a little... corny ?
Mom liked it.
Maybe there's a jewelry store|at the mall. I can pick her up|a pair of earrings or something.
That's good, but...
you did forget|the anniversary.
That's right.|That is a major oversight.|Okay, okay.
So, if I'm Kate, |I can't afford|the finer things.
My husband's career|is definitely a crushing|disappointment to me.
I'm trapped in suburbia.
Did he ever take her|to the city ?
Now you're getting|the hang of it.
## [ Piano ]
## [ Piano Continues ]
[ Whispering ]|Jack, can we afford|this place ?
I'm taking my baby out|for our anniversary.|Damn the costs.
[ Speaking French ]
We'll have the Terrine|of Quail Breast with|Shiitake Mushrooms to start.
Then the Veal Medallions|in Raspberry Truffle Sauce.
And the Sea Scallops|with Pureed Artichoke Hearts.
Very good, sir.|And may I say, those are all|excellent selections.
You may. Also, we'll have|a bottle of Lafite, '82.
Honey, that's an $800|bottle of wine.
We'll just have some red wine|by the glass.
You are so not|off the hook yet, Slick.
But I'm getting close, |right ?
You wanna dance ?
I-I don't think|there's dancing here, Jack.
Sure, there is.|Come on.
Not bad for a tire salesman|from New Jersey.
I have my moments.
You gotta try|one of these.
God, I miss that taste.
I need to tell you|something.
Okay.|[ Sighs ]
I think it may help us,
but there's a slight chance|it could make things worse.
I'm living|someone else's--
I feel like I'm living|someone else's life.
I remember I used to|walk to work, and, uh,
I had a warm bialy|in my hand,
and a hot cup of coffee|from Dean & Deluca,
the crisp feeling|of The Wall Street Journal,
the smell of leather|from my briefcase.
I used to be so sure|about everything, |confident.
You know, I-I knew|exactly who I was...
and what I wanted.
And then one morning, |I woke up...
and suddenly|it was all different.
Worse, do you mean ?|No.
Well, maybe a few things,
but mostly just different.
And it's okay.
But I never used to|be like this, Kate.
I was the guy|who had it all figured out.
I had no doubts.|I had no regrets.
And now ?
Now I don't.
I don't have it|all figured out.
Me neither.
But you always seem|so certain.
Do you think|there aren't mornings|when I wake up...
and wonder, "What the hell|am I doing in New Jersey ?"
Yeah.|My office is a dump.
I answer my own phone, |and you seen my paycheck.
Your paycheck is a disgrace|to paychecks.
Can you imagine a life...
where everything|was just easy ?
You know, where you ask|for things, and people|just bring them to you ?
It's wonderful.
I think about it too.
I do.
I wonder about what kind|of life I would have had|if I hadn't married you.
And ?
Then I realize I've just erased|all the things in my life|that I'm sure about.
You and the kids.
Good things.
What are you sure about ?
I'm sure that right now,
there's nowhere else|I'd rather be|than here with you.
Oh, Jack.
You like it ?|Ohh.
[ Gasps ]|This is beautiful.
[ Cork Pops ]|[ Gasps, Laughs ]
You know champagne|makes me do crazy things.
I'll just fill yours|up to the top.
[ Sighs ]
I don't know|how you did it, Hoss, |but you pulled it off.
I'm out|of the doghouse ?|Way out.
Happy anniversary, |sweetheart.
You may even get lucky|tonight, Jack.
You're so beautiful.
I already told you|you were gonna get lucky.
My God.
All this time,
I never stopped|loving you.
[ Whispering ]|That's all I wanted|to hear.
## [ Violin:|"Twinkle, Twinkle, |Little Star" ]
## [ Humming ]
I'm gonna wear|the usual today.
What are you thinking ?
You want to come|to work with Dad, |help me sell tires ?
It's fun.|I'm pretty good at it.
Who's this ? Who's that ?|Who is that ?
Who's on that tie ?
That's Grandpa.
[ Coos ]|Yes.
Jack !
Have a great day.
[ Chuckling ]
For the money, |this is hands down|the best radial we carry.
Okay.|I guess I'll take 'em.
You won't regret it.|Tommy.
Would you set Mr. Collin up|with four B.F. Goodrich|G-Force T.A.'s ?
Give him ten percent off|for having the best costume.|Thank you.
You bet.|Right this way, sir.|Follow me.
Tell me, does the tire|smell good ?
[ Woman On P.A. ]|Remember our|Valentine's Day special:
balance and alignment|for free !
How are you doing today ?|It just blew out on me.
Do you have a tire|like that ?
I seem to have|some sort of a blowout here.
- Why don't you let me|take this one, Kenny ?|- Okay, chief.
Peter Lassiter.
Do I know you ?|Not exactly.
I've seen you on CN BC.|You look taller|in real life.
Truth is, Mintz was so busy|timing his wife's breathing,
he didn't realize that|Med Tech needed Global more|than the other way around.
Ten days, two weeks tops, |they would have approached|you with an offer.
I'm willing to bet anything|it would have been|130 billion, not 122.
The trouble is, Peter, |you had a pussycat|running the show.
What you needed|was a Doberman.
I'm impressed.|I really am.
Now, about my car.
Sure. We're gonna have to|special order that tire,
so it'll be ready|in a couple of days.
All right.|This is my office address.
Why don't you drop off|the car yourself ?
[ Door Opens ]
[ Horn Honking ]
[ Horn Honking ]
We're really more|of a boutique operation, |as you can see.
But you're not interested|in boutique dollars.|I get it.
He's expecting you, |Mr. Lassiter.
Alan, |this is Jack Campbell,
the one I was|telling you about.
Of course.|Jack. Hi.|Mr. Mintz.
No, just call me Alan.|We like to cultivate a very|casual atmosphere here.
I can see that.|What can I tell you ?|Do you have kids ?
Uh, actually, yes.|Two of them. Good ones.
Great, great.|Why don't you have a seat ?
Peter mentioned to me|that you're an avid|CN BC watcher.
But he didn't say|whether you had any actual|Wall Street experience.
Um, I was a sales associate|at E.F. Hutton.
A broker, really ?
And now you're in|the tire business ?
That's right.|And auto supply.
In the retail end, |I understand.
We get about 60 percent|of our business|from automotive service.
And do you mind me asking|what kind of sales you did|in the last year ?
Just ball park.|We did 1.7 million|in total revenue.
1.7. That's great.
And what do you project|for this year ?
I think we're gonna have|a banner year.
Sales are up|almost 20 percent|in the first quarter,
and we just landed|a major trucking company|account.
You did ? That's great.|So that puts you just a tad|over two million ?
That's right.|And that would make us|number one in our market.
Excuse me. I'm gonna get|a glass of water.
Look, I know our paltry|little $2 million in sales...
is about what you spend a year|on office supplies.
And some regional|trucking company account|is nothing compared...
to a multi-billion-dollar|merger.|No, no, no.
- I'm not trying to knock|the tire business.|- It's okay. I get it.
I'm in your shoes, |I'm thinking the same thing, |but here's the deal.
Business is business.|Wall Street, Main Street.
It's all a bunch of people|getting up in the morning,
trying to figure out|how they're going to send|their kids to college.
It's just people, |and I know people.
- Oh, I'm sure you do.|- Take you, for instance, Alan.
You have|a certain energy about you, |an active kind of energy.
I wouldn't be surprised|if you drank about 16|Diet Cokes a day.
You're an excellent father, |but you feel guilty about the|time you spend away from home.
You drink bourbon, but you|offer your clients Scotch.
And your wife|decorated this office.
He certainly seems|to have your number.
You're a little tougher, |Peter.
For one thing, |you like expensive things.
That's easy.|You've seen my car.
You smoke|Hoyo de Monterreys.
You're a Scotch man, |single malt,
not because it's trendy|but because you've been|doing it for 40 years...
and you like to stay|with what works.
You have two|great loves in your life:|your horses...
and this company.
And you're a man who prides|himself in finding talent|in unusual places.
- How would you know that ?|- Because I'm here.
I'm prepared to do|whatever it takes|to get this job.
I'll start wherever|I have to start.
I'll park cars|if I have to.
The biggest part of judging|character is knowing yourself, |and I know this:
I can do this job.|I can.
Give me a chance, Peter.|I won't let you down.
Alan, why don't you|show Jack around ?
This is our war room.|We did seven major deals|in here last year,
three of them... hostile.
Seven ?|Yeah. You get a kind|of a feeling from--
Can we cut the shit here|for a minute ? Where did you|get that information ?
Did you go through his wallet ?|Did you surf some Net ?
It doesn't really matter|because that circus act|you pulled back there...
may have dazzled Lassiter, |but it doesn't cut any shit|with me.
Even if you get this job, |which I highly doubt,
let me just give you|a word of warning.
Peter Lassiter gets tired|of his pet projects|very, very quickly.
I've got that big office|because I prove myself to him|year after year after year.
Nobody is gonna come in here|and turn the old man's head,
especially not|some tire salesman|from New Jersey.
So if you're cautious|and you're quiet,
you watch yourself, |stay away from Lassiter,
maybe I'll think about|keeping you on here|after he gets bored with you.
Do we understand|each other ?
Alan !
God, you really|are different.
Excuse me ?|I mean, wow !
I'm impressed.|I'm impressed.|Good for you.
Are we understanding|each other ?
Yes, Alan, |I understand you.
Okay then.|Good.
Good.|Okay. Okay.
Alan !
Keep your eyes closed.|Hold on.
[ Laughs ]
Go ahead.|Open your eyes.
Welcome to Xanadu.
It's pretty incredible, |isn't it ?
It's like a museum.|Uh-huh.
Look around.
So what's|the big surprise ?
You didn't rent this|for the weekend, did you ?
Think... bigger.
For the week ?
This place is a perk, |Kate.
A perk ?|Mm-hmm.
For what ?
A company called P.K. Lassiter|Investment House...
uses it to attract|new executives.
I'm going into arbitrage, |honey.
It turns out|I have a knack for it.
Jack, what are you|talking about ?
I'll be making|twice what I make now, |plus a hefty bonus.
That's just to start.|And we can live|in this apartment...
practically rent free...
until we find|a place of our own.
Are you out of your mind ?
I don't think so.
This is gonna be a better life|for all of us. We can put Annie|and Josh into private schools.
Annie goes to|a great school, Jack.
I'm talking|about the best schools|in the country here.
What could you possibly|be thinking about ?|What about my job ?
Well, this is New York City.|It's like the needy people|capital of the world.
Your Jersey clients aren't|a tenth as pathetic as the|ones you could find here.
I can't even believe|you're talking about|moving back into the city.
I thought the reason we left|was because we didn't want to|raise the kids here.
No. No.|This is the center|of the universe.
If I were living in Roman times, |I would live in Rome.|Where else ?
"Today America|is the Roman empire.|New York is Rome itself."
John Lennon.|Jack !
Okay, you know something ?|I'm detecting, like, |a funky tension here.
This was supposed to be|a happy day, so guess what ?|I don't need this.
We don't have to live here.|Forget it.
- I'll commute.|I'll drive to work.|- God !
In traffic, |it's over an hour each way.|That's three hours every day.
- When are you ever|going to see the kids ?|- Kate.
You're not understanding me.
I'm talking about|a perfect life, |a great life.
Everything we pictured|when we were young.|The whole package.
You said so yourself.|Life has thrown us|a few surprises.
We made sacrifices.|Well, guess what ?
Now I can finally|get us back on track.|I can do that, Kate.
I want to do that.|I need to do that as a man !
For all of us.
Please just think about this|for one second.
No more lousy restaurants.
No more clipping coupons.
No more shoveling snow.
Then get a goddamn|snowblower, Jack !
Don't go get a new career|without even telling me|about it !
And don't--don't take Annie|out of a school she loves.
Don't move us out of a house|we've become a family in.
[ Sighs ]
Don't you see ?|I'm talking about us|finally having a life...
that other people envy.
Oh, Jack.
They already do envy us.
From London to New York.
I came back.
When you got on that plane, |I was sure it was over.
I left the airport afraid|I'd never see you again.
And then you showed up|the very next day.
That was a good surprise.
You know, I think about|the decision you made.
Maybe I was being naive, |but I believed...
that we would grow old together|in this house,
that we'd spend holidays|here and...
have our grandchildren|come visit us here.
I had this image of us|all gray and wrinkly,
and me...|working in the garden,
and you repainting|the deck.
[ Inhales, Sighs ]
But things change.
If you need this, Jack,
if you really need this,
I will take these kids|from a life they love,
and I'll take myself|from the only home we've|ever shared together...
and I'll move wherever|you need to go.
I'll do that|because I love you.
I love you,
and that's more important to me|than our address.
I choose us.
[ Sighs ]
[ Yelling ]
[ Jack ]|Oh. I'm gonna chase you.|[ Annie Giggling ]
You can't catch me.|No, you can't. You can't.
[ Both Laughing ]|[ Jack ]|Oh !
Whoa ! Oh. Whoops !
I fell down.|[ Panting ]
I knew you'd come back.
Oh, Annie.
I love you.
[ Bicycle Bell Ringing ]
[ Ringing Continues ]
[ Ringing ]
What are you doing ?|Ringing my bell.
4.99 ?|It's just salt, |for God sakes.
[ Man ]|Ninety-nine cents, darling.
[ Register Bell Rings ]|Out often.
- You.|-Jack !
What's up ?|How you feeling, baby ?
Why are you here ?
Here's your change, darling.|Five, six, seven, eight,
nine, oh-one.
Is that rock salt ?
Look at you, man.|Went and got all domestic|and everything.
You really figured|some things out, huh ?
You're not|sending me back.
- Everything okay ?|- Yeah.
Hey, did you hear me ?
Wait a second.|I'm talking to you.
[ Scoffs ]|You see that ?
Character.|And for what, for nine bucks ?|That's just so disappointing.
I'm not going back.|You understand me ?
Okay, relax, Jack.|You can't do this.
You can't keep coming in|and out of people's lives, |messing things up.
It's not right.
A glimpse, by definition, |is an impermanent thing, Jack.
I've got kids.|I'm going home.
[ Bell Dings ]
Is it morning yet ?
No, honey.
Go back to sleep.
Take care, Annie.
I'm going back to|the mother ship.
These past few weeks, |I know I've done some--
some unusual things.
It's been interesting, |that's for sure.
I've done some good things, |too, though, haven't I ?
You've been Jack Campbell, |and that's always a good thing.
I need you|to remember me, Kate.
How I am right now...
at this very moment.
I need you to put|that image in your heart|and keep it there.
Keep it with you|no matter what happens.
- Are you okay ?|- Yeah. Yeah.
Please just promise me.
You have to promise me, |because if you don't, then|it's like it never happened,
and I don't think|I can live with that.
I promise.
Promise me again.
I promise.|Okay.
Now come to bed.
[ Phone Rings ]
[ Rings ]
What time is it ?
Okay. Yeah.
[ Sighs ]
Waiting for me|by the door, huh ?|Paula.
Merry Christmas.
Christmas ?|It's not Christmas.
It's whatever you|want it to be, Jack.
It's not Christmas.
Jack. Jack ?
[ Knocking ]
Can I help you ?
Is Kate here ?
Does Kate live here ?|Kate ? No.
There's nobody|named Kate here.
Of course not.
You okay ?
## [ Portable Phone ]
## [ Continues ]|Hello.
Santa Claus, where are you ?|Everybody's here.
- Adelle ?|- You're a half an hour late.
The emergency strategy session, |trip to Aspen ?
Is this ringing|any bells ?
Everybody is panicked|here, Jack.
Jack ?
I'll be there|in 20 minutes.
No, I'm not gonna go talk|to them until I have something|to talk to them about.
Steve, I don't care|if it's Christmas day.|We're in a crisis here.
Wait a minute.|Jack just walked in.|I'll call you back. Jack.
Thank God that you're--
- You're here.|Are you all right ?|- What's going on here ?
What's--|Well, it's not good.
Bob Thomas has been talking to|a European drug company, Jack, |and we don't know which one.
They're gonna let Bob buy|a minority stake, and let him|keep running the entire company.
Global knows. I don't know|how they know, but they know|and they're up in arms.
They think that somehow|we should have been prepared|for this. Prepared !
Oh, God, we're in trouble.
You know something, Alan ?
Somewhere inside of you, |there's a much more|assertive person.
Is this another one of those|Sun Tzu Art of War tricks ?
So what are we|gonna do, Jack ?
Jack ?
I'll tell you exactly|what we're going to do.
You're going to do|whatever you have to do|to find out...
which European company|he's been talking to.
Then I'm going to|clean myself up,
fly to Aspen|and drink eggnog|with Bob Thomas.
His wife and kids will be|playing in the background|in the snow...
while I convince him|that the European company...
is the devil...
and Global is the answer|to his prayers.
Then I'm gonna spend|four hours skiing... alone.
Completely|and utterly alone.
I'm going to do that|because that is my life,
that's what's real...
and there's nothing|I can do to change that.
[ Beeping ]
For Manhattan.
Kate Reynolds.
I need an address too.
It's very fragile, |so I want you to be|very careful with it, okay ?
It's valuable.|It's over 300 years old.
You'll probably need|a few guys to carry it.|All right.
The painting is also very, |very old, so take extra care.
It means a lot to Kate, okay ?|I appreciate it.
Yeah ? What ?
Are you from|the moving company ?|I'm Jack Campbell.
I'm an old... friend|of Kate's.
Kate, some guy is here.
Did you call the airline|like I asked you to do ?|It's like two hours--
God, it's been a long time.|You look--
You look great.|Thanks.
I--Come on in.|Come on in.
I'm just doing some--|Lori, do you know|where those boxes--
I'm sorry.
No, no, no !|You know what--|Jack.
Don't--Please.|I don't even care.
Oh, great. Thank you.
- What's going on ?|- I'm moving to Paris.
Hey, Lori, |have you seen that box ?|It says "Jack" on it.
I put it with the rest|of the Salvation Army stuff.
Do you want me|to look for the box|or call the airline, Kate ?
Hey, kind of under|a little pressure here.
Hey, kind of|giving up Christmas day|for my ex-boss here.
Hey, didn't mind offering|to help when she was opening|the Prada bag I gave her.
- Maybe it's by|the wardrobe boxes.|- Thank you.
- So you're moving.|- Yeah, to Paris.
My firm has an office there.|I'm gonna be heading it up.
Paris. Paris, France ?
That's the one.
So you're--you're not|at a nonprofit firm ?
[ Laughs ]|God, no, not with|what they pay me.
Are you married ?
No, I never got married, |Jack. You ?
Not exactly.
Look, could we|take a minute here,
maybe go get a cup of coffee|or something ?
- I'll go for a cup of coffee.|- Yes. I found it.
Congratulations.|Your earlier flight|was canceled,
but I got you|out of Kennedy|on United at 7:00.
- Excellent.|- Am I good or what ?
Yes, you're brilliant.
Thank you.|You're welcome.
Here you go. It's just|some old stuff of yours.
Do you ever think|about us, Kate ?
About what might|have happened ?
Jack, I'll tell you what.
If you're ever in Paris, |look me up and we'll go have|that cup of coffee, okay ?
Or cafe. Or cafe au lait.|Oh, wait. No, no, no, no !
Don't close that up.|I will never find|this box again.
Well, I marked it.|Just be more specific|next time.
We 'll leave it open then.|I was just trying|to close it up.
Make a right here.
[ Man ]|Sir, you're gonna be late|for your flight.
We're not going|to the airport.
[ Tires Screeching ]
You can't leave this here.
You can't park here !
[ Female P.A. Announcer|Speaking French ]
Kate ! You can't go.
- Don't get on that plane.|-Jack ?
Please, let's just|go have a cup of coffee.|That's all I'm asking for.
I'm sure there's another|flight to Paris tonight.
Jack.|What are you doing here ?
Do you need closure ?
Because if you do, |after all these years, |you got it.
I'm okay. I'm fine.
I--I was heartbroken, |Jack,
but I got over it, |I moved on, and...
you should move on too.
Okay ? I'm sorry.
I just can't--|I've gotta go.
I-I--I'm sorry, Jack.|I'm sorry. Excuse me.
Can I just--|I'm sorry. I was here.
We have a house in Jersey !
We have two kids.
Annie and Josh.
Annie's not much|of a violin player, |but she tries real hard.
She's a little precocious, |but that's only because she|says what's on her mind.
And when she smiles--
And Josh,
he has your eyes.
He doesn't say much, |but we know he's smart.
He's always got|his eyes open.
You know, |he's always watching us.
Sometimes you can look at him|and you just know...
he's learning something new.
It's like witnessing|a miracle.
The house is a mess, |but it's ours.
After 122 more payments, |it's going to be ours.
And you, |you're a nonprofit lawyer.
That's right.|You're completely nonprofit.
But that doesn't seem|to bother you.
And we're in love.
After 13 years of marriage, |we're still unbelievably|in love.
You won't even let me touch you|till I've said it.
I sing to you.
Not all the time, |but definitely|on special occasions.
And we've--we've dealt|with our share of surprises|and made a lot of sacrifices,
but we stayed together.
You see,
you're a better person|than I am,
and it made me|a better person|to be around you.
I don't know.|Maybe it was all|just a dream.
Maybe I went to bed|one lonely night|in December,
and I imagined it all, |but...
I swear, nothing's ever|felt more real.
And if you get|on that plane right now,
it'll disappear forever.
I know we could both|go on with our lives, |and we'd both be fine.
But I've seen...
what we could be like|together.
And I choose us.
Please, Kate.
One cup of coffee.
You can always|go to Paris.
Just... please,
not tonight.
Okay, Jack.
[ No Audible Dialog ]
# We should be right here #
# Get through all this fear #
# One of these days #
# 'Cause when it comes around #
# Weshould be right here #
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Friends - 4x20 - The One With All the Wedding Dresses
Friends - 4x21 - The One With the Invitation
Friends - 4x22 - The One With the Worst Best Man Ever
Friends - 4x23 - The One With Rosss Wedding - part 1
Friends - 4x24 - The One With Rosss Wedding - part 2
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Friends - 5x02 - The One With All the Kissing
Friends - 5x03 - The One Hundreth
Friends - 5x04 - The One Where Phoebe Hates PBS
Friends - 5x05 - The One With the Kips
Friends - 5x06 - The One With the Yeti
Friends - 5x07 - The One Where Ross Moves In
Friends - 5x08 - The One With All the Thanksgivins
Friends - 5x09 - The One With Rosss Sandwich
Friends - 5x10 - The One With the Inappropiate Sister
Friends - 5x11 - The One With All the Resolutions
Friends - 5x12 - The One With Chandlers Work Laugh
Friends - 5x13 - The One With Joeys Bag
Friends - 5x14 - The One Where Everyone Finds Out
Friends - 5x15 - The One With the Girl Who Hits Joey
Friends - 5x16 - The One With the Cop
Friends - 5x17 - The One With Rachels
Friends - 5x18 - The One Where Rachel Smokes
Friends - 5x19 - The One Where Ross Cant Flirt
Friends - 5x20 - The One With the Ride-Along
Friends - 5x21 - The One With the Ball
Friends - 5x22 - The One With Joeys Big Break
Friends - 5x23 - The One in Vegas
Friends - 6x01 - The One After Vegas
Friends - 6x02 - The One Where Ross Hugs Rachel
Friends - 6x03 - The One With Rosss Denial
Friends - 6x04 - The One Where Joey Loses His
Friends - 6x05 - The One With Joeys Porsche
Friends - 6x06 - The One On the Last Night
Friends - 6x07 - The One Where Phoebe Runs
Friends - 6x08 - The One With Rosss Teeth
Friends - 6x15
Friends 7x01 - The One with Monicas Thunder
Friends 7x02 - The One With Rachels Book
Friends 7x03 - The One With Phoebes Cookies
Friends 7x04 - The One With Rachels Assistant
Friends 7x05 - The One With The Engagement Picture
Friends 7x06 - The One With The Nap Partners
Friends 7x07 - The One with Rosss Library Book
Friends 7x08 - The One Where Chandler Doesnt Like Dogs
Friends 7x09 - The One With All the Candy
Friends 7x10 - The One With The Holiday Armadillo
Friends 7x11 - The One With All The Cheesecakes
Friends 7x12 - The One Where They are Up All Night
Friends 7x13 - The One Where Rosita Dies
Friends 7x14 - The One Where They All Turn Thirty
Friends 7x15 - The One With Joeys New Brain
Friends 7x16 - The One With the Truth About London
Friends 7x17 - The One With the Cheap Wedding Dress
Friends 7x18 - The One With Joeys Award
Friends 7x19 - The One With Ross and Monicas Cousin
Friends 7x20 - The One With Rachels Kisses
Friends 7x21 - The One With the Vows
Friends 7x22 - The One With Chandlers Dad
Friends 7x23 - The One With Monica and Chandlers Wedding Part 1
Friends 7x24 - The One With Monica and Chandlers Wedding Part 2
Friends 9x01 - The One Where No One Proposes
Friends 9x02 - The One Where Emma Cries
Friends 9x03 - The One With The Pediatrician
Friends 9x04 - The One With The Sharks
Friends 9x05 - The One With Phoebes Birthday Dinner
Friends 9x06 - The One With The Male Nanny
Friends 9x07 - The One With Rosss Inappropriate Song
Friends 9x08 - The One With Rachels Other Sister
Friends 9x09 - The One With Rachels Phone Number
Friends 9x10 - The One With Christmas In Tulsa
Friends 9x11 - The One Where Rachel Goes Back To Work
Friends 9x12 - The One With Phoebes Rats
Friends 9x13 - The One Where Monica Sings
Friends 9x14 - The One With The Blind Dates
Friends 9x15 - The One With The Mugging
Friends 9x16 - The One With The Boob Job
Friends 9x17 - The One With The Memorial Service
Friends 9x18 - The One With The Lottery
Friends 9x19 - The One With Rachels Dream
Friends 9x20 - The One With The Soap Opera Party
Friends 9x21 - The One With The Fertility Test
Friends 9x22 - The One With The Donor
Friends 9x23-24 - The One In Barbados 1 2)
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