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Cast Away

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(Radio: "Heartbreak Hotel")
Mrs Peterson!
Ramon, hey! How's it goin'?
- How you doin'? - There it is, there on the desk.
- Where's she headed? - She's snowbound, Ramon.
- See you went with the pink. - Yeah, yeah.
It's kind of a pink day today.
I'll have another pickup for you on Thursday.
- All right. See you then. - All right. Thanks.
# Bless my soul, what's wrong with me
# I'm itchin' like a man on a fuzzy tree
# My friends say I'm actin' wild as a bug
# I'm in love... #
(Speaking Russian)
(Singing in Russian)
(Man shouting in Russian)
Peterson! Peterson!
(Speaking Russian)
- Mr Cowboy, da? - Da.
Mmm, it's pretty.
(Speaking Russian)
It's from my wife.
(Horn honking)
(Singing in Russian)
(Chatting in Russian)
(Man) Time rules over us without mercy,
not caring if we're healthy or ill, hungry or drunk,
Russian, American, beings from Mars.
It's like a fire. It could either destroy us or keep us warm.
That's why every FedEx office has a clock.
Because we live or we die by the clock.
We never turn our back on it.
And we never, ever allow ourselves the sin of losing track of time!
Locally, it's 1:56.
That means we've got three hours and four minutes
before the end-of-the-day's package sort.
That's how long we have. That's how much time we have...
before this pulsating, accursed, relentless taskmaster
tries to put us out of business.
Hey, Nicolai.
Good to see you. How are you, kid?
You just delivered your very first FedEx package.
That deserves something special,
like a Snickers bar and... a CD player.
And something to listen to. There. Elvis Presley.
Fifty million fans can't be wrong.
You all recognise this, don't you?
I took the liberty of sending this to myself.
I FedEx'd it before I left Memphis.
You're probably wondering what could be in here.
Is it architectural plans? Maybe technical drawings?
Is this the new wallpaper for the bathroom?
(Man translating into Russian)
It is...
a clock, which I started at absolute zero,
and is now at 87 hours, 22 minutes and 17 seconds.
From Memphis, America to Nicolai in Russia, 87 hours.
87 hours is a shameful outrage.
This is just an egg timer!
What if it had been something else? Like your pay cheque?
Or fresh boysenberries? Or adoption papers?
87 hours is an eternity. The cosmos was created in less time!
Wars have been fought and nations toppled in 87 hours!
Fortunes made and squandered.
- What are you saying about me? - I tell them, what do they expect?
This man, when his truck broke down, he stole a boy's bicycle.
I borrowed it! I borrowed a kid's bike.
I got my packages delivered, and that is what you have to do.
You have to do whatever it takes, because in three hours two minutes
every one of these packages has to be on the big truck,
on its way to the airport.
- (Bell) - 15 minutes!
- Crunch time! Crunch time! - Crunch time!
Let's go! Every package on the airport truck.
Go! Crunch, crunch, crunch!
- We have a big problem. - What?
- The truck in Red Square is stuck. - What?
- It's stuck. - Stuck how? In snow? In ice?
The most important truck, the Kremlin truck! Many packages.
All right. Let's put the table right here. We'll just do the sort.
Ah, yeah, a clamp. That would make us stuck.
Let's go. Unload... Get him out of there.
Right here. Two lines, two lines.
One to the airport truck, one to the Moscow truck. Got it?
CDG, FE, ME, Memphis on the airport truck. Everything else there.
Nicolai! Tick-tock, tick-tock. Four minutes.
'Hi, this is Kelly. If you're calling for Chuck, press one.
'Otherwise, leave a message. Thanks.'
'Kelly. Are you there? Pick up, pick up, pick up. You're not there.
'I'm doin' the sorts in Red Square, in the shadow of Lenin's tomb.
'I miss you.'
I miss you, I really wanna kiss you.
I'm pickin' up the sweep through Paris.
I should be back in Memphis about 18 hours. That's the good news.
The bad news is...I gotta go to the dentist this week.
I got something that's hurtin'.
I'll see you soon, and you know what that means. Bye-bye.
Nicolai! Tick-tock, tick-tock, tick-tock!
(Speaking French)
I absolutely, positively have to get to Memphis tonight.
Can't help you. Try UPS.
Will we be able to push it and make the sort?
- We'll do our best. - "Our best"?
Gwen, what's wrong with our doctors that Jack is certified to fly?
Aren't you concerned?
Terrified, but a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do.
That's the spirit. Relentless is our goal.
What do you expect from the guy who stole a crippled kid's bicycle?
I borrowed it. But I love that the kid's now crippled.
So you missed the last truck by two minutes?
Two minutes. Actually, it was less.
The plane wasn't heavy. You could've added some fuel and picked up speed.
It's about the trucks. Today's truck was two minutes late.
Tomorrow's will be four minutes late, then six, eight.
Next thing you know, we're the US Mail.
Well, all I'm sayin' is, if you'd gotten all those trucks on the plane,
those Russkies would be walking on water now.
Hey, don't give me that look. It's just grape juice. Right, Chuck?
Yeah. It's like a 1992, full-bodied grape juice.
See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil.
We'd offer you some but somebody's got to fly the plane.
Yeah, well, I "just say no," right?
Listen, Stan,
I've been meaning to ask you, how's Mary?
Oh. Uh, well...
- We really don't know anything yet. - Mm-hm.
Uh, she went to the doctor yesterday, and, uh...
It hasn't meta... metastasized...
as far as they can tell right now.
It's just kind of wait and see.
I'm so sorry.
Tell her I'm gonna come by and see her on my next layover.
I want you to know, Stan, we are all thinking about her and you,
- and just blessings. - Thank you, Gwen.
'Hi, this is Kelly.
'If you're calling for Chuck, press one. Otherwise, leave a message.'
Listen. Uh, I heard about this...
I heard about this doctor down in Emory, in Atlanta.
He's supposed to be the best. He worked on Frank Toretto's wife.
Frank's a systems analyst. He played centrefield for us.
You know him. The softball tournament last Labour Day.
Anyway, beside the point.
Uh, what I was thinking is, is that I could get his number...
the doctor...and, uh,
You know, put you all together and...
You know, you could get this thing fixed.
You could beat it.
Thanks, Chuck. (Sighs)
So, I'll get his number.
- (Student) And why is that? - When it's chemically ordered...
- Is Kelly Frears around? - She's copying her dissertation.
- You're home. - Home indeed.
I love that you're home.
(TV) 'Just days before Santa departs on his annual gift-giving venture,
'he's been declared physically fit to fly.
'Santa got checked out at the VA Hospital in Augusta, Georgia.
'After doctors declared the jolly old elf in tiptop shape,
'Santa took off into the wild blue yonder for an early start.
'In Sarajevo, he spent the day with children,
'handing out presents
'and even helping them decorate the special Christmas tree.'
(Bell clanging)
'Santa and elves took over the floor at the Hong Kong Futures Exchange.
'Market traders bought Santa hats...'
(TV shuts off)
- The turkey's a bit dry, isn't it? - (All) No. The turkey is perfect!
(All talking at once)
- How many did you do last night? - Last night? 2.9 million.
Now, you've got to be in the market for more of these candied yams.
- 2.9 has got to be the record. - Look at those marshmallows.
We thought two million was a big deal.
The glory days.
- What'd they do the first night? - First night?
- Twelve. - Twelve thousand?
- Hell, no. Twelve. - (Chuck) That's right.
They did the sort right there on a card table.
And Fred Smith had that card table bronzed.
I've been hearing that for five years.
- It's in his office today. - From that to the hub at Anchorage.
It's a perfect marriage between technology and systems management.
Speaking of marriage,
when are you gonna make an honest woman of Kelly?
How long?
- Fourteen minutes into the meal. - You won.
- I owe you $5. - Way before the pie.
I told him. Right about the time the pie came out, the marriage...
Kelly's still recovering after that parolee.
He was a lawyer.
I knew it had something to do with swearing to tell the truth.
Remember when he fell and broke his shoulder at the wedding reception?
He tripped on a kerb holding a door open for me.
- Aunt Kelly was married? - It's not worth remembering.
So since her failed marriage to the parolee...
Oh, my God.
Kelly can't see being with a man who wears a pager to bed.
What are you gonna attach it to? When you wear it to bed,
I hope you got one of those things that goes vibratin'.
I'm not touching that.
Oh, did you hit an olive pit?
- I thought I took all of them out. - No, no, it's not that.
- OK, I'll cancel Saturday. - No, don't.
If I'm not here, I'm not. But if I am, then I am.
It's cancelled. But you gotta be here New Year's Eve.
Malaysia can't be that bad. When do you defend your dissertation?
January 12.
(Sighs) I'm gonna have to switch over the South America thing.
If I do that on the third or fourth,
I'll have to head back out on the 13th.
So long as you're here New Year's Eve.
I will be here New Year's Eve. I promise.
What about our Christmas? I got a gift for you.
We have to do it in the car.
(Elvis Presley: "Blue Christmas")
I'd just like a minute over here, all right? Thanks.
# But I'll have a blue blue, blue, blue Christmas... #
Two minutes, OK? Two more minutes. Thanks. Hey!
- Merry Christmas. - I thought you were gonna stiff me.
What is the ribbon? A thousand-pound test fishing line or something?
- Here's your fancy thing. - Thanks.
I love the wrapping.
- And I love the box. - Good.
Oh, my.
Oh, that is terrific.
My grandaddy used it on the Southern Pacific.
Hey, I took this. This is my favourite picture of you.
You know what I'm gonna do?
I'm always gonna keep this on Memphis time.
Kelly time.
You haven't said anything about your presents.
I'm sorry. No, I love 'em. Look at my journal. Ah!
- What about the pager? - Real leather. Gold on the pages!
- Did you like the pager or not? - Yes. I love it.
Look at him in his little blue Russian house.
- It's from Russia. - My God.
- It's not one of those loud ones? - No.
You can program it so it vibrates and lights up and see it in the dark.
It seems like a real nice...pager.
- Sorry about the towels. - I love 'em!
- You're hard to shop for. - Every time I wash my hands,
- I will think of you. - All right, I gotta go.
Merry Christmas.
- Merry Christmas. - I love you.
I love you too.
- Thank you. - That reminds me. I almost forgot.
I have one more present for you.
Only this isn't an "open in the car" kind of present
like, say, hand towels.
Which were a joke, by the way.
I'm terrified.
Just take it and hold onto it, and you can open it on New Year's Eve.
And I love you.
I'll be right back.
(Plane jolts)
Hey, Al, where are we?
Somewhere over the Pacific Ocean.
Ha, ha, ha! You pilots, you're funny.
Tahiti Control, FedEx 88.
Position Jenna at 1526...
Is this turbulence from Santa and those eight tiny reindeer?
..Tamara at 1620.
Erick is next.
- Fuel, niner-five-decimal-five. - (Static over radio)
Blaine, tell them we're deviating. Make a position plot on your left.
(Blaine) Tahiti Control, FedEx 88. Position Jenna at 1526.
- Flight level 350. - I got us plotted.
We're 200 miles south of original course.
Continue plotting, check contingency procedures.
Tahiti Control. FedEx 88 broadcasting in the blind. How do you read?
- (Static) - I've never been out this long.
Did you try the higher HF frequency?
(Blaine) Tahiti Control, FedEx 88.
(Al) Better buckle up, Chuck. It's gonna get bumpy.
(Blaine) Tahiti Control, FedEx 88. Do you read?
Tahiti Control, FedEx 88. Position Jenna at 1526.
Flight level 350.
Expecting Tamara at 1...
Explosion! Let's get a hose!
Hold on to it! Come on!
Seat belt!
We may have to ditch!
Fire in the hold! We're goin' down!
Mayday! Mayday!
(Alarm buzzing)
(Confused shouting)
Bringing it down and out!
Ten thousand feet! Masks off!
Masks off!
Chuck! Life vest!
Chuck! Chuck, stay there!
Where's your life vest?
Ditching switch on!
I've got visual!
Brace for impact!
(Engine roaring)
(Groaning, wheezing)
(Leaves rustling)
What is that?
Get! Go, go. Go! Go!
"Albert R Miller."
Not Alan. Albert.
So, that's it.
Hey! A ship! Hey! Hey!
Hey! Hey!
A ship! Over here!
Hey! Hey!
Over here! Over here!
Over here!
Over here! Over here!
Help me! Help! Right here! Right here!
Help! Look here! Look, look, look!
Help! Come on!
(Wind howling)
"Happy birthday."
"The most beautiful thing in the world is the world itself.
"Johnny, have the happiest birthday ever. Score! Your Grandpa."
Come on.
Come on. Come on.
Come on. Come on.
You wouldn't have a match... by any chance, would you?
Oh, oh, oh!
The air got to it.
The air got to it!
Come on, come on. Come on.
I did it. I did it.
There you go!
Light it up! Come on!
# The time to hesitate is through... #
# No time to wallow in the mire
# Try now, we can only lose
# Cos, girl, we couldn't get much higher
# Come on, baby light my fire... #
There you go! Here you go!
It's a signal fire!
And it spells out SOS!
It's a meteor shower!
Fireflies! Go! Run!
You're free! You're free! Ouch! Ouch!
Look what I have created!
I have made fire!
have made fire!
You gotta love crab.
In the nick of time, too.
I couldn't take much more of those coconuts.
Coconut milk's a natural laxative.
Things that Gilligan never told us.
Pretty well-made fire, huh, Wilson?
We were en route from Memphis for eleven and a half hours.
About 475 miles an hour.
So they think that we are right here.
we went out of radio contact
then flew around that storm... for about an hour.
So that's a distance of what, 400 miles?
Four hundred miles squared. That's 160,000...
times pi, 3.14.
Five hundred and two thousand, four...
That's a search area of 500,000 square miles.
That's twice the size of Texas.
They may never find us.
This tooth is just killing me.
It started out just hurting when I bit down,
but now it just hurts all the time.
All the time.
It's a good thing there's not much to eat around here,
cos I don't think I could chew it.
Just keep sucking on all that coconut and all that crab.
And just think, I used to avoid going to the dentist like the plague.
I put it off every single chance I got. But now...
Oh, what I wouldn't give...
to have a dentist right here in this cave.
In fact, I wish you were a dentist.
Dr Wilson.
You wanna hear something funny?
Back home in Memphis,
my dentist's name is Dr James Spalding.
She's much prettier in real life.
Ah... Ah.
(Clattering continues)
Shut up!
This could work.
This could work.
22... 44 lashings.
44 lashings. So...
We have to make rope again.
Wilson, we have to make a hell of a lot of rope.
Eight lashings of these structurals. That's 24 apiece.
That'll be 100... 160.
Here we are today.
That gives us a month and a half until we're into March and April,
which is our best chances for high tides and offshore breezes.
We need... We need 424 feet of good rope,
another 50 feet for miscellaneous.
Round that off to 475 feet of good rope.
Now, if we average 15 feet a day...
Plus, we have to build it,
we have to stock it, we have to launch it.
That's gonna be tight.
That is not much time.
But we...
We live and we die by time, don't we?
Now, let's not commit the sin of turning our back on time.
I know.
I know.
This is it.
That's all that's left.
I checked over the whole island, and that is all that's left.
So we're gonna be short.
We're just gonna have to make some more out of videotape.
Yes. No, we have time.
We do. We have time. Look!
The wind's still blowing in from the west.
I know!
Yeah, I know. I know where there's 30 feet of extra rope!
But... But I'm not going back up there.
There, there. There, you see? Huh?
There. Are you happy?
Do you have to keep bringing that up? Can't you just forget it?
Huh? You were right.
You were right. It was good that we did a test,
cos it wasn't gonna be just a quick little snap.
I would have landed on the rocks.
Broken my leg or my back or my neck.
Bled to death.
It was the only option I had though, OK?
It was what, a year ago?
So let's just forget it.
And what is your point?
we might just make it.
Did that thought ever cross your brain?
Regardless, I would rather take my chance out on the ocean
than to stay here and die on this shithole island,
spending the rest of my life talking to a goddam volleyball!
Shut you up.
(Sobbing) Oh, God! Wilson! Wilson!
Oh! Oh!
Never again. Never again, never again.
You're OK. You OK? Yeah.
Yeah, I know you.
I know you. I know you.
So... We OK?
You still awake?
Me too.
You scared?
Me too.
(Wind howling)
Here we go, Wilson.
You don't have to worry about anything.
I'll do all the paddling.
You just hang on.
Not yet! Hold on!
Not yet! Not yet!
Not yet!
Stand by, Wilson!
Hold on! Hold on, Wilson!
(Laughing) I think we did it!
I think we did it!
I think we did it!
(Whale song)
Oh! They're gone!
I don't know why!
Where's Wilson?
Where's Wilson?
Wilson, where are you?
I'm comin'!
Wilson! Wilson!
I'm sorry!
I'm sorry, Wilson!
Wilson, I'm sorry!
I'm sorry!
(Sobbing) I can't!
I'm... I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
(Whale song)
(Weakly) Kelly...
Oh, how are you?
45 minutes.
One Dr Pepper...
two cups of ice.
I like ice.
Well, here's the drill.
Um, plane pulls in, we get off,
and there's a little ceremony right there in the hangar.
Fred Smith will say a few words.
All you have to do is smile and say thank you.
Then we'll take you over to see Kelly.
She's actually gonna be there, huh?
Well, that's what we have arranged.
- If you're sure you wanna do that. - Oh, yeah, yeah. Yes.
I don't know what I'm gonna say to her.
What in the world am I gonna say to her?
(Sighs) Chuck... Kelly had to let you go.
You know?
She thought you were dead.
And we buried you.
We had a funeral and a coffin, a gravestone.
The whole thing.
You had a coffin?
What was in it?
Well, everybody put something in.
You know, just a cell phone or a beeper, some pictures.
I put in some Elvis CDs.
So you had my funeral
and then you had Mary's funeral.
Stan, I'm so sorry I wasn't around when Mary died.
I should've been there for you, and I wasn't.
I'm so sorry.
'Four years ago, the FedEx family lost five of our sons.
'That was a terrible and tragic day.
'But today, one of those sons,
'Chuck Noland, has been returned to us.
'Chuck, welcome home.'
(Man on TV) 'Moments ago, Fred Smith welcomed home Chuck Noland.
(Woman) 'It's an incredible story, to come back from the dead.'
(Man) 'So amazing that Fred Smith welcomed him.
'And Fred acknowledged that, "While time waits for no man,
'"we take time to pause to honour one of our own."
'Now, that's an expensive pause.'
(TV continues, indistinct)
I'm sorry. I must be in the wrong place.
No, you're in the right place.
You probably don't remember me.
I did root canal on you about five years ago.
Jim Spalding referred you.
Oh, yeah, yeah.
I'm Kelly's husband.
Jerry Lovett.
Kelly wanted...
Kelly wanted to be here...
Look, this is very hard for everyone.
I can't even imagine how hard it is for you.
Kelly, uh...
She's had it rough.
First when she thought she lost you, now dealing with all of this.
It's confusing.
It's very emotional for her.
sort of lost.
Maybe you could just give her a little more time.
I'm sorry that...
(Laughter and chatter)
OK, people, let's go.
Party's over. Let's go home.
(Man) You're gonna have to be down at the DMV.
OK, Maynard, let's go. Chuck's had a big day.
I have to brief him on his meetings with the accountants and attorneys.
I will see you bright and early in the morning.
- Chuck, welcome home. We love you. - Becca, I need to speak to you.
Chuck, we gotta catch up on some of that fishin', now.
Take care.
- Good night. - Good night.
You got everything you need? OK.
If you need anything, sign for it, and I'll see you in the morning.
Get some sleep. We got another big day tomorrow.
It takes a lot of paperwork to bring back a man.
- Bring you back to life, man. - (Becca) Bye, Chuck.
- Take care, now. - Tomorrow.
Tomorrow we're gonna bring you back to life.
How long are you gonna be, man?
- How long will that buy me? - About ten minutes.
I'm awake.
I saw your taxi drive up.
Get in here out of the rain.
I saw you down at the hub today,
so I know you were down there.
Let me get you a towel.
They're sleeping.
You'll come in, I'll make you some coffee?
It's a nice house.
Yeah, we got a nice mortgage too.
What's your daughter's name?
- She's a beautiful little girl. - She's a handful.
Let me get one thing straight.
We have a pro football team now, but they're in Nashville?
Um, yeah. Oh, my God. OK.
They used to be in Houston.
First they were the Oilers, and now they're the Titans.
The Houston Oilers are the Tennessee Titans?
But that's not all.
They went to the Super Bowl last year.
- And I missed that. - You would've died.
They almost won by one yard. One lousy yard, right at the end.
I got whole milk, two per cent and non-fat.
I don't have any half-and-half, and that's what you like.
That'll do fine.
What happened to you becoming a professor?
You're not Dr Kelly Frears-Lovett?
When you, um...
When your plane went down,
everything just sort of got put on hold.
I think about taking it up again, though.
I came out here to give you this.
Oh, my God.
I'm sorry it doesn't work.
And I, uh, I kept the picture.
It was all faded anyway.
I want you to have it. I gave it to you.
That's a family heirloom and it should stay in your family.
That's everything I have from when you went down to now.
They said they never figured out what caused the crash.
Probably some mislabelled hazardous material caught fire.
So here's where that ship found you.
You drifted about 500 miles.
This is where your island was,
about 600 miles south of the Cook Islands.
And these are the search grids.
Ships went back and forth for weeks looking for you.
I never should've gotten on that plane.
I never should've gotten out of the car.
I wanna show you something.
Come here.
This is... This is our car.
You kept our car.
All right, now... This is weird.
It's a good car.
Had a lot of memories in this car.
Two very nice memories.
Oh, that trip down to the Gulf, yeah.
So, can I drive it?
It's your car.
That's good, cos my... my taxi's gone.
Let me get some stuff out of the back.
You think you're gonna have more kids?
I don't know.
It's kind of confusing right now.
Well, you should.
I mean, really, you should.
I would.
So, what now?
I don't know.
I really don't know.
(Starts engine)
You said you'd be right back.
I'm so sorry.
Me too.
I always knew you were alive.
I knew it.
But everybody said I had to stop saying that,
that I had to let you go.
I love you.
You're the love of my life.
I love you too, Kelly.
More than you'll ever know.
You have to go home.
We both had done the math, and...
Kelly added it all up.
She knew she had to let me go.
I added it up, knew that I'd...
I'd lost her.
Cos I was never gonna get off that island.
I was gonna die there,
totally alone.
I mean, I was gonna get sick or I was gonna get injured or something.
The only choice I had,
the only thing I could control...
was when and how...
and where that was gonna happen.
I made a rope.
And I went up to the summit to hang myself.
But I had to test it, you know?
Of course. You know me.
And the weight of the log snapped the limb of the tree.
So I... I couldn't even kill myself the way I wanted to.
I had power over nothing.
And that's when this feeling came over me like a warm blanket.
I knew, somehow...
that I had to stay alive.
I had to keep breathing,
even though there was no reason to hope.
And all my logic said that I would never see this place again.
So that's what I did.
I stayed alive.
I kept breathing.
Then one day that logic was proven all wrong,
because the tide came in, gave me a sail.
And now, here I am.
I'm Memphis,
talking to you.
I have ice in my glass.
And I've lost her all over again.
I'm so sad that I don't have Kelly.
But I'm so grateful that she was with me on that island.
And I know what I have to do now.
I gotta keep breathing.
Because tomorrow, the sun will rise.
Who knows what the tide could bring?
# I gave a letter to the postman
# He put it in his sack
# Bright and early next mornin'
# He brought my letter back
# She wrote upon it
# Return to sender
# Address unknown
# No such number... #
You look lost.
I do?
Where are you headed?
Well, I was just about to figure that out.
Well, that's 83 South.
And this road here will hook you up with I-40 East.
If you turn right,
that'll take you to Amarillo, Flagstaff,
And if you head back that direction,
you'll find a whole lotta nothin' all the way to Canada.
I got it.
All right, then.
Good luck, cowboy.
Thank you.
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Caja 507 La
Calamity Jane
Calcium Kid The
Calender Girls
Callas toujours La 1958
Camille Claudel
Campanadas a medianoche 1965 CD1
Campanadas a medianoche 1965 CD2
Candyman 2 Farewell to the Flesh
Cannonball 1976
Cant Buy Me Love
Cant Hardly Wait
Cant Stop The Music 23,976fps 1980
Cantando Dietro I Paraventi
Cape Fear (1991) CD1
Cape Fear (1991) CD2
Capitaine Conan - Bertrand Tavernier (1996)
Captain Pantoja And The Special Services 2000 CD1
Captain Pantoja And The Special Services 2000 CD2
Captain Ron
Captain Ron 1992
Captains Paradise The 1953
Capturing The Friedmans 2003
Car Wash 1976
Carabiniers Les (Jean-Luc Godard 1963)
Caramuru A Invencao Do Brasil
Caretaker The 1963
Caretaker The 1963 Commentary
Carmen (1984) CD1
Carmen (1984) CD2
Carne Tremula (1997)
Carne trmula
Carolina 2003
Cartouche (23.976)
Casa De Los Babys 2003
Casablanca CD1
Casablanca CD2
Casino (1995) CD1
Casino (1995) CD2
Cassandra Crossing CD1
Cassandra Crossing CD2
Casseta and Planeta - A Taza do Mundo Nossa - Feedback Overflow
Casshern CD1
Casshern CD2
Cast Away
Cast a Giant Shadow
Castle in the Sky
Cat Ballou
Cat In The Hat The
Cat People Directors Cut
Cat on a hot tin roof
Catch Me If You Can
Cats Eye (Stephen Kings)
Cats Meow The CD1
Cats Meow The CD2
Cats and Dogs
Cellular 2004
Celluloid Closet
Celos (1999) - Jealousy
Cenetentola La
Central do Brasil
Cercle rouge Le 1970 CD1
Cercle rouge Le 1970 CD2
Chaikovsky 1969 CD1
Chaikovsky 1969 CD2
Chain Reaction
Chalte Chalte
Chamber The
Champion CD1
Champion CD2
Changing Lanes
Charisma (K Kurosawa 1999)
Charisma (Karisuma)
Charlie - The Life And Art Of Charles Chaplin
Charlies Angels
Charlies Angels - Full Throttle
Chase The
Chasing Amy
Chasing Liberty
Chatos Land
Cheaper by dozen
Cheats The 2002
Chelsea Girls 1966 CD1
Chelsea Girls 1966 CD2
Cheong Feng (1999) - Mission The
Cheonnyeon Ho 2003 CD1
Cheonnyeon Ho 2003 CD2
Cher - Live In Concert
Cherry Falls
Chicago CD1
Chicago CD2
Chicken Run (2000)
Chihwaseon CD1
Chihwaseon CD2
Children Of Dune Part 1
Children Of Dune Part 2
Children Of Dune Part 3
Children of Heaven The
Children of a Lesser God
Children of the Damned
Childs Play 1988
Childs Play 2 1990
Childs Play 3
Chimes at Midnight
China Moon
China Strike Force 2000
Chineese Ghost Story A 3
Chinese Ghost Story
Chinese Odyssey A
Chinese Roulette
Chitty Chitty Bang Bang
Choose Me (1984)
Chori Chori 1956
Choristes Les
Choses Secretes
Christiane F
Christine CD1
Christine CD2
Christmas Carol A
Christmas Story A
Christmas Vacation (National Lampoons)
Chronicles of Riddick The - Dark Fury
Chunhyang 2000 CD1
Chunhyang 2000 CD2
Cider House Rules The
Cinderella 2000
Cinderella Story A
Citizen Kane
Citizen Ruth
City By The Sea
City Hall
City Heat
City Of God 2003 CD1
City Of God 2003 CD2
City Of The Living Dead 1980
City of Lost Children The CD1
City of Lost Children The CD2
City of No Limits The (Antonio Hernandez 2002)
City on fire 1987
Civil Brand 2003
Clan Des Siciliens Le - Henri Verneuil 1969
Clash of the Titans CD1
Clash of the Titans CD2
Class Trip 1998
Classic The (Korean) CD1
Classic The (Korean) CD2
Clearing The
Cleo De 5 7
Cleopatra 1963 CD1
Cleopatra 1963 CD2
Cleopatra 1963 CD3
Cleopatra 1999 CD1
Cleopatra 1999 CD2
Cliffhanger (Collectors Edition)
Cliffhanger CD1
Cliffhanger CD2
Clockers CD1
Clockers CD2
Clockwork Orange A
Close Encounters of the Third Kind
Close Encounters of the Third Kind (The Collectors Edition)
Closet The
Club Dread
Coast Guard 2002 CD1
Coast Guard 2002 CD2
Cobra Verde CD1
Cobra Verde CD2
Coca-Cola Kid The 1985
Cock - A Broken Leghorn (1959)
Cock - The Foghorn Leghorn (1948)
Cockleshell Heroes The
Cold Comfort Farm 1995
Cold Mountain 2003 CD1
Cold Mountain 2003 CD2
Cold Mountain CD1
Cold Mountain CD2
Cold Mountain CD3
Collateral 2004
Collateral Damage
Collector The
Colour Of The Truth
Coma (1978)
Comandante (Oliver Stone 2003)
Come And See CD1
Come And See CD2
Commitments The
Como Agua Para Chocolate
Company Man
Company Of Wolves The CD1
Company Of Wolves The CD2
Company The CD1
Company The CD2
Con Air
Conan The Barbabian (uncut)
Conan the Barbarian
Conan the Destroyer
Confessions of Sorority Girls
Confessions of a Dangerous Mind
Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen
Connie and Carla
Conquest of the Planet of the Apes
Conspiracy Theory 1997
Control 2004
Conversation The CD1
Conversation The CD2
Cook The Thief His Wife And Her Lover The 1989
Cookies Fortune 1999
Cookout The
Cool Hand Luke 1967
Cool World
Cooler The
Cooley High
Cop Land
Corbeau Le
Corky Romano
Couch Trip The 1988
Counterfeit Traitor The 1962 CD1
Counterfeit Traitor The 1962 CD2
Countess Dracula (1970)
Country of my Skull
Cousin Bette
Cover Girl (Charles Vidor+1944)
Cowboy (Delmer Daves 1958)
Coyote - Dont Give Up the Sheep (1953)
Coyote - Fast and Furry-ous (1949)
Coyote Ugly
Craddle 2 The Grave
Cranes Are Flying The (1957)
Cravan vs Cravan
Crazy Beautiful
Crazy People 1990
Crazy in Alabama
Creature from the Black Lagoon
Crew The
Cries And Whispers (Bergman Ingmar)
Crime Scene Investigation 3x01 - Revenge Is Best Served Cold
Crime Scene Investigation 3x02 - The Accused Is Entitled
Crime Scene Investigation 3x03 - Let The Seller Beware
Crime Scene Investigation 3x04 - A Little Murder
Crime Scene Investigation 3x05 - Abra Cadaver
Crime Scene Investigation 3x06 - The Execution Of Catherine Willows
Crime Scene Investigation 3x07 - Fight Night
Crime Scene Investigation 3x08 - Snuff
Crime Scene Investigation 3x09 - Blood Lust
Crime Scene Investigation 3x10 - High And Low
Crime Scene Investigation 3x11 - Recipe For Murder
Crime of Padre Amaro The
Criminal Lovers (1999)
Crimson Pirate The
Crimson Rivers 2 - Angels Of The Apocalypse
Crimson Rivers 2 Angels of the Apocalypse
Crimson Tide
Criss Cross
Cristina Quer Casar
Critters 2 The Main Course 1988
Crocodile Dundee in Los Angeles
Cronos 1993
Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon
Crow The
Crow The - City Of Angels 1996
Cruel Intentions 3
Crumb (1994)
Cube2 Hypercube 2002
Cube Zero
Cure (Kiyoshi Kurosawa) CD1
Cure (Kiyoshi Kurosawa) CD2
Curse The
Custer of the west
Cut Runs Deep The 1998
Cutthroat Island (1995)