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Subtitles for Bulletproof Monk 2003.

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Bulletproof Monk 2003

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Well done!
Your training is complete.
This prayer flag symbolizes|the ending...
...of my destiny|and the beginning of yours.
When you first came to me...
you were the most undisciplined|youth I had ever laid eyes on.
And yet, you proved|yourself worthy...
to be the next guardian.
You have fulfilled|the Three Noble Prophecies.
You defeated an army|of enemies...
while a flock of cranes|circled above.
And then you battled for love|in the palace of jade.
And finally...
you freed brothers|you never knew...
with the family you never had.
Now you must make|the final sacrifice.
You must give up your name.
I have already|forgotten it, Master.
The Scroll of the Ultimate.
Whoever reads its words|out loud in their entirety...
will gain the power|to control the world...
and turn it into a paradise|or a living hell.
Mankind is not ready|for so much power...
and may never be.
That is why it is our duty|to protect the Scroll...
from being read by anyone,|including ourselves.
Five times the Year of the Ram|has passed...
since I became The Next|from my honored predecessor...
and his master before him,|and so on, and so on.
I have been protecting|the Scroll for sixty years.
Now it is your turn.
It is done.
The next sixty years should be|very interesting for you.
It's time for me to do what|I've always wanted to do...
ever since those pesky British|showed up in 1904.
What's that, Master?
Take a vacation.
You must protect Scroll.
Master! Master!
Stay hidden, no matter what.
My brother monks...
you have seen|the destructive power...
which is mine to command.
I also have the power...
to leave this blessed monastery|in peace.
Enjoy your vacation, Master.
I trust you will do|what's best for all of us...
and step aside.
The Scroll.
OK, let's go in.
Anybody home?
I don't like monkeys.
The Scroll.
You may be good,|but you are not bulletproof.
Rush hour.
I'm sorry. I'll get that.
No problem.
You picked the wrong pocket|to pick, prick!
Sorry about that, officer.
Nice cuffs.
Officer needs assistance.
Six-foot Caucasian male,|black leather jacket...
heading north Bishop Square.
On my way.
Do you see him?
Yep. Got him.
Get in position.|Wait for my move.
Confirming visual on the target.|I got him at nine o'clock.
Pick him up. We have a go.
Approaching target now.
- Hey!|- Go, go, go!
The target is on the run.|Don't let him get away!
Hey! Stop!
Bishop Square platform.|Officer in pursuit!
Hey, man, what's up?
Out of my way, punk!
Coming through!
Get out of the way!
- Mommy!|- Somebody get her!
Let's get out of here.|Let's go!
Somebody help.
She's stuck. Grab her leg.
- Mommy.|- It'll be OK.
Do it!
Oh, my God!|Get her out of there!
Get ready to pull!
You son of a bitch.|You just lost my whole stash.
Be happy.|You helped save a human life.
Last time I checked,|there's no reward for that.
How did you do that back there?
Who the hell are you, anyway?
That's not the question|you need to ask.
You should be asking|yourself who you are.
Your mind is filled|with compassion.
That's why you risked your life|to help the child.
But your mind is also impure.
So you forget|the spiritual reward...
and think only|of the financial.
If you're so pure...
why were all those guys|in suits chasing you?
It doesn't concern you.
Let me guess...|FBI, CIA, INS...
I said it doesn't concern you.
I'm sorry!
Every man's life|concerns every other man.
Especially if|he is on the noble path...
to true enlightenment.
Can you accept my apology?
Apology accepted.
- Thanks for helping me.|- No problem, man.
You're boosting|in the wrong turf!
Get your punk ass over here.
Finger-man here|calls himself Kar.
Got caught ripping off marks|at the Bishop Square station.
Funktastic's the name...
and profit's the game.
See, I'm a businessman...
and my fiscal policy towards|crime consists of two words...
zero tolerance.
Unless the criminal has an|officially authorized franchise.
And you ain't got one.
I'm supposed to pay you for|the right to rip people off?
- That's right.|- 60% off the top.
This entitles you|to squatter's rights...
in Mr. Funktastic's cribs...
chow at his greasy spoons...
and protection provided|by Mr. Funktastic and his crew.
And that's us.
You know, it's really enticing.
But if this is an example|of a Funktastic crib...
I'll check myself|into a Motel 6.
That's good.
Pretty funny.
You'd be a corpse already|if not for the fact...
I heard you're|an exceptionally good earner.
Maybe I heard wrong.
In which case,|you're nothing to me, mate.
You're less than nothing.
Around here,|less than nothing means dead.
You heard right about me.
I just need some time|to think over your offer.
In the meantime, take this.
It's OK.
An offer of good faith.
What do you think I am, Kar,|a bloody tourist?
You come down here and palm...
that made-in-a-Bangkok-sweatshop|piece of shit off on me?
You got big orchestras, mate.
Too bad I have to cut 'em off.
I have no idea|what you just said.
Your balls.
He's gonna cut off your balls.
- Cut him, Diesel.|- He's mine.
Come on, shorty!
You done messed up, bro.
You're in for a treat now, boy.
Show him what it's all about.
What the hell you looking at?
You're just so damn beautiful.
Especially when you're angry.
That's my bird.
He will defeat|an army of enemies...
while a flock of cranes|circles above.
he's going to lose.
Get up, boss!
Come on, Mr. F, take him!
- Get him.|- Where you going now, baby?
- He's kinda nice.|- Yeah, work it.
Fancy shit now, huh?
It is over.
Come on. I'm bored|with beating on this loser.
Besides, fighting always|gets me hot.
Lucky for you|this bit of crumpet's begging...
for some of my Funktastic love.
Me or my people|ever see you boosting...
in our territory again, mate...
I'm gonna snip your hampton|clean off...
and serve it as a shish kabob.
Now piss off.
Congratulations on your victory.
Though, technically,|you were saved by a girl.
It was your charm...
that convinced the girl|to lead them away.
Hey, Mr. Do-gooder,|if you were watching...
the whole thing back there,|how come you didn't help?
Because you stole from me.
Oh, yeah. That.
But your fighting|is very impressive.
Where do you study?
Golden Palace.
Golden Palace?
You studied with the Venerable|Fighting Monks of Jin-Gong?
Whatever, man.
It's been really great spending|quality time with you...
but I gotta run, OK?
Sorry about stealing|your whatever the hell that is.
Good luck with|that enlightenment stuff.
The most undisciplined youth|I have ever laid eyes on.
- Not so fast.|- Not so fast?
I've been trying to get down|for a bloody long time...
and every time|we're about to go all the way...
you up and run out on me.
Nobody knows where you go,|what you do.
No one knows anything about you.
You know I'm worth waiting for.
Sorry, baby.|You're on my list...
but you're not at the top.
Piss off, you little tart.
I'm finished with you.
Hey, girl.|Where's your necklace?
Oh, shit.
Relax, folks.|Enjoy the intermission.
We have warm soda,|stale popcorn...
and dried seaweed snacks|at the concession.
Hey, dickweed! Fix it!
- I'm on it.|- You missed the reel change.
Anybody asks for|their money back...
I'm adding it to your rent.
They already saw half of it.
And I'm through|taking your messages!
My name is Kojima...
not Sony, Sanyo, Toshiba.
Whoever heard|of a Japanese guy...
owning a Chinese|movie theater anyway?
I heard that, you smart-ass!
You have two choices, Kar...
you can sit on your butt|and do nothing...
or fly like a phoenix from|the ashes of your pathetic life.
I'm flying, I'm flying!
People, relax.
Come on, projection boy!
I'm tired of the white screen!|Give me some color here!
So, this is the Golden Palace|where you learn how to fight.
What the hell|are you doing here?
I should have known|from your sloppy technique.
This is my place, OK?
Get out right now.
An enlightened man would|offer a humble traveler...
shelter for the night...
and share a quiet conversation|over a bowl of Cocoa Puffs.
I guess I ain't|that enlightened...
because I was thinking more|of kicking your freaky ass...
back to wherever the hell|it comes from.
For someone who says he wants|to kick my freaky ass...
you do a lot of talking.
Really? Well...
I warned you, old man.
Got a little quickness in you,|don't you?
OK, fine.
Guess I can't make you get out.
I overheard people|calling you "Car".
Spelled with a "K".|It's Cantonese.
Funny, you don't look Cantonese.
It means "family", OK?
I figure I never had one|growing up...
but from now on|I'll never be without.
I'm afraid you are|mispronouncing your name, sir.
It should sound more like "Ga".
Look, it's my name, OK?
I'll pronounce it|however I want.
What about you?|What's your name?
I don't have one.
What do you mean?
You gave yourself a name.|I gave mine up.
What are you doing?
Put that down. Come on.
This is a Rolex.|You don't touch that.
I know.
why did you steal|the girl's necklace?
I didn't steal it.
I just borrowed it.
I think she's into me.
I know she's into me.
So I'm going to return|her "lost" necklace...
thereby making her|instantly indebted to me...
and placing me instantly|in her good graces.
Deeply in her good graces.
It's foolproof.
Except for one fool,|which will be you.
If she realizes what you did,|your entire plan will backfire.
You're sleeping in my bed?
It is quite comfortable,|thank you.
You're absolutely crazy.
You eat my food,|you sleep in my bed.
That's great.
You could at least tell me|why those guys were chasing you.
All right.
Let me put it in language|you will understand.
Why do hot dogs|come in packages of ten...
while hot dog buns|come in packages of just eight?
What the hell is that?
You can't answer my question|with another question...
especially|one as stupid as that!
When you attain|a state of enlightenment...
that allows you|to answer my question...
I'll answer yours.
Good night.
Ladies and gentlemen...
as the newly-appointed|executive director...
of the Human Rights|Organization...
I would like to welcome|you all here today.
Now, please,|pardon our appearance.
As you can see,|we're still under construction.
But we wanted you,|our most generous supporters...
to have a preview|of our new exhibit.
Out of the rubble|that was Europe...
at the end of World War II...
men and women of good will,|people like yourselves...
decided to build|an organization dedicated...
to the prevention|of human rights abuses...
all around the Earth...
and today|I am here to tell you...
we failed.
Thanks to all of you|and many others like you...
we are able|to continue this fight...
this fight|against hate, violence...
oppression, and cruelty|in all its forms.
Excuse me.
Do you ever worry|that some of the people...
that come here may be inspired?
I hope each and every person|will be inspired.
Inspired to do it again?
Granted, there are|an awful lot of sick people...
in this world,|but, thankfully...
most of them don't attend|our functions.
I have an idea.
How about instead|of showing atrocity...
you do an exhibit that shows|man's humanity towards man?
You don't help anyone|by shielding them from reality.
Tell me...|deep down inside...
in the very bottom|of your soul...
who would you choose to be?
The one about to be shot?
Or the one about to do|the shooting?
I really must go.|It's been a pleasure.
Thank you.
Thank you.
What's going on?
The event was quite successful.
That's not|what I'm talking about.
Have you found it?
Yes. Now...
unfortunately,|we also lost it.
I am surrounded|by weakness and failure.
No. That was before.
Now I'm here.
You are surrounded by|respect, admiration...
and love.
We'll find the Scroll.|It's only a matter of time.
Time... is the one thing|I'm running out of.
For sixty years,|I have been chasing the Scroll.
It holds the power|to rejuvenate me...
to make me young again...
and to finally cleanse the world|of all inferior races...
as it should have been cleansed|all those years ago.
That's the power.
You let it slip|through your fingers, Nina.
I have men combing the city|as we speak, Opa.
Here you go. Who's next?
Plain with mustard, please.
Coming right up, ma'am.
Hey! Watch it!
Excuse me, sir!
I believe you dropped this.
- Thank you.|- You're welcome.
What the hell was that?
Sleight of hand.
Man, I thought|I was through with you.
Now you show up again|and pick my pocket?
The pocket was yours,|but not what I picked.
Don't you have|anything better to do...
than screw up my attempts|to make a little extra cash?
- Here you go.|- Thanks, man.
You got something|against hot dogs now?
I remember correctly,|last night...
you were using them to teach me|ultimate enlightenment.
I was translating|universal truth...
into words you would understand.
But this...|to keep the body pure...
one must not kill|any living creature.
I didn't kill it.|I'm going to eat it.
And by the way,|I got the answer...
to your little question|from last night.
- Yeah?|- Check this out.
The reason hot dogs|come in packages of ten...
and hot dog buns come|in packages of eight...
is that you always need|more buns for your hot dogs.
No matter how much you get,|you win, or you achieve...
you can never, ever let yourself|feel like it's enough.
No, but good try.
For a guy I barely know,|you're starting to annoy me.
Knowing others|means you are wise...
but knowing yourself|means you are enlightened.
Enough with all this|fortune cookie philosophy.
Target in sight.
Hold your position.
This is America.
We don't have|enlightenment here.
We got Big Macs, strip clubs...
shopping malls,|Las Vegas, and HBO!
Got it?
Hey, you! Kar!
You don't quite look like|the bad girl you did last night.
My necklace.
Excuse me?
Last night I lost my necklace.
Something tells me|you may have an idea...
of how I can get it back.
I guess I could keep|my eyes and my ears open.
What's in it for me?
It belonged to my mom.|It's important to me.
I guess I'd owe you one.
Who's your friend?
He's my personal bodyguard.|Watches my back.
He's an incredibly deadly|Shaolin monk.
Ten fingers, ten toes.
Twenty reasons to die.
Shaolin monks shave|their heads every day.
You're no Shaolin monk.
Tibetan Buddhist, maybe?
This young lady|is nobody's fool.
Thank you.
So why are you really|hanging out with him?
Somehow I sense|he has a lot of potential.
I sense|he's mostly full of shit.
But rich manure|can fertilize fields...
which will feed millions.
Yeah, tell me about it.
Last night was the first time...
I've ever seen anybody|stand up to Funktastic.
Incredibly brave and...
incredibly stupid|at the same time.
Interesting mix.
I'm sorry. I have to go.
Where are you going?
Over there!
There they are! Come on!
Sorry, man!|This is your fight, not mine!
Good luck!
Oh, shit!
Come on! Come on!
Thought about it, man!
Couldn't just leave you|hanging like that!
Watch out!
Man down!
Kar, let's go!
This way!
These guys don't give up easy!
They haven't for sixty years!
Hold up!
Inside! Quick!
Where'd he go?
I don't know.
Out the back!|They went out the back!
Wow, you're really popular.
Brother Tenzin.
Allow me to offer you|a place to freshen up...
and a cup of|our finest butter tea.
Can I have some tea?|I'm thirsty, man.
Been doing|a lot of running lately.
Something I said?
What's up, man?
That's how we do it.
There you go.|That's where you let go.
Tell me, Brother,|who is the young man?
He's a thief.
You got one hell of a handshake.
Unfortunately,|it's not strong enough.
A thief?|And you bring him here?
Water which is too pure|has no fish.
Yes, I see.
My uncle told me|what happened...
in the Temple of Sublime Truth|sixty years ago...
when you became The Next|and protected him.
He was just a child...
but he never forgot|what he saw that day...
the wonders of the Scroll.
For sixty years,|we have been preparing.
Now the Year of the Ram|is once again upon us...
and we have a number|of very apt pupils...
right here|in our humble temple...
and one very strong candidate.
Not bad.
I'm not even trying.
You thought you were gonna win,|but you're not.
- You think so?|- I know so.
It is not a matter|of study alone.
There are the Prophecies.
Surely you agree, Brother,|the Prophecies do not apply...
to such a common thief,|a pickpocket.
The Prophecies|must apply to everyone...
or they mean nothing.
Of course.
- You let go first.|- No way.
Just playing around.
Next time, Brother.
Yeah, next time.
You helped me|get away from those men.
Maybe there is some help|I can give you...
with your fighting.
Let's do it.
Here, here.
Special medicine.
That's cool. It's comfy.
It's fast-acting.
This stuff is great.|What is it?
Homemade... from my own urine.
That's disgusting.
- Excuse me.|- Yes?
I'm looking for someone.|His name is Kar.
I asked around,|and I heard that he works here.
What's a pretty girl like you|want to see him for?
I think he may be in trouble.
Damn right he is in trouble.|Half the day has gone by...
and he hasn't got back|with tonight's movie.
So you haven't seen him all day?
Don't worry.|Kar can take care of himself.
That's part of why|I trust him to help me.
What's the other part?
I just don't know why,|but I keep thinking...
that kid's got potential.
So they tell me.
Will you make sure|that he gets this?
What am I, a secretary?
You're welcome!
"Bad Girl?"
You must learn|the unity of opposites.
Be mobile and stationary...
defensive and offensive.
You attack with|all the wrong weapons, Kar.
It is not about anger.
It's about peace.
It's not about power.
It's about grace.
It's not about|knowing your enemy.
It's all about knowing yourself.
How'd you do that?
The air...
you can't see it,|but it fills your lungs.
It's as real as blood...
or flesh, or bone...
or earth, or water.
Once you realize this...
you treat the air the same way.
You step on it|as you would a stone.
You swim through it,|as you would the sea.
And all you have to do|is believe.
Believe what?
The laws of gravity don't exist?
If you truly believe|that they don't...
then they don't.
Get down!
Hold the Scroll. Don't lose it.
Right there!
Stay here.
This is Air Team.|Target is on the roof.
Oh, no.
Oh, shit!
I'm hit! I'm pulling out!
Come on! Come on!
Are you OK?
I'm sorry about the Scroll.
And thanks for saving my life...
but I just came this close|to being killed.
I'm a pickpocket, not a hero.
I'm outta here.
Don't you want|to know the truth?
It's about time you came clean.
- Golden Palace Theater.|- Very good.
Who are these guys|after the Scroll?
Mercenaries led by a Nazi.
A hungry ghost|obsessed with the past.
Never fear...|never inflict fear.
God is true and timeless!
You speak like you were born|in the Punjab, my friend.
In fact, I would say|you were a follower...
of the Guru's path|yourself, but...
I know. Not enough hair.
You like this music?
It's the bomb-diggity.
Excuse me. I have to talk|to my baby mama-to-be.
Go ahead.
In Kashmir, I studied...
the enlightened teachings|of the Gurus...
until Struker found me again.
Struker? He's the leader?
His dream is to remake the world|in his own image.
Every race, creed, color|he deems inferior destroyed.
Total genocide.
If all this insanity|is even remotely true...
you should've let me die|and save the Scroll.
I place great value|on your life...
but not as much as I place|on the life of the world.
It's a recipe for noodle soup.
Noodle soup?
You may be my granddaughter...
but that will only|protect you for so long.
Then where's the Scroll?
On my body. In my soul.
I've been running|for a long time.
Too many close calls.
The Scroll needed|to be someplace safe.
So you've been protecting|the Scroll for 60 years?
Look at you.|You haven't aged one bit.
Whoever is entrusted|with the Scroll...
gains the trust of time.
If you become ill,|you will recover.
If injured, you will heal.
He who protects the Scroll|is protected by it.
Hello there.
Sorry, but the show's|been delayed.
Can I offer you popcorn?|On the house.
No, thanks.|Health Department.
I got an "A", see?
You have a young man|working for you.
He lives here.|That's a serious violation...
of health and safety codes.
I don't know|what you're talking about.
Does that jog your memory?
I'm calling the cops,|you crazy bitch.
No, I'm not crazy.
But I am a bitch.
If I knew I was going to pay,|I wouldn't have cabbed it.
Yo, Mr. Kojima.
My boss doesn't seem|to be here...
which means you don't get|to watch me get yelled at.
"Bad Girl."
Mr. Kojima!
Kar, over here.
I'm sorry, Kar.
I should have never|gotten you involved.
- I just...|- You just what?
I had a crazy notion that maybe|you could fulfill a prophecy...
once told to me by|another old man before he died.
They are never going to stop...
until they get me|and the Scroll.
Go someplace safe|and forget about all of this.
Good-bye, Kar.
Time to fly.
Open up!
- Excuse me.|- Go away.
I'm sorry if I woke you.
Do you remember me from before?
I was with the monk.
I have to find him.
- No, not here.|- No!
He is a friend.
Listen to me, man.
You can't do this alone.
I carry the responsibility|of the Scroll on my shoulders.
No one else's.
If I have to carry it|another sixty years, I will.
I'll be safe here|till the morning.
But then I'm leaving.
What about me?
I'm sorry, Kar, but this way|is better for both of us.
You can't abandon me like this.
Not after everything|you just put me through.
Because now I got nothing.
They're here.
- My brothers!|- You have to escape.
Escape to where?
- Where is he?|- Downstairs.
Stop! No!
I don't want|to protect the Scroll.
I want to read it.|Take the power.
Even if I have to share it.
Is this your idea of a joke?
Trust me.|I'll get us out of the city.
My brother monks...
when I finally get my hands|on your brother with no name...
he will, of course,|resist my efforts...
to secure the location|of the Scroll.
But with this machine...
I'll torture the information|I need out of him.
And now for a little test.
No! Let me go!|What are you doing?
We had a deal!
Did you really think...
I was going to share|ultimate power with you?
Engage hydro system.
Hydro systems engaged!
Too bad you have|no useful information for me.
Now find me the monk.
Skipper's cool.
He'll take us|right where we want to go.
You all right, man?
You led me to the path|I should have chosen.
Thank you, Kar.
Isn't it customary|to call a girl...
before you show up|at her house?
I figured it's in|the middle of the night.
If I call her up, she might say,|"No way in hell."
But if I show up in person...
she won't say no|to my charming face.
You know what, man?
I'm not taking advice|about women from a monk.
I wasn't born a monk.|Nobody is.
Hiding here for the night?|Bad idea.
You must trust your instincts.
Where could we be safer than|in a house surrounded by guards?
How do we get in, genius?
Why ask me?|You are the thief.
The two principles|of every rip-off...
are misdirection and speed.
And speed.
Coast is clear. Let's go.
All right.
How about a boost?
How about you do this one|on your own?
- You OK?|- Just checking the distance.
- I know. Hurry up.|- It's good.
- Sure you don't want to do it?|- No, I'm fine.
You're good.
Check this out.
Oh, shit!
Don't say anything.
You feel a little bit dizzy?|Do you?
- I'm OK.|- Good.
You're enjoying this,|aren't you?
Very much. Do it.
Forget everything|you've ever learned...
about how|the universe operates.
I can step on the air|like a stone...
swim through it like the sea.
All I gotta do is believe.
Not bad.
Well, well, well,|what do we have here?
Lover of weird insects|and deadly reptiles.
Hey, Bad Girl.
Oh, jeez!
Kar, what the hell|are you doing here?
Lose this?
I didn't lose it.|You stole it.
That's not true.
You're a liar.
You're a pickpocket.|You expect me to believe that?
I'm a nice guy.|I wouldn't steal from you.
You can't lie for shit.
I'm a terrific liar.
OK. I did take it...
but I was just borrowing it|so I could give it back.
It was a stupid thing to do, OK?
- Sometimes I can be kind of...|- An asshole!
I may have lied to you|about the necklace...
but I never lied to you|about who I am.
You're saying that I did?
Yeah. Look at this place.
I thought you were|from the streets like me...
but it turns out you're|some spoiled little rich girl.
You don't know|a damn thing about it.
I think I do.
You liked that, didn't you?
Is this what you want?
Why are you really here?
I came here because|I thought I could trust you.
That monk has got|these mystical words...
tattooed on his body...
that some psycho|from World War II needs...
in order to take over|the whole goddamn world.
You're crazy!
Kar? Kar, are you OK?
He'll be fine.
What are you doing here?
That is not a question|you need to ask.
Instead you should be|asking yourself...
why you run away from|this palace every night...
then race back to it|each morning.
With all due respect...
please don't tell me|how to live my life.
I'm not telling you|how to live your life.
I'm only suggesting|you would be happier...
living one complete life...
instead of two lives|that are incomplete.
You were right.|I should have called first.
I'm sorry.
My life's complicated.
My dad's Ivan Kerensky.
Ivan the Terrible?
You're a Russian Mafia princess?|That's perfect.
My name is Jade...
and my dad is serving|twenty years in federal prison.
Maybe now you understand why...
I keep everything|about myself secret.
The street is the one place|I can earn my own respect.
"He will battle for love|in the palace of jade."
Two out of three.
Two out of three what?
Look out!
Careful with that body of his.|It's priceless.
They found your address|when they killed Kojima.
We need to get moving.
Where the hell|are we supposed to go?
The Human Rights Organization|downtown.
That's crazy.
That bitch|who just wrecked my house...
she's the executive|director there.
I was there this morning|for an exhibit opening.
My dad always told me|that the best place to hide...
is the last place|they would expect.
And the Human Rights|Organization...
is the last place anyone|would ever expect to find...
some of the biggest|human rights abusers in history.
Thanks.|I gotta do this on my own.
Monk's the only family I got.
I can help.
How do you like|my armor-plated car... Kar?
We can use the subway...
to reach the old water main,|which will get us...
into the Human Rights|Building from below.
Jeez! That's a nice|collection of toys...
your father|keeps in the garage.
Who said these were my dad's?
My grandfather|used to tell me...
stories about you|when I was a little girl.
I used to think|you were a myth...
something he made up|to lull me to sleep at night...
and then one day...
he showed me these.
Ever wonder how he kept|finding you all these years?
My name's Nina, by the way.
You don't have a name, do you?
That's kind of sexy.
How far down do|these tattoos go, I wonder?
That far.
I guess|I'll have to scan it all...
every inch. Oh, well.
Big job.|Someone's got to do it.
You know...
we might not make it|out of this thing alive.
Out of my car?
You got a lot of guts|for coming on this insane ride.
Guts and insanity.
Interesting mix.
Not making it out|of this thing alive...
that would really suck.
Under the circumstances.
Look at me... Monk.
For you,|the years were nothing...
but I withered and grew old.
But all that is about to change.|Nina!
Find out what's going on, Nina!
You two, to the right.
Don't move!
it's not about anger.|It's about peace.
You do have potential.
The monk is down here.|I can feel it.
And now, the last verse.
where's the rest of it?
Where's the last verse|of the Scroll?
Where is it?
I memorized it.
Just in case someone like you|managed to get this far.
Oh, shit. We gotta move!
Get up!
Come on!
Hello, my dear.
Fancy meeting you here.
Now you'll tell me|what I want to know.
This is getting very annoying.
- You OK?|- I'm OK.
Let's go back there|and finish him off.
I'll fight him myself.
You're not ready.
Really?|I rescued you, didn't I?
- Kar, stay back!|- No way.
My God.
The last verse...
or I destroy you!
Destroy me...
and the Scroll|will be gone forever.
You may be willing|to sacrifice yourself...
but are you willing|to watch him die first?
The last verse...
or I drop him.
Kar! Remember...
you can beat him!
If I can't have it...
I will take you|and the Scroll with me!
For sixty years, I have given|you the chance to change.
I will never change!
It's over?
Not yet.
You are The Next, Kar.
When you rescued them, you|fulfilled the Third Prophecy.
My time has ended.|Yours has come.
It is done.
Look out!
He will defeat|an army of enemies...
while a flock of cranes|circles above.
Come on. I'm bored|with beating on this loser.
He will battle for love|in a palace of jade.
He will free the brothers|he never knew...
with the family he never had.
You both fulfilled|the Prophecies.
Not two lives|that are incomplete...
one complete life.
I guess you're not the only one|that's bulletproof.
Your preparation is complete.
Except for one last thing.
The final verse of the Scroll.
And the second part.
Now you are inseparable.
The unity of opposites.
Enjoy your vacation.
What are you doing?
Checking to see|nothing is missing.
I remember the first hug|you gave me.
So, I figured it out.
Why hot dogs come|in packages of ten...
and hot dog buns|come in packages of eight.
See, the thing is...
life doesn't always work out|according to plan...
so be happy|with what you've got...
because you can always|get a hot dog.
You got it.
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