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Subtitles for Blade.

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Police found her in the street.|Looks like she was bitten.
Some kind of an animal.
WOMAN: Jesus!|Her water's broken!
She's going into|uterine contractions!
We'll have to do|a C-section!
[Heart monitor beeping]
[Baby crying]
[Flat line tone]
What you got down there,|little man?
Oh, that's|my heat seeker.
I'll bet it is.
Ha ha ha!
So, where are we going?
It's a surprise,|baby.
Yeah, I like surprises.
DENNIS: Whoo!|Oh, my God!
What the fuck|are we doing here?
Whoo! Look at all that.
Ha ha ha!
What the fuck is that?
[Speaking|Slavic language]
[Speaking|Slavic language]
What did you just say?
[Techno music playing]
Whoo! Hey, what's up?
Unh! Man!
All right.
Ha ha ha!
Ha ha ha!
What's happening?
Fuck. I need a drink.
No! No!
What's wrong, baby?
Aah! Aah!
No! No!
Aah! No!
Ha ha ha!
[Cheering and clapping]
Is that him?
Jesus, that's him.
It's Blade.|It's the daywalker.
Come on, daywalker!
Hey! I'm gonna rip|your fucking head off!
That's him!|That's him! Get him!
Fuck him up!
We're gonna jack you up.|Make him hurt bad.
[Screaming|in Slavic language]
I'm getting a little tired|of chopping you up.
Thought I might try fire|for a change.
[Speaking|Slavic language]
Give my regards to Frost.
No! Please don't!
[Radio crackles]
Put him out.
Yes, sir.|Paramedics.
Got a charred cadaver here|for you. Still warm, too.
1, 2,3.
Oh, Jesus, that's rank.
Paramedics said|he was still screaming
when they found him|stapled to a wall.
That's very pretty.
CURTIS: Did you check|the chem count?
His blood sugar's|3 times norm,
phosphorus and uric acid|are off the charts.
KAREN: You took this|off a D.O.A.?
But this doesn't|make any sense.
The red blood cells|are biconvex,
which is impossible.
Look at the polys.|They're binucleated.
OK, Curtis, it's 3.00|in the morning--
This is not a joke.
I've got the body sitting|in the morgue right now.
I thought you promised|to give me some distance.
I just want you to come down|and take a look.
OK. Show me the body.
And I don't want to hear|a word about us.
Done. We've had|that conversation.
You haven't started on|the internal organs yet?
Just a blood sample|through the pericardium.
The maxilla looks|a little deformed.
There's some odd muscle|structure around the canines.
I'm going|to start the "Y"
and check|the tracheal mucosa.
Let me ask you|something.
you ever have second|thoughts about us?
But then I remember how much|of an asshole you were.
Want to cut me|some slack here?
You asked for some time off,|I gave you some time off.
Look, Curtis--
I'm trying.
It's over.
KAREN:|Call security!
Came back|to finish you off.
Get out of my way,|you freak!
Motherfucker, are you|out of your damn mind?!
Hey, you! Freeze!
Hold it right there!
Aah! Aah!
My shoulder.
It's dislocated.
[Power tool whirring]
[Radio playing|rock music]
BLADE: Whistler.
[Turns off machine|and radio]
Bringing home|strays now?
She's been bitten.
Should've|killed her, then.
Yeah, I know.
But I didn't.
You watch her close.
If she starts to turn,|you finish her off.
Or I will.
She's borderline.
Another hour, she'd be|well into the change.
Dr Karen Jenson,
listen close.
I'm going to inject you|with Allium sativum--
This is going|to hurt--a lot.
It was Quinn.
Frost's little|errand boy?
You get|a lead on him?
Too bad.
Hold her.
[Labored breathing]
I give her fifty-fifty
if she makes it|through the night.
[Radio playing|rock music]
the daywalker--
still pursuing|his ridiculous crusade.
How many died?
We don't have|an exact count.
Apparently, he used|a lot of silver.
We're having|difficulty--
Send in Frost.
Deacon Frost.
You can come in now.
[Speaking Slavic language]
These nightclubs of yours|are dangerous.
Are they?
They draw needless|attention to our kind.
You know our policy.
Your policy,|not mine.
GITANO:|Our livelihood...
depends on our ability|to blend in
and our discretion.
Maybe it's time we forgot|about discretion.
We should be ruling|the humans,
not running around
making back-alley treaties|with them.
For fuck's sake,|these people are our food,
not our allies.
You're out of line, Frost.
Am I?
Or maybe I'm just|the first to say out loud
what we've|all been thinking.
We have existed this way
for thousands of years.
Who are you
to challenge our ways?
You're not even|a pureblood.
Like it matters.
I was born a vampire,
as was every other member|of this house,
but you, Frost...
you were merely turned.
The world belongs to us,
not the humans.
You know that.
Do we have any other|business to discuss?
Well, uh...
there's the matter of|our offshore accounts.
We're having|difficulty--
And have you made|the transfer to the--
you may wake up one day|and find yourself extinct.
[Door opens]
You're a week early.
Whistler says I'm building up|a resistance to the serum.
Yeah, I figured|that might happen.
You take care, all right?
[Mechanical whirring]
WHISTLER: I must be getting|soft in my old age,
letting you bring home|a stray like that.
It was damn stupid of you.
Might've lucked out,|though.
I checked her background.
It turns out|she's a haematologist.
She might be useful to us.
I doubt it.
I'm serious.
I took a look|at that notebook of hers.
She's onto something.
I had to increase|the dose.
It's over|50 milligrams now.
That's getting|dangerous.
Just do it,
old man.
[Labored breathing]
Wander off|the beaten path, Doctor?
Who are you people?
My name's|Abraham Whistler.
[Lands silently]
You've met Blade.
So, am I|a prisoner here?
Not at all.
We just had to take|certain precautions
before we let you go.
You got to understand,
they're everywhere.
the Hominus nocturna.
We hunt them, you see--
moving from one city|to the next
tracking|their migrations.
They're hard to kill.
They tend to regenerate.
And I'm supposed|to believe all this?
Well, you already met|Mr. Crispy at the hospital.
What do you think?
So, what do you use, then?
Stakes? Crosses?
Crosses don't do squat.
Some of the legends|are true, though.
Vampires are severely|allergic to silver.
Feed them garlic,
and they go into|anaphylactic shock.
Then, of course,|there's always sunlight,
ultraviolet rays.
I got this sucker|running.
You want to give it|a try tonight?
It's still heavy.
Well, you're so big.
If you want to live|to see another day,
you'll be out of town|by nightfall.
So where am I|supposed to go?
You've been exposed to them.
One way or another, somebody's|going to take you out.
There's a war going on|out there.
Blade, myself,|a few others,
we've tried to keep it|from spilling over
onto the streets.
[Car engine starts]
Sometimes,|people like yourself
get caught|in the crossfire.
I have blood samples.|I can go to the police.
They own the police.
You have to understand,|they're everywhere.
Chances are you've|seen them yourself
and didn't know it--
on the subway|or in a bar.
So that's it?
You guys just patch me up|and send me on my way?
Vampire mace...
silver nitrate,|essence of garlic.
You keep your eyes open.
Be careful.
One other thing...
buy yourself a gun.
If you start getting|sensitive to daylight...
if you find|you're thirsty
regardless of how much|you had to drink,
then I suggest|you take that gun
and use it on yourself.
Better that|than the alternative.
[Music playing|at low volume]
You have been warned|before.
These archives|are restricted
to members|of the House of Erebus.
You are wasting your time.
It's a dead language.
The ancient texts|can never be translated.
You wouldn't even|understand them.
Damn it, Frost!
I'm talking to you!
Keep your voice down,|Gitano.
[Turns off music]
We're in a library.
You don't need|to shout.
What are you up to,|Frost?
What are you|going to do, hmm?
You bore me.
[Turns music back on]
[Tyres squeal]
BLADE: Remember|what we told you.
You keep your eyes open.
They're everywhere.
[Tyres squeal]
But it's daytime!
[Elevator bell dings]
How you doing?
[Buzzer sounds]
Hi there. Hey.
I'm sorry. Whoa, whoa!
Whoa. Hold on,|hold on, hold on.
Police officer.
I'm sorry, OK?
Police officer. I didn't|mean to scare you.
The front door was open.
What are you doing in here?
I'm just here|on a routine check.
Look, I'm--|I'm Officer Krieger,
42nd precinct.
You're Karen Jenson,|right?
Your co-workers|at the hospital
said that you were|kidnapped last night.
Are you OK?
KAREN: What happened to|the other doctor I was with?
Curtis Webb?
Um, he died.
No, look,
don't worry about that|right now, OK?
Because you're dead,|too, you bitch.
Bitch!|What is it?
What is this, garlic?
Yeah. He said it would|work against vampires.
Who said I was|a vampire, huh?
He's a familiar--
a vampire wannabe.
If he's loyal enough
and he proves himself, maybe|his master will turn him.
Wait a minute.|You used me as bait?
Get over it.
Is all that necessary?
BLADE: That's a glyph--
a vampire cattle brand.
It means that Officer Krieger|is somebody's property.
Another vampire tries|to bleed this little hooker,
then they have to answer|to his owner.
Deacon Frost.
We've been tracking him|for a long time.
All right.
Officer Krieger,
you going to be a good|little bloodhound, huh?
Tell us what your master's|been up to.
Oh, great,|now you're robbing him.
You going|to rob me, too?
How do you think that we|fund this organization, huh?
We're not exactly|the March of Dimes.
It's fake.
Looks like our friend here|has been blood running, huh?
Hillbarn Clinic.
I know this place.|It's a blood bank.
Owned by vampires,
and there's one|in every city.
And they always deliver.
So, where were you|taking it?
I don't know what|you're talking--aah!
Look, take it easy.
I'm only going to ask you|one more time.
Where were you taking it?
Go fuck yourself.
Fuck me?|No, you fuck this.
[People screaming]
You better wake up.
The world you live in is|just a sugarcoated topping.
There is another world|beneath it--
the real world.
And if you want|to survive it,
you better learn|to pull the trigger.
Wait a minute.
I'm coming with you.
You're useless.
I have to stick with you.
It's the only way that|I'll stay alive long enough
to find a cure for myself.
There is no cure.
He's not going|to come back.
Nobody's that stupid.
When you understand|the nature of a thing,
you know what|it's capable of.
[Car engine starts]
It's Krieger.
I'm at 16-0-0-9.
Get me through.
[Tyres squeal]
KRIEGER: I got a delivery|in progress here,
and I just had a run-in|with Blade.
I got to clear out|that clinic on Hillbarn now!
BLADE: Looks like|we hit pay dirt.
That's a vampire mark.
It means that|there's a safe house
around here somewhere--
a place they can go|with donors coming.
See the valets|over there?
They're vampires.
So is the doorman
and the whore|on the corner.
How can you tell?
By the way they move...
the way they smell.
It's like a bad dream.
There are worse things|out tonight than vampires.
Like what?
Like me.
OK, Vampire Anatomy 101.
Crosses and holy water|don't do dick,
so forget what you've seen|in the movies.
You use a stake, silver,|or sunlight.
You know how to use|one of these?
but I'll damn sure|learn quick.
The safety's off,|rounds already chambered--
silver hollow point|filled with garlic.
You aim for the head|or the heart.
Anything else is your ass.
[Speaking|Asian language]
Do you have|an invitation?
[Speaking|Asian language]
[Dance music playing]
[Women rapping|in Asian language]
What you got?
[Chef speaking|Asian language]
Where's the entrance?
I can't tell you|that, man.
I'm going to ask you|one more time.
Where's the entrance?
It's in the freezer.
Come on, man!|I told you!
It's in the fridge!
You give Frost|a message from me.
You tell him it's|open season on suckheads.
Some kind of archive.
This must be where they keep|most of their records.
Isn't this just|a little high-tech?
They've got their claws|into everything--
politics, finance,|real estate.
They already own|half of downtown.
[Dance music playing]
Frost throws a good party.
WOMAN: Yeah...
but where is he?
Come on, baby.
Don't keep everyone|waiting.
MAN: Deacon,
there's someone here|to see you.
I got to talk to you,|Frost.
KRIEGER: I'm sorry.|I had to come here.
It's a mistake|going to Pearl's.
I know that.|Dumb fucking me.
I know you're|disappointed.
Am I that|transparent?
You want|to meet him?
I can get you guys|in with him,
because we're tight.|We're like brothers.
Aw, fuck. Frost.
Deac. Deac.
I've been telling these|bitches all about you, man.
They've been dying|to meet you.
They are so psyched.
Bad ass bitches.|They--
Frost, it's about Blade.
Aw, he's busy, you know?
Because, like, when|he's focused on business...
Look, Frost,|this is important.
Blade was waiting for me,
using the girl as bait.
WOMAN: And you were stupid|enough to take it.
Shut up, bitch.
I didn't know he was|going to be there.
It was a trap, see?
But don't worry|about it.
It's no problem. We can|still get the girl.
[Quinn laughs]
Forget the girl.
I want Blade.
WOMAN:|I know you do.
You hear me, Quinn?
I want him alive.
Wait a minute, man.
[Laughs]|You want him alive?
KAREN: What's that smell?
HIGH-PITCHED VOICE:|...image carefully, Frost.
You will need 12 purebloods|to make the ritual work.
Krieger, is that you?
He--he's here!
He's here!
BLADE:|This must be Pearl,
the record keeper.
[Loud flatulence]
He's going to kill me!
You need me, Frost!|You need me!
Pearl, you're history.
Have the good grace to die|with some fucking dignity.
PEARL: Frost.
Ruthless bloodsucker.
Congratulations, Blade.
I hear you've|been looking for me.
I'm flattered.
It'll pass.
[Snap]|[Pearl moans]
What is that?
That, biscuit boy,|is a U.V. lamp.
We're gonna play
a little game|of 20 questions.
Depending on|how you answer,
you may walk out|of here with a tan.
What's that?
Oh, that?|Oh, it's nothing.
It's routine research.|Heh heh.
Actually,|it's a video game.
[Shrill screaming]
That must've hurt.
It's a fragment,|a piece of the prophecy!
What prophecy?
Oh, I'm not really sure.
There are so many out--
And there is nothing you|can do about it, daywalker!
Is that so?
Well, that's|what Frost says.
Then you won't mind me
borrowing this|for a while, will you?
If he moves, fry him.
What's in here?
Nothing.|It's a--a storeroom.
But you're|wasting your time.
There's nothing|of importance to anyone.
Then you won't mind|if I take a peek.
[Flesh bubbles]
He moved.
What is this?
These are the pages
from The Book|of Erebus,
the Vampire Bible.
It contains everything...
their entire history.
La Magra must be|one of their legends.
Why is Frost|so interested in La Magra?
Give me your hand.
Do you remember me?
QUINN: Give it to him!
QUINN: Hey! Hey!
Nice one.
Well, well, well.
You took my arm, man.
But it's cool.
I got a new one.
Think I'll ever|play piano again?
[All laugh]
You can slice him,|you can dice him,
but the Quinn man|just keeps on coming!
Check it out.
I've got his pigsticker.
Ah ha ha ha--
Ohh! Aah!
You're a fuck up, Crease!|Ha ha ha ha!
You're a fuck up!
"I got his pigsticker!"
You're just|full of surprises,
isn't you, chief?
Stay with me, sweetness...
'cause I'm not finished|with you yet.
Ah, looky here.
Nice craftsmanship, huh?
Probably cost you|a pretty penny.
Now, this here is a man|who takes his job...
just a little too seriously,|don't you think?
Come to think of it, Blade,
I owe you one.
Actually, if you want|to get technical, Blade...
I owe you two.
Oh, what's so funny,|bright eyes?
I'm expecting company.
[Muffled radio|transmission]
Catch you fuckers|at a bad time?
No! No guns!
No! No! No!
No! Fucking this way!
Drop the guns!
I need him!
He wants Blade alive! Go!
KAREN: You've been|listening in the whole time?
Keeping|radio contact.
Think I'd let him run loose|without a chaperon?
Christ!|I'm too old for this.
Somebody get me|a god-damn wheelchair.
[Beep beep beep]
He can take care|of himself.
[Rail hums|with electricity]
[Train brakes]
[Horn blows]
What are you|gonna do?
Oh, my God.
What's wrong?
It's dislocated.
Let me help you.
Let me give you--
No! Get away.
[Injects needle]
You're one of them,|aren't you?
I'm something else.
WHISTLER: I found him|when he was 13.
He'd been living|on the streets,
feeding off|the homeless.
His need for blood had|taken over at puberty.
I took him|for a vampire at first.
Almost killed him, too.
Then I realized|what he was.
Blade's mother was|attacked by a vampire
while she was pregnant.
She died, but he lived.
he'd undergone|certain genetic changes.
He can withstand|garlic, silver,
even sunlight,
and he's got|their strength.
This time tomorrow,
all those wounds of his|will be healed.
He still ages|like a human, though.
See, vampires|age slower than us.
he also inherited|their thirst.
I thought the serum was|supposed to suppress that.
Time's running out.
His body's|starting to reject it.
So far, all my efforts|to find a cure have failed.
Why do you hunt them?
I had a family once--
wife and two daughters.
Then a drifter came|calling one evening,
a vampire.
He toyed with 'em first,
tried to make me decide
which order|they'd die in.
We kill as many of 'em|as we can find,
but it's getting worse.
Because of Frost.
There's something|happening
in the vampire ranks.
It's something big...
and I'd stake my life
that son of a bitch|is at the center of it.
KAREN: Blade.
Whistler told me|what happened.
He told me|what you are.
You don't know me.
You don't know|anything about me.
I'm not human.
You look human|to me--
Humans don't|drink blood.
That was|a long time ago.
Maybe you should|let that go.
I have spent|my whole life
looking for that thing|that killed my mother.
It made me what I am.
And every time I take|one of those monsters out,
I get a little piece|of that life back,
so don't you tell me|about forgetting. fault he took us|by surprise!
Two of them against your|entire security force?
Don't put that shit on me, OK,|'cause you were there, too!
I'm sure Deacon|will appreciate--
...stabbed in the balls|for it, all right?!
Aah! You little skeez!
Don't see the lifestyle|really suits you.
I should put this stump through|that shit-eating grin of yours.
Face it, angel.|You were sloppy.
You got|what you deserved.
QUINN: Deac, let me|take this guy out, man.
Look. Look what|he fucking did!
He took my hand again!
Listen to me.|I want him alive.
What the fuck|are you talk--
you want him alive?
We've been trying to kill|this motherfucker for years.
Are you out of|your fucking mind? Shh.
Big guy, relax.
Be patient.
Now, we got a lot|to do here.
I need you, man.
I need you.
[Muffled grunting]
How you feeling?
Look at that.
Whew. Getting a little|toasty out here, huh?
Heh heh.
[Clears throat]
When was the last time
you stopped to appreciate|a good sunrise?
Oh, that's right.|You were born a vampire,
so you never had|the pleasure, have you?
That's OK.
It's all right.
Least we're here together.
Share the moment,
which means a lotto me,|by the way, really.
I mean that.
'Cause actually, you know,|when you get to know me,
I'm a fairly|sentimental type of guy.
Bit of an innocent,|you might say.
Do what you want,|Frost.
Doesn't make|any difference.
You just don't|fucking get it.
You're never|gonna be a pureblood.
Hold him.
You will never rule us.
Jesus Christ.
Have a nice day.
Sorry, you old dog.
You just got a little|too long in the tooth.
[Quinn laughs]
What, man?|That was funny.
"Long, tooth."|Funny.
Did I tell you|the one about...
What have you done|with Dragonetti?
Let's get down to business,|shall we?
I need 12 volunteers.|Tkktkk.
What is this?
Smells like a vampire|wiped his ass with it.
I took it|from the archives.
It's written in blood.
It's from|The Book of Erebus.
I think it's what Frost|has been working on.
It's something|about the Blood God,
the spirits of the 12.
I--I don't know.
I can't make out|the rest of it.
Maybe this'll help.
I'll figure out something.
So what's all this?
Took a trip to|the hospital last night,
borrowed some equipment.
For your|miracle cure?
This is E.D.T.A.
It's an anticoagulant.
We use it|to treat blood clots.
Now look what happens|when I introduce it
onto a sample|of vampire blood.
Take a step back.
The reaction's|energetic.
Some cure.
I didn't say E.D.T.A.|was a cure.
But maybe|you could use it
to explode|some vampire heads.
Wait a minute.
I need a sample|of your blood.
Gotta go downtown.
Need some serum.
Serum can wait.
This is important.
[Whistler coughing]
Is he sick?
You have a lot of love|for him, don't you?
We have|a good arrangement.
He makes the weapons.|I use 'em.
You know,|my mother used to say,
"A cold heart|is a dead heart."
You don't look so good.
I'm just a little tired.
You know we've been...
working all night.
I guess we didn't|catch it in time.
You got another day,
two at the most.
For what it's worth,|I'm sorry.
You make it sound|like I'm already dead.
How you doing, chief?
[Soft sobs]
Wouldn't want|our little friend here
to wind up on the back of|a milk carton, now would we?
Ah, it's nice|to finally meet you, man.
Had my eye on you|for years.
I know all about you--
your serum, Whistler--|everything.
Hey, it's a start, right?
The goal, of course,|is to be like you,
the daywalker.
You got the best|of both worlds, don't you?
All our strengths...
none of our weaknesses.
Well, maybe I don't|see it that way.
Oh, so it's back|to pretending we're human again?
Come on. Spare me|the Uncle Tom routine, OK?
You can't keep denying|what you are, man.
Heh. You think the humans
will ever accept|a half-breed like you?
They can't.|They're afraid of you.
And they should be.
You're an animal.
You're a fucking|maniac.
Look at 'em.
They're cattle,
pieces of meat.
What difference does it make|how their world ends?
Morality doesn't even|enter into it.
We're just a function|of natural selection, man,
the new race.
Looks like|your mascara's running.
I'm offering you a truce.
I want you with us.
What do you think,|I'm stupid?
You're familiar|with the Blood God.
you're nothing|to me...
but another|dead vampire.
You're an idiot.|You know that?
I came down here|offering you an easy way out,
and you spit it right back|in my fucking face.
What do I care?
They're nothing|but cattle...
just like you said.
If you want to take|the hard road, be my guest, pal,
but I promise you|by the time this is over,
you're gonna wish they never|cut you from your mother's--
Go home.
It was simple.
Why do vampires|need to drink blood?
'Cause their own blood|can't sustain haemoglobin.
Right. So it's|a genetic defect,
just like|haemolytic anaemia.
That means that|we have to treat it
with gene therapy,
rewrite the victim's DNA|with a retro virus.
They've been using it|on sickle cell anaemia.
Are you sure|that's safe?
I have no idea,
but I don't have|a choice, do I?
You actually think|this could work?
On me...
On Blade,|I'm not so sure.
See, he didn't|contract vampirism
from a bite|like I did.
He was born with it.
It's--it's part|of his DNA.
I'm sure I can cure|his thirst,
but it's gonna|take time.
Ah, we're out of time.
You saw what was|on that disc.
Get out of here.
I said get out of here!
Nice place.
Took us a while|to find it!
Bite me|and get it over with.
I ain't gonna bite you.
Do your thing.
Frost took her.
Listen to me.
The disc.
He decoded it.
Frost is trying to...
trigger a fucking|vampire apocalypse.
There's some kind of...
Vampire God he's trying|to resurrect.
La Magra.
You're the key.
He needs|your blood.
The blood|of the daywalker.
You're the chosen one.
Listen to me, Blade.
You can't|go after him.
If Frost gets|his hands on you,
it's all over.
There'll be armies|of the motherfuckers.
You're gonna have|to finish me off.
Don't want me|coming back.
We can treat|the wounds.
It's too far gone.
You know that.
Give me your gun.
Give me|the god-damn gun.
Now walk away,
you stupid|son of a bitch.
Walk the fuck away.
[Gun blast]
By the time you watch this,
your friend Whistler|should be dead.
If it makes any|difference to you,
he put up|quite a fight.
You can find us|at the Edgewood Towers.
You seem a bit...
A bit pent-up maybe,
like you need to|release something.
You know?
Blade not...
giving it to you|maybe.
I don't know.|I just...
I see such|a beautiful woman.
Great skin.
I'd like to see you|happy, that's all.
Is this the part where|you offer to turn me?
Well, it's either that|or a body bag.
Go ahead.
Bite me.
I'll just cure myself.
I did it before,
and I can do it again.
There is no cure,|baby.
There is if you've|been bit,
if you were once human.
How'd you get|that scar, Deacon?
A born vampire
would have the power|to regenerate from birth.
You must've gotten scarred|before you were turned.
Isn't that right?
Vampires like you|aren't a species.
You're just...infected,|a virus...
a sexually transmitted|disease.
I'll tell you|what we are, sister.
We're the top of|the fucking food chain.
The Blood God's coming.|And after tonight,
you people|are fucking history.
He's a hurricane,
an act of God.
Anyone caught|in his path
will instantly|be turned.
Everyone you've|ever known,
everyone you've ever|fucking loved.
It won't matter|who's pureblood
and who's not.
How are you gonna cure|the whole fucking world?
And Blade's blood|is the key.
We got an intruder.
[Elevator bell]
[Motorcycle engine|revving]
[Revving loudly,|all around]
[Tyres peeling]
Deac, I don't think|you understand.
I mean, this dude|is fucking bad. What?
He's, like, he had|20 guys around him--
and he's got shit|he throws at you--
Yeah, the swords.
Throw it in the air,|catch it underneath.
Yeah. Shut the fuck up!
[Over radio] There's no|intruder where we are.
Look, make it happen,|all right?
It's one guy on foot.
That's him!|Get him!
Why am I hearing|gunfire? Huh?
Did I tell anybody|to start shooting?
I need him alive.
I just work for them!
Jesus Christ.|Lock this place down.
Yes, sir!
But you died.
I came back, Eric.
That very same night...
when Deacon welcomed me|into his arms.
[Shock blast]
Jesus Christ. I thought|you'd be happy.
You're finally being|reunited with your mother,
and you act like this?
Blade, give it up.|It's over.
She belongs to me,|buddy.
Uh! Uhh!
Don't look so surprised.
You spent your whole life
looking for the vampire|who bit your mother.
Well, here I am.
Who would ever guess
you'd survive|your mother's death?
But you did.
And here we are--
one big happy|fucking family.
I need my serum.
Maybe when we|get outta this,
I'll take that|miracle cure of yours.
There's one catch.
If it works,
you'll lose|your strength
and your ability|to regenerate.
You'll be|completely human.
FROST: Blade, Karen,
glad you could make it.
Hey, man. Thanks|for the shades.
Our ancestors|called this place
the Temple|of Eternal Night.
Nice, isn't it?
Apparently, these geniuses|forgot it ever existed.
Fortunately for us...
I'm what you|might call a...
student of history.
Why are we here?
This temple was built|for one glorious moment--
this night,|for the Blood God.
Let's see|this sword of yours.
Titanium, right?
I'll get used|to a weapon like this.
You look surprised.
I told you, Blade,
I know everything|about you.
Hold out your arm,|Quinn.
Why, man?
These are--they're,|like, all better.
Hold out your arm.
Deac, I--
Just kidding.
Ha ha ha ha!|He was fucking|with me.
He was, like,|fucking...
He can't hear you,|honey.
The thirst has|got him now.
What do we have here?
The precious serum.
Mm. How long's it been|since you shot up?
12, 13 hours maybe?
I bet you're just|dying for a drink,
aren't you?
What's it feel like?
Is your blood on fire?
Try some.
You might like it.
Thanks, but I prefer|the real thing.
In any event,
I don't think you'll be|needing these any more.
It's a shame, you know?
When I think of what|you've become,
what you should|have become.
I guess|I don't blame you.
I mean, with everything|that's happened,
it's the human|side of you
that's made you weak.
You should've listened|to your blood.
Say what you want,
but I promise you,|you'll be dead by dawn.
Get him outta here.
Get these fucks|downstairs. Now.
Come on. Let's go.
Let's go.
Don't worry,|sweetheart.
We haven't|forgotten about you.
QUINN: Oh, no, baby.
We got something real|special planned for you.
QUINN: That surfer boy|had a nice ass.
I sucked him dry.
And you'd figure|he'd turn, man.
Yeah, but he didn't|turn, did he?
No. He turned into|some kinda zombie.
It happens|sometimes, cutie.
[Imitating zombie]
He was fucking|tripped out.
FROST: Pathetic.
QUINN: Yeah. These guys|are complete scums, man.
They'll eat anything--
animals, rodents, corpses,|and sometimes...
They'll even|eat vampires.
That's a plus.
And bearing that|all in mind,
I'd like you to meet|an old friend of yours.
It's too bad.
I kinda liked her.
What a waste.
I don't know what's|happening to me.
No pulse.
And, of course,
there's the question|of lividity.
I never thought|I would see you again.
Tell me, Karen,
do you ever have|second thoughts about us?
Poor child.
You're so sick.
So thirsty.
Don't touch me.
Eric, look at me.
Vampires are|my people now.
I'm one of them.
Can't be.
Yes, it can.
Try to understand,|Eric.
Your mother died|a long time ago.
I've hunted...
I've killed...
and I've enjoyed it.
Haven't you?
I know you have.
Sooner or later,
the thirst|always wins.
Come on.
Spread them out.
One on each glyph,|under the towers.
Make it perfect.
FROST:|Bring the elevator up.
VAMPIRE:|You stupid girl.
What do you think|is going to happen?
La Magra?
The Blood God?
That's nothing more|than a fairy tale
for pretty|little vampires.
Then why are you|sweating, pureblood?
You're afraid we're|gonna steal your soul,
your pureblood spirit.
You should be.
Read the prophecy.
It's time you fucks
contributed something|to the cause.
SECOND VAMPIRE: Even|if Frost is right,
you really think|he cares about you?
You're gonna die,
just like|the rest of us.
Tonight, the age of man|comes to an end.
No more compromises.
We're gonna be gods.
Of course we are.
I'm gonna be naughty.
I'm gonna be a naughty|Vampire God.
Ha ha ha!
Gotta stop...
Save your strength.
You're hypovolemic.
You're bleeding|to death.
Listen to me.
I want you to take|some of my blood.
Look, just do it.
Is everybody thirsty?
I hope you're all|very fucking thirsty.
[Wind blowing]
KAREN: Ohh...
don't stop.
Don't stop.
Don't stop.
[Karen moans]
Don't stop.
[Low-pitched roar]
How was it?
Aah! Aah! Aah!
[All screaming]
I'm your mother.
You wouldn't hurt|your mother...
would you?
Come here.
I must release you.
Not anymore.
Kill him.
Wait! I owe you, man.
I got two new hands, Blade.
I don't know which one|to use to kill you with!
I got struck|by lightning
I'm really going to|enjoy this now. Haah!
FROST: Hey, Blade.
Let's do this.
Aah! Aah!
You're too late, Blade.
My turn.
Look at you.
You're a little bitch.
What, your serum?
It can't help you|now, stud.
Nice shot.
Aah! Aah!
Some motherfuckers
are always trying|to ice-skate uphill.
[Serum bubbling]
KAREN: Blade!
Let's get out of here.
[Wind blowing]
I need to get back|to the lab
if I'm going to cure you.
It's not over.
You keep your cure.
There's still|a war going on,
and I have a job to do.
You want to help,
make me a better serum.
[Woman speaking Russian]
[Speaking Russian]
[Speaking Russian]
[Speaking Russian]
[Speaking Russian]
[Blade speaking Russian]
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