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Subtitles for Beatles Anthology The Episode6.

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Beatles Anthology The Episode6

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I hated the Philippines
As soon as we got there, it was bad, bad news
It was one of those places where you knew they were waiting for a fight
It was a very negative vibe the moment we got off the plane
So we were a bit frightened
We got in this car, not even with Neil
The guy just drove off with us four. Our bags were on the runway
Neil Aspinall Tour Manager Those little briefcases had the marijuana in them
so I had to...
While the confusion was going on
I put them in the boot of the limo I was going to be in
I just said "Take me to where you've taken the Beatles"
I thought, God, this is it, we're going to get busted
They took us away and drove us to Manila harbour and put us on a boat
and took us out to this yacht anchored in the harbour
I never really understood why they got put on this boat
I just remember Brian Epstein really flustered
He must have been with, maybe...
the Philippine promoter, agent or somebody
He was yelling and shouting and he appeared on the scene
They were all yelling and then they took us back off the boat
and drove us in the car to a hotel suite
Then we did a concert which again had a big problem
because Brian Epstein had made a contract for a stadium
Rizal Memorial Football Stadium Manila 4th July 1966 or a situation for I don't know how many thousands of people
Maybe 2000-5000 people, something like that
When we got there, it was like the Monterey Pop Festival
Just millions - 200000 people on that site
We did the show and I didn't know personally...
that Madame Marcos had invited us to dinner
Normally we only get invited by silly Ambassadors wanting to see us
So somebody set it up and we didn't know about it
"It is indeed a great honour, but it's our day off so we can't go"
We were very firm. We don't get many days off to stuff in a royal reception
John and I were sharing a room after the gig and in the morning...
we phoned for breakfast and newspapers as we like to read about ourselves
Can we have egg and bacon and all the newspapers?
We were just in our beds, chatting
doing whatever we were doing
Time went by so we called again "Excuse me, can we have our breakfast?"
Still nothing happened so we put the TV on
There was this horrific TV show
of Madame Marcos screaming "They've let me down"
All these shots of the cameramen... tip the camera on to empty plates
and up to the faces of little kids crying because the Beatles hadn't come
And the TV commentator saying "And they're still not here yet"
"The Beatles are supposed to be here"
We were amazed, couldn't believe it
We just watched ourselves not arriving at the Presidential Palace
I don't recall much of what happened until the newspapers arrived
and the TV news, it was: "Beatles snub First Family"
Then things started to get really weird
Come on, get out of bed, get packed, we're getting out of here
As we started to get to the car, we really had no help
We got downstairs and there was one motor bike
After this huge motorcade had brought us in, there was just one guy
At the airport there's chanting, people hating us, all the way
We were put into the transit lounge
Then we got pushed from one corner to another
"You treated like ordinary pasenger!"
They were saying "Ordinary passenger!" He doesn't get kicked, does he?
They started knocking over our road managers
That worried you? - Yeah, I swear there were 30 of them
What do you say they were? - I saw five in sort of outfits
that were kicking and booing and shouting
Did you get kicked? - No, I moved when they touched me
I was petrified. I could have been kicked and not known it
There's the famous story of John and I hiding behind these nuns
We thought, it's a Catholic country, they won't beat up nuns
We got on the British Airways plane, all kissing the seats
You know, this is a little piece of Britain
It was feeling you were in a foreign country and all the rules had changed
They did carry guns after all so you weren't too gung-ho
Then an announcement:
"Will Mr Epstein, Mr Evans and Mr Barrow..."
That was Tony Barrow, our press agent at the time
"...will they get off the plane"
And Mal, who was the nicest, gentlest person -
a big guy, but really sweet -
he went past me down the aisle of the plane, breaking out in tears
He said "Tell Lil I love her." That's his wife
Because he thought the plane would go and he'd be stuck in Manila
We sat there for what seemed a couple of hours
It was probably 30 minutes, maybe an hour
and they got back on the plane and it was allowed to leave
They took the money off Brian Epstein that we'd earned at the concert
And that was it, we got out of there and it was such a relief
but I felt such resentment for those people
It's probably the most frightening... I've never been back
We'll never go to any nut-houses again
But the nice thing about it was that in the end...
when we found out that it was Marcos and what he'd been doing to his people
and what lmelda had been doing
and the rip-off it all allegedly was
We were glad to have done it
We must have been the only people who ever dared to snub Marcos
Do any of you have plans to record on your own?
We do at home
In fact we have done. Eleanor Rigby was Paul on his own and...
We were just drinking tea
Brian Epstein New York 6th August 1966 I have prepared a statement which I will read
which has had John Lennon's absolute approval by telephone
This is as follows:
"The quote which John Lennon made to a London columnist three months ago
"has been quoted and represented entirely out of context"
George Martin Record Producer Early in 1966, John was interviewed in the Evening Standard
and he remarked that the Beatles were more popular than Jesus Christ
Was it a mistake? In the short term, yeah. Maybe not in the long term
But he said "I don't know what's wrong with the church
"At the moment the Beatles are bigger than Jesus Christ"
Like they're not building Jesus enough. That was taken out of context in America
There was all this big palaver going on
Anyway, we got to America. I think we did a press conference
where John, under the pressure of the cameras and the Press...
You know, just the stress
of having to deal with this thing that he in effect had caused
If I'd said television is more popular, I might have got away with it
Chicago 11th August 1966 I was talking to a friend. I said Beatles as a remote thing, not what I think
but as the Beatles like other people see us
I just said they are having more influence on kids and things
than anything, including Jesus, but I said it in the wrong way
Some teenagers have repeated your statements, saying:
"I like the Beatles more than Jesus Christ." What about that?
Originally I pointed out that fact in reference to England
That we meant more to kids than Jesus did, or religion at that time
I wasn't knocking it but just saying it as a fact
And it's true, more for England than here
I'm not saying we're better or comparing us with Jesus Christ as a person
or God as a thing, or whatever it is
I just said what I said and it was taken wrong, and now it's all this
The repercussions were big
Particularly what they call the Bible belt
Down the south there, they were having a field day
We've got footage of a disc jockey saying:
"Come and bring your Beatle trash and deposit it here"
" one of our 14 pickup points in Birmingham, Alabama..."
The photos showed middle-aged DJs and 12-year-olds burning LP covers
Millions of kids were burning their Beatle records
There were bonfires of them, which was OK 'cos then they re-bought them
The Beatles said in the newspapers that they're getting better than Jesus
The Ku-Klux-Klan, being a religious order,
will come out here the night that they appear here
We're going to demonstrate with different ways and tactics
to stop this performance
The Klan is going to come out here and make a stop to these accusations
This is nothing but blasphemy and we'll stop it any terror way we can
We're known as a terror organisation... - Terror organisation?
We have ways and means to stop this - What ways and means?
There will be a lot of surprises when they get here
My image as anti-Christ or anti-religious was wrong. I'm a most religious fella
Well, it looks like the bloom is off the Beatles
Last year, not an empty seat in Shea stadium-this year, thousands
Perhaps 15000 or 20000 empty seats in an arena that holds 56000
Oh dear, what a failure, we only sold 50000?
Miserable... we were dying on our feet there!
Yeah, there was big news about that, you know
They've only sold 50000 seats!
"It's all over for the Beatles" says Roger Whittaker of the Dallas Times
OK - I don't ever remember going there twice
Are you a Beatles fan, or are you here because it's the right thing to do?
I love the Beatles
I bet there's a group you prefer now - No group's better than the Beatles
Aren't they on their way out? - No, they're still strong
Are the Beatles out of style? - They'll never go out of style
Which group is better than the Beatles? - The Beatles, I love them
Don't you think this craze is silly and strictly for girls?
No, they are very talented musicians and songwriters, excellent showmen
You like them? - Yeah
How long do you think they'll last? - As long as they keep playing
You know the Beatles bring joy into the world
We forget our cares when we hear Beatle records. They're fun
How long do you think the Beatles can last?
I wish they'd last for ever, they could bring happiness to everybody
They're less popular than they were months ago
Is there another group you like better? - There is
Which one? - Herman and the Hermits
It doesn't matter if people don't like our records, our looks or what we say
They're entitled to not like us
and we're entitled not to have anything to do with them
We've all got our rights, you know... Harold
There was this other thing of this woman...
A famous psychic she was supposed to be
She'd predicted Kennedy's assassination and other things
She was saying in the papers the Beatles would die in a plane crash
All this time, they were getting death threats
It wasn't long since President Kennedy had been assassinated
I remember going to one of their concerts at the Red Rock Stadium
I climbed up on a gantry overlooking the stage with Brian
and looked down at the boys during the performance
The amphitheatre at Red Rocks is such that a sniper on the hill
could pick off any of those fellows at any time, no problem
I was very aware of this. So was Brian, and so were the boys
How much of a good thing can you have? How long can you sustain things?
Every tour we'd done had just gone great
But we were getting fed up because we'd been at it so long
It gets gruelling, one Holiday Inn after another
Just the general Beatlemania, you know... it took its toll
We were seeing it then no longer as like...
a naive kind of... just on the buzz of our fame and success
By this time, the dental experience
had made us see it from a different light
It was no longer fun any more
I don't think anyone didn't want to stop touring
Paul would have gone on longer than George and I
But you'll have to ask Paul about that
"Touring's good, it keeps us sharp"
"I'd keep music live." I'd been sort of a bit that attitude
But finally I agreed with them
I think it was George and John who were particularly fed up
We might have been waxworks for the good we did there
Nobody heard anything, not even a basic beat
because they were too busy tearing each other up
We were just tired, you know
It had been four years of legging around screaming in this mania
We were tired, we needed the rest
By the time we got to Candlestick Park, we knew it wasn't fun any more
I think that was the main point
We'd always try to keep... you've got to keep some fun in it for yourself
In anything you do, you know
We'd been pretty good at that. We'd enjoyed touring and TV
We'd enjoyed Europe, we'd enjoyed America
Candlestick Park San Francisco 29th August 1966 But now, even America was beginning to pale
So by then it was: don't tell anyone, but this is probably our last gig
There was big talk at Candlestick Park
That very period of "This has got to end. This is it"
But my... we went further than that
We got back to England before we finally said "That's it"
I certainly felt that we weren't going to tour again like that
I never really projected into the future
I was thinking this is going to be such a relief
to not have to go through that madness
I don't remember feeling negative about the band, but about touring
But you always forget the bad bits. I remember the band as being quite good
I'm sorry for the people who can't see us live
Sometimes you haven't missed anything because you wouldn't have heard us
but sometimes I think you might have enjoyed it
The Beatles were then just four lads on that rather dimly lit stage
We were getting worse as a band while all those people were screaming
It was lovely that they liked us but we couldn't hear to play
The only place we could develop was in the studio, where we could hear ourselves
The most important thing was the safety aspect
Soon after that, it became terrorism
When we were going, it was only us and two people
All those things happened, like people threatening Ringo
or saying the plane was... - Snipping bits of hair off and stuff
The plane would crash, hurricanes, race riots, student riots
There was always some big thing going on when we pulled into town
We'd come in the middle with this mania and it would be chaos
It was just becoming too difficult on the nervous system
When we'd all decided it was "What are we going to do? Announce it?"
We said no, just don't say anything
But I was too scared to walk away. I was thinking it was the end
I was dead nervous, so I said yes to Dick Lester that I'd make a movie
I went to Spain for six weeks because I didn't know what to do
What do you do when you don't tour? There's no life
Our officer calls me up and says "Musketeer Gripweed"
He was a tall chap, some would call him weedy. I did
Remember, we were some few hundred miles behind enemy lines
He said "Green, green, green." So I did
Some bastard's been prior, has he, Jock?
One bastard down the road stinks to high heaven
Are you a duration bloke? - You wouldn't chuck her, would you?
Well, pack it in then. I'm a regular. It's my sodding career, liberating, all right?
Ringo came to Spain, right
to Almeria when John and I were down there
Yeah, I went and hung out because he was lonely
We really supported each other a lot
He was out there being this actor
John was doing How I Won the War so I went to India for six weeks
It was a fantastic time
I would go out and look at temples and go shopping
I travelled all over, went to various places
and eventually went up to Kashmir
I stayed on a houseboat in the middle of the Himalayas
It was incredible. I'd wake up in the morning
A little Kashmiri fellow would bring us tea and biscuits
I could hear Ravi in the next room doing his practice
That was incredible times for me
George was doing the Indian stuff. I don't know what Paul was doing
To me, if you are blessed with the ability to write music...
film scores are kind of an interesting diversion
George Martin, being able to write and to orchestrate
got an offer through the Boulting Brothers
for him and me to do some film music for The Family Way
I looked at the film and thought it was a great film. I still do
A very powerful, emotional, soppy but good film for its time
We even got an lvor Novello award for the best film song that year
for Love in the Open Air
Can I have a word?
Are the Beatles going to go their own ways in 1967?
On our own or together, we're always involved with each other
Could you ever see a time when you weren't working together?
I can see us working not together for a period, but we'd always get together
You need other people for ideas and we all get along fine
Will you be doing films on your own next year?
No, I don't want to make a career of it. I just felt like doing it
Dick Lester asked me and I said yes
I wouldn't have done it if the others hadn't liked it, but they were on holiday
Do you foresee a time when the Beatles won't be together?
No, no
Have you got tired of each other?
Have you got anything lined up on your own, film parts for example?
There may be one if we don't do one together early next year
I'm sort of out of it - John and Paul can still write
even though we're not working together
And George can learn his sitar. I've just been sitting around
Getting bored? - No, getting fat!
Do you think that in the New Year you will be going your own ways?
No, no definitely not
Can I have a brief word? If you never toured again, would it worry you?
I don't know. No, I don't think so
But the only thing about that is, performance for us...
It's gone downhill because we can't develop when no one can hear us
so for us to perform, it gets more difficult each time
Do you mean they don't listen to you so you don't want to do that?
We want to do it, but if we're not listened to
and we can't even hear ourselves, we can't get any better
But in the studio we could do Strawberry Fields, Penny Lane and then Pepper
Were they the first ones out?
That was what happened once we got full-time into the studio
And saying at the time "Now our performance is that record"
That new record started with Strawberry Fields
That was going to be what became Pepper. But no one had heard of Pepperyet
But it was going to be a record made in the studio
with songs they had written which couldn't be performed live
They were designed to be studio productions and that was the difference
Strawberry Fields is John's song
He used to live next door to Strawberry Fields, a Salvation Army place for kids
He used to bunk over and it was his little magic garden to play in
When I visited him, he'd tell me about Strawberry Fields
Strawberry Fields I wrote when I was making How I Won the Warin Spain
It's a Salvation Army home
near the house I lived in with my aunty in the suburbs
Although I took the name as an image
We had this thing called the mellotron for the intro of Strawberry Fields
This is one. We had flutes, and this was the intro
Then the nice thing is that our stuff started to get a bit more surreal
Penny Lane was a bit surreal too, although a sort of cleaner thing
I remember saying to George Martin, a very clean recording
I was into clean sounds. Mainly Beach Boy kind of things at that point
But the Fireman with his hour-glass and all that
was us trying to get into a bit of art, of surrealism, all based on real things
There was a barber called Bioletti
I think he's still there, actually, in Penny Lane
He had the pictures all barbers have of the haircut you can have
only instead of saying "The barber with pictures of haircuts in his windows"
you'd change it round to...
Every head he's had the pleasure to know
A barber showing photographs like it's an exhibition
It was like twisting it to a slightly more artsy angle
Penny Lane is not only a street, it's a district
I lived in Penny Lane in a street called Newcastle Road
so I was the only actual person that lived in Penny Lane
Right now, we're going to say hello to John Lennon and Paul McCartney
Penny Lane having failed to make No. 1 in Britain, were you at all put out?
No, the main thing is it's fine to be kept from being number one
by a record like Release Me
because they're not both trying to do the same kind of thing
So that's a completely different scene altogether
But you have in the past been reported as saying
that if a record didn't go to No. 1 you'd think of packing it all in
It was a relief
Everything we did went straight to No. 1, so there was that pressure
I believe we had six or seven in a row
It was out, in, out, you know
So within the group it took the pressure off
You obviously don't have to write any more songs except you like doing it
But it's always been like that - that's the good thing
It has been a hobby and it still is
Can you tell us anything about the numbers you're now engaged on?
Paul had been on a train or plane journey with Mal Evans
He came up with the idea of Sgt Pepperand he was kind of...
To me, we were in the studio to make the next record
and he was going on about this idea of some fictitious band
Sgt Pepperis Paul after a trip to America
The whole West Coast long-named group thing was coming in
People are no longer the Beatles or the Crickets, but suddenly
'Fred and his Incredible Sheep Shrinking Grateful Aeroplanes'
There were many such bands: Laughing Joe and his Medicine Band
Thank you wam bam mam kind of group names, you know
Colonel Tucker's Medicinal Brew and Compound
So I thought, if there was a band, what would be a mad name for it?
It was basically Paul's idea
He had this song, Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band
He was identifying it with the Beatles themselves
I think we recorded the song first
and then the idea came to make it into an album
It was also triggered by Neil Aspinall, who said at that time:
Why don't we have Sgt Pepper as the compere?
At the beginning of the show, he introduces the band
At the end of every Beatles show, Paul always used to say:
"It's time to go, we've got to go to bed and this is our last number"
Do the last number and go
I suggested Sgt Pepper should come on at the end of the album:
"Well, that's it, we've got to go. Here's our last number"
and send the album on tour instead of the band
We liked that idea
We'd read a report somewhere that said:
Elvis Presley has sent his gold-plated Cadillac out on tour
We thought that was a great idea - because we'd been sending ourselves out
We thought that's a really good idea. You stay at home and send your car
It did go on tour and people had come and they'd pay money
They wandered around it as if it was an exhibit and he didn't have to be there
Then, in the 60s when we thought of doing Sgt Pepper, we didn't want to tour
The idea suddenly sounded very nifty, you know
We said we haven't gold-plated Cadillacs, we don't do that stuff
but we could send a record out on tour
It was Sgt Pepper and his Lonely Hearts Club Band and all these other acts
It was going to run like a rock opera
and we got as far as Sgt Pepper and Billy Shears
A Little Help From My Friends, then everyone said sod it, let's just do tracks
So from the start it was going to be something totally different
but it still kept the title
and the feel that it's all connected
It's called the first concept album, it doesn't go anywhere
Mr Kite - All my contributions -
had nothing to do with this idea of Sgt Pepper and his band
But it works because we said it worked and that's how it appeared
Apart from Sgt Pepper, Billy Shears, and the so-called Reprise... that's it
Every other song could have been on any other album
A Day in the Life, Mr Kite - they could have gone anywhere
We were spending a long time in the studio
and still doing the same basic tracks
and then it would take weeks for the overdubs
The great thing about this band was whoever had the idea, that was OK
Whoever had the best idea, that's the one we'd use
For instance, in A Day in the Life, John had this opening verse
I think he'd got the idea from the Daily Mirroror something
It had two stories-the Guinness child had killed himself in a car
That was the main headline story
The next page was about 4000 holes in Blackburn, Lancashire
So Blackburn, Lancashire... the holes... Albert Hall
all got mixed, just a little poetic jumble that sounded nice
The momentous song, A Day in the Life began in a very simple way
And we've got the rehearsal take, take one, very first time we'd heard it
with John giving instructions as usual just before he starts it
Have the mike on the piano, quite low to keep with my maracas
John was singing and playing his acoustic guitar, Paul was on piano
George was playing maracas, I think, and certainly Ringo was on bongos
John counts in by saying "Sugar Plum Fairy"
Sugar Plum Fairy, Sugar Plum Fairy
Even in this early take
he has a voice which sends shivers down the spine
That was mainly a John song
I read the news today, oh boy... He'd taken a lot of it from a newspaper
Then I had another bit...
Woke up, fell out of bed, dragged a comb across my head
That was a little bit I had, it wasn't doing anything
and we got the concept of building it like a mini-operetta
John said let's shove it in the middle and see if we can't connect them
We connected them with a series of empty bars either side of Paul's section
before we came back into John's as a reprise
and we knew we had to fill those bars with something sensational
To keep the 24 bars so everybody knew when to come back in
dear old Mal Evans stood by the piano counting the bars
Also, he set off an alarm clock at the end to trigger everybody back into it
They wanted an orchestral climax to fill these empty bars
A giant orgasm of sound rising from nothing at all to a most incredible noise
And this is what we came up with
With that we joined up the two parts of the song
The moment I remember best outside of him bringing the song...
It was obviously a gorgeous song when he brought it
I was a big fan of John's, you've got to remember that
It wouldn't just be: oh yes, professional person will write this
It would be: I can't wait to get my hands on this
We'd learned the chords off him and we'd develop it
But the moment I remember...
We got to a little bit that he didn't have where we said:
I'd love to turn you on
We looked at each other and thought, we know what we're doing here, don't we?
We're actually saying, for the first time ever, words like 'turn you on'
which was in the culture anyway but no one had actually said it on record
There was a look of recognition between us
Do it, do it, get it down!
So the sleeve came and we wanted to dress up
To be those people, the Peppers
We had to get suits and it was flower-power coming into its fullest
That's what it was
Mal and I went to all the different libraries and got prints
Peter Blake blew them up and tinted them and made the colour
I remember the weekend it was released
getting a telegram from people like James Fox: "Long live Sgt Pepper"
People had come round and said "Great album, man"
So it got very noticed-as if "You're making it for us," our crowd
I think it did represent what the young people were on about
It seemed to coincide with a revolution in young people's thinking
It was, I suppose, the epitome of the swinging '60s
It linked up with Mary Quant and mini skirts and that kind of thing
And dope to a certain extent
The freedom of sex, and of soft drugs like marijuana
It was all a bit exciting and I thihk it did reflect this time
I thought it was great
I thought it was a huge advance
I was very pleased as the music papers had been saying:
"What are the Beatles up to? Drying up, I suppose?"
It was nice making an album lke Pepper, thinking, yeah, drying up, that's right
So it was lovely to have that on them
When it came out, I loved it
I had a party to celebrate. That weekend was a bit of a party as I recall
I remember getting lots of telegrams from people
The biggest single tribute was that it was released on the Friday
On Sunday we went to the Saville Theatre
which Brian Epstein rented and ran some rock shows
because nothing ever happened on a Sunday
Jimi Hendrix opened with Sgt Pepper and he'd had since Friday to learn it
Sgt Pepperfor me-it was great - it's a fine album
but I did learn to play chess on it
Because I'd have so much spare time, you know
We'd do the basic track and then we'd put other stuff on, then...
but the percussion would be overdubbed later and later
For me it was a bit tiring, a bit boring
A few moments I enjoyed but generally I didn't like that album much
My heart was still in India
That was the big thing for me when that happened in '66
After that, everything else seemed like hard work
It was a job. It was doing something I didn't really want to do
I was losing interest in being fab at that point
It wasn't that spectacular when you look back on it
People just had this dream about Pepper. It was good for then, you know
I was very cross that the BBC decided to ban some of the tracks
They wouldn't play A Day in the Life. Why? I don't know
Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds was banned for a rumoured drug connection
and Lucy in the Sky actually stood for LSD, which wasn't true
and that it was an album promoting the use of drugs among the young
I was aware of them smoking pot but not that they did anything very serious
In fact I was so innocent that I actually took John up to the roof
when he was having an LSD trip and not knowing what it was
I never took it in the studio. Once I did by accident, thinking it was uppers
I was not in a state of handling it but I took it
and I was just so scared on the mike
I said "What was it? I feel ill"
I thought I was going to crack and I said I must get some air
They took me up on the roof and George Martin was looking at me funny
Then it dawned on me I must have taken acid
The only place I could take him for fresh air was the roof
We went up and it was a wonderful starry night
He looked up and went to the edge of the parapet
He looked up at the stars and said "Aren't they fantastic?"
To him, they would have been especially fantastic
They just looked like stars to me
Paul, how often have you taken LSD?
About four times
The newscaster said "Is it true you've had drugs?"
I made a lightning decision, thinking:
I'm either going to try and bluff this... They're at my door... No, go away!
Or I'm just going to tell him and I thought, sod it...
I told him, you know what's going to happen
I'm going to be blamed for telling everyone I take drugs
But you are the people who'll distribute this thing
I'll tell you but, if you are worried about it affecting kids, don't show it
Do you think you've encouraged your fans to take drugs?
No, I don't think my fans will take drugs just because I did
That's not the point. I was asked whether I had or not
then the whole bit about how far it's going, how many it will encourage
It is up to the newspapers and up to you on television
You're spreading this
It's going into all the homes in Britain and I'd rather it didn't
But you're asking me the question. You want me to be honest
It seemed strange-we'd been trying to get him to take it for 18 months
It seemed funny that one day he's on television talking about it
It gave the press a field day, to be on all our cases
I didn't think it was their business
but once he said it...
Whoever said anything in the Beatles, the other three had to deal with it
Which we did with all love because we loved each other
But I could have done without it myself
The point about the whole drug scene was that the press asked Paul:
"Have you taken LSD?" Otherwise we didn't say a word about it
It was just a personal thing
I feel to this day that we did take certain substances
but never to a great extent at the sessions
We took a little...
but whenever we overdid our intake
the music we made was absolutely shit
And we'd go home real happy with the tape
We'd play it when we got home and play it the next day
Every time, we'd come back to record again
we'd all say "We have to do that again"
Because it didn't work
It didn't work for the Beatles to be too deranged when making music
Somebody said we should invest some money so we thought let's buy an island
We'll just go there and drop out
We rented a boat
and went up and down the coast from Athens, looking at islands
We came to one we'd arranged to see
It came to nothing. We didn't buy an island, we came home
Subtitles: Screentext
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