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Subtitles for Battle Hymn 1957.

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Battle Hymn 1957

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{y:i}[Church Bells Ringing,|{y:i}Choir Humming]
{y:i}[Choir Humming "Battle Hymn|{y:i}of the Republic"]
[Skipped item nr. 3]
During the war in Korea,
I was in command|of the 5th Air Force...
operating under|the United Nations' command.
This plane was just one|of the many involved|in our operations.
Its pilot|I shall never forget.
I am pleased to have been|asked to introduce|this motion picture,
which is based on the actual|experiences of this pilot,
Colonel Dean Hess|of the United States Air Force.
The remarkable story|of Colonel Hess,
his poignant and often|secret struggle...
with a problem|peculiarly his own,
his courage, resourcefulness|and sacrifice...
have long been a source|of inspiration to me...
and to fighting men|who have known him.
But the story|of Colonel Hess...
is more than a dramatic|demonstration of one man's|capacity for good.
It is an affirmation|of the essential goodness|of the human spirit.
For this reason,|I am happy it is told.
It begins in the summer of 1950,
five years after the end|of World War II...
and one month after|the invasion of South Korea.
{y:i}It is a quiet,|{y:i}sunny Sunday morning...
{y:i}in the pleasant little town|{y:i}of Westhampton, Ohio.
And so we ask|ourselves:
How can we be free|of guilt?
Through patience|and humility...
will we find happiness.
A broken and contrite heart,
Thou will not despise.
Nice sermon, Dean,|though if you'll forgive|my saying so,
you might dwell less|on guilt and more on the hope|that heaven holds for us.
Mary.|Can you stay|for dinner, Deacon?
I'd like to, but I have|to get back out to the farm.
See you next Sunday,|children.|Good-bye.
Good-bye, Deacon.
He's right, Mary.
I didn't have 'em|with me today.|Dean...
No matter how hard I try,
all I seem to be able to do|is repeat words from a book!
Words!|Words aren't enough, Mary.
Dean, why are you punishing|yourself with these doubts?|It's not fair.
I'm trying|to face the truth.
I'm just not cut out|to be a minister.
I've tried it now|for almost two years,|trying to make amends.
You can't forget those|children in the German|orphanage, can you?
When I became a minister,
I hoped I could find a way|to live with it,
but I haven't.
{y:i}[Shells Exploding]
Blue Leader to Blue Flight.
We're cleared on target.|Arm your bombs.
{y:i}[Shells Continue|{y:i}Exploding]|Okay, Killer, let's go.
Dean, your bomb's stuck!|Shake her loose!
[Announcer]|This is Radio Berlin.
Today the Americans made|another infamous raid...
on an undefended,|quiet, little town:
the peaceful hamlet|of Kaiserberg.
These noble Americans|totally destroyed|an orphanage and church,
murdering 37 children!
A crime so despicable|that even hell won't have|its perpetrator!
His hands|will be stained forever...
with innocent blood|of those harmless infants!
[Shatters Glass]
[Hess]|Hello. Do you speak English?
A little.
Was this...|St. Peter's Orphanage?
"Ja," it was,|before the big raid,
before your planes came.
The radio said... some children|were killed in the raid.
But the radio very often lies.
It was 37 children.
And no lie!
Good morning, darling.|Good morning.
Oh, what a wonderful day!
You working|on your sermon already?
It's only Monday.
That's what|I call indus...
This is to the Air Force, Mary.
They're making some recalls,|and I've decided to apply.
They need experienced people|for Korea.|But you're needed here!
No, I'm no good here.|I've known it for a long time.
{y:i}If you do go back,
shouldn't it be|as a chaplain?
It's bad enough to be|of so little use to people here.
What help could I be|to wounded or dying men?
Oh, Dean!
{y:i}How could you|{y:i}kill now?
Don't worry.
It's only for a training|program, not combat.
But it doesn't make sense.|It doesn't! Going back to war.
Why, that's where|your problem began!
Don't look for sense in this.|You won't find it.
One doesn't always have|to have a clear reason|for the things he does.
It's just how I feel,|that's all.
Mary... this is|what I have to do.
[Sighs]|Oh, Dean.
Dean, Mary just told me.
Is it true?|You're going to announce...
Word came for me last night|to be in Washington next week.|You'll have to take over here.
Do you realize|what you're doing?|Yes.
You spoke to me once|about the reason why|a man becomes a minister.
I did.|I must tell you mine|is not a good enough one,|and it never has been.
Son, I...|Look, Deacon...
{y:i}[Organ Continues]
You knew my grandmother.
You heard her tell that our|family came from Germany,
from a little village near|a town named Kaiserberg.|Yes, of course, but...
It was one of her greatest|hopes to go back to that|little church in Kaiserberg,
where her grandmother|was baptized and married.|Well?
She never was able to,|but I was.
I saw it from the air.
A bombing raid I was on.
There was an orphanage|next to that church,
full of children who|only knew that war had|come to frighten them;
a nightmare|that might kill them.
I made their fears come true|with one flick of this|thumb on a bomb release.
I'm sorry, son.
I never knew, never.
But I do think|you're acting rashly.
We'll have to talk|this over at a more|convenient time.
It's useless, Deacon.
Would you please|make the announcement|and take over the service?
Well...|all right, Dean.
If you wish it.
Thank you, Sergeant.
I'm Colonel Hess.|Good morning,|Colonel.
Ben Harrison,|General's Aide.|Have a good trip?
A fast one, thank you.|General in?|{y:i}That you, Dean?
Yes, sir!|{y:i}Come in. Let me|{y:i}have a look at you.
Well, it's been|a long time.|Sit down.
Thank you, sir.|How are you, Dean?
Fine, sir.|I was glad to hear|I'm to work with you again.
And I'm pleased|to have you, Dean.
These Koreans will listen|to a man with the same|kind of nerve they have.
That's why I called|on "Killer" Hess.
You're to check out|some ROK pilots in the 51 s,|train them in our tactics.
They're new to both, Dean.|Besides, they're a hot|bunch. They're overanxious.
They've cracked up a couple|of the planes we gave them,|and they won't get more.
{y:i}We've none to spare|{y:i}outside combat.|I see.
What sort of a T.O.|will I have, sir?
{y:i}A half dozen offiicers,|{y:i}a complement|{y:i}of enlisted men.
You'll be the only friendly|air power based in Korea;
everything else|has to fly from Japan.
The ground forces may|call on you for support,|but you can't oblige them.
Your sole purpose is to get|the ROKAir Force started,
so don't risk those planes|in any combat sorties.
Your group is waiting|for you at your headquarters:
an airfield,|or what's left of it,|built years ago by theJapanese.
Right here,|a few miles from Yongsan.
Good luck,|Colonel.|Thank you, sir.
Thank you, Sergeant.|You're welcome, sir.
{y:i}[Door Closes]
I'm Colonel Hess.
Herman, sir.|Your first sergeant.
You're holding the fort|by yourself?
Major Moore, the exec,|is at breakfast, sir.
And the duty officer,|Captain Skidmore...
What Skidmore?|The same one.
He says you and him fought|quite a war the last time out.|This is your office, sir.
And your quarters.
[Herman Sighs]
So Skidmore is still in.|Back in. He said|it was too cold outside.
I mean...|Even we retreads|have our use, Sergeant.
Call a meeting|of all the officers.
Get me the files|on the officers and men,
and bring me|the morning report.|Yes, sir.
[Unzips Bag]
I won't say "at ease"...
because it looks like|that's what you've been at|ever since you got here.
Our mission|is to give instruction...
to a detail of Korean pilots|in our aircraft and tactics.
But before they|and the planes get here,|I want this place cleaned up.
{y:i}This whole area|{y:i}looks like a pigsty.
A helicopter couldn't even|land on that runway!|Any questions?
Major Moore, sir.|We haven't anything|to work the runway,
except a few hand tools|from the vehicles.
What about that town|I came through?
That's Yongsan, sir.|{y:i}Couldn't we fiind|{y:i}something there?
Dean! Hiya, boy!|[Chuckling]
Hello, Skidmore.|Where have you been?|Over at Yongsan.
Checkin' the action.|Boy, it sure ain't Paris.
Aren't you duty officer today?|You weren't due in|till tomorrow,
and there's nothing much|doing around here, so...|Major Moore!
Until further orders,|Yongsan is out of bounds.
From now on, there's|plenty to do around here.
Any other questions?|Come on, Sergeant.
So that's the buddy-buddy|you've been tellin' us about.
[Honking Horn]
Hey, uncle, where|do we find the mayor?
The mayor?|Kingpin?
Big chief?|Head wheel?|Hmm?
Boss man?|"Boss man"?
Sounds like you rang the bell.
Boss man?|[Speaking Korean]
He's not here.|He must be out to lunch.
Now, listen, I, um...
{y:i}um... need help.
{y:i}Push dirt.|{y:i}You know, push dirt?
Big landing strip,|for planes!
[Mimics Plane Engine]
Pardon me.
[Herman]|Well, hello!
Can I be of any help?|It seems we need it,|Miss...
En Soon Yang.|I'm Colonel Hess.
Sergeant Herman and I|are trying to locate some|tools for the airfield.
We have to get our|runway in shape before|our planes can land.|Oh.
[Korean Continues]
He says there is nothing left.|What the enemy did not take,|they destroyed.
Well, where's the next town?
Sosan.|But I came through|last week.
It's burned out and destroyed|like the other towns around.
I see.
Well, thank you, Miss Yang.|Come on, Herman.
[Crowd Murmuring]
Guess I should have gone through|channels in the first place|and put in for some engineers.
Yeah, and they might get to us|by the end of the war.|[Hess Chuckles]
This girl remembers seeing|some sort of equipment.|You called it a, um...
A bulldozer?|No.|Uh...
Not a road scraper?|Yes, thank you.
In a ditch|on the road from Sosan.
Will you show us?|{y:i}I must wait for the mayor,|{y:i}but she will take you.
Fine!|She knows exactly|where it is.
{y:i}Good.! Thank you again.
Ours is the thanks,|that you are with us.
[Starts Engine]
[Honking Horn]
Put your backs to it,|you slaves!
I left Indiana to get away|from one of these.
Hey, Colonel!
{y:i}Our ROKpilots.!
I'm Colonel Hess.|First Squadron,|First Group,
Air Force of the Republic|of Korea reporting.
I'm Major Chong.|I'm glad to know you.
General Kim placed me in charge|of our group because I have|a little of your language.
Wonderful.|Please tell your officers|we are honored to have them.
Sergeant Herman here will|show you to your quarters.|Yes, sir.
Thank you, sir.
How soon do you think|we'll be operational?
Well, we can use|some extra hands.
As soon|as we've changed.|Very fine.
Oh, by the way,|did you bring a flag?|Yes, sir.
Good.|We'll fly it with ours.
Are you sure these guys|don't know what we're saying?
Without an interpreter,|they're dead.|They're dying rich.
We haven't won a game|in an hour.
Not another blitz.
"Got a couple|of Korean pigeons," you say.
"Don't speak English.|We'll teach 'em Rummy|and clean 'em out."
Aw, it's just|beginner's luck.
Excuse, please.|No beginner.
English bad.|Rummy good.|Old Korean game.
{y:i}[Phone Ringing]|Skidmore, I ought to hit you|on the head...
till you can hold up|your socks with your teeth!
It's the planes!|They're calling control tower|for permission to land!
Granted! Tell 'em|the strip is clear!
Granted! Tell 'em|the strip is clear!
Only 10?|That's all.
And no more|where they came from.|Remember that.
Treat 'em like|your best girl, uh?
{y:i}[Dean's Voice]|{y:i}The planes are here now,|{y:i}and thejob really begins.
{y:i}I just hope I'll be able|{y:i}to make it work.
{y:i}[Doorbell Rings]
Oh, hello, Deacon!|Good morning, Mary.|Here are your eggs.
Thanks. Won't you come in?|Mrs. Massing is waiting|for her eggs too.
I see.|From Dean?
Uh-huh. He's well and seems|to be getting along fine.
And you?|I?
Yes, I saw you coming out|of Dr. Corrigan's office.
Try to keep a secret|in this town.
I'm going to have|a baby, Deacon.|Oh, that's wonderful!
Dean will be tickled pink.|Have you written him yet?
No, I'm not going|to tell him for a while.
Why not?|We've been|disappointed before.
Oh, but, Mary,|he should be told.
He has enough|to worry about as it is.
Worry? Such news|would only delight him.
I don't want to add|to his problems.
I suppose you know best.|I better be running along.
Now you take care|of yourself.|Bye.
Bye.|See you next week, Deacon.
{y:i}[Door Closes]
[Chuckling]|{y:i}They're looking|{y:i}better every day.
They're the eagerest|beavers I ever saw.|[Chuckles]
They don't want to stay down|long enough to eat.|[Chuckles]
I'd like to have|those flight reports|as quickly as possible.
Take care of it|right away.|As soon as my head lands.
[Slaps|Skidmore's Back]
Yes, sir?|The tower tells me you made|contact with enemy aircraft.
Only by sight, sir.
We had to tuck|our tails and run.|Yeah.
Uh, you know, Colonel,|it feels sort of naked|up there...
without any|experienced wing men.
Their ground patrols|are being reported|closer every day.
From now on|you'll have hot guns.
Only for protection.|Roger!
Hold it, hold it!|Don't tell me!
Something besides|C-rations?|Turkey for Thanksgiving, sir.
Well, don't let our Korean|friends see 'em!
They'll try|to fly 'em!|Allow us!
{y:i}[Men Singing]|{y:i}Ha-ha-ha, you and me
{y:i}Little brown jug|{y:i}don't I love thee
[Harmonica]|Ha-ha-ha, you and me
Little brown jug|don't I love thee
[Men Laughing]|[Continues Playing]
{y:i}[Men Continue Singing]|{y:i}'Tis you who makes|{y:i}my friends and foes
{y:i}'Tis you who makes me|{y:i}wear old clothes
{y:i}Here you are|{y:i}so near my nose
{y:i}So tip her up|{y:i}and down she goes
{y:i}Ha-ha-ha, you and me
{y:i}Little brown jug|{y:i}don't I love thee
{y:i}Ha-ha-ha, you and me
Little brown jug|don't I love thee
[Taps Dish With Fork]
You know, back home|Pa always said grace|at Thanksgiving.
Not that we were|extra religious,
it's just that Thanksgiving|is special to farm folk.
If we had a good year,|the table would be piled|so high with food...
that you could hear|the joints creak.
Look, fellas,|I'm not very good|at this sort of thing.
{y:i}Doesn't somebody here|{y:i}feel more qualified?
{y:i}It seems as though|{y:i}I'm stuck.
Dear Lord...
first off, we want to thank you|for all of us being well.
{y:i}Then I want to say that...
{y:i}you sure did put yourself out|{y:i}setting this table, :
{y:i}all this food and drink|{y:i}and abundance.
{y:i}It seems a person|{y:i}never could be hungry.
{y:i}And if we ever get|{y:i}to complaining about anything...
you just put a stop|to it quick.
Now while Cookie's carving that|turkey, how about another song?|[Men Cheer]
Thompson, "Wait for the Wagon"!|{y:i}No, no.! "Jeanie|{y:i}with the Light Brown Hair"!
Will you come with me|my Phyllis, dear
To yon blue mountain free
Where the blossoms smell|the sweetest
{y:i}Come rove along with me
It's every Sunday mornin'|when I am by your side
{y:i}We'll jump into the wagon
{y:i}And all take a ride
{y:i}[Men Singing]|{y:i}Wait for the wagon|{y:i}Wait for the wagon
{y:i}Wait for the wagon|{y:i}and we'll all take a ride
{y:i}Wait for the wagon|{y:i}Wait for the wagon
{y:i}Wait for the wagon|{y:i}and we'll all take a ride
{y:i}[Singing Continues]|Anything stirring?
Everything quiet, sir.|Good.
Why don't you go back in|and grab something to eat?
I'll take over for a while.
You better hurry.|The turkey will be gone.|Well, thank you, sir.
And happy Thanksgiving.|Thank you.|Same to you.
{y:i}And offi we will start
{y:i}Wait for the wagon|{y:i}Wait for the wagon
{y:i}Wait for the wagon|{y:i}and we'll all take a ride
Did you ever see bones|picked so clean?|It's a tribute to your cooking.
[Chuckles]|These guys would eat|nuts and bolts...
if you put some|sauce on 'em!
{y:i}[Men Cheering, Chattering]
Hey, you kids!|Get away there now!|Scat!
Go on!|Go on, get outta here|and stay outta here!
Looks like a pretty big|stick for such small boys,|Sergeant.
Yes, sir, but these kids|are driving us nuts!
They're coming down|from the north in droves.
They sneak on the post|and steal everything|they can get their hands on.
They don't look like very|successful thieves to me.|Chong, who's that woman?
She says she's trying|to look after these children,|orphans she has befriended.
What's his name?
His name is Chu.
Looks like he could use|a little chow to me.
Chong, take these kids|and feed them.|{y:i}Yes, sir.
What's he trying to do?|Prove he's got a heart of gold?
No, he's always liked kids.|But this is idiotic.
Those little sneak-thieves|will be swarming out of every|hole in Korea.
Better nail down|the furniture.
Hello, Chong. Hello, Chong.|This is Flight Leader. Over.
Go ahead, Flight Leader.
By any chance,|do you know where we are?
Proceeding on Mount Keijo.
We'll take a heading|of 84 degrees true|from there. Over.
Very good.|Maples, how's your boy doing?
Right on course.
See that he holds it.
This is Mosquito One,|Mosquito One.
Calling aircraft circling|10 miles east of Munsan.|Over.
This is MacIntosh Leader.|Go ahead, Mosquito One. Over.
Got a target for you.|Troop convoy at Abel-Baker-7253.
Four miles east.|Will you make a strike?|Over.
Come in, MacIntosh|Flight Leader. Over.
Wilco, Mosquito One.|Proceeding to target.
MacIntosh Flight,|prepare for attack!
- Read you, Flight Leader!|- Skidmore, you know we can't|risk these planes!
Maintain radio silence.|Follow me. Out.
[Chattering, Korean]
Okay, pour it on.
{y:i}[Ground Gunfiire Continues]
Maples! Off your left wing,|get that stray. Get it!
[Anguished Sobbing]
[Sniffling, Sobbing]
What's the matter, Maples?
Those kids!
Oh, those poor little kids!
All right, so I didn't|follow the rule book.
But look what we handed 'em!|All those troops!|Enemy troops! Scratched!
And strafing those refugees...|Can you scratch that too?
It was an accident.
Wars are full of accidents.|You know that yourself.
You know how everything|looks alike from the air.
Remember Germany.|How many times...
That's enough!
Look, I don't know what kind|of a monkey you've got on your|back, but don't put him on mine.
This is serious business.|You don't have to tell me|how serious it is.
I'm not so sure|about that.
Once I thought you knew|what war was about,|but not anymore.
Just keep this|one thing in mind:
All that counts is who wins,|not how nice a guy you are.
You win or you die.|You go soft, and you're|one step from being dead.
Are you through?
You're grounded|until further orders.
- Any questions?|- Yeah... one.
Whatever became|of"Killer" Hess?
Yes, sir?
I just wanted|to tell you that...
Well, try to forget it|as soon as you can.|Thank you, sir.
I am sorry I lost|control out there.
I'm all right now.|I am better now.
I had a similar experience once.
It's something I've never|been able to completely shake.
So I'm not exactly the one|to give advice, but I thought...
Sir, it's the way|of things, I guess.
I figure it's all|God's making and will.
Doesn't the Book say that...
no sparrow|shall fall to the earth...
unless he first|gives his nod?
Well, he must have given|his nod to what happened|out there today too.
He must have.
Well, he's the Almighty,|isn't he?
No, we have to trust him, sir.
How can we live|without that?
Go on, Maples.
You see, Colonel,|I've come to the conclusion...
that God and all his reasons are|invisible to the eyes of man.
So, I guess|we have to be satisfied...
if he even gives us|light enough to take|our next step,
do our next chore.
Thank you, Maples.
Thank you.
[Chattering, Korean]
Is the Colonel here?|Uh-huh.|Cookie!
The men and I have decided|to have roast Long Island duck|tonight with wild rice.
You're gonna be lucky|if you get warmed-over gruel!|{y:i}[Herman Grunts]
Those kids!|Take a look at 'em!
[Chattering Continues]
[Whistles]|{y:i}[Door Opens]
The mess sergeant here|has a problem.|Yes, Sergeant?
Sir, them chow hounds are|multiplying like rabbits!|What am I gonna do?
Feed them.|{y:i}[Gunfiire]
{y:i}[Gunfiire Continues]
[Hess]|Chong, what happened?
Enemy agent, Colonel.|I had to shoot her.
She was just about ready|to throw that into|the ammunition dump.
Chong had suspected her|ever since the day you let her|on the post with those kids.
{y:i}[Child Crying]
{y:i}[Crying Continues]
Oh, Chu.
Don't cry.
Don't cry, little baby.
That's the full story|on the woman.
North Korean guerilla.|Sabotage.
She picked up|those poor, starving kids|to make her look good.
I've drawn an order making|the base out-of-bounds|to all civilians.
Including|the little civilians?
Think there might be|guerillas among them too?
It's not that. But the way|they're crowding in here now,|they're becoming a nuisance.
They're making the pilots|nervous; afraid of hitting 'em|on takeoffs and landings.
All around,|they could be dangerous.
Yeah, dangerous for what|they might become someday,|if they live long enough.
But you're right.|It's no place for them.
Don't post that|until tomorrow.|Yes, sir.
Come on, Herman.|We're going to Seoul.
{y:i}[Horn Honking]|[Korean]
{y:i}[Hess]|{y:i}Want a lift?|[Korean]
They mistrust|anyone in uniform.
They saw their family|shot with the rest|of their village.
They'll have to be taught|there's many different|kinds of uniforms.
Hop in.|I'm Colonel Hess.|This is Sergeant Herman.
Hi.|My name|is Lu Wan.
The children and I|thank you, as do our|poor, tired feet.
Where do you come from?|I come from Pusan.
There I have a shop|where I carve ivory statues|of a religious nature.
It is not a big shop,|understand. Very small.
Well, to be exact,|it is not even a small shop;|a stall in an alley.
But I make the best statues|in the whole city,
and I am by conscience|a modest man.
[Chuckles]|Where are you heading?
To a Buddhist temple not far|from here where we hope|to find shelter.
I am a Christian,|you understand,
but a house of God|is for anyone.
If you'll drop us|at the next crossroad.
No, we'll take you there.
Is this it?
Yes, but the enemy|has been there too.
There are kids in here!
Why, Miss Yang.
Good evening, Colonel.
I understand you found|the equipment on the road.
Yes, we did.|Thank you.
I can't tell you|how much it helped.
What are you|doing here?
Well, come in and see.
Peaceful here.
Oh, are they yours?
No, I found them|on the road.
They have lost|their parents.
And you're taking care|of them alone?|Yes, we are about to leave.
There is nothing here|I hoped to find, and I could|get no help in Yongsan.
Well, where will you go?
Just south,|and hope for the best.
Oh, he will ride|in the cart.
Those roads|are hardly passable.|He can't...
Then I will carry him|until he is well again.
He won't get well traveling.
But here he can only die.
{y:i}[Chicken Clucking]
Miss Yang...|I'd like your help.
Yes.|There are over a hundred|children like this at the field.
A hundred children?|Yes.
I have to get them away,|and I just can't turn them loose.|I'd like to bring them here.
Here?|So you could|take care of them.
Oh, but we have no food,|no fuel, no medicine.
There's no roof.
We'll fix the roof.|We'll furnish the supplies.
I don't know what I can get,|but it'll be a lot better|than you'll find along the road.
But a hundred children...|We'll help with them too.|How about it? Will you stay?
Oh, I don't think so.|Will you?
How could I refuse?|Good. I'll get|on it right away.
Lu Wan, this is Miss Yang.|She'll stay and take care|of the children.
How about you?|Will you stay and help out?
I am sorry.|I must get to Pusan.
My statues.|Now there is more need|for them than ever.
There's a bigger need here.
You're a Christian, you said.|Remember Matthew?
"Whoso shall receive one|such little child in my name,
{y:i}receiveth me. "|I will stay, for a while.
Thank you.|Herman, you'll give them|a hand, won't you?
Yes, sir.|Good. I'll have you|picked up later.
Come on, kids.
Colonel.|Yes, Lu Wan.
First impressions are nets|to catch the wind, but I have|a persistent one about you.
That you might be|a man of God.
Just another pilot.
{y:i}[Jeep Starts,|{y:i}Departs]
[Children Laughing,|Talking]|That's all.
Say, Colonel.|Yeah?
I'm free for a while.|I'd like to go along.
Maybe I can help them|get settled down.|All right.
Oh, tell Miss Yang|that I'll be over there|as soon as I can.|Right.
It'll be a relief|to have them outta here.
I almost hit a bunch of'em|yesterday on a takeoff.|Scared me silly.
Any more than usual?|{y:i}[Herman Shouts]|{y:i}Okay, let's take off!
{y:i}[Children Shouting]
Cheer up.|There goes your problem.
Well, at least they ate|what I gave 'em without kickin'.
Say, uh, take the jeep and go|into town and see if you can|find something for the kids.
Maybe some candy|or something.|Candy?
I don't know, Colonel.|This ain't much of a country|for candy stores.
Maybe the good Lord|will provide.
Well, I don't know much|about the Lord,
but I got a hunch|he ain't runnin' no|candy stores in Yongsan.
Well, then try Seoul.
[Honking Horn]
[Steam Hissing]
{y:i}[Horn Honking]
{y:i}[Horn Honking]
Okay, there's your|eight boxes of candy.
You better give me a couple|of cartons of that gum too.
Give me a couple|of cartons of that gum.
Now what admiral|did you say that was for?
Herman.|Admiral Herman.
Admiral Herman.|Herman?
Want a lift, soldier?|No, thanks, Mac.|I just had one.
{y:i}[Jeep Starts,|{y:i}Departs]
You know, if the Navy ever|got a gander at what we're|doing with this tarpaulin...
They'd be happy|to let you have it.|Yeah, in the neck!
Twenty years!|[Laughing]
If we keep this up, we're gonna|have the mortgage paid off.|Second or third?
Oh, Sergeant,|this is beyond belief.
But what is this?|Chewing gum.
Want a pack, Lu?|Thank you, no.
{y:i}[Herman]|{y:i}It's the best we could do on|{y:i}short notice, but don't worry.
When the colonel and me|get on the ball, it rolls!
{y:i}But where did you get|{y:i}such wonderful things from?
Uh, the less said,|the better, Miss Yang.
{y:i}[Yang]|{y:i}Your army has been|{y:i}very generous.
Oh, no, no, no, no, no!|You ain't supposed|to swallow it!
Just chew it.|Chu! Me Chu!
Yeah, I know, I know,|but that ain't the point.|Now, here.
You watch me.|Put this in your mouth.|Now just chew. See?
Don't swallow it.|It'll last forever.|Just chew it.
Now you got it!
Food, soap, even beds.
You have no idea what luxury|you have provided for us.
Well, let's keep that|kind of quiet.
If the quartermasters|ever find out that|an army cot's a luxury,
I hate to think|what they'll have us|sleepin' on!
{y:i}[Maples Chuckling]|{y:i}[Herman]|{y:i}Oh, no.!
- He swallowed it again.|- "[Maples Chuckling]"
[Children Chattering]
{y:i}[Chattering Continues]
Chu! Hi there, old-timer!|[Herman]|Major.
Hey, this is|a cheerful place, Dean.|[Chuckling]
Thank goodness, you came!|He's done nothing|but ask for you.
Looks like we're|in business, Miss Yang.
This is Major Moore.|I told Herman the Lord|would provide.
But you didn't say|he might work through|the U.S. Navy.|[Laughing]
It's not bad|for a start.
With a little more money...|even five dollars...|we could do better.
[Maples Laughing]
Pardon me.
Yang.|Thank you, Lieutenant,|Major.
Now I must bathe Chu.
He always manages|to be the last in the tub.
Come, Chu.|Come, Chu.
Wait a minute.|[Maples, Moore Laughing]
Okay, sport. We'll|see it through together.
Nice job, isn't it, Major?|Many of the children|are Christians,
so I thought they should|have their symbol too.
With my own tools|it would have been better,|I assure you.
Understand,|it is not a poor job.
Someday I will carve you|one of ivory.
It will be beautiful.|Someday we'll hold you|to that, Lu Wan.
The address|of my shop in Pusan.
Thank you.
I wish the war would stop|just long enough...
to let these children|get to a safe place.
I know only one:|Cheju.
It's where my home is.
Cheju?|Where is that?
It may as well be|on the moon.
It's an island|60 miles off the coast.
{y:i}Have you always|{y:i}lived there?|Since I was a child.
My father was Korean,|and my mother from India.
They met in Delhi,|and I was born there,
but Cheju has been my home|for almost all of my life.
No bombings there,|are there?|None.
There would be food and help.
The school I taught in|is empty now.
That would make a fine shelter|for the children.|Yeah.
Sounds like|a perfect haven,|doesn't it?
But 60 miles...|[Korean]
What did he say?|Oh, he asked|if you were his father.
Now what|did he say?|That I was his...
It's time for supper, Colonel.|Would you care to join us?
Yes!|I'd love to.
Ah, ah, ah!|Thompson.
Come on.|Major.
How 'bout mine?|Nothin' yet.
It can't be all my gals|have forgotten me.
Some wise guy.|"Reverend Dean Hess."
Look, never mind the jokes.|Just hurry up...|{y:i}[Jeep Approaching]
Hey, wait a minute.|Let me see that.|{y:i}[Jeep Stops]
"Reverend Dean Hess."|Well, I'll be a...|{y:i}[Door Slams]
{y:i}[Hess]|{y:i}We've managed to pick up|{y:i}a few old trucks and tanks.
Starting tomorrow,|you'll be able to give your|students target practice.
That should come in|real handy, Colonel.|Mail's in, Reverend.
{y:i}For you.
Seems somebody's|trying to rib you.
It's from the deacon|of my congregation back home.
You mean you were a preacher?
And at Thanksgiving|you just let me fumble around?
You did just fine, Frank.
People who volunteer|usually do.
I don't get it, Dean.
I thought I knew you|pretty well.
We were in a lot|of rough stuff together.
You weren't exactly|the preacher type|over in Germany.
That was a long time ago.|Not so long!|What happened to you?
Too many free pamphlets|on the street corner?
"Heaven's your destination.|Repent and be saved."
Don't tell me you got|caught up in that stuff.
I don't see|how this concerns you.|Well, it does!
Why didn't you tell us|you were a preacher?
Oh, brother!|A parson for a C.O.
Let me tell you,|the men won't like it.
They'll like whoever|gets the job done!|Yeah.
[Pounds Fist]|What are you gonna do if|you have to gun down a Yak?
This is a training unit.|Today it's a training unit,|sure.
But that doesn't mean|it will be tomorrow!|That's all! You're excused.
Well?|What'd he say?
It's true, all right.|Ain't that|the livin' end?
Somebody buy me|a drink, quick.
{y:i}[Deacon's Voice]|{y:i}And while Mary wants to keep it|{y:i}from you at present,
{y:i}I believe you should know that|{y:i}she is going to have a baby.
{y:i}The doctor says that you are|{y:i}not to worry and she's fiine.
I'm going to headquarters|to make a phone call.
I'm gonna get some cigars!|I'm gonna have a baby!
{y:i}[Door Closes]|At headquarters?
Yes?|Oh, Colonel Hess.|Hello, Major.
Is the General in?|He's in Tokyo.|Anything I can do for you?
Yes, I'd like to use your phone|to call Westhampton, Ohio.
I'm gonna have a baby!|You're what?
My wife is.|Oh, congratulations.
Thank you.|There must be some way|to get through to her.
It's not going to be|quite as easy as all that,|but we'll see what we can do.
[Laughs]|Good.|[Dialing Phone]
Hello? Hello? Dean?
Dean, I was petrified|when the operator said,|"Korea calling."
- Anything the matter?|- No, no, everything's fine.
I just heard|from Deacon Edwards about you.
Oh, darling,|I'm walking on air.
I say, "I'm walking on air."|Are you all right?
Nothing to worry about,|Dr. Corrigan says.
- Everything is gonna be fine.|- It will be a boy, won't it?
If that's what you want,|of course.
Anything you say, Colonel.|[Static]
Hello? Dean?
[Static]|Mary? Hello?
- Hello? Hello?|- Dean?
[Korean]|{y:i}[Jeep Stops]
{y:i}Come on now.|{y:i}Let's go. That's it.|{y:i}How are you, Lu Wan?
Fine, thank you, Colonel.|Picked these children up|on the road.
[Korean]|Did you get through|to your wife, Colonel?
Yes,|everything's fine.|New guests?
Hungry too.|I'll take care of'em.
I'll get these other|chow hounds into the sack|and drive you back to the base.
Good.|Say, you honest to gosh|gonna have a kid?
Honest to gosh.|Yeah?
Oh, here.|I almost forgot.|Oh, thanks, Colonel.
[Sniffs]|Come on, team.|Charge.
[Lu Wan, Child|Speaking Korean]
What have we here,|Lu Wan?
A piece of army soap|has many uses.
Let's hope you whittle|with it more successfully|than we wash with it. Chu!
[Chuckling] Chu!|He heard your jeep driving up.|He's always waiting for you.
You have such a way|with these little ones.|I better have.
I'm gonna have one|of my own soon.
Well, don't you|look handsome!
[Laughing]|Your own?
I just found out today.|I even telephoned my wife.|Your wife?
Your wife must be|very happy.
As happy as she can be|with a husband who's|left her alone.
She is not alone.
She will have her baby|and the knowledge that you will|come home to her someday.
Come, Chu.|It's your bedtime.
Almost finished.
Why, it's Miss Yang.
Though to do it in soap|is an insult.
She deserves|the finest ivory.
A beautiful and remarkable|young lady.|Yes.
But there's something...|I don't know...|strange about her.
Like so many of us,|she's lost everything;|thrown into the middle of war,
deprived of home, family,|friends... and romance.
[Chuckles]|Listen to this old soap carver|speak of romance!
Why, romance|is so far in my past,
I can't even turn it|into a good memory!|{y:i}[Yang] Lu Wan.
{y:i}[Lu Wan]|{y:i}Yes?
The children would like|to say good night to you.|Ah, I will see them.
It is always a pleasure|to talk with you, Colonel.
What a lovely evening.
You'd hardly think|there was a war going on|around here, would you?
Just smell the pine.
The pine, Colonel,|is our symbol for eternity.
Because it is green|all the year round,|it seems to live forever.
On Cheju, near the schoolhouse,|there are twin pine trees.|They mirror each other.
When the wind blows,|they sway together|like two dancers.
When it is still,|they stand patiently,|their branches entwined.
The legend is that|they grow together,|side by side...
Out of the graves|of two lovers?
Of two lovers who could not|have each other in this life.
{y:i}[Herman]|{y:i}Miss Yang.!
It's okay.|They're all tucked in|and half asleep.
Thank you, Herman.
Miss Yang...
Well, uh...|good night.
Good night, Colonel.
{y:i}[Jeep Starts,|{y:i}Departs]
[Children Chattering, Korean]|Poor boy.|You're really loaded.
[Children Laughing,|Chattering Continues]
Let's see. How did I do?|Yeah, that's pretty good.
Up you go.|[Chattering Continues]
Who's next?|You want to be next?
Let's see|what we got here.
I think they're down|in the back this time.|[Kids Laughing]
They're gonna tickle|a little bit, but...|[Laughing Continues]
[Children Respond, Korean]
[Herman]|Keep your eyes closed.
I think I'll recommend you|for an insect gun|sharpshooting medal.
I must have killed a million|of these bugs single-handed.
A delousing detail like this|gives me a sense of power!|[Laughs]
{y:i}[Air Raid Siren Blaring]
[Panicked Chattering]|Get these kids|outta here!
{y:i}[Siren Continues,|{y:i}Airplanes Approaching]
[Hess]|Hit the deck!
{y:i}[Siren Continues]
[Guns Firing]
[Guns Firing]
Hollis! Break!
{y:i}[Bullets Striking]
[Engine Whining]
{y:i}[Whining Continues,|{y:i}Explosion]
Bandit comin' in|on your tail, Colonel!
- "[Guns Firing]"|- [Engines Droning]
[Guns Firing]
- MacIntosh Leader.|- Go ahead, Maples.
{y:i}[Gunfiire]|There's one on my tail.|Can you get him?
Break right, Maples.|I'll get on him.
[Engines Droning,|Guns Firing]
{y:i}[Gunfiire]|He's closing in!
{y:i}[Skidmore's Voice]|{y:i}What are you gonna do|{y:i}if you have to gun down a Yak?
Cut him off, Colonel!|Help me!
[Firing Guns]
Thanks, Colonel!|That was crazy shooting!
It looked like you guys were|having one big time up there!
[Turns Off Engine]
Where are you going?|You're not leaving?
I have been here|too long.
I must get to Pusan.|I have responsibilities.
We'd like you to stay.|You know that.
It wouldn't be fair|to ask any more of you.
Thank you for what|you've done.|What?
Jostle some children|on my knee so I can enjoy|their laughter?
{y:i}It is I who should|{y:i}thank you.
{y:i}But, Colonel...|{y:i}you seem troubled.
There's nothing|so terrible as war.
I killed today.
Yes, war is evil.
I see what is|in your heart.
Colonel, may a poor|old carver of ivory|babble for a moment?
Understand, it is babble|and may have no more worth|than a handful of sand.
In times like these, can a man|of good conscience ask others,
"Protect me. Kill for me.|But do not ask me|to stain my hands"?
What must one do when|a choice between two evils|is all that is offered?
To accept the lesser|sometimes can be|our only choice.
In order to save,|at times we must destroy,
and in destruction,|create new life.
Is that the answer?
The true answer, Colonel,|is not in my babble.|It is in the Book.
"O Lord,|thou hast seen my wrong;|judge thou my cause."
Who are you?
Just a weary old man,
most anxious to get|to his stall in Pusan.
{y:i}[Children Singing Korean]
[Continue Singing]
[Skipped item nr. 882]
{y:i}[Singing Continues]
[Skipped item nr. 884]
{y:i}[Singing Continues]|The dance is|a great favorite.
It tells of two girls|who are friends meeting|after a great adversity...
and relating their|discoveries about life.
One goes on and on|relating a hundred things|about this and that.
{y:i}[Singing Continues]|And the other?
She relates but one:
that faith is the greatest|comforter of all.
{y:i}[Singing Continues]
{y:i}[Thunder Rumbling]|This is MacIntosh Control.
How many tanks|did you say?|Repeat.
[Radio Static]|Better alert|the colonel.
Do you read me,|Vagabond One?
Colonel Hess.|What is it?
We just picked up|a radio report|from a forward observer.
Big enemy armored column|movin' in.
{y:i}[Moore]|{y:i}MacIntosh Control.|{y:i}Repeat your position.
{y:i}Repeat your position.|{y:i}Over.
[Radio]|MacIntosh Control.|This is Vagabond One.
I'm at Able-Mike-7523.
Enemy column|moving directly south.
Nothing to stop them this side|of Division Headquarters.
Need air strike immediately.
What a night for this!|Sure, they're using|the weather to push ahead.
Alert the men, Herman.|Call Headquarters.|I'll get dressed.
Calling Butterfly.|Calling Butterfly.
This is MacIntosh Control.|Over.
{y:i}[Thunder Rumbling,|{y:i}Rain Pouring]
{y:i}[Thunder, Rain Continue]
They're only 45 minutes|to the north.
All the other airstrips|are socked in even worse|than we are.
Not a plane in the whole area|can get off the ground.|That goes for us too.
That runway, Colonel...|It'd take pontoons|easier than wheels.
Sir, my men and I|volunteer to try it.|No, that runway's too tough.
I don't even know|if it's usable. Moore...|Why don't we find out?
Get a plane ready for me,|bombs and rockets.|Yes, sir.
[Soldiers Murmuring]
Permission to go along.|No.
You need someone for cover.|I'm not risking any more|planes than I have to.
If anything happens to you,|we're sitting ducks here.
If two of us go, one|is bound to get through.
Besides, I've got some|makin' up to do, Dean.
Go get your gear.|Thanks.
{y:i}[Thunder, Rain Continue]
{y:i}[Thunder Rumbling]
Tell that observer|we're on our way.
Ready the other planes.|Korean pilots on alert.|Wilco.
If things look bad,|I'll let you know.
Get word to Miss Yang|to be ready to evacuate|the children.
You better stay|close to the deck.
Those clouds look like|they got rocks in 'em.
Good luck.
[Skidmore Over Radio]|Permission to go first.
No. And if I don't make it,|don't you try. That's an order.
{y:i}[Thunder Rumbling]
{y:i}[Airplane Engines Idling]|He's crazy.|They'll never make it.
Come on, boys!|Come on, men!|Come on! Get up there.
[Engine Accelerating]
{y:i}[Engine Acceleration|{y:i}Continues]
Get up there!|You can make it!|Go on!
[Engine Accelerating]
{y:i}[Engine Acceleration|{y:i}Continues]
I'm airborne.|Come on ahead.
Right behind you.
Nothing to it.
I sure am glad|we're coming out|of the soup.
We should be in the target area|by now.
I'll try and contact|that British observer.
Hello, Vagabond.|Hello, Vagabond.
This is MacIntosh Blue Leader.|Come in. Over.
Hello, MacIntosh Blue Leader.|This is Vagabond.|Is that all of you?
That's all.|How does it look from there?
For a while, the weather|had them bogged down a bit,|but now it's stopped raining.
They've started|to move again.
If you could knock out|those lead tanks,|they'd block the road.
Got you.|Did you read him, Skidmore?
- I got him.|- We'll do as he says.
Target straight ahead.
Nice going! Now if you|hit their rear, it'll contain|them until we can get more help.
Who needs it?|Man, this is a turkey shoot.
[Guns Firing]
[Firing Gun]
MacIntosh Leader|to MacIntosh Control.|Do you receive me? Over.
[Moore]|This is MacIntosh Control.|Go ahead.
Major Chong's group ready?|Turn 'em loose.|Affirmative.
Roger.|Green light.
Can you have another go|at the head? They're moving|around those lead tanks.
Roger.|We'll go after them.
Did you read him,|Skidmore?|Roger.
Okay. Let's make these|last rockets count.
Clobbered him on that one!
[Guns Firing]
{y:i}[Bullet Ricochets]
Yanks, you've|got 'em boxed up!|Your crew can tie the ribbon on.
[Gasping]|Pink... or blue?
Reaching fuel limit.|Let's head for the base.
Right with you, Dean.
You all right, Skidmore?
[Gasping]|I'm afraid I've had it.
- Hang on!|- Don't know if I can.
Yes, you can, Stan.
Our ROK pilots at 12:00.
Here's where our training|starts paying off.
Here they come.|{y:i}[Airplanes Approaching]
[Hess Over Radio]|MacIntosh Leader to Tower.
Get the ambulance and crash|wagons to stand by.|Yes, sir!
Sighting the field, Stan.
We're almost home, boy.|Stay with me.
You're doing just great, Stan.
Straighten up.|Keep it straight now.
That's it.|Now, put your wheels down.
Do you hear me?|Put your wheels down.
Line it up, Stan.|Keep it lined up.
Nice... and easy.|That's a boy.
You're doing just great.|Keep it just like that.
Fly right on in|for a nice landing.
[Hess Over Radio]|I'll stay up till|you've landed safely.
{y:i}[Siren Wailing]
{y:i}[Siren Continues]
{y:i}[Siren Winding Down]
[Softly]|Dean? Dean?
Yes, Stan?|Are you there?
Right here.|I'm... I'm scared.
There's nothing|to be afraid of.
I thought I knew|how to live...
but I didn't.
Now I... I...
don't know how to die.
Dean?|Yes, Stan?
Say a prayer for me.
It's already been said.
Look, don't be afraid.
Think of life|as a shadowy place...
crowded with people...
who can't see each other|very well.
Think also of a door|just beyond.
When that door opens,
we pass through|into a wonderful brightness.
That's all there is.
Just a gentle step|from darkness to light.
From darkness to light.
Thank you...
If you say so.
And a wind came|from the wilderness.
And it carried me...
where man can never reach alone.
[Thinking]|And for the first time,
in trying to bring him|a measure of peace,
I felt that I may have|been the instrument...
that I had wanted|and needed to be.
Perhaps,|through the agony of war,
{y:i}[Dean's Voice]|{y:i}I have fiinally done...
{y:i}what I never before|{y:i}was able to do.
{y:i}In reaching beyond myself,
{y:i}I have found myself.
[Singing Korean]
[Continues Singing]
[Skipped item nr. 1053]
Sleep well.
We didn't|expect you so late, Colonel.|The children are all sleeping.
May we step outside|for a moment?|Of course.
Miss Yang, I...
I'm being moved|to another airfield.|Moved?
Now don't worry. Herman|and Lieutenant Maples|are staying.
Everything will be|just the same.
One thing is not the other,|Colonel.
The mulberry bush will not|give the same shade|as the pine.
You will be here.
Who knows for how long?
Oh, forgive me.
It is not like me|to admit to my fears.
But lately, Cheju has|been much in my mind.
Some fear tells me I will|never see my home again.
When this is all over,|you'll see Cheju again.
Good-bye, Miss Yang.
{y:i}[Crickets Chirping]
Good-bye, Colonel.
Until a better day.
{y:i}[Jeep Starts,|{y:i}Departs]
Until... a better day.
Orders arrive for me yet?|Hess. Dean Hess.
Oh, yes, Colonel.|Came in about an hour ago.
From the looks of things,|you didn't get out of that|Yongsan area any too soon.
Why? What's up?|Enemy's mounting|an all-out attack.
Your ROK outfit's already|abandoned the field and been|pulled back for regrouping.
The whole area's|been written off.
Well, I'll get your|orders now, Colonel.
{y:i}[Horn Honking]
[Guns Firing]
[Guns Firing]
{y:i}[Distant Explosions]|No, no, no, not chew gum!|Come on! Get it inside!
Heads up!|Too bad|we're fresh out of gum.
You're not kidding.|Hey, whatever happened|to that last carton anyway?
Ask Chu.|Hey, it's the colonel!
Well, what|in the world...|My jeep took one.
Is it true about the field?|Yes, sir.|Closed yesterday.
We stopped by|with these supplies on our way|to the Replacement Pool.
Miss Yang!|{y:i}Oh, Colonel.!|{y:i}You knew we needed you.!
You've got to move|out of here!|But with all these children...
There are almost 400!|Well, you can't stay!|Now come on!
We haven't any time to waste.|Herman, put those supplies|back in the jeep!
{y:i}[Distant Explosions]|Yes, sir.
[Children Chattering]
[Chattering Continues]
[Chattering Continues]
{y:i}[Chattering Continues]|[Clucking]
All right.|Put it in there.
{y:i}[Distant Explosions]|[Korean]
{y:i}[Explosions Continue]
{y:i}[Distant Explosions]
[Children Chattering]
[Chattering Continues]
Anywhere in here,|Maples.
[Children Chattering]
{y:i}[Distant Explosions]
{y:i}[Explosions Continue]
How's the boy?
I don't think he can go|much further, Colonel.|They're all exhausted.
There's an airstrip|eight or 10 more miles|down this road.
From there, we might be able|to get the children to Cheju.
Cheju? But how?
Just a few transport planes|could fly them across.
First thing in the morning,|I'll go on ahead and find out.
You start down the road, and|I'll meet you on my way back.|Colonel.
{y:i}[Distant Explosions]
Colonel.|{y:i}Why, Lu Wan.!
Some refugees on the road|informed me that you had|to leave the temple.
So I turned back|to offer my assistance.|Well, we sure can use it.
But I thought you wanted|to get to Pusan.
I am not sure I want|to go there anymore.
I was told my store|was destroyed by fire.
So, I thought that|being of service|to those little ones...
is something that can|never be destroyed.
{y:i}[Distant Explosions]|We're hoping|to get them to Cheju,
but it seems|almost impossible.
The difference|between the impossible|and the possible...
is the measure|of man's will.
{y:i}[Explosions Continue]
Lu Wan!|Come and sit down.|You look tired.
Mine is age, Miss Yang.|It is you who must be tired.
Let me take the child,|and you sleep.
Oh, no, no.|I...|You must sleep.
{y:i}[Explosions Continue]
{y:i}[Maples]|{y:i}Swing low
Sweet chariot
Coming for|to carry me home
{y:i}[Explosions Continue]|{y:i}Swing low
{y:i}Sweet chariot
Coming for to carry
Me home
{y:i}[Explosions Continue]
{y:i}[Soldier] Come on, will ya,|{y:i}Joe? We gotta burn this place|{y:i}down to the ground.!
{y:i}[Soldier #2]|{y:i}Hey, Frank, over here.!|{y:i}Help me load this.!
{y:i}[Soldier #3]|{y:i}All right, all right,|{y:i}I'm coming.!
{y:i}[Soldiers Chattering,|{y:i}Indistinct]|Sergeant, I...
{y:i}Let's go.! Let's go.!|I'm Colonel Hess.|Are you the duty officer?
I was, sir. The squadron|was diverted this morning.|Last plane just left.
You mean there's|no more planes coming in?
The field's|been written off.|We're the last ones.
I gotta find some sort of|transportation to take some|kids to an island: Cheju.
Kids?|Yeah. Three or four|hundred of'em.
Can you help me out?|Four hundred?
That's impossible, Colonel!|Have you tried the port?
No. How far is it?|Eighteen miles|straight down the runway.
{y:i}[Phone Ringing]|Thanks, Captain.
{y:i}[Fire Roaring,|{y:i}Explosions]
Yes, sir.|Captain Reardon.
{y:i}[Fire Continues]|Everyone's gone but us.
- Have you started|your fire yet?|- Yes, sir.
{y:i}[Fire Roaring]|Oh, Major, a colonel|was just here...
and wanted an airlift|for a bunch of kids to Cheju.
What's his name?|Hess, I think.
So that's where he is.|Tell him his orders are in.
Then get out|of there!|Yes, sir!
{y:i}[Fire Continues,|{y:i}Jeep Engine Starts]
Colonel! Colonel!
{y:i}[Explosions Continue]
I wish we had|a line to the port.|That colonel's in trouble!
Want me to, uh,|hook it up again?|No, go ahead.
To Cheju?|Yes, sir.|Several hundred of'em,|the captain said.
Put me|through to him.|Right, sir.
{y:i}[Distant Explosions]
{y:i}[Explosions Continue]
Lieutenant, can you fix me up|with an evacuation boat|of some kind?
An L.S.T. maybe?|An L.S.T.? There's nothing|free in the whole coast.
But these are orphans!|Dying ones!
I'm sorry, Colonel, but|we're in a bind for anything|that'll carry troops.
You're the Navy!|Where's all your ships?
You're the Air Force.|Where's all your planes?
Come on!
{y:i}[Jeep Approaching]
{y:i}No luck.
No luck?
{y:i}[Airplane Approaching]
No! Theirs!|Off the road, everybody!|Down in the ditch!
Herman, get those kids|off that cart!
[Children Yelling]
[Chicken Clucking]
{y:i}[Guns Firing]
Okay, back on the road.|He's gone.|[Maples Speaking Korean]
He's gone.
You will see them|to safety.
I know...
I-I was not|to see Cheju again.
But you...
you will.
{y:i}[Distant Explosions]
{y:i}[Explosions Continue]
I couldn't find|anything to say,
not even a prayer.
Words do not carry|the greatest tribute, my son.
No more than they may|hold the perfect truth.
Good deeds|are your purest prayers.
{y:i}[Airplanes Approaching]
[Children Yelling]
{y:i}[Yelling Continues]
Troop Carrier Command!
Five of'em!|Five!
Maybe they're not|for us.|Find out.
{y:i}[Airplanes Landing]
{y:i}Colonel Hess here?|He sure is!|Who sent you people?
General Cambridge.|Just call us|"Operation Kiddy-Car."
But our name will be mud|unless we get out|of here now!
Yes, sir!
Hey, Colonel!
[Children Chattering]
{y:i}[Chattering Continues]|Wow!
What a thing to be buddies|with a general!|{y:i}[Chattering Continues]
Come on! This way!|Come on, children!
[Children Clamoring]
[Clamoring Continues]
[Children Yelling]
{y:i}[Soldier]|{y:i}Come on this way.|{y:i}Come on through. Come on.
[Children Yelling]
[Chattering, Korean]
[Continue Chattering]
That's my boy!|Aha! Where ya been?
[Engine Starting]
The lead pilot|wants the word, sir.|Tell him to take off.
Yes, sir.|Green light.|Take off.
{y:i}[Children Chattering, Korean]
[Chattering, Korean]
Not bad.
This is old Chu.|Chu! Me Chu!
Me Mary, Chu.|You Mary.
Yes. [Laughing]|Here you are, sport.
Oh, it's wonderful|to see them so healthy.|[Laughing]
We fed 'em gum.|[Laughing]
Darling,|you look as happy|as the children.
It's always|been the children.
Mine eyes have|seen the glory
Of the coming of the Lord
He is trampling out|the vintage
Where the grapes of wrath|are stored
{y:i}He loosed|{y:i}the fateful lightning
{y:i}Ofhis terrible swift sword
{y:i}His truth is marching on
{y:i}[Choir]|{y:i}Glory, glory|{y:i}Hallelujah
{y:i}Glory, glory|{y:i}Hallelujah
{y:i}Glory, glory|{y:i}Hallelujah
{y:i}His truth is
{y:i}Marching on
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