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Subtitles for Battle Cry CD2.

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Battle Cry CD2

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I mean, nothing to tie you down.
Just stuff about the farm|and your family, things like that.
Would you?
I'll write to you.
Pat, I never knew there could be|a place like this...
...or people so nice. Like your family.
Honey, could I...?
No, Andy, no.
We mustn't. We mustn't.
Don't be angry with me, Andy.
I'm not angry, Pat.|I understand, honey.
- Good night.|- Good night.
Time had run out.
Christmas Eve 1942 services were held|in a warehouse on the Wellington docks.
Afterwards we boarded the transports|known as the Unholy Four...
...and steamed from Wellington Bay|full of fight...
...and confident that we|would soon be storming a beachhead.
A week later we dropped anchor|in Skylark Channel... an island known as Guadalcanal.
And then we got the word.
There would be no beachhead here|for Huxley's battalion.
Our assignment:|A dirty mop-up campaign.
As Marines, we took it|like any other order...
...but it was a blow|to the pride of Huxley's Harlots.
Weary Marines of the 1st Division,|after five months fighting...
...stood by on the beach|to be relieved.
- Say, what town is this, cousin?|- Guadalcanal, buster.
I didn't catch the name|of your fine-looking outfit.
The fighting 6th Marines.
Well, well, well.
Hey, boys! Strike up the band!
Huxley's Hookers finally got here!
Sarge, where's the nearest gin mill?
What do you guys think this is?! Fall in|on the double!
Column of three! Snap it up!
- Get off the road!|- Get off the road!
We've had some casualties, sir.
Evacuate them to the beach.
- Call them in, Mac.|- On the road! Let's go!
There were only a few actual skirmishes|with the elusive Japanese.
Our main enemy became the jungle.
The mosquitoes and the land crabs.|Malaria. Yellow jaundice and fungus.
The blistering sun|and the tropical downpours.
For a month we played cat and mouse|with the remnants of the Japanese force.
And then at last we cornered them|on an end of the island...
...and brought an end to organized|resistance on Guadalcanal.
We boarded ship again|and sailed for Wellington.
We were a dog-tired crew...
...but there hadn 't been much|of a fight to talk about.
Perhaps the greatest wound of all|had been to our pride.
As New Zealand appeared|on the horizon...
...we eagerly anticipated|renewing old friendships.
And for some,|seeing loved ones again.
Hello, Pat.
I went down to the canteen,|but you weren't there.
Well, don't stand there,|come on in.
We knew you were back, but it|was so difficult to get information...
...I didn't know when to expect you.
Andy, do sit down.|I have some tea ready.
We no sooner than dumped our gear|than they gave us 10 days leave.
I got myself a hotel room|here in Wellington.
You don't look well.
It's the heat. I'm all right.
The battalion lost|a couple of dozen guys.
Remember Ski? He got it.
I guess he didn't want|to live anyhow, though.
A lot of the guys|are sick and wounded.
We'll be okay in a couple of weeks,|though.
I shouldn't have filled it so full.
I'm all right, just a little shaky.
Guadalcanal must have been frightful.|I shan't ask you about it.
Well, I got me a leave.
Three months furlough.|I mean three months back pay.
I think I'll take me in|some of the country.
You look as though you could do|with some rest.
- Why don't you go to the farm?|- I don't want to go to the farm.
- I feel so hot.|- Andy...
I think you might have malaria, Andy.
No, I'd know malaria.
You're burning up.
- Let me get you to a hospital.|- I'm not going to a hospital.
Don't be so obstinate.
I'm not gonna spend my furlough|in a hospital.
Call me a cab, I'll go to my hotel|and sweat it out.
I'll call you in a couple of days.|I'll be all right.
Please let me take you|to a hospital.
I'm freezing, honey.
I'm getting those chills again.
I'm freezing.|Get me a blanket.
Ski! Ski!
Run for it! Ski!
Run for it, Ski! Run for it.
Run for it, Ski!
Run for it, Ski!
Run for it! Ski! Run for it!|Run for it, Ski!
Ski, Ski! Run, run!
How long have I been here?
Three days.
I'm sorry, honey.
I must say, you gave me|a bit of a fright.
You look all beat.|Did you get any sleep?
I caught a wink or two.
You've been through hell.
Nobody's ever done anything|like this for me before.
Andy, I was so frightened.
I'm not keeping any more lamps|in the window...
...or waiting for any more|ships in the bay.
This war has done me in.
I want you while you're here.|That's all that matters, that's all.
It's not right for you to talk like that.
Andy, you're here and you're safe.|I can have you for a little while.
That's all that matters to me,|is this day and this minute.
I'm tired, Andy.|I'm tired of living in fear.
I can thank my boys for these.
One sour note.
Mac's boys are acting up again.|More limericks.
- Fox Company.|- Get Mac up here, please.
What are you trying to hide?
We decided we wouldn't let you see this.
Let's have it.
"Report on the 8th Marines'|Hike to Foxton."
Let's see, now.
"Sixty miles to Foxton.|Concrete highway.
Bivouac in the field.|Trucks drove them back to camp.
Twenty hours marching time."
Great Scott, that's no record.
Our battalion|can cut hours off of that time.
I knew you'd say that.
Get this to Message Center|to inform all company commanders.
The 1 st Battalion's already|scheduled a hike...
...but I think it's a bit soon for us|to attempt a 60-mile hike with full packs.
If you ask me,|it's just what the doctor ordered.
We'll crack the record.|And as far as the 1 st Battalion goes...
...they haven't seen the day we couldn't|hike them into the ground. Come in.
Get with Operations on that.|They can start typing it up.
I understand those boys of yours|have been getting poetic again.
And just because I gave permission|to build a clubhouse...
...I didn't okay your stealing|every loose board in camp.
I guess they're just red-blooded|American boys, colonel.
How did you find out I made|lieutenant colonel? I just heard myself.
Communicator's job|is to communicate, sir.
Well, you tell those red-blooded|American boys of yours...
...they better enjoy that dance|tonight, because after that...
We know all about that too, sir.
- You know all about what?|- The 60-mile hike to Foxton.
My outfit handles Message Center too.
- Get out of here.|- Yes, sir.
Colonel Huxley.
Your Honor, I'd like to have you meet|some of the ladies we're dancing with.
This is...
I've forgotten their names, but make|yourself at home. I'll get us some beer.
Hello, Pedro.
Incidentally, congratulations|on your Silver Star.
Gracias, my storywriting friend.
Like I was saying, we've got|the best sergeant, the best outfit...
...and the best colonel|in the Marine Corps.
Excuse me, colonel.
Have you seen the view|from the terrace, sir?
I'd like to have you see it, sir.
If you'll excuse me.
- What is this, Mac?|- The view's best from over here, sir.
Compliments of those|red-blooded American boys of yours, sir.
- A little fuel for Foxton.|- Yes, sir.
Sir! Colonel Huxley!
Colonel Huxley, Mrs. Rogers.|Sergeant Mac, Mrs. Rogers.
Beautiful night, isn't it?|Nice dance we're having.
Mac, Andy, come on! These girls want to|hear our marching song! Let's go.
Excuse me, sir.|Excuse me, Pat.
So you're Andy's girl.
I've heard an awful lot about you.
I'll never know how that big lumberjack...
...ever ran into|such a wonderful streak of luck.
And you're High Pockets.
- Oh, excuse me, Colonel Huxley.|- That's all right.
I don't mind High Pockets as long|as they don't call me the old man.
I should be very angry|if they called you the old man.
As a matter of fact,|your men adore you.
Well, I don't think I'd go quite that far,|Mrs. Rogers, but thank you.
- My name is Pat.|- Thank you, Pat.
No, don't go in just yet. Please.
I don't get an opportunity like this|very often... talk to such an attractive|young lady.
Must be wretched having to keep|yourself isolated from your men.
I see you have a knack|for reading people's minds.
You must be a very wise girl, Pat.
It's not hard to see a lonely person...
...even though he is surrounded|by 900 Marines.
I imagine you know what|it's like to be homesick.
I didn't realize it showed.
- Would you like to see...?|- Your children?
No, we have no children.|This is my wife.
She's lovely.
I know how you must miss her.
Jean has a lot in common|with you New Zealand girls.
This war has done that.
You're all soldiers' wives here.
It's funny, she could always|read my mind too.
In a great many ways,|you remind me of my wife.
Well, I'm sorry, did...?
Did I say something wrong?
I'm not fit to remind you|of your wife, colonel.
I'm so ashamed.
I can't use the war as|an excuse anymore, I know that.
But this chance with Andy,|I thought it would mean happiness.
It was a straw, and I grabbed for it.
I see.
Well, I didn't...
You're not the only person in this world|who ever grabbed for a straw.
We all do it sometime in our lives.
But in our mind, in our conscience...
...we have to find out for ourselves...
...what we can live with|and what we can't.
You're the only one who can|make that decision.
Nice dance, wasn't it, honey?
I won't be able to see you|for a few days. We're hiking to Foxton.
- We've got something to talk about.|- It'll keep till morning. I'm tired.
It won't keep, Andy.
I'm calling it off between us.
What'd you say?|I don't think I get you.
It's all over, Andy.
Honey, what are you talking about?|Are you nuts?
What have I done?
- I don't want a scene. Please.|- Pat, you're talking crazy.
I know what you may think of me.
I can't do anything about it,|it's too late now.
But I'm just not cut out|for this sort of thing.
I was miserably mistaken to think|I could live like this.
Whatever you may think is right...
It just doesn't matter anymore.
- I'm crazy about you!|- Andy, please...
I don't want a showdown. I'm not asking|anything from you, I just want you to go.
I can't stay in this country|and not be able to see you.
Don't shout!
I know this is sudden.|You're shocked and hurt.
You're liable to say|something you'll regret.
I'm regretting nothing. I love you!
Don't say that,|you know you don't mean it.
Honey, I could never leave you,|I love you.
I got an idea. Let's get married.
Let's get married|when I get back from Foxton.
I know how you feel about the war...
...but us Swedes are tough.|I know I'll make it.
We've got to take a chance.
Oh, Andy...
Andy, I'm so frightened!
I'll see the chaplain. It's a lot of red tape,|but I'll get it squared away.
Pat, I ain't never been|so happy in my life.
- Andy.|- What, honey?
If we have a little boy...
...would you mind terribly|if we named him Timmy...
...after my brother?
Are we gonna have a baby?
We're gonna have a baby?
- Yes, Andy.|- Why didn't you tell me, honey?
I didn't want to hold you that way.
You'd have let me go?
You'd have sent me away,|you'd have done that for me?
Andy, I've loved you a long, long time.|What other decision could I make?
At least I knew I had something|this war couldn't take away from me.
Hut, two, three, four.|Hut, two, three, four.
Column, right, huh!
- How far we going?|- About 60 miles.
- I wonder where we'll bed down tonight.|- Wherever it is, you'll be alone.
From the moment we left the camp,|we knew High Pockets meant business.
The pace never slackened through|a torrent of rain and a long, black night.
The sun felt good the next morning,|but the rain had taken its toll.
Wet feet and hard dirt|aren 't teammates.
There must have been 10,000 blisters|in the column.
In 17 hours ' marching time, the column|stood on a hill overlooking Foxton.
Hold up the column!
And it would be a cold day in July|before anyone cracked this record.
There's the 1 st Battalion.|Looks like they just got in.
Didn't they leave camp|the day before we did?
- That's right.|- We just radioed the 1 st Battalion.
We beat their time by five hours.
And it looks like we beat|the 8th Marines' record by three.
Their trucks are coming tomorrow|to take them back to McKay.
Don't you think maybe we rate priority?
Our boys should ride back first|after the job they turned in.
Company commanders,|take charge!
Meiskar, Clark, Kreb, out!|Hookens, over here.
- Gomez, set up there.|- Smoking lamp is lit!
Corporal Forrester requests permission|to speak to you.
All right.
What's on your mind?
I know this is out of line,|but we haven't got much time...
Get to the point.
Well, PFC Andy Hookens|is in bad shape.
His feet are all bloody,|and I think he's got a touch of the bug.
He refuses to turn in.
Could you send him back|with the 1 st Battalion?
You're out of line.|That's for Sick Bay to decide.
- I don't grant special favors to any man.|- Colonel Huxley...
Just a minute, Mac.
You know this is out of order.|Let's have the real reason.
Hookens and Pat Rogers|want to get married.
The scuttlebutt has it we're shipping out|as soon as we get back.
If he waits for those trucks to come|back for us, he ain't gonna have time.
Not with all the red tape|they have to go through.
Request denied.
- Thank you, sir.|- Mac.
Tell Major Wellman to form up|the battalion. We're moving out.
Yes, sir.
Have you gone mad?
I've stood by through all|your torture sessions...
...but I'm putting my foot down.
Don't put it down too hard.|It's probably sore.
Why won't you wait for the trucks?|You can't hike these men back to McKay.
They've only had three hours' rest.
Twenty men dropped out|coming up here.
You'll hospitalize the entire battalion.
So I'm just a wartime officer,|but I know where humanity ends.
I watched you hike these boys back|from Guadalcanal...
...because you wanted to prove|how tough you were.
I'm not only gonna hike them back,|but we're gonna break our own record.
What are you trying to prove?
You haven't got a drop|of human blood in your veins.
Do you think that enemy|is gonna show us any humanity?
We're in a war, Wellman.
I'll drive them, and I'll drive myself.
When we go into battle again...
...not one of my boys will die|because he's a straggler.
Not one's gonna die|because he's weak.
Get out of my outfit|if you can't take it.
I'll make it back if you will.
Company commander, get your men|on their feet. We're moving out.
- Pass the word to the other companies.|- Aye, aye, sir. On your feet!
- Saddle up!|- On your feet!
Boy, I could sure go|for a cold glass of beer.
Shut up!
Why don't we keep going?
Every time I stop,|I get these shooting pains.
At least I'm good and numb|while we're hiking.
I'm going to keep on my feet|as long as Huxley does.
Same here.|We're only one day from McKay.
Speak to me.
All right.|Let's hit the road!
On your feet!
Count up!
Come on, kid. On your feet.
You ain't gonna get married out here.
Our feet were pounded|into numbness.
The packs cut deep|into our shoulders.
But the murderous cadence|never let up.
The stronger ones|kept the weaker ones going.
Pass the word back.
We're picking up the pace.
All right! Pass the word back!|We're speeding up the pace!
- Keep it closed up back there!|- High Pockets has gone crazy.
Bet he drops before we do.
You laying any odds on that, cousin?
Then, as a man, the whole battalion|became obsessed with a single thought:
To keep marching, pushing Huxley|until he fell flat on his face.
Ten kilometers from Camp McKay.|It might as well have been 100.
We were whipped.
If we hit that road again,|I'm dropping out.
That makes two of us.|How about you?
I honestly don't know.
I think I'll sit right here and wait|for them big buses.
I ain't blaming any man in this squad|for dropping out now.
But I'm getting back to McKay|if I gotta go on my hands and knees.
We're finished, Sam.
If we try this last 10 kilometers,|we'll lose half the battalion.
I know what's held them up.
They'll hike because they're mad.
And what's more,|they won't quit because they're mad.
We'll make that last piece on our feet.
You're mistaken, we'll need a miracle.
We may have that too|in just about a minute.
Well, if you men want to sit|and cry with the 1 st Battalion tonight...
...I'll have them send back|those trucks for you.
A lot of people in this division|don't believe we can make it.
What do you think?
When we hit that camp gate...
...let's give them a look|at the best outfit in the Corps!
Left face!
Column left!|Hut!
Come in.
- Hello, Mac!|- Sir, how are you?
What are you doing,|spying for Father McHale?
No, sir, I leave that to G-2.
I want you to meet|two men from my outfit...
...Corporal Forrester and PFC Hookens.
Hookens has got a little problem.
That's what I'm here for. Sit down, boys.
What seems to be your problem?
Well, sir, that picture|on the bulletin board out there...'s a dead ringer for my girl.
Hookens, of course.
Colonel Huxley called me from Foxton.
He said you'd be around.|He also said that girl's too good for you.
- I won't argue that, sir.|- Looks like I've been blackmailed.
The colonel said if I didn't get you two|hitched without this red tape...
...he'd take his battalion|to Father McHale.
Everything's been arranged.|Three-day passes for your squad.
Man in the loan office|said just sign there.
You've got orders from the colonel|to get to Wellington on the double.
- Yes, sir!|- Okay.
Thank you, sir.
- Blood brother.|- Thanks.
Ladies and gentlemen,|please wait a minute.
A Marine toast to Pat and Andy.
Come on, let's go!|Come on, boy!
It was a wonderful wedding|and a wonderful party.
And a terrible headache|the next morning.
Two days later we were ordered|to break camp and board ship.
Wait a minute.
- Mac wants you on a work detail.|- Take the detail.
Don't blow your top.|Who do you think you are?
This outfit's been knocking|itself out for you... up liberty|so you could get ashore.
- Remind me to send them medals.|- What's the matter? Are you yellow?
- Want me to break you in half?|- Stop feeling sorry for yourself.
I've been living with letters|for 13 months.
- There's nothing we can do about it.|- That's what you think.
May I come in? Please.
I should've phoned you,|but I didn't have time.
Pat, we've got a problem.
It's been reported to me|Andy plans to desert.
I didn't stop him from jumping ship.|I could have.
I can have him taken back in irons now,|but I don't want that.
I want that boy to come back|to his ship on his own two feet.
It's been extremely difficult,|but I've had to discipline myself...
...never to interfere|in the personal affairs of my men.
This is one time I'm forced to.|I have no choice.
I like you too much.
As Andy's commanding officer,|I certainly can't sanction this behavior.
As a man, I do understand it.
Pat, you've done a lot for this boy.
You've given him his place in life.
You can't let him betray himself now.
Betray him to what, Colonel Huxley,|his grave?
I haven't forgotten about another boy...
...a boy who was buried at El Alamein.
Do you think you and Andy|could ever live in peace?
This would destroy both of you,|even if you got away with it.
I knew this was going to happen.|Why did I let it?
Colonel, where is our war?
Tell me, why do I have to give him up?
- Tell me.|- He's a man. He has a job to do.
You're no different than millions|of other women in this war.
You know what you have to do.
Andy, hold me.
Hold me tightly, darling.|Hold me.
Honey, you're all upset.|I'm here now. I'm here.
I'm not going back to the ship.
I said I'm not going back.
I expected it.
We can make it.|I got it all figured out.
I got a place in Ngaio where I can hide.|Then we'll make a run for it.
Fly to a south island, maybe Australia.
Three or four years, we can come back.
All right, Andy.
You mean it, honey?
- You really mean it?|- Yes, Andy.
We'd best pack right away.
- I'd better not take your radio.|- What do you mean?
You don't want to hear it|when your battalion lands.
What will we call the baby?
We should have|a nice, common name.
We won't be able|to give him our own, you know.
- Let's not worry about that too much.|- Cut it out.
We'll have to change our own name|every month anyway.
We should start out with Smith.
We'll call the baby Joe Smith.
- It's a pretty name, isn't it?|- You're just trying to get me riled up.
- No, I'll go with you.|- What do we owe this lousy war?
- What do we owe the Marines?|- Each other.
You don't care any for me.
You'll have your baby.|That's all you want.
How dare you speak to me like that?|How dare you?
I didn't mean it, Pat.
I didn't mean it.|I'm just going out of my mind.
- I didn't mean it.|- Andy, if that's what you want, I'll go.
I must be crazy, Pat.
Crazy to even ask for something|like this.
I'd never be able to look my kid|in the face.
I'd lose you too.
I don't know why I ever asked.
I better get back to the ship.
- I'll go with you.|- No, I better go alone.
Do you love me, Pat?
Very much, Andy,|very, very much.
You'll write to me, won't you?
Don't worry none if you don't|hear from me, being aboard ship and all.
Take good care of yourself|and the baby.
Get up to the farm.
If we're lucky, we'll get back here soon.
But I'll be back as soon as I can.
- You're not sorry about us?|- No.
Just tell me once more|how you love me.
I love you, Andy.
I love you.
Tarawa. A name to go down with|Bunker Hill, Gettysburg and the Alamo.
Every man in Huxley's battalion|had been positive...
...that this time we'd lead|the division into the beach.
And then the word came through.
We were being used as|the mop-up boys again, the also-rans...
...sealed in our ships while the rest|of the division fought the battle.
When the smoke cleared and what was|left of the division limped off...
...they again told Huxley that he must|find the elusive Japanese garrison...
...who, this time, were hidden|in 45 miles of island atolls.
We cornered them after|a four-day chase...
...and in a brief skirmish,|we closed the chapter on Tarawa.
Our casualties were light,|but we left behind...
...the kid who might have|written the great American war novel...
...Corporal Marion Hotchkiss,|Sister Mary.
Then, January 1944, we made|a 2500-mile voyage to rejoin the division.
Huxley's Harlots, the orphans|of the Marine Corps.
Always a bridesmaid,|but never a bride.
On one of the remote islands of Hawaii|we were dumped on a desolate camp...
...and for all practical purposes,|disappeared from the face of the earth.
- Good morning, sir.|- Jim.
Sir, we just received word|from Headquarters.
The 1 st and 3rd Battalions move out|with the rest of the division.
We're to stand by, break camp,|and follow in five days...
...which means we're in reserve again.
We take this battalion in reserve again|over my dead body.
- Jim, get my jeep for me, please.|- Yes, sir.
You didn't waste any time|in getting over here.
You requested permission.|What's on your mind?
General, the rest of the division|is getting ready to move out.
My outfit is ordered to stand by|in Hawaii.
- We won't leave them there.|- No, sir.
But if you have us scheduled|as reserves again in this campaign...
Just a minute, Huxley.
You don't like your assignment?
No, sir, I don't.
Then I see no reason to carry|this conversation on any further.
Will the general|listen to my request?
You're getting quite a reputation|as a troublemaker.
You went out of channels|on Guadalcanal... try to get your battalion|reassigned to a beachhead.
Sir, no man in this Corps|loves it any more than I do.
No one has a greater respect|for military custom.
But those boys of mine|have worked hard.
I have the greatest bunch|of boys in the world...
...but they've got to have|a chance to prove themselves.
You can't train a champion|to a fighting edge...
...and then just throw him away|on exhibition matches.
We've sat in reserve and mopped up|while the war went past us.
This may be our last chance, sir.
Give it to us.
Come here, Huxley.
Ever see one of these?
The complete plan|for the Saipan Operation.
Hundreds and thousands of pages.
Intelligence. Naval gunfire.
Communications. Artillery.|Landing plan. Engineer.
The personal history|of the enemy commander.
Name it, you'll find it there.
Three divisions.
Sixty-thousand men|are storming Saipan... give us a base to bomb|the Japanese mainland round the clock.
But you're ready to question|the labor that went into that plan...
...just because you don't like|your assignment.
Who do you think you are?
You can take that book|and throw it in the ocean.
You know as well as I do the book|is dead when the first shot's fired.
It wasn't a book that won us|Guadalcanal.
It wasn't a book that kept those boys|coming through the lagoon in Tarawa.
It's those men|with the rifles and the guts...
...that's gonna win your war for you.
We want that beachhead.
Once upon a time, we used to think|you were a bright young man.
There is such a thing|as insubordination.
When I came to you, I knew|I'd leave here one of two ways:
In command of my battalion|or by the brig.
You might as well court-martial me, sir,|because I'm not going back to my boys...
...and tell them that they're gonna carry|a broom and dustpan again.
You stuck your neck out|a long way.
Stand by until I can put through|a change in these orders.
I'm sending your battalion in|on the exposed left flank of Red Beach.
It's the hot spot|of the Saipan Campaign.
You can be proud of your victory.
That's all. Get out of here.
Sometimes I think myself|it's a hell of a way to make a living.
And so on June 14, 1944,|our task force of the 5th Fleet...
...the mightiest armada ever assembled...
...edged close|to the enemy bastion of Saipan.
The dawn would bring D-day.
Through the long night, more than|100,000 men made their peace with God.
No longer orphans,|Huxley's Harlots were at last...
...being given the chance|to prove themselves.
The chance they'd worked for|since boot camp.
We were to spearhead the invasion|that could tip the balance of the war.
Then the most intricate|of all military operations... amphibious invasion,|was begun.
Every man on every ship|was at his station.
Every man knew his job.
The assault teams formed up smoothly|and moved to rendezvous.
As H-hour approached,|the tension grew.
The men who had planned and lived...
...with Operation Granite|on paper for months...
...had no choice but to wait.
The final seconds ticked off.
- Get Major Wellman.|- Yes, sir.
Put on Texas-5.
This is Texas-5.
Wilco. Out.
- Approaching the beach.|- All right, stand by to hit the beach!
Secure your gear.
When we hit it, take cover!
Red Beach.|We pushed inland immediately.
The battalion was in trouble.
Our casualties were heavy.
The Japs were on a mountain,|looking down.
They threw everything in the book.|And things that weren 't in the book.
The enemy was staging a counterattack|from our left.
Our right flank was threatened.|A shuttle service from ship to shore...
...poured men, guns, tanks|and supplies in behind us... secure our toehold before dark.
- Get off this beach! Let's go!|- Get off the beach!
All right, let's go!
Hit the deck!
Tell Regiment the enemy|artillery fire is increasing.
Ohio, Ohio, this is Texas, over.
Enemy artillery fire is increasing,|out.
- Tell 8-G, field is quick, charge thick.|- 2750, 6700.
Ohio, this is Texas.|Texas command post open 13-20.
Map coordinates 39-54.8.
- Hi, Mac.|- Hello, chief.
- How's it going, colonel?|- Not very good.
We've lost contact with the battalion|on our right flank.
I told George Company to see|if they can get through to them.
Get on this generator!
- Give me George Company.|- George Company. Yes, sir.
Get the company commander.
- This is George-6.|- How are things up there?
- Can you hold?|- I don't think so.
We're receiving heavy mortar fire|on our right.
All right.
Jim, let's get some mortar fire|at TA-4606-yolk.
George Company will observe.
Heavy mortars, target area 4807-item.
- Japs still trying to tap our lines?|- Yes, but it won't do them no good.
They don't savvy Navajo. Get in touch|with them. See what the situation is.
Japs' buildup is increasing.
Let's get that back|to the command ship.
Granite. Granite, this is Texas.
A message from Texas.|Red Beach, sir.
Huxley's battalion is isolated.
Yes, sir? Yes, sir.
Fox Company, Colonel Huxley.
Yes, Bill.|I'll be right there.
The Japs are pulling out of Garapan.|They'll hit that position anytime.
- I'm going over to Fox Company. Mac!|- Sir?
- Give me one of your boys.|- Hookens, take off.
- We'll cross here one at a time.|- Yes, sir.
Get a corpsman.|Get a corpsman!
Don't waste time.
Get to the command post...
...and tell Wellman|he's got himself a battalion.
- I'll carry you out, sir.|- I gave you an order.
Now, get to it.
You're bleeding to death, sir!
Get out of here.
Yes, sir.
The colonel's badly hit.|He's ordered you to take over.
- Notify command.|- Where is he? Pedro, come on.
Corpsman! Corpsman!
- Kathy.|- Danny's dead!
- He's dead! I know he's dead!|- It's just a nightmare.
- No, he's dead. I know it! I saw him!|- Baby, you're just dreaming.
Everything will be all right.|It'll be all right.
If you like, I'll stay here with you.
All right.
High Pockets was dead, but his spirit|had crushed the counterattack.
"Sam Huxley!" had been our battle cry.
When the last shot had been fired,|they moved us to a rest camp.
We're leaving Saipan.
- We're going stateside.|- When?
About two days, I figure.
I think I'll go to the hospital|and say goodbye to Andy.
Won't do no good. We was over there|this morning, but Andy threw us out.
Had a letter from Pat,|but he wouldn't look at it...
...wouldn't even let us read it to him.
- Where's the letter?|- I got it right here.
Just like a grizzly bear.
- Hey, Mac.|- Hi, Charlie, how are you?
Remember that Japanese watch I had?|Somebody copped it.
- No kidding, when?|- Last night.
- Joe, how are you?|- Hi, Mac.
I can't hear you, Mac.|I'm a very sick boy.
The watch. The watch.
What, are you accusing me|of something dishonest?
You gonna open up a hockshop|when you get home?
How did that get there?
Hi, buddy. How's it going?
If you're preaching,|pray with somebody else.
I've just come to say goodbye.|We're shipping out.
All right. Goodbye.
You know you're way off base,|don't you?
They'll get me a pretty, new leg.
You can do anything with it:|Chop down trees, plow fields.
Maybe I can even get a job|in a sideshow.
You got a home and a wife.
A letter come from Pat today.
- Fellas said you wouldn't even read it.|- Leave her out of it. I got nothing.
They'll have you squared away|as good as new in no time.
They get me fixed up with a pretty,|new leg, then they rehabilitate me.
Knit doilies and make|leather handbags.
Cut it out, will you?
They gonna give Spanish Joe|new eardrums?
They going to put new life|into Pedro and High Pockets?
Why don't you try|doing a little living for them?
Get out of here.
No. I ain't going. Not until I tell you|something, kid.
You ain't got the guts|to deserve to live.
As for High Pockets, don't even talk|about him. You ain't even in his league.
- I'm sorry, kid.|- Forget it.
- I'm sorry.|- Forget it, Mac.
- I'm sorry because it ain't true.|- Look...
Lots of luck when you get home.
Tell all the guys old Andy|says goodbye.
- Will you do that?|- Yeah.
You have a son.
It's rather hard to say|what Timmy looks like.
Poor little dear,|what a horrible mixture he is.
New Zealand, American,|Scotch and Swede.
He bellows like a Marine|and eats like a lumberjack.
I think I'll keep him.
Andy, we know where you are.
Our prayers are with you|every second of every minute.
I know it'll be a long time|before you return to us, but remember...
...all that Timmy and I live for... the day that you'll|come back forever."
Yes, Andy came home.
And those of us who were left,|we went home too.
I fell heir to the unpleasant job|of seeing the folks of those left behind:
Pedro 's mother. Jean Huxley.|Marion 's family.
The Maryland countryside was...
...just the way Danny had told me|time and time again.
I seemed to be familiar|with every landmark.
I was glad the journey|was nearly over.
As we neared Baltimore,|I remembered High Pockets ' words:
"Make Marines out of them."
Well, we made Marines out of them.
And they led us|on the long road back.
Baltimore.|Next stop, Baltimore.
You're home.
It go to sleep on you?
Doc says it'll keep doing this|till they get all the shrapnel out.
- Sure you won't stay over a few days?|- No, thanks, kid.
I got to get up to Philly|and see Ski's folks...
...then I got to report|to Brooklyn Navy Yard Monday.
Thanks anyway.
- So long, Mac.|- Yeah.
So long, Marine.
Dad! Bud!
Marines on lwo Jima!|Read all about it.
Marines on lwo Jima!
All aboard!
For Danny Forrester,|the war was over. For me...
You know how us old-timers are.
There will always be boys to be trained|and battles to be won.
And like I said:
Politics and wars|make strange bedfellows.
Subtitles by|SDI Media Group
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